Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some advice from the field.

"Bill Shaheen, husband of ex-Gov. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, a national co-chair of the Clinton campaign, volunteered to The Washington Post his concern at what might happen to Barack Obama, were he to be nominated.

The Republicans are not going to give up without a fight, and one of the things they're certainly going to jump on is drug use," said Shaheen. And, as Obama has admitted in his autobiography to using drugs, this will "open the door" to further probing. "

These quotes are coming from the Xenophobe in chief, Pat Buchanan, from his recent article in Town Hall (yes Francis, I am talking about Obama again. I am actually going for the trifecta with this one), and there is more:

"Well, it's sure going to be harder to overcome, now that Bill Shaheen has suggested young Barack might have been a drug-dealer on the South Side of Chicago, and now that the press has been alerted as to precisely what questions should be put to him -- before Iowa.
Having planted this poisonous weed, Shaheen dutifully resigned. Then Mark Penn, Hillary's top adviser, went on "Hardball" to assure us his campaign would not stoop so low as to raise the issue. Said Penn, "I think we have made clear that ... the issue related to cocaine use is not something that the campaign was in any way raising."

By introducing cocaine, Penn alerted the press that, if Obama did deal drugs, we are not talking airplane glue or mushrooms. This little episode validates Robert Novak's report a month ago, when, relying on a Clinton source among other Democrats, Novak wrote:"

Now these are re-puke-licans quoting bad things that dumb-0crats said about Obama.

I know politics is a blood sport, but if I were the Clintons I would be careful. I caught clips of Bill's interview on Charlie Rose, and he was kind of tough on the half and half man. Bill, since you view yourself as being in the know with us black folks, you should know that black people are very protective of their own, and so you just can't go slamming Obama and not expect there to be consequences. My advise to you would be to chill on the Obama bashing, and focus on the re-puke-licans. Tell Hillary and her people to do the same. Just spend all your money wisely and stay in your lane. Don't go firing up black folks by jumping all over Barack, because come general election time if Hillary is the chosen one from the dumb-ocrat-ic side, she is going to need every black vote she can get. She just can't win states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio without the "nappy headed" vote.

But hey, this is just one blogger in Philly who calls himself the field Negro putting in his two cents worth. Hillary has guys who she pays thousands and thousands of dollars to tell her what to do. So she will be fine.....right?


rikyrah said...

My colleague, Jill Tubman, threw down a little

Bob Kerrey on Barack Obama -- A Modest Translation

I already know, FN.


Being on the downside is something Black folk are used to...so, sorry, if trying to scare me with a GOP President to vote for her...not going to happen.

We MUST take that racist bullshit from Republicans.

I'll be damned if I'll take it from a Democrat, and then shin and grin and vote for her.

No thanks. Not in this lifetime.

rikyrah said...

From my pal dnA:

He's Black! He's A Muslim! He's Black! He's A Muslim!

NOT coordinated?


Stop giving them any benefit of the doubt.

Isolated incidents STOP being isolated incidents, when they make up a $*#ing PATTERN.

Anonymous said...

She thinks she entitled to the job, I would never vote for her. The Clintons never did anything in our interest.You are correct I think she crossed that line with a lot of Black folks.

Christopher said...

Barack Obama showed rare candor for a national politician by admitting he tried both pot and cocaine. He told a group of students that they should not do it.

There are few Americans under the age of 40 who haven't at least tried pot. Myself included.

Hillary Clinton is playing with fire by sending out her supplicants to try and smear Barack Obama with specious and false claims of drug use.

My sources in Washington DC tell me that the Los Angeles Times is sitting on an article -- written and vetted, that details Hillary Clinton's lesbianism.

The Los Angeles Times isn't going with the story at this time because the editorial board is concerned the paper will be seen as influencing the presidential election. But if Hillary Clinton keeps this up, the paper may very well publish the article.

Hathor said...

I have just read Obama's biography, I thought by the time he has gotten to Chicago, he had stop using any drugs. My recollection. Where did the dealing in the South Side of Chicago come from? Is that something that Buchanan interjected to reinforce a lie?

Christopher said...

Where did the dealing in the South Side of Chicago come from?

Hi Hathor,

I think and I believe it is originating from within Hillary Clinton's war room.

Remember, Le Hill's team is led by that rotten son-of-a-bitch, James Carville, He's the Democratic version of Karl Rove.

Joel said...

Damn, this place is becoming the Obama "field" office. I dig it.

The drugs issue totally backfired for Clinton. Obama was already two steps ahead when he was honest about his drug use in his book. That's exactly WHY he should be the Democratic candidate: because he's the one person who Republican dirty tricks WON'T work against.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Not throwing the roundhouse punches her campaign is throwing like girls in a schoolyard fight.

The Big Dog needs his Honorary Negro Card revoked, permanently. He showed his ass on Charlie Rose, and I like Clinton - but his performance pissed me off big time.

If the Borg Queen gets the nod, I will write in Obama's name as protest.

Yeah, Rikyrah, I know - I'm on record calling Obama a triangulating twit, because, on policy, he basically is just that.

But the Borg Queen is acting like POTUS is an entitlement, and I'd rather have the triangulating twit than someone who thinks because her man cheated on her with a fat intern, and she stayed, that she should be rewarded with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because she was a "wronge" spouse. Screw that; she's not the first politco who's husband messed around on her, and she won't be the last.

She should call Wendy Vitter and Eulada Watt and ask them how they stay with their husbands, when it's known here in DC that David Vitter and Mel Watt are the biggest whores on Capitol Hill.

I'm just surprised that Watt's name didn't show up on the DC Madam's list, but that's probably because he's getting his "in-house" (aka CBC Foundation Staffers and Interns under 25 and probably attend Howard University)...but you didn't hear that from me (/snark)

field negro said...

and christopher,thanks for those juicy tid bits.This is why I blog,to get scoops like the ones you guys gave me.Deep!

GD said...

I believe Hill unlike her husband just doesn't like black people. Her father was a well-known racist and some people just don't grow away from that.

Look at this video just about the end.

She gives her Senate colleague and fellow front-runner Barack Obama the same perfunctory, no eye contact, BS handshake she gives Dennis "UFO Man" Kucinich.

Now I know that's some pretty weak-ass proof that she hate a nigger. But in context of her other actions it makes me wonder.

Lenoxave said...

The Clintons had better watch their step with this one. Both parties have spent decades taking black folks for granted and have shown complete contempt for us.

The Clintons have crossed the line and if she wants the black vote, she and the Man Whore had better check themselves.

They both act is if their shit don't stink and we know that's total farce.

The Love Collective said...

Obama, a drug dealer. Man, you cannot make this stuff up.

west coast story said...

I find it really amusing that any black people actually believe the Clintons give a damn about black people. You all deserve this witch if she wins.

Woozie said...

The Clinton campaign isn't used to being #2 in any poll, and I'd say this is a knee-jerk reaction to a situation they weren't expecting. It's kind of funny in a pathetic way.

Chris said...

I work with women that are all going to vote for Hilary simply because she's a woman. It's pretty pathetic to see them just vote for her because she has some ovaries. I don't see how a Democrat could look at Hilary and pick her over any of hte other candidates, let alone Obama.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Seems like the Billary team is getting a little desperate. I love it when white liberals start to show their true colors.

Christopher said...

Hillary parades around in her Rayon pantsuits, cameltoe on display, and acts like she's the Belle of the Ball.

She ain't all that.

Here's some of her voting record and policy positions:

1. voted for Bush's Iraq war.

2. voted for Bush's USA Patriot Act

3. voted to reauthorize Bush's USA Patriot Act

4. opposed the international treaty to ban land mines

5. voted against the Feinstein-Leahy amendment last September restricting U.S. exports of cluster bombs

6. opposed restrictions on U.S. arms transfers and police training to governments that engage in gross and systematic human rights abuses, such as Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Israel, Pakistan, Cameroon and Chad

7. insists upon continuing unconditional funding for the Iraq war and has called for dramatic increases in Bush’s already bloated military budget

8. voted to suspend important restrictions on U.S. nuclear cooperation with countries that violate the Non-Proliferation Treaty

9. opposed to repealing DOMA, only Article 3

10. voted for a constitutional amendment to make flag burning illegal

11. like Bush, Hillary is more prone to believe ideologically driven propaganda than independent investigative reporting or scholarly research

Hillary Clinton can't be allowed to become the Democratic nominee for president.

The good news is, the more she and Intern-boy whine and lie, the higher Barack Obama's poll numbers go.

-D said...





west coast story said...

I'm not voting for Barack just because he's black. He does represent a change. Yes, he doesn't have a lot of experience but we've had experience and you see where that got us. Hillary is a conservative and she's going to keep us up to our neck in Middle East conflict. If you are behind that, then vote for her. All the money you want to go to your favorite programs is going to put bullets in guns to kill people in the Middle East.

I haven't heard a single black or liberal mouth tell me why Hillary is good for this country. Not one single GD thing. I could vote for Edwards or Dodd with no problem. If there is a last minute surge, I could support them with no problems. I am not a woman hating female. I would LOVE to have a female president. I wish Barbara Jordan hadn't died. She would have been magnificent.

Anonymous said...


Excellent link above. Very informative!

Hathor said...

To make a link

Check this out.

Anonymous said...

i was once asked by a student if it concerned me when i took a test in a room when i was the only black face in the room and everyone else is white. i calmly replied that in the system of white supremecy the pressure is on them. they have to prove that they are superior to me. i control the game. if i study and go full out their choices are to declare white supremecy void(not an option), cheat on scoring grades and post false grades, change the test to something they think i don't know, or make me disappear(no longer a viable option these days). if i don't study then they can never trust the situation and must constantly keep me under survielence. this was the effect of the 1954 brown v board of education decision which increased segretation and is negative effects.
the point is that obama is a white issue. they are the ones that set of the constitutional rules so this could not happen. all we have to do is vote for obama. president obama will have little effect on our lives, but the hundreds of councilmen, mayors, sheriffs, congressmen, etc. the we elect by showing up at the poles will change our lives. for example , the negative actions being forced on the displaced former occupants of new orleans are signed by nagin not bush. think of it like this, you look at a game on tv. on side has seven black cheer leaders and one white, the other has seven white cheer leaders and one black. which is the black school? or to to make it international, the picture shows 7 white people and 1 black person. which one is the ruler of the african nation? don't stress black people it ain't our problem.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

Here's a few things we blacks folks should remember:

1. That "pretty white boy" Bill
Clinton never gave a damn about us and his wife cares even less.
As governor, he executed black folks and poor people with ease, even the mentally ill. As president, he could have pardoned all those black panther political prisoners like Geronimo Pratt and others (Remember Leonard Peltier?) but didn't. As president, he got with his corporate white boys and created NAFTA, which caused a lot of good jobs to leave this country. We can expect nothing better from his wife.

2: That not only democratic, but Republican strategists want Sen. Clinton to be the democratic nominee for president. They know that, compared to Obama or Edwards, Hillary doesn't match up well against Republicans. They know that even a lot of women hate her. Plus, as someone mentioned, they have a lot of stuff on both Bill and Hillary that they haven't even brought out yet.

2: That Republicans think they can beat Obama too, but it would be more difficult. Why? Because, though Obama may not win a southern state (with the possible exception of Virginia), a lot of white folks are feeling Obama on the hope tip. Plus, he's got some good ideas. But after the clowns we have in office now, WHITE PEOPLE need to have a lot of hope. Plus, let's face it, Obama's a good looking, charming guy. "Pretty white boy" Bill ain't got nothing on Obama.

3: The most electable democratic candidate is John Edwards. Good looking white boy from the South who can talk rings around them stupid Republicans? Damn right they're afraid of him. And get this: The guy has a lot of good ideas: Getting rid of No Child Left Behind, which 99% of teachers and educational administrators hate; reworking NAFTA to allow something closer to an equal playing feel for working Americans. Good shit.

4. By supporting Hillary, we black folks are playing into the hands of
Republican strategists who already know what some democrats know deep down stubbornly refust to admit:
Hillary Clinton is unelectable as president of the United States. First, her first base, women, are soft on her. Black women are divided, and many white women hate her with a passion reserved for rapists and pedophiles. Her second base, black people, are divided but moving toward Barack with each passind day. With help of Bill and boys like Shaheen dissing Barack, they're beginning to see Hillary and pretty boy Bill as nothing more than dried-up, centrist politicians that will throw their momma under a bus to get elected to an office, which they feel they are entitle to anyway.

5: Black, old guard, civil rights folks like Andy Young and John Lewis, by supporting a white woman that's dissing a brother at every opportunity, are playing into the hands of Republican strategists, that is, helping to make the least electable candidate for president the democratic nominee. Even worse, they are showing us how they are becoming increasingly irrelevant they have become to our lives, how ridiculously far they have gone from being true advocates for us.

Pretty soon, the field negro is going to have a hard time figuring out what Hillary-supporting black "leader" or celebrity
to put on his sidebar as "House Negro of the Day."

Good luck with that, field.

Christopher said...

Just got an email that esteemed PBS filmmaker, Ken Burns, will support my man, Barack Obama. for president.

What an amazing list of Americans!

Francis Holland said...

I pretty much agree with this advice from the field. Hillary can't afford to attack Obama viciously because it will anger voters (including myself) whom she will need in the primaries as well as in the General Election. So, she's got to do just what she's been doing: highlight the fact that she has much more experience and that her foreign policy team is better, and hope that works for her. I think there's a strong chance that it will, because it makes a lot of sense. Also, Bill Clinton remains very popular and I expect that to help Hillary.

I'm not with all of this Hillary-hate that I've heard, but we not-white-males have a good strategy by having two non-white male candidates to choose from. Barack Obama is well-positioned to benefit from any Hillary-hate that's out there.

As long as John Edwards doesn't come in first or second in Iowa, I'm going to be floating on a cloud; it's the beginning of the end of the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency.

But, I predict that if, by some anomaly of history, Barack Obama wins Iowa, then suddenly all of the media bile that now follows Clinton will be directed at Barack, with a return to the question, "Can a Black man REALLY win the presidency?" And a whole lot of other questions and charges. It ain't gonna be pretty.

Anonymous said...

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