Friday, September 28, 2007

Where is the love?

It's Friday evening and I have some down time, so I decide to peruse the blogosphere. While perusing, I run into this wonderful post about...well, me. I copied it, (no link for you) so please read.

"My smelly little rabble-rousers,
Please see the wonderfully racist article by
“The Field Negro” regarding criticizing the Enemy.
Perhaps nowhere is our ongoing work better displayed then on
“The Field Negro” website. It is truly a classic example of how we can twist a human’s perspective to be completely one-sided. In this case, this unfortunate is transfixed on the color of skin and victim-hood. It matters little to us if the “injustice” is real or imagined. What is important is that the flames of hate are fanned. This kind of dialog is very, very good for us.

The double-Jeopardy bonus (Jeopardy as in “the danger that an accused person is subjected to when on trial for a criminal offense” as opposed to the popular television show), is that “The Field Negro” not only spreads hate, but rails against the Enemy. This will be a difficult rap to beat when the earthly life ends and it’s time to face the Enemy.

Also note the amusing irony that seeing the world through race-colored glasses can yield. Evidently this human feels strongly about the black race, yet demeans it with the self-named, ”The Field Negro”. The human also feels strongly about speaking freely, but vilifies others (even of the human’s own black race) when they disagree. This is excellent.

Special kudos to “The Field Negro’s” handler, our own devil BillyBubba. BillyBubba, you may recall, was a former Klu Klux Klan member who in the afterlife is no longer white (like all of us, a burnt-umber-charcoal colored…9753 degree heat of Hell will do that). BillyBubba’s gentle cajoling of “The Field Negro” is a model of corruption. I suspect ”The Field Negro” would be very discouraged to understand it is a former white racist who is encouraging his diatribes. It is funny, is it not?

Yours in black and white

P.S. - I did attempt to post an encouraging comment on “The Field Negro’s” site…but perhaps it was not racist enough."

Hey, at least he/she spelled my avatar right :) Now I have to go back and look where Bweaselgub commented---he/she obviously didn't stand out. Maybe they felt slighted. Black folks can be so cold at times.

What's troubling is that they think the term field Negro is "demeaning". I would give them a link to my field Negro 101 essay; but, honestly, I really don't care if they learn anything or not. Some people actually prefer to remain in a state of ignorance. It helps to make them feel better about themselves...Jason is that you? If it is, couldn't you have come up with a better handle than Bweaslegub?


Woozie said...

Love died with legwarmers, Milli Vanilli, and Black Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Wow Field!
What highly disturbed, incredibly freaky and potentially dangerous people exist among the blogosphere. And usually- I like that--but
Bweaselgub? The love must be in a box in his/her basement with old rope around it. . . .

Anonymous said...

Is Bweaselgub just a cousin of yours messing with you Field? I smell a prank, his writing sounds illucid.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, FN. If they've defeated you by having you obsess over your skin color, what more have you achieved by having them obsessed over you obsessing over skin color you? Obliteration, I wish.

Moreover, while the argument of the writer is standard fare on white conservative talk radio--that the problem is not racism but to call attention to the racism. I think--at minimum--all of medical science refutes the logic. In all disciplines of thought celebrated in America, talk about or at the problem is the rode towards solution.

Anonymous said...

field, you have officially made it because some freak has transformed into a hater and deriding you for no fucking reason. what an idiot! we knew that you made it a long time ago. keep educating trolls like this person and march on.

love this blog!

Blinders Off said...

OMG! FN you are a racist :)

You know what they say when people start to talk about you and they couldn't be farther from the truth.

As long as you keep typing I will continue to read.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Field--as I've previously posted I'm no guilty liberal, and I'm not Black, just an average white guy. I've never felt hate from you--I may disagree with some (but not most) of your stuff, but everyone needs to get perspective, which is what I believe you have a talent for sharing. Thanks for the blog.

Anonymous said...

Just so long as I can keep using house Negro as an

rikyrah said...


Keep it coming. Man, they're really coming out of the woodwork now.

This entire 'letter' was ridiculous. I hope they smoked something before writing it.

PS- Did you see that BOyce Watkins of Syracuse ( called Juan Williams the ' Happy Negro' for defending Bill ' O'?

PPSS- Still waiting for House Negro status for that Uncle Remus U.S. Attorney that actually said the nooses in the tree in Jena - didn't see any hate crime in that, which is why the Feds didn't interfere.

field negro said...

"PPSS- Still waiting for House Negro status for that Uncle Remus U.S. Attorney that actually said the nooses in the tree in Jena - didn't see any hate crime in that, which is why the Feds didn't interfere."

rikyrah, I still haven't found out who that person is. Are you sure he wasn't the spokesperson for the La. AG's office?

Bruce, I hope that's no cousin of mine, if it is, maybe something happened to us as kids :)

"Love died with legwarmers, Milli Vanilli, and Black Michael Jackson."

OK woozie, what's with your love affair with the eighties? Could it be because that was tghe last time your skins were any good? LOL!

And thank you anon.11:45 AM for that comment. It's important to know that I am not throwing stones from a "glass house".

Woozie said...

Oh that's cold son. Real cold. Who'd we beat in Week 2? Who was it? I think...I think it might've been some team in Pennsylvania. I don't think it was the Steelers...

west coast story said...

This Bud's for the all the unenlightened white folks who come here to impart their ignorance on all of us "racist" black folks.

While reading this story keep in mind that Oakland is 36% black, 31% white, 22% Latino, and 11% Asian. Black folks live everywhere in the city although in this particular upscale part of town, there are proportionally fewer black folks, but we are everywhere in Oakland. Similar hate crimes get reported periodically all over the "liberal" Bay Area.

Local News
Posted: Friday, 28 September 2007 4:51PM

Oakland Woman Victim of Hate Crime

OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS) -- Authorities are investigating a hate crime in the Oakland Hills, where a black woman discovered her car vandalized and painted with racial slurs, Nazi signs, and the words “white power.”

The car was parked on Canyon Oak Drive when the vandals spray-painted it with hangman nooses, swastikas and phrases and slashed it’s tires and dented its roof. The victim has no idea why she was targeted, according to Oakland Police Sgt. Rebecca Campbell.

"She told me she hasn't gotten into any arguments with anyone, doesn't owe anyone any money, and has no idea why someone would single her out to vandalize her vehicle like this," said Campbell.

A similar hate crime took place about six miles away a few weeks ago. In that incident items in front of a home were also spray-painted with stick men and swastikas.

"We have less than five a year on an average, and to have two hate crimes within such a short time period, both with spray paint and involving Nazi type comments, is unusual for Oakland," Campbell said.

No one has been arrested in either case and police are not sure whether the incidents are related.


Copyright 2007, KCBS. All Rights Reserved.

Anonymous said...

At least you got their attention Field, now maybe the can learn a thing or two by frequenting your site!!!

Unknown said...

To be fair to the AG, I remember reading an interview where he explained that there isn't a _State_ hate crimes law available to him. The Feds can prosecute in Federal court, but if the state legislature hasn't passed the appropriate law, the AG can't just make one up.

Field, you're the lawyer here so you should have a better handle on this. I just don't like seeing people beaten up for something they have no ability to act on. No fair calling the guy "House" if he hasn't got a law on the books to use.

rikyrah said...

PPSS- Still waiting for House Negro status for that Uncle Remus U.S. Attorney that actually said the nooses in the tree in Jena - didn't see any hate crime in that, which is why the Feds didn't interfere."

rikyrah, I still haven't found out who that person is. Are you sure he wasn't the spokesperson for the La. AG's office?

His name is Donald Washington, he's a U.S. Attorney, and he was all over that CNN Jena Special.

west coast story said...

FYI: Dr. Phil did Jena 6 yesterday and will do more on Monday. It was actually kind of strange, to be honest. He carried on a bit about how clueless you'd have to be to not understand about the symbolism of a noose. I think on Monday he's going to beat up on the parents. Yesterday, he just let people talk. Mostly, it seemed designed to be a ratings booster complete with Al Sharpton and a white supremacist.

Anonymous said...

CS Lewis would be mortified that someone is co-opting the writing style from Screwtape Letters in such an appalling fashion. It isn't exactly plagiarism or copyright infringement, but I think it would certainly qualify as intellectually dishonest.

Francis Holland said...

I'm so sick and tired of the word "racist". What's it mean? Color-associated systemic subjugation and oppression? That definition would make it clear that Field Negro is not oppressing anyone, because he is not controlling any "system" of subjugation and oppression. Of course, people will insist that the word "racist" means that, but the word "racist" doesn't SAY that!

Now, clearly Field Negro often expresses individual color associated ideation, emotion and writing behavior. Isn't it Field Negro's ideation and emotion about color that motivate him to write about color?

So, let's discuss Field Negro's ideation, and see if we agree with it or not. Let's discuss his emotion, and see what it's doing to him and his family and community. Let's discuss his behavior and see whether it's adaptive or dysfunctional.

The word "racist" is a dead-end street because it discourages us from looking in a sophisticated way at the underlying complex things that are going on.

Could you predict weather if the only word in your weather-related vocabulary was "weather"? Of course not! You have to look at wind, humidity, currents, and other phenomena that make up "weather." When we discuss "racism" I think we can all agree that that's as far as our analysis goes. NOBODY discusses the underlying phenomena that constitute "racism." We just call it "Weather" and forget about wind speeds, humidity, barometric pressure, ocean currents, El NiƱo . . .

This is why we can predict when storms in Honduras will hit Florida, but we can't predict when the worker next to us will go Postal and shoot his Black (or white) co-workers.

Christopher Chambers said...

FN--you are such a lightening rod! F*** these detractors if they can't take a joke. LOL

Notice how they refuse to go toe to toe and just hiss among their own circle jerk ranks.

field negro said...

John, you are right, maybe the authorities in La. could not prosecute under state hate crime statute. But I am sure he could have found some charge to make and to prosecute those kids with. Here in Pa. for instance, he could have charged them with making terroristic threats.

rikyrah, thanks for that name. I will check him out.

francis, your scientiic way of looking at racism is interesting, but I still like to chalk it up to just that good old fashion emotion known as hate.

woozie, payback is a mother....

Christopher Chambers said...

BTW, racism is not about hate. It's about power, history, feelings of superiority. Hate is just one variable, and that's the one variable white liberals seem to think is something that, when removed, will solve all the world's problem. Conservatives love the word "hate" too. When all of this stuff can be expressed as "hate," only skinheads are racists. Note that when the klan was in it's heyday, most white folks sorta kinda said okay...I see their point. It's not about hate.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

John, I haven't been able to find the site I read this on, but I do remember reading that Washington said basically that they could have pushed to prosecute the noose hangers as adults under a fedreal law, but the weren't sure that they (the noose hangers) understood the racial significance of nooses, and...they did not want to prosecute these kids under a law that may get them sentenced to as much as 10 years in prison. In other words, Washington used HIS prosecutorial discretion because HE didn't like the idea of these kids possibly being punished out of proportion (in his opinion) to the crime they committed.

Anonymous said...

Donald Washington on CNN:

One thought about what he says here- no, the nooses were not the direct provocation for Justin Barker getting beaten up. The direct provocation was Barker tauntingRobert Bailey about getting beaten up. This is a common Bush Administration tactic. They push something there is no real arguement about, but they can more or less prove is true, to give the illusion of veracity to the lies they tell.

Christopher Chambers said...

Oh wow...that's an interesting twist, anonymous--an Uncle Tom not wanting to prosecute young white boys because they were just youthfully indiscrete. Ignorant and funnin' a little. Maybe even (and stop me if you've heard this) mentally ill, slow, to exciteable. When I was at US DOJ, there were numerous studies on how local prosecuters were prosecuting young black boys while cutting young white boys loose for the same offenses. The black boys were "bad." Quasi-animals. The white boys, well...boys will be boys. Anonymous, wake the f^^^ up. Cannot you walk a mile in somebody else's shoes just for one afternoon? We've trodden continents in yours. It won't kill you. It hasn't yet killed us.

Anonymous said...


Bweasleglub has posted a comment on your blog about Walter Reed's Divine intervention.

Oh well he is one of many who are charter members of the shar-a brain club for stupid bigots.

Anonymous said...

Wow, where to start? What a beautifully disturbed individual! I think I may have found my subject for my clinical psych dissertaion in the omniscient Bweaslegub.

Now that she's gotten you stuck in her craw, I'm sure she won't be able to stay away. I think she likes you.

Anonymous said...

This is simple. The kids white or black need to have a lesson in self worth. Noose, name calling, gestures, or whatever, is it worth violence? I am french, american indian, and scotish. Call me what you like then ask me if it bothered me. Most proud my Cajun heritage. The Cajun community was asked if they wanted minority status. They declined. You figure that one out. Someone dubbed us Coon Ass. We owned it. Now, they dont call us no more name cause they know, No bother.

Anonymous said...

You stand in the middle of the street, you get run over. You cant be a part of and apart from.