Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday horror!

I happen to be sneaking in this post because I promised Mrs. Field that I would take a 48 hour break from blogging. Not!

Anyway, reading this story seriously upset me over the the X Mas break. Honestly, WTF is wrong with some people? This animal killed eight people because of a beef with his ex. Now I am used to killings, and I am pretty much at the stage in my life where nothing really seems to shock my conscience anymore. But this clown, dressed up as Santa for crying out loud, started out his sickening and disgusting act, by shooting an eight year old point blank range in the face. DRESSED AS SANTA!!

Now, I am too old to believe in Santa, but I understand how important the Santa myth and legend is to children all over the world. And this sicko should be put down on the spot for committing his atrocious act in Santa's suit. Honestly, I need help with this one. What is it that would possess someone to kill eight people over a relationship gone sour? I mean I love Mrs. Field, but if the day should ever come where I even thought about doing something like this because she rolled on me, I hope everyone of you reading this would petition to have me committed.

Still, at least he saved us the trouble and took himself out. One less depraved human being living among us. One less sicko to shatter our holiday spirits and harm our children.


Revvy Rev said...

Why do we have so many sicko's today? Is there something that is producing them? Or is this what we have degenerated unto naturally? I think that it would be beneficial to discover the root causes in order to to deal with it on the front end.

Anonymous said...

This does not look like a nice man.

What a world.

And yet is this man any sicker than a country that starts a war with another country that has done nothing to deserve this killing and agression except that it has a natural resource that the other country wants?


Hey Field Negro!

This is really a shame....

It is more than a is an atrocity...

I just can not even imagine the extent of mental illness that consumed this person....

{shaking my head}

If Mrs. Field happens to check your blog to see if you are still adding posts then you can tell her about the "advance scheduling" feature in Blogger... *smirk*

Christopher said...

So are you certain he was pissed at his ex?

You sure he wasn't just angry all the discounted Blu-Ray DVD players had sold out before he could get to Target or WalMart?

? said...

It's the movie "Silent Night, Deadly Night" come to life!

Anonymous said...

I think it's horrible. Here is an individual was unable to control his feelings when his marriage ended and needed to take his angst out on others. To kill eight people and as you said for those children who now have visions of Santa Claus going around killing people and torching a house will be indelibly printed into their minds.

Just for the record, I believe in the idea of Santa Claus for we all have the ability to work wonders and give to others. It's a nice seniment unfortunately, human beings do not always live up to that potential.

Anonymous said...

I read about this yesterday and was just heart goes out to the families impacted by this animal.

blksista said...


...AND he burned the motherfreaking house down, too.

This guy was on one serious suicide mission.

Bet you the ex-wife he wanted to blow to smithereens wasn't even there. Seeing the house in flames made me think of the long ago burning of the SLA safe house in 1974. NObody was going to get out of there alive.

So much for family gatherings. And yet, the times that people really act up is during WEDDINGS, FUNERALS, HOLIDAYS and BIRTHDAY PARTIES. People are surprised when someone during a family disagreement suddenly whips out a gat or goes home and comes back to the festivities with one?

People are really holding onto to some ANGER.

rikyrah said...

He should have just taken himself out. Fucking coward. He kills others, who had nothing to do with his trifling behind, and then won't even face what he did.

Anonymous said...

The holidays are fun joyous times for some, but it can be quite depressing for others. Obviously Bruce was VERY depressed and VERY angry. His life and others were meaningless. What a miserable state of mind to be in.

Let's pray that we won't see any more of this kind of craziness in the coming years. Of course, this IS A-Merry-ca and the economy is sinking. So, don't hold your breath on this one.

Already there has been one suicide fallout from the Madoff scam. Fortunately Villehuchet didn't take anyone else with him.

Christopher Chambers said...

This is garden variety lunacy, Field. This is us at the crossroads.
The nation's reached it's tipping point. Barack, like FDR, is going a tiny step in another direction to save it from itself. That's the irony wingnuts then and now never understood...

Christopher Chambers said...

By the way, best wishes on Boxing Day (just a little yardie greeting).

Anonymous said...

UNfortunately, many of the mute women(our 'cousins') who hang onto dysfunctional relationships with anger-filled misogynist "mama's" boy/men - and there are ba-zilions of them - won't ever read this blog/forum. If we think this current spate of violence against women/children is awe-inspiring, just wait until the spectacle about to take place on Super Bowl Sunday.
WE CAN do something by funding more shelters for abused women and children.
Happy Holidays...


Anonymous said...

He looks weird. I'd divorce him too.

TrueBlue said...

Look on the bright side. At least he wasn't a shopping mall Santa gone nuts. Think of the carnage. Worse yet, he could have been Richard Nixon. Remember the Christmas bombing of Hanoi?

Grata said...

Last week in my country there was a story every single day of a man killing his estranged wife. One of them was a Member of Parliament.

I don't get it, just because your wife walks, does that mean you have to kill her and in this case other people? This is right on the heels of the Jennifer Hudson case. Apparently her sister's Ex saw a gift he suspected was from another man and he flipped. What is going on with men?

Anonymous said...

There is no bright side to this.
Grata, I often ask myself your last question...really, truly, what IS going on with men?

Sharon from WI said...

Why can't these animals do everyone a favor and take themselves out before they go on some crazy rampage?

Anonymous said...

I read this story with horror also because I'm very familiar with the area after living in the SoCal area over the years before moving back here to Maui. Even more amazing is the fact that one of the details of the story as written in L.A.Times is that the shooter was scheduled to be an usher at his church's midnight service before changing his plans and pulling on that Santa outfit.
It only can be explained by his "emotional" state reverting back to his "lizard" brain, as I call it. Our brains are precious things and we (humans) don't really understand the complexity of it all. Bless you for posting this story even though it was painful to write about for you.
Have a safe and happy trip home and keep posting. We really do read every word.
Did you also check out the story regarding the Beauty Queen's future son in law's mother being arrested in an OxyContin drug sting in Alaska? That family should offer their story to hollywood for a soap opera.

All the best to you and yours from Makaii on Maui.

field negro said...

LOL at the Boxer Day reference. Thank for the memories Chris.

Grata, where do you live again? Not a good place for women. I know that the Holiday season can et off certain triggers, but come on now.

And I heard on the radio where someone aid that he was a good neighbor. Huh?

rikyrah, you are right, he was a "coward". Only a coward would do such a thing.

gwpriester, you ask a good question. There are certainly different levels of evil. And different ways of covering it up.

field negro said...

"Or is this what we have degenerated unto naturally?"

Revvy rev, maybe this is a sort of downward natural progression for humankind. I mean can it get any worse?

Anonymous said...

He was a very bad man and did very bad things.

Grata said...

"Grata, where do you live again? Not a good place for women. I know that the Holiday season can et off certain triggers, but come on now".

I am in California but read my home news on a daily basis. Wife killing has become so frequent over there. My theory is that African men in my region not being familiar with the idea of divorce, are ready to take out their estranged wives.

You often hear people saying that Africans are polygamous but what really happens, atleast in my area, is that the laws don't support divorce. So a couple may live separately and the man goes ahead and gets another wife while still referring to his ex as his wife too. What these men can't take is the idea of a woman moving on with her life by finding anothe man. At this point they get violent. But judging by recent stories, I don't think America is any different. Its just the Legal system that holds people back.
So again, what is wrong with men?

Anonymous said...

OK, why is it (almost) always white dudes that go postal and waste a load of people peripheral to their actual "issues"? Sure, there was the "DC sniper", John Muhammed and his buddy that did the dirty a few years ago, but these guys were the exception, surely. The vast bulk of random, mass killings were/are perpetrated by white guys, well-armed, usually kitted out in "cammies", and going for serious blood. WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM? What in the mainstream society is it that gives these guys an "option" to go all-out murderous, to "right wrongs" by taking out as many people as they can empty their clips at before blowing off their own heads? It's like a ritual, sort of kami-kaze stuff, without the purification of soul aspect. You would like to think that this shite is "so American", but check out the mass-murder stuff that happens in another gun-nut society...Finland. Can it be that the simple act of POSSESSION of firearms gives one the implicit LICENSE TO USE?? Is the the "Wild West" syndrome that still obtains?
All fodder for a boatload of PhD theses.

Shady_Grady said...

Hmm. I don't have all the evidence to review but I would imagine most serial killers are white because most of the country is white. This wasn't really a serial or random killing. Pardo knew the people. It was just an evil act by an evil man.

I don't think that maintaining the right to defend yourself makes a person a gun nut. Just because I own a gun doesn't mean I'm going to use it. This person Pardo was obviously severely disturbed and morally bankrupt like any number of other despicable people.

Black folks made up a plurality of homicide offenders in 2007 despite only being 12% of the US population so I think there's a lot of different reasons for violence in the US. And with people like Charles Lee Thornton or Colin Ferguson it looks like Black folks are "going postal" just as much as white folks. Evil is evil, unfortunately...

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. A percentage of the population is supposed to dictate a percentage of crime?

When someone says, "Group X makes up X percentage of the population; therefore, they should commit X percentage of crime" or "Group X committed Y percentage of crimes committed, which far exceeds their percentage in the general population," I just cringe. That's a dumb and ignorant use of statistics that just irks me.

The percentage of criminals based on race has nothing to do with their percentage in the general population. The percentage of criminals based on race has everything to do with their environment.

Anonymous said...

Dude was wrong for killing eight people in a divorce.

It's not totally his fault. When a spouse decides to be spiteful or scornful during a divorce, he/she needs to consider that they might be digging their own grave.

I wonder if the ex was more amicable during the divorce, would the outcome ended in horror.

Shady_Grady said...

@Rudy-are you responding to my comment or to barrisj's comment?

rainywalker said...

This is one sick individual we are better off without. I can't get inside his mind but sounds to me like a whole lot of hate, ego, fear and some smoking wiring. He came to town like Santa to give out some presents and wanted us to remember him next year. He will meet his maker, but didn't have the guts to do it here before Lady Justice. Dante's Hell is to good for him, but its forever.

Anonymous said...

"What is going on with men?" It goes back to having grown up in a family system where Mom or Dad either wasn't there for him as a boy emotionally or/and physically. Either way, his emotional growth was stunted. His BODY grows up but his EMOTIONS don't. As a man he is emotionally immature and angry from lack of nurturing.

This kind of man is often called "King Baby". He is always demanding from his spouse or girlfriend-who is emotionally UNavailable-what he never got from Mom.

This kind of relationship is like an emotional mine field. Sooner or later an emotional bomb is going to be triggered and it can turn out to be lethal.

Many relationships and marriages like these exist in America. And it's NOT just the men who are dysfunctional. The women who have relationships with and marry those men have dysfunctions also. It's never a "one-way" deal in relationships.
As observers, all we see are the horrible end results.

Almost everyday in America somebody kills someone in a relationship, marriage, or divorce that went wrong that neither had planned on.

Shady_Grady said...

The divorce settlement doesn't appear to be outrageously onerous. Even if it were it wouldn't explain/excuse what he did.


Anonymous said...

testing 1 2 3

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought about the fact that this man could have been on "antidepressant" drugs. It is well known and documented that thise drugs can cause urges to commit suicide and mass murder. Doctors have been encouraged by drug companies to routinely prescribe these drugs whenever anyone comes to the office to complain about being depressed or unhappy over any of life's naturally occuring problems. Gone are the days when your doctor sends you to a psychiatrist to "TALK THROUGH YOUR PROBLEMS." Doctors are paid thousands of dollars, given cruises, box seats and sports events by drug companies to prescribe many dangerous and mind altering drugs. They have even had their offices remodeled by drug companies as an incentive to prescribe dangerous drugs. The FDA, and your doctor are no longer protecting the consumer because they are being bribed by the drug companies. It is a documented fact that treating depression is not an exact science. People taking antidepressants are literally playin "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" with their brain cells. In other words, you don't know what negative effect these psychotropic drugs will have on you until after it happens. And sometimes it is too late! What the drug companies don't want you to know is that these drugs permanently alter the seratonin level in your brain. This can cause permanent brain damage. Your brain controls everything in your body. Once your brain is damaged by these chemical substances they can trigger trigger very dangerous irrational behavior. To make matters even worse, many of our soldiers are being given these medications for post traumatic stres syndrome. Unfortunately this has been having devastating and deadly effects. Also, what the drug companies don't want you to know is that 3 of the Columbine teenagers were on antidepressants at the time that they committed the murders. Their families were given a monetary settlement under the condition taht they would remain silent about their sons being on anti depressants. Also, don't forget that the Virginia Tech and the other campus gunman were also on antidepressants. America is the only country in the world that allows drug companies to market to consumers directly on television. There was a time when drug companies only marketed directly to doctors. There was a time when doctors kept a PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE MANUAL on the potentially dangerous side effects and educated himself/herself on the dangers of a drug before perscribing it to a patient. The drug company knows that Americans are looking for a pill to cure every little thing under the son. Nobody wants to use fruits, vegetables, time, sleep and exercise to cure anything. Our ancestors didn't want or need to pop a pill for depression, or menopause. And does anyone ever stop to think about the dangers of Viagra? Have you ever thought about what that shit could be doing to your sperm cells? WE may end up with another generation of babies with birth defects and brain damage as a resulf of viagra and other dangerous drugs. The drug company is a billion dollare industry that is preying on ignorant, impatient Americans. Even the doctors who make claims in the American Journals of medicine have admitted to being paid off by drug companies to lie about the safety and effectivness of a drug. Case in point in the book "Our Daily Meds" by Melody Petersen she points out that she was informed by someone at the drug company that they deliberately weakened a diabetes drug that had been out on the market for decades in order to "push through" a new diabetic drug. Later the new diabetic drug was found to cause some very serious and life threatening problems. Wake up America... we are on the verge of creating a generation of paranoid, dangerous, and schizophernic, and potentially murderous citizens. Be aware of what you are putting into your body! There's a new pusher on the block and it's the drug companies. Read "Our Daily Meds" by Melody Petersen published by Farrar, STraus and Giroux (New York)

field negro said...

Anon.9:08PM, so do we blame the Doctors now? I know depresion is a real and serious problem, but this behavior is a little extreme, no?

Anonymous said...

Important Information On The Potential Dangers of Anti-Depressant Drugs Can Be Found On the Following Website:

Anonymous said...

Dear Field:
No, we blame the drug companies.
Next, we become informed consumers and pressure our lobbyists. Then we purchase the following book for ourselves: The Essential Guide To Prescription Drugs (Everything to know for Safe Drug Use) or any other consumer books on prescription drugs, that tell about their side effects, and the number of years they've been on the market. When I heard on Nightline (years ago) directly from a pharmaceutical doctor that he would never give himself or his family member any drug unless it had been out on the market for at least 20 eyes were opened. Let the buyer beware!
Much love...

Anonymous said...

I'm not shocked by any of this. I live in California, land of the mass murderers.

This one committed suicide, Field. He's already down and out, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Anon-"Has anyone thought about the fact that this man could have been on "antidepressant" drugs. It is well known and documented that thise drugs can cause urges to commit suicide and mass murder."

That's a good point, Anon. Obviously Bruce was depressed. And there HAVE been cases where people on the wrong anti-depressants have gone-or were about to go-ballistic.

field negro said...

Thanks anon. you obviously know your stuff when it comes to this subject. Believe me, I am not one to let drug companies off the hook. I am quite aware of some of the crap that they do.

But I still can't blame anyone but this monster for this crime.

r.j., we know that your state (Cali) has a sad history.

Anonymous said...

I admit I checked in just to see if someone said it was because he was white. Bingo !

Anonymous said...

someone answer me: why are bizarre mass murders and serial murders done "mostly" by white people??? just keeping it real and the stats will back me up

Anonymous said...

O'Jays - For the Love of Money. Think about all the similar sick stories over the years. I think it is driven by resentment of having to give up some money.

Eamonn Crowley said...

Centaur : ever hear of a place called Rwanda -- of a tribe called Huutus ? newsflash : half a million dead and nobody swinging a machete or dumping gasoline on women was remotely white but people will find what they are looking for so make sure you leave that whole genocide along with the one in Darfur out of your neat little pile of stats that you are backing yourself up with...there I answered you but I am sure you won't like it.

Grata said...

"Centaur : ever hear of a place called Rwanda -- of a tribe called Huutus ? newsflash : half a million dead and nobody swinging a machete or dumping gasoline on women was remotely white but people will find what they are looking for so make sure you leave that whole genocide along with the one in Darfur out of your neat little pile of stats that you are backing yourself up with...there I answered you but I am sure you won't like it."

I guess you never heard of French and Belgian involvement eh? Recently a Belgian Priest was convincted and he is White.

black magic woman said...

So California is my home state even though I now live elsewhere. I have been keeping up on this news like I myself am vying for the Pulitzer. A couple of things to note:

a) this guy had serious mental health problems that trace back years. He lied about having a master's degree from USC and he also didn't tell his wife about his child that he had with a previous wife who fell into a pool and is now very disabled. He was claiming this child on his taxes for 7 years even though he did not pay for the child's care. This issue is one of the big issues that led to them divorcing.

b) journalists have discovered that the man himself was responsible for the child's disabilities as he was supposed to be watching the baby and the baby ended up in the pool while he was watching tv!

c) the man had strapped $17K to his body intending to flee to Canada, but because he got 3rd degree burns on his arms - and the santa suit was burned into his skin - he changed his plans and offed himself. But not before rigging his car to explode if anyone took out the santa suit. Oh, and he killed himself in his brother's house.

d) his mother has been living out of a suitcase for a month because her house was burned in a local fire and she is absolutely distraught at what an asshole she raised.

e) this man took out his ex-wife, her parents, 2 of her brothers and their wives, and a niece, nephew, and a 9th person who is unaccounted for.

He also shot an 8-year-old in the face.

(shaking my head)

I'm not sure I believe in hell, but I hope he is there.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

This story was on the news here and I couldn't quite understand all that was being said at first. It seemed so outrageous to me.

An expat friend translated for me and explained that Italians are obsessed with this type of American story because gun violence (for those not in the Mafia) is so rare here.

Living in So. Cal I think I just got used to all the random shootings, gang violence and other deadly crimes reported by the local news (which was followed by some "entertainment news").

I don't understand this at all. Shooting an 8 year old in the face?

Was he on Crystal Meth?

Anonymous said...

I guess you never heard of French and Belgian involvement eh? Recently a Belgian Priest was convincted and he is White.

Hey grata french and belgian involvement doesn't count when we play I have the stats to prove my racist point , sorry. The massacre was committed by blacks against blacks and that's all the stupid stats will show. SO when you go playing stupid stat games to prove a racist point there's no leeway for common sense. The problem stems from the original racist statement about whites doing this exclusively and a claim of statistical proof. I for one do know all about the Belgians and I know how it happened, The tall beautiful tutsis were the house negroes to belgians while the shorter darker muscular huttus were field negroed by them. The Belgians played one against the other and showered the tutsis with social perks and privileges while the huttus were kept down and dissed. I'm not a racist asshole, in fact I get the same feeling from reading crackpot bullshit like the above as I get listening to whiteboys with their stupid Obama jokes and klan humor. Whatever color team you pick you're wrong for picking one especially when you use it to spout racist bullshit which is the true expression of house negro or house caucasian behavior especially after 8 years of a regime that totally encouraged racial unrest to keep us at each others throats while they robbed and buggered our country blind. Happy New Year.

Grata said...

"Whatever color team you pick you're wrong for picking one especially when you use it to spout racist bullshit which is the true expression of house negro or house caucasian behavior especially after 8 years of a regime that totally encouraged racial unrest to keep us at each others throats while they robbed and buggered our country blind. Happy New Year".

Point taken. Bigotry is Bigotry. It eats at others first then it turns on its own.

Anonymous said...

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