Friday, December 21, 2007

Killing fields!

More crime news from my city which is fast becoming known more for its murders than its cheese steaks.

The following report is from my hometown paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"Police have issued a warrant for a 29-year-old woman, charging her with killing her mother inside her Cobbs Creek home yesterday morning, and then setting fire to the residence to cover up the crime.

Police said Jahina Damon arrived at her mother's home in the 6000 block of Cobbs Creek Parkway before dawn and shot her 53-year-old mother, Lolita Lee, and fired at two other people in the house. They were not hit.

Police were called to the Cobbs Creek home after reports of gunfire at about 5:10 a.m. Arriving officers, however, found heavy smoke coming out of the first floor and notified the Fire Department. The blaze was brought under control at 5:33 a.m.
Lee's body was found in the kitchen, police said. She had been shot at least once in the chest. Firefighters say her body was burned beyond recognition.

Police said one of the people who had been in the home when Damon arrived was a woman who drove herself to Delaware County Memorial Hospital to seek treatment for serious burns.
She was transported to Crozer-Chester Medical Center, where she was listed in critical condition. The other person in the house during the attack, a man described as the victim's boyfriend, was not injured. Their names were not released.

Police said Damon, whose last known address was the home where her mother lived, has a history of mental illness and has been committed in the past. Police did not talk about a motive for the killing."

So this 29 year old shoots her mother and burns her body to try and cover up the crime. Who the fuck does that? I mean you kill your own mother, and then you torch her corpse? And before you start with me about her alleged mental issues; save it. She wasn't that crazy, she tried to cover up her crime.

Folks, it's getting ugly here, and I guarantee you that it will get worse before it gets better.

Trust me on this one, I am someone who is used to living in a place with lots of murders and savagery. But that's in a Third World country, where poverty is rampant, and politics is literally a blood sport. Aren't we supposed to be in A-mery-ca where we can purse happiness, and not resort to killing our own family members or causing their deaths?

I guess just being in A-merry-ca can't save some of us from poverty and hopelessness. I know, I see it every day. But unlike in some Third World country, we live in a society where the government just approved another seventy billion dollars to fund a useless war, and homes are selling for forty million dollars.

So we really have to ask ourselves; what's our excuse? I have a possible answer. Could it be that in the course of pursuing happiness we forgot the things that truly made us happy in the first place?

Just a thought.


The First Domino דומינו said...

I left home at 18, didn't wish to be a continued burden on my keepers.

Many years later I realized that I left behind most of the things I cared about: family, friends, familiar places, and a personal history.

I wish that I had visited more, and stayed past my welcome, called more, talked 'till my ears ached--just stayed in touch.

What brought Jahina Damon to the place where she believed that killing her mother overrode her natural instinct to embrace family, it's hard to say.

I can't say that Jahina had a good mother, an indifferent mother, or a mother who abused her during her tender years.

I do know that their history together did not protect her mother from the violence of her daughter.

I do know that she was willing to risk it all, go to jail for years, if not for life, if caught.

I do know that she didn't care who knew that she hated her mother enough to kill her.

I do know that she was willing to deliver the same blow to others.

What I don't know is how her mother became the totality of all that she believed had to be destroyed, so that she might live.

A little Forrest Gump wisdom: those who cannot leave the pain of the past in the past are bound to become the victim of their memories.

Live in the moment, for the moment -- have no past, have no future, both are illusions.

field negro said...

"A little Forrest Gump wisdom: those who cannot leave the pain of the past in the past are bound to become the victim of their memories.

Live in the moment, for the moment -- have no past, have no future, both are illusions."

"the first domnio", where have you been? I missed gems like this

Anonymous said...

When blacks congregate in great numbers anywhere they start killing each other.

That is the nature of black people.

Blacks cannot control their anger and resort to violence when they disagree with someone else.

Blacks are recognized as a violent race of people.

Blacks and alcohol are an extremely dangerous mixture.

La♥audiobooks said...

Ok field,

I don’t condone her actions, but I’m surprised they even mentioned her history of mental illness. As we know, they only give this "courtesy" to non-blacks that commit heinous crimes. Now here’s the thing field, either she is seriously mental, or she had her serious and painful issues with her mother etc. We don’t know what went down in this woman’s past regarding her mother etc. We black people should know by now how some black females endure serious and personal issues growing up among people who are suppose to protect them. Not trying to make an excuse, just an opinion. God only knows (my senses are leaning in this direction for some reason). Therefore, I’m not going to electricute her until I get the history and details.

And "truthful" needs to go take a history lesson on European pillaging etc. and their modern means of protecting said evilness they have imposed on others.

Anonymous said...

I think "truthful" isn't living on planet Earth.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

"Truthful" dishonors its name.

As for homegirl killing her mother and torching her up to cover it up, a mentally ill person who does that has to be proven competent to stand trial.

That means proving she wasn't so crazy that she didn't know that what she was doing was a crime.

African-Americans are often ashamed to go get counseling or psychiatric help because to our way of thinking, that's another negative label for the white man to hang on us: CRAZY.

I need to know what drove homegirl to off her moms. To me, next to God Almighty, the second most sacred person to a child is his/her mama. I can't ever conceive of getting so pissed off with my mother that I would kill her.

It's your mother, you know?

Field, you see a lot as an attorney; please don't get to the point you either get burned out from despair, or get seared to the point of not giving a damn. Cause it's easy to do.

I was a drug counselor for 10 years. I had to walk for fear of becoming like the patients I treated because I could empathize with them too much. When you constantly hear about how mothers allowed husbands and boyfriends to molest and abuse their children, just to keep them - and then they wondered why the kid turned to drugs, then crime to pay for the drugs, and on and on.

Everytime you post stories like this, Field, I always have to step back, and some of what you see is me venting. So this blog is a cheap form of therapy, but, please be careful that when putting it down in the Fields, you don't bury yourself.

Hathor said...

The idea of changing the low income housing would be a good idea, if there were alternative housing in the next four years. The New Orleans government acts like the city has been rebuilt. There are still many homeowners that are not able to rebuild. Do they think that those tent cities will disappear in the mean time? Those blacks who think they deserve more are right, but this is an emergency. They must have a roof over their head or they wouldn't have their head in the sky. The housing authority should have patched up the buildings to code, then in an orderly manner, once the city could support the moves, then relocate tenants, portions at a time; rebuild in that manner. Does no one have any sense?

Mes Deux Cents said...


Maybe we should be pursuing contentment instead of happiness.

Anonymous said...

I don't wish to give to much attention to truthful; however, he must be having a dual day in his trailer park.

Anonymous said...

Re: The pursuit of happy-ness.

Too many believe that the pursuit of material goods and/or the control of others = happy-ness. There are two major losers in such a race:

1. The ones willing to steal, kill, and destroy to maintain the pursuit. (e.g. criminals)

2. Those who finished the pursuit and found that the penthouse at the top is really an empty room. (e.g. suicidal maniacs)

Happiness is something that oozes from your pores even during the lowest (e.g. material) circumstances.

Thanks for this post.

PS: I agree that something is SERIOUSLY wrong when you can even life a finger to mama. Dang. Mama is like the alpha.

Anonymous said...

FN -

So many of us are consumed with "consuming" that we don't even know who we are anymore. It's an empty existence for so many of us in the world.

More sadness and waste.

Anonymous said...

For those who din't listen:

Field on NPR:

Black Bloggers Roundtable:

Anonymous said...

Let's see ,crazy person with easy gun access kills . Who would have thunk it ?

On my way to my office in Center City I had a delusional White woman , I had never seen try to punch me in the balls . Had she had a gun , no doubt , I would have been killed or maimed .

Ain't no need to ponder rationale , in a malfunctioning mind and that includes sick and twisted bigots.

chamblee54 said...

America is a nation dominated by Jesus Worship.
Could this be the reason there is so much meanness?

The First Domino דומינו said...

"America is a nation dominated by Jesus Worship.
Could this be the reason there is so much meanness?"

I think I know where you're coming from chamblee54, but I have to challenge your rhetorical question"

Jesus may be nationally worshiped, but his teachings aren't nationally revered. He said, in substance, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

This is the popular way of saying it.

If people actually practiced that teaching alone, we could do away with the Constitution, and all laws--federal, state, and local.

And we could do away with all social and legal contracts, but that would put F.N. out of work. :)

But, I don't think he has anything to worry about anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

First Domino, I really appreciated what you said, it was really beautiful.

The First Domino דומינו said...

Thanks, jimbo.

But if it wasn't for F.N. maintaining this blog, giving us an occasion to voice our opinions, and offer our comments and insights, I would be nothing more than the proverbial tree falling in a forest.

field negro said...

Folks,I swear that fieldNPR is not me.

I am jonesing to say something about this issue, but i am on the road with my blackberry and i hate trying to write a long comment with this thing!

Jonne Austin said...

I dunno. I think that mental illness could still be a huge factor in this tragedy. It's no secret that blacks are less likely to report mental illness and it goes untreated.

field negro said...

chnmblee54 is on to something. Not because there is anything wrong with religion per se, but because it sets up a false sense of hope in so many people. We are always searching for salvation and peace of mind, but no matter what we do we can never seem to find it. The church has to be careful with this, IMHO.

As mes deux said:"Maybe we should be pursuing contentment instead of happiness." That would be a nice start, but sadly, there is no such thing in A-merry-ca.

"And we could do away with all social and legal contracts, but that would put F.N. out of work. :)"

Maybe that's my problem with religion, if practiced correctly I would have to learn another trade.

rikyrah said...

OT, but maybe a pic for your sidebar:
American Conservative Mag Depicts Rudy In Fascist Garb

As for the original post: I love Mama so deep, I can't even fathom anyone hurting her. I ache just thinking about it.

field negro said...

rikyrah, I love that pic :)

Yep, that is side bar worthy!

The First Domino דומינו said...

"Not because there is anything wrong with religion per se, but because it sets up a false sense of hope in so many people. We are always searching for salvation and peace of mind...."

Field, I'm sure that in many ways you and I are a lot alike. I think that that's a fair assumption.

Like you, when I cross the street at a busy intersection, I take the utmost care to make sure that I get to the other side safely. I'm well aware that I care more about my black ass than my fellow travelers.

Similarly, I take other aspects of life into my own hands as well, and for the same reason, to secure a measure of safety and health: like eating frequently, staying clean, and exercising both body and mind.

Why, then, (and I say this kindly) would I leave it up to the church or any other institution to help me find "salvation and peace of mind..."?

And I know the statement I'm going to make next will anger some, and be applauded by others.

That's the risk I take.

Salvation and peace of mind?

In an otherwise dangerous and sometimes inhospitable world, I can secure these things for myself, just by declaring them to be so.

I say I'm saved, and so I am. I say I'm happy, and so I am. I say I'm enlightened, and so I am.

Lest I offend, I don't say these things in a braggadocios way, but to say in the words of that immortal poet, William Ernest Henley, "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."

If I pay heed to the salvation mongers at the intersection with their distracting honking horns, and not to their usual disregard for the rules of the road, then I'm bound to be road kill.

If I listen to the happiness Gurus, dictating what I need to do, have, or be, in order to be happy, then I'm destined to be miserable.

I know this is not a forum for the discussion of religion, but I had to weigh in on this one.

You were at your "funny" best with your previous comments.

Have a-Merry-ca Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Blacks tased and beaten in New Orleans.

field negro said...

Salvation and peace of mind?

"In an otherwise dangerous and sometimes inhospitable world, I can secure these things for myself, just by declaring them to be so.

I say I'm saved, and so I am. I say I'm happy, and so I am. I say I'm enlightened, and so I am."

Damn man, if you were preacher I would be in church this Sunday morning. I co-sign with you 100%.

wha?, thanks for the link. I am all over that issue.

"Blacks are recognized as a violent race of people."

Really "truthful"? Too bad we weren't violent enough to kill all of our slave masters.

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First Ur NOT Going 2 Talk About My Mother Like This She Was Looking Out For Her Child Like Her Mother Never Did For Her Im Not Saying What She Did Was Right But It Was A Lot Of Things Going On With Our Family That A Lot Of People Wouldn't Understand You All Say That Its Sad But What Is Sad Is That I Lost My Grandmother And A Week Later My Grandfather And I Don't Have My Mom Now That Is Sad So Save Anything You Have To Say About Her

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