Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I have to leave the bandwagon: But I could be back.

I got an e-mail from a friend of mine from D.C. today. The guy has never been politically active, but he was asking me to join him on the Obama team, and sign up as a volunteer with the campaign. I still haven't responded to fam, and I probably won't until after the 2008 elections.

Sorry, but with all due respect to Oprah, I am just not feeling Obama. Lord knows I have tried, and given the choice of candidates, I really wanted to support the guy. But....I have to keep it real with you, I just can't get up for him. It's kind of analogous to this: You have a really hot cousin, and you could really get with her on a physical tip. But one day you are both alone, and just when the sparks start to fly, you remember that she is your cousin, and... well, "Mr. Johnson" won't stand at attention if you get my drift. Obama is that hot cousin; nice to look at and says and seemingly does all the right things, but.....I just feel like "weeping for brunhilde,"who says she gets the practical pragmatic Obama, but not the passionate idealistic one. That's me right now, the brother is just not moving me, he is not making my Johnson stand up.

Maybe it's because I know in my heart that he can never win. Maybe if he really had a shot I would be more passionate about him, but you and I both know that he can't win, and that's why that part of my brain keeps saying don't waste your time with this guy. Not in 2008. Maybe in 2024, but not 2008, America just ain't ready for such a historic event yet. A woman Prez is a bit more acceptable now. "But field you are such a flip flopper, weren't you on board with Obama at one point?" Yep, and right about now I am jumping right off the good ship"O". Hey, I could change my mind three or four more times before I actually cast my vote, so don't trip.

I think at the end of the day, I might just end up supporting the ice Queen. After all, what's that saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend?" Lord knows my enemies hate Hillary. Hell that's reason enough to vote for her from where I sit. I would do it just to piss off all those whacked out Hillary and Bill haters out there. Four more years of another Clinton. Yep, I can live with that. After eight years of the frat boy, I can damn near live with anything.


Anonymous said...

You know the reason you're not voting for him is because you don't want another black man in the midst of an assassination attempt. Just say it: you're trying to save the brother.

But no really, people are still not ready to see a Black president. Amen. Peace.

T. S. Snowden said...

Thank goodness someone else said it! I just aint feeling the Obama vibe right now. And since Hillary pulled that a bit of a flip-flop with the health care plan she was almost the next (wo)man overboard.

But heck after Bush I'd damn near elect my favorite cashier at Seattle's Best

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Well, Field, you and I are perfectly matched with the Jedi-mind thing regarding Mr. Obama.

As usual, Blacks want to support a "Black Face in a High Place" regardless of whether or not that Black Face is really a House Negro in Field Negro's clothing.

I have been flamed royally over at Francis' boy Kos's blog everytime I mention it. I swear, Kos's blog is turning more and more into a cult following - no one's willing to entertain the negatives about Obama until Kos starts talking about them. Want proof?

Look no further than when he was all out in supporting Harold Ford, Jr., for that Senate seat in Tennessee, until Harold decided he really was going to put distance between Democrats and gay people by dissing that New Jersey law allowing same-sex unions to be recognized as a hetro union.

Kos lost his mind, flipped on Ford, and withing hours, that whole blog was anti-Ford. Never mind that the right reasons for rejecting Ford was that he was a ReThug in Democrats' clothing per his voting record - but because Kos went anti-Ford, the whole blog went anti-Ford.

I'm not feeling the Borg Queen, either. If she wins, we will have had twenty years of White House occupation by someone either named Clinton or Bush. Can we get an Edwards or Kucinich up in this SOB, or a woman like Barbara Boxer in the White House? Is that too much to ask?

Of course, if Gore throws his hat in the ring, all bets are off.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I meant "the same as a hetro union" in my last post. Still having my hot chocolate and all that, LOL

Woozie said...

Obama is the hot cousin? I don't know, those big Dumbo ears aren't really sexy, and his ass is kinds flat. I give him ***1/2/*****.

If Hillary really wants to stick it to the GOP (because we all know she's gonna be the Democratic nominee) she'll pick him up as her VP.

David D. Charles said...

I'm with Woozie on this one. I just don't see the country getting all excited about the reality of Obama becoming the next president. There's a lot of infatuation with the idea, but I think when the rubber hits the road he'd come up short.

I used to think that an Obama-Clinton ticket was a shoe in, but now I don't know if Hillary's ego could handle it, or if that makes it any more palatable.

Now I think the real winner is Clinton-Obama. And even though it's not as romantic, I think it's more realistic and I'm getting comfortable with the idea.

I have this suspicion though that when it comes down to it, and Hillary takes the primary she's going to be looking to Edwards as a VP, and probably think about offering Obama some wack Washington job.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


I've said all along that Hillary's ego is already bent because Obama didn't remain her obedient protege and decided to run for POTUS himself. Because of that, there's no way she puts Obama on her ticket unless there's a demand by African-Americans to vote elsewhere or stay home on Election Day.

We seem to think alike - if she gets the nomination, she's going with either Edwards or Wesley Clark - her ego will not allow Obama on the ticket, but to quiet us, she'll either give him a Sec of State post or some other Cabinet position (he's more than qualified for Attorney General than Abu Gonzales).

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Obama is the hot cousin? I don't know, those big Dumbo ears aren't really sexy, and his ass is kinds flat. I give him ***1/2/*****.

LMAO at that one, Weezy! No junk in his trunk, LOL!

My mother would call him a "long drink of water who wears his clothes well."

But sexy? I don't, Obama Girl saw something about him that made her sing a song and do a video about him. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

AJ said...

Glad to hear I'm not alone on this one. I'm done voting for a black person just because their black. I
decided awhile ago to vote for Clinton because of the "two for one" package that will include Bill Clinton. I believe his experience and knowledge will help lead us out of this mess created by Bush & Co.

field negro said...

" Obama is the hot cousin? I don't know, those big Dumbo ears aren't really sexy, and his ass is kinds flat. I give him ***1/2/*****."

DAMN IT WOOZIE, I WAS SPEAKING METAPHORICALLY. Please do not take a literal meaning to my description (*not that there is anything wrong with that*)
I will leave that to the female posters to describe Obama's physical attributes or lack thereof :)

On a serious tip, I am starting to wonder who Hillary wil pick as her running mate. I can't see Obama, because together they would just not be electable.

I am guessing Southern white male.

Liz Dwyer said...

C'mon, Field! Don't give up so easily. In any long term relationship, sometimes you need a little help getting things up. Maybe going to volunteer for the campaign could be the shot of viagra you need.

As for me, I'll ride the Obama train till he loses the primaries. There's still alot of time and I'm not one to give up so easily. I would have voted for Hillary in a heartbeat before he came on the scene. I am moved by Obama though. I think Hillary lacks his sincerity. I'd hope that if it came down to it she'd take him as her VP. If that happened, I definitely think they can win like nothing else.

Ferdzy said...

Well, the opinion of my MIL (a white middle-class ex-American) is that Obama is running now as a test-run. She thinks he's a little young and inexperienced, and that he knows that, and actually has his eyes on, what, 2012? Next next time, anyway.

I'm a Canadian, but if I was voting in the US I'd vote for a hairy warthog before I'd vote for Hilary. Always bearing in mind of course, that Republicans aren't even on my mental voting map.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Awww, Field, we sistas want to see "junk in the trunk" and Obama's too skinny to have any.

What?! You think us sistas don't check out your physical attributes, just like you men check out ours?!!

God forbid! that we want a brotha just for his mind ::rolls eyes::

Some aesthetic tastes have to come into play as well.

And yeah, you're still busted ("Mrs. Field"), not that there's anything wrong with that, or your obsession with Lark Voohees. We just thought you were actually free to indulge in your, ah, "obsession".


Anonymous said...

The enemy of your enemy is your friend. Until you get rid of your mutual enemy and then they start looking at you.

rikyrah said...

OT:GOP Leading Candidates Snub Tavis' Forum at Morgan State

As per Tom Joyner this morning.

rikyrah said...


I'm not voting for her. Period. Not going to do it. Won't vote GOP either, but either I'm voting Green, or I'll leave President blank.

I volunteer for Obama, not because I've guzzled any Kool-Aid, but because it's time that Black folk had a serious runner. From the beginning, I said that Obama might not be ' The One', but that we'll never prepare America for ' The One' until we have someone run. We can no longer sit on the sidelines; gotta step into that water, FN.

Do you know the kind of nerve it takes to be a Black man running for President? Every month that he makes it through, I consider it a positive.

If you're jumping off ship, ok, that's your right, of course. But, someone has to tell me how The Borg Queen is more qualified than Obama. I've never bought that being married is 'experience', if that was the case, then Laura Bush should be eligible to run for Senator from Texas next time out.

And, maybe it just bothers me that, in the United States, the Presidency could be traded between TWO FAMILIES for what, 20 years? Hell no. For that reason alone, I would be justified in not voting for The Borg Queen.

I just believe he deserves the opportunity to run his campaign.

Oh, and the only way I would vote for her is if Obama is the VP nominee...but, since she doesn't have the humbleness to do it, I won't have to bother to vote for her.

Hathor said...

I think the Presidency can not be defined until someone is in office. There has to be more than just experience, because the world is changing. Right now we are fighting the war of 15 years ago, with leadership from the 19th century. I would like to see the Obama of his first book. An engaged person in the world and to speak with passion ufrom what he knows. Politics does temper the idealist and I was hoping that a little of that earlier rage would seep out. When it does it seems that he has his staff to smooth over what he had said. I am thinking of the time the media got all over his use "quite riot." There was no need to explain, those people who think will understand him and the Hannity and O'Reilly moonies will never understand.
I would trust him to make decisions when the crap hit the fan. I don't see any one policy being workable. What we need is a more active congress that isn't so bipolar, I want real discussion and solutions proposed, worked on to bring into law and the understanding of compromise. The president can present ideas, give the country hope and use common sense in foreign policy. I am so sick of seeing the think tanks make policy. We did not elect them. The all have an agenda of trying to create this Utopian world where their theories can be proven right. In other words, no candidate needs foreign policy experience. If that had been the case our first few presidents should not have been able to govern.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe if he really had a shot I would be more passionate about him, but you and I both know that he can't win, and that's why that part of my brain keeps saying don't waste your time with this guy."

I think he still has a shot. While is favorables aren't spectacular, his unfavorables are very low (source; warning: old). He has consistently gotten second place in national polling for nearly 1 year. He has broken the roof off of every fund-raising record. And (by the way) more people claim they'd vote for a dark-skinned candidate than a female one.

Don't get me wrong- I think that it is presently unlikely that he will gain the presidential nomination, but I think that has more to do with Clinton's strengths than any weakness on his part.

My general comment about Clinton and Obama is that I'd like to see a few less speeches on the campaign trail, and a bit more leadership in the Senate from both of them.

Anonymous said...

Correction: My fund-raising record comment was referring to the primary, not general election fund-raising.

Anonymous said...

The reason the GOP is able to kick the left's ass consistently is because they stick together. They are mess now but they will have it together by next fall.

Most groups are clannish enough to support one of their own. Black people would vote for R Kelly sooner than Obama because Kelly is "authentic. I still think there are lot of black people, including a lot of educated black people, who are not comfortable with a brother who speaks standard English and who isn't hanging out with hip hop artists (witness Eric M Dyson and Cornell West affecting a phony-assed street patois to sound "real), and who dares to talk about mainstream values like family and responsiblility.

I read Obama's first bio, the one written before he was a hot shot, and was incredibly impressed with him. The grass roots organizing he did and the way he characterized the work, the people, and his experience really resonated very deeply with me. He is smart, reflective, and urbane.

I don't like that he didn't sign on to challenge the vote in Ohio after the last election. But neither did Hillary. I don't like that he doesn't support same sex unions. But neither does Hillary. Since my most important issue is the war in Iraq, PERIOD, I'm ready to "settle." Obama isn't experienced? How come we never say that about incompetent inexperienced white people? How do you figure that John Edwards is more experienced? We had an experienced administration under Bush and look where we are. I got your experience right here.

I'm not likely to vote for Obama just because he's black because I don't do that crap. I'm likely to vote for him because he has an international perspective on the world that is sorely needed AND he's black. Not one of the announced clowns running for president has THAT experience.

Hillary Clinton is slimely green pond scum in my opinion. She is a prevaricating witch who supported dragging us into Iraq because she couldn't be bothered to read the intelligence. Furthermore, I don't believe Bill Clinton was the first black preseident (Lani Guanier, Jocelyn Elders, and Hazel O'Leary--okay?). He's black like I'm Chinese.

You want to support the witch, be prepared for being in Iraq for many more years. She's a beltway insider who has big time allegiance to big coroporate dollars. Obama is raising lots of cash but he's raising a lot of it from many more people, folks who can't donate thousands of dollars to campaigns and PACs.

Your choice.

west coast story

Hugh O'Donnell said...

I'm voting for Obama.

Not because he's black, but because I appreciate his vision of what this country can be. I don't have a horse in the race race.

The only possible way I'd vote for (ugh!) Hillary is if Obama couldn't get the nomination and she chose him as a running mate.

All I know is I've gotta switch parties before the primary so I can have a say. I am not voting for any Republican presidential candidate.

And you know what? I'm thinking that all the second guessing about whether or not it's the right time for a "brother" might cause us to miss the boat with a stellar candidate.

Yes, I'm politically naive, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys make me so mad... won't vote for Hillary? Vote for the Green Party?

You people better be in Hawaii, Massachusetts or some other non-swing state, because if you are left-wing, as sick and tired of the last 7 years as I am, and you live in a contested state... and you would rather give your vote away to the Republicans by staying home or putting a check next to Greenie McWontWin instead of voting for Hillary.... then, well, I'll pretty much impotently b*tch at you like I'm doing now.

But don't do it! Vote for Obama or Kucinich or whoever, but whoever gets nominated (Borg Queen: Field, you need to put THAT in your side bar!) give them the benefit of the doubt and give them your vote.

Will Hillary being Prez mean more years in Iraq? Yes. And so would Obama. I don't care what these guys are saying now, I GUARANTEE you that once whoever gets elected moves into the White House, reality is going to set in awful fast, and we're going to start hearing about a "phased" withdrawal.

Obama is running to the left right now to distinguish himself from the Borg Queen... he has to, she's the Queen of the Corporate Dems, after all. Once/If he wins, he'll tip-toe back to the center.

Sorry to be preachy, but Hillary would be alot better than Giuliani or Thompson. For one thing, you don't hear her saying she wants to "double Guantanamo."


Anonymous said...

o field I feel you. Its hard for me being the person I am not to be all for Mr. Obama but he doesn't do it for me either. I think he's great....but Hillay 2008....sorry....maybe one day...

hottnikz said...

I feel you on this post. It's like Obama is lukewarm to me. I need more heat to jump in the shower. That being said I can't see me voting for Ice Queen. I know if I do vote for her it would be strictly because of her husband, because she isn't too convincing either.

rikyrah said...

OT: FN, did you see this?

Hat tip: Prometheus Six

Philly's top cop wants 10K black men to patrol streets

field negro said...

rikyrah, not only do I know about it, I am living it. No disrespect to Prometheus and all my other friends blogging about it, but all I can say is; "don't believe the hype." I will leave it at that.

Jimbo, I am feeling you on this one. For all the people saying they won't vote for the ice queen, let me ask you this: Just who on the republican side would you vote for instead? And please don't tell me about the green party, because you and I both know that would be a wasted vote.

Tigera Consciente said...

The real enemy's not going to let their enemy as far as hilary or obama did. I don't see change happening from the top-down. Besides, I was given some information about him being anti-palestinian hard core. Who's side is he really on?

Bob said...

My "Mr. Johnson" ain't up for any of them right now. If Barack's the nominee in '08, I'll gladly vote for him. But for the primary, I haven't decided. & I don't have to until primary election day.

Muze said...

hmmm i'm torn. i can definitely see voting for another clinton, but i also can't see myself NOT voting for the black man. i don't know. whew. i know several people that share your view though, maybe obama needs to break out the boy shorts and do a dance to get you all 'excited'. lol.

Anonymous said...

I may vote for Obama, mostly because he is black, not anti-black, with a level of demonstrated involvement with the community--although I think I trust Hillary's (not Bill's) sincerity in regard to African Americans more than I do Obama's.

Obama, however, could make this considerably less of a tortured decision fof me if Obama would just take a bold, courageous stand on anything--and not simply behave as a weathter vane.


Nelson said...

My vote will be going to Kucinich in the primary. Obama is my second choice. Obama would be my first, but i agree with raven, he's not bold enough for me right now.

Tigera, you said you read that Obama was anti-palestinian. A few years ago, he was very sympathetic towards the plight of Palestinians, but has distanced himself somewhat and moved closer to AIPAC in this race.

I will not vote for Hillary if she is the Democratic nominee. I don't care for the package. I used to like Bill, but then I realized that I was just defending him because the Republicans were attacking him. During Clinton's tenure, his successful achievements include:

Breaking with working people who voted for him and pushing NAFTA and the WTO down their throats.

Trying to fix healthcare and failing miserably.

Getting a blowjob.

Balancing the budget.

I mean, did I really miss anything of importance. Oh that's right, then there's ignoring the genocide in Rwanda.

Hillary is even more of a controlled political animal than Bill. Her laughs are predictable. Her comments are predictable. Her evasiveness is predictable. She was the most hawkish on Iraq, and is the most hawkish on Iran. She hasn't taken hard stances during her time in the Senate, but she has made a lot of Republican friends.

Would I rather have a Republican? I would rather have a revolution. Four more years of Republican misleadership would accomplish that sooner than a pseudo-Republican. Meanwhile, I'll vote my conscience, and write in Dennis.

Anonymous said...

liberal journal man, there ain't gonna be a revolution if a republican is elected, just more of the same shit and that sliding sound you hear is america continuing to sink down the tubes.

revolution implies that the american people will rise up once things get too bad. if the last 7 years have taught me anything, it's to never underestimate americans' ability to be duped, lied to to their faces, and ask for more.

this is america. we don't do revolution. that shit's for commies.

it's not about who the democrat is. its about what party's in control, because whatever party the prez belongs to, that's the partisan allegiance of the people he'll put in his/her cabinet who set the policies.

hillary for prez, obama as VP, joe biden as secretary of state, donna brazile as press secretary yadda yadda...


"See a 'D', good enough for me"

Ross said...

Field, for you to feel Obama, he would have to move from his centrist position, and alienate the rich white folks who run things. You would be able to get it up but your cousin would not be able to afford a dress. Obama does not have a chance of winning but he will be part of Hillary's ticket if our nation lasts that long. All these motherfuckers will continue the imperial policies of the administration after they get into office.

Anonymous said...

Change doesn't happen individually, it happens collectively. NONE of the candidates are talking about the changes that need to happen in order to right this 'Evil Empire.' And none of them could possibly enact those changes without US leading THEM!

Obama? Hilary? Thompson? So what?! THEY are the problem. They blind us to the real workings of the system; the forces that control that system will never allow one person to ascend to the position of President who would dare "dismantle" the infrastructure of privilege and corporate imperialism. JFK anyone?

It really surprises me that we still have these debates among educated people about this show horse or that: 'I like Hilary/Obama,' are you SERIOUS?!

They will ALL fuck us and the planet in the end. Fuck us until we get a clue that the grassroots are the only folks who can change this thing for real. No proxy of the ruling class has your interests at heart. That any one of us believe this demonstrates the power of the indoctrination system that imprisons our minds.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

09 14 07

I wish that you didn't say that he has no chance of winning. When we say such things we are validating the vision of the oppressor, like that rep from North or South Carolina that refused to support Obama because he was Black and niggas can't win anything.

I don't agree with his politics, but I respect him. Given the lack of choices for 2008 in general, I am not sure what to do!

But we should be trying to alter our consciousnesses because once we BELIEVE collectively that a Black can make it as President, it can happen. But we should step away from the negative thinking lest it manifests.

Hathor said...

As you know we will not be making the choice anyway. We will have to vote for the nominee any way in the primary. For the last 37 years it hasn't been any different.

Many people say that all the state should have their primary during the same time, so that the smaller states voices can count, but it seems the smaller state usually pick the nominee for each party. I can't figure what we Pennsylvanians have in common with New Hampshire. There is no debate on real National issues or of what government must do. Every little part of the US is single issue oriented and that issue a deal breaker. No great expectation from any candidate, vision not required only do you agree with my small concern.

Rent Party said...


field negro said...

"I wish that you didn't say that he has no chance of winning."

mahndisa, I wish I didn't have to say it too. But until we get to a place in this coutry when I don't have to say it; I will just keep calling it as I see it.


Rent Party said...

Rikyrah has a point about working for Obama as long as he's in the race.

Francis Holland said...

I feel very comfortable and confident in my strong support for Hillary Clinton for president and for Barack Obama for vice president.

Hillary will make a great president and Obama will make a great vice president.

Obama is keeping his options open for the vice presidency, but Edwards is doing far more to alienate himself from the Clinton camp right now than is Obama. Edwards is directly attacking the Clinton Administration record, which is going to anger both Clintons.

And Obama has the advantage of raising twice as much money as Edwards, doing twice as well in the polls, and motivating Blacks to come out and vote.

Hillary MIGHT choose Barack Obama for vice president if Black people insist upon it, starting now. For my part, I have been writing a series of articles about my and many Blacks' strong feelings against the Edwards candidacy, to leave no doubt that I do not support him for president or for vice president. (Although some Black bloggers had a willingness to entertain voting for Edwards, polls show that Blacks overall have utterly rejected the idea of voting for him, particularly because of his insistence that only a white man can win, because of his wife's insistence that he runs at a disadvantage because he is not a woman or a Black man, and now because he says Obama is a "Kumbaya" candidate.)

When you consider that Blacks and women could not vote in this country until less than 100 years ago, you realize that it would be earthshattering sociologically and culturally when the United States elects a woman president and a Black vice president. Anyone who denies that this represents change of a sort doesn't remember when Blacks couldn't vote at all!

It is very much within the realm of possibility that Barack Obama could be the next vice president of the United States, IF Blacks insist upon it, starting now.

Just as importantly, we MUST INSIST that Edwards NOT go to the front of the VP line simply because he is a white man. We've nominated all-white tickets in every election and five of the last seven have been defeated.

Unknown said...

Field - We've had over 40 presidents. How many of them got your Johnson to rise? My guess is not more than 3 or 4 of 'em. Maybe Abe Lincoln. I imagine JFK. So, if 90% of our presidents didn't get your nature to rise ... why would you hold that litmus test to Obama? I know for a fact that a field negro could never get hard with Hilary unless there was some medical science involved.

Have you had chance to read Obama's first book? That was a turning point for me. I figure he wrote it before he was thinking about being a president ... therefore, there was truth in it. It gave me hope for Obama as our leader.

However, I know you're a lawyer and like facts. Check out some other reasons that Barack is better choice than Hilary for Black folks.

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

I suspect you are not feeling Barack because you have never seen him speak live. Much of the passion that he speaks with can get lost by the medium. I saw him speak in DC about a year ago. He talked about some of his early campaign days and specifically about going to some "racially unfriendly" parts of southern Illinois. Let me tell ya, if you heard him, you would support him.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I can't remember if I've posted here before . . . I've been reading for a little while (found you through . . . hmm. can't remember anymore.)

I am a white woman who continues to walk the racist/anti-racist plank, trying to find my way to the solid ground of freedom from racism. It's a long road.

I wore my Jena Six t-shirt on Thursday. I was at a conference for work and was too embarrassed/shy to give out the flyers that I printed. I wanted to stand on the street corners and flag people down, but as usual, I didn't.

But about Mr. Obama . . . I still think that fewer people hate him (or admit to hating him) than those that hate Hilary. Maybe my perspective is skewed because I'm in such a heavily Republican town, but I have more confidence in Obama's ability to win than in Hilary's (and I LIKE Hilary and would vote for her . . . but I would vote for Obama first.)

Also, I know this is utterly anecdotal and probably made up of the opinions of people who are too young to vote, but on Facebook, there are ten times as many people in support of Obama than any other candidate. I know it doesn't hold any weight statistically, but I do hold on to some hope when I see this.

I absolutely love your blog. Keep doing what you're doing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear GAWD, FN -- I disagree with your assessment of his chances.

Obama will KILL McCain.

McCain would KILL Clinton.

But no fear: I feel it in my GUT -- Obama will win not only the nomination but the general election; we WILL have a Black President come January 2009.