Sunday, December 02, 2007

Welcome back I-Man.

It's great to be an old white man in A-merry-ca isn't it Mr. Imus? Here we are just eight months after your little, ahem, slip of the tongue, and you are back on the air with a new five year deal. And this after settling for millions with your former employer under the terms of your previous contract. So back to WABC radio you go. And you will even have a simulcast T.V. deal with RFD-T.V., who is owned by the Rural Group. How fitting.

I would say something like I hope you learned your lesson, but why should you have? Hell, you made out better now than you were before nappyheadedhogate. We should all be so lucky after being fired from our jobs.

I wonder if all of your old political buddies and all those powerful people you used to have on your show will show up again? Or will they abandon you like Harold Ford and some of your big shot Washington friends did ? Every time I saw that fraud, Tim Russert, back peddle from his association with you I wanted to throw up. He knew exactly what you were about, and he had no problem yucking it up on your show when he wanted to push his phony ass book. But I digress.

I-Man I even hear you will have one black regular on this new show, but you are keeping that a secret for now. ---- Let me say this for the record: whoever it is will be the fields HN for awhile on this blog. But I am sure it could be anybody. You could have Jason Fatlock lined up to do your sports. You could have Thomas Sowell, or Armstrong Williams lined up to do your political commentary. You could put on D.L. Hugely, and Daymon Wayans to tell jokes. And if you really want to be like your arch nemesis, Howard Stern, you could jock him and create your own Robin Quivers. May I suggest La Shawn Barber for that role? Hell she even looks like her.

Speaking of Howard Stern; he says "people will tune you out within a week." I say he is wrong. A-merry-ca will love you and they will throw their full support behind you. A-merry-ca doesn't like to see one of their own beat up over a little racial issue. We all just want to see nappyheadedhogate behind us. You made a mistake, you apologized, now let's move on folks. We are too busy for all this racial talk in our beloved country.

"I am not ashamed of saying it is about money". So says your new Program Director, Phil Boyce.

Of course Phil, in A-merry-ca it always is.


Jay said...

Yeah, and good old boy Mike Huckabee will be one of his first guests on tomorrow. Guess the Huckster needed to offset those "soft on immigration" shots being fired at him by hanging with racists.

Jonne Austin said...

I wanted to be pissed off about him being reinstated but screw him. He's old, looks like a penis and quite frankly I am not entirely surprised such words came out of his mouth.

I am more disgusted and peeved at Hughley and Wayans and why the hell haven't we all taken them down the way we took Imus????

Et tu Brute?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yes! He does look like a penis! An ugly old shriveled up penis. . . at least what I imagine an ugly old shriveled up penis might look like. The hillbilly aint that old.
At least he won't be on MSNBC so that when I accidently turn them on in the morning to catch some news I don't have to get the slightest dose of that obnoxious little worm.
I try and not let idiotic morons like him and the people who support idiotic morons like him distract me from my goals.

Christopher said...

So, Anus in the Morning, returns to the airways today?

I hear he's being very careful, treading lightly and eating lots of humble pie.

This should last about a week -- maybe less, then the essential klansman will come out again.

I wonder if all his regular guests will come-a-crawling? Tweety Mathews? Pumpkinhead Russert? James Carville and Mary Matlin? Paul Begala?

Good. They all deserve one another and they all make me sick to my stomach.

David Sullivan said...

They must have those folks at Disney doing his animatronics because for a corspe he appears almost lifelike (or at the very least un-dead.)!

Anonymous said...

Precisely, field. For white men in America, there are always, always, always second acts. And third. And fourth. For black folks and others "of color" -- not so much.

Run down a list of major league plagiarists who fell from grace and see which ones came back with movie deals (Stephen Glass) and which ones ended up homeless and on the street (Janet Cook anyone?)

RedLipstick said...


Our "linguistic magician" does it again!

? What's going on with DL and Damon? I'm out of step with these fellas.

Kyle said...

I hear 50 and Soulja Boy are gonna perform and fire off some celebratory gunshots on the show this week...

Bellini said...

please digress. . .as a political junkie I know exactly what you're talking about. After the firestorm of nappyheadedhogate, Tim had Gwen Ifill (whom I love) on one of his roundtables and the sista didn't let Tim forget that he continued to patronize the show after he made an affront on Ifill. hmmmmm. . . politics as usual

Unknown said...

Papa G and I had a bet on this. He said before the new year and I said after, so I just lost some $. It's just sad all around. We accept this shit and it keeps happening. Will there be an uproar and boycotts of advertisers this time around? I think not. Anyone wanna take that bet?

Anonymous said...

I think Imus and his coments are deplorable. I am a black woman whose always known about Imus and he's always been the same way. My only question is this, Field...why do you think this comment got him into trouble yet, I've of heard him saying far worse things about more accomplished black women and nothing has ever been done until this incident? I think that's why I didn't really care if he got fired or not. Imus has always been Imus. To me, this incident did more to legitimize his old ass than anything else. I thought the media blowing it up was an attempt to make a collective group of accomplished, young black women look less feminine and ugly. Otherwise, why wouldn't his previously more offensive remarks been made public? He was typically insulting only one or two people with his past insults but this, to me, was a full on assault on black women's looks and femininity. I guess the media couldn't pass up the chance to add insult to "injury".
That said, I'm not shocked the bastard is back. It was only a matter of time.

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

This whole incident has only made him richer. He settled out of court with ABC a few months ago for an undisclosed amout after he sued them. I'm sure he's happy the incident happened b/c it's only made his pockets fatter!

As far as the two tokens that will appear on his show, it goes to show you that people will still do anything for a buck (and shuck).

It's politics and dollar signs as usual.

Rutgers Univ c/o '9---something &
Proud former member of the Scarlet Knights Women Basketball Team!

field negro said...

"Will there be an uproar and boycotts of advertisers this time around? I think not. Anyone wanna take that bet?"

Nope! I won't take that bet, that's a loser from where I sit.

"Anus in the Morning"? That's classic!

I don't live in New York, but my man Jose Vilson said there were two brothers and a Jewish guy on today....I have their names. Trust me, they will be my HN by the end of the day.

"why do you think this comment got him into trouble yet, I've of heard him saying far worse things about more accomplished black women and nothing has ever been done until this incident?"

Honestly anjanette, I think it's because sports was involved. A-merry-cans love their sports, and when you attack their sports heroes you cross a line. You are right about Imus and his ignorant ass behavior in the past. But he got away with it, because he always knew just who to attack. He really f****d up here by going after these smart innocent women (poster children for everything that is good in college athletics) who were just representing their school to the fullest.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Janine and field are right: The rich white guy always gets a second chance, even if he's racist, anti-semitic and sexist. However, being a victim of habit, he'll say something stupid soon, and the uproar will start all over again. He'll be watched.

On another subject, Sean Taylor is being put to rest. And Earl Ofari Hutchinson's latest blog should put to rest any remaining suggestions that Sean Taylor was victimized by his so-called thug lifestyle complete with his love for commerical rap (which they call hip hop).

As Hutchinson stated, the truth is that, while this young blood's body was still warm, Jason Whitlock and other black conservatives, with no credible evidence whatsoever, rushed to judgement, suggesting that this good family man got what he deserved. They even got to throw in a jab or two against commercial rap, which they call hip hop.

Now that the guys have been arrested and appear to have no connection to Taylor's past, Whitlock and his House negro homies (Hey, everybody's in a gang)are looking like the prostituting, black male-hating idiots they are.

So, on this day, the day Sean Taylor is put to rest, I just want to say one thing to Whitlock and others House negroes who put down their own people without evidence for a piece of chump change from massa to buy a few pork chops.


I hope you make him a lawn jockey, field

Here's Hutchingson's link:

Jose Vilson said...

I thought you hadn't seen the e-mail already, but I guess you have. It's a sista and a brotha in particular that I'm worried about. It's like Howard Stern x 2, so he can't be fucked with on either end. Disgusting.

Christopher Chambers said...

Macdaddy--you're stupid. He still had the connection to these thugs through his step sister (his momma had four kids by three different men). The lifestyle and 'tude are still there and NOTHING's going to get better until enablers like yourself quit it. He was going around Redskins camp two years ago telling everyone how "street" he was, how his living with his dad didn't make him soft, how he didn't no rookie camp. Sad how things come true if you embrace the myths way too much. Indeed, there are folks in DC who are outraged because THEIR sons get killed by other young black men and nobody has 24 hour mawkish, sappy, cliched tributes for them. Even mawkish, sappy, cliched tributes are better than nothing.

As for Imus, well, once Reverand Al and Jesse et al got their ink and air time, it was old news. We're more concerned with Snoop Dogg's new reality show than keeping up the heat. Fatlock and his ilk sting with some inconvenient, uncomfortable truths. Earl Ofari Hutchinson's just a played-out whiner, thinking he's back in the 70s when you could blame whitey and be proclaimed a public intellectual (oops...that'd be Michael Eric Dyson too folks).
These are the true lawn jockeys--for you are frozen stiff as a paper mache puppet while the world's passing us by. A whole generation's lost and that that generation couldn't help itself if it wanted to, to let's concentrate on the helping the next one with without the usual dogma, shall we? Note is was folks like your usual suspect House Negro Al Roker who came out early and hard saying suspend this dick Imus from the airwaves foreover--and he risked his usual white audience to do it. I didn't hear anything for your heroes in baggy pants...maybe they we spending time staring at Keysha Cole's big redbone boobs to care?

Time for something new. A new approach, a new way of thought. Sean Taylor carried something with him--a scent that those teenage wastes of protoplasm scented and followed. Hell, in a weird way, even Frank Lucas, dope-dealer extraordinaire saw the danger in allowing ANY taint of "the street" to follow you. He even smacked his own brother for wearing a pimpsuit. Now that's some anal stuff...

Field, he's got me wound up and I apologize to you...

Anonymous said...

"there are folks in DC who are outraged because THEIR sons get killed by other young black men and nobody has 24 hour mawkish, sappy, cliched tributes for them. Even mawkish, sappy, cliched tributes are better than nothing."

Mawkish? Sappy? Chris: I'm not even angry at you. I know you mean well. But check out the Black voices blog and try to catch what the people had to say who knew him: His father, his mother, his girlfriend, Garcia (the actor), his friends (mostly ballplayers who have known this god forever). They spoke from their heart about a person who had their back both off and on the field.

When you die, I hope your family will be privileaged to hear such words about you. I don't think they'll say it's mawkish or sappy.

Maybe this is too personal for you. Maybe you just don't want to admit that yo boy Whitlock had it wrong: That this was no hit from the past but a botched robbery.

And maybe you don't want to admit something else: If it can happen to Sean Taylor, it can happen to you too. Blessings

Jonne Austin said...

Maybe this is too personal for you. Maybe you just don't want to admit that yo boy Whitlock had it wrong: That this was no hit from the past but a botched robbery.

And maybe you don't want to admit something else: If it can happen to Sean Taylor, it can happen to you too. Blessings
In my piece about Sean Taylor I touched on that. Great point! We all wanted to assume that the blame was partly his because then we can just assign blame to "the ghetto." That way we don't have to really see how terrible the situation is when black men like those four jackasses come out of their "element" and try to injure and or rob folks who are doing right the best way they know how.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field, this is a bit off topic but regarding your "house negro" Karith Foster...

Karith Foster was a part of the standup lineup back in March at a gay bar here in NYC called Barracuda. She seemed like a bit of a “sellout” then but little did I know that the two black women featured in the lineup would represent sellout central. Defending Imus’ return to the radio? Come on now girl, you can do better.

Anyway, another black female comedian Erica Watson called a group of three black men “niggers” on stage in front of a majority gay white audience. She took audience questions and someone asked “What do you think about the word nigger?” Here is what she said:

“I don’t know. You guys invented the word, so you guys should be able to use it. I mean don’t you just look at a guy and say ‘Damn, he’s such a nigger!’? I mean, you know a nigger when you see one. There are those three in the corner right there.” Comedy?

For more information, please go to the March 13, 2007 entry of racialicious:

If you copy and paste, you should obtain the entire URLs...

Thanks Field.

west coast story said...

I'd like to associate myself with Christopher Chambers' comments.

I posted something about this yesterday but must have deleted it instead. I don't care much about what Imus is doing. In the grand scheme of insanity going on in my commmunity, Don Imus falls pretty far down the list of priorities. I also agreed with Ajanette and Seattle Slim to some degree.

I think it's more degrading for black people to say evil things about black people than whites. I agree with the spirit of Christopher's comments that the real lawn jockeys are the apologists who are poised to write off another generation of young black people so we can blame whitey and racism for the corrosion in our communities.

pjazzypar said...

He might as well be working for the money that you know he was probably getting paid while he was off anyway. There was not doubt that he would be returning, the question was when. Imus does what he is paid to do and that is why he is back.

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