Saturday, February 09, 2008

The look.

Now this is getting downright ridiculous.

My assistant has been with me for about eight years now. She was assigned to me by the city of Philadelphia and I couldn't be happier.

She is a white woman, and I think she is in her early fifties or so. She also happens to be a republican. I know this, because unfortunately, party affiliations and connections are two of the most important factors that are considered when folks get city jobs.

Now we rarely talk politics, but this morning my assistant asked me who I was voting for in the upcoming elections. Of course I knew right away where the conversation was heading. She then proceeded to ask me if I liked Obama. I told her I did but I still wasn't sure if I was going to vote for him just yet. "Why not?" She asked. "Well are you going to vote for him?" I asked her. "Yes I would consider it, I mean field, the man is so handsome."

Now I must admit, I never saw this coming. Not from her. I never even considered that she would consider voting for the "O" man. But after our little discusion it dawned on me that there must be quite a few A-merry-cans who will vote for the "O" man because they like how he looks, and how he carries himself.

I mean let's be honest; here in A-merry-ca we like our presidents to look, well, presidential. There are a couple of criterias that must be met. They must be tall, and they must have a full head of hair. It's why I knew Rudy was doomed from the get go. And it's why I know that Mike Huckabee, with his rice bowl bald spot in the middle of his head, has no shot. It's why Mike Dukakis- all four feet of him- had no shot when he ran against the first Bush. Think about it, pretty much all of our modern Presidents have been tall (I know the frat boy looks short, but he is really over six feet tall) with a full head of hair. The "O" man certainly fits that bill. And if my assistant is to be believed, he is handsome to boot.

So if I were John McCain I would be a little worried right now. I mean honestly John, I don't think A-merry-cans are feeling the comb over look. You might want to go the Joe Biden route and consider some hair plugs. And how tall are you? Could you get on one of the rides at Six Flags?... let me stop. The man does have one saving grace though, he is a war hero. Soldiers always seem taller than they really are don't they? I heard, for instance, that Ollie North was only like five feet six inches or some shit. Yet I see the guy on T.V. and he always looks like he is so much taller. (But I digress)

So back to the"O" man. Yes "O" man, if you are going to be the second coming of Camelot you better have the looks to go along with all the great speeches of inspiration. Fortunately for you it seems that you have that covered. And if my assistant is to be believed, it might carry you a long way; yes even with middle aged republican white women.


Francis Holland said...

The photograph of Barack Obama, naked chest, running on the beach, with sea spray on his muscular chest and broad shoulders - you know the photograph. It's startling. One just doesn't know WHAT to think when one sees that photograph. If I were a woman, I might know what to think.

Anyway, people usually vote for the presidential candidate who seems most likable to them. Forget "electability"! Ask your self who most Americans will find most likable, because that's really how they'll vote.

Gore was smarter and had more experience on the national stage. Gore lost because Bush's handlers were able to make Bush into a more likable character. He was a drunkard, but he had come to Christ. He was conservative, but he was a "compassionate conservative". He had more education than most Americans, but he was just like the rest of us because he was dumb as a wooden bowl and couldn't pronounce most words any better than an eight year-old.

Can a Democrat who is as smart and knowledgeable as Hillary Clinton get elected without also being handsome and a rascal? Would Hillary be more electable if we learned she was hiding a sexual relationship with Spike Lee, Don Johnson or Bruce Willis?

Would Hillary suddenly become more electable if we discovered that she was a "dumb blond," like George Bush?

Anonymous said...

Hey Field you have got to blog on this situation I am posting below. What is Obama going to do this year because he cannot attend the SOTBU or he will closely aligned with black folk.


The Hillary Clinton campaign today announced Hillary will attend this year’s State of the Black Union, a symposium hosted each year by Tavis Smiley Presents.

“I care passionately about delivering solutions to the big issues we face in this country," said Senator Clinton. "After 35 years of working on issues like education, health care, and racial equality, I am ready to continue the dialogue with symposium participants and to further outline my platform to move this country forward,” she concluded.

State of the Black Union 2008: Reclaiming Our Democracy, Deciding Our Future brings together a diverse group of participants including entertainers, political and community leaders who will discuss the state of the Black community and seek to educate, enlighten and empower America.

Tavis Smiley, oversaw the collaboration of The Covenant with Black America. In 2007, Smiley moderated and executive produced the Democratic and Republican All-American Presidential Forums on PBS. This marked the first time in history that a panel exclusively comprised of journalists of color was represented in primetime television conducting a presidential debate.

Senator Clinton is the only Democratic presidential hopeful scheduled for this year’s event which will be held on February 23, 2008, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jonne Austin said...


COSIGN! And this right here:
"He had more education than most Americans, but he was just like the rest of us because he was dumb as a wooden bowl and couldn't pronounce most words any better than an eight year-old."

DOUBLE cosign!

field negro said...

Good point Seattle Slim and Francis. But I think you know where I stand. I think A-merry-ca is an image conscious society, and without the "look", I don't care if it's busieness, entertainment or politics, you aint going too far unless you are extremely talented.

Anon 1:37AM. Thanks for that update. I didn't know that the "O" man was dissing the Tavis shindig.

Christopher said...

Memba, Field, when I first started posting here and I characterized Barack Obama's presidency as Camelot 2.0?

For those of us on the left (and maybe even a few GOPers), for whom John F. Kennedy was a saint, able to walk on water. Barack Obama is the heir apparent to the Kennedy legacy.

Like Kennedy before him, Obama is a visionary, a gifted orator, he possesses a brilliant mind and he's married to a tall, slim, stylish woman who commands a stage with her presence. Barack and Michelle also have two, adorable children.

The difference is, we will not let the forces of evil take away Obama as they took away Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

Tavis Smiley's commentary on the Tom Joyner Morning Show have caused quite a stir because he seems to have an anti-Obama bias. Mr. Smiley also seems to have, if not ties, great access to the Clintons. I don't know if I'd consider missing the State of the Black Union a dis of Black issues. I've watched a few of those onC-Span and they seem like more of a tent revival than a serious discussion of issues facing Black people--Michael Eric Dyson starts reciting rap lyrics, Cornel West starts using really big words (Tavis: "Hello Dr. West." Cornell: "Well, TAvis, the Anglo-Saxon ramifications of the ritualistic greeting, vis a vis "hello" is a JudeoChristian triangulation of the concept of 'hell,' ergo Hades, and 'low'--nadir or bottom--which serves to keep our Black, brown and red brothers and sisters down." Silence. Wild Applause.)
Tavis always talking about not letting politicians take our vote for granted, yet I don't see that he has invited McCain or Huckabee. I think this is more of his hating on Barack.

-D said...

Hmmm Field, if this is true...and it's not the first time it's been written about, then we deserve the leaders we elect.

Would we choose a tall, hirsute dummy for President over a short, bald dude who was qualified? I don't know how to answer that.

I get the sense from reading your post that this all strikes a chord with you. Does it seems unfair? Surprising? Dangerous, maybe?

I'm a small man, so it looks like I'll never be President. But maybe it has more to do with the fact that I don't have millions in the bank and the backing of big corporate interests...

...I'm not saying you're wrong, but to play devil's advocate, short bald McCain beat out tall Fred Thompson and tall, full head of hair (and Republican-handsome) Mitt Romney for the nomination.

And Hillary Clinton is not the best looking white woman we could find to run for Prez.

AND McCain has a real shot at beating taller, better-looking Obama for the nomination.

All that has to do with money, personality, race, gender, power politics... and looks are in the mix somewhere but not the determinate factor.

And Rudy didn't sink because he was bald. He sank because he had an awful campaign strategy and an awful personality. Polls consistently showed that the more he campaigned in a state, the worse his numbers became. It was really that his image was good, but once people actually got a sense of him, they didn't want what he was selling. And they knew he was short and bald from the get go.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Just stop all this Field! We know you aiint gonna vote for the corporate democrat OR the fairly likable war hero republican fascist light.
Obamarama is the only program in town. . . and it aint a bad show.

Anonymous said...

There's some truth to this looks thing, no doubt. But yes, then Mitt would really be the GOP nominee. Friends of mine from the UK and Turkey were CONVINCED over a year ago that he would be our next Pres because, as they said, us Americans would like his "CEO hair."

PS: I LOVE the Cornel West paraphrasing, Kellybelle!!!

Ann Brock said...

Field when will you get on board the Obama train? It is alright to climb aboard this train that is heading into the future of America.

The conductor is a tall brown skin man about 6 ft tall with a wife that will razor cut you if you mess with her family. Field I believe white America think he can win if, he gets the Democrats nod.

What do you think will happen if Obama and McCain win their party nod would it come down to age or race? I would bet on age. Only in America do we through our old people away.(nursing homes, assistant living). No White House for McCain. Too,old.

Anonymous said...

OK. Obama needs to stay FAR AWAY from Tavis Smiley and that Black State of the Union. Why? Because if he goes a trillion white folks will say, "He's for black people, I told you so." They'll also ask him if he'll got to a "White State of the Union" or a "Midget State of the Union" so on and so forth.

Hiliary MUST do this because she's lost a lot of the black vote. The Clinton Machine is doing damage repair. Hiliary is a political genius, whether you give her credit or not!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love watching the State of the Black Union but Kellybelle you are right, it is a tent revival. It's like a competition to see who has the best one liners and puchlines. The wild applause is what takes it over the top for me though.

I think Obama would do right to stay away and just continue the approach that has gotten him this far.

Anonymous said...

Like I said Field, Obama has a way with educated white women.

The media (big liars) keep saying "women are for HIllary" this is her base. Well yes, but they rarely talk about the numbers.

I saw the exit polling data after Super Tuesday. 47% of women voted for Obama, 52% for Hillary, and 1% for Edwards.

So it is a lie to say Hillary has overwhelmingly female support, if she did there would be no competition because women make up almost 60% of the Democratic primary vote.

I'm sure black women are skewing that toward Obama, but also there is a age gap. Older white women (over 35) tend to go for Hillary and younger ones are way way in Obama's camp.

Maybe the young less dried up ones got some juices flowing for the O man still. :-) Also maybe a lot of younger women don't remember and don't care about the "woman's movement" of the 70's and feel less solidarity. They look around and see a lot of women mayors, govs, senators, congress people and don't feel that oppressed. Not saying there is no sexism but the further back in time you go the worse it is, the old heads remember when it was REALLY bad.

Anonymous said...

Field, you should have asked her if Romney was her pick before he dropped out. That would explain everything.

field negro said...

"And Hillary Clinton is not the best looking white woman we could find to run for Prez."

Jimbo, I must confess that I never even considered the female angle to my analysis,since we have never had a female Prez.

The examples you gave are interesting but they still do not invalidate my hupothesis. McCain did beat out some taller men with more hair. But let's wait and see if he wins the Presidency.

I do agree that money and connections also play an important role. But we can't discount imagery.

I co-sign with the folks not feeling the "State of The Black Union".

"It's like a competition to see who has the best one liners and puchlines."

That quote from "the dad" sums it up for me.

robster, that's a good question about Romney. I will ask her on Monday.

brran1 said...


You are 110% when you mentioned that America is an Image Concious Society. I had a similar conversation with an associate yesterday between classes. We were discussing whether or not black women would vote for Obama because he's black or whether or not they would vote for Clinton because she's a woman. At the end of the conversation, I believe my associate was less certain of who she would pick than before we conversed. During this election, I think one of three things will happen.

Without being able to make a clear decision on whom to pick, black women will end up not voting at all

They may end up making a hasty decision for the person that they really didn't want to vote for.

Or, they may vote for the republican candidate. (I don't really think this will happen, but in theory, this is a viable option).

Anonymous said...

Mr. O is the heir to the legacy of Ronald Reagan.
He is the triumph of style over substance. Nice looking, speaks in a forceful manner, and never really says anything.

Anonymous said...

listen, I like HIliary but she has HIGH NEGATIVES. People just wont' vote for her - period.

Barak is competing because he has EXPANDED the base. Barak 08

Yes We Can!!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Y'all need to know the skinny on the anti-Obama bias coming from Tavis' camp.

Last year, at the SOTBU, it was held on the same day Obama announced he was running for POTUS. If there was any dissing done, it was done last February in Hampton, VA. I was there, in attendance, and I had a press pass, which gave me access to every person who spoke at the "Negro Super Bowl" that day.

C-SPAN cut their coverage of Tavis' gig to cover Obama's announcement - the one, I might add, he dis-invited his own pastor from attending, because the stupids at Fox Noise, in particular the handkerchief heads employed there, made a big stink about Obama's denomination, the Church of Christ, being a "cult".

Everyone knows that Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., is a renouned, highly esteemed preacher who places a self-help, Afrocentric emphasis on his teachings, but his church embraces everyone and excludes none. Which is more than I can say for the Southern Baptists. But, I digress.

Bottom line - Tavis is pissed that the "O" man didn't make that sacred announcement of running for President at his gig. I tend to agree with Tavis because Obama sent the wrong message to Black folks at the time by being in Illinois making that announcement, instead of firing up the SOTBU with the announcement.

As I said, C-SPAN cut their coverage of Tavis' event, but I didn't think Tavis would be so unprofessional as to not forget the slight - Obama apologized and Tavis even had him on his show (sponsored by Wal-MART), so I thought they kissed and made-up.

Here's where we will see if African-Americans are smart or just willing to allow themselves to be led by others, and not think for themselves. Usually, if Tavis has a white person of great importance on his show, it used to send the message that white was alright, since he got the "Smiley seal-of-approval", right?

I've been dissing Tavis ever since I went to my first SOTBU in Atlanta four years ago. He is not a leader; he is a marketeer; plain and simple. For me to go into detail about behind the scenes happenings at at Tavis gig, I'd have to post a whole entry.

The Borg Queen is down, but not OUT. She might pull some Black voters away from Obama if he no-shows, cause if Tavis invited him and he doesn't show, Tavis is gonna flap his yap and announce that, too, with his own implications on that.

What I meant by being smart is that are we going to allow the media or Tavis Smiley pick our Presidential candidate? Consider that the GOP flat out no-showed (except for Tancredo) at his debate.

And the Borg Queen only showing up to show-up Obama; here's where I hope his handlers are smart enough to get him there, or put him in a position to dis Tavis.

Sorry for the long rant...I just remember what Tavis is, and it's not for the good of the African-American community, no matter how many of these Negro "love-fest" he hosts. They're all sponsored by Wal-Mart and Mickey D's; look for the logos on the background curtains...

Anonymous said...

Mr. O is the heir to the legacy of Ronald Reagan.
He is the triumph of style over substance. Nice looking, speaks in a forceful manner, and never really says anything.

Co-sign on this. Talks a lot but no subtance at all. Just talk. Even though the "State of Black Union" is garbage, Obama should be there on the real.
Does anyone think white folk are feeling Obama cause his father is from Kenya and not Alabama USA, Trenchtown, JA or Port of Spain TNT? Some white people accept African easier than Blacks in the diaspora! Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

No substance is what you call 20 years working to imnprove the condition of the more disdvantaged in this society, over his own financial well-being? No substance is what you call a three term Illinois Senator and a US senator who managed to pass the following:
1. the Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act of 2006 (became law),
2. The Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act, (became law),
3.The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, passed the Senate,
4.The 2007 Government Ethics Bill, (became law),
5.The Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill, (In committee)

There is a wealth of information on both candidates to be found if you really are interested in the issues and not in ad hominems and emotional attacks on the candidate whom you do not support. Vote the way you want, support whom you admire for whatever reason you wish, emotions, nostalgia, feminism, etc., but stop being dishonest about the other party’s platform and substance. If you want details, they can be found.

Type in each candidate’s last names and look at their voting records, the names and substance of bills drafted and supported, and basic biographical info .

rikyrah said...


Look, let's get this out of the way:

The ' O' Man is a fine specimen of Black Manhood. This isn't subjective; it's just an objective observation.

I'm not mad at your Assistant for acknowledging something that's obvious..LOL

Folks are right about looks counting.

McCain definitely has the War Hero down pat: WHY do you think so many of the pictures in his advertisements and commercials ALWAYS include pics of him in his Navy Uniform? Come on now.

As for Tavis' State of the Black Union, I will co-sign with others who will NOT come down on Obama for NOT attending...


Tavis is a HATER.

Oh, he's part of that slick group, like Earl Ofari Hutchinson and Michael Fauntroy, etc. They SEEM to be objective, but it ALWAYS seems like everything they write or present about Obama is a HIT PIECE. They THINK they're slick, but they're not.

And, why the hell SHOULD Obama attend it? Did anyone see LAST YEAR'S? It was wall-to-wall haterade against Obama....I wouldn't show up either.

And Clinton is only showing up because she knows that Black folk are seriously considering NOT coming out for her IF she gets the can count me in that category..she could show up to Founders Day and cheer Minister Farrakhan, and I won't EVER vote for her.

The positive thing for Obama is....
It's the last of the month, and the only places left after there to vote are: Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania.

I think the Black vote's narrative has been written by the end of this month, and those who would be offended by Obama's non-attendance are slim.

Christopher said...


SurveyUSA (SUSA) released a pair of polls yesterday for the Feb. 12, Chesapeake Primary states. The news is very good for Barack Obama.

First up, Virginia:

Obama: 59
Clinton: 39
Undecided: 1

In Virginia, Obama leads with voters under age 65, Hillary Clinton leads among seniors. The two candidates are tied for white voters and Obama leads 7-to-1 among black voters. He also leads among both men and women.

Next up, Maryland:

Obama: 52
Clinton: 33
Undecided: 7
Uncommitted: 6

In Maryland, the two candidates evenly split white voters. Obama leadings 4-to-1 among black voters. Clinton leads among seniors by 15 points, Obama leads by 39 points among voters 35-49 of age.

Christopher Chambers said...

Nixon vs JFK, O vs McCain. Look at the parallels. A LOT of folk voted for JFK based on performances in two debates m.c.'d by Walter Cronkite. Sadly, we got no Cronkites (who--Anderson Cooper?), and hell even Nixon's better than some of clowns in the GOP now. Frankly I think O man is better than JFK becaue JFK had too much of a gangsta posse behind him; however, JFK lived in a different time where dreams really could be achieved without agendas and cash money jacking things...

brotherkomrade said...

Hey, I posted this to the wrin entry. This is where I wanted my comment to go:

Ahh god, Field, just come out and say you're an Obamaholic and call it a day already. Don't let me have to come to Philly and lead an intervention.

The more I think about it, we should do a reality show around you and Mrs. Field and her getting you to admit you're an Obamaholic. But we'll make it really sad like Breaking Bonoducci or the new show on VH1 with the guy who played Kenickie from Grease.

Every time Obama appears on TV, your hands tremble and you stumble for the keyboard. Your wife tries to get you to admit it, but you won't and for punishment, Tyra gives one of her hour long elimination speeches; but that's where the punishment comes in: you can't be eliminated! you have to hear Tyra's elimination speeches every time you won't admit to your sickness.

"I see this addict before me..."


Admiral Komack said...

"Hiliary MUST do this because she's lost a lot of the black vote. The Clinton Machine is doing damage repair. Hiliary is a political genius, whether you give her credit or not!!!"

-If she were such "a political genius" she would not have "lost a lot of the black vote."

grown said...

Kellybelle - dying laughing at Cornell’s dissection of the word "Hello"!

Clearly, the Obama clan is easy looking on the eyes and a lot of people might vote for him because of the whole package: Young, educated man with young, educated wife and two adorable kids who will bring a much needed vitality to the White House and A-merry-ca. Hell, I got an e-mail the other day that showed nothing but pictures of Barack, Michelle, and the girls with a bunch of comments on how cute they all are. Unfortunately, that is how some people choose their candidates in elections. I say get it how you live it Barack. A vote is a vote is a vote.

Field, you know white women harbor this fascination with the black male specimen. Gone and let your secretary have her fantasies and leave that woman alone. She's Republican so she's probably been repressed for 50 years.

Barack needs not to fret about making the kneegrows at SOTBU mad. They weren't going to endorse or vote for him anyways. God forbid we have another intelligent black man doing better than Tavis. What he needs to do is find some sort of Hispanic/Latino rally and hit it hard because that's how he will seal the deal if he is elected as the nominee...

Anonymous said...

"Bottom line - Tavis is pissed that the "O" man didn't make that sacred announcement of running for President at his gig. I tend to agree with Tavis because Obama sent the wrong message to Black folks at the time by being in Illinois making that announcement, instead of firing up the SOTBU with the announcement."

This is nonsense. The best thing Obama could have done is distance himself from that. He is running for the President of the United States, not the president of Black American or the President of the Urban League.

He would have marginalized himself as a black candidate (for black folks only) from jump and lost his white support.

Tavis is a moron. Obama is a politician running for the highest office, he is not MLK. Obama has to appeal to a broad base of constituents and not alienate folks. MLK was not a politician and was really accountable to no one, in the way that he was seeking an election. If King didn't want to march in a city so what. If he wanted to march in another city so what? There's no election on what he did or did not do.

Obama has to think about these things.

In the end look what has happened in South Carolina and also in Georgia?

Black folks have voted for him close to 80% in spite of Tavis.

Black folks ain't going back to Clinton in mass and most black women seem to understand that race trump sex in America.

Don't believe me. Do a quick test.

There are about 300 million Americans.
White folks are 66% of the population. Whites women about 33% of that. So about 99 million white women.

Black folks are 12%. There are about 36 million blacks.

So white women are about 2.75% more larger in population than blacks.

Compare the number of white women to any black (of any sex).

How many white women are in Congress, are Governors, have been in the Executive cabinet, have been CEOs. Who has better educational outcomes?

Are white women only 3% more the blacks (of any sex) or FAR MORE THAN THAT.

The answer is obvious.

Women are discriminated against but in no way does sexism equal anti-black racism and never has. Even when a white woman could not vote if a black man on his way to pay his poll tax looked at her the wrong that white man could be killed on her command.

There is only so much a white man is going to oppress someone who looks like his mom or sister.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look old. But he carries himself well. He has good body language.

Anonymous said...

Tavis is a hater and a closet case. Seems like every time he is on Tom Joyner, he has nothing but garbage to spew about Obama. If you ask me,I think he want the brotha sexually, but that's another story. And the best thing Obama could do is stay the hell away from the State of the Black Union forum, which is basically one big book hustle for tavis. That's all it is, a place for him to sell his wack books.
All they do is talk garbage at the SOTBU and blame white folks and rappers for all the problems in our communities. They talk and talk and talk and nothing changes. Barack doesn't need to show up at that mess. Last year, the SOTBU was an Obama hate conference. There was some serious hating going on there, even Cornell West got in on the act.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know if I'd consider missing the State of the Black Union a dis of Black issues. I've watched a few of those on C-Span and they seem like more of a tent revival than a serious discussion of issues facing Black people-"

ITA! The SOTBU is nothing but a long ass infomercial for Tavis' book. Plus, the only thing the participants are interested in is making the hottest soundbyte.

I think Tavis is pissed because Obama announced his presidency on the same day as last years' SOTBU. I remember him and Cornell West calling him out on that.

rikyrah said...

I forgot to add this about Tavis...

another reason why he's become SUSPECT to me is his SILENCE as Billary attempted to Ghettoize Obama into being THE BLACK CANDIDATE through their Dogwhistle Race-baiting Politics.

ONLY when it became obvious to the MSM and ' blew up' did he mumble a commentary about it.

Before then, he was doing a Marcel Marceau impersonation.

So, color me skeptical about Tavis and his intentions.

Anonymous said...

To Christian Progressive Liberal: I see you and I are on the same page about Tavis. :-) (I posted before I saw you post about him) You hit the nail with this:

"He is not a leader; he is a marketeer; plain and simple. For me to go into detail about behind the scenes happenings at at Tavis gig, I'd have to post a whole entry."

This was evident at his GOP Debate at Morgan State, when they purposely had a shot of a whole row of participants reading his "Convenant with Black America" book.

the poet Shazza said...

As a C-SPAN junkie I listen to the people that call in to give their opinions. It amazes me how people think, understand and communicate their positions and decisions on political matters.

I am not surprised that the woman you mentioned would vote for Obama because of his physical looks. I mean there are people who won't vote for him because of his NAME.

Bill Clinton was voted in due to a percentage of people who thought (and still do) think he is a handsome man.

I am a skeptic in all things POLITICAL. For Obama, my concerns is his UNKNOWNS. There are many Blacks in politics that are doing great things and there are many that use their positions to line their pockets. initially they all are inspirational and agents of CHANGE. As Black people, we end up on the loosing end when BLACK politicians go BAD or CAN'T do right by Black people due to poliical promises and pre-conditioned obligations. Obama's unknowns are only off-set by peoples' HOPE that he can really do what he says. Some prefer a SURE THING and there is nothing wrong with wanting a sure thing as much as some woman voting because the candidate is Good Looking.

Christopher said...


Another white, red, midwestern state that prefers my man Barack to the Borg Queen!!!

SouthernGirl2 said...

Barack Obama Wins Washington!

Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

I'm predicting a straight sweep for Obama through Super Tuesday but for maybe Wisconsin.

The rest of this month is Obama Country, until maybe March 4th.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Barack Obama Wins Louisiana!


Woo Hoo!

Felipe Snark said...

Obama wins the Virgin Islands!

Old Huckabee is giving McCain a run for his money in LA and WA.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Dragon Horse:

If you read all of my post, I said "at the time" I agreed with Tavis in where Obama made his announcement.

A sista can always change her mind - and yeah, there was straight up haterade being drunk by Tavis, Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West, which surprised me. It surprised me in the sense that I never thought brothas could hate on one another out of jealousy, like we sistas tend to do from time to time.

What I said about Tavis, I stand by it. He is a marketeer, and hustles his books on the real. "The Covenant with Black America" was born out of the Atlanta SOTBU, when Congressman John Conyers suggested the title for Black Americans' concerns.

Tavis had all of us on TV and there in person, sending in stuff on the Internet and he basically codified what people said they were doing in their communities and, boom, "The Covenant with Black America" was born.

When I saw this shyt go down in Houston in 2006, I wrote a hit piece of my own:

And Tavis is a misogynist as well. A good friend of mine, Jasmyne Cannick, wrote an article that was just as critical of Tavis as mine was, and that brotha had the audacity to call her on her job and threaten to have her fired for writing that piece?

Ms. Cannick calmly passed the phone to her boss, who was at her desk when Tavis called. Tavis punked out and didn't talk to Jasmyne's boss at all. She wrote her account on her blog:

I knew how she felt; I did a piece on the Dark Sith and got a nasty voicemail left on my phone at work. He doesn't deny he left me a threatening voicemail on my phone, either.

Brothas like Tavis Smiley don't like being called out on their shyt, but someone has to do it.

Anonymous said...

"I am a skeptic in all things POLITICAL. For Obama, my concerns is his UNKNOWNS."

Nakim: Your distrust of politics is definitely understandable. And to a certain extent, I can see why you might not understand clearly where Sen. Obama stands on the issues. One of the reasons, of course, is that the media doesn't care that you or I know and just want us to watch their programs as long as possible. To get us to watch, they avoid policy and stir up conflict among candidates, especially Obama and Clinton, talking about which ones are winning votes from women, white males, latinos or blacks, or the elderly.

But it's not that simple. Let's face it: A lot of us have gotten conditioned to having what passes for news in America fed to us as our primary become source of news. field, I know this is not true of Nakim or many of the people who come to your blog. But as a nation, as Americans, we've gotten too lazy to check out a variety of sources of news, such as progressive blogs, public radio, magazine, and BBC, my favorite.

If we dont't want Obama to become an unknown, all we have to do is go to the guy's website and see where he stands on the issues. Then we can compare him to Hillary's positions, which are very similar; and compare him to others, such as Kucinich, which, in my point of view, are not only different but superior. He may be short, have ears like Mickey Mouse and have a voice that doesh't resonate, but he's pro-working people all the way and can't be bought.

In an age where you can click a computer a few times and find out just about anything we want, we have to stop making excuses for our lack of knowledge about major candidates, especially at this late date.

Christopher said...

Barack Obama swept caucuses in Nebraska, Washington state and the Virgin Islands, and the primary election in Louisiana on Saturday, boosting his delegate lead over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in their historic race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Illinois senator was winning two-thirds support in both caucus states and led by a 53-39 ratio in Louisiana with about a third of the precincts reporting. He was hoping to extend a string of Southern primary triumphs that already included South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia.

Obama also garnered all three delegates in the Virgin Islands caucuses, where he won nearly 90 percent of the vote.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Sheila Jackson on Fox News stumping for & want Obama to debate Hillary.

Blah! Blah! Blah!

rikyrah said...

Sheila Jackson on Fox News stumping for & want Obama to debate Hillary.

See, her being on Fox News makes her suspect automatically. Go back and fold your Handkerchief, Rep. Jackson-Lee.

? said...

This is not suprising, why do you think O is where he is and short, skinny, Dennis Kucinich flopped? Looks are a very important part of a campaign (unfortunately) Mcain will do fine though, he's a war hero and his five years in a prisoner of war camp makes him manly enough for this race.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"See, her being on Fox News makes her suspect automatically. Go back and fold your Handkerchief, Rep. Jackson-Lee".

D%mn Handkerchief Head!

Anonymous said...


"It surprised me in the sense that I never thought brothas could hate on one another out of jealousy, like we sistas tend to do from time to time."

Huh? Man this has been going on since we got off the slave ship. If you want to see black people act a fool let some negro get a new whip, a new gold chain, etc and his boys see it in the ghetto and see how fast he gets stuck up or even killed.

I agree with you about Tavis and all the rest they are race pimps and they don't like Obama because they represent a change.

Booker, Fenty, Nagan, Patrick, and Obama are representative of the new black post-civil rights leadership that focuses on win-win situations and can get cross over white support while doing things to help blacks buy putting things in terms of class.

The old civil rights establishment and their would be inheritors (like Tavis) are luke warm or totally turned off to Obama and the new leadership because they can do things and can achieve things they can not.

Look at all those race pimps and poverty thought pushing corrupt black politicans who sold their souls decades ago for a chance to get a scrap from the table of the "good white man/woman", who try to get out the vote for Mistress Clinton and endorse her but their districts go for Obama 80%. Obama just marginalized them and they don't like it. He made them look foolish in front of Mistress and Master Clinton, they don't like that.

These negros are used to guilt tripping whites and acting as power brokers and king makers, this is their claim to fame. They supposedly lead the charge against white supremacy and "institutionalized racism" and they make up all kinds of pseudo-intellectual terms they supposedly champion against, but guess what? 10 years, 15 years, 20 years later their district is still a poor ghetto. They might even become city councilman, they might become mayor, even a U.S. congressman and their people are still poor. They aren't poor though they are on Mistress Clintons payroll. These are poverty pimps. The minute black people get some places in life they have no use for them. Jesse Jackson has been marginalized not because of anything he has done but because in his lifetime more blacks have moved to middle class and see a lot of there interest the same as middle class whites and they've seen overt racism decrease, it is an issue but not like it was in 1968, so they pay less attention to Jackson and REv. Hotcomb (Sharpton)...they don't want this.

They don't want blacks who grew up middle class and went to good universities that were not HBCUs to in the media because it shows that a lot of the nonsense they are supposedly "championing against" is not all that they claim it is. They don't like this. The Old Guard has tried to destroy Obama, Fenty, and Booker. I've seen it in person with Fenty, those no good negros should be taken outside and shot. King would be turning in his grave.

Sheila Jackson Lee sees her district fastly turning Hispanic and knows her days are numbered. She wants a job in Mistress Clinton's administration.

Watch when Obama gets the nomination she will be the first one trying to "kiss his ring" and get behind the first black president for a photo op and she will go back to her district and talk about all she is going to do and has done and how she loves some Obama and those dumb negros will put her in office again. Those dumb negros will be poor again 4 years later.


The best thing that can happen for the black community is all the people (white and black) born before 1965 DIE.

Then maybe we can move on to a new phase in this struggle we have in America to become one. We might never get there but we can move a step closer once we put those negros behind us. There time is done.

Anonymous said...

Please read about the Clinton's racial games.

Anonymous said...

I predict Obama will win Maine because of my theory.

1) Obama has more excited (zealous) supporters who will show up.

2) There are little to no blacks, especially poor ghetto blacks in Maine. Therefore whites have a higher opinion of blacks when they don't have to constantly see and witness typical lower class (ghetto) negro behavior on a regular basis. There contact with blacks is mostly on TV. Therefore less anti-black racism as you will see among whites in NY States, Louisiana, Mass, Tenn, etc.

I have found in my life racism is less where there are no blacks or where the blacks that are there are of a higher class level, the whites (and or Asians) generally tend to have a favorable attitude toward black folks...most of the time (there is always some minority hard core xenophobic racist where ever you go).

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Dragon Horse:

To ask that anyone born before 1965 to DIE, is harsh and check yourself, because I am one of those people, so is Barack Obama and Deval Patrick. Not all of us are drinking the Kool-Aid that's being pushed by Jesse and Al.

You want to know why Fenty and Booker are suspect by old-timers? Fenty's trying to get a job done here in DC and he's cleaning out the Marion Barry crooks that have been in the administration so long, they've grown roots and ownership. But bringing in too many outsiders not familiar with DC culture to effect change isn't going to cut it, either.

Cory Booker is another story. Yeah, Sharpe James was the biggest crook around, but Newark's looking more and more like Memphis is, and they have that "quality" Black representation in the form of Booker and the Ford Family - who are both known to sell out their own momma (in Harold Ford's case, his grandmother) for their own personal gain and thirty pieces of silver. Booker has no soul - he's bankrolled by corporation types like union-busting Wal-MART and Merrill Lynch, who's writing off bad debts so fast, you should get in line to see if they will write off your debt, while stepping to the Government to pony up more cash to bail them out of cash crunches that you and I pay for in increasing taxes, while the rich get to keep their money in their pockets.

I don't really look st the generational issue - I'm looking at who's bankrolling them. Tavis takes payola from Wal-MaRT, Mickey D's and Fannie Mae - but ask those corporations what have they done to help out the Black community, and they will point to giving Tavis money. And don't get me started on Jessee - once, he started out with good intentions, but the road to hell has always been paved with good intentions. Once Jesse found a way to get paid by engaging in his own form of racial extortion of Wall Street, he has NOT been engaging in the uplift of Black people - he has systematically engaged in the art of shaking down Wall Street for gain.

He's endorsed Obama, and Tavis doesn't have him or Al on the speaker's invite to this year's Negro Super Bowl - doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Tavis' hatred of Obama has long obscured his professionalism - but ask Tavis why was it okay to have Jesse on all those years while Jesse was extorting payola from Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and other financial big players (who are still paying out discrimination settlements to every Black Man, Woman, White Woman, Latinos they have discriminated against in employment)?

I am of that age group you want to die, and I'm insulted that you would group all of us born before 1965 in this manner. We want change just like you do, but it is the height of insult to think that anyone under 40 are the only ones who can accomplish change. There are Uncle Toms at every age level, and don't think for one minute that your age level is exempt.

Anonymous said...

@Dragonhorse re:"People born before 1965 should die"

Whoa, that was harsh. I'm an 80's baby myself, but I think that statement was rough. What about your parents/grandparents? Aren't they among the group you say should die? I co-sign with the Christian Progressive Liberal on most of what was posted. But certainly on the disagreeing with what you said regarding this particular comment of elders should die off...

P.S. (I just had to thow this in there)