Sunday, September 23, 2007

I know he doesn't care about black people, but does he care about children?

"The Human situation overall is in the seventh inning, and humanity is down by two runs"

~~~Ted Turner~~

If humanity is down by two runs, to stay with Mr. Turner's baseball analogy, it's because people like George Bush are managing the team.

Now comes the latest from the man "who doesn't care about black people". It seems our President and great decider has decided that he will veto the CHIP bill because it's "too risky". Now in case you didn't know; CHIP stands for Children's Health Insurance Program. Right now, as it stands, states get federal subsidies for insuring the children of low income families. The families that fit into this program are the ones who make too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to afford private medical care. In other words, the hard working people who work nine to five and pay taxes on their hard earned money.

But what does our great leader and his rethugilican cabal decide to do? Veto the bill because it would add an additional 4 million people to the 6.6 million that are already in it. But alas, in the world of the frat boy, this is unacceptable, because it would mean raising taxes on a box of cigarettes by 61 cents to one dollar a pack. The frat boy also said that expanding the program that actually helps our children smacks of a move towards federalized health care. God forbid we actually do something to help the least among us. After all, don't we need all the money available to nation build in Iraq? The frat boy's claim is, of course, false. Because the bill actually gives states the flexibility to expand the eligibility of the program if they so choose. Now tell me, what governor in his right mind would blow his budget by offering health coverage to families who can afford private providers?

So the beat goes on, and the clowns in Washington, led by the the clown in chief, will not come to an agreement on this important piece of legislation. The frat boy will veto the bill, and thousands of uninsured children will suffer as a result. If that sounds a little melodramatic, it's because it was meant to be. Here in A-merry-ca, the welfare of our children is not as important as scoring political points with 28 percent of the people in this country.

Sorry Mr. Turner, we are in the bottom of the ninth, and unless this team makes some changes soon, this game is lost.


Cappadonna said...

Black people, old people, poor people, Arabs, women, children. Is there anyone that George Bush cares about that isn't from his preppy blue blood tax bracket?

It comes as no shock that smirk could cut this program off at the knees.

Blinders Off said...


I talked about this in August, now that it is on your blog I am sure more people will pay attention to what Bush is doing to the CHIP program. I seen impossible things challenged and stopped in the ninth inning because of the grass root efforts in the blogosphere.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

This site is worth visiting if you are concerned about our nation's health insurance crisis, especially as it relates to children, minorities, the disabled, and the poor. Hmmm... Is that most of America?

Y'all have a good week.

DJ said...

George Bush hates anyone who isn't super rich and a card carrying Republican. And you're not going to find too many black people who are both.

Although I heard one occasionally writes for the Kansas City Star....

Anonymous said...


There is no national health care "crisis" that is a media creation.

Before the mid-1960's there was no health care for the poor that I'm aware of. Medicaid/Medicare did not start until 1965.

If you want to reduce health care cost you will do that by free market competition between healthcare providers.

There are much more intelligent cost effective plans than what the Democrats are coming out with if you folks bothered to look outside the liberal box.

and for the idiots who say...oh but France...oh but...Sweden...


Before you guys comment I challenge you to actually read the links I posted. I don't care how you feel, as much the empirical evidence to support your beliefs.

Anonymous said...

SMIRK said from the jump, that he planned to continue the work of 666, Ronald Wilson Reagan; that is, the destruction of New Deal Socialism.

One can't dismantle the New Deal and add to it at the same time; Children's Health Insurance Program.

While true, that uninsured and underinsured children should have the best medical coverage available, programs such as these have to stop somewhere and at sometime.

I say provide the coverage, and at the same time educate this coming generation that they will be responsible for their childrens medical care; the train stops with them. In other words, do not lay down and make babies if you cannot provide for them in every way.

Field, you don't dig me and niether does Cobb, so I must pretty much be on tyme.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I want to see the House Negroes weigh in on this one, and defend this jackass personally, on any network not named Fox Network, or Fixed Noise.

Anonymous said... for 100% authentic field negro wear...the wait is finally over !!!

Unknown said...

After this presidential term is over, the republicans will be out of power for the next 50 years. That is why all the so-called 'Reagan Republicans' are rushing to join the democratic party. Some say they have stopped drinking koolaid and started sipping coffee. Let's hope that among the first things an Obama presidency will accomplish is the expansion of the SCHIP program and universal health care for all. It's no accident that republicans are doing all they can to stand in the way of AMerican's living healthy lives. Healthy people can oppose their unjust policies.

Anonymous said...


"As it turns out, a bond hearing revealed that Mychal Bell has a history of juvenile scrapes with the law, one of which involved him punching out a 17-year-old girl."

Field, what if this Negroe had punched out one of your 17-year-old female relatives, would you be for some prosecutorial overeach then?

Or, would there be some Field-Negro overreach?

Anonymous said...


It's interesting that you attempt to attack CHIP with a health care plan (the Swiss one) that looks a lot like Clinton's or Edwards' plan.

It's also interesting that said system is more regulated (it requires everyone to buy; it prevents insurance companies from filtering their members) than our current health care system, but you argue for less regulation.

The other site you link to is even less useful; all it mentions is that one particular person's argument for a more socialized health care system is incomplete. If this article portrays the argument accurately, they are correct. This does not, however, mean that a more coherent and complete argument can't be made (by, for example, using more than 1 statistic).

There may be a cojent argument for a less regulated health care market, but you aren't successfully making it in your post above.

Here is a web site that has arguments for single payer.

Anonymous said...

nsangoma (on your comment that's on-topic)-

I disagree. Just as I have an interest in your (taking "your" in the most general sense; that is, any other than mine) children being educated, I also have an interest in your children being healthy. I'd actually argue that the later is at least as important to me as the former.

Simply put, a healthy work force is one that has better economic growth is one that is a better market for me and my children (should I have any), both for working and for purchasing of goods and services.

T. S. Snowden said...

You cant shop if you're dead. As a capitalist, war-loving nation, I would think that it would be in our best interest to keep everyone healthy and spending and that includes children.
Why not work collectively to keep them healthy if for no other purpose than to keep their parents working for the machine?
I heard somewhere that you gotta spend money to make money so putting money into our main resource (people) should be a no-brainer.
Certainly my own point of view is not so callous, I think the strong have an obligation to the weak (especially the infirm and the young) but if the motivation of the president has to do with money then surely a nation of healthy, work ready (and ultimately and unfortunately WAR ready) bodies would be in his best interests and worth the expense.

Christopher Chambers said...

djtyg Leave Jason be!!! Field, I told you I was gonna start fighting sleeves are rolled up!

On the subject, I've been talking about CHIPS too on my blog and perhaps the Insta-stank dittoheads on Reynolds' side can convince me why I need to chill.

PS-Did Donovan's mommy whisper in his ear he needs to go out and win some damn football games? Hmmm. It worked...

field negro said...

"There is no national health care "crisis" that is a media creation."

Really anon? Tell that to the millions of people who can't afford health care in A-merry-ca.

Chris, you have got to get off this Jason kick. You are like the last black man in A-merry-ca to give this dude props :)

But hey, I respect your consistency.

And what happened to your skins Yesterday? woozie, woozie, where are you? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Field, caught your girl LaShawn on the Daily Show. The subject was whether or not America is ready for a female president. After hearing her reply, I now fully understand the meaning of the word INSANE.

field negro said...

"After hearing her reply, I now fully understand the meaning of the word INSANE."

Thank you vic, I am glad it wasn't just me.

Anonymous said...

We get the same thing in Canada, the "right" is always on the attack when it comes to our socialized healthcare. While the Canuck system may not be perfect, it's a damn sight better than no insurance at all. I suppose they see it as more tax money they can twitter away without paying anything out.

Why Americans are so opposed to helping others for the greater good is beyong me?


Anonymous said...

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