Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Am Barack

I caught my homey Will Smith's new flick today, and as a movie, I must say, it was average. ---Although I loved all the Bob Marley references and the soundtrack--

Will needed a hit, and I think he has one with this movie. (77 million this weekend).

But something deeper is going on here, and I am on to those pagans out in Hollywood.

First of all they are trying to get us to vote for Obama for president by putting out this movie now with all its subliminal messages and hidden meanings.

Think about it; black man (who looks a lot like Obama by the way) is one of the few people left on earth and it's up to him to save mankind and future generations from extinction. So not only does he have to concoct an antidote for a deadly virus that's infected humankind, but he has to fight off a bunch of freaky mindless humans in the process. (Think republicans on steroids) He does all this by throwing in a little Rastafarian philosophy of peace and love along the way. He waxes poetic about Bob Marley, and his vision of solving the world's problems such as racism through song and music. (Think other "Magic Negroes" like Oprah)

If all this sounds eerily like Obama's campaign for president, I don't think it was by accident. I am telling you the Hollywood crowd has it in for Hillary. Think about it. Obama, like Will in this movie, preaches optimism and hope for the future. But instead of music he wants to use political speeches and catchy campaign slogans. In the movie Will has to find a cure for a virus that has destroyed most of humanity. Obama has to find a cure for the virus that's effecting the A-merry-can psyche. It's called eight years of George Bush. The movie is so anti republican that Will Smith's character actually declares at one point in the movie that "there is no god". That line was a shot from Hollywood at the Huckabee crowd as well as the other holy roller republican candidates. (But who is complaining?) And the producers of the movie were smart, because in order to keep white folks attention Will Smith's best friend and companion throughout the flick happened to be a dog. (I hope that's not a shot at Barack's wife). That is, of course, until he went to that kennel in the sky...whoops, I said enough about the movie itself, I don't want to ruin it for you.

So sorry Hillary and Bill, the better this flick does at the box office the worse it will be for you. Because the more A-merry-ca watches this little subliminal number, the more a bunch of them will go into the voting booth next November and see Will Smith and not Barack Obama.
If that happens, the words "I Am Legend" will take on a whole different meaning.


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Not sure if I was going to see the movie, but now that you've said what to expect, maybe I will.

I still say African-Americans need to quit waiting for the next coming of Captain Save-A-Negro in the form of Malcolm, Martin and Medgar, and save our own damned selves.

Just like Will Smith's character probably does in the black version of "Soylent Green".

Anonymous said...

very interesting. Im not quite as conspiratorial as you are.

Of course the fact that Will is itching to campaign for Obama a' la Oprah will only encourage your idea

I cannot say i share your belief, but your logic and reasoning are on point as usual.

field negro said...

ink, take that post with a grain of salt. Some of my tongue was in my cheeks when I wrote it. (I tend to be like that at times, my writing is never perspicuous))

But I do think there is something to the "Magic Negro" phenomenon which could propel Obama to higher heights.

"I still say African-Americans need to quit waiting for the next coming of Captain Save-A-Negro in the form of Malcolm, Martin and Medgar, and save our own damned selves."

Well said christ.prog., I couldn't agree more.

Chris said...

It's just a movie dude. I doubt the script writers were thinking about Barack parallels. But I do want to see it, seeing as I like Smith.

Christopher said...


That's a fucking brilliant analogy.


rikyrah said...


You are CRAZY!

Man, I thought I had heard some conspiracy theories..but, this one pretty much tops it for me right now.

This was pretty funny though.

I'm not into Sci-Fi, so I doubt I'll ever see the movie. Happy to see that it did so well, because I like for our Brother Movie Stars to get that Box Office.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a sci-fi movie-goer, but I might check out the new film, and, of course, I'll be sure to look for those parallels that you mentioned. I teach college English, so perhaps I'll have a bit of new movie material to flow with next semester.

David Sullivan said...

"Think other "Magic Negroes" like Oprah"

You say there is no such thing as a "magic negroe"?! I just saw one live and in person yesterday at the Pats game and his name is RANDY MOSS. He made a catch yesterday that was nothing BUT magical!

La♥audiobooks said...

This was interesting, I enjoyed your little review. I didn't think of it like this (now Snith's previous Obama comment comes to light). I'll try to see the movie soon.

"Will Smith's best friend and companion throughout the flick happened to be a dog. (I hope that's not a shot at Barack's wife)."

Or the "support a black man" black female population in America. Interesting.

Christopher Chambers said...

I dunno Field--the movie was uber hyped and had little (some at least some) texture. They had to re-shoot the ending because the one from the book wasn't Hollywood-Will-silly enough. Hell even in the Charlton Heston version The Omega Man he dies violently (and trivia--ol Moses NRA himself bones a sista, Rosalind of the first times in the movies this his wingnut pals would think we're lying now!).

All said--is that Barack's formula: over hype yet over-sincerity? Not much texture yet just enough to sway the the average fool? I'm hoping not.

If you want some shit, check out Lieberman endorsing John McCain. Gore's probabl saying "WTF?!"

By the way congratz on the Iggles (and I finally saw Marky mark in Invincible playing Papalia), and I have some Desperate Housewives nudie photos of that dumb skank Marcia Cross on my blog. Will post more b/c I HATE celebrities...

Christopher said...

Will Smith is no dumb actor either.

Besides being smoking hot, he's smart and ambitious.

Years ago, he told some reporter that his longterm goal is to become president.

Talk about audacious.

But why not? Saint Regean ran for governor and president and he had less than half the intelligence of Will Smith.

Anonymous said...

i was just about to see the movie until your review. i just can't stand seeing anymore of the neutered negro movies. i suffered through the 80's with beverly hills cop etc.. young black man , high paying job, fancy car, no black female friends, no black friends, saves the world for white people. same theme over and over, thank god for "mo better blues" and "boomerang". as for obama, bill clinton called him black this week and hillary was scared to answer. bill's quote went something like this" if america elected obama, it would be like rolling the dice with the country". will the others step in and step up the attack and make america realize that obama is black? kind of a catchy tune ain't it?

baatin. said...

billy clint is beginning to scare me. the whole fucking clint machine is shaping to be as bad as some of the more aggressive rethug campaigns of recent history. they came up with the madrassa rumor, they came up with the drug attack. obama should really just say 'fuck it' and go after the salacious clinton history (billy AND hilly).

Unknown said...

Not to hijack the but does anyone know anything about this:

Joel said...

Love the film analysis, professor!

For a little while there I was kinda depressed by what seemed like a lack of black support for Obama, but every day now it seems to be snowballin' in his favor.

A few things to note about Obama:

1. The Iowa caucus process works in a way that supporters of less popular candidates throw their vote to their "second-choice" candidate. I think far more Edwards and Kucinich backers are going to go for Obama than Hills.

2. The Republicans are way, way, way more scared of a general election with Obama than with Hillary. Hillary's "negatives" among undecided voters are way, way, way higher than Obama's.

3. The race issue is actually an asset to Obama if you can use it as a classic Karl Rove-style "wedge" issue that forces opponents into embarrassing political positions. The bigots will actually turn more voters TOWARD Obama, I think.

west coast story said...

I'm assuming your tongue is in the cheek. But just in case...

Except for Oprah, who in the HOllywood crowd is supporting Obama? Just like the fairytale that all black people are liberals, it's also a fairytale that Hollywood types are all liberals.

I googled and found a handful of names. I don't see any studio heads and distributors on the list and those are the folks who decide when a movie is released. Names, please. And keep in mind that people who wrote checks to Obama might also be writing checks for Clinton.

This sort of reminds me of black folks who go see a movie with a white actor playing a racist and conclude the actor is a racist because he was so good at it. It's make believe. No movie is going to determine the outcome of this elections unless a movie star is actually running for president. Oh, wait. A movie/TV star IS running for president and he's doing really badly in the polls.

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

I guess Alvin & The Chipmunks is about Bush, Cheney & Rice!

Great post!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

OT: Field, in your sidebar; about "Mittens" (as we call him here in DC)

He probably started crying at the thought of having to share his pew with Black people after 1978 - not out of gratitude that the Church saw the error of her ways in being the church of bigots...

Christopher said...

Hey West Coast Story,

Here is a damned good list of who in Hollywood, music, and technology, is backing Barack Obama:

Chris Albrecht, HBO chairman
Big Kenny Alphin, recording artist
Marc Andreessen, Internet pioneer
Jennifer Aniston, actress
Rosanna Arquette, actress
Tyra Banks model, talk show host
Lawrence Bender, producer
Halle Berry, actress
Valerie Bertinelli, actress
Arthur Blank, Falcons owner
Judy Blume, author
Steven Bochco, producer, writer
Andy Borowitz, satirist, writer
Zach Braff, actor
Steve Brill, Court TV founder
Christie Brinkley, model
James L Brooks, producer, director
Jackson Browne, musician
Warren Buffett, billionaire
Mark Burnett, game show producer
Peter Buttenwieser, political fundraiser
Kate Capshaw, actress
Michael Chabon, author
Jay Chandrasekhar, director, writer
Peter Chernin, News Corporation president
Richard A Clarke, security expert
George Clooney, actor
Cindy Crawford, model
Drew Curtis, founder
Jamie Lee Curtis, actress
Larry David, comedian, writer
Laurie David writer, activist
Barry Diller, media mogul
Paul Dooley, actor
Michael Douglas, actor, director
Michael Eisner, Disney CEO
Kenneth Feinberg, attorney
Tom Ford, fashion designer
Jodie Foster, actress
Jamie Foxx actor, comedian
Morgan Freeman, actor
David Geffen, Dreamworks co-founder
Jami Gertz, actress
Charles Gifford, Bank of America chairman
Cuba Gooding Jr., actor
Berry Gordy, record producer, entrepreneur
Lou Gossett Jr., actor
Brian Grazer, producer
Jasmine Guy, actress
Herbie Hancock, musician
Tom Hanks, actor
Tom Hayden, activist, author
Dennis Haysbert, actor
Christie Hefner, Playboy CEO
Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder
Cheryl Hines, actress
Bruce Hornsby, recording artist
Ron Howard, director, producer
Phil Jackson, NBA coach, player
Samuel Jackson, actor
Michael Jordan, basketball star
Vernon Jordan, Washington power broker
Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dreamworks co-founder
Gayle King, editor, Oprah's BFF
David Koepp, screenwriter
Cedric 'the Entertainer' Kyle, comedian
Christine Lahti, actress
Sherry Lansing, Paramount Studios CEO
Sharon Lawrence, actress
Norman Lear, television producer
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, actress
Seth MacFarlane, animator, screenwriter
Tobey Maguire, actor
Norman Mailer, author
Natalie Maines, recording artist
Barry Manilow, singer/songwriter
Stephon Marbury, pro basketball player
Branford Marsalis, musician
Greg Mathis, TV judge
Bette Midler, singer, actress
John Morgridge, Cisco chairman
Rob Morrow, actor
Alonzo Mourning, NBA star
Eddie Murphy, actor, comedian
Paul Newman, actor, philanthropist
Craig Newmark, founder
Leonard Nimoy, actor
Edward Norton, actor
Rosie O'Donnell, actress, comedian
Stan O'Neal, Merrill Lynch CEO
Adrian Pasdar, actor
Holly Robinson Peete, actress
Sidney Poitier, actor
Ellen Pompeo, actress
Maury Povich, talkshow host
Penny Pritzker, hotel heiress
Harold Ramis, director, actor
Phylicia Rashad, actress
Jerry Reinsdorf, Chicago White Sox owner
Paul Reiser, comedian, actor
Chris Rock, comedian, actor
Robert Rubin, US Treasury Secretary
Edward Rust, State Farm CEO
Susan Sarandon, actress
Thomas Schlamme, producer, director
Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO
Terry Semel, Yahoo CEO
Ben Silverman, NBC Universal chairman
James Sinegal, Costco CEO
Tom Skerritt, actor
Emmitt Smith, pro football player
Jada Pinkett Smith, actress
Will Smith, actor, recording artist
George Soros, financier
Steven Spielberg, filmmaker
Leigh Steinberg, sports agent
Fisher Stevens, actor
Ben Stiller, actor
Oliver Stone, director
Christine Taylor, actress
Richard Thalheimer, The Sharper Image CEO
Heather Thomas, actress
Garry Trudeau, cartoonist
Isaiah Washington, actor
John Wells, television producer
Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone CEO
Tom Werner, Boston Red Sox co-owner
Forest Whitaker, actor, director
Paula White, megachurch "life coach"
Bradley Whitford, actor
Gene Wilder, actor
Rita Wilson, actress
Oprah Winfrey, talk show host, actress
Joanne Woodward, actress
Jeffrey Wright, actor
Robert Wright, NBC Universal head
Andrew Young, civil rights activist
Edward Zander, Motorola chairman
George Zimmer, Men's Wearhouse CEO

More than a "few" as you said and a very, very respectable and distinguished list of accomplished Americans, some are black, many are white, men and women. In other words -- America supports Barack Obama.

GD said...

Hollywood's had a hard-on for a black president for years. Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact. Denzel in the Manchurian Candidate remake. Dennis Haysbert in 24.

They want a happy, clean-cut conjure man to lay some good mojo for their business.

And I think they can't wait for the first black president to get shot. Oliver Stone will be all over that sh!t.

Anonymous said...

Jewish people control Hollywood and politics, and Hillary is about as pro-Israel as they come. Why would Hollywood go against Hillary?

Francis Holland said...

Field, it sounds like you're really feeling Barack right now, if only because the possibility that he could win Iowa and New Hampshire, and then find himself on an unstoppable roll to the presidency, really is a revolutionary idea in the A-Mery-KKKA that you and I grew up in. It would mean that white people are willing to make decisions that you always believed to be completely out of character for them.

Hell, electing a woman president would also be completely out of character. But both of these are worth trying for because an America governed interminably by the dictates of the white male supremacy paradigm isn't worth the feces in all of its toilets.

So, let's see what happens. Let's end the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency! As Obama does better and better, Blacks seem all to have forgotten about that representative of the white male supremacy paradigm who's running third, and that is as it should be, in my opinion.

Woozie said...


It's a Vast Jewish Conspiracy! First they did WTC, and now this!

Jose Vilson said...

Actually, I believe it was Chris Rock who was the last Black president in "Head of State", and Denzel wasn't a president at all, but the dude who was supposed to take out the Manchurian Candidate Liev Schriber, but that's pretty much it. But anyways, I highly doubt people will seriously entertain the idea of a Black man as a president. As much as Hollywood wants it (he's a weed-smoking liberal), it's all just fantasy, just what Hollywood's built on.

And if they went for Hillary, that wouldn't be a departure for them, because according to the ideas of intersectionality (a system of checking all the isms and combinations to see what their social status would be), Hillary would be higher on the totem pole than Barack.

Then again, I also see how much the presidential position has truly whittled down to a figurehead position, so whoever they put up there will give the American people a false sense of hope that true change will happen. Despite what most people in this country believe, they're not ready for that dramatic a shift in their politics.

field negro said...

"Hollywood's had a hard-on for a black president for years. Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact. Denzel in the Manchurian Candidate remake. Dennis Haysbert in 24."

I'll be damned!

"Field, it sounds like you're really feeling Barack right now, if only because the possibility that he could win Iowa and New Hampshire, and then find himself on an unstoppable roll to the presidency,"

Francis, you might be right. I am fascinated with this whole Barack phenomenon. Honestly, I still don't beleive that he can win, because I am just not there yet with A-merry-ca. Sorry, I am not as optimistic as some people when it comes to a color blind society. Now if he does win; I will be the first to say that I was wrong.

west coast story, did you see that list? I swear christopher is a Barack operative :)

Anonymous said...

This theory tickled me!

Anonymous said...


You can add Denzel Washington to that list too.

rikyrah said...

OT: Obama 'Willie Horton' Watch

We're back to the Obama is a Muslim Smear, this time, via Bob Kerrey

I'm glad I don't have high blood pressure, because watching this pack of @(#*ers would make it rise.

rikyrah said...

I'm back reading this thread, and you guys are giving me a well-needed laugh. :)

FN, seems like you aren't alone in your conspiracy theory....LOL

Though, I will admit, if David Palmer ran, I'd work for him 24/7 for no pay. Don't ya luv how fantasy and reality blend sometimes?

rikyrah said...

Not to hijack the but does anyone know anything about this:


Paul was against the Civil Rights Act...therefore, I could never be for Paul. I don't know if everything on that list is true, but being against the CRA is #1 and I don't need a #2.

field negro said...

rikyrah, I am losing more respect for Paul every day. Someone from the last post actually said that the "Ron Morris" wacko was a Paul plant, and that they have been infiltrating blogs with their crazy ass rhetoric.

If it's true it's kind of scary.

Thanks for the link.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

You think "Ron Morris" is actually "Ron Paul"? Cause that would explain the attempted infiltration on this board.

For which he got a royal beat down.

west coast story said...

Christopher: I picked just one name, Sherry Lansing, and as I suspected (and stated earlier), she has written checks to Hillary, Barack, Richardson, and Dodd. The check she wrote for Hillary was twice as big as the ones she wrote for Barack and Richarson. My guess is that a lot of liberal Hollywood is hedging its bets (or covering its progressive rhetoric). will do, vote

La♥audiobooks said...

Hey guys, about Hollywood and black presidents: Don't forget in the movie "idiocracy" there was also a black president. (So in a future time, idiots will outbreed the intellectuals, and create a future society of total rampant idiots. It would only make sense they should have a womanizing black president). I just love Hollywood.

-sarcasm off

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kimberly sayer said...

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pedro velasquez said...

Rod Blagojevich apologized Monday for saying he's "blacker than Barack Obama, bet basketball but the disgraced former Illinois governor said he probably won't try to make amends directly to the president.
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Anonymous said...

I still say African-Americans need to quit waiting for the next coming of Captain Save-A-Negro in the form of Malcolm, Martin and Medgar, and save our own damned selves.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, about Hollywood and black presidents: Don't forget in the movie "idiocracy" there was also a black president.
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So in a future time, idiots will outbreed the intellectuals, and create a future society of total rampant idiots. It would only make sense they should have a womanizing black president.

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