Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lay down with dogs.....

"NEW YORK - After eating dinner at a famed Harlem restaurant recently, Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly told a radio audience he "couldn't get over the fact" that there was no difference between the black-run Sylvia's and other restaurants.

"It was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there, and they were ordering and having fun," he said. "And there wasn't any kind of craziness at all."

O'Reilly said his fellow patrons were tremendously respectful as he ate dinner with civil rights activist Al Sharpton... "

Stop right there: Did David Bauder of the AP really write that Bill O-lie-ly was having dinner with Reverend Al up in Harlem?

Now, see, this is going to get me in trouble with some black folks, especially the ones who support the likes of Reverend Al and Jessie. But I am sorry, my dear Mama used to tell me that you can know someone by the company they keep. And quite frankly, if the good Reverend is dining with an ignorant racist self delusional buffoon up in Sylvia's, well, Harlem, we have a problem.

Why for the life of me people like Juan Williams and other blacks even give this guy the time of day I will never know. Are they that caught up in their own self promotion that they fail to see that this guy is using them? Goodness Al, haven't you been in front of enough cameras, and in enough homes? Do you really need O-lie-ly that bad?

So now, like the ignoramus that he is, O-lie-ly shows his true colors. He is shocked, shocked, that black people act just like white people. Hell, he even went to an Anita Baker concert and there was no mofuing from anyone in the audience. Can you believe it? You mean they weren't throwing watermelons and chicken bones from the balcony Bill?

But you gotta love it, the shit would actually be funny if it wasn't so sad. And if it wasn't such a terrible commentary on where we are in A-merry-ca. This guy gets over one million viewers every night, has sold millions of books, and has a popular radio program. He is the darling of FAKE NEWS, and they have come out and vigorously defended him against these latest attacks from "Media Matters." But was it true? Of course it was. So what attacks? Telling the truth?

And yet, this is Rev. Al's dinner buddy. See, this is why I couldn't do certain things, because I couldn't sit through an entire dinner with an ignorant racist knowing that he exploits my people for ratings, and poisons the minds of millions of A-merry-cans by distorting the images of black folks and other minorities.

So Reverend, you hung with the guy who can get you the most shine, and who you can run to when you want to sell your latest book. I hope you have a flea collar, and I hope you ordered the chicken, I bet he did.


Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

There's nothing else to say. You've said it and much more.

For some reason, this post really pissed me off. I'm trying to just hold my anger down. I don't want to go to work tomorrow looking upside you-know-who's head all day.

I had a situation this weekend at the Cheesecake Factory. And when I called for the manager, I could feel the stares that were coming from all of my neighboring tables, which were filled with whites. All of them got quiet as they waited to see what the black woman was going to do. It was like all of them were expecting me to act a damn fool up in there. The manager came to the table all nervus and shaky. I guess it's because blacky was calling for him. He probably thought I was going to go all Shametria onhim.

Well, I hated to disappoint them. But I am more than capable of setting it off without causing a scene. And that's exactly what I did. I gave my demands, but in a quiet, yet stern voice. And guess what... It was like my neighbors in the restaurant, along with the manager, exhaled a sigh of relief.

I hate it that so many of our white fellow humans have taken it up on themselves to size us up in such a negative manner. So negative that they are shocked when we are actually behaving in a manner that "they" deem acceptable... **roll eyes** And I'm really rolling my eyes. This makes me sick!

Well, you havve a good night.



rikyrah said...

My lawdy,

Massa Bill done realized that we ain't aminals.

We eats.

We drinks.

We can actually have conversations.

And, we can have a restaurant without roaches running over the plates.

Lawdy be.

You means....we's peoples like everybody else?

How many times does he have to show how patently RACIST he is before HIS folks just admit it?

PS - about them calling Obama ' intellecually lazy'. That's rich coming from a man who was too stupid to get into The University of Texas, and only got into Yale because of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION for stupid White boys - it's called LEGACY ADMISSIONS.

Bob said...

Bill had nothing to say about the cuisine? What did he expect? That he'd be eating red beans & rice with his fingers?

Dirty Red said...

Field I have to disagree with you for the first time.

I don't like Bill o'liely, But I do think that in order to beat your enemy you have to know your enemy. O'Liely is the enemy. He knew what the hell he was saying was bullshit. What he was saying was that he was surprised that black people could run a successful buisness. He was saying that he was surprised that black people could act civilized in a social setting. He was saying that he was an ignorant- ass motherfucker that has a 1960's mentality. And the sad thing about it is, like you pointed out, he has a million plus viewers to his show and who knows how many more listen to his bullshit-ass radio show. But getting back to the disagreement part, I don't knock Reverand Al for meeting with this snake. When you get bit by a snake, the only thing that can help you is snake venom. Which means that you have to get close to the snake to get the venom. So the closer you get to the snake, the chances are even that you will survive when the snake shows his true colors.

Anonymous said...

Field, I'm damned tired . . . . .

I am tired because in the span of my meager lifetime--- years of race relations (or lack of) in this foresaken country are constantly being thrown back eighty years.

I'm tired that we still have to discuss white people thinking all black people are thugs, drug users
or incapable of correct english.

I get vomitis by the likes of O'reilly and his ilk, want to scream at anyone who thinks Rev. Sharpton speaks for me, and have dreams of transporting the apoligists back those real eighty years to see if they'd be sitting so close to anyone on FOX after that.

Race relations in this country suck . . .
Truly ----I'd like to smack all the ignorant bigots.

Sad really, as I use to be a pacifist . . . .

Thanks for the post--you always make my day.

Anonymous said...

Good one leota2, in the same post you write you are tired that you have to discuss that white people think black people are thugs and then you write you want to smack all the ignorant bigots.

You own words proved the bigots right.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

"Screamin A." Smith was on Dan Abrams trying to defend what O'Reilly said.

As did D. L. Hughley on Glenn Beck's Show.

I believe you have two more candidates for either "House Negro" of the Day or "Lawn Jockey Alert"

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


Want to know how the CBC members did this past report card period? Click here:


View the latest CBC Monitor Report Card.

field negro said...

anon, I doubt seriously if leota2 meant a literal smack down. Although I am sure she/he can speak for themselves. They seemed to be just saying they "were tired". I do believe they said they would LIKE to smack all the ignorant bigots. (Who wouldn't?) Of course she/he wouldn't act on that impulse.

"dirty red" I love you, but I have to respectfully disagree. What exactly has Rev. Al accomplished by cozying up to O-lie-ly? If anything he has helped O-lie-ly's cred. Sorry, I know publicity is sometimes good, but at some point you have to look your enemy in the eye and say; go "f" yourself!

MartiniCocoa said...

bill o'reilly shock and amazement that black people can own businesses and don't eat in barns makes me wistful for that one day on September 12, 2001 when we were all Americans in the fight against terrorism.

I agree with your post about Al Sharpton. Al does not have to break bread with Bill O'Reilly to know what a snake he truly is.

Most of the time I do believe that Al and Jesse serve as a handy reference to so many lazy news producers who are adamant that they and by extension their corporate bosses choose who will represent the interests/viewpoints of certain Americans.

That Jesse and Al play along willingly and wholeheartedly (e.g. when have you ever seen Jesse and Al champion anyone in their respective organizations as another voice to discuss issues impacting African Americans?) is something I've learned to accept along with the sun rising in the morning.

plez... said...

...and now you know why Reverend Al and Reverend Jesse are the FIRST (and only) people the media runs to when they want to get the Black message! "When Billy O' Comes to Harlem" ranks SECOND to Reverend Al inviting Don Imus to his flailing radio show to reflect on Imus' abhorrent "NAPPY HEADED HO's" comment... now this fat-f**k is trollin' around Harlem with Bill O'Reilly! when that over-permed blowhard comes on TV, i always change the channel... i have no interest in his latest ploy to line his own pockets at the expense of the Black people he professes to defend... Al Sharpton is a perm-headed ho!

Dirty Red said...


Your point is well taken..
The "Good Rev Dr." did not accomplish anything by meeting with o'lie-ly. But we all know that the "Good Rev Dr." does not do anything if his mug won't be featured on the 5:00 news. So maybe O'lie-ly and Al set this whole thing up? Because if I am not mistaken, O'lie-ly has met the "Good Rev. Dr." in Harlem before. So what did they do then, meet a Star Bucks?

autoegocrat said...

Hah, why am I not surprised to see you here, CPL? You always seem to find the best websites.

I agree with the general thrust of the post, but I have to second what Dirty Red said. I hate Bill O'Reilly's guts, but if I were a high-profile person and he invited me to go eat I'd probably take him up on it, if for no other reason than pure curiosity. I might even make it into a regular thing, for the precise reason stated by Dirty Red: know your enemy.

Like I said, I still think you're correct. I wouldn't cross the line when it comes to going on his show, and I damn sure wouldn't use it as a venue to promote my own agenda / book / whatever. But a conversation over dinner? I hope I will always be able to agree to that, even with the worst of my enemies.

That assumes, of course, that I have no reason to suspect them of poisoning my food.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


I respect yours and Dirty Red's position on the topic of breaking bread with the Falafel Man, but I'm remembering a proverb that says "Better to put a knife to your throat than to eat the bread of your enemy..."

And, yes, I do tend to find the best websites, especially since a certain (AA) blogger in Memphis is starting to give me heartburn with what's turning more into a gossip column than the informative blog he started out with.

The trolls he draws are enough for me to keep the pink stuff handy...

Woozie said...

Actually I listened to parts of his radio show (not this one, but ones in the past) and it sounds like this is being taken way out of context. O'Reilly spent part of one of his radio shows talking about hos stereotypes are not true, even though they are. It doesn't make sense for him to one minute be openly against racism and the next be an open racist.

But even if his remarks weren't taken out of context, what he said was ignorance. Ignorance is a simple lack of knowledge, meaning he didn't know any better. And would you really be able to blame him? Turn on the T.V. and you'll see that intelligent blacks get so little air time compared to the loudmouth idiots that create a large image problem for Black America.

Bill O'Reilly's an asshole and I don't really trust him but he's not a racist. And Media Matters seems to be out to destroy O'Reilly so I wouldn't trust them either.

And you can go to hell for naming Jason Campbell a co-house negro ;) Your throwback jerseys sucked.

Woozie said...

*how, not hos

Yellow and blue still suck

Anonymous said...

I am regularly a staunch-you-can't-convince-me-otherwise, stop-player-hating Sharpton defender, but I STRONGLY AGREE with you, Brother FN, on this one. I'm hanving to look under and cross eyed at Sharpton for hanging out with O'Lie-ly (I like that!) For me, a major misstep.

O'Liely is, first of all, dumb. There is no excuse for a dumb white man--really. I.Q. dumb. Sharpton, to his credit, is near genius. (Read Sharpton's book. He really is more than a bad hairdo.) So, what is the reason for the social contact. What is there for Sharpton to discuss with the unscipted, near-brain dead O'Liely? How nice people were to him. I get it.

It is also curious that Sharpton is hanging with O'Liely because Sharpton is a minister--and-every part of O'Liely's being screams, slime ball. In the scheme of people, O'Liely is 12 steps below white and Arab used car salsemen offering dressed up junkers to poor mothers at loan at 20% interest. As you note FN, O'Liely is a liar. But the worst thing about O'Liely is that he doesn't even beleive his own sh*t. He doesn't believe that sh*t he said about Sylvia's of Baker's concert. O'Liely isn't even a conservative.

O'Liely really is a cynical--and, at the time he moved to FAUX News--desperate attention whore with ambitious and expectations far exceeding what other person of O'Liely's limited intellectual talents could develop except for another moral-less white man adrift in a sea of white privilege.

rikyrah said...

Blanco of Louisiana finally does something:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the earlier back up Field.

And no Anonymous--- I do not think saying
I want to smack a bigot proves me a thug.
I have very few if any thuggish tendencies. I tend to believe most of our fellow humans at one time
or another have wanted to smack someone displaying idiotic, reprehensible behavior--but don't . . . .So let a sister have the same reactions (by the way rhetorical-not literal) that EVERYONE in the whole world has had at least one time in their lives.


Nelson said...

Here's the thing, woozie. O'Rielly is wrong, but I don't think he's dumb.

Listening to the interview, I noticed him saying that everyone in in the restaurant was very nice "and they all watch the Factor"

Um, I doubt that. In fact, I more than doubt that--it was an outright lie. So if you look at this context, it's obvious to see O'Reilly is trying to paint a picture here of himself, as a tolerant rabid conservative.

If it was ignorance, he would also start reevaluating his positions on affirmative action, the Jena 6, etc.

He won't, because the goal was to trying to say, 'Look, I support Right Wing positions on everything, and I'm clearly not a racist at all."

He's a lying scumbag, with at least average intelligence. This was calculated.

As for Al Sharpton, he is extremely intelligent and has a great pulse on the issues. But the media runs to him, because they have created a caricature of him as the Tawana Brawley civil rights ambulance chaser. This way he can be right on everything he says and people like O'Liely can say, 'C'mon, this is Al Sharpton here'.

T. S. Snowden said...

I am with Leota2 when I say that I am damn tired. I mean what the hell did Oreilly think was gonna happen? And I wish I could find a damn sandwich board to where that reads "Jessie and Al DONT speak for all of us"!
good post

Anonymous said...

"But even if his remarks weren't taken out of context, what he said was ignorance. Ignorance is a simple lack of knowledge, meaning he didn't know any better.
And would you really be able to blame him? Turn on the T.V. and you'll see that intelligent blacks get so little air time compared to the loudmouth idiots
that create a large image problem for Black America." Woozie

What? You don't honestly believe that, do you? Ignorant? That's the least of Bill's problems.

Actually, Woozie, you're right in that itnorance is normally the cause of racism, prejudice, and discrimination. However, I would hope that you are not suggesting that we should be giving out free passes to racists because they qualify for ignorant.

Hell, in my estimation, the KKK was some ignorant... (Since I don't usually curse, I'll reframe.) But as I was saying... The KKK was sho'nuff ignorant. But their ignorance caused them to murder, terrorize, destroy, and lynch our brothers and sisters.

Woozie, should we excuse them for being murderers and terrorists because they wer ignorant?

You might think so...

Since you're giving Bill a free pass because of all the negative images of blacks on the television, you might as well give the KKK some slack too. They didn't have too many positive images of blacks to help them be more enlightened and sensitive.

Shame on us for not pardoning the sins of racists because of their obvious innate ignorance. It's not like they could do any better. Why should we expect basic respect, courtesy, and equality? They're just ignorant.

Woozie, is that how we should be looking at the criminals that have terrorized us physically, spiritually, socially, and economically? Should we just forgive them and kiss their other cheek because they're ignorant?

Help me understand, please.


Anonymous said...


O'Liely doesn't believe what he said. It is a tongue and cheek to himself. He is pandering to his truly ignorant white audience--one, of course, he needs to eat but one with which he doesn't even agree. (Before O'Lie-ly assumed his FAUX News position, O'Liely was not even a Republican--just a middle-of-the-road reprobate.)

Kai said...

Come on, go easy on the Rev., its not as deep as you are making it out to be. The brother just couldn't resist a free meal! LOL!

Lola Gets said...

Damn, you deleted my comment.

Lola Gets said...

Oops, sorry, I looked at the wrong post. My bad! Blame it on all the damned training Ive had to go through, lol.

Woozie said...

Liberal Journal Man: Ignorance and stupidity are two different things.

That "they all watch the factor" could just be him thinking he's so important, or maybe some of the people really do watch the factor, just waiting for him to say something hilariously stupid (like I do sometimes :))

O'Reilly being of average intelligence means nothing, especially in the U.S. generally speaking, Americans are ignorant of what goes on around them.

Angie: That's not what I'm saying at all. Of course anyone of any color shouldn't give the Klan a free pass. I'm saying you should first try and educate them, not crucify them. If you educate the people who are prone to becoming racists, especially children, then you cut off the problem at its source and greatly reduce the problem of racism for future generations.

If they won't be educated then it's open season ;)

Nelson said...

I was also responding to ravenravings, who brought up the subject of o'rielly's intelligence, I should have made that clearer.

Anonymous said...


I hope I was clear. I concede O'Liely is cunning but he is not especially intelligence. He can work his audience--and he does so deliberately--but he is not capable of sophisticaed, multi-level analysis--no matter how dressed up he appears. O'Liely just can't talk about nuanced circumstances.


The average intelligence observation is relevant to me in ruling out the possibility that Sharpton hung with O'Liely because O'Liely offered scintillating conversation.