Thursday, February 07, 2008


I just can't escape Obamamania no matter how hard I try.

This morning I tried to put all things Obama far behind me. But as I rode on the train and read the editorial from one of my hometown papers (The Daily News), this is what I saw:

WHEN SUPER TUESDAY commentators called it "no surprise" that Barack Obama had won the Democratic primaries in Georgia and Alabama, we thought that Sens. Herman Talmadge and Richard Russell, those Georgia segregationists who for so long stood in the way of civil rights, must be spinning in their graves.

A little historical perspective.

Just 50 years ago in Alabama and Georgia, or anywhere in the Old South, Barack Obama's parents, a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya, could not have wed - interracial marriage was against the law. For even flirting with a white woman, Obama's father could have been taken from his home and lynched, as were thousands of blacks in our nation's history.

A presidential campaign by a black man? Unthinkable. Blacks had a hard time even registering to vote. Mississippi Freedom Summer was years away. No Freedom Rides yet. No sit-ins. Although Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court decision desegregating public schools, was handed down in 1954, schools in Alabama and Georgia were still segregated.

Fifty years ago, Jim Crow was the law in the South. If Barack Obama were campaigning in Georgia or Alabama, he wouldn't have been served in a "white" restaurant. Couldn't have stayed in a "white" hotel.

Would've had to wait until he found a "colored" toilet. Wouldn't have been permitted to drink from a "whites only" water fountain.

Segregationists used every tactic they could, including violence, to stop the civil-rights movement. The Ku Klux Klan rode through the night spreading terror, with the tacit complicity of the local sheriff. White Citizens Councils openly retaliated against blacks suspected of even questioning segregation. Tenant farmers were kicked off the land they worked, others found themselves unemployable for the same offense.

Alabama and Georgia elected officials were virtually all segregationists. And all Democrats.
Today, blacks are a significant percent of the electorate in Georgia and Alabama. The Old South has hundreds of black elected officials - sheriffs, legislators and members of Congress.
And Barack Obama got the votes of blacks AND whites in Alabama, Georgia and elsewhere.
WE KNOW THERE'S still a long way to go in race relations in this country.

Much still needs to be done. But to say that it's "no surprise" that an African-American won state elections for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States, in Alabama and Georgia in particular, is to forget how far we've come.

For those of us who have been around long enough to know both ends of this continuum, it is awe-inspiring. Barack Obama is campaigning on the idea of "change." In many ways, he's already succeeded.* "

Now who am I to argue with the powerful editorial writers at The Daily News?

To them, the "O" man has already changed A-merry-ca, and I suppose in many ways he has.

But is he any different than Oprah, Tiger, Will, Michael, and all the other race neutral lovable blacks that A-merry-ca has embraced? Maybe. But just maybe. After all, he is a politician and not an entertainer. He has a charge to do more serious things, and the office he seeks is reserved for just a few people in a very exclusive club.

I am still cynical, and I am still not too sure about this new A-merry-can spirit that every one keeps talking about. I mean I hear all the nice speeches, and I see all the love but....

Hey, all I can say is that my Johnson is starting to move again. And I have all you damn Obamaholics, and editorial writers to thank for it.


Felipe Snark said...

One of of us!

Jus' messin' Field.

I'm a relatively new reader of your blog (since a couple of weeks ago) and I'm an Obama supporter (after Edwards dropped) but I won't quite yet say I'm an Obamaholic.

I remain a bit skeptical and worry that Obama won't be able to foment the amount of change people think he can, disappointing many. Still, I think he's the best choice of the candidates we have now.

I think the editorial (at least what you've posted) has the right attitude: We have a long way to go, but that doesn't diminish the fact that we have come a long way.

Ann Brock said...

Field I was surprise that Obama won in Alabama but someone reminded me that Jessy Jackson also won Alabama when he ran. I am an Obamaholic.

Carinthia said...

Well, Field, like you I have been withholding commitment on my choice of presidential candidates. You have to admit, though, that Obama is quickly acquiring the mantle of fundamental change and grassroots support. AND, he carries the legacy with a lot of grace and passion. Compared to Hillary, who in my mind sold out to corporate America a long time ago, he's the candidate who at least feels like he is still in touch with what goes on in the real world. So yeah, I've joined the ranks...Obamaholics are us! :)

Anonymous said...

About 3/4ths of my Google Reader is full of Obamaholics, the Afrospear included! When will the madness end!? HA! No, but seriously, I just wrote about how I didn't even go vote. I mean, what would I vote for? The ballot's my bullet, and I'm shooting ...

Anonymous said...


This is how I see it. I typically don't believe in conspiracies but something ain't right. Something in the milk ain't clean.

Rush Limbaugh & mAnn Coulter endorsing Hiliary because they hate McCain?!!! People can't you see through this bull$hit. Don't be soo easily duped. This is a set-up folks. The Rove machine again. How come Fox News stays attacking Clinton's ass but hasn't come undone on Obama. I truly believe there is strategy behind all of this. I think they're trying to draw all the independents to McCain. Phuck the evangelicals. McCain can win WITHOUT them if he pulls in enough independents and gets some Regan democrats. This is a reality.

White Evangelicals will not vote for Hilary or the 'O' man. Trust me on this. Stop watching Obama videos and speeches. Go to some of these conservative blogs. That will definitely bring you down to reality. Again, McCain can win without the evangelicals. They need him more than he needs them. Now they have no choice, so McCain's got many months to court and woe them. They'll eventually come around. They have no choice. So, add them to his score card.

Obama hasn't been truly baptized yet. The Clinton machine gave him a little taste. But the Republicans will shove everything down his throat. That WILL be televised and it won't be pretty. I don't care what anybody says Obama going up against a white, male, POW, Terror terrorist will be tough. Besides Obama is having a hard time with the Latino vote.

Obamaholics wake up. wake up...

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,
Longtime missing, but I am certainly fighting against the Kool Aid, but Obama is slowly got me paying attention to his importance. I am actually giving him the benefit of the doubt, with certain precautions still. He still has to prove that he isn't some corporate lackey down the road. I may even send him some money soon.

field negro said...

"I am an Obamaholic."

No no no jjbrock. You must identify yourself like this:


carinthia, you might want to join jjbrok in properly declaring yourself. :)

gregory, admit it, you are an Obamaholic. No fair not admitting to your addiction.

"When will the madness end!? "

Jose, maybe just maybe in November.

Unless of course the "O" man wins.

field negro said...

anon 10:40PM, thatnks for the reality check. Sometimes I forget where I live. These damn Obama optimist are setting me up for a fall, I just know it.

thinkaboutit, I see you falling right along with me. Hold on, be strong. Like anon 10:40PM said, head to some conservative blogs and get some grounding in reality.

Anonymous said...

WTF? Why do you hate Obama, and who DO you want to win?
Also, you're a Larkoholic. How does your wife feel about that?

Blinders Off said...


My choice on Super Tuesday was Obama or Clinton and I braved the weather on Super Tuesday in Tennessee before the Tornadoes, thank God, and voted for Obama.

I am not an Obamaholic, but I prefer him over Hillary. I also said I would never vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination, but after McCain said, “We (America) will stay in Iraq for 100 years if we have to” and the Supreme Court at risk not being balanced if we have McCain as POTUS. I cannot stay home in November, if Hillary wins the nomination I will have to hold my nose and vote for her.

To be honest, I do not know why in hell anyone in his or her right mind wants to go in and try to clean up the CATASTROPHE Bush is leaving.

Anonymous said...

Here is a You Tube link to Latinos for Barak Obama.... there is also a website for Latinos for Barak where they are seeking organizers... Folks are on it.... but this video is of community organizers in the Latino community making a compelling arguement for why Latinos should support him. And, I really like how one of the organizers said they must resist then media hyped myth that Latinos could not support an African American.....

Anonymous said...

"For those of us who have been around long enough to know both ends of this continuum, it is awe-inspiring. Barack Obama is campaigning on the idea of "change." In many ways, he's already succeeded."
Good post, field. Good article, as far as it goes. I think that what's missing is the historical context that sets the stage for Obama winning votes in Georgia and Alabama. That historical context is not any success whatsoever of Obama, but the hard work under extremely dangerous circumstances of black people. We were the ones who refused to give up our seats to white people (and it wasn't just Rosa Parks. It was Jackie Robinson, Irene Morgan, Bayard Rustin and many others even before Rosa Parks); who registered to vote only to come home to see our farms and churches burned; who marched and got clubbed by police, had rocks, bricks and coke bottles thrown at us by white mobs screaming "Nigga, go home!" who boycotted, who shot at the KKK when they came into our communities; and, yes, who ran for president (Shirley Chisholm, Fannie Lou Hamer); and who marched with signs that said, "I am a MAN"; and, yes, who ran for president (Fannie Lou Hamer, Jessie Jackson, Shirley Chishol). All of these struggles helped eliminate apartheid in the southern part of the US so blacks would be able to go to the polls without fear in the first place.

During black history month, Obama should get down on his skinny knees and, in a praying position, thank the many black folks who fought in every way imaginable to get rid of apartheid and make it easier for blacks who would come after them.

It's really hard to put into words, to even imagine how hard-won our fight was to exercise our right to vote and be treated like men and women in this country in a region of this country that treated us scarcely better than horses.

Don said...

I think its an attempt by the Daily News to downplay the significance of Obama's winning those states.

Hillary Clinton is a senator in NY. Favor for a favor, rub my back and I will rub yours, so on, so on...

Powerful media outlets don't necessarily report the news. They shape it, as well.

Obama 'o8

Anonymous said...

...meanwhile, Field, back in L.A., 27 year LAPD and 20 year SWAT team member Randy Simmons is killed by a gang banger while rushing a hostage situation, trying to save victims of the shooter...Chief Bratton cried (probably the first tears he's ever shed over the death of a Black Man). Simmons leaves behind a wife & 2 kids, and is credited with being a SWAT innovator, and with steering a number of bangers away from The Thug Life...

Bob said...

On Tuesday, I had to decide which of the two remaining candidates I thought would be a better president, & it was Barack Obama. No, I don't think Barack or anyone is the savior of the country. But until the Cheney/Bush junta, I didn't believe an adminstration could damage the nation this badly. It's a lot easier to rip something down than to build it up. Barack seems like the kind of man who likes building things.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Anon 10:40. I listen to a lot of conservative radio, 'cause I like to know what the enemy is planning at all times, and they ain't subtle. After Romney dropped today and the Repubs called for unification, the right was not having it (and neither were their callers). They DO NOT like McCain, and they feel like he has been catering more to the independents than to them. Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt that they'll get up and vote. But with Hillary, they see the opportunity to slam her on her policies and dirt. With Obama, they know that there is very little they can attack on his character, and that he can compete with McCain in terms of independents. Which only leaves Republican moderates and lukewarm conservatives (many of whom have said they will never cast a vote for McCain). That, and the fact that Obama matches well with McCain nationally...I think they're running a little scared.

On a side note, I haven't stopped laughing since I saw the picture of this little girl at culturekitchen:

Anonymous said...

Heads-up folks, the KKKlinton people have not just managed to hack the Obama site with a Denial of Service attack. There was a problem before but now one of the volunteers is saying that there was an actual DOS launched by Obama's enemies.

Things are reaching a boiling point already-- people are furious about the way that 750,000 ballots for Obama were tossed out in California, how the Clintons are trying to rig the New Mexico results by leaving the ballots overnight in the homes of Clinton supporters (yeah, transparent elections there, right), now there's this crap. Any more of this hijacking-democracy s**t, and the burning cities and ruin of 1967 are gonna look like a picnic.

Anonymous said...

"have now just managed"-- damn, it's gettin' late.

Christopher said...

There's some serious shit coming down this morning in Murika.

I've had an account at Obama 2008 since the week it was launched and I can't get online. My email box is full of messages from folks having the same problem.

Looks like a part of that $6 million the Borg Queen is telling the world she raised after Super Tuesday was spent on hiring internet hacker to shut Obama's online operation down.

Now before anyone says, "That white boy is just being paranoid," consider this: Obama's online site makes up for 90% of his donors. All of our credit card information is stored there and if we can't access our accounts, his flow of cash is effectively cut-off.

But not to worry. As Barack said the other day, "I will not be swiftboated." If the Borg Queen is playing cyber terrorisy with Obama as her victim, Obama will do her the same.

The Roving Reporter said...

While I like Sen. Obama, I'm still skeptical. I like to refer to Obama as the "safe" black candidate--one who is race neutral and "nonthreatening" to white establishment.

field negro said...

"Also, you're a Larkoholic. How does your wife feel about that?"

I think Mrs.Field would say to Lark: "Girlfriend you can have him"


Christopher said...

Barack Obama and the Borg Queen are competing for a sizable if somewhat overshadowed delegate prizes this weekend as voters in four scattered states take their turn saying which one should be the Democratic presidential nominee.

The two Democrats are competing for 161 delegates Saturday in Washington state, Louisiana, Nebraska and the Virgin Islands, followed by Maine caucuses with 24 delegates Sunday.

Obama is the only candidate campaigning in all four states.

LittleMissSolo said...

Blog-fam... it's official, we need to set up an intervention! Our man Field is in total and complete denial.

We all know you're a social Obamaholic, but it's what you do when no one is around that will tell you if you're a true Obamaholic.

Mr. Field... Do you seek out information on Obama? Do secretly cheer for him when you watch the debates? Do you know in your heart of hearts that when it's time to step in that booth - without a doubt you're going to vote for this man? Have you recently found yourself getting frustrated when you turn on a news outlet and they are NOT talking about Obama? Do you feel yourself getting excited when it's time for another democratic primary?

Field, if you've answered YES to 2 or more of the questions... it's either time for an intervention, or you should just man-up and admit what we all know - you're an Obamaholic too.

With much Obama love,


field negro said...

"We all know you're a social Obamaholic, but it's what you do when no one is around that will tell you if you're a true Obamaholic."

404kim, I want to hire you in the fields as an offcial Obamaholic counselor:)

But I honestly don't think I need intervention just yet. I can leave the "O Aid alone, I can......

jody, thanks for sharing that the "O" man is getting some Latino love. Didn't he get most of the Latino votes in Illinois and a substantial amount in Arizona?

I hope dragon horse and his crew are fair when they consider that the "O" man does get some Latino love after all.

Christopher that's some scary s**t with the computers. But just wait, this is only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we had Obama's optimism and appeal..and blended it with Hillary's political shrewdness and acuity, to form one super-candidate..then maybe i wouldn't be so undecided on who i want to support. A lot of people do not like Hilary Clinton (her demeanor, personality, independence)so they vote Obama just to spite her. Obama sounds good in speeches and he has a lot of appeal, but being a black man in America, I do not trust politicians a 100%. They say one thing in order to get elected, then turn around and make a 180 degree change.

Unknown said...

i agree with 99.5% of what you write, field, but in one area i do think that obama has gotten a bad rap: the race-neutrality question. have you read his 1st book? if so, you'll see in only a few pages how not race-neutral he is. he really, really identifies with africans - in the diasporic sense. he's not just a tiger woods. God forbid.

Anonymous said...

I am the kind of person who believes that if Obama wins the nonimation and becomes President in November will mean that everyone in the United States will suddently changed their mindset because that does not happen. As Martin Luther King once said, "we cannot legislate morality, but we can modify behavior." In order for people to change in a larger construct, how they think will have to change. For example, some new building are installing fire proof elevators so that people who are disabled and others can use it as an alternative to stairs which takes much longer to walk down during a fire. Believe or not, there will be many people who not use the elevators because we were taught that the stairs are safer. Now there will have to a process to re-train people to take the fire-proof elevators. After hearing about this report on NPR, I said to myself that is unfortunate that you have to re-train people and in some aspect it is funny and then not funny.

Change does take time and it does not happen overnight. There are people who live in this world does not like change because it means taking everything you believe and setting it aside with a new belief. That is a quite a pyschological process, look what happens when people have to move from one place to another. People hate the process because it means leaving something that is so familiar and entering a new strange place. It something that we all suffer from at one time or another.

With change comes acceptence, and some of us are guilty right. We are talking about how we believe that America will not change when do not it ourselves. We weighed ourselves down with doubt that it cannot be possible for Barrack Obama to be President. We accuse him of not being black as if we do not see him as a man at all. Have we become so entrenched with identity classifying as a group until with we have forgotten our humanity?

Christopher said...

Christopher that's some scary s**t with the computers. But just wait, this is only the beginning.


I remember you saying this before and I think you're 100% spot-on.

The Clintons are ruthless, power-addicted thugs who will stop at nothing to reach the presidency.

Already, Team Borg Queen has suggested Obama's a drug user and drug addict, they've distorted his position on healthcare and abortion.

I fully expect a bimbo eruption before November. Barack says he won't be swiftboated but I wonder if he really knows who he's up against?

Obama walks in the light; the Clintons walk in darkness.

Anonymous said...

I'm 99.9% sure the site is not retaining CC info. No server admin/webmaster worth his salt would do something that dumb.

Admiral Komack said...

"Hillary's political shrewdness and acuity"

-pissing off a sizeable faithful Democratic voting bloc in January while knowing full well that voting blog will be needed to help her in November.

Yeah, Hillary's politically shrewd...NOT.

Admiral Komack said...

"Obama walks in the light; the Clintons walk in darkness."

-Step toward the light, Field...step toward the light. :-)

La♥audiobooks said...


Some black Obamaholics have a category for blacks like you. They say blacks like you are cynical because - you well know if Obama does win, you can’t pull the “race card” and use racism as an “excuse” in A-merry-ca anymore. Some even say this is also a chance for white Americans to prove racism doesn’t exist anymore on their end. (I guess this would all make sense.)

I’m really starting to dig Obama and I want to see him elected either way. But still, I wonder if some people ever notice the higher just ONE negro seem to get in America, the chances of everyday racism for the rest of us just goes under more radar. Maybe it’s just me, what do I know.

Hi, my name is La, and I’m an Obamaholic coming out the closet.

La♥audiobooks said...

I meant to say "escapes under more radar."

Anonymous said...

When Obama first announced he was running, I "vetted" him to best of my ability. My vote is always based on factual info not endorsements. The senator is from Illnois, and a supposed "civil rights attorney" my question. So, I checked to see if he had an opinion or was involved in many exonerations of black men on death row that prompted Gov Ryan to put a moratorium on all executions because of 207 page report put together by former senator, defense attorney's, prosecutors and various others. I was unable to find anything about the great "civil rights", community activist Barack (still searching). How could he not be involved in the civil rights of INNOCENT Black men on death row? The types of things that black people face in everyday situations, especially the mass incarceration of black men is of great importance. For his brave deed Gov Ryan was trashed and Barack Obama ran against him in 2004??? As Black people I think we have a duty to do as much searching as we can on any candidate running for any office. Our survival depends on it. Also, let us stop repeating what we HEAR about the myth of Brown vs Board of Education. This case challenged the "seperate but equal doctrine". This case rendered the decision of Plessy vs Ferguson null and void because of the INFERIORTY of the schools for African Americans. This was not the first time "seperate education ". Going back as far as 1849 (Roberts vs Boston) African Americans have sought equal education. Yes, 1849, while some blacks were held in slavery, and of course not included in these cases. This is a very short history lesson from my 30 years of studying. It is very, very, important that we study history and not get caught up in myths. If Barack Obama was born during slavery in American, he would have been born a free man, a CLEAN BLACK MAN. "What inheritance does the children of the bondswoman have with that of the free". We can not judge people by what WE ourselves WOULD NOT DO. My HOPE is that the young people of this nation of all races will make the necessary CHANGE themselves. This can only be done with accurate information, not to be confused with uniform education. Do YOUR own investigations.

Christopher said...

Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire is endorsing Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for president.

She's joining Obama at his rally today at Key Arena in Seattle.

Gregoire says Obama is a charismatic leader who can bring the country together, help solve some nagging problems, and restore the country's image abroad.

kid said...

I think that the photo might be a relative (his grandmother). Billary and "Pookie" and going to debate in Ohio on the eve of the primary . I hope he does good that night, your response?

Anonymous said...

I like Obama but I'm just cynical as all hell. Obama is not a savior. ReTHUGlicans will rip him SEVERAL new aszholes WITHOUT apologies. I'm not sure if Mr. Optimist is ready for that. Hiliary on the other hand is. She's been dealing with this for over 2 decades.

You all are being played. Why is nobody questioning the strategy and motives behind the conservative right bashing McCain. And then turn around and say they'll vote and campaign for Hiliary. People, wake up. This makes no sense. Obama is more liberal than Hiliary. Look at their records. Does this make sense?

Anonymous said...

Black folks do you really think Obama is going to do anything for us. Black people aren't even demanding anything thing from this man. Nor is he offering anything to us! Too many of us are assuming this brotha is going to look out for us. NOT!!! I've seen this before. We just assume a brotha is gonna look out for us. And sadly, this rarely happens.

We give him the vote without him making or ADDRESSING any issues that are specific to our community. I don't expect for Barak to come out in a red, green and black jumper or with a fist lifted in the air. But Barak, give us something. He's even reached out to the gay community, latino community and white women voters to assure them that they'll be taken care of. But what about black people.

It's almost as if he looks at the black community as his 'jump off'. He will sleep with us, eat our food, but won't acknowledge us in public.

Black folks - wake up. Obama could very well be a house negro.

Jonne Austin said...

That's my girl, Christine! I'm glad she gave him the endorsement. If I wasn't ripe with child and ready to pop, I'd go to the rally. I may just go. IF it's free and depending on the time, I might just take my son. We'll see though lol.


I see what you're saying but just to let you know as an Obamaholic myself, I'm voting for him because a) I don't like oligarchy and if Hillary wins that's exactly what this country will be run by.
b) I've done my research and we agree on everything except health care. I'm with Hillary on that, but I don't trust her one bit. She had her chance and she blew it.

I just recently did a post on Black History being smeared by a men's rag called Smooth. There was little action by us "grassroots" folks. It didn't get the high profile that DL Hughely got, it didn't get the attention that Imus got, none of that. I don't expect Mr. Obama to cure all that ails us when we don't even admit we have problems or seek to fix them.

Anonymous said...

Yes,anonymous. Most folks think Obama can change things for Black people. Black folks think he can ease racial tensions. White folks think he proves there is no racism. In the past when we only had white candidates to vote for we made demands, now people are behaving as though Barack's blackness makes him immune to those demands. When he is elected black folks will get a "red" phone to put right next to their red Jesus phone. Black folks - wake up. How can they? This dream is too good to be true. When you dreaming you are also alsleep.

Anonymous said...

New Black Woman:
What is a "safe" or "non-threatening" Black man? Can we get off that? No, things aren't perfect, but thanks to expanded opportunities, many Black people get an education and good jobs and acquit themselves nicely. What y'all expect, he shows up for the debate in a bright orange Steve Harvey suit, a kente tie and purple gators eating a two peice all white from Popeyes, saying, "I think the b**ch gon eff up healthcare!" and then shoot Wolf Blitzer? What exactly is a "real" black man?
Sth, I forgot what I was gon' say.

Dirty Red said...


Is that good enoungh Field?

I blogged about this on my site also so check me out.

Big Man said...

My name is Big man, and I am an obamaholic.

We will convert you.

Oh, and can I get my blog added to your blogroll? You linked to me a few days ago on the story about Canadians.

Anonymous said...

"It's almost as if he looks at the black community as his 'jump off'. He will sleep with us, eat our food, but won't acknowledge us in public."
Anonymous: Your statement gets to what I thought was missing in the article that field posted: Our long legacy of struggle that made it possible for Obama to run for president. Now we know Obama is playing the political game of being a so-called race-neutral politician so as not to piss off white folks. But in doing so, he moves away from that rich struggle, that foundation, that got him there. I think the white, corporate media is helping him to do so because they too don't want to be reminded of the entrenched racismd that has yet to be eradicated from American shores, the legacy of which is all around us: The failure of school boards to get us equally funded schools; failure to give us bank loans so we can start our own businesses and stop being beggars at the door for chump change for people who fund non-profits; failure to hire us for living-wage jobs causing us to come home from temp jobs pissed off and taking it out on our wives and children; making us feel inferior, causing us to drop out of school, sell drugs and commit violence against the very people who love us in our own neighborhoods; In poorly-funded schools, etc.

I think it's also related to the cynicism that some of us feel. It's not just about Obama. While some are saying "let's forget the racism. That's so yesterday. Obama doesn't care about that. He's all about hope, about reaching across the isle and getting things done," some of us recognize that Obama is just one man who will have to be pushed along with that sorry democratic party to which he belongs to fight the suprer-racist, worker-hating Republican party to make significant changes.

We also know that, if Obama plays the race-neutral game to get there, he must, to some extent, play that same game once he gets there. What this all comes down to is that we blacks folks cannot get so drunk with hope that we forget from whence we came. We will have to tap into that same resilience that grew out of our legacy of struggle and continue to make demands on Obama, forcing him and that sorry democratic party to address our priorities in the same way we forced Kennedy and Johnson to.

During black history month, I think it behooves us to never forget our legacy of struggle for change in this country and never let Obama forget that he is the beneficiary of it. If we forget, we will not only allow Obama to serve his term without doing anything substantial for us and other working Americans, we will have ceased to do what Dr. King told us that we must do: Make change not by giving up power to politicians in Washington D.C. but by forcing change on them by education and direct action.

field negro said...

"Hi, my name is La, and I’m an Obamaholic coming out the closet"




Yes, I like this. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have an addiction.

"Big man", I got you. I will link you when I get off the plantation later.

"What y'all expect, he shows up for the debate in a bright orange Steve Harvey suit, a kente tie and purple gators eating a two peice all white from Popeyes, saying, "I think the b**ch gon eff up healthcare!" and then shoot Wolf Blitzer? What exactly is a "real" black man?"

kellybelle, stop it, you are killing me :)

That imagery is too much.

Don said...

applause @ Washington's Governor endorsement of Barack Obama

Yes we can...

RedLipstick said...

O is not Jesus folks--it's not his job to save black people, white people or the American people. We need a thinker--a person that has a vision. We need inspiration because as a country we are in a rut. We need a person that does not stimulate a sudden "gag" reflex in half the country's population. I don't expect his presidency, Hill's or McCain's for that matter to right all the wrong down by Bush & Co. What we need as a country is a swift kick in the you know what so that we can get back to basics. I think O will give it to us with a coke and a smile.

Admiral Komack said...

I am Admiral Komack, and I am an Obamaholic.

Admiral Komack said...

"What y'all expect, he shows up for the debate in a bright orange Steve Harvey suit, a kente tie and purple gators eating a two peice all white from Popeyes, saying, "I think the b**ch gon eff up healthcare!" and then shoot Wolf Blitzer? What exactly is a "real" black man?"

"When he is elected black folks will get a "red" phone to put right next to their red Jesus phone."

-Don't forget the "O" searchlight/signal(a silhouette of a brother with a Big Afro, to be used only when there is trouble afoot, a la Batman).

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:47-
"We give him the vote without him making or ADDRESSING any issues that are specific to our community."

While Obama may not exactly be a Conyers, he does have a 100% rating from the NAACP, based on his votes in the U.S. Senate. That's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Here is some racial bias…

This is what happens to young white girls when they see Obama:

When Obama is president and congress doesn't do something he wants, he will go to the American People in an Oval Office Address and that night 1 million white girls between 18-25 will blow up some answering machines talking about "If you want to get reelected you better obey President Obama!"


This is a dangerous man.

Now this was in Conneticut. I can imagine the Italian and Irish girls afterward like "he is sex for real..." and some guys like..."what?? Angela! He's a n---er...what cha talkin about over there?? If Dad heard you say that he would...!!"

They will be like..."Nohe's not, his mother white like me, and he talks all sexy...he's not like those n----r's down there in [insert ghetto location], stop hatin'..."


The first black president, not how I imagined, but whatever...maybe it is the only way in 2008.

Lola Gets said...

Ok Field, I have an issue about the first item in your sidebar. WHITE folks are not the only ones who love their pets (that much) and arent the only ones who would do that for their pets either.

A few years ago, a home that belonged to an elderly Black woman caught on fire. She had 9 cats. While she was rescued safely and watched her house burn, she was extremely agitated and upset that her pets were trapped inside. So, several firemen went into the burning home, rescued the cats, gave them oxygen and mouth-to-mouth. Remarkably, all of the cats lived! All if this was shown on the evening news - which is how I learned about it, even though it occurred not far from my own house.

This happened to a chocolate woman in chocolate city. "Love" of a pet animal isnt just specific to whites. LOTS of Blacks, as well as other ethnicites, love their pets, and Im a little mad that you made (and have before) such a statement.


Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi FN,

"But is he any different than Oprah, Tiger, Will, Michael, and all the other race neutral lovable blacks that A-merry-ca has embraced?"

That's funny stuff.

On Obama; I just don't see White America giving Obama the keys to the nuclear bombs.

I think this whole thing will end up being an exercise in futility.

So you aren’t the only cynic.

burpster said...

I like the O dude but, after watching the debates I always had the impression that Hillary could take him in a down and dirty street fight. Maybe it was her "don't fuck with me look", and she gave him lots of those. Maybe it was just something else I was noticing.

Now the repubs are playing McCain as a D candidate, this prick is about as far right as you can go with his 100 year war schtick. This has to be a plan on their part, along with mittens suddenly droppin' out.

I just don't see Obama standing up to the repub smear machine that you all know is coming. If he does manage to get the nod I'll be rooting for him all the way.

signed: I love my dog.

Anonymous said...


have more faith in Obama...and read this article that explains why he would be a superior candidate for the Dems...

Anonymous said...

I've lurking for a few weeks now. Maybe this guy can push you a little more toward Obama.

Toure Zeigler said...

It's still a shock to me that a black man won the south and far western states like Idaho and Utha and lost the north east

Woozie said...

Your Johnson is moving?

Knee-grow, you nasty. See, you got me mangling my own language, I gotta send myself to the ovens!

field negro said...

I am Admiral Komack, and I am an Obamaholic."


Ok Lola I will give you that; some black folks love their pets too :)

mes deaux... maybe we should start a group session for these folks. Just to kind of balance out the emotions they are feeling now. Beause if things don't go as well for them, they might just be jumping off the bridges in their hometowns.

Woozie, I am going to liberate you from the language Nazis if it's the last thing I do. :)

seattle slim, congrats on the little one on the way!

If you need a name I have some good ones.

Anonymous said...

My name is JP and I am a Obamaholic and it looks like Colin Powell is too.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a Republican who served under President Bush, said Friday he may not back the GOP presidential nominee in November, telling CNN that “I am keeping my options open at the moment.”

“I have voted for members of both parties in the course of my adult life,” Powell, a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “And as I said earlier, I will vote for the candidate I think can do the best job for America, whether that candidate is a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent.”

Powell also offered praise for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, calling him an “exciting person on the political stage.

“He has energized a lot of people in America,” said Powell, who briefly weighed his own run for the White House in the mid-1990s. “He has energized a lot of people around the world. And so I think he is worth listening to and seeing what he stands for.”

Powell, who has largely steered clear of politics since leaving the administration in 2004, noted that the next president will need to work to restore America’s standing in the world.

“I will ultimately vote for the person I believe brings to the American people the kind of vision the American people want to see for the next four years,” he said. “A vision that reaches out to the rest of the world, that starts to restore confidence in America, that starts to restore favorable ratings to America. Frankly, we've lost a lot in recent years.”

One Fly said...

I will vote for the Dem whoever it be. BUT I've got bad feelings about this. Our side has won nothing,stopped nothing,done nothing. These guys do what ever they want because they can. They have the power and the tools. I say in the end it's better than 50-50 there will be another repug in the big house. Did I mention they kill.

Inkogkneegrow said...


My name is Will and I am a HOPEaholic! I am a HOPEaholic because I am sick & tired of politics as usual. I am tired of seeing petty bipartisan bickering when we are in real trouble. I want to support someone who is not afraid to reach out across the aisle to get something done. Seeing how Obama was able to bring together people who were diametrically opposed to videotaping criminal confessions in Illinois made me want to support him. This legislation was opposed by conservation hard-on-crime republicans, I-don't-want-to-appear-soft-on-crime democrats and various law enforcement unions. In the end, they all saw the wisdom of not allowing the Po Po to beat the crap out of you to gain a confession.

I do not choose to drink the Clinton kool-aid. They are experts at divide & conquer. Look how quickly Bill played the race card on Obama in SC. Nor have I forgotten that the Clintons belonged to a segragated country club in Little Rock while he was governor. How can you say you have been fighting for civil rights when you belong to the Mo Tea Sir country club? I haven't forgotten about the mentally challenged Black man Bill executed to show his 'tough' stance on crime. I haven't forgotten about the million Rwandans who Bill decided did not have enough economic or strategic value to remain in the world of the living.

Nor I am interested in turning America into a monarchy. Two families have already had the 'throne' for 20 years. Enough is enough.

Hathor said...

I am not sure about Alabama, but most of those southern states demographics have changed in the last fifty years. There are many people who live there that are not the descendants of segregationist. When the jobs went south, many people followed.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from Chris Rock's "No Apologies" tour. He said somethng funny (I'ma try and remember): "Black people are the most self-hatingest people. When Guiliani was running, Italians were like 'Yeah!' A Black man is running and Black people walking around saying 'I don't know, I'm so torn! Hillary really likes Black people.' Well, Barack can do that one better; he IS Black people!"

Jonne Austin said...

Thanks Field! Actually I am open to name suggestions as our first round draft pick has fallen through. Dad has decided he didn't like baby's name..........after all this time! LOL

brotherkomrade said...
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brotherkomrade said...
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field negro said...

"My name is Will and I am a HOPEaholic!"

No no no Will, you are not being true to your addiction.

We need a proper introduction from you :)

Anonymous said...

I spent the day at my daughter's catholic school in the deep south. Most of the staff remains white even though the student body has darkened with white flight. Anyhow, the young and old white staffers were talking anti republican and pro Obama. It was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Isaiah58:1-12 and I'm an Obamaholic!

Here is an update on Super Saturday results:

Washington caucus: O 67%, C 32%
Nebraska caucus: O 69%, C 31%

I've been reading caucus diaries this evening and they all say that the polling places were packed beyond capacity. Need I say that these states are mostly white people coming out in subzero wind chill factor weather to caucus for an African-American candidate?

I am not concerned much about the African-American cynics like field negro if Obama loses this thing. He's from Jamaica and he's seen quite a bit worse than this in politics. But I am concerned about how upset some of these white Obamaholics are going to be should Howard Dean try to force Obama to step down for some 'deal'. I predict trouble in Denver!

It is looking like Obama closes the delegate gap to 30 or less tonight. And he goes ahead on Tuesday. Then those of us in Ohio and Texas and Pennsylvania have to shit or get off the pot. That means you field.

Let's think about it this way. If their records and positions were exactly the same but Hilary Clinton was a black woman, which of them would you vote for?

Anonymous said...

Kellybelle that quote from chris rock was hilarious and what I am always saying about black people. From the time I listened to Barack's book on tape and saw him on oprah, I knew that he could and should be the one. If I was not a Canadian living in Canada, I would be contributing to his campaign (foreigners aren't allowed to) and voting for him. :)