Wednesday, December 26, 2007

If you think I am "shadowboxing" step into the ring.

Here I am trying to enjoy my holiday season with family and friends. And then, for some reason, (lord only knows why) I log on the Internet to see what's jumping off on the web.

This of course is when I see this: An open attack and challenge to the field from one of my black re-puke-lican friends.

Poor cobb, he loves and embraces the conservative movement, but the feelings aren't mutual. He and those of his ilk have chosen sides, and they can't turn back now. They are stuck with the conservative movement for better or for worse. Unfortunately for cobb and his friends, when it comes to black folks,it has been for the worse. He just can't admit to himself that there are nefarious forces in his party working to keep us out, and who would use the race- card and other wedge issues to stay in power.

No wonder the black conservative is always so angry and so shrill. He has declared his allegiance and he can't go back now. So instead, he tries to create illusions and straw- man arguments to justify his erroneous and misguided beliefs. He refuses to face the reality of Nixon and his Southern Strategy; Ronald Reagan, and his Philadelphia Mississippi, moment. George Bush, 41 and his Willie Horton moment. The racist original puppet master, Lee Atwater .(may his miserable soul rot in hell) The new school racist, puppet master, Karl Rove. The racist speaker of the house, Newt Gingrich. The racist "commander the thief", George Bush, 43, who made sure that his "Southern strategy" of embracing Bob Jones was fully in place when he ran. And of course, we can fast forward to the current crop of re-puke-lican candidates for the highest office in the land. They have even expanded their "Southern Strategy" farther south. (Think Mexico, and their Paul Revere style cries that the brown people are coming) Yes cobb, there are plenty of those and more where they came from. But time doesn't permit me to get into it here as much as I would like, because I still have to enjoy my vacation.

Sorry cobb, your straw man argument about a bunch of irrelevant conservative bloggers who are high on a phony ass food chain is just ludicrous. -As if they would actually come out on their blogs and endorse a perceived racist strategy by their party- They would never openly admit to such a strategy. And you and I both know that. Do you think it's an accident that everyone associates the "Southern Strategy" with your party?

At the end of the day cobb, I feel sorry for you. You attack my site and the people that post here by calling them a bunch of "synchophants" (that's a big word, maybe woozie can interpret it for me). Yet we have nothing but love for you, because even though you don't, we still consider you one of us. Don't blame me or the people who come to the fields because you cannot juxtapose your political beliefs with the racist history and the political reality of the party you embrace. That's not their fault. You should be working within your party to try and change it, you should be using your considerable writing talents to enlighten them and make them understand your race and your people. You should not be making excuses for them and attack the people of your race for not embracing them. "Shadowboxing"? If you think I am shadowboxing always feel free to step into the ring with me. And as for being a "blight to the spirit of the blogosphere"; my question to you would be what spirit? Over here our spirits are fine, because in spite of the victimology tag, we know where we stand politically and socially in A-mery-ca. Unlike you, our conscience is free.

Anyway cobb, I hope I could help to enlighten you , and that I answered some of the questions in your challenge. Hopefully this will better help you to understand what us black folks think of your party, and why we feel--and more importantly vote-- the way that we do.

BTW, you can send the $20 you owe me to the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles. I don't need the money.


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Field. We got your back with Cobb and any other Black republican who doesn't understand the concept of "come correct".

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

What possibly could any black or any minority for that matter, find appealing about the Republican party? It boggles the mind. I could kind of understand if they were referring to traditional Republican values, smaller government, less government interference in individual's private lives, an intelligent fiscal policy, etc. But if Cobb is referring to this group of fascists who call themselves conservatives, then Mr. Cobb is not a very bright individual.

But this is not a black issue. Bush and Cheney and Addington and the rest of these bozos would love nothing better than to further polarize the nation. This is about where this nation is being led, or mislead by these fascists. There is no other way to describe them. Is this what Cobb really believes?

Pathetic if he does.

g-e-m2001 said...

Ha Ha HA Oh welcome to the club. I've gotten the Cobb treatment too.

You know you've truly arrived when other bloggers start dedicating blog posts to talking about your blog.

Anonymous said...

This post kicks like the hip hop CDs I just bought/pumps a blackbeat for sure. And, as the song on one of my CDs suggest, "How low, low, low, low, low" can you get down in the fields?

Kick this, Black Republicans: First, you ran the yellow light saying don't do it and now you are running stop lights saying you're pathetic.

You're trapped. Your rich, white, Republican friends use you to say what they would like to say publically but don't for fear of being called a racist. Then, after you say it for them, they laugh at you behind your back for the sellout that you are. Blacks in general laugh at you, because they realize you have no power within the Republican Party, within the black community, or with anyone else. Why, your older children, in between video games and making hook-up dates on their cell, think of you as a sellout way behind the times and think hip hop is not the only thing you know nothing about. As my aunt Bess used to say: Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy!!!

But we still got some love; still got some hope that you will renounce your role as comedians for Republican corporatists, make your new year's resolution to leave massa, tossing your Republican membership card and clown suit as you go, and march boldly into the fields, the only true home a righteous brother knows. Kmoja

To be honest, where else do you have to go?

field negro said...

Thanks villager, I know you do, but I think I can handle cobb :)

gwpreister, I too agree with some of the rethug. principles. It's just a shame that their divide and conquer strategy is such a fundamental part of the party.

g-e-m2001,cobb and I go back a ways. He is actually kind of funny in a sad way.

Trust me, the fact that he posts about me does NOT make me think that I have arrived.

A post from a black reublican would by no means be my barometer to determine my popularity.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE BRING BACK YOUR HOUSE NEGRO/FIELD NEGRO/PATIO NEGRO lists! Give us a 2008 New Year's present and bring it back! You know there are plenty folk whom you can place on the lists. That was on of the best features of your blog!

Bob said...

Puzzling word,"synchophants." Guess Cobb doesn't use spell check.

Unknown said...

Happy 'BOXING DAY' Field.

-=Topper=- said...

I call republicans and dedicated conservatives, flag wavers, and I picked up a cyberstalker with "agent of the state.

I prefer "agent of the state" to define republican worshipers.


RedLipstick said...

This self-described "old school" dude is just "old". I used to read his blog and even the back and forths with cnulan, ec and others but the guy seems bitter. He denigrates blacks for clinging to certain cultural norms but never seems to get it when white folks do the same thing. He reminds me of Clarence Thomas; doesn't want people talking about his blackness while nothing can ever be too WHITE for him. I'm just tired of him.

He blogs with his real name and photo to lend hisself creds, but I'd rather he not. One's arguments and opinions should stand on their own separate from one's pedigree and his continually fall flat on me.

Anonymous said...

potato, potatoe; negro, negroe; syncophant, synchophant; tomato, tomatoe

It may be a creation of the blogsphere, a combination of the words sycophant and sync(h).

I've seen it spelled syncophant and synchophant

CNu said...

Cobb knows the GOP depends on dog-whistling Dixie - which is why he proposed comically overt and thus largely non-existent parameters in his straw-blowing challenge.

"I challenge you to find Bull Connor in the blogosphere!"

The part that's not funny is the extent to which contemporary negro conservatives themselves internalize, articulate and validate anti-Black propaganda. Cobb is very far from being alone in this dangerous game of psychological chicken.

Christopher said...


I hope you devote some energies to going after GOPer lunatic, Ron Paul, of Texas.

This nutcase recently raised a staggering $6 million dollars in online donations from well-intentioned but, woefully confused progressives and libertarians in his bid for president.

Ron Paul is one, sick racist fucktard.

In 1992, Ron Paul wrote a book called "Ron Paul's Survival Report."

In it, he writes:

"Opinion polls consistently show that only about 5 percent of blacks have sensible political opinions."

He goes on:

“I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.”

Paul was referring to Washington DC, with its heavily African Americans population.

But he doesn't stop there:

"We are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, it is hardly irrational. Black men commit murders, rapes, robberies, muggings and burglaries all out of proportion to their numbers."

Ron Paul, as a presidential candidate, is eligible for such things as Secret Service protections and Federal campaign matching dollars.

Personally, I find his racist rants deeply disturbing and I have to wonder how many of his supporters realize he holds such views?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Christopher -- thanks for that. I have no love for Ron Paul anyway, for various reasons, but I find it fascinating that the mainstream media (of which I was once a part and have now, joyfully, fled) haven't gotten wind of such tripe.

Again and again, what I find bewildering about black Republicans/conservatives (among the sheer fact of their existence) is how the main charge they muster against us independently-minded folks, who have no great love for the Democrats but know the devil when we see him, is unthinking. If you agree with them you're a critical thinker. If you disagree, you're a brainless sheep blinding stumbling along the colored folks trail. This is grade-school retaliation and pitiful.

I, for one, would never suggest a black Republican is unthinking, simply because I disagree with nearly every thing for which he stands.

The ones I know are far too calculating for that charge.

Anonymous said...

Is "synchophant" an new word? I'm not sure what a synchophant is, but I do know what a SYCOPHANT is.


Christopher said...

Hey Janine,

Ron Paul is really bad news.

I have been going after Mick HuckaBible and Willard "Mitt" Romney on my blog recently but, I think we need to get the word out about Ron Paul and his inherent racism.

Cobb said...

Ron Paul is obviously a crackpot. The easiest thing to do would be to go find some of his supporters, many of whom are Republicans, and show them to be white racists who would actually admit it.

Instead, you attack me. Not that any of that attack is logical or founded on facts. The sad truth is that it only goes to show that you are truly, honestly afraid of white bloggers, who you claim to be closet racists. But none of you, after all this time has named ONE RACIST REPUBLICAN BLOGGER OF ANY SIGNIFICANCE.

Why is that so difficult? Where's the beef.

We all know Lee Atwater was playing racist games. Duh. Atwater is dead. Who is doing his dirty work today? Who is following it? Name names. Find blogs. Confront the enemy. Expose them.

The problem with black anti-racist politics is that it is entirely dependent on white liberal sympathy - the same white liberals who have got Magic Johnson shilling these days. You don't seem to recognize which political movements are sympathetic so long as they have whitefolks in them, you eye with suspicion.

For those of you who have difficulty understanding why a black man would hang with Republicans, it's simple and complex at the same time. It's simple and I've been writing about it for years. It's complex because very few people actually bother to read it. No skin off my nose.

Here's an old story - start here for what it's worth. But I'm looking for the FN crew to actually find some real honest to goodness racist Republican bloggers.

Again. I'm the one who deals with Republicans all the time. I listen to conservative radio all the time, and I follow dozens of bloggers from the Right. I'm probably in a different online universe than you all.

Anonymous said...

P.S. One of the things I've noticed that a lot of conservatives have in common is that they think they argue from a basis of fact, but they tend to argue from pure conjecture. In one of Cobbs replies he insinuated that you didn't know any republican bloggers, nor did you study any republican policies AND that you fear the white man. Where are the facts here? Suddenly he knows what you know and knows what you fear. Conjecture and logical fallacies are rampant in his abstraction of a "challenge". Sacre Bleu!

Cobb said...

All anybody can do is offer conjecture when no names are named. I'm asking for names. Do you have any?

CNu said...

Instead of picking through the dumpster, just go to touchgraph, paste in the council of conservative citizens url - generate the visual map of linked sites, and follow the link through stormfront to 2blowhards and out to andrew sullivan's daily dish. The blogrolls at both 2blowhards and at the daily dish are full of rabid defenders of white privilege, and andrew sullivan is a major proponant of black genetic inferiority as measured by IQ.

Oh, you don't have to stop there, but that should trivially satisfy the challenge without imposing rancid racist reading on anybody without a strong stomach for it. This is the same simple elegant method used to stuff Cobb's straw blowing Annual Internet Racist Hunt without having to get dirty in the process.

Anonymous said...

2nd juror says she felt pressured in racially-charged shooting case


RIVERHEAD, N.Y. — A second juror who convicted a black man of shooting a white teenager in a racially charged encounter now says she felt pressured by fellow jurors to change her vote to guilty.

Juror Donna Marshak told the New York Post she was so distraught when the verdict was read that she turned her face away so she did not have to look at John White as he was convicted of manslaughter in the Aug. 9, 2006, shooting.

The verdict came after 12 hours of deliberations Saturday, the fourth day in which the jury considered defense arguments that White feared a "lynch mob" had set upon him when a group of angry white teenagers gathered outside his home in Miller Place, a predominantly white community on Long Island.

The Post had previously reported that another juror, Francois Larche, decided to change his vote to guilty after Suffolk County Judge Barbara Kahn told jurors they would have to return Sunday if they did not reach a verdict.

Marshak, a 63-year-old white retiree, said the decision by Larche, who also is white, to change his vote left her as the lone holdout, the Post reported today. She said she did not believe she could change the minds of any other jurors.

"I haven't felt right since the trial ended," she said. "I definitely have some regrets about not sticking to it."

Marshak said she was heartsick afterward.

"I was driving home and I just had to stop. I started crying," she told the newspaper.

Jury forewoman Maureen Steigerwald told Newsday during the weekend that she thought the jury did a "very careful, conscientious deliberate job."

White, 54, was convicted in the shooting of 17-year-old Daniel Cicciaro Jr. He remains free on bail until sentencing, when he could face a prison term of five to 15 years. White has said he will appeal.

Anonymous said...

Why does FN have to name some white bloggers. It is not his mission in life to please them mofos. This Cobb guy is crazy and wants black people to stand with a bunch of people who have destroying black life as their agenda. What does FN or any other blogger have to prove to any white or black republican blogger. If you don't like the fields stay out of them. The house is warm and toasty if you are willing to smile and say yes sir while a mofo is sticking his knife and up your anus. Keep off my boy FN.

Cobb said...

It's simple, anon. It's part of my mission update black politics. Part and parcel of that is anti-racist politics. I do so as a Republican. Like any common sense individual, I have an interest in putting the spotlight on racists and crackpots in my party. I'm inviting FN, and you, to do the same.

If you're unwilling to do that work, then you really need to shutup and take my word for it. Republicans are who I say they are, not you.

Punk ass.

Anonymous said...

Posted this to Cobb's blog: Not because I believe that FN needs to be rescued (He's a big boy, and can defend himself.) but because Cobb spent a large part of his blog post denigrating those who post to FN.

"I happen to think Field and his pseudonymous and anonymous pinhead synchophants are a blight to the spirit of the blogosphere."

You suggest that the "spirit of the blogosphere" is to do battle with your opponents. Please direct me to that definition; somehow I missed it.

"They don't even have the stones to find the white supremacists in the blogosphere and call them out."

Why should blacks call them out? They're not making us look bad. They're not an embarrassment to us. But I can't say the same for whites.

"I pay almost zero attention to what one might consider the psychology of African Americans. But today I'm going to take a swipe because I've witnessed something rather pathetic and it's got my goat."

Give back the "goat." Take out the "almost" in the statement above. By your own admission you haven't given the "psychology of African Americans" enough consideration to comment on it intelligently.

"Instead, they go to FN's spot where they can whine and pontificate faleshoods in peace without having their fantasies shattered by clear rational discourse."

You call what you do here "clear rational discourse." I can cite several instances where you have sensationalized your characterization of the "Field," and your rhetoric has demeaned, sought to inflame, rather than challenge.

"his completely retarded, ass-backward, piecemeal post."
"FN's flunkies"
"whatever dog food..."
"pseudonymous and anonymous pinhead synchophants'
"spooked-out whiners"
"They lack the testicular and intestinal fortitude"
"FN's ideolgoical stooges"

One of the characterizations of republicans is that they're "mean spirited." Man do you live up to that characterization!

So much for "clear" and "rational."

"let's see if they can find, and I have twenty bucks that says they cannot, a real Republican blogger"

Who the hell would want to? And I'd say the same for Democrats as well.

Neither party serve blacks. Neither party serve Americans. The religious fervor with which many Americans back one party or another borders on brainwashing.

By the way, no political party is "better" than any other political party.

"I am still in awe of the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Space Program, the Manhattan Project and every skyscraper, jet engine, artificial heart, and telephone exchange in our civilization."

Why? Because it proves "racism?" Look what "whites" have done. Look at what they have contributed to the world.

Why? Because it proves "sexism?" Look at what "males" have accomplished.

Why? Because it proves "nationalism?" Look at what "my nation" has achieved.

I'd say no nation's accomplishments are "better" than another. Indeed, no nation is "better" than another.

Before you think to counter the above statements, I suggest you think them through carefully. It's "better than" thinking that has the world at the crossroads it now finds itself.

Yeah, I'm going to stay anonymous here too. I don't want anyone to know that I've been here.

One thing I can say for the Field, he respects all visitors to his blog. If you wish to attack his blog in the future, fine. But when you go for those who post to his blog, then you tell us more about "who you are," than "who we are."

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Merry Christmas, Field:

Tell your friend Cobb I will wear the "sycophant" label with extreme pride, considering I've been called worse for my Field Negro values.

Cobb's problem is that he's trying to start out on the Patio, when he should have been putting it down in the Fields like the rest of us.

He slept with that snake and now he's complaining about being snake-bit; yet he's like a man without a country. Think Uncle Clarence on this.

I've been called a "loud-mouthed" operative (because I exposed Bobby Rush's toting water for the Corporate Man - which is anaethema as a former Black Panther) and a "liberal blogger" by Bennie Thompson (both CBC members, mind you), so "sycophant" doesn't faze me at all.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

White Conservatives don't respect those who "Tom", so why should we?

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 26 07

Here's to wishing you and yours a Happy New Year. This post is well, sad. I always thought that you and Cobb respectfully disagreed. But oh well. One thing I will say is that I don't get why you are a Democrat. You can say that the GOP has inherently racist policies and cite reasons to justify your position. But what about the Democratic party. Don't you find it odd that the CBC has endorsed HILARY Clinton over Barack Obama for President?

Don't you recall the term 'Southern Democrat?,' meaning racist as all hell and hating niggas?

Your allegiance to the Democratic party and Cobb's allegiance to the GOP is startling considering that both of you are intelligent and like to think for yourselves. Why align yourselves with a party, when neither party has our interests as Black Americans at heart? I don't believe that Hilary Clinton gives a damn about Black people any more than Zell Miller or Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee. I think all of these people are a bunch of slimy, weasily politicians who care about nothing but self aggrandizement.

In terms of voting, I vote for people from various parties, ultimately over the positions they hold on various POLICIES.

I wish that Black folk would focus more on policy analysis and stop focusing on political parties. After all, the founders of those parties are probably laughing at this debate- they once again have found a way to divide us...

All this has been said before. But I always hoped both of you could find a middle ground if the agenda was to uplift the condition of Blacks first and all Americans second.

Muze said...

wow. i see things haven't dulled in the least since i've last been by. don't have time to read the whole post right now but judging from some of the comments, i think you've stepped up to the 'challenge'. you crack me up.

hope your holidays are going fantabulous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,

I like how people who swear they're literate never take any time to read. People too often equate your liberal stance with being a full-on Democrat, not knowing that you've been critical of every damn candidate out there. I'm amazed at the gall some people have. And frankly, just because you have your full name out there doesn't mean shit. There are too many anonymous people out here who are way more credible than the people who put their names out there but aren't saying shit.

I can't say what hasn't already been said here, but I'll say sycophantism is the reason why the conservatives have gotten their way. Hmm ...

p.s. - Thanks for the Tyra Banks and Lark Voorhies sidebar. Well done.

Cobb said...

OK I'm satisfied that nobody here is taking the challenge seriously. I'll keep my eyes and ears open if it changes.

I expected more than a default. Tsk.

Blinders Off said...


Your post was wrong on so many levels. For you to generalize and call the people who comment in the Fields names, say a lot about you. I am not going to call you names as you called the people who comment here.

What makes the Fields so popular?

1. He blogs about a variety of topics.

2. He is also respectful to those who comments in the Fields.

3. Politics is not his sole claim to fame.

The people who comment here do not come just for the politics. Why be so angry because he said something about Republicans? He also blog about Democrats, he give the good, the bad, and the ugly on what is happening in America. I must admit he is own track with the BS in America. He also does not get offended if someone disagrees with his opinion unless it is a personal attack on him.

Politics bring out the worse in some people. Personally, I and many other Americans do not give a damn about either party anymore. We are also intelligent enough to make our own minds up when we enter the voting booth. Your fight is with FN and I have no doubt he can handle himself. Therefore, do not group the people who enjoy coming to the Fields into your fight with him. You called out FN to do battle because he talked about your beloved Republican Party, call out the commenters who have your feathers ruffled on that particular post and leave the rest of us out of it.


Happy New Year to you Field and the commenters in the Field. I also extend that to you Cobb.

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker, first time poster. Cobb, cnulan posted a website as an example. Why don't you take him/her up on his/her challenge? I really do not understand the ad hominen attacks on Field and those who frequent the site. People naturally gravitate towards blogs that cater to their own interests and/or ideologies. It doesn't make them sycophants.

Your overall tone and name calling turned me off. If I want to find out more about conservative ideology, it will not be from you.

Happy Holidays!

Michael Fisher said...

In an era where black folks are told that there is no such thing as a global system of racism so that the supposed "failures" of "underclass" black folk world-wide can be blamed by the white racists and the true black sycophants of white racism on either our supposed "genetic lack of intelligence", our supposed "genetic dopamine-overdose-induced lack of creativity" or even our supposed "genetic damaged beyond repair black maleness", it makes sense that white racists, both "liberal" and "conservative", both "Republican" and "Democrat" and whoever and whatever else, including such luminaries as David Duke, would use any terminology but openly racist terminoloy.

Cobb is the least of our problem.
Cobb is an easy target.

Our problem are the white racists and their black "straw opponents" of Cobbism and "Negro Conservatism" who pop up claiming to pursue "anti-racist" politics when they,in actuality, are more sophisticated sell-outs than Michael could ever be.

In this context, Cobb's challenge as well as the defense of Wayne by so-called "progressives" and "black partisans" (neither of which these folks are) here is a subterfuge. What we need to concern ourself with is what Mahndisa's challenged us to do:

"I wish that Black folk would focus more on policy analysis and stop focusing on political parties. After all, the founders of those parties are probably laughing at this debate- they once again have found a way to divide us..."

baatin. said...

happy kwanzaa cobb! chill the fuck out, black. is this really what you have to do to get a little attention? insult me? call me a sychophant? fuck you dude. i really mean that. having said that, i hope everyone's enjoying some time off from work and school! too bad cobb can't join the rest of us outside in the fields! ps (not you cobb, you can stop this reading now, negro. just gonna talk about some africans in the dark continent): hope the election in kenya tomorrow goes well!

Unknown said...

Field, there you go sturring up the black folks on Mr.Gilmore property.

Anonymous said...

"Don't you recall the term 'Southern Democrat?,' meaning racist as all hell and hating niggas?"

Well, I recall that term. I also recall that they all became Republicans, and their actual and ideological offspring are Republicans today.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cobb:

Wiser heads in the Republican Party have figured out that openly racist appeals aren't going to cut it any more - not with the sort of demographic changes we have going on in this country. Not that they've ever been overtly racist anyway. They or their surrogates could put up Willie Horton and say, no, they're not talking about black people, they're talking about crime (I actually heard Condoleeza Rice say this on National Public Radio many years ago). But everybody knows what they mean.

The problem for the Repubs is that when they try to do something that might have the potential to broaden their base of support, like reforming immigration, their white racist "base" rises up and bites them on the ass.

So, you're setting up a straw man only to tear him down. There aren't any "racist Republican bloggers of any significance." That's not the point. The point is the coded racist strategy of the Republican Party, for which certain minority "useful idiots" are essential.

P.S. and lest you think I'm giving the Democrats a pass, they're not above this sort of thing either - witness Hillary's people's insinuations about Obama.

Cobb said...

John B. there are two problems with your theory that a covert racist appeal to racist can result in overt racist policy, which is that no real agenda can be pursued, disciplined and implemented. The greatest national political appeal to racist sentiment in the past 30 years has been for welfare reform, but in the end it affected more whites than blacks. One could possibly argue that the War on Crack was a racist political appeal, but I would argue that there was nothing extraordinary about it, IE in a country with the level of racism we have there's nothing distinctive about the racism heaped upon criminal convicts.

On the second point, which is more substantive, how can your approach to elections be race-neutral? Or what I'm trying to say is, is it legitimate for Jesse Jackson to say that Obama is not black enough? Because if it is, then it is legitimate for someone else to say Ron Paul isn't white enough. That is to say racial appeals are part and parcel of electoral politics and black voters expect it. So why shouldn't white voters? In the end, as Mahndisa says, it's about policy.

Cobb said...

Los Angelina, I apologize to you and everyone else not involved in the "Re-puk=lican" thread. My intent is not to slander, but to challenge.

I have given up on the possibility that the challenge will be met, and I take responsibility for that for having a pugilistic attitude. But at the time I wrote my post, I thought it was the proper attitude. I expected that more folks would see the parallel of being mischaracterized and unnamed - which is obviously what FN has done in his broadside against Republicans. But Cobb cannot be the messenger of such irony, because my own reputation precludes it.

Cobb said...

blinders off, I would think you of all people would understand, in your pointed comment, why it's wrong to paint the Republican party with one broad brush.

My fight is not with FN, this is just one controversy in one week. My beef is whether or not black political partisans are going to talk responsibly about politics. I think that starts by stopping such silliness like using terms like 'Amerikkka' and 'Re-puk-lican' and engaging a more responsible and influential level of dialog.

It hurts when people are unfairly badmouthing you, and 'before the mayflower' has the list of offenses, for which I apologize again.

field negro said...

"Punk ass". cobb, that response to anon 8:53PM's comments, and "before the mayflower's" brilliant comments right after, says all we need to know about the black conservative as opposed to the people who post here.
That crass tone is why people like "los angelina" will forever be turned off by your party.

Mahndisa, I am NOT a dumbocrat. But cobb and I could never find middle ground in this debate. First, he is black in skin color only. He views himself in this struggle from an individual standpoint, and I view it as a collective struggle. It's that simple.

I won't even address his silly challenge.(read anon 7:38AM) I think "cnulan" and "blinders off" did a great job in explaining why it's a phony issue. I have been to many conservative sites such as Wizbang, Captain's Quarters, and Michelle Malkin. And if you don't think they have an agenda...well, that's on you. Have fun with your republican friends. If you feel that they have your best interest at heart, knock yourself out.

Jose, you are welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cobb:

The point is that the Republicans use certain "coded racist appeals" to implement their real policies of redistributing wealth upwards from the have-nots to the haves. This is not "racist" in and of itself, but since there are more black "have-nots" it is objectively racist.

But as I said earlier, this strategy is becoming less useful for the Repubs. And what does Jesse Jackson have to do with anything?

Woozie said...

Sycophant (no first "n", he spelled it wrong):
-Self seeking, servile flatterer

"But do you think FN or any of his spooked-out whiners might care to do battle with a real Republican blogger? Hells no."

Oh internet drama, so useless. Everybody go outside, the sun may sting a bit, but you get used to it after a few minutes.

Cobb said...

One more note, I misread 'before the mayflower' as 'before columbus'. Van Sertima was on my mind which is why I made the 'fetish for Olmec heads' remark. My bad.

Lola Gets said...

Um, yes, that Cobb fellow has some, er, interesting views. Man, he is messed up!

I did want to comment on a piece from your sidebad: I found out about Bhuttos death when I arrived at work. My heart aches at the news of her assignation. The Middle East, and the world as a whole, will suffer from the loss of this amazing woman.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 27 07

FN: You have thoroughly confused me! In one post you authored on Wednesday, Dec 19th entitled: "These republicans aren't helping the republic," you specifically said this: "And people wonder why I will vote for the dumb-ocratic candidate no matter who it is."

In that regard, it was logical to assume that you are a Democrat. You can call them Dumb o crats, but if you vote for their party no MATTER WHO it is, then you are supporting that party. Does Zell Miller count? (I don't even know if he is still in politics, but if he was would you vote for him?)

This is why I have issue with broad statements like that. There are assholes in every party! I don't understand why you vote for Dems no matter who they are! Are you serious? Have you ever voted for a Green or a Libertarian or a Natual Law candidate or whatever else?

This upcoming election I have decided to vote for fellow blogger A. Jacksonian for President. Screw the other candidates, as I have officially LOST FAITH in either party!

Admiral Komack said...

"I happen to think Field and his pseudonymous and anonymous pinhead synchophants are a blight to the spirit of the blogosphere. Why? Because they're shadowboxing. They lack the testicular and intestinal fortitude to find a real Republican and do battle."-Cobb.

-George W. Bush
Karl Rove
Rudy Guiliani
Mitt Romney

-When are YOU going to fight them, Cobb?

I know you won't; you're just waiting for them to throw you scraps from their table.

Keep shufflin', dude; that's why the Repukes love you.

Cobb said...

You just don't hear me doe, Admiral. I meant Republican bloggers whose words you can read and whose ideas you can refute.

FN said that the cornerstone of the Republican Party has been an appeal to white privilege. So I challenged him (and YOU) to find such a blogger who represents white privilege and votes Republican because of it.

The challenge stands unmet. The only Republican blogger that has been challenged is me. The entire force of the FN blog has not been put against one white racist. Instead it has been summoned and focused on one black man.

What does that say about FN's committment to fighting white racists in the Republican party online?

I think it says that all of you are actually scared of white racist bloggers, or are so baffled by the challenge of this one black man, that you have been rendered completely impotent.

I have tried to use irony, and bogarding, and big words like syncophant to impel you all to action, and I have failed to do anything but bring ridicule and shame upon myself in your eyes.

My preliminary conclusion stands. You remain shadowboxing, except for one black eye for Cobb.

Congratulations, you are all a credit to the struggle.

I quit this thread. See you at Cobb.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

OK I'm satisfied that nobody here is taking the challenge seriously. I'll keep my eyes and ears open if it changes. - Cobb

Dear Mr. Cobb:

I didn't take your challenge seriously because your White ReThug brethren do not take me and my ilk seriously at all.

Upthread, someone asked you why weren't you fighting Bush, Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld - the whole back nine who has royally FUBARed this country. Then, they answered their own question: you ARE too busy waiting for table scraps from them as opposed to fighting them.

If you want to call me names instead of engaging in political discourse, why should I take any challenge you issue seriously?

You remind me of Ward Connerly, sir, and that's not in a GOOD WAY.

You and your ilk whine when your "brethren" in the Republican Party put on the hoods and set that cross on fire, eyeballing you and wishing they could tie you to that stake, but they know they need Negroes like you to infiltrate the masses and screw up everyone's thinking.

If you don't take the time to consider the psychological makeup of African-Americans, you have no right to lump us all in the same boat because we don't agree with your thinking or your concepts.

At last thought - Booker T's concepts led him to the bottom of the totem pole, while W.E.B. DuBois' carried him into the upper eschelons where Booker T wished he had access.

As I've said, even white conservatives give grudging respect to true Field Negroes and not those who Tom, since they've never respected those who "Tom", anyway.

I've probably pissed you off even more, but thanks for the invite to attempt to engage, anyway.

Cobb said...

eh.. i'm still at my desk.

what table scraps do you believe that i am waiting for?

how exactly am i rewarded by the republican party?

as for booker t and web, they wer both suffering the delusion that a bourgie vanguard could raise the fortunes of the poor. maybe when most of black america was illiterate, but that hardly counts today.

the psychological makeup of the african american is impossible to calculate, so i don't bother. i am satisfied just calling out a few people at FN, and i say you are afraid of republicans. in fact you are all in the FN house, afraid to defy your FN master, and get out into the blogosphere fields and do battle.

Anonymous said...

Any black person who "believes" in either the Democrats or Republicans is a black fool. WE still have a collective agenda based on our collective condition (not that many of us subscribe to that). There's a particular kind of hell reserved for black folks. And nobody but US gives a fuck. Well, maybe...

When you have 'defectors' who blindly tout the philosphies and opinions of your enemy - as "your solution" - then you've found someone special.

The real "code" is not the "Willie Horton-isms" and the other small potato, jiveazzbullshit. Its that you still believe this system actually works or can work - for your black ass. "The Secret" is not the "Law of Attraction", but that there is a ruling class that respects no colors or borders and that shreds both personal and national sovereignty...for another muthafucking dollar.

They tell you they love God, but they are devils. And you love them.

They control what and how you think. Obviously. That's why they have kneegroes defending THEM, or engaged in marathon conversations about the titsi fly.

You don't even have a right to vote in this country for chrissakes, except as a rhetorical device. The game is rigged: they give you the rules of the game that they want you to have, but NOT the rules 'as they are or as they work.'

To discern those, one must have a decolonized mind. Heavy hangs the bowed head of the political sambo.

SimonGreedwell said...

Christopher said...

I hope you devote some energies to going after GOPer lunatic, Ron Paul, of Texas.

Say what?

"Sleuth: If you were to defy the polls and the odds and win the nomination, who would be your running mate?

Paul: Well, I don't know, but if I won, you know, I'd want a recount. You know, lets be certain about what's going on here.

But a running mate. Somebody like Walter Williams. Walter Williams is a very good economist. John Stossel, John Stossel would be good."

How many other Republican candidates would publicly state that they would have Walter Williams as their VP?

Anonymous said...

It's no different from Pat Buchanan naming a black woman as his running mate. And why would I vote for anyone who thinks John Stossel is qualified to be Vice President?

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