Thursday, September 27, 2007

Divine intervention!

"The only way _ let me stress that _ the only way that I believe that me or this community has been able to endure the trauma that has been thrust upon us is through the prayers of the Christian people who have sent them up in this community...."I firmly believe and am confident of the fact that had it not been for the direct intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ last Thursday, a disaster would have happened. You can quote me on that."

I just did Mr. Walters.

But let me get this straight, the only reason there wasn't any trouble at the march on Jena, is because of the intervention of good old JC. Is that it Mr. Walters? Wow, JC must really love the people of Jena to "directly" intervene so that there would be no trouble. I guess the fact that the marchers were well disciplined and behaved had nothing to do with it huh Mr. DA?

Folks, are you as amazed as I am at how certain people can just throw out the name of JC when it suits their own purpose? The thing is, if JC is so omnipotent, why did he (or she) let Jena happen in the first place? I mean since he (or she) prevented the violence from happening shouldn't he (or she) have intervened from the jump and allowed the black kids to sit under that tree?

I gotta tell you though, thank goodness for JC. If it wasn't for him protecting good Southern white towns like Jena and it's DA, Reed Walters, can you imagine how much trouble we would have had with those black folks dowen there ? Thank goodness we have JC, to protect all those God fearing white people. (God is JC's dad in case you were wondering) I mean every body knows that JC is just there to protect them. Not the black folks, they (the black folks) are Godless. I mean if JC was looking out for black people, do you think that three times as much blacks would be sitting in prison than on a college campus this fall? Do you think that damn near seven out of ten black households would be run by single mothers? Do you think that over 300 people would have been slaughtered in the bloody streets of Killadelphia, Pistolvania this year alone? And that most of those killed would be black men killed by other black men? I don't think so.

Nope, JC couldn't love us. The protection we got in Jena was collateral protection. The real people being watched over were the good white folks of Jena. The black people marching were just at the right place at the right time.

But thanks again JC for keeping those marchers down in Jena in line. No wonder all those Southern white people love you so much, and they spend so much time in those fancy homes they built for you. But we built some fancy homes for you in the hood too, how come we don't get that kind of love? I mean you protect the town folks of Jena from us, but you won't protect us from each other.

Oh well, at least you were kind enough to let the subject of all this fuss get out of jail. Hey, he and his family might just want to talk to you, just like the white "christian folks" in Jena do.


SouthernGirl2 said...

How dare him! As if blacks are animals & can't protest peacefully.

He is downplaying the effect of the march. Mychal Bell should have been released last week but Walters want the white Jena community to think that it didn't matter and things would continue as they were. Yeah right!

I hope when Conyers call him...his ass is grass!

I want the same thing done to Walters as was done to Mike Nifong!

Time To Pay The Piper!

Anonymous said...


I can't believe this--I'm no guilty liberal, and I'm not Black, but with shit like this, I'm constrained to admit that I'm ashamed I'm White.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why didn't I just drink my cup of tea and go to sleep before reading that quote?

Another vile human being thanking Jesus for the black people not rioting, screaming--and rubbing up too close to them.


Anonymous said...

But I wonder if this is the comment we invite by the comment below the picture of the last released. Under the caption is a reference "to being a saint.' Well, none of us is ever going to be a saint. Sainthood died with Parks.

We must make our demand without regard to the problem of universe.

KC said...

I love you and your blog, Field.

Anonymous said...

if JC was looking out for black people, do you think that three times as much blacks would be sitting in prison than on a college campus this fall? Do you think that damn near seven out of ten black households would be run by single mothers? Do you think that over 300 people would have been slaughtered in the bloody streets of Killadelphia, Pistolvania this year alone? And that most of those killed would be black men, killed by other black men? I don't think so.

There is a little something called personal responsibility and self-will. "JC" allows us mortals to make our own choices, just as you have made the choice to be an atheist. Every man or woman has the right to choose hell. That's their business.

But let's be clear here. God or "JC" is not responsible for the decline in the black community. And until we look internally for a solution, there will be none.

field negro said...

"But let's be clear here. God or "JC" is not responsible for the decline in the black community. And until we look internally for a solution, there will be none."

Naw, you think? I hope you didn't get the impression that I disagree with that statement. (You must be new to this blog)

anon,you are ---if I may use a spiritual reference--- preaching to the choir ;)

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

This cracker has just shown all of A-merry-ca what a jackass he is, and he gives the legal profession a bad name.

He knows he shot any chance of a career, legal or political, in the foot, and now he's using Jesus to cover up the mess he made.

Jesus don't play that. In fact, He probably orchestrated the people to protest to call down a shining light on the shame that is Jena, Louisiana.

And for those who got a mic stuck in your face by Anderson Cooper, protesting that you're not racist; if you were in that presser cheering for this douchebag, you're just as much of a bigot as he is.

All I was waiting for is the hood, robe, horse and burning cross.

As my late father would say "Fire this cracker bastard already. My dog is a better lawyer than this dipshyt..."

My father was a Christian in his own fashion, LOL.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Anon @ 12:17

Just like we call out those of us who shame the Negro race on their BS, you are encouraged to do likewise with white people like Reed Walters who brings shame to the race.

Lock, Load and Fire...

Anonymous said...

LOL, weren't white southerners prone to engage in lynching on Sunday's right after church services? Oooh, how they love Jesus, but somewhere along the lines forget about his teachings when they see black skin....LOL

Anyhow, if I was Mr. Walter's, I'd keep quiet, it appears everytime he speaks he only places his further and further in his racist hypocritical mouth. Well, I take that back, let the man speak!

I hope that an investigation continues to be demanded until this man is forced to be disbarred for misconduct. He clearly abused the system to support his racist mindset, and now as he speaks to his mostly white supporters, he's using the good ole Jesus and God fearing strategy to assist in their all ready warped minds.

Omar said...

Divine intervention at play in Jena, Louisiana? If hard at work preventing mayhem in Jena, is Jesus from Nazareth simply 'working to rule' in the Darfur? Perhaps Jesus is 'on strike' right now in Burma! I guess maybe He has been 'on vacation' for the past 60 years of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict!
Funny-man Jesus doth seem to haveth a selective sense of motherfucking humour.

Anonymous said...

I am delighted at the strength of opinion I find here. So much...hatred!

It is very, very good to express anger and resentment. Especially towards "JC" as you call him.

I look forward to continuing to follow your colorfully named site.



Anonymous said...

I'm 40 years old, I grew up going to completely integrated schools in the deep south. Therefore, I am familiar with situations of racial tensions that are very common in the public schools of the south.

First, I believe the consideration of one's race has no place at all in seeking justice, with the exception of hate crimes specifically perpetrated because of race.

In this situation, if race is not considered, then you have one person who was attacked from behind by a group of 6 people. This means without a doubt that the attackers had premeditated their attack which is demonstrated by their surprise attack with greatly overwhelming numbers. It is my understanding that the victim was quickly rendered unconscious and the attack continued whereby the attackers kicked the unconscious victim repeatedly.

There is no question this was a very malicious premeditated attack with intent and capability to do great bodily harm, to include death. I personally know of a person who was knocked unconscious and then kicked until he died, so "a shoe" is a deadly weapon when used in this circumstance.

So, with race out of the picture there is an attempted murder to seek justice for.

Has there been justice for this attempted murder?

Oh, but you say race must be considered. Ok, then this was clearly a hate crime where these 6 blacks attacked and tried to kill this one white, so the much heavier penalties associated with hate crimes must be levied.

To suggest the incident with fake nuces being hung out of a tree somehow justify this attack is the very same thing as saying that because Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. exercised his right to free speech it was justifiable to murder him! That’s crazy right? Well that’s this case in reverse.

We all know how it works, there will be no justice here or anywhere Al or Jessie chose to spin the truth. They have done more in their life time to increase racial hatred than any other people I can think of. You can not seek equality and justice by perpetrating the exact opposite.

Ever since those race riots in California after that drug-head had his run-in with the police, things have been skewed dangerously allowing inequality and injustice to go unchallenged. OJ's free, Mayer of DC was a drug-head, the Duke Lacrosse team was wrongly prosecuted, and now this victim is laid on the alter of vanity that stands at the feet of these so called "civil rights leaders" who only seek the spotlight for their own glory. My question is this: How is it that so many black people care so little for truth? With the turnout at the Jena march it suggests there is a huge disparity in understanding that exists between the black population and the rest of America.

America needs to wake up and say enough, the 60's are over, let's get on with life, racial favor for any reason is over. A person stands on their own merit, and answers for their own actions.

Anonymous said...

For petes sake do we need to go John Brown on these people?

west coast story said...

S/he's just mad because there was no riot in Jena. Poor baby had to dig up the LA riots from 15 years ago to make his/her point. You know, because all events involving black people are the same.

Hey Anon: Why don't you go to a black restaurant in Harlem? Maybe you'll have a Bill O'Reilly epiphany.

west coast story said...

Oops! I meant Average American.

Unknown said...

Thanks "average american" for being an utter douchebag and embarassing the rest of us.

Yes, OJ is free. So are Klaus von Bulow (murdered wife) and William Kennedy Smith (rapist). Cluetrain- In the US its almost impossible for rich people to get convicted; black, white, or green (for those Star Trek fans I'm including Orions).

The mayor of DC was a drug head. I live here, so I know. Guess what, GWB was a coke head and an alcoholic. Patrick Kennedy is one, so I guess the very white Rhode Island shows us white folk are also pathological for re-electing him to Congress. We whiteys just can't seem to stop voting for drunks and druggies, can we?

Need I even mention how many black and hispanic males got strung up for consentual relations with white chicks? Hell, Sammy Davis Jr. and Britt May were pretty much ostracized for getting married (though not by Sinatra, which is one of the reasons I admire that mobbed up SOB). Hell, our society still gaks on showing multi-racial dating/sex/marriage in popular media (see: Pelican Brief, Denzel and Julia).

You know, I can't decide if I'm more embarrassed by your willful stupidity or your racism.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Average American . . . .

What a lovely world we'd all traverse if we lived in your universe. But surely we can all agree your world of merit would be the idea. But it won't be happening anytime soon--probably never.

No one is saying kicking someone unconscious is an acceptable thing. It's reprehensible ( Is that what you think this is all about?) But it is also unacceptable for the school administration to turn a blind eye to a noose, accepting that no blacks can sit under a tree and sowing the seeds of ignorance, bigotry and social unrest that these kids experienced daily it seems even in the year 2007.

The callous, ignorant adults who ran the school and town sat all this play in motion. THESE WERE KIDS--ALL of them had inadequate direction from teachers and school administrators. Shall we just forget this--until the hate spills over next time?

But would these children even have been imprisoned on attempted murder charges if they were white? (By the way-the beaten child was at a school event that night.) History tells me--not likely. Were ANY of the noose hanging children even reprimanded for their parts in the previous hate acts? I hope so. Or was it just considered good ole boy fun? Did anyone explain to them how volatile hanging nooses would be? Again--kids.

America will not wake up and say enough. Hundreds of years of hate, misunderstandings, cultural antagonisms, scapegoating, disillusionment, hidden and not so hidden prejudices and racism will be with us forever. We shall all suffer, but do the best we can.

And please stop using Al and Jesse as racial commentary codpieces. They are irrelevant to this sad state of affairs. Because, yes, yes--most of us black people can think for ourselves and don't quote them on a daily basis. The media has made them our "leaders."

It seems, sadly, to be in the nature of our world-
even when some may work steadfastly against it -that we shall all live alongside hate and racism, forever.

And by the way--just your saying that so many black people care little for the truth just reassures me that the world of merit you've designed in your head is quite frankly--beyond you.

field negro said...

"You know, I can't decide if I'm more embarrassed by your willful stupidity or your racism."


"And by the way--just your saying that so many black people care little for the truth just reassures me that the world of merit you've designed in your head is quite frankly--beyond you."

*Ouch again*

I am betting anon. won't be back in the fields anytime soon. I felt that verbal smackdown from over here.

Nelson said...

Boy, I feel like I'm gonna take heat for saying this, but screw it:

The reason people like Walters quote Jesus Christ is the same reason why white people have always interlocked Christianity with white supremacy, and black submissiveness. This concept goes back to the early days of the slave trade.

Christianity, therefore, is one of the shackles of slavery that STILL exist, both to reinforce white opinions of superiority and assimilate blacks to this notion.

This isn't a new idea, it's just an idea, but I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this...

Anonymous said...

@ Westcoast, is it just me, or should some or us on this blog pool our resources together and open some franchises of Sylvia's ,so that more converatives can have a moment of racial clarity. Just think, We could open up the franchises and adverise on Faux News to attract customers who want a taste of Harlem without the fear of a dark planet.

@ John

No need to feel embarassed about Avg. American representing white people, I am sure most of us do not lump him together with you.

You have that poster as an emabarassment. We have I love NY, and the Flave of love.

Anonymous said...

O.J again, ooooooh my God!!! What is it with the average white american and OJ?

Anonymous said...

Liberal Journal Man:
You'll get no flack from me! I agree, 100 percent, that Christianity is nothing but the spread of white supremacy. Black folks should leave Jesus, and Christianty, alone. Science, not religion!
A Proud Black Woman

Anonymous said...

Mayhap Cynthia Tucker is right on time when she opines that Black people do not value themselves.

There has been a lot of moaning, groaning, and cryin-nin about prosecutorial overreach, , but none about prosecutorial underreach, that is, the Negroe Mychal Bell should have been jailed quite a bit ago for the havoc he'd caused in the Black Jee-na community.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. Are people believing that the six participaed in the alleged beating of the white kid at all or to the extent claimed. Seems to me, six boys kicking a floored boy would have caused greater damage--and the damages-it seems to me--would not be localized just to the face. Seems to me if the boy had even been just kicked in the head by 6 boys, he would have sustained much greaterinjuries--including two--not just one--black eye. Also, if the boy had body injuries--which he should have given that it is difficult for six to do so, we would be seeing these picturees too.

Second thing,

The ironies of Jena. I present just one in response to Average above.

When blacks are mistreated, a common foci are what did the blacks do to deserve it--and/or what the blacks might have done that could have avoided.

But when whites are presumed victimized (read, Jena "victim,") there is either no discussion about of provoking behavior or much discussion about how the behavior of the white "victim" is irrelevant.

Thus, even on the Dr. Phil show today there was great emphasis the white victim and even references to the probable deficiencies in the parenting of the parents of the Jena 6.

However, there was not similar exploration--and certainly little credibility extended to the charge of racial taunting by the white "victim" or failures in the white parenting of the white victim--hell, of the entire white Jena population--in the face of such racist behavior and conditions.

Anonymous said...

Some just can't stand to see us get some type of similar treatment. Like one said, they don't focus on the fact that there were nooses hung in a damn tree... that says a lot about the already "racist" climate those kids were enduring. Does that not count for something. All they can say is look at the criminal behavior of the black kids. I say look at the atmosphere of hate that apparently they live in... and the lack of justice they live with... but these facts, as usual, go without proper attention. Of course the boys were wrong... I'm sure in that city there's a lot of blame to go around. It seems to me that until this year, are there going to be some attention paid to the way we're treated there, hopefully.
Make them pay attention since they think it's all good to hang nooses... damn. They refuse to understand the pain we feel that our people had to deal with in this country. How hard is it to see?
As far as Jesus is concerned isn't that the whole point of Christianity? What did he die for?

Anonymous said...

I apologize for my destruction of the Queen's English... I had to get it out.

T. S. Snowden said...

At the risk of blasphemy I to this post---

as always excellent post

Anonymous said...

Oh, I seen someone post the the "C" word (cracker). I wonder why that never makes the headlines. Might be the little childhood saying my Mom told me, Sticks and Stones. She did expand a little bit on it also. A kid told me I was stupid. She says what grades do you make. I replied As, Bs, and an occasisional C. Mom said, then who is stupid. Basically it's all about Self Worth. I had a conversation with a freind onced and I had mentioned the Govenor of California. This Black person butts into my conversation to ask me what I had said. It took me and my friend a 5 minute conversation to figure out that he was offended by what I had said. I thought this is pitiful. I did my explaination to the Black co-worker. Back to the subject. Why did the Jena 6 want to sit under the tree anyhow? Probably the same reasons Michael Jackson has for having so many surgeries. I'm not condoning the DA for his actions. I'm not condoning the Police for what the police did to R. King but ask any black person what the police should of got for their actions against R. King(and I would agree). Then say is all this hoop lah nessary? I wish for MLK Dream just as the next but know that this is just that, A Dream. When My father in Heaven, takes me to a better place, I know that then I will see Not MLK's Dream but My Lord and Saviors Jesus Christ promise and we (with all that apply, John, 3:16) shall be brothers in his grace. (Grace defined: Undeserved favor)

Anonymous said...

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting igorance- that principle is CONTEMPT PRIOR TO INVESTIGATION."

Herbert Spencer

Anonymous said...

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting igorance- that principle is CONTEMPT PRIOR TO INVESTIGATION."

Herbert Spencer

Anonymous said...

Opps, I forgot to post the appropriate title, I apologize, REVEREND Martin Luther King

Francis Holland said...

Walters is playing to a audience that he knows exists: the white religious people who are aroused to anger and revulsion by the mere mention of Blacks and who believe that all Blacks are inherently criminal. He knows his audience.

As much as we are revolted by what he has said, I wouldn't be surprised if his role in this case turns him into a talking head like Mark Furhman and Oliver North.

Actually, the things he says anger us in the same way that the things Ronald Reagan said angered and alarmed and revulsion among Black people, which means that Reed Walters may have a promising future with white America.

tc said...

Great post man. I thought the same thing. Amazing that more people have not called out this for the inappropriate misappropriation of the Lord's naame vis-a-vis Jena. And yeah really, is it that hard to imagine that protesters are so determined that they will behave themselves? The patronizing suggestion that black folks can't behave themselves is abominable.

tc said...

parroting christian prog above, I'd like to say that we should absolutely shame and humiliate people like this Walters dude who is a disgrace to white people. Often, black people call out their own when they ajudge someone to have bought shame to black people. This does not happen enough for white people. I know I'm preaching to the choir here but truly, this should happen a lot more. Crackers like this need to be isolated and embarassed.

field negro said...

"Crackers like this need to be isolated and embarassed."

Amen "T".