Monday, September 03, 2007

With friends like these....

You gotta love those Republicans. Man they bailed on Larry Craig to the quickness didn't they? You would think the guy voted for a tax increase for crying out loud. Hey, he didn't do anything that any other sleazy hypocritical republican wouldn't do, why throw him under the bus (or should I say bathroom stall) now?

I know why; could it be because Idaho has a republican governor, and he will quickly appoint another republican to bathroom footsie man's seat? Ding ding ding ding; you are right field Negro, move to the head of the class.

Consider that David Vitter, that family values man from Louisiana, was actually making phone calls to call girls from the senate cloakroom. The last time I checked, soliciting call girls is illegal in D.C. So why no outrage or censor for Mr. Vitter? Could it be because Louisiana has a democratic governor and she would appoint a Democrat to Mr. Vitter's seat? Ding ding ding ding; field Negro, move to the head of the class again, you are so smart when it comes to your politics.

Hey, all I know is that I wouldn't want to be in the foxhole with those senate republicans when the chips are down. I mean they dropped my man quicker than a bad habit. It must be tough for old Larry. All these people he thought were his friends bailed out on him for political expediency. Now if they would do that to a so called friend, what do you think they would do to you and me? Think about that for a minute. These slime balls only care about one thing, and that's holding on to power, period! Nothing else matters to them, nothing.

So Larry, as you prepare for life after Washington, I hope you have learned some valuable lessons from this: Never trust a republican, pick your friends carefully, and the next time you use a public restroom, make sure you keep your feet together.


Ross said...

Yeah, they dumped home boy. They knew all about him long before he played footsie in the John. Home boy will do fine in potato land, got a nice pension, and he can hang out in any john in the world. I just heard that he is headed to Thailand.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

The irony is that the ReThugs knew about Craig's proclivities for the last 25 years, and did nothing but circle the wagons and get Woodward and Bernstein to look the other way.

They didn't just sling him under the bus; they backed up the bus and ran over him again.

I guess ol' Larry thought the GOP would do for him what they did for Mark Foley, getting his freak on with all those Congressional pages for the last 10 years - circle the wagons until the wagons got blown up.

At least Foley had the good sense to get out before he could be forced out. Craig made the situation worse talking about his "wide stance". Just how "wide" does one have to sit to take a dump?


Unknown said...

Field ... when they have the POLITICS column on Jeopardy you will whoop up on 'em!

One thing that I wouldn't count on is the governor of Louisiana to do what is right. This is the same woman who is unable to demonstrate any leadership when it comes to the small town in her state known as Jena.

peace, Villager

field negro said...

"I just heard that he is headed to Thailand."


"Just how "wide" does one have to sit to take a dump?"

Stop it christian prog. i am trying to eat my breakfast 0:

Villager, are you checking on that story on the side bar about the frat boy? I would sure like to know if it's true.

Caged Lion said...

This implies it's a joke, but I can't vouch for the site:

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out why this is not expected. Politicians on both end of the spectrum are out for themselves. His party turning on him is how its done in a situation like this. Its not that he was soliciting sex that is the problem. Its that it was gay sex. Democrats would do the same thing.

Amenta said...

LOL, the ReThugs continue to reveal themselves as the most wicked of politicians living their "two faced" lives. This is not to say I am in love with the Dems either, doing much of the same crap but with not as much fake a$$ family values masking!! Let them all fall on their own swords...LOL

Woozie said...

They did dump him pretty quick but it seems to me most of the outrage is that he consistently voted against gay rights even though he's gay. I know that's why I'm upset, I could care less if Barney Frank did it, at least he's not a hypocrite.

Francis Holland said...

HAHAHA! Life is hard for a Republican with a "wide stance."

field negro said...

" I could care less if Barney Frank did it, at least he's not a hypocrite. "

woozie, that pretty much sums it up. And that is why I think this story had legs in the first place.

Of course the fact that Vitter was doing his dirt with a female and not a male, has something to do with the republican outrage as well.

Cappadonna said...

Eh, you know, sometimes you gotta take one for the team. I honestly think that the Republicans are thinking of 08 and beyond, the Boy Prince has shown the for the heartless, hypocritical, murderous screw-ups they truly are.

And they've got to throw off as much dead weight as possible, whether it be the Tortilla Torturer or the mini-me J. Edgar Hoovers running around the GOP decision tables like Craig. Even if they weren't heartless jackasses, they had no choice!! It was either get rid of this numbnuts (no pun intended) or suffer the wrath of a major smack down come campaign season.

The Repubs are hanging for this one b/c they held themselves up as the moral protectors for so long. No one cared when McGreevey, Clinton, Frank or Kennedy(s) had their flings because they aren't running around claiming to be God Chosen Protectors of Chastity. (Which is highly over rated in many cases.)

Anonymous said...

"Of course the fact that Vitter was doing his dirt with a female and not a male, has something to do with the republican outrage as well".

Yeah, there's that, plus the fact that Vitter represents a state that has a Democratic governor. If he was forced to resign, she would get to pick his replacement.

Senator Mitch McConnell supposedly persuaded Craig to resign by threatening to hold very public ehtics hearings on the matter of his arrest, in which they would bring out all the other rumours about his homosexual activity. Thing is, the same kinds of rumours have been swirling around for years about McConnell! Damn, those Republicans are all kinds of messed up.

Dangerfield said...

Senator Craig is thinking about not resigning.

field negro said...

Mark, I just peeped that. I think Arlen Specter might have given my man a wink wink, and let him know that it's cool to reconsider going back to D.C.

I don't think Specter is too tight with McConnel.

Hey, if he does go back, it wil just keep the rethugs in the news for this kind of shit a little longer.

My "red state" pals can't be loving this.

rikyrah said...

Senator Craig is thinking about not resigning.

I think this is hilarious. I hope he does fight it; I enjoy good political theater.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Me, too, Rikyrah. Craig not leaving when the ReThug leadership told him to, will be the gift that keeps on giving.

What the Democrats do with it is anyone's guess.

And Woozie hit the nail on the head - Barney Frank and the late Gerry Studds weren't in the closet about being gay. As Gravel said on Bill Maher's show last week, it's not about the sex - it's about the hypocracy that forces the double-life styles here in DC.

Vitter's not getting grief about being with a hooker because he's from a State (Louisiana) where the requirement for running for political office is your personal ability to be corrupt. Plus, it was hetro sex, and in DC on the Hill, everyone straight in Congress is more or less expected to have a COTS (Chick on The Side), unless you have the rare Congressman or Senator that actually loves his wife and is committed to being faithful (count about 1% of Congress). That's why Vitter's not getting the pressure that Craig has.

This is going to get good - maybe Craig is going to spill on some of his ReThug Colleagues in both Houses of Congress about doing the Humpty Dance in the Men's Room on Capitol Hill and that's why McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Orrin Hatch and others just want him gone. Specter giving him cover is Spector's way of getting back at the ReThugs who almost forced him off the Judiciary committee because he wouldn't go along with confirming John Roberts or Sam Alito to the bench.

Liz Dwyer said...

All those Republicans should move to Vegas and start up a legal prostitution thing. They sure have enough experience to know how it all works.

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