Thursday, September 06, 2007

Please pray while you are here!

I knew something was up when I went to my favorite soul food spot in the Reading Terminal yesterday, and the line was damn near out the door. Then I took notice of the folks standing in line, and I knew for sure that I had walked smack into the middle of a convention crowd.

My friends, it seems the National Baptist Convention is in Killadelphia this week for their annual meeting. Please believe that we are happy to have them. From all estimates, at least thirty thousand souls have descended on our city, and they will pump over 37 million dollars into our local economy. Unlike when those young rowdy Greeks come on our fair city, the white folks are saying, HALLELUJAH! Nothing like the cha ching of the cash register to bring folks together.

By all accounts we are rolling out the red carpet for my church going friends. I sure hope they brought their prayer books and bibles with them. Lord knows we could use some religion around here. Some serious praying might be the only thing that can help us now that the devil has just taken over the place. I mean 290 murders and counting. I wonder if these poor folks know that they are in the middle of Gomorrah?
All those nice hats, and pretty bright suits, and gators. Boy these Baptist sure know how to dress. I hope they can pray as well as they dress. If they can, maybe our city might get a real spiritual blessing from their visit.
But then I thought about it. Aren't lots of those delegates and members from places like Newark, Detroit, and New Orleans? And sadly, the last time I checked, those cities aren't doing much better than we are.

The merchants around here must have been praying too, and it sure looks like their prayers were answered. These folks are buying everything in sight, and they all sure look like they are having a good time. But I can't help but wonder, as I watch my church friends go up and down Center City in their nice suits, dresses, and hats. If Jesus himself decided to come to the National Baptist Convention, would they even notice? I doubt it, cause I bet you can't get really nice gators in heaven.


Anonymous said...

HAHA, Good lord!

No seriously, though, a lot of people who worship hide behind the really nice clothing and accessories because they have to "look good for the Lord," but often we forget that the story goes that dude hardly had nice clothes and did most of his teaching in some rugged cloth and some sandals. Of course you couldn't tell by the way some of these people dress.

And I understand if it's a Sunday and everyone is getting dressed appropriately, but some people really OD. OK, school time. Peace ...

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

You betta preach brotha!

Field, you sure you ain't no preacher like your daddy? Cause you just preached a sermon right here. **smile**

What's so sad is that most people, including those who should be aware, are completely oblivious that the world is destructing all around them. How ridiculous is it to live in a house, but not realize that the roof has flown off the house, the window frames are busted, and that the foundation is broken. Interestingly enough, I don't think that church people are uncaring, I think they are blind/not aware/ignorant/in bondage/slaves to a system that has so successfully enslaved them, that they are not even aware that they are slaves.

But you know who I blame for these church folks not having a grasp on reality? The leaders! I hold the leaders accountable for all the zombies that find themselves sitting in the pews every Sunday, rather than being in the community, stopping the ongoing destruction and rebuilding the house that has fallen apart.

I know everyone on this blog don't believe in Jesus... But the one thing I respect about Jesus is that he was proactive. He didn't just preach the Gospel, he put the Gospel in action.

Now, why is it that most good, church going folks won't live the life that Jesus lived is beyond me. When I decided that I was going to follow Christ, a burden was placed upon my shoulders to do whatever I can to improve the human condition of the world that I live in. I've always been a person that is aware of what's going on around me. That's one of my innate gifts from birth. But when I gave my life to God, I became acutely aware of the suffering that was going on around me. And I'm not just aware of what's going on around me. I'm charged and activated to take my gifts, the things that God has given me, to create change, to uplift, to heal, to mend what is torn apart.

And I know I ain't just so darn special. Why is it that the conversion experience for most Christians, cannot include an increased awareness and burden to stop the unGodlike destruction that's going on around us? **sigh**

Well, Pastor Field Negro, I bid you a good day.


Anonymous said...

The Baptists have visited my town before....and the stories from the workers at all the restaurants were that they gave very poor tips, when they tipped at all.

field negro said...

jose, I am still waiting for my math lessons:)

Angie,it's all good as far as I am concerned. More Christians like you are definately needed. I love your quote about being aware of the conditions around you, and why you would consider yourself a christian in the first place.

At the end of the day, whether you are christian, gnostic,atheiest, or whatever. I's all about making this planet we all share a little better. Or at least it should be. Not lining your pockets and watching while other people suffer.

Hey, I am not going to kill the church goers. Like someone said previously,it's not their fault. Many of these people really mean well, and they really want to go to heaven. But....

As for the tip thing, I won't touch that one. (Maybe a later post) But I think it might be regional. I know the stereotype is that people down South don't tip as well as the folks up North. In my experience that has been true. I tip 20% on the East Coast, but when I am down South,it's 15%.
Cost of living is higher here, and waiters have to make a living too :)

Unknown said...

Field - Excellent commentary. It would be nice to see some spiritual leadership from any source ... especially from organizations like Nat'l Baptists.

peace, Villager

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, if Jesus showed up at that convention, the Baptists would probably crucify Him all over again, because it's not time for the Rapture yet.

You could get better gators in Heaven, but they need to stop with the crayola colored shoes to match the crayola colored suits (I didn't know Stacy Adams made gators in that many colors, and my father is rolling over in his grave, because he was a Stacy Adams man from back in the day).

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Now, why is it that most good, church going folks won't live the life that Jesus lived is beyond me. When I decided that I was going to follow Christ, a burden was placed upon my shoulders to do whatever I can to improve the human condition of the world that I live in. I've always been a person that is aware of what's going on around me. That's one of my innate gifts from birth. But when I gave my life to God, I became acutely aware of the suffering that was going on around me. And I'm not just aware of what's going on around me. I'm charged and activated to take my gifts, the things that God has given me, to create change, to uplift, to heal, to mend what is torn apart.

Angie, I have that same burden as you have. I didn't call myself the Christian Progressive Liberal for nothing.

I, too, blame the leadership for teaching prosperity, without teaching responsibility that goes with it. God doesn't bless people with money and material gain for their own sakes; He does it so that they will bless others. That's what's being missed in the teaching.

I quit following Pastor Mack Daddy and Bishop Flavor of the Day a long time ago (I'm still wondering how you can be called a "Bishop" without an ordination and a divinity degree). It's like Pastor Jeremiah Wright said at the State of the Black Union two years ago: "Many people are preaching that aren't called to preach in ministry, but they turn their collar backwards, say 'Lord, Lord' and fifty thousand negroes will follow him because they don't study to show themselves approved"

"Bishop" Eddie Long squirmed in his seat, as did "Bishop" Harry Jackson, two of the biggest homophobes ever to take a pulpit in church.

If people ever actually picked up their Bibles, and read to understand what responsibility a true Christian actually has, there will be no more "Mega-Churches" and no more "Mega-Preachers" because everyone will be about God's business, and put these Pimp Daddy preachers out of business.

Anonymous said...

My parents believed if Jesus came back and knocked on the door of our former Baptist church he wouldn't be allowed in. No shoes, no tie, looked poor. No entrance.

My sunday school teacher told us that any guest we invited needed to be clean and well dressed for the Lord. I worried about the poor and smelly people I knew from my neighborhood. God and our church doors were closed to them.

My parents no longer believe in organized religion.
Nor do I.

I hope there were better Baptists in Philly than there were in my old church.

Woozie said...

If Jesus came to the NBC in Killadelphia he's bring a bulletproof vest.

Christopher Chambers said...

People used to get mad at Michael Baisden for his "Pimps in the Pulpit" segment. Now to his credit he has expanded the meaning of the term pimp to include not doing anything of social-economic meaning or address the crime issue head-on (it used to mean buying Bentleys with the tithes and going after married women). Other than fag-bashing and trying to get that Bush faith-based cashed, what have these pastors really done to lead our communities and provide a compass for progress?

Foofa said...

Gators are the funniest thing ever. My students are always trying to wear them on interviews.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for any other church, but the one I attend stays pretty focused on its purpose. They dress nice and have nice cars, but understand that the reason we're here is to spread the Word of God. Not everyone who goes to church and claims to be a Christian has read the Bible. Some probably go out of tradition. But there is a purpose and there are churches out there making a difference in their various communities.

Every church has it's issues. Let's be honest, not everyone in the church is saved. But we only hear of the negative things in the media, so that's what people tend to believe.

You did pose an interesting question though. If God were to come to the conference, would they even notice? I think some would, while others would pass Him by.

Anonymous said...

clothing for the unashamed...

Isaabian Mingelton Bryant said...

That was wonderful! As I read the blogs of all the various individuals that decided to voice themselves, I can't help but feel a since of pride for the education and awakening of the BLACK race! Karmic destiny is what it is called. We all have our place under GOD, the GOD that is inside of us, the GOD that allows you to understand what is going on in this Matrix, 3 dimension that we call life. Understand that we chose to be BLACK in America, and that our souls are the most important thing in our lives. That is why I have this since of pride for the insightful BLACK people like myself, Who have this since of responsibility, not for themselves, but for the suffering of the BLACK soul. It takes a person who is AWARE, and AWAKE to have such enlighten understanding, and I don't feel alone. GOD bless us all....those who understand the truth, and those who do not.
Trak Kartel

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