Friday, December 26, 2008

Just an accident?

Add me to the list of bloggers who are saying hmmmm about this story.

I really hate the Bush republican cabal for making me think this way, but here I am, a living breathing skeptic of all things Bush and Cheney.

Please read below and tell me if you aren't just a tad bit skeptical yourself:

"At 3:31 PM Friday, December 19, Michael L. Connell, a top Internet consultant for the Republican National Committee and for the Bush and McCain presidential campaigns, left Washington from the small airport in College Park, Md. Alone at the helm of a single engine Piper Saratoga, Connell's flight plan anticipated arrival at his hometown Akron-Canton Airport in a little over two hours, at 5:43 PM.

Instead, about three miles short of the Akron-Canton Airport, Connell's plane crashed to the ground in an upscale section of Lake Township, killing Connell instantly. "I was standing in the kitchen and I looked out the window and all I saw was fire," Taylor Fano told The Akron Beacon Journal. "It took out the flagpole and the cement blocks surrounding the flagpole . . . . It skidded across the driveway and right in-between a line of pine trees and a small fence around an in-ground pool."

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the accident and has not yet filed a report, but there was no immediate evidence of wrong-doing or sabotage.
Many in the blogosphere have called for further investigation of the crash, suggesting that Connell was about to provide crucial information in the case of alleged vote fraud in the 2004 Ohio presidential contest, and that that information would implicate Karl Rove and others in the Bush administration. [see update below]

Just last month, Connell was deposed in the ongoing case, King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell. According to accounts of the November 3rd deposition, Connell denied any knowledge of attempts to fraudulently manipulate 2004 Ohio vote counts.

There is, however, a more immediate and relevant question: How much will Connell's death, even if the accident was entirely without malfeasance, impede congressional committee investigations into the more controversial activities of the Bush administration over the past eight years - including the ongoing investigation into thousands of missing White House-RNC emails sent and received by some 22 White House political aides, including Rove. These emails are believed likely to shed light on the political firings of U.S. Attorneys, and to show if the White House had any role in controversial decisions to prosecute former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman.

After first emerging as a web consultant during the 1998 gubernatorial campaign of Jeb Bush, Connell quickly became a key member of the Republican brain trust and quickly became part of a small network of political consultants and lobbyists favored by Rove. He advised both Bush-Cheney campaigns, and was a regular consultant to the RNC and other GOP committees.

Connell, and his firms - New Media Communications, Govtech and Connell Donatelli Inc. - were part of a universe that included such other GOP operatives as Tony Feather and Jeff Larson of FLS Connect, Tom Synhorst of the DCI Group, and Jeff Averbeck of Smartech. Their companies have received millions of dollars from the Bush-Cheney campaign committees of 2000 and 2004 from the three major - national, congressional and senatorial - Republican Party committees; from such conservative interest groups as the National Rifle Association and Citizens Against Government Waste; from a host of corporations and trade associations seeking to remain in the administration's good graces; and from dozens and dozens of Republican House and Senate campaigns."

More here.

Oh field, has it ever occurred to you that it could all be just a big coincidence? Actually, no. Not with this bunch. But I will take a wait and see approach. I just hope that no stone will be left unturned in this investigation. And if there is no investigation, we will scream loud enough for every reasonable person in A-merry-ca to hear and then demand one.


Scrapple said...


Curious said...

No! No more! From Whitewater and Travelgate to whatever did or didn't happen in Ohio and the Gonzalez Injustice Dept, I'm done. It's over and I've had enough.

I say if someone did stuff 4 years ago and got away with it, good luck and God bless, time to move on. Otherwise it's 40 years of Kennedy assassination conspiracy again and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed saying he was the mastermind behind the whole thing in the end.

Anonymous said...

Field, something doesn't feel right about this. It's too timely and coincidental.

BTW, that HHND photo of Bruce Pardo is creeping me out. Now that's 'creepy'. Rick Warren looks good next to Bruce.

When are you going to do another love post on Warren? That horse looks like it still has more riding left.

Anonymous said...

Your wife should have banned you from HuffPost.


Black Diaspora said...

When it comes to government activities, here's my modus operandi: think the worse thing you can. That way you can be sure to get half of it right.

The truth is always bigger than your imagination.

Anonymous said...

If you are scheduled to testify against someone powerful, take Amtrack and get rid of all the guns in your house. Of course, they took him out like they whacked the DC Madame.

RiPPa said...

So are you saying that this is sorta Clintonesque in a Ron Brown sorta way Field?

Christopher said...

No tin foil here.

Death follows members of the Bush clan around like flies hoover over horse shit on a hot summer day.

Connell's mistake was he spoke and if you do business with the Bush clan, you better STFU for life or you will lose yours.

blksista said...

I wrote about it at Booman Tribune.

This is just tooooo coincidental. Connell said that Rove and/or his cohorts were threatening him and his wife. The attorney in the case specifically warned the Feds and local law enforcement to protect the man. He also advised Connell, through an intermediary, not to fly.

But what does he do? He flies! Connell had had trouble with that plane twice before, when he tried to go on trips. This time, someone lured him to D.C. to meet with 'people,' people whose names he didn't disclose to Larisa Alexandrovna. Now he's cold dead meat, wiped like Paul Wellstone, who might have given Bush/Cheney/Rove heartburn over the push to get us into war in Iraq.

Somebody commenting on another blog said that Bush/Cheney/Rove was probably tying up loose ends before they I said, this is way too coincidental to be believed.

La ~ Incognita said...

Wow, sad... and just before xmas. I smell the tilapia too.

"Oh field, has it ever occurred to you that it could all be just a big coincidence?... Actually, no. Not with this bunch."

Well Field as you know, you live by the sword... said...

Is anyone surprised?


What...this administration is above...committing murder?


Mrs. Chili said...

A plane crash. How convenient.

betmo said...

the fact that he was so close to rove- and his lawyers were trying to get him protection before his death- makes me suspicious. plus, the dearth of actual msm reporting on the story- and i am sorry- sorely lacking coverage online too- smells funny. there shouldn't be a statute of limitations on accountability. no one should get away scott free and be above the law- whether it be rove or the president him or herself.

if you take a look at the last 8 years- but also at the players in bushco since the nixon years- it paints a better picture. you can see that not only is this in the realm of possibility- but it doesn't look like a coincidence. i stopped caring if folks thought of me as a conspiracy theorist. i did the research- and they did not.

Jody said...

These are the same people that when asked about the false intelligence that took us to war, over 4,000 US dead and hundreds of thousands Iraqis dead, "So What". I imagine one web dude meant nothing to them.

WNG said...

As other have commented here already, this administration has already committd murder and gotten away with it, so why should they stop now?

Seda said...



But unlikely. This bunch has proven that they are willing to dump anyone off the bus or kill or whatever to cover their asses. But I doubt that an investigation will show much. Regardless of what they find, the end result has already been written, and is safely tucked away on Karl Rove's laptop.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this is more than a coincident. Convenient to have this man killed right when he's pointing the finger at the Bushies, isn't it?

field negro said...

Rippa, yes, Ron Brown comes to mind. But I must say that this incident seems a tad more curious.

co-sign with betmo!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bush is taking pointers from Clinton.

Remember the Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome??

Houston said...

As my people are want to say, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you.

Anonymous said...


I know it's your blog, and you can put whom ever you want on it, but you shouldn't sully your wonderful site by placing that awful Pardo man on your sidebar. Usually, the sidebar is light & airy, and a kind of fun thing to read -- including all the House Negroes -- but Pardo, well, his crime just simply defies logic and is just too horrific for any such recognition and inclusion. Would you consider removing him? He's disgusting.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, this is just another thing on the plate awaiting Mr. mean Eric Holder. Yet another reason why Barack should pitch some righteous negro--hell even Gov. Derval Partick--as AG.

Christopher Chambers said...

P.S. Field, nomination for Honorary Field Negro: Brad Pitt. We just saw "Benjamin Button" as a family and it was amazing. Only flick I know which actually has Hurricane Katrina as a major, sad event. Brad was building houses there in the 9th Ward during principal photography.

ActsofFaithBlog said...

This isn't a coincidence. It was intentional and they'll get away with it...for a while anyway. The devil has long laid claim on them so they're just gonna keep on doing evil.

Yes Benjamin Button was good. Seven Pounds though is the movie to see. I cried and cried and cried some more because it was so moving. It's rare to see a movie where the hero acts unselfishly - and I won't say anything else about the plot.

dummerndirt said...

C'mon people. If we're lucky, all of those lying washington bastards will die in plane crashes, NONE of which are mysterious...and even if they are mysterious...who gives a fly'n (pun intended)act of fornication? Let the degerates kill themeselves off.

Brandon said...

This is a very interesting blog. Thanks for the read.

field negro said...

Thanks Brandon. Chris and ActsoFaith I have to check out thoe flicks. Although I didn't plan to see Will's new flick. But maybe I will now.

field negro said...

Thanks Brandon. Chris and ActsoFaith I have to check out thoe flicks. Although I didn't plan to see Will's new flick. But maybe I will now.

sandra said...

Government "perks" are the best--you get them for life and after death.

old white guy said...

Skeptical is good. It is good to be skeptical. Jumping to conclusions? Not so much.

Marc B said...

The DC Madam was suicided the same way this guy was Wellstoned. The death count from the Reagan administration all the way through the current administration is extremely high. Far too many adversaries and people that knew too much have taken a permanent vacation far exceeding randomness. Bill C. could not even keep up the mourning act during Ron Brown's funeral.

If you count all the suspicious deaths of scientists, Bush Jr will have a tally surpassing to Clinton.

James Strait said...

Conspiracy is the first refuge of the agenda driven opportunist, and the only refuge for the ignorant and the impaired.

Welstoned? Connnelled? Ever heard of pilot freak'n error?

You conspiracy types need to get back on your meds.

Miranda said...

Yeah...pilot error...yep...that's what it was...pilot error.

Where's his wife? Bet you'll never hear from her again...EVER

dummerndirt said...

Pilot error...nahhh THAT never happens. It was obviously a conspiracy arranged by butterflies. Those pesky butterfly wings cause so much havoc.

Joe Noory said...

Look, there's no cure for gravity. Besides, what does this have to do with the past republican presidential candidates anyway? Hasn't it always been the left that seemed to need the various political factions, and class-warfare-sub-duchies to "whack" one another as though they were dueling union locals?

Anonymous said...

Hey Field, as long as we're throwing around conspiracy theories, how 'bout we take a look at all the dead bodies surrounding the Clintons? Not a Bush fan here, but those Clintons had the bodies stacked so high around the White House, and no one seems to give a shit.

Anonymous said...

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