Monday, December 01, 2008

Obama derangement syndrome, coming to a radio station near you.

I know there is a lot I could be writing about tonight. The O man rolled out some of the O team which included a certain former first lady. The frat boy gave an interview to Charlie Gibson, and finally showed some remorse for his eight years of hell. And the folks in India are so pissed at the Pakistanis that any day now we could have a full blown nuclear dust up on our hands.

But I can't blog about any of those things; because, quite frankly, I am just not in much of a writing mood. And you can thank some poor soul who decided to check out early from this journey we call life for my current state of mind. Sometimes timing can be everything. If this guy had decided to jump a couple of hours earlier, Mrs. Field might have been writing you a final farewell post for the kid, and thanking you for keeping him going all these years.

Anyway, I found something cut and paste worthy while reading the Metro today. And since "Bush Derangement Syndrome" is about to turn into Obama Derangement Syndrome, I thought I would share:

Clark DeLeon -

"I listen to right-wing talk radio on The Big Talker, WPHT-AM, for the same reason some guys watch porn. I know I'm not going to see/hear anything that I haven't seen/heard before, I know that the plot is pathetically predictable and that the dialogue between caller and host is as wooden and insincere as a woman feigning surprise upon answering the doorbell to discover the pizza delivery man. But I listen anyway because as depressing as it is, there is a certain reassuring inevitability shared by hardcore porn and right-wing talk radio.

The difference is that Limbaugh, the highest rated radio talk show, and Hannity, the second highest rated, pretend that they're bishops rather than porn stars. During their three-hour daily services call-in conservative supplicants seek their blessing - "You're a great American" - while both ministers in full vestments proceed to have unprotected sex with the notion of the viability of a two-party body politic. Their America is divided between true believers and scam artists, hard-working folks and elitists, those who are committed to traditional values and those who are manipulated by Socialist apparatchiks. It's a hoot. And I thank God I live in a country that can allow these two windbags to be the most popular voices on radio, while also being the same country that told the two of them to stuff it by electing a foreign-raised black man with a white mother as president of the United States.

I honestly believe that if minutes after he was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama ascended physically into heaven, both Limbaugh and Hannity would report that this is proof that Obama is 'just like Muhammad.' It reminds me of something the late great Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo once said about how he couldn't do anything right according to the liberal media. "I was standing next to Cardinal Krol one time on Penn's Landing when the wind knocked his hat into the Delaware River. So I climbed down, walked across the water and retrieved the Cardinal's hat," Rizzo joked. "And you know what the headline on the next day's Inquirer said?" 'RIZZO CAN'T SWIM.' "

At some point today, while reading Mr. DeLeon's article (god forgive me), I actually wished that Rush and Sean had made that jump.


Anonymous said...

Your first link for former first lady takes one to the story regarding the jumper in Philly.

When you going for that run, don't wait until you can use the excuse of the cold weather.

Tomorrow, you might catch the Beauty Queen at he Governor's meeting with Obama, if you didn't have to go to work, which I'm sure you do.

Have a good week.
Aloha from Makaii on Maui

rainywalker said...

They are both worse than all those preachers that were on TV in the sixties. At least all they wanted was money, the ones now want your freedom and soul.

Christopher Chambers said...

This completes the circle. Frankly, I also hate Rush and the talk radiopunditputzes because they force we non- Kool aid drinkers to link arms with the Obamaholics.Hard to examine or critique the appointment of HRC, the "Hey there are no other qualified blacks beside limp noodeles like Holder" tip, Gates, even more Clinton insiders when these pieces of crap are out engaging in lunacy.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

You are forgiven for being HUMAN, Field. The way Rush and Sean go on with their race-baiting diatribes, I'm surprised someone hasn't gotten FED UP enough to....

I won't finish that thought because the statement might draw me a visit from the Guvmint for making a terrorist threat, and yes, I do consider Hannity and Limbaugh American-Born TERRORISTS.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Your picture Word Association is on point, Field. ROFL

Now if you can find one for Traitor Joe Lieberman...

earlgrey said...

Thanks for the paste. Since I stopped working downtown I miss the Metro. The Rizzo line made me snort in laughter. Oh and my passing thought from reading that article was not that they jumped, but that I pushed them. Mean, I know. But strangely satisfying.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...


Susan Gray said...

Hi Field,
2 things....comparing Limbaugh and Hannity to porn stars is freaking hilarious! They are such slime.

On a sadder note, even though the article never conclusively reported why the man jumped there in Philly, today on NPR there was report after report about how we are in a recession, and have been for the past year. Wonder how much that had to do with the jump. I also wonder how many of us are one paycheck away from true financial crisis.

Anonymous said...

I used to listen to both Limbaugh and Hannity just to "hear both ends of the political spectrum."

Now, I just can't stomach it. The red-state, red-neck haters make me sick.

I would even go as far as to say the bulk of their listeners are racist and racially prejudiced.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, its gonna get worse before it gets better. People are going to be doing some crazy and terrible things like we've never seen or heard of before. If I were some of these employers I'd be careful who I fire from these jobs too. Some of these folks that are going to be laid off or fired don't plan on leaving without taking a few folks with them. Misery likes company. Some of these employers are making up false stuff to get rid of folks, which is low down and dirty.

People facing homelessness and winter is almost here, worried about how they going to feed their families or lay their heads. When people get into situations where their basic survival needs aren't not being met,they'll do some crazy things.

Nevertheless, after a storm there is a rainbow. The thing is that you've got to survive the storm in order to see it.

Rush, Hannity and the rest of the hate crew get to do what they do, because their audiences empowers and enables them to stay on the air waves by turning to their station, which helps their ratings. It doesn't matter if you like them or not or believe them or not. If you turn the knob or channel to their station your just another faceless number added unto their rating.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The person in this story must be kin to Cheney:

Both of these stories right here pissed granny off:

How did this person manage to pull this one over law enforcement?

The First Domino דומינו said...

Off in the distance where the cloud's turned dark, you can hear a low rumbling, not a growl, yet, just a bark.

As it came closer the winds kicked hard, swaying trees, picking up trash and setting it down, playing cat and mouse with skittish leaves.

Now it's everywhere from top to bottom this too-soon night, bringing with it and all-out brutal, boisterous, angry dog fight.

And the heavens opened up, wider than St. Peter's gates, to allow an ocean of pent-up pride and pain
to flood the earth with forty nights and forty days of unending rain.

Noah never saw such a frightful fall as that which befell our barren arks.

And as the waters came down, the waters went up, higher than any measured watermarks.

And it went this way for a time and a time, amidst woeful weeping and weary wailing.

It was rough seas for barren arks, lifeboats, skiffs, and such;

nothing was seaworthy, whether freighters, liners, or sailboats sailing.

And it would have continued that way for a time and a time, but for the prayers that floated like bright balloons high in the sky.

And black clouds broke to reveal a golden shaft of light, to mark the end of the deluge, and the long dreary night.

Across the land the waters receded more quickly than they had filled.

From on high a command was heeded, and the waters yielded as they were willed.

A day brighter than any seen before, lighted the landscape from shore to shore.

And an angel spoke with a voice so dire: "This time a flood, next time fire."

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I read the article you posted about the man that jumped. I wonder what was going through his mind. What troubled him so much that he ended life? Did he have a family, friends? Did he lose his job, did he just find out he had a fatal illness? What?

That Rizzo joke was priceless. I think Hannity and Limbaugh should STFU. For some reason O'Reilly doesn't bother me as much. But those other two are in the same category at Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin. I really can't stand hearing them speak.

field negro said...

Anon.I will check on that link and correct it.

Yeah real sad story. The guy actually hit the pavement at the exact spot that I use to walk to work. :(

Christopher said...

I hadn't heard the story of the man in Philly who leaped to his death.

There is so much hopelessness in the USA today. Maybe he was a returning Iraq war veteran unable to get the healthcare he needed? Maybe he had lost his home in the mortgage mess? Still, maybe he was ill and his prognosis was poor?

In my hometown of San Francisco, people have been jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge to their deaths since the week the bridge opened back in 1937. More than 4,000 to date and they come from every walk of life, every race, men and women alike.

It's said that the time from the ledge of the Golden Gate Bridge to the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay is roughly 11 seconds. Death is almost always instantaneous. As far as anyone knows, only one man ever survived the jump. He was depressed and now advocates against taking your life in this way.

Too bad people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Annthrax Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Laura Schlessinger and of course, George W. Bush never took one final trip to the mid-span of the Golden Gate Bridge, looked back and jumped?

Might as well jump. Jump!
Might as well jump.
Go ahead, jump. Jump!
Go ahead, jump.

Jody said...

Rush Who now?

My deepest wish for the new year that is upon us is that those who engage in blow hard mendacity will find themselves in echo chambers. The masses will be too engaged in working together to help each other and our communities move through these economic hard times to bother to give these gasps of hot air our time.

Ted said...

"Dirty Pool" at the Supreme Court apparently on behalf of Obama currently usurping YOUR Constitution: Leo Donofrio's companion case, brought by Cort Wrotnowski, with fuller/better briefing showing Obama is not an Article II "natural born citizen" reportedly has been sidetracked to the anthrax lab to deprive the full Court from seeing those filings in connection with Donofrio's case this Friday, Dec 5, 2008. DO SOMETHING AMERICA!!!

Jody said...

Field, I worry (well not really) that Ted here, and others who are passionately chasing their tails will be the next jumpers on January 20th. They are pinning all of their desperate hopes on a false accusation, propagated by loony lawyers, who in my humble opinion, need to lose their bar cards. When they discover that all is lost, they may well join in with those that think life is not worth living in O-merica. To show just how wacky these wack jobs are, they are already printing Impeach Obama parephanalia.... thus confirming for me they know NOTHING about the constitution.

Anonymous said...

your boy is really showing the world what he's made

pr3z of da world

Anonymous said...

anonymous 7:18

I did not click on that link but I had read the story earlier about Obama's gift to his wife.

And...? Guess you missed those stories about Michelle shopping at Target, JCPenney, etc. and the interview with the family laughing at Barack's raggedy shoes.

If the Pres-Elect wants to purchase a $$$$$ gift for his wife of almost 20 years, who he has described as his best friend-then that is their business. If you had the money you would do it also.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I get your point, anonymouse. Are you saying there's something shady about a husband buying his wife of 16 years a diamond ring?

Cindy McCain would probably think that a $30K ring was kind of chintzy.

Anonymous said...

not shady...OURcountry is falling apart and he's spending $30,000 on a ring!!!!

i aggree that spending 20 yrs with ANY man desreves somekind of award!!! but we have people sleeping on the streets and kids that aren't getting a meal on a daily basis and he's spending $30,000 on a ring!!! pretty telling don't you think?

Christopher said...

"...and he's spending $30,000 on a ring!!! pretty telling don't you think?"

Very telling, cowardly anonymous.

It tells me Barack really loves his wife.

Just like posting under anonymous tells me you're a fucking pussy.


Anonymous said...

hey Chris some of us anons just can't remember the log on id we created

not all of us are like this jerk.

but the distinction is motivation to find my id


Anonymous said...

Damn's getting downright scary in Philly right now. They just had a damn shooting at a KMART out there.

Between this, the trampling at walmart in NY and the shoot out at at freaking toys R us on the left coast, the powers that be have really turned the crazy up in this country.

I am really starting to hate the start of xmas shopping season.

Anonymous said...

chris callin someone a pussy....LOL

that's kettle calling the pot

still did'nt answer the question???

Christopher said...

"...and he's spending $30,000 on a ring!!! pretty telling don't you think?"

Very telling, cowardly anonymous.

It tells me Barack really loves his wife.

Just like posting under anonymous tells me you're a fucking pussy.


Christopher Chambers said...

All of these comments prove my point--and perhaps this is the O-man's shield. We won't be critical of his "pragmatic, cautious" (as labeled) course and the nondescript insiders or bigshots he's put in charge because look at the alternative--as evidenced by these buffoons who hold the keys of white angst. Hence my ambivalence.

Christopher Chambers said...

But I understand the ring matter. I don't agree with drama, but I understand.

Anonymous said...

The Philly jumper story is terrible and moving, such a sad postcard from the Bush era. I listen to rush and hannity with a timer set in my head to see how long it takes until they speak or repeat the lie of the day. Lies are the genitalia of their porn and the variations their lies are their sexual positions. Their money shot is when joe hateneck tells joe not a plumber : hey did you hear obama bought his wife a ring that cost more than the one Kobe Bryant gave his wife after that rape case ? Naaaw -- Yup, heard it on Rush... yeah that's it baby...

Anonymous said...

so, chris i've gone from a pussy to a fucking

don't hit on bro...don't hit on me bro ;=}

just out of curiosity do pitch or catch...could be a switch hitter?

Doc L said...

Haven't put any two-cents in for a while, but still catching every post.

I usually listen to lunatic limbaugh, to, as I have said before, to know what the enemy thinks. And the fact that his was given, what was it, a $400 million contract earlier this year confirms that we got a whole lot of enemies. It generally can't stomach more than a few minutes at a time.

Sad thing is that most folk don't realize that they are just entertainers. But they think these guys are god, which is what makes them dangerous, because they are allowed to foment hate and racism in the name of entertainment.

Good thing I can save my sanity, stimulate my mind, and stir my soul with my daily visit to the Field.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse just wants to get into a pissing contest. The McCains are worth 100x as much as the Obamas, but you hear anybody asking them how much they spent on jewelry this year.

Anonymous said...

Derangement Syndrome indeed, Field. The man is not even in office yet and the Reichstad Wingers are already plotting to disable his agenda.
Never mind the overwhelming need for change, as long as the Rich get tax cuts so they can afford another Riviera suite, and poor people get nothing, Limpdick and KKKlannity are happy.

field negro said...

Ted, get over it. It's over!

Marc B said...

The Golfer and the Wallbanger are two peas in a very sick pod. Neither are conservatives, but instead are big government, free trading, job exporting, war mongering, sell-outs. They have gone along with the most ridiculous globalist policies of the Bush administration because it was sold to them by their Republican masters.

Rush stated at the end of the 2006 mid-term elections that he was sick of being the water boy of the GOP, yet he went right back to doing it daily. He and his Neo-Con scum bags destroyed the Republican party. They never were the party of Goldwater, but they sure as hell are now the party of Wolfowitz, and that isn't going to get votes from anybody other than the kool-aid drinkers in the burbs' with the W stickers plastered on their Suburbans.

Big C said...

Sorry (not really) to burst your bubble Anonymous, but the ring story isn't true. It was made up, like almost all the other crap spewed this year to try and paint Obama as an elitist snob.

Anonymous said...

Besides if the ring story was true how much better was it that McCain was stomping around talking about Joe Six Pack while his wife wears a 300,000 gown to the "show." Not to mention the dust up about Palin's clothes. But I don't fault them because the McCain's are millionaires and can afford the cost. It is sad that one set of Americans are willing to rely on lies and deceit to tear this country apart starting with the leader. And not for policies and procedures (like questions with Bush)but for the color of his skin. Not very Christian and they are becoming more and more like the Pharisees.

Anonymous said...


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