Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Someone recently said (and I am paraphrasing here) that we black folks shouldn't be the dumb-o-cratic party hoes; and quite honestly, I agree with him and everyone who thinks the way that he does. ( I think it was this brotha)

If black people who blog or are regulars on the Internet need further proof that the so called progressives don't care about them, I hope they go to the blog roll here for all the proof they will need. I like Oliver Willis, but if it wasn't for my man, the white folks in the dumb-o-cratic party wouldn't even know that we exist. I mean really. How the fuck can you explain the dearth of blogs of color on this dumb-o-cratic site when there is damn near 100 blogs of color in the Afrospear alone? Hell, if you look at my blog roll, you will see over 200 blogs being run by people of color.

Now don't get it twisted, until the repub-lie-cans change their evil Fascist ways and dump some of their leaders at the top, they ain't seeing my black ass in their big tent either. But I can't rule out a vote for them every now and then. I would vote for a repub-lie-can if I thought it would benefit my family or my people. And there are some local repub-lie-can politicians who would get my vote faster than some of of these poverty pimps that the dems like to trot out from time to time.

The moral of this story is this: don't get locked into one party or the other just because of their name. Think for yourself and formulate your own political beliefs based on your studies, your convictions, and your experiences . I just happen to consider myself a world citizen, with a secular, libertarian, progressive streak. So that pretty much takes me out of the repub-lie- can camp. But I am not a dumb-o-crat either. Because the one thing I hate even more than a holy rolling racist, is a hypocrite.


Christopher Chambers said...

Yet why do we tolerate the self-serving scum in the Congressional Black Caucus and in our local politics? Perhaps the same reason we laud our pimps in the pulpit: we're lobotomized ourselves.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree with you more. Somehow black folks have been brainwashed to believe that they are a part of the Democratic Party although you would be hard-pressed to find a black person that can point out anything the party has done for blacks. Its time people started forgetting about bullshit partisan politics and focusing on the issues individually.

I keep telling people, no one who isn't a rich suit will ever be a Republican or Democrat. You will never get to participate in partisan politics, you will only get to analyze from far under the delusion that you are one of them. This way they keep your vote, but don't need to hear your voice.

Take a look into the streets. Red vs. Blue is already hurting us enough.

rikyrah said...

I totally wish there was a viable third party. But FN, I thought folks had decided that they were through even 'sweating' about how many Black blogs were on the 'Progressive' blog roll.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Ahh... Better late than never FN. Glad to see you finally made it to the independents club. lol

And I have a post somewhere about "Black America going independent" as well as a radio interview on the subject.

I'll have to search my blog to find it...and i'll post it for you.

Brian said...

I found the post that I was looking for... Follow Link

Scroll to the bottom and click link that will take you to a brief NPR discussion.

Blinders Off said...

I could not agree with you more FN on this post!

I questioned why I should continue to be loyal to the Democrat Party a couple of years ago. Actual that is when I began blogging, by reading political blog sites. My blogging experience started on white progressive blog sites in my state. It did not take me long to realize which ones were sincere and which ones where not once my race was revealed and by some of the post and comments I read. I do give them credit for introducing me to the blogosphere. When I was a novice in blogging, I did not know of any black bloggers or blogs, until I start reading CPL post and comments. I give CPL credit for introducing me to black political blogs from reading her occasional posts and comments on TFT, comments on the blogs I start to visit because of her, and from reading her blog “Get Rid of the DLC” when she have time to post. Many of us who read the blogs may not comment on a regular basis, but we are reading the political blogs and passing the information on to others.

During my pursuit for answer why I should continue to be loyal to the Democrat party. I concluded neither party was worthy of my loyalty. I am not an angry Independent…no lack of respect AI, but I am an Independent when it comes to my vote.

IMO, both parties should be alarmed about blacks and others who have disbanded the “D” or “R” label because of the growing number of Independents when it comes to the general election. I do not think polls have been taken to know exactly how many people now vote independently. I believe Independents are growing in large numbers to the point it can reshape the entire political process against the two parties that appears to be the same when it comes to issues that matters to the people.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't believe that Blacks are shackled to the Democratic Party. I believe that most blacks--like you, FN--are actually independents, willing to vote for the their assessment of the best person for them. So Democrats receive the black vote by default in most cases. As the Hillary-Obama contest demonstrates, blacks are not lobotomized but rather in search of a most willing and able to effectuate their agenda--or, at least, counter attempts to undermine their agenda.

Anonymous said...




field negro said...

" I thought folks had decided that they were through even 'sweating' about how many Black blogs were on the 'Progressive' blog roll."

actually rikyrah, I am way over them. But every now and then some stuff comes up... I will leave it at that. I do have some people I consider friends who consider themselves progessive liberals, and to be fair, they do reach out to me from tmie to time. But sorry, I am not going to be the one token for any damn net roots movement. Not when I see so many talented bloggers of color out here.

AI, thanks for the link, I will check it out.

blinders off, I am glad you discovered your peeps :)

BTW, those are some good sites you mentioned.

Christopher said...

I proudly blogroll The Field Negro.

I hope that doesn't come across as "some of my best friends are black" because that isn't what I mean.

The Democratic party isn't perfect and yeah, I left it in protest and became an Independent when Speaker Botox said, "Impeachment is off the table," but overall, I still think the Dumbocrats are better than the Repukes on most issues and I support Barack Obama for president and he's a Democrat.

To be honest, I'm not sure what the race is of the people I blogroll unless it's obvious. I don't use race as a litmus test to be included in my blogroll. But I do use political philosophy. No conservatives or wingtards get an invite from moi.

Anonymous said...

Agree with raven.... let's not perpetuate the (conservative) myth that black folks are just dumb sheep blindly following the democrats. Most black folks I know, including myself, are completely and utterly aware of just how treacherous Democrats can be. My friend says there is nothing more dangerous to black folks than a white liberal -- except a white conservative. (No offense, my white friends and nabes).

Black people are looking clearly at their choices, holding their noses and picking the lesser of two evils. I agree on the need for a viable third-party, and for more people to register and vote as independents when possible. But sometimes the only choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Unknown said...

I agree with you on the local/congressional level, but at the presidential level the next guy (or gal) could overturn Roe V. Wade with one appointment and I can't mess around with that.

Joel said...

There is one party that was standing up to white supremacy long before the Democrats ever saw the light...

DJ said...

You're on our blogroll at BFM, Field.:) You're loved over there.

Joel said...

sorry for the broken link...
The communist party

brotherkomrade said...
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brotherkomrade said...
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brotherkomrade said...

Been a long time since I posted here, FN. What you're saying is what black radicals have been saying for years and Malcolm's favorite whipping boy was John F. "Honey Boy" Kennedy.

Why do we vote Democrat (or vote period) is a mystery to me since it's been proven already that they don't care about us. Clinton can smile and be honored as a "Black man" all he wants he still built more prisons than he saved jobs in small towns during the 90s. When my wife covered Brazoria county near Corpus Christi, Texas as a reporter in the 90s, the few remaining oil refineries closed up and moved offshore or to other countries. The amount of old and young people in the black Latino communities who got on drugs and into gangs at a blinding speed.
You can say an president cannot fix this problem, but I say it's not true. If you tax or no longer give tax-welfare to American-based 'multinational' corporations for moving ops and taking away jobs, I'm sure they will rethink their 'efforts'.

I remember reading a white paper or study on NBIP (Black Independent Party) and how they had so many enemies, chiefly the Democrat Party and their supporters. The theory went that the reason why Jesse Jackson's bid for the presidency in '84 was suddenly taken seriously among the Dems was to take away from the organizational efforts to build the NBIP party. It was a theory, but one that is sound to me. I say we should begin to rethink another independent effort.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!!! for saying what I've been saying for over 3 years now. Black folk shouldn't let themselves be beholden to EITHER party because they sure aren't beholden to us!!!!!

One party only acknowledges our presence every 4 years (DEMS) and the other just doesn't give a damn. (REPS)

Whether their is a viable third party or not, we as a people must search for other options.

afronerd said...

Hey FN, it was a cool experience doing the Lightning Strikes show with you last week and I believe I stated a similar precept on the show relating to your friend from Black Perspective. I'm not asking everyone to defect to the Republican party but espousing the canned belief that voting conservative is always against a Black person's self interest is just not accurate. Having a place at BOTH tables is called "hedging" one's bets. Folks of color perhaps voting 20-35% conservative would be sufficient in my book and it's time to be strategic for a change instead of liberal sycophants. Come on over Field..the water is warm in the conservative pool...lol. Once "Jayquan" puts that pistol to your temple demanding your vehicle I suspect you'll be riding that elephant real soon..lol...Peace bro



Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi FN,

Both parties take the so-called Black vote for granted. The Dems because we give them our vote no matter what. The Repubs because we won't vote for them no matter what.

Eventually we are going to have to bite the bullet and get at least 20% of African Americans to vote Repub in a general election.

That is the only way we will create any real political power.

Until then look for the Dems to show up at a few Black churches, clap off-beat and think that they have campaigned for 'our' vote.

Once they are elected they will forget about us until the next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

i think we should all have blogs addressing wha'ever interests us politically or otherwise. i think this would lend us power in shaping ideas, no? one thing i really like about field is that no matter how idiotic or smart somone's take on things is, i get the sense that field appreciates that it's getting put out there. if anyone (i'm mostly looking at you here, field) has any suggestions to a potentially new blogger, feel free to drop 'em off at baatin.ruler@gmail. thanks in advance field, for unknowingly encouraging yet another negro to air his (relatively) minor take on things.

brotherkomrade said...

What's that smell? Oh, it's Dburt!, afronerd

David Sullivan said...

Bobby Kennedy is dead and gone.

That may have been the last time the democratic party had the best interest of the Black man, the poor, the middle class or women.

This two party system only serves to divide and conquor.

We are all fucked! The black, the white, the red, the brown, the purple and yellow !!

Only the rich get richer.

GD said...

Party politics don't buy nothin' unless the partycrats are scared s#!7less of you. None of the candidates of either party will do much to change the situation unless people are organized and doing stuff out on the streets in their local community. This isn't time to be polite, cast votes for "nice" politicians, and sit in vague anticipation that something might get better.

Sad to say, but at this point I think the only black leader that Massah is scared of is Rev. Al.

Unknown said...

Amen! I concur with your thoughts in this post 100%.

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

Democrat, Republican. Same shet, different pile. Both are controlled by the wealthiest Americans.

Dinosaur Mom said...

Roar of approval.

RedLipstick said...

FN: "I just happen to consider myself a world citizen, with a secular, libertarian, progressive streak."

Same here and I get a sense that more are moving in this direction. But the two party system is highly successful and lucrative for its members. Furthermore they always seem to band together to destroy any serious third party candidates. The only way to break them is with the all mighty dollar and it would have to be a billionaire [a la Bloomberg] with enough cash to bankroll a campaign from start to finish.

Woozie said...

Forget black people, you'd be hard pressed to find a thing either party has done for anyone but themselves

west coast story said...

I'm not Libertarian because I don't believe in "small" government.

I left the Dems behind the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act. The only real difference being an independent is now I get phone calls from the GOP asking me if I'd vote for Newt Gingrich or Fred Thompson.

By the way, I love the beating Mr. Giuliani is taking at the polls. Finally, the teflon is wearing thin. If there was an award for most pompous ass running for prez from both parties, it should be Rudy.

field negro said...

"thanks in advance field, for unknowingly encouraging yet another negro to air his (relatively) minor take on things."

baatin, your thoughts and take on things are NOT minor. I am glad you are joining the blogging world, we need more voices out here, and more people representing their views. I will shoot you an e-mail later.

dburt, it was nice interacting with you as well. Our politics are different, but maybe we can find some common ground.

Now what's up with you and brotherkomrade?

djtyg, thanks for haivng me over at BFM, I have mad love for the Great Lake state.

Hathor said...

Eventually we are going to have to bite the bullet and get at least 20% of African Americans to vote Repub in a general election.

What did we get when we voted over 80% Republican and the first congressmen. We got Jim Crow and lost the right to vote or run for office.

Francis Holland said...

In a sense, we are becoming our own national and international party, whose mission is to improve the conditions of Blacks politically, economically, socially, culturally and spiritually.

We are not an electoral party, but neither was the Black Panther Party an electoral party. In fact, the Black Panther Party was a response in the negative to both the Democratic and Republican parties, while insisting on the necessity and the authority to create power and programs that directly served Black people needs.

We are a "party", however small, that recognizes that the established two-party system and the government have not and will not meet all of Black people's needs.

This realization does not require us to abstain from or ignore party politics, since we cannot now and perhaps will never be able to offer a complete and effective alternative to party politics. But, as the Christians said in the Bible, "we are in the world, but we are not of the world."

Francis Holland said...

Meanwhile, the candidates themselves have many more Blacks participating in their campaigns than does that idiotic apartheidist Democrats.com KKK-online group. It's a shame that the apartheid blogger wing of the Democratic Party is allowed to make the entire Party look so bad in the eyes of Black bloggers.

But, I've been around a while and I'll tell you now. Those parasites are looking to rush into any new Democratic administration like sewage pushed inland on a rising tide. And any office they're in will have a "no Blacks allowed" sign hanging over the door.

Unknown said...

I am new to this but I enjoy the discourse.The two party system is just a snake with two heads.They only appear to rock the boat for our benefit. Term limits would solve a lot of the problem. The personal wealth of congressmen and senators doubles and triples while they are in office. They get pay raises each year. The whole job is no more than a license to steal.Take the big money out of it and real leaders would emerge.

Anonymous said...


I knew this about the two party system since the early 80's (aka, the Raygun era).

Ronald Reagan was a New Deal Democrat for some 30 years before switching parties. Also people in his administraton like William Bennet and Jeane Kirhpatrik were also demos before switching over in the 80's. Many white democrat politicians have switched to the GOP for either political ambitions or because they were ruffled by "uppidy negroes" who confronted their paternalistic attitude.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I agree that the demos are a bunch of hypocrits. They have done little but pay lip service to domestic issues for the past 20 years. I haven't seen anything constructive coming from them concerning racial issues or the poor in a long time. They're lilly livers cowards.
That being said: what's the alternative? Short of burning down a few cities (revolution has it's place at times), the answer is voter registration and turn out.
Yea, "get out the vote" and such all sounds like useless cliches, but if you're going to mke it work for YOU, you've got to do it.
If all the eligible voters in the black community voted or even a large percentage of them, it would make a difference.
Yea, I know, missing ballots in FL, disenfranchised voters, etc., etc. All part of the equation, but that doesn't change the fact that politics can be changed in the voting booth.

Anonymous said...

I live in NYC and I see how phony the democrats are liberals are in this city. They really showed their true colors in 1993 when many of them voted for Giuliani over Mayor Dinkins.

Giuliani used Crown Heights as a wedge issue to attract Jewish voters during his campaign. He along with former mayor Koch used every opportunity to attack Dinkins for the death of Yankel Rosenbaum. But skirted the issue alltogether whenever someone mentioned Gavin Cato's death or the racial tensions that existed between blacks and orthodox jews decades before the tradgedy.

Koch and the other white democrats justified their support for Giuliani by claiming that Dinkins did not react to prevent the Crown Heights riots that occured on Aug, 1991. These are the same hypocrites who did nothing to address the racial tensions and allegations of preferential treatment that existed. They were blaming Dinkins for their own mess.

Koch was the main politician who played the blame game. This democrat mayor very racially divisive during his three terms in office. Koch barely won the 1977 mayoral election with the support of black voters, but became a huge supportor of reagan and conservative causes in the 80's.

After he was defeated by Dinkins in 1989, Koch would always criticize Dinkins in the NY post or on WABC radio, those two pillars of white supremacy in the NYC area. This was long before the Crown Heights riots.

Yet, whenever someone talks about the formation of a thirs party, this race-baiting political whore is the first to defend the two party system


afronerd said...

Hey Field...I can't say what is the problem with komrade...he came to my blog and was just disrespectful and he thinks its because of politics and its not....we welcome differing opinions on the blog but just act respectfully. He just doesn't like Black conservatives and when I critiqued Jackson and Sharpton(The Justice Bros. Inc) on NPR he became incensed...we should "allowed" to have different views but this guy(komrade) doesn't want this and yet he gave props to Shane Johnson (of Black Sapience) and the Sharpton counter-protest...and I am essentially saying the same things that Johnson talks about....somehow it has become personal (for him)...strange stuff.

Unknown said...

FN ? Cant the CBC save US Lordy I is scared!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's prudent to maintain a healthy distance from both parties. However, I do have to say that I hear black Republicans say "vote Republican, because Democrats haven't done anything for black people". The funny thing is that they never mention what the Republicans will do for black people. I get the feeling that if pressed, they'd say something like "They're not gonna do anything for black folk either, but at least they'll be honest about it".

Chris said...

I'm a white 'progressive' Democrat and I don't care any more or less about black people than I do about any other person. What I care about are civil rights issues, and a lot of those issues come up with the ingrained racism and unjust treatment against many blacks. that's all there is to it, there's no reason to pander to anyone if you truly believe in what you believe...I am for justice and equality, period.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much agree with you, Chris. People keep saying the Dems haven't done anything for black people, but my basic feeling is that I'm not really looking for any political party to do much of anything for me as a black person, but I am concerned about a political party doing something to me as a black person. I can't imagine a Democrat preventing me from doing any and all those things black conservatives *say* are conservative- getting married, not fathering children out of wedlock, having an effective work ethic, not being a criminal...you name it. However, it's not just my imagination that Republicans are trying to do something to me- for one thing, trying to roll back and/or circumvent civil rights laws. For a long time, I've voted for Democrats based on the idea that they won't try to do anything to me as a black person, and at the same time, they will try to help preserve and protect the civil gains we have made from destruction by Republicans. My problem with the Dems at this point is that although they're not helping the Repubs roll back civil rights, they're not fighting hard enough to help preserve them, either.

And for all those people saying "Liberal Democraps are intentionally keeping black folks down and on welfare...", I say bullshit. I have seen plenty of instances where ex-conservatives or even current conservatives tell us about the things conservatives say and the attitudes they have about blacks in private that they don't say and show in public. However, I can't can't think of one instance of a Democrat/liberal confiding to anyone that want to keep us...whatever, for their own purposes, whether it be from word of mouth, the print media, television, or even the internet (and you know damn well it would get out on the interent). There's no way in the world that a significant number any group of people so prominent and large could keep that kind of intent secret. Instances of people voicing that intent would get out, and get out frenquently, AS IS THAT CASE WITH THE REPUBLICANS.

Anonymous said...


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