Saturday, December 29, 2007


George Bush- Duh! We could have had him on this list every year since 2001.

Dick Cheney- See the previous post.

The Republican candidates for president- All male, all white, and all scary as fuck.

Mass murderers- Colleges, churches, malls; nowhere was safe from these sick mother fuckers.

Erik Prince-as CEO of Blackwater, this bible toting fascist has his own private army. God help us. Oh wait, god will only help him. We are truly fucked!

The U.S. congress- These assholes have an approval rating in the low twenties. Why? Because they allowed the frat boy to have his way; and, because they are as slimy and as sleazy as ever.

Larry Craig, Bob Allen,Richard Curtis,Donald Fleischman, and Glenn Murphy, Jr.-All these phony ass republicans have a sexual secret to hide, but openly act as if gays are trying to destroy the republic. You hypocritical dick heads can all kiss my black ass......correct that; you might enjoy it too much.

Britney Spears and her newly knocked up sister-Enough already!

Don Imus- "Nappy headed hoes"? But not to worry, he has shown his love for black people by putting two token house Negroes on his show.

Michael Medved- He doesn't think slavery was that bad. Hey, he is speaking for 30% of the folks here in A-merry-ca, so get used to it.

Rupert Murdoch- His FAKE NEWS empire just keeps growing, and A-merry-cans just keep tuning in.

Television political and social pundits-Out of touch, and out of things to say. You all should just shut up and stop stealing money from the networks.

Alberto Gonzales-This lying little twit set the justice department back 50 years.

Mitt Romney- All lies and all smiles. This phony with the Colgate smile deserves a special place away from the other re-puke-lican candidates for president because he is the most dangerous. Yes, even more dangerous than Rudy.

O.J. Simpson-After you killed those two people and got away with it, you should have gotten as far away from A-merry-ca as possible. But somehow you were still under the illusion that white folks loved your house Negro ass. Well they got you now, and trust me, they won't miss twice.

Television news producers-For giving us wall to wall news about missing white women, and failing to tell us about all the others.

Reed Walters- District Attorney LaSalle Parrish, Louisiana. For your handling of the Jena Six case. Nuff said!

David Patraeus-Because of your use of the frat boy's talking points we are still mired in this fucked up war. The "Move On" people were right.

Nancy Pelosi-If she spent as much time doing her job as she does on her fucking clothes and makeup we might get somewhere in congress.

And every single House Negro that I featured on my side bar in 2007.


Liz Dwyer said...

I'll bet some of those Republican guys spend more on clothes and makeup than Nancy Pelosi.

Anonymous said...

And every single House Negro that I featured on my side bar in 2007.
Posted by field negro at 9:46 AM

What doth one have to do to start make-in-nin some of that House Negroe money? I could use the cash.

Anonymous said...

Not a whole lot could be done to improve this list... except I don't know if Britney and her ilk *really* should be sitting up there with Cheney and Erik Prince.

Stay angry, looking forward to more righteous truth-talking in 2008.

Nelson said...

Damn, Field, I think you covered all the bases. Good call with Pelosi too.

I'm going to think about it some more, but I think this is a pretty exhaustive list.

field negro said...

"What doth one have to do to start make-in-nin some of that House Negroe money? I could use the cash."

nsangoma, field Negroes make money too. We just don't spend it all on ourselves.

I could probably have included Alan Greenspan on that list.

"Stay angry,"

Jimbo, that you can count on.

nelson m., let me know who you come up with.

Woozie said...

Damn! Hateful Negro is Hateful!

Why do the demokratik candidates get off so easy?

baatin. said...

field, why did 'vitter the shitter' fail to make the list? he's one of my personal faves this year. ps: some crazy things are happening in an african nation that rhymes with 'enya.'

Jonne Austin said...

LMAO!!! I LOVED this post!! This post was on point. Honestly, I can't think of anyone else that really needs to be on this list! Oh and your points about Bush, Petraeus, Pelosi and the fuck on!

Keep doing ya thing!

field negro said...

Thanks seattle slim!

baatin, that's kind of sad. And here I thought Kenya was one of the more stable countries in the mother land.

Anonymous said...

Field, StillaPanther says maybe or is it possible to include (on your lis) all the misdirected Black males that caused so much chaos in Bad Newz,Va, your hometown and all the other Merry Re Ca "hoods". Keep the message strong, Brother.

field negro said...

larry55x, you are right. In fact, I was going to include every idiot that pulled a trigger to take the life of one of those innocent people in the hood.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

You could have just stopped at the President. He has FUBARed this country into meaninglessness, as well as a global joke regarding foreign policy.

Most House Negroes are the ones he appointed to help him carry out the screwing over of this country, starting with Unca Clarence's vote to give him the White House.

I just hope that San Franciscans correct their mistake by electing Cindy Sheehan to replace the Speaker of the House, with her-Botoxed ass. She must haven't paid attention to Joan Rivers (when too-much cosmetic surgery turns you into looking like an animal, rather than youthful good looks)...

Otherwise, you nailed it, as usual.

Anonymous said...

If he had put every single fucktard on the list, the website would have crashed from the epic amount of fail.
(The Republican candidates for president- All male, all white, and all scary as fuck.)
Don't forget racist. They, and/or their surrogates, can't go one day without insulting a minority group (or making the majority look bad). Not one damn day. How are we supposed to win the war on terror when we keep pissing off the moderates with crap like the "caves" statement.

Though you should have included Lindsay Lohan. Blaming the bad racing/driving and the crack on the Black guy, 1 hour AFTER he ejected (and got his foot run over) himself from the car. Maybe if the CIA waterboarded her ass she'd grow the fuck up.

If you need a story idea, Field-Negro, I've got 2 I want you to run.
1) A Ron Paul and racism story. A couple bloggers have covered it so you might have heard already. The Nazi thing is true (he has receipts of attending the dinners that the Nazi guy said he did, Tara Thai in Arlington). But be warned, if you write it, the Paullites will come. Expect a minimum of 1000 comments. MINIMUM!
2) Interview the guy who wrote the letter at He was the engineer that blew the whistle on the fucked up rebuild of the leavees and the coverup. Plus, what he said about the loss of impartiality on the civil engineer association will shock you.

Brian said...

Happy New Year Field

*Raising my cup of Grape Koolaid*

Nice list too...
I considered making a year-end list of the top liars/thieves of 2007 but when I really thought about it I realized that there were just too many.

Hopefully we can make it through 2008 with the Bush-ites.

But I am not looking forward to Clinton. There are really no great choices in A-merry-ca's phony election this time around but I am keeping my fingers crossed for Edwards or Obama...(although I think Edwards would do much better in the General Election).

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