Friday, December 14, 2007

There goes the neighborhood.

Here in the city of "Brotherly Love" also known as Killadelphia, the police are asking the public to help identify vandals who sprayed-painted the walls and carpets of a house in the Port Richmond section of town. It seems these folks painted "KKK" on a living room wall, and they also pretended they were Picasso and wrote; "Keep it white", and "all n___S should be hung" as well.

Now trust me, Port Richmond ain't the main line, but the way some of these poor white folks act, you would think it was. But I learned long ago that poor people can be some of the most racist. If they live in a $60,000 home, they are constantly worried about n...well black people moving in next door. If someone lives in a $600,000 home, h/she ain't worried about just anybody moving in next door. Because guess what; he is thinking if you can afford it, welcome to the neighborhood.

Thankfully the woman who is supposed to move into the property inspected it and didn't find any damages other than the graffiti. Unfortunately, however, she did encounter some white men who made racially charged remarks while she visited the same house.

"That's a disgrace" says Helen Murawski who has been in the neighborhood for years. We should all get along together."

Well, just as long as they stay in their neighborhood, right Helen?


Your driver said...

I'm a working class white man. I'm not that upset by racist expressions from poor white people. They're just trying to gain or exploit some small privileges. They do it because they're scared.

That's not to say that I don't disagree with them, openly, when they start blaming all of their problems on Black people.

Two quotes come to mind: The first is from Howard Thurman who said something to the effect of, "Familiarity without fellowship breeds hatred and contempt."

The second is from the rapper, Immortal Technique, "I'm not worried about the white people I can see. I'm worried about the white people I can't see."

Poor Black and white people are forced to live in close proximity without any means to share fellowship or any hope of examining their place in society or the mechanisms that keep them separated.

I should also say that I don't get upset when some angry Black kid on the street says something hostile to me. The system wants us to take social problems as personal problems, and to blame ourselves and each other when we can't come up with personal solutions.

The Love Collective said...

And just think, if the situation was reversed, suspects would already be cuffed.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

There's some things that can't be controlled, Field. One of them is how people choose to raise their children; either ignorant or intelligent.

The people who raise their children to be bigots are ignorant. The people who raise their children to be respectful of other people, regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual identity - those children were raised by intelligent people.

I was raised by intelligent people. No, they didn't have college degrees and whatnot, but they taught me at a very early age, that while I shouldn't tolerate being called a Nigger, I should not also engage in bigoted acts because a person is different than me.

Racism wasn't allowed in our home - our mother saw to that. But my father educated us on what waited for us in the wide world, and wanted us to not be innocent of bigots.

It's unfortunate that people still choose bigotry over information; it's also unfortunate that those who know better continue to facilitate this ignorance for personal or political gain. That's what frosts my cookies, big time.

Anonymous said...

Field wrote: "Well, just as long as they stay in their neighborhood, right Helen?"

Ah, c'mon. That was uncalled for. There are good caring poor people and their are flaming ignorant intolerant bigoted poor people. And they are not all one in the same thing. :-)

It once occurred to me, back in the Reagan days, that in spite of what Ron would have us believe, no one aspires to be poor.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it. I'm a middle-class black woman who was decidedly welfare-class growing up and I agree one hundred percent. Poor, frightened, ignorant white people are not the real problem. Consider the famous case of Central High in Little Rock, where hostile whites angrily opposed the decision to integrate. All of America lined up to condemn those sneering poor whites, and rightly so. But little was said about the decision by the rich, white, town fathers to force integration on the working-class while building a brand new high school for their children in the rich part of town and keeping it lily white.

When was Malcolm X killed? When he began to realize it wasn't about color so much as power, and that poor people were being deliberately kept turned against one another. Same with King.

field negro said...

Gwpriester,you are right,that was a little harsh for Helen.Chalk it up to living here in Philly and knowing a thing or two about the good folks of Port Richmond.

This isn't the first such incident. But you are right, this lady might be different. We shouldn't judge....

Christopher said...

The Motherfucker from Midland is responsible.

As people fall further behind and become more frustrated and desperate, they start looking for someone to blame.

Look at the crime stats. Since the Motherfucker from Midland has been president, violent crime has increased in all U.S. cities, reversing the trend of lower crime stats that got underway when Bill Clinton was president.

Things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better, especially if Hillary or HuckaBible is elected.

All the more reason Barack Obama must be our next president.

Anonymous said...

Jon/Janine: I agree that poor whites are not THE problem. But they are a problem due to the fact thay they continue to allow themselves, through racism, to remain separated from black and other members of the non-white working class by rich, corporate whites, who are the problem. As long as poor whites fail to see the bigger picture of our need to come together, white corporate class will continue to invest in jobs outside the country, sell us poisonous toys at Wal Marts and push the middle class and the poor into a more desperate economic and social state. Poor whites need to stop being pawns of the rich.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I wish with all my heart that people were better, smarter, more perceptive of the truth. I wish we could all rise to the level of consciousness attained by Malcolm, King, Ghandi, the saints. But we won't.

People have feet of clay, and most of them are all too easily led, like sheep. Look at the thousands of Hutu who participated wholesale and without hesitation in the brutal slaughter of their Tutsi countrymen, because some voices on the radio urged them to do so.

People are flawed and will remain so. The mass of people of all colors are pawns and will remain so. Only an enlightened few will decide the fate of tomorrow.

So if we get what THE real problem is, we have to expend our energy THERE. Not wishing that the masses will come around on their own. Maybe this is elitist, but until people show me they are no longer influenced by commercials, Oprah, etc I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe this is elitist, but until people show me they are no longer influenced by commercials, Oprah, etc I'm not holding my breath."

It may be elitist. It may also be correct. I think the real challenge is going to be whether we have the courage or mojo to take back our lives from the corporate media. They're the ones who think that just about all young black males are gun-toting gangbangers; and just about all poor white guys are beer-guzzling alcoholics who come back to their trailer park or $60,000 Port Richmond home and just about beat "the ole lady" to death each weekend.

They're the ones who will gladly play up any conflict between blacks and whites (conflict or violence sells) but will give little or no time to a guy like Jon or the field, who might want to talk about getting together to get more street lights or get more police protection, or just make a better community for everyone.

Symbolically, they're the ones who have me afraid to walk out the door unless i've rubbed deodorant under my arm twice and splashed cologne just about everywhere. They're the ones who have me thinking that, if it's not about Paris, Brittany, Clooney, Oprah or Denzel, it's not news, i.e. If you don't have celebs in your neighborhood, neither you or your neighborhood mean anything.

Until we take back our lives from a corporate media that devalues true fellowship, real community where people barbecue, garden and hang out on lawn and patios with each other, have a cold one and tell our own stories, we will never get anywhere.

By the way, has Brittany gotten her kids back? (Just kidding).

Anonymous said...

To hell with this, this ain't nothing!!

Field, you have a law degree, so take some time off from your fantabulous legal career and volunteer to be a long term paid substitute teacher in one of your local black non-accredited inner city or older suburban ring junior high schools or high schools.

They want black men in these schools Field; you should be qualified to temporarily teach English and social studies.

Please do this short term Field, just one semester.

After that one semester is over Field, blog to us and tell us that it is all deh white man's fault.

I've met the enemy Field, and the enemy ain't them Field, it is us.

I have a bunch of PANz, 'punk assed nigguh' dogs, threatening me daily with a bum rush because I mean to teach algebra during algebra class and geometry during geometry class; and not let them listen to rap, dance, sing, yell, shout, fight, eat, and make out during class.

You pussy-assed, punk-assed liberal black bloggers need to cut this look at what white folks done done shit out!!

Write about what we, the North American Negroe are not doing; being fathers to our children, civilizing our sons, educating our sons and daughters.


field negro said...

"Until we take back our lives from a corporate media that devalues true fellowship, real community where people barbecue, garden and hang out on lawn and patios with each other, have a cold one and tell our own stories, we will never get anywhere."

macdaddy, yet another note worthy quote.

And I feel what jon and janine are saying, but the poor white people have to understand what's going on here,as do the wealthy black ones. That's why HN and racist poor white folks piss me off so much. They should no better.

"Field, you have a law degree, so take some time off from your fantabulous legal career and volunteer to be a long term paid substitute teacher in one of your local black non-accredited inner city or older suburban ring junior high schools or high schools."

nsangoma, I do volunteer my time and efforts to work with kids. I am afraid I would not be quite talented enough to teach though. I think we should leave the teaching to people who know what they are doing like Jose, don't you?
I try to do what I can in my given profession to equal the playing field.

"Write about what we, the North American Negroe are not doing; being fathers to our children, civilizing our sons, educating our sons and daughters."

Already done!

field negro said...

"the Motherfucker from Midland"

Christopher I love that name!! :)

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi FN,

I wish the faux-racists would come up with something new; the KKK and N word stuff is just trite.

brotherkomrade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brotherkomrade said...

Dear Cowardly Duppy (NSangoma),

I will be graduating soon to become a teacher as well, so you can keep your fabricated stories to yourself. You are not the only one who is on the front lines of the at-risk zone known as education. There are many like you, who got into the profession because they couldn't do anything else (even then those of your ilk usually give up and just become prison guards or parole officers), but there are those of us who have a focus to teach the at-risk because we want to and we do not hate them. This does not mean we are romantic, push-overs, and or crusaders, we just know we are needed I know I will have bad days and I will probably want to do what they did in the Wire and just separate the stoop kids from the corner kids and be done with it, but the dancing-instead-of-learning line from your post set off some flags about your experience or even your claim to what you say that you do. We all know that the corner kids will jut not be in class so what you have left are the future conformists, the cut-ups who wouldn't last minutes on the streets, and the kids like me.

It sounds like you lack the creativity and vision requred of an educator to deal wth the cut-ups so instead of filling out that prison guard application, you'd rather come here and lay some stupid guilt trip lionizing yourself to cover your inadequacies.

Get off the PC, duppy and walk away quickly.

Anonymous said...

brotherkomrade you fornicating poseur, posing as a knowledgeable individual.

I am an independent contractor, my vocation is network engineering. I design and build the IP networks that carry voice, data, video, and image conversations.

My degrees B.A., M.A. are in one of the hard sciences: Mathematics. Not some punk-assed math education degree, or chemistry education degree, or biology education, ... .
I am the real deal.

I was asked to come into one of the local high schools to teach freshman algebra and sophomore geometry. I was invited in because people with math education degrees aren't qualified to teach math beyond the middle school level. The same applies to English education, biology education, … .

Let me say this, my children attend a top-rated independent school. The teachers there have straight up hard science degrees; M.A., PhD at the upper (high) school level and M.A. minimum at the middle school level. If they have any education courses, they took them as a minor or a second major, not this punk Negroe education major with maybe a hard science minor doo-dog-dog.

brotherkomrade, the males who typically take on the temporary teaching assignments such as mine are white or Asian. Let me tell you brotherkomrade, our black children can tell the difference betwixt a teacher with a math education degree (usually one of us) and a teacher with a straight-up math degree.

I need to make real money, so I do not plan to extend my teaching engagement beyond one more semester. I may not make it if I have to knock one of these PANs out. In me, these high school children see a black male (I am as black as the wind-driven coal dust; I was called stovepipe in high school) who is a college educated professional who works in a very demanding field.

Tell us of your cirricula vitae brotherkomrade, what is your major brotherkomrade; hopefully you bring more to the table than a punk assed education degree with a minor in history.

Talkin-nin the wuss-assed shit you be talkin-nin brotherkomrade, you'd most definitely be destined to become a duppy (ghost) at the high school I teach in.


Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to live near negros, not even other negros. Negros want to live in white neighborhoods because they feel "safer" there.

Negros are violent hybrids. Negros commit most crime in this country.

Again it happens. In Baltimore a young white woman boards a bus and wants to sit down. Each time she tries to take a seat she is told by nine black middle-schools students, ages 14 and 15, including three girls, that she can’t. Finally she sits anyway. The little—the middle-school students, I mean—attack her.

From the Examiner, “She sustained ‘serious injuries’ and had to be transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, according to a police report…[Sarah] Kreager suffered two broken bones in her left eye socket, police said. She had eye muscles that were damaged…She had deep lacerations on the top of her head and another above her neck.” Her face will never be the same.

Life in the United States. Race relations as usual. Journalism as usual. I suppose you have been swamped, dear reader, by the national press coverage of this racial attack—right? The outrage? You’ve heard about it over and over on the lobotomy box? Editorialists everywhere just won’t let it rest? Sure.

Curious. Don Imus, apparently a radio jock of some sort, refers to a black women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.” Rude, certainly, and unnecessary, but nothing more. It becomes national news and he loses his job. Blacks beat a white woman until her bones break and…near silence.

I’m sick of it. I’m sick of these attacks and of the hybrid negro animals that commit them. And I’m sick of the attitude of the Devil Jew press. But I’m doubtless alone in my sentiments. Right?

The headline in the WJS account says, “Woman Attacked On Bus Placed In Witness Protection.” Why? The only reason can be the expectation that blacks will try to kill her to prevent her from testifying against the attackers. Things are out of control.

The attack was not just a crime, but a particular type of crime. In Mexico, where I live, there is crime, but it is usually economic. If I walked in a bad part of Guadalajara by night with a Rolex on my arm, an enterprising gangster might well demand it at knifepoint. If I peaceably gave him the Rolex, he would likely just leave with it. It’s about money. Yes, crimes of passion occur when men got boozed up and fight over women or which football team is best. These are easily avoided.

But when a group of very young blacks, unprovoked, attack a defenseless white women, with the intention of badly hurting her, break her bones, and then try to drag her off the bus, we see a different sort of crime. The only motive is racial hatred.

Two days later, a group of black hybrids (half ape, half human) attacked two white men who were minding their own business while riding the bus.

Crimes of this type are either increasingly common or increasingly visible because of the internet. They involve gang rapes of white women, forced humiliation as for example by being compelled to provide blow jobs in front of boyfriends, followed by murder. The Jew press assiduously covers them up. The usual formulation is that “youths” were responsible or, very infrequently, “minority youths.” A photo of the victims may appear, but not of the perpetrators. Press coverage will be as local as possible. On the web I recently saw television coverage of one such crime in Florida in which the reporteress kept the camera below the waists of those involved to avoid racial identification.

If the attackers were somehow anomalous, the occasional psychopath for example, the solution—a reasonable response anyway—would be to put them in prison forever and get on with life. But they are not anomalous. They are probably the norm among young blacks.

I don’t think whites realize what is out there, how bad things are. If you live in Washington, DC, and work, say, on K Street or Connecticut Avenue, you see well-dressed and courteous blacks who are pretty much like everybody else. Much more resentment lies under the surface than you probably believe, but they certainly aren’t going to attack anyone. They are not a problem.

But go into the realms of the underclass, the great sprawling necrotic Sowetos of any big American city. Better yet, don’t go. You wouldn’t last ten minutes on foot at night. Few whites really know that these places exist, and they never see them. Cabs will refuse to take you. For some half-dozen years when I was on the police beat I did see the bad neighborhoods. God help us.

These ‘hoods are utterly black, with whipcord young males leaning against lamp posts and eyeing cops with hostility. The people in them have no identity other than black. They aren’t African and aren’t American. They don’t read and many can’t. The schools are just holding cages for these hybrids. They’ve got nothing and they’re going nowhere and they know it. The great white beyond out there, with its computers and universities and those rich white people with their jobs and books and understanding of mysterious things like international politics—they have no access to these.

They hate whites. I don’t mean that they harbor class-mediated resentments deriving from incomplete socialization to the Euro-based norms of yada yada. I mean they hate whites. Or do you suppose that they beat a young woman into hospitalization from affection? To break bones in a woman’s face you have to kick her or hit her very hard, hard enough to cause brain damage with a little luck, hard enough to kill. The ganging up is a pattern.

There is nothing whites can do about it except live away from blacks and be very careful about taking public transportation. It is not a good thing to find yourself at eleven at night in an otherwise empty subway car with your teenage daughter and five young blacks. I suggest getting a weapons permit and filling their criminally inclined arses with hot lead when they start to attack.

Fear of blacks chiefly drives the furor over the right to own guns. Conservatives don’t want guns from fear that a Jewish dentist might crawl through the window at night. Liberals do not fear white duck-hunters or the white suburbanite with a pistol in his closet. It’s arm against blacks, or disarm them, though few will admit it..

What will happen to the adolescent monsters in Baltimore? A good guess: They will be charged with assault, publicity will be minimal, they will face only minor consequences because they are juveniles, and a black jury (if things get that far) will give them a pass. Their classmates, if anything they see can be called a class, will regard them as heroes.

I wonder how long things can go on as they are. Nothing gets better. The murderous stewing hatred remains and given a chance will beat more women senseless or, sooner or later, burn another city. Winding this spring is not a good idea. If the worm ever turns, Katie bar the door.

Results of a very quick Google:

Wichita Horror, and early incidence

Knoxville Horror

Halloween Fun-Two girls beaten almost to death by black mob.

Jena Note that Black Entertainment Television celebrates the stompers of a white boy.

Anonymous said...


If this is the attitude you have about Black youths, something tells me they might be better off without you as a teacher.

People can sense when you think their worthless or "beneath" without you having to say you think their worthless or "beneath.” Young black teens who already dealing with tons of bullshit on a daily basis, tends not to respond kindly to this (for the record they also might not respond kindly initially when you try to change their thinking to help them realize they are worthwhile because that is not what they are used to hearing from people in power, so they will likely test you to see if you really believe what you say you believe).

The last thing these kids need is another person unwilling to see beneath the stereotype.

The level of hate, anger and ego in your posts above is just off the fucking wall, and I have to say, if I ever had you as a teacher (and I was FAR F-A-R from a "trouble making" student) I might be tempted to beat the shit out of you too because you are quite full of it my brother.

If you don't want to take on teaching, and all the consequences, good and bad that results from making the decision to take on teaching, then do us all a favor and just focus on raising your oh so special kids because you are not helping anyone. And it is obvious that you have your own issues and shit that you need to work out before you can honestly drop any sort of knowledge on other people.

Anonymous said...

Ron Imus,

I was going to alert you to the fact that your head is firmly lodged up your ass, and ask that you kindly do us all a favor and remove it. But I now think that it might actually be better if you leave it up there, since you're bound to suffocate sooner or later (though I'm surprised the smell alone hasn't killed you yet), and then we will no longer have to read your full of shit tirades.

And for the record just an FYI: Blacks do not commit the most crimes in this country, Whites do. We aren't even close to touching ya'll when it comes to criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

Above post re: having his head up ass was in reference to ron morris...not ron imus, I'm guessing Freud would have something to say about that typo though.

Anonymous said...

"...When he began to realize it wasn't about color so much as power..."


Anonymous said...

Saywha'??? Who said I was a teacher? I wish. I could use the money!

People don't dislike negros because of a stereotype or because they are black. People dislike blacks because of their behavior. They are loud, overbearing, rude, arrogant, thieving and murdering.

Blacks cause trouble, period. Now, granted that all blacks aren't trouble makers.

All tigers don't eat people, but most do! Some tigers are tame,or, at least don't attack their trainers.

Not knowing what tigers eat people and which are tame, I avoid and distrust all tigers. That is just common logic. This same logic is being applied to Negros by white people. They arm themselves against blacks for that reason.

Negros commit most crime. The black tendency towards criminality is why there has never been a sucessful African government. A certain percentage of the population has to be willing to obey the commonly agreed upon rules for a society to function.

Blacks hate whites. Blacks hate whites becaue of the Jew press/media brainwashing blacks against whites.

Wouldn't it be just as easy for the press to pump into the negro head that the white man freed and befriended blacks?

Instead, the media trumps every slight or rare white attack on blacks as if it is an everyday occurence. This is done to incite black hatred of whites.

Black crime upon whites is concealed by the Jew owned media. This is no accident as the Jews want the blacks and whites in discord. The Jews want race war.

Since blacks and whites were not at race war soon enough, the hispanic equation has been introduced through open borders and illegal immigration.

The blacks and hispanics in California are having a race war. The media is not covering this and it is being concealed.

Whites were removed from power in Africa to reduce the black population through starvation, disease and war.

The white rulers had caused a black population explosion with their increased, excess food production and industry. The Jews wanted access to Africa's natural resourses.

The Jew Media convinced the blacks to murder the whites, which they did. Now the blacks are starving to death and their governments are in ruin. Fewer blacks are being born and fewer are surviving.

Many blacks in Africa want the whites to return because things were better under white rule.

The whites would be fools to return. The same thing is happening in the USA.

The Jews, safe in their gated community Israel, want to turn America into smaller, more manageable plantations. They intend to do this with race war.

American blacks are following the same path as their brothers in Africa. The outcome here will be much different as most whites know how to shoot and there are many more whites here. Blacks would be slaughtered.

The blacks, however, need to worry about the hispanics as the hispanics dislike blacks even more than whites.

Anonymous said...

"Let me tell you brotherkomrade, our black children can tell the difference betwixt a teacher with a math education degree (usually one of us) and a teacher with a straight-up math degree."
Nsangoma: Take it from a black man who has counseled in middle and senior high schools, working with kids is not about degrees, being black or white, male or female. It's about connecting with kids, working hard to hold them to high personal and educational standards, bad school, bad neighborhood or not. Occassionally, it's using part of one's low teacher's salary to get kids the supplies they need.

But more than anything, it's about believing in them. If one doesn't believe in kids, if one doesn't take the time to connect with them, one will usually end up preaching to them, talking down to them, making them feel worse with each interaction.

That's your problem: You don't believe in black kids. They know it, and they hate you for it. And I don't know if there's a class that could get you to look beyond your ego, believe in kids, focus on them and do the best you can under the circumstances.

I mean no disrespect. I've worked in schools. I know how hard it can be. But if you don't believe in black kids, the worse thing you could possibly do is try to teach them. If I were you, i'd seriously consider another profession. Blessings.

-D said...


You give too much credit to rich whites and too little to poor whites.

Rich whites don't say 'welcome to the neighborhood' when blacks move in. Rich whites worry about property depreciation and move out.

And Jon is right: it's easy to hold your head up above the fray and feel superior when you're not dealing with the racial dilemnas in this country every day. Poor whites have to navigate that every day; rich whites don't.

Rich Morris, I don't know how I feel about whites like you. You clearly encapsulate the white fear of blacks and the impetus for white flight.

Part of me wants to dismiss you, another part of me wants to shake you. So these black kids are animals, what do you expect?

If there's no economic opportunities except drugs, and the drug trade requires ruthlessness, then what do we expect them to become? Ambassadors? Captains of industry?

Yes, whitey at night in these neighborhoods will get raped and killed. So we either accept that and wall these places off from the rest of society, which is in essence what we've done and continue to do, or we try to come up with a solution.

There really is only one solution; we have to invest in education. If we spent 10% of what we spend on military every year on young blacks, we could do something about this.

Sure, the teens and young-20's 'gangstas' are already gone. They've been indoctrinated and inculcated with the hate and ruthlessness that you speak of.

But the little kids are salvageable. We CAN help them. But we have to spend some money doing it, and we don't because we don't really care.

Don't call them animals without speaking of our collective complacency. It has condemned these people as much as they themselves have, if not more.

Anonymous said...

Saywha', in reference to your comment about black crime. These statistics come from the DOJ.

[b]Ron Imus,

I was going to alert you to the fact that your head is firmly lodged up your ass, and ask that you kindly do us all a favor and remove it. But I now think that it might actually be better if you leave it up there, since you're bound to suffocate sooner or later (though I'm surprised the smell alone hasn't killed you yet), and then we will no longer have to read your full of shit tirades.

And for the record just an FYI: Blacks do not commit the most crimes in this country, Whites do. We aren't even close to touching ya'll when it comes to criminal activity.[/b]

Anonymous said...

ron morris:

That post re: teaching wasn't addressed to you. Apparently the fumes of your own ass are starting to close in on you after all.

And again, Blacks do not commit the most crimes. Whites do. This is not me pulling shit out of my ass and displaying it as fact due to some bias, this is based on the crime statistics collected every year by the U.S. government.

And every year the data collected shows that WHITES commits significantly more crimes than Blacks.

Anonymous said...

I see your link and raise you:

Anonymous said...


See, your the kind of teacher we need in these schools. Thank you x 100 for getting it.

Anonymous said...

"But the little kids are salvageable. We CAN help them. But we have to spend some money doing it, and we don't because we don't really care." Jimbo
Well said. The kids are salvageable. But i'm not sure Ron Morris is. It's guys like him that keep us from getting together, running thugs out of our neighborhood, getting more cops, and getting better schools. His only answer is to run away. Maybe he and Nsangoma can hook up.

field negro said...

ron ron ron; honestly, I am not sure if you are black or white. That's how sad it has become in this country. FYI, I knew about that case in B-more (almost blogged about it) and so do some other bloggers in the afrospear. (Check out the web I am sure it was blogged) But sorry, if you think those attacks were all racially motivated, you are sadly mistaken. Here is a little something you might want to chew on. These same monsters attack old black people, other young black people, and all sorts of people every day. And trust me, you ain't hearing about it in the MSM. How many murders in Philly this year? None of them are even considered news to white people until a white person is caught in the cross fire.

The next time you get upset about the state of young black men, just remember who created them.

Your anthropological rant about blacks is so pathetic that it's not even worth addressing. I am sure that everyone reading here can tell a crack-pot when they hear from one. Still, I am glad for your contribution, if only to show folks the type of ignorance that we have to deal with out here on an everyday basis.

"Negros commit most crime. The black tendency towards criminality is why there has never been a sucessful African government."

No, it's called colonialization. And I think someone posting above already gave you the facts about the first part of that sentencee.

"Blacks hate whites. Blacks hate whites becaue of the Jew press/media brainwashing blacks against whites.

Wouldn't it be just as easy for the press to pump into the negro head that the white man freed and befriended blacks?

Instead, the media trumps every slight or rare white attack on blacks as if it is an everyday occurence. This is done to incite black hatred of whites.

Black crime upon whites is concealed by the Jew owned media. This is no accident as the Jews want the blacks and whites in discord. The Jews want race war."

~~~~~OK, cue in "Twilight Zone" music here.

nsangoma, I think some therapy is needed. You have some serious self hate issues. You should be proud of all of your academic achievements (whatever motivates you,) but I think you have to ask yourself; is all this to better myself, or am I doing this to get back at all those people that laughed at me when I was a kid? I am just saying.

-D said...

Macdaddy, there are alot of whites who, without delving into culpability or finger-pointing, have reached the point where we'd like to simply solve the problem. But our successive administrations cannot match that level of emotion with organization, and the inertia leads to white apathy and resignation, which leads to white flight and the mentality that 'since we can't fix this, fuck 'em and leave them to it.' 'It' being of course to stew in those neighborhoods.

Our national strength is sapped by wasting generation after generation of young black males, who represent at least 5% of the general population.

I used to live in a really poor neighborhood, a lone white among many blacks. I minded my business and my manners and, aside from a couple incidents of theft, I was pretty much left alone.

One thing I learned living among poor blacks was that there is no lack of intelligence or creativity among them.

There was a flourishing drug business going on on the street corner near me, and the level of organizational detail, meticulousness and long-term planning that went into its operation was testament to the intelligence of the people involved.

So imagine how much stronger America could be if that energy was being used to increase productivity?

We have to get them when they're young, move them out of the negative environments and put them somewhere where they:

1) feel safe
2) are encouraged to learn
3) are never told that cracking a book is 'white' or 'selling out'
4) are monetarily and emotionally invested in, so they get a real sense that they are WANTED, LOVED and ENCOURAGED,

and finally

5) rinse and repeat until they reach college age. Send them off with a blessing and expectation that they succeed.

It will never happen. We need that money for tanks.


Anonymous said...


I don't think we need more cops (at least not in MY neck of the woods) or prisons for that matter, since any new cops will ultimately NEED people to ticket/arrest and any new prisons will ultimately NEED people to fill them...that would not bode well for us.

We do need better schools though, but this government is more interested in privatizing the school system (along with every other service, including protective services) rather than improving it (them).

Anonymous said...

Jimbo: We better make it happen or we're all screwed.

Anonymous said...

Schools and money. Spend more money?

I wonder whether the time for compulsory racial integration of the schools hasn’t passed. It doesn’t seem to accomplish anything that anyone wants.

The lunge toward integration of course began after 1953, and made a certain moral and intellectual sense at the time. Regardless of denials and justifications, blacks were indeed oppressed until then, and did indeed have schools hopelessly underfunded in comparison to those of white children. (I was a kid in small-town Alabama in 1956-57. Don’t even try to tell me that it wasn’t so.)

Things being very bad, some form of remediation was morally desirable, and the various solutions proposed were both well-intentioned and at least superficially plausible. If whites persisted in giving blacks wretched schools and ignorant teachers, which they did, then, it was thought, putting all children in the same school would settle that. Blacks had never amounted to much scholastically, but then they had always been slaves or serfs; it was not implausible to hope that with better schools they might rise. Certainly it was worth a try.

Southerners said it wouldn’t work, and it didn’t. This failure was probably the greatest misfortune ever to afflict the US. A half-century later, a yawning gap persists between the scholastic performance of blacks and whites. The gap has proved intractable under every nostrum, program, fad, or form of social shuffling. Nobody in his right mind can argue that the country hasn’t tried. The gap doesn’t close.

What now?

Distinctions exist between segregation, desegregation, and integration. Segregation is compulsory separation. Integration is compulsory togetherness. Desegregation is freedom of choice. That is, parents send their children to schools of their choosing. This, I submit, should be the law of the land. The result would be voluntary segregation since the races don’t much want to be together, but why isn’t it their business?

It seems to me that we should ask: What is better for the children? Has integration benefited the kids? If so, which kids? How? Or has it harmed them?

Integration does not appear to have helped black kids, who almost always end up at the bottom scholastically. The reasons can perhaps be debated, but it is what happens, and it shows no signs of changing. Further, being with white kids is not necessary to the advancement of blacks. The best schools I have encountered for blacks in terms of academics are the Catholic schools of downtown Washington, DC, almost entirely black.

However, compulsory integration does hurt white children. Whatever the reasons, whites have a greater interest in studying. White parents tend to want their progeny to learn mathematics, history, the sciences, occasionally the English language, literature, and the arts. White parents, or many white parents at any rate, want rigor in these courses. The enstupidation of America has reached the point that much of the population ruts and gobbles at the moo-cow level, yes. Still, the aspirations of whites remain much higher than those of blacks.

Blacks do not seem interested in European history, or literature, or languages, or the sciences, or mathematics. Neither in integrated schools nor in de facto black schools does one hear them demanding thicker books with bigger words and smaller pictures. I would happily provide these things, but they don’t ask. Perhaps the current policy of trying to impose on them a European culture that isn’t theirs, and that they show no signs of wanting, should end.

Since it has not proved possible to raise black children to the levels preferred by whites, the schools have sought to disguise the failure by diminishing academic rigor for all. This harms whites.

Why not let black parents decide what should be taught to their children? It is their business. I am perfectly content that black kids study physical chemistry and classical Greek, or Swahili and Ebonics, or anything they choose, or nothing at all. It is neither my business nor my problem. Should blacks ask me, I would suggest that in my view being able to read well should be an aim. I would recommend for them the course of study that I want for my own children. But if they did not want these things, as they seem not to, I would suggest that they manage their own schools as they saw fit.

Would it not be better to offer the races a choice and let things settle out as people chose? You could call this policy something like, say, “democracy,” or even “freedom.” Note please that I am specifically not suggesting reinstitution of compulsory segregation anywhere, and particularly not in the schools. A black child who wanted to go to an academically rigorous, predominantly white school should be permitted to do so.

My interest here is partly selfish—to avoid condemning white children to schools dumbed down and unable to insist on standards of schooling and behavior that, as a white, I regard as important. To avoid charges of consigning black children to poor schools, I would happily agree to provide black schools with twice the money per student of the white schools. They could set standards as they chose, choose such courses as they chose, and hire such teachers as they chose. I do not see how this could be called mistreatment.

It could, however, be called “multiculturalism.”

One hears much chatter about “diversity” and its never-explained virtues. But I note that those who most promote it least practice it. How many professors at Harvard bus their own progeny to deep black schools in downtown Boston? Do congressmen in Washington send their budding gifts to eternity to schools in, say, Anacostia? Any city has large regions of almost pure diversity to which these rich white kids might be consigned, and I promise that they would learn a great deal from it. Almost instantly. Oh yes. Do we have any takers?

Let me have my culture, and I will let you have yours. I do not question your right to teach your children as you think best. Do not question my equal right. In fact, whatever your culture, if you want to attend the schools of my children, I will require no more than minimal criminality, civilized comportment, and academic compatibility. Welcome, whatever your color. If you are, say, Chinese, and want to maintain your Chineseness at home, or want egg rolls served in the school cafeteria, or want Chinese taught along with French and Spanish, I say, “Great.” We can do this. When diversity means learning something instead of screwing up the schools, sign me on. But it usually doesn’t.

One thing seems certain: You cannot have in the schools two readily distinguishable groups, one of them being politically sensitive, the two differing utterly in academic intentions and achievement, in behavior and language, without shortchanging one and probably both. Differences in outcome are invidious and invariably engender lower standards. Experience shows that when the races can separate, they do. The benefits desired from forced integration have not materialized. Perhaps it is time to try something else.


Anonymous said...

As Fred Reed says......

It is possible to derive an ashen satisfaction from watching really stupid people dancing on a tight rope over a den of alligators. At each resounding dental snap one yells “Yeeeeeeeee-ha! Told you so!” and reaches for another beer.

It makes a better Saturday night than a six pack and a bug zapper.

From the Washington Post: “Nearly half of the nation's children under 5 are racial or ethnic minorities, and the percentage is increasing mainly because the Hispanic population is growing so rapidly, according to a census
report released today.”

Now in newspaper parlance, “minorities” means “permanently underperforming and inassimilable minorities,” which is to say blacks, Latinos and, when anybody remembers, American Indians. It very seldom means successful minorities, such as Chinese, Greeks, white men, Jews, or Anglo-Saxons.

As we look forward to a massive slewing away from the dominance of European whites in America, what may we expect? What will these huge minority populations do? It is instructive to look at what they have done so far. Zimbabwe and South Africa could be examples. Highest crime rates in the world. Rates so hight that records are no longer kept!

Some thirteen percent of the USA country is now black, and thirteen percent Latino: over a quarter in all. Blacks remain intractably far below the white population academically. An astounding proportion can’t read, and of those who can, few do. The gap hasn’t closed, despite Head Start, integrated schools, segregated schools, more funding, welfare, black teachers, black school boards, black mayors, remedial instruction, or anything else.

The gap appears on every known test of mental capacity or scholarly achievement—SATs, GREs, ACT, LSATs, MedCats, Stanford-Binet, Wechsler, Raven’s matrices. Nothing makes a difference. Everything has been tried. Because of this, we got affirmative action or, as kids once said, make believe that all races are intellectually and morally equal.

Further, blacks are not assimilating. Despite pushing, shoving, laws, legislation, regulation, and relentless indoctrination, the races are not melding at a rate that will produce results any time soon. The huge black necrotic regions of the cities, that whites never see, are so big and isolated as to be impervious to outside influence. If you have not spent time in police cars in such places, you cannot imagine the hopelessness and hatred that brood there. If you think that “hatred” is too hard a word, go look. I have. Whether the hatred is justified doesn’t matter. It exists.

Yes, I will be called a racist for saying these things. I hope so. Today, “racist” means “one who says what everybody else knows.” It is a badge of intellectual honor. Nonetheless, it remains that if I could change any of these conditions, I would. I don't enjoy seeing people in lousy circumstance. I just don’t know what to do about it. Neither does anyone else.

Now, Latinos. Americans seem to think that the word denotes one kind of people, namely Mexicans, conceived as sitting torpidly under cactuses while wearing sombreros. Actually the variety of Latinos is great, from Argentines who amount to Europeans to Bolivians who are Indians. The Latinos coming into America are heavily Indian and uneducated. Mexican ophthalmologists do not swim the river. Mexicans who can make a decent living do not want to live in the United States. Thus the US gets the losers, the second-grade educations, people who on average have neither the intellect nor the urge to study. Yes, there are exceptions. But they are exceptions.

Everyone says, “But the Hispanics work hard.” They do indeed, in the first generation. Many people in fields such as construction have told me that the Latinos are the backbone of their operations, that blacks don’t want to work, have attitudes, show up if they feel like it and quit without warning. The Latinos work, now. Their children do terribly in school, however, drop out, and lose the desire to work. Then they join gangs. These are the latinos waging war on the negros and whites, wars the press/media does not write about or put on the news.

Nice white people don’t know about gangs. Maybe they think of West Side Story. I used to ride in Chicago, with the PD and with the South Side Gang Initiative, a federally funded program in the rotting satellite cities, Markham, Robbins, and Fort Ord. I saw the gangs. There were the Black Gangster Disciples, the Vice Lords, the Latin Kings, the Latin Cobras, the P Stones, the El Ruykins who came out of the old Blackstone Rangers and, earlier, Blackstone Raiders. They aren’t the Jets, people. They’re killers. And they loathe white America. They also loath black America.

I once interviewed a ranking Vice Lord in the Cook Country Jail. Why, I asked, did blacks kill each other so much? “They’d rather kill whites,” he answered, “but they know they’d lose.” There's a lot of that. When I left Washington four years ago, Mara Salvatrucha (look on the web) was appearing in Arlington, Virginia, and now their graffiti are show up in Springfield, Virginia.

Law enforcement in America relies on having a white population that is mostly law-abiding. It has no good way of responding to large numbers of violent criminals, especially when they are backed by politically potent voting blocs. The crucial question, or a crucial question, is what proportion of the new minorities will fall into the permanent underclass? How much permanent underclass can the nation stand? A certain percentage of the population must be willing to obey the rules/laws or the house of cards comes tumbling down.

Another crucial question is this: If half the children today are of minorities, then in no more than eighteen years half the kids of college age will be. Unless they show a sudden scholarly afflatus which has not heretofore been in evidence, this means that soon the US will have to compete with China with the brains of only half the nation. This is not to mention secondary effects, such as enstupidating all schools to hide the failures of the minorities. Do you suppose that the Chinese are doing that?

Now, from the same story in the Washington Post, this: “William H. Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, predicted that the United States will have 'a multicultural population that will probably be more tolerant, accommodating to other races and more able to succeed in a global economy.'"

How heart-warming. I suggest that William H. Frey is a thoroughgoing fool, but this is common among academics.The whole touchy-feely multy-culty idea that forcing people together will make them love one another, kum bah yah, is simply wrong. Right now, there is a tremendous repressed hostility between blacks and whites, the lid being held on by federal power, tight control of the press, and rigorous political correctness. Whites, huge numbers of them, detest Latino immigrants and would love to expel them from the country. Serious friction grows between blacks and Latinos as Latinos push blacks out of regions they once controlled. We’re not moving toward accommodation. We’re moving toward trouble.

What will happen as the economy declines and the minorities continue growing in number? As they continue demanding through political power what they cannot obtain on their merits? As standards of living drop, and the pie isn’t creamy enough to give everyone juicy freebies?

It will be nothing if not entertaining. Bring it on. Love them alligators.

-D said...

Morris, I tried to read everything you wrote, and while on the surface it seems coherent, it was pretty hard to follow in actuality.

Bottom line, it seems like you're advocating/predicting a race war and also saying that darker-skinned Latinos and blacks do not assimilate.

(By the way, I find your nativism amusing considering you're living in Mexico.)

Latinos DO assimilate. Study after study has shown that the second-generation of Mexicans speak English as a first language. But because we share a contiguous border with them, there is a constant replacement of NEW Mexicans, speaking only Spanish, that gives the impression the population is monolithic and not assimilatory.

Blacks assimilate too, especially upper-income African-Americans, Caribbean blacks and blacks from Africa.

Lower-income African-Americans do not because they were brought here against their will and endured a slavery system that purposefully destroyed family and cultural cohesion to make them more susceptible to following their masters' orders.

A combination of hatred over the past, the echoes of that cultural breakdown and lack of economic mobility leaves them consigned to their urban prisons without viable options. That leaves them with the drug trade and the sorrows and criminality that comes with it.

I am white and I lived in poor black neighborhoods, so spare me the sermons about blacks and what they are capable of. I've seen it from the street level, not the window of a cop car.

We either get organized and determine that we tackle this problem, or we leave the debate to 'concerned citizens' such as yourself.

And there will be no revolution; that's alot of jibber-jabber from white racists and black nationalists alike that is but hot air.

All we'll be left with is the reality; things will stay the same, broken and malfunctioning, and this nation will continue to bear this festering wound.


Anonymous said...


Please define what you personally mean by assimilation? And what degree of assimilation you think is going to/necessary to make people of color acceptable here?

Because I have to tell you, as a person of color, the word assimilation does not necessarily mean good things to me (it's ranks with the all to popular term "color blind").

ron morris:

I barely glanced through what you wrote but I gather from the last paragraph you're wondering what will happen when Whites become the minority in this country?

Not 100% sure but I do have a feeling that, for one thing, we will likely round up and imprison all the White drug users and dealers (Oh and newsflash: Whites also use AND deal far more drugs, than Blacks, and again this is based on data) with the same rigor with which Black/Hispanic drug users and dealers have been rounded up and imprisoned. I imagine that this will not bode well for you.

-D said...

Saywha, assimilation can carry a negative edge if it gets blurred with homogenization.

I have an ethnic identity that goes beyond being 'white,' so I understand that.

Assimilation; i.e. becoming part of the mainstream, means bringing urban, poor blacks into mainstream society... so values like education are inculcated in the young, and mechanisms for growth like

1) higher education
2) homeownership
3) investment

are seen as possible and achievable, and therefore, something to be aspired to, used and exploited.

It does NOT have to mean loss of cultural identity and distinctiveness unless we make it so.

I am not one of these armchair cultural anthropologists who blame black plight on hard core rap.


Anonymous said...

saywha' macdaddy field

As per usual, a bunch of punk, soft, pusillanimous, cry-baby, counsel the at-risk youth, sociological, psychological doo-bull-bull.

Where do you people send your children, grandchildren to school?

Public, independent, selective-magnet, parochial, home-schooled?

Is your child where your mouf is?

Some of us feed from the trough of public education, getting paid and talking a lot of punk cry-baby feces:

dem po' black inner-city youth, you just don't lub dem and understand dem and understand dere pain;

while sending your children to private schools [a virtual separation of the stoop kids (yours) from the corner kids].

If I am a self-hating Negroe, then in my humble opinion, we are sorely in need of more people like me.

The street kids, the corner kids, should be taken out and shot dead.

Anonymous said...

ron morris:

We will also make nsangoma your cell mate. You both should have a lot to talk about (rumor has it he's "as black as the wind-driven coal dust").


Thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

Ron Morris is also a thief. Most of what ron has posted/stolen is from a site I also read, its called Fredoneverything.

The Jew devil stuff must have been stolen from another site since Fred Reed doesn't post garbage like that.


field negro said...

ron ron ron, is what burpster said about you true? If it is I am actually dissapointed. Here I was thinking that I had another original thinker (albeit a misguided one) in the fields :)

Your driver said...

Ron pretty well makes my point. He actually thinks that he is informed and knows his subject. What he has is that familiarity without fellowship that I was talking about.

I'm on a hell of a Howard Thurman kick. I've got to recommend him here and everywhere else I go.

Anonymous said...

My opening statement was, "As Fred Reed says,"

Whasa matter...kan't read?

Anonymous said...

Jon, actually, I do know my subject. Very well.

Blacks are unkowning pawns, dupes used as tools to accomplish goals set by the Zionists who run this country. These Devils want to break this country apart so that we can all be their slaves. They play blacks, whites, mexicans, etc against each other.

America is a colony of Israel. Israel conquered the United States via AIPAC, a Zionist Israeli Lobby group. How do you keep a slave happy? Don't tell them they are slaves. Let them think they run things by letting them elect their leaders.....puppet leaders hand picked by the Zionists.

Most of our politicians rely on money to obtain office. These politicians are loyal to who or what entity donates money for them to run for office.

AIPAC has connections to bring in a lot of money for these politicians.

These politicians are expected to vote how they are told on legislation that affects Israel. If they do not, then they will not have the money to run for office. As Cynthia McKinney from Georgia.

The Iraq war. Google "The dancing Israelis 9-11". You will find that Israel with US government involvement blew up the world trade center. How would a bunch of Israelis know to be there filming before the airplane hit the tower if they were not involved? Why were they dancing "with glee"?

Far fetched?? Google USS Liberty. That event was when the US Government and Israel tried to sink an American ship with all hands on board so that it could be blamed on Egypt and get the USA into the war.

Remember, American sailors were killed in this attack. Lyndon Johnson committed treason with this act.

Remember what I wrote about Africa and the starving blacks? Do you believe the blacks in Africa are starving and dying from disease by accident or circumstance?

I am well read. I read the news from almost every country in the world every day.

Do not trust the American media if you want to know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I do believe da fields have been taken over by massa -ron morris' stupid ass. If ya'll hate niggers, leave us the fuck alone. White people are the only people who seek out the people they supposedly hate. Know why? 'Cuz ya'll don't really hate us. It's pathological. You have to be near us in some form or fashion. Dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

brotherkomrade your cirricula vitae, your major ?

saywha' macdaddy field

What type of school does your children, grandchildren go to?

Inner city public, suburban public, with accreditation, without accreditation, independent, selective-magnet, parochial, home-schooled? What's up?

An answer please, don't punk-out!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: I do believe da fields have been taken over by massa -ron morris' stupid ass. If ya'll hate niggers, leave us the fuck alone. White people are the only people who seek out the people they supposedly hate. Know why? 'Cuz ya'll don't really hate us. It's pathological. You have to be near us in some form or fashion. Dumbasses.

Ron Morris says: How many whites are moving to Africa seeking opportunity? How many whites are moving to South America to seek opportunity? How about Haiti???

I write here to try and understand the black mind.

The "Minorities" are moving to countries that whites built, not vice-versa. Whites are fleeing black countries. Blacks are fleeing black managed countries!

Blacks lack the ability to make it without whitey. In Zimbabwe the blacks want the whites to return because, under black leadership, the country has turned into a living hell.

In Haiti and the Dominican Republic, blacks live as if they are in darkest Africa. In Iceland, where there are fish, ice and volcanos, the whites have made a paradise. The whites use the volcanos to generate steam to run turbines that generate free electricity. Blacks would have become extinct in Iceland within 6 months of landing there.

Yet, in Haiti, in a climate where the habitat could be turned into a paradise, blacks live in poverty and try to flee to the USA, a crumbling, former white society.

As the minorities take over and increase in population, the living standard plumets in direct porportion to the non-white population.

What are the blacks going to do when the race war comes and whites form a separate country from the hispanics and blacks?

This senario has played itself out all over Africa. Now, you can make excuses such as "Colonialism", but the truth is, blacks have never built a successful civilization and need whitey to survive in a civilized state.

If the above statements are not true, then why do blacks always want to move to white neighborhoods and try to get away from other blacks? No matter where whitey goes, blackie follows.

In Jena, whites could not even sit under a shade tree by themselves without blacks following them there, causing trouble.

Even blacks don't want to live around other blacks. Poor whites don't murder each other at the rate blacks murder each other. Poor chinese don't murder each other at the rate blacks murder each other.

Not only do blacks murder each other, they murder everyone that gets into their path.

Blacks are their own worse enemy. People don't dislike blacks because they happen to be black. People don't like blacks because of the way in which blacks behave.

Anonymous said...

@Ron Morris..... this is the gist of his bile..*giggle*

blah, blah, blah....blacks this, blacks that, blacks the other. the blacks are criminals, the blacks are animals, the blacks, the blacks, the blacks. Hey you BLACKS!!! Go back to Africa! I have nothing more going for me, so I flaunt my supposed superiority via racial rants, I seek out "the blacks" to try to convince them of my superiority, "the blacks" will be slaughtered in the impending race war...a war that's been acomin' fer forty odd years. Did i mention that I feel like a loser in my own race? That's why I come to da Fields. Makes me feel better because at least I ain't a nigger! I'm still white and I must toot that horn because without my skin, I have nothing! I take pride in something (my skin) that I have no control over and I taunt others (THE BLACKS) who have no control over their skin. The white race are saints, they are warriors!!! The Jews are using the blacks as a tool against the good white people! Blacks commit every crime in the country and when a white commits a crime, it is an anomaly or a negro is behind it. The negro in Africa is suffering without us! I take pride in every white accomplishment, even if that white person is NOT in my past or whether or not I share ethnicity with the white person in question! White people build civilizations! Cro-magnon hominids tear them down.

In other words, you sound like a fucking lunatic.

field negro said...

"In other words, you sound like a fucking lunatic."


-D said...

Ron, you are totally ridiculous.

How about Moldavia and Serbia and Belorussia, totally white countries that don't have a speck of black population?

I don't see any black people moving there, and they are still shitholes. White people MADE those countries, didn't they? Aren't they, under your worldview, supposed to be lands of opportunity?

There are no Muslims or Asians or blacks in those countries. And they're (slightly) more temperate than Iceland. And yet, still shitholes.

So maybe it has less to do with race, and more with other factors....Hmmmmmm.....

And how about African countries like Gabon and Botswana and Mozambique and Kenya where WHITE PEOPLE ARE MOVING IN TO BUILD WEALTH. Gabon is full of white oil workers working for multi-nationals, making big bucks. Mozambique is an African economic success story... but of course you read the news from all the countries so you already know that.

As for Israel and AIPAC, unfortunately, I have to agree with you there, if only a little. I don't think there's a Zionist master-plan to destroy America, but I think AIPAC is a highly effective single-issue lobby that has hijacked the Israeli-Palestinian debate, not unlike how the NRA has hijacked gun-control.

AIPAC is anti-thetical to America's best interests.


Anonymous said...

Ding Dang and Gosh darn! Now I know how the black students in Jena felt. Y'all don't want me to sit under your shade tree.

Why don't y'all want me to sit under your shade tree? Certainly it is not because of my BEHAVIOR??

What could it be???? I am at a loss to explain this.

Truth is never welcome at a liars convention. However, I will be nice and leave you in peace. Keep your damned old shade tree. I didn't want to sit under it anyway.

Chris said...

why are you letting loons comment

brotherkomrade said...

@ Useless Duppy, Nsangoma

"I am an independent contractor, my vocation is network engineering. I design and build the IP networks that carry voice, data, video, and image conversations."

And Yet you can't write a simple piece of code to create links in your comments. Keep trying, Desmond, keep trying..

Yes, your Vitae is less than impressive to me in fact you are a joke of a little man and I had you pegged that you were not a real educator and not being there for a real purpose. You were asked to teach the little monkeys, then why didn't you say, "no"?
What is your point regarding punk-assed English degrees, anyway? Really what is your point? What does that mean in the scheme of things?
Currently I work in the IT field and I know a poser when I sees one.
You build IPoV networks? So? I've worked in places to correct the mess of so-called degreed net engineers because as usual they were too busy hitting the books, lost out on key things: like experience common sense, and practicality.
We call you paper certs.

The corner kids should be taken out and shot? Which ones, "Nsangoma"?

GFY and learn how to create a link.
Until you can bring something real to the table other than your bragging of your Bantu education, you can GFY.

hottnikz said...

I recently moved to this neighborhood and like you said Field it ain't the main line. Here the white people are just as ignorant and ghetto as they come. They fill up the corners and sell drugs and do all kinds of foolishness. On top of that they find time to deface private property in their "own" neighborhood. They have a lot of nerve.

hottnikz said...

This reminds me of the stories my mother told me of when I was a baby and my mom used to work for Northeastern Hospital. She would get chased on the bus by the whites every night until she finally quit in fear of her life. 30 something years later and things are basically still the same.

Anonymous said...

I grew up amongst the poor and working class whites, and to be honest, their dire conditon is equivalent to that in the black and latino ghettos, sadly, no one even addresses those issues nor does intense faux studies on their environment. Therefore poor whites remain in denial or oblivous to the fact that they are in the same condition as poor blacks.

Anonymous said...

"Therefore poor whites remain in denial or oblivous to the fact that they are in the same condition as poor blacks".

^^^I agree with that 100% and the ones with power/influence, exploit their ignorance by pointing the blame at minorities when both poor whites & poor minorities are all on the sinking boat. Divide and conquer strategy always works.

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