Friday, December 12, 2008

I found another one.

Ahhh this is rich. Every now and then I love to make people aware of what is going on in blogger land among some of our more mentally challenged bloggers.

Anywho, I stumbled across this gem while checking out "Bloglines". The clown uses the words "Negro Field" in his post so it showed up under my handle. As with a previous blogger I linked here; it's hard to tell if this genius thinks he is funny, is trying to use satire to make a point, or is just a flat out racist.

Check it out:

"Even though few Whites have heard a thing about it, Negroes — of all ages and sexes — secretly perform a boisterous Chimpanzee ritual called “Cheshi Tumbili” (Funny Monkey) in the privacy of their subPRIMATE mortgage homes and away from any prying White eyes. During this activity, they drink the intoxicating malt beverage “Colt-45″ and smoke copious amounts of narcotic substances, like crack cocaine or cheap Mexican skunkweed. The rare photograph above shows us two, possibly on the “down-low,” Negroes doing the Funny Monkey — now thought to be a vestigial behavior from the days of darkest Africa!

After revealing to the world my on-going anthropological work on the Africanus-American species in North America with my
“Black is Beautiful” Field Work Progress…” report, my email and phone has been going off the hook from wannabee researchers, all wishing to contribute to my studies. So I’ve decided to take you, the budding Primate Researcher, under my wing and pass along some stealth racist tips to help you on your way!

The most important tool that I always take with me into the field, is a small white box about 2.5″ x 2″ with holes on one side; which is a simple, but highly effective sound device not requiring any batteries and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. You can easily find them in any large pet store by looking for boxes of furry toys, some look like ducks, some like cats. Look for the monkey one and give it a squeeze — you’ll be able to feel a box buried inside and it’ll cost about $6 or $7 dollars."

How about this quote from the resident self ordained Negrologist?

"Everyone has had it happen before. You’re in a rush to get some cold beer and are going down some aisle in a grocery store when you find your way totally blocked by some giant, food-stamping Sheboon in stretch pants; all bent over and purposelessly spending an eternity on deciding what brand of beans to buy or something equally inane. And all you want to do is get past that massive set of Negress-buttocks blocking the entire dam aisle, before you get a disgusting eyeful of soiled underwear or find yourself exposed to her breaking foul wind in your direction.

Now, as a suitably equipped Negrologist, you can look at such situations as a valuable scientific opportunity!"
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Mr. "Negrologist", you had better be thankful for the Internet. Sometimes, for the truly ignorant, I am sure anonymity can be a beautiful thing. Still, I am glad you are around, I hope you continue to post, and that your blog grows in popularity. To that end, I hope my link to your site helped.
Folks, feel free to go over to Mr. "Negrologist's" house and have a conversation with him. But remember, be nice, I have had some complaints about you field Negroes and your behavior when you go into other people's sites. They say you can be a bit....well, spirited.


Anonymous said...

The Evil and proudly Racist INCOG MAN, here. I hope you "fine folks" enjoy my blog site, perhaps it will keep some of you off the street and not commit any crimes for a change.

But I doubt you have much of audience that can read anyways.

So, it appears that you consider the term "field negro" all yours, eh? Pretty arrogant for an obvious House Negro, I'd say.

La♥audiobooks said...

"The Evil and proudly Racist INCOG MAN, here.... But I doubt you have much of audience that can read anyways."


Anonymous said...

Yawn.... seriously that man has issues and needs to get some help. Knowing that he is in the neighborhood, I won't even humor him by saying anything more.

Anonymous said...

Field, why do you give this clown any attention?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like your copy/paste job was such the witty comment, La INCOG NEGRESS.

And to the blog-boy "Field Negro": This just shows how lame your readership truly is. "Spirited" my pimply White rear.

Hell, you're so worthless you can't bring yourself to comment on my blog. Pathetic.

And even you can't quite figure out the deal about me, by what you wrote in your first paras.

I love how you try to brag about yourself in your sidebar with every copied dumb-ass button in the world.

RiPPa said...

Oh well, out of work comedians should understand why they're out of work.

La♥audiobooks said...

Has anyone here read any good books lately?

Woozie said...

I think it's pretty clear he's going for a satirical, maybe tongue-in-cheek is a better phrase, tone. It's just that hes fucking terrible at it. Instead of being funny it sounds forced, awkward, and moderately racist. So much failure, so little time.

Maybe the worse thing is I know exactly what he's talking about when he describes "the sheboon" (although last I checked female baboons are still called baboons, but I digress). Black people as a whole really do need to step up their game, niggas can be very embarrassing.

Jmee said...

LMAO... Field you sure can find them.

Stupid YT of the day: InCog-Ignorance

For wasting blog space and our valuable FN time with your piece of crap post.

La♥audiobooks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
La♥audiobooks said...

"Instead of being funny it sounds forced, awkward, and moderately racist."

Woozie, so that's what it is, I couldn't figure it out. I tried to change the subject to books, but then I remembered we are not supposed to know how to read. Notice how the specimen made like the first post on the thread... creepy. I'm not even offended. It's kind of embarrassing, almost like hosting your own surprise birthday party and no one wants to stay.

.. sorry my ISP is acting up.

Anonymous said...

Is this the best your readers can do Field Negro? 29 page views from here and just one lame, typical liberal reply on my site from Boozie Woozie?

I'm going to have to add your site to my "Braindead" links section, maybe to replace that idiot Negro site "Stuff Black people hate."

And again: You're no "Field Negro." Just another Affirmative Action House Negro taking advantage of the system.

Jody said...

Field... oooh, you better watch this ignorant one... I think he might have a crush on you. My observation is that when someone is obsessive, its cuz they got issues. what's the matter racist man? some scary black person hurt your feelings? aawww wwaaahhhh.

Woozie said...

On second thought, after engaging with the good man, maybe he's just a racist sumbitch trying to be funny to his racist sumbitch buddies.

Woozie said...

one lame, typical liberal reply on my site from Boozie Woozie

So much love in the room, it's all you need <3

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure, Jody. Like I'm going on the "down low." You wish, fool.

You just can't stand any Whites who've had enough of these worthless, spoiled and violent Negroes.

field negro said...

I think I know this guy. I thought he seemed familiar. He has been sending me love notes for awhile now. :)

"I'm not even offended. It's kind of embarrassing, almost like hosting your own surprise birthday party and no one wants to stay..."

I bet he serves chocolate cake.

field negro said...

"Hell, you're so worthless you can't bring yourself to comment on my blog. Pathetic."

Okay, stop begging. I think Woozie and the others are right: you are coming off as being rather pathetic.

If there is one thing I can't stand it's a pathetic racist.

Jody said...

noo racist boy. god don't like ugly and neither do I. and I have no interest in going to your blog. I don't intentionally engage in filth.

La♥audiobooks said...

Is it just me, or is anyone else imagining Peewee Herman's voice when they read his comments. Anyway.

"...some scary black person hurt your feelings? aawww wwaaahhhh."

That's usually what it is. I think he's bitter and hurting inside, he wants Field's big fatherly negro arms around him to tell him everything will be ok.

Or, we could also ask Field to make him an honorary Field Negro for the day. That might cheer him up. I have a feeling that's what he secretly wants.

Jmee said...

Look at his feeble attempts for comebacks almost begging us to leave comments on his blog.

I believe InCog-Ignorant desperately got the attention he was seeking from FN re-posting his trash over here.

Anonymous said...

Field you should be commended-you are keeping that knuckledragger busy practicing his newly acquired thumbs.

Anonymous said...

Why have you posted photoshopped the pix of the woman in the aisle? I understand the article, but I don't understand the point of the photo. Please explain.

field negro said...

Anon.11:38PM, the photo comes from the article I posted. Since many of you will never go to such a site, I thought I would bring some of it here.

Sorry if it offends, but I try to keep it 100% with you.

Anonymous said...

Right. Like I give a flying you-know-what on what some Affirmative Action House Negro puts on his self-obsessed blog or his sock-puppet readers have to say.

Like it really bothers me to be called "racist." lol. Hell, that's a badge of honor for me, fools.

Least I got the guts to come here and say it, while your brave leader makes his comments on his blog, while wiping the spittle he spewed after reading my replies.

Anonymous said...

Comparatively speaking, I'm starting to wonder if the content at might actually be funnier and more satirical that this guy's stuff.

Christopher Chambers said...

Come on man. How about a post on the auto bailout crap, or how the Eagles have just been lucky...and capitalizing on the ennui of real championship teams...LOL

Jmee said...

Sure InCog-Ignorant that is why you keep posting here like a rabid dog.

Obviously it bothers you, you keep coming back to read what others are writing about you.

You think it takes guts for you to come over here and face the "NEGROES" LMAO... you are so LAME (YT's word for stupid)

Anonymous said...

Field, I'm a long time reader of your blog. I check up on it pretty much every day. But I'm a little bit disappointed with this entry.

You must have had nothing worthwhile to blog about tonight. Why else would you waste both yours and our time by making us aware of this irrelevant woodpecker's pasty existence?

Who gives a fuck about incogsissywood?! If I wanted to see some original KKK propaganda, I'd watch Fuck News or Bitch Limbaugh.

We don't need to be alerted about any of the featherwoods that talk shit online. They're plentiful enough on blog comments and message boards already. The internet is pretty much the only place where their tired, recycled, bitchass opinions don't get regulated. It's also the only place, outside of their backyard boontowns, where their fake military commando wannabe ass can't get chin checked and broken down to estrogen for bumping their gums.

You just keep bringing us the war report from the fields. Shake them bitchass peckerwoods off.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, what don't you people get? At least Boozie Woozie figured it out when he called me a "racist sumbitch."

Even the blogger here, House Negro, can't get his mind around that simple fact. Read his 2nd para:

"'s hard to tell if this genius thinks he is funny, is trying to use satire to make a point, or is just a flat out racist."

And check out House Negro's photo on Milwaukee and his "Killdelphia" biz in his sidebar. He even backs me up totally and he's that clueless as to what it really says:

Negroes are violent creatures who would starve if it wasn't for Whitey!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute...he thinks most of us here don't "get" that he's racist. What we don't get is why your racist claptrap tried so hard to be mean AND funny, and totally failed at the second. Try straight ahead's more your style.

Just a suggestion.

OK, enough feeding of the troll...sorry y'all.

Anonymous said...

Im used to getting slapped around here,Its pathetic this lower life form has saved my skin for now! This dude makes it hard for so called good white people!

Minnie said...

Wamp, wamp, wamp

Keep it moving folks. There's nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Let him make noise, it's only 5 weeks until the UltrasecretMuslimPlanforWorldDomination goes into effect and we send all this weak-chinned, flat-assed, little-dinked garbage off to internment/slave labor camps.

T. R Xands said...

Ugh, he reminds me of someone that used to comment on my old journal...except that dude was more of a concern troll. Still a damned idjit though.

Unknown said...

who the? what the? Field.. get this waste man out of here... this is just bugging...

Anonymous said...

YOUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT, incogman, so you and your buddy's, better take your best shot, I think you already know that, are you afraid that, the tray is about to turn, are you afraid that the CHICKEN'S ARE ABOUT TO SHOW UP AT YOUR DOOR STEP.

WELL let me make this as simple as I can, THE UNITED STATE'S OF AMERICA is going to have a BLACK PRESIDENT, which mean's that, while you were in your comfort zone, the REVOLUTION was in full force, and you missed it, see you, were under the impression, that what you see, is what you get, case in point, JESSIE JACKSON and AL SHARPTON, see you thought, that a PICKET SIGN AND A BULL HORN, was the only way AFRICAN AMERICAN'S knew how to ANNOUNCE INJUSTICE, but,INCOGMAN, their was someone, that held a MICROPHONE for almost two year's, and he wore a BLACK SUIT, with, a WHITE SHIRT AND A NECKTIE, and if that was'nt enough, he had the AUDAUCITY, to travel around AMERICA BOLD AS YOU PLEASE, using the NAME BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, now that's what you would call a QUIET REVOLUTION, INCOGMAN welcome to CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

Field the places you take me! I try to follow your links and as many of the links that you and your responders put up.

"Walk away swiftly. You should probably dispose of the Noise-making device by casually dropping it down beside your leg, just like Pacino did with his pistol in The Godfather Italian restaurant scene." LOLROTF!

Talk about a hoot! This "grown" man is likening himself to a mob hit man in disposing of his toy. He is afraid. Read his lines about looking for lines of escape etcetera.

I read more than I would have thought of the Incogman's stuff, followed his links to articles, statistics and essays.

He is afraid and pulls up all of the conspiracy theories of the Jews etc and drags out all of the black or white crimes etc.

Yet out of the clear blue he writes: "Oh yeah, Field Negro is cowardly kind of Negro, is he not?" without any kind of factoid to support that statement.

He also wrote: "I’ve added “Field Negro” to my Braindead link section" when you so obviously encourage seeking facts and open discussion.

I don't like "these worthless, spoiled and violent" of any shade; I also don't like like pathetic, sniggering names callers.

He does drag up some of the crap that "blacks" do and buttresses it with the links and support, but nearly as much as you and your crew do Field. But you are more even handed you report the "worthless, spoiled and violent" every where.

I could not get this to post the first time and what do I see at the top? "The evil and proudly racist Incogman" This is the guy who sneaks around with a noise maker. What a wuss.

itrade4real said...

I would have to agree with INCOG, only because I sees it with my owne eyes all the time!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh, I just might have to take a jab at this clown.


Christopher said...

Making fun of fat people seems to be the last bastion of politically incorrect humor that we accept as a society.

We frown on dissing people of color, of dissing gays, the elderly and the ugly, but it is still "OK" to laugh at fat people.

Just ask Eddie Murphy. He's made a film career of dressing in drag as giant women and then acting the fool.

Anonymous said...

I'll be back when there is something to comment about.

Anonymous said...

YAWN...anybody read Bobby Brown's new tell all book?


Hey Field Negro!!

It seems that Mr. Negrologist must be taking lessons from the racists at Princeton Seminary who distributed a newsletter all over campus a few weeks ago ridiculing and demeaning a black faculty member who had been recently hired!!

The president of the seminary had to post a statement on their web site stating that it was "racist and malicious" to TRY TO fend off a media blitz that would bring negative publicity to Princeton.


Of course, the students claimed they were "just joking"! They didn't understand how it could be racist...although their president issued a statement saying it was!

Then...they said it COULDN'T BE racist since a black guy thought it was funny too!


This type of "we're just joking" racism ...referred to as Hipster now gaining a lot of traction.

It will continue UNTIL we shut it down!

Feel free to let the Princeton Seminary president Iain R. Torrance know that HIPSTER RACISM must go!
Phone: 609-497-7800

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

patsy said...

I read your blog and usually follow the links but this one today is sick. call a spade a spade he is racist he is NOT funny.
His blog made me want to up chuck.

Anonymous said...

hmm....see, that's what having a small wee-wee will do to a a man...gotta take that frustration out some kinda way.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Miranda, they are usually the ones with "issues." But, now, I know what Limburger, Hannity and O'Reilly do with their free time. These two bit, chumps, sorry, self avowed racist losers/ GOP voters are just funny with that nonsense.

She Draws said...

Hey field this post was simply annoying! Not you but this guy and his comments... he sounds like a joke!

I agree with Minnie!

"Keep it moving folks there's nothing to see here"

Susan Gray said...

I suppose that you are just trying to educate us to what else is out there. People who spew such hate are usually raised by ignorant families, who need to hang on to their hate-filled idea of how their world works. Their world does not work for them if they begin to question the assumptions they have lived all their lives. Their assumptions/hate about anybody who is different most often comes from ignorance, and a need to not connect to the rest of the human race. As long as they can hold themselves out as the superior ones, they do not have to truly see anyone not like them, except through a lens of hate and dehumanization. Mostly, I am just sad for those folks.

Spotted bumper sticker this week: "Humankind. Please try to be both". Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

"A Go Bytch" looks like some crossed-eyed high yellar Bytch -- does she not?

Yeah, you go "Bytch," right on back to Africa where you can eat cow dung just like they're now doing in Zimbabwe after destroying what the White man built-up.

Your race is totally worthless: You know it, I know it.

That's why you insist on living in White civilization since you can't survive otherwise.

Look at Detroit. Worthless.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the guy is secretly envious of black Americans and wants to one. Something about the way he writes makes me think he might be a lardo who lives in his momma's basement and is afraid of his own shadow.

Or did one of you big, bad, ugly, black people say boo.......

Anonymous said...

make that "be one"

field negro said...

"Actually, I think the guy is secretly envious of black Americans and wants to one. Something about the way he writes makes me think he might be a lardo who lives in his momma's basement and is afraid of his own shadow."

It might not be in her basement, but I am quite sure he lives at home with his parents. No, change that, with his first cousin (who also happens to be his wife) AND his parents.

I hated to do it folks, but every now and then we must see what is out there. After today he will be
incog-who again. Believe me when I tell you, I won't even know that this joker exists by Monday, and I am quite sure that most of you feel the same way.

The scary thing is, he could be one of our co-workers or someone we come in contact with on a regular basis.

tjwash said...

You know Field...there is such a thing as TOO much internet.

It's the dark side of progress. Luxuries that were once reserved for those with a bit of discrimination are all too soon available to the masses it seems.

The second the first minimum wage earner could afford a car, and get talked into a 21 percent loan; they immediately grabbed the biggest, ugliest one they could find, painted it orange, bolted on naked lady mud-flaps, carpeted the dashboard, and hung up a plastic pine tree to mask the odor he and the "ol' lady" made in the back seat.

Back in the day BBS, echo's, and USENET spools on the World Wide Web, were reserved for an elite few, that were generally technically savvy. In other had to "know some shit" to access them. But now, any boring, 35 year old dim-bulb that lives in moms garage can crank up the 56k modem and post their worldly wisdom on the first convenient "blog" that they click on.

I didn't really bother to check his site out by the way. Partly because I have seen it already, but mostly, because I never have seen the point to racism. I tend to spend far too much time attempting to make something out of this all too short lifetime we are granted, and just don't feel the need to understand the sentiments of a person who's forty-eight years old, and looks back on his life, only to realize that the only thing he can be proud of accomplishing, is having been born white.

The comments from the dude here, are well, mediocre, and full of faux "cut and paste" style intellectualism. It's to be expected. It does makes me wonder though. Why is it so hard for people to admit to being utterly worthless? It's actually the first step to making something out of your life. Oh well...

I'll leave him, and his site alone. Even though he has never amounted to anything, and most likely never will, through the magic of "the internets" he'll always have that medium available to him that enables him to pump himself up with some cheap imitation of pride because he can trace his ancestry through a long line of squalid Indo-European peasants.

Not a very difficult thing to do when your family tree doesn't fork.

Anonymous said...

I love how House Negro shows some shot of the piece of shit border fence with Mexico and acts like it was something. I suppose he's never seen a shot of the giant wall built to ghettoize the Palestinians by the Jews in Israel and hasen't a clue that American tax money pays for it.

This guy pretends to be such a "caring" and "intelligent" Negro, but in reality he's nothing but a Chimp Chump.

Oh, I love the lame attempts at belittling me here. It's so obvious that my work strikes a deep nerve that I find it most revealing.

Whites, to you, represent a reminder of just how worthless your race really is and to be confronted so matter-of-factly drives you into a tizzy.

I love it.

field negro said...

"Oh, I love the lame attempts at belittling me here."

Well, come on now, you do make it easy for us. You know us black folks love "playing the dozens".

BTW,you sure say "I love it" a lot. Is that some kind of "Freudian slip"?

rainywalker said...

Better to be called a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt. If your blog was even close to what I have read here today I wouldn't give it a second notice. But I love it when people black and white exercise their constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

My reply to "field negro:"

I guess since all Negroes love going on the "down low," you might fantasize that, but I assure you, the idea of Chimps in the sack revolts most real Whites.

That reminds me, next to murder of course, AIDS is the most likely cause of death for your types, so I can understand your infatuation.

And the 41 billion in AIDS money for Africa, too.

Oh, I love your cutesy White troll picture you put up. Is that in my honor? I'm so impressed with your wit.

Negroes are a millstone around the neck of the White race and need to be fired!

PS: You're still the little coward for not commenting on my blog.

Anonymous said...

igcogman- take it up with the Creator, he created ALL of us, so take it up with him. You're right the white man is not violent, never has been. I'm so glad you love us so much, you write about us and you can't stop checking our comments. I'm sorry you hate the Creator and all his creations. Hope I can be there on Judgment Day when you tell him how wrong He was making the Black man because you're greater than Him, reminds me of that one disagreeable angel that was cast down to Earth as a punishment. Devil (CH) is that you? If you have far more power and knowledge than the Creator can you make the sun rise in the west tomorrow and set in the east?

BTW worldwide black people outnumber any other race, in fact the white population is losing numbers. GOBAMA!!

Anonymous said...

incog- how many times are you going to comment? thanks for the admiration, but please move a little bit back off our asses your breath stinks

Jody said...

Incoherant... so here's the truth. One white person to another. Deal! You and your small little band of ignorant, small minded, backwoods are nothing more than the stank breath of a hang over of years of violent bullying. Its a new day and much to your distress, most white people think you are pathetic and sad. You do not represent us or our way of thinking. Your glory days are over. So you keep sitting in your little cramped, ugly little corner. The rest of us will be out enjoying the beautiful big world and all the people and their wonderful contributions.

Anonymous said...


You're no real White person, you're just some skanky little White race traitor who will end-up ridden with HIV and a gaggle of Mulattoes, living in some torn-up apartment, surrounded by KFC detritus.

The US is now in the beginning throes of bankruptcy and dissolution, and it'll soon be back to race versus race as History proves well.

Eventually, you be traded back and forth between nasty little Negro subgroups, desparately trying to eek out survival, as Whites search them out to finally eradicate their parasitical presence in our country.

Enjoy your future, Princess!

Anonymous said...

This is a bit painful to read. I don't get it. Usually I rail for days against assholes like him, but everything he's saying I feel like I've heard before and well...for some reason it's not hitting me as hard. EPIC FAIL! Omg and he keeps coming back. Ugh, poor guy. Stay awesome Field!

TrueBlue said...

Oh, I love the lame attempts at belittling me here.

In other words, you love your own postings, because the most effective belittler of you here is ... ta-da! ... you. To borrow from Al Pacino's character in my favorite cheesy cable TV good 'n evil epic, The Devil's Advocate: "Vanity -- It's my favorite sin."

Anonymous said...

The power of the internet allows people who would probably get knocked the fuck out in a bar fight to act tough while hiding behind a monitor and keyboard.


Jody said...

incoherent. I rest my case. dude, you are your own worst enemy. not only do you not have any idea what your talkin about, you have no idea who your talkin to. I'm done with you. ba-bye.

Anonymous said...

When i say devils,this is who i mean,so good white people in the field,stop taking offense!

Anonymous said...

You know what this means when white people are spending so much time online blogging about us? It means we are doing something right. If Barack were not president and if they were not being exposed to so many other well-to-do, educated, sophisticated blacks the rise in antiblack sentiment would not be so high. Wait until the media starts to focus in on the black middle class after Barack is sworn in. They will start to focus in on the blacks not shown in the media ...the positive blacks....the ignored blacks. You will see it will get worst. I look nothing like that woman. I am slim and as a matter of fact, I am about to go to the gym in about an hour. This is so lame.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you "rest your case" when you have no case.

Anyone who still has a brain left, realizes well that the American Negro is a violent and spoiled race, which the silent majority of Whites has had more than enough.

Our patience is through!

All my White neighbors (even so-called moderates) are now talking quite openly about Negroes, after the Obamanation travesty. Once Whites feel free to discuss the real deal, it'll spread like wildfire and this land will be cleansed of this misplaced race.

Negroes will only have themselves to blame but, as usual, will try to use the race card to shut-up Whites and what will soon be their fate.

You'll be crying the blues for real, this time, Negroes!

Anonymous said...


You revel in own idiocacy. That's sad.

Susan Gray said...

Field, I went to ravingblacklunatic and copied this post which I think is extremely relevant to the discussion:

"The anonymity and sheer size of the web makes it difficult for minority groups to combat digital racism....That has turned the internet into the racial Wild Wild West, and it explains why the comment sections on most websites rapidly transform into Klan rallies when issues of race are discussed.

Initially, I actually viewed the racism on the web as a good thing. I figured that people were finally saying what they really felt, and I was being given a true idea of where the world stood as far as race relations.

Validation only encourages idiocy. Instead of the web becoming a place where idiotic ideas are challenged and refuted, it's becoming a place where idiotic concepts are celebrated and given more heft because more people are saying them. Before the web, a racist idiot might be isolated in their racism, and if given the right life experiences, might begin to change their views.

Now, that same racist can find a whole community of like-minded individuals who not only bolster his beliefs, but also provide him with a great recruiting tool to sway other folks. After all, most people only need to be told that they are part of the "in crowd" to adopt any imbecilic position. If a racist can show easily influenced individuals that the resentments harbored inside their hearts are normal and acceptable to hundreds of other people, it's much less likely that person will do any self evaluation.

While the internet is traditionally praised for its ability to open up the world and spread knowledge to everyone, I now wonder if that's true. How many of us use the web to learn new things, and how many of us use it prove the things we already believe?"

Anonymous said...

Lesson to Field - When you see an obvious attention grabbing troll, the last thing to do is link to them. This guy is being fed and like a rat, is getting fatter and fatter, while offering nothing of substance in return.

Bob said...

Scary shit. That dude covers it all: racist, antisemitic, homophobic, neofascist, & he's not a subliterate. what a waste. But, with a zillion blogs out there, he's hardly unique.

Anonymous said...

You think this is but a Internet phenom from some fringe group?

Gawd, do you people have your heads planted squarely up your asses or what?

The Jew is running the US right into the ground, as we speak, and stealing hundreds of billions.

Malcolm X himself recognized Jewry's true role in the World. How is it that you never hear about all that in the mainstream?

But that's OK. Whites have had it with you pretend field Negroes, anyways. Once they feel free to talk among themselves (they are now), you're little liberal fantasy island's days are numbered.

Better go out for some KFC and orange soda tonight and enjoy the last days of White civilization because tomorrow, you'll be running like the scared rats you are.

Grata said...

"hmm....see, that's what having a small wee-wee will do to a a man...gotta take that frustration out some kinda way"



I agree. Sometimes you need to know what crap looks like so you don't step in it.


"Your race is totally worthless: You know it, I know it.'

Punk, So? What are you going to do about it? Create concentration camps and haul black people there and destroy them? LOL! You missed that train by half a century.

Pray you don't produce baby girls(assuming you can actually get it up). Some big black man is going to come and get her and pleasure in ways you can't imagine.LOL! Oops I shouldn't have said that, lest we endanger your little girls to enslavement and molestation by you.

Anonymous said...

quoted from ravingblacklunatic: "If a racist can show easily influenced individuals that the resentments harbored inside their hearts are normal and acceptable to hundreds of other people, it's much less likely that person will do any self evaluation."

There is something about the anonymity of the Internet that tends to draw out and amplify the voices of such people and make them more vocal than they would or could be in real life. To read the comments on my local newspaper's forums, you would think that the entire population of 60,000 were raving racist lunatics. But in fact the final tally for the Nov. 4 election was nearly 2:1 for Obama.

The irony, for them, is that exposing these ideas to the harsh light of day shows just how far out of the mainstream of the American ideal they are. So for that reason alone, keep it coming, Field!

itrade4real said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I realize now why none of the professors at my university are black. Blacks are stupid. Also if you do research you'll find the French have the largest penis size. Whites don't go around telling everyone this, because it's really not that impressive.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why the dude wouldn't post his picture,,,,lol.

Anonymous said...


You're alive! Glad to know you didn't commit suicide after the election. I understand the election was hard for you.

Just a litte advice. Life will be better once you accept the fact we're not going anywhere.

Welcome to the New World.



Anonymous said...

What's really cool is how completely hilarious Negroes truly are. You do indeed live up to what real Whites think of you in so many ways.

I had such fun doing that blog post. It cracked me up to no ends. Whites see this kind of thing all the time and think these kinds of things. Oh, sure, the liberal ones will act like they don't and talk a big story, but they do.

It's PC bullshit that keeps liberal mouths zipped. I've decided it's too much effort remaining silent. And it is so deliciously liberating!

And Jews? God, Jews are 100 times more racist than Whites EVER were. Jews are like the ultimate in racists towards everyone -- including crackers like me. You should hear them talk when they think they are with a racist White like moi. Of course, they were quite right there.

Two-faced? You don't know the half of it. Oh well.

No, I think it's time for you to think about moving back to Africa while you have the chance. I realize it will be tough, chances are you'll get your liver cut-out and ate. Africans can spot an American Negro a mile away and consider them lazy, prima donnas.

They got that right!

You Whites here, are evidently coming to my site. I'm sure that at least some of you may have a brain left over from Jew TV and will at least think about a few things.

Look, I don't expect you to hate the Negro. Actually, it's really a completely separate issue. The Negro is just being used by the Jew -- always has been.

Come by. Share the love:

Anonymous said...

Brother Field and al...been reading about the commenter Ingognito...went to his site to invite him to meet in person one of these inferior Negroes in person. You all know that I am from the 60s and his trying to "chump my race" in the safety of his cave only makes me want a person to person meeting with him. Maybe we can compare MCAT, SATs and any other test to show him that there are many Blacks that would show him that painting with a broad brush is not the way to go. Then again I miss combat sooo bad that I sure we could come to some activity that he could show his dominance. By the way... he did not display my invitation on his website.

Anonymous said...

Oh lying BS, Panther boy. Your dumbass "invitation to combat" is there for all to behold and laugh about.

You probably spent all your time in Nam, dishing out chow to White officers and still have a stick up your ass about it.

Anonymous said...

"Pray you don't produce baby girls..."

He would have get laid first. And I just don't see that happening...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Stillapanther2 gave you a invitation and it sounds like you trying to wiggle out of it by dismissing it as dumb or something to laugh about. You not scared are you?

I just came online and happen to read all the badmouthing you've been doing on black folks as if black folks give two hoots about what you think or say. Talk is cheap! And you mean to tell me, instead of taking him up on his offer you dismiss it. Say it ain't so, not after you accused black folks of being "scared and running like rats".

Oh, I got it, you was just joking right? Smh!

Anonymous said...

Granny, come on don't actually wanna see the dude get an ass whoopin that his ancestors off the Mayflower would feel do you? And here I thought you were a good pacifist Christian lady. ;)

Grata said...

What is very unfortunate about this thing, (I don't know what to call it), is that it can easily make one forget the existance of good real white people. And yes they do exist, and they are not the ones we hear about all the time. There is goodness and purity of heart in every race. And the real good people are rarely seen or heard.

And they would not even engage in such conversations.

Assholes like this don't only promote racial hatred towards blacks but they encourage resentment of whites by blacks. Because they assume the position of spokesman for their race that can easily convince afew. The way blacks get stereotyped because someone saw something on TV is how whites get stereotyped when fools like this show up.

Having low human esteem is such a bad thing. One ends up projecting it as we see with this thing. He only feels human by trying to dehumanize blacks. If they were no blacks this thing would probably be living in a cave as a degenerate.(Grinch like looking).

However in all its madness, it got me thinking about a serious issue. This is were freedom of speech is not an entirely bad thing. I read through its blog and saw whatever it had to offer.

The level of condemnation of black crime by blacks themselves is wanting. Even though the statistics are not like this creature suggests, we need to hold our own more seriously accountable.

I couldn't help thinking of a little known country called Rwanda infamous for its human rights. But here is the thing, if a woman is heard screaming for help when she is under attack, the whole village will decend on the attacker and practically tear him to pieces.
(Something I would do in an instant to anyone I would find attacking any woman).

This thing writes about white women being attacked by black men, how many white people in their neighborhoods come to their rescue?

And, aren't the majority of white women and children victims and being abused by their own men? What are their communities doing about this?

To the creature,
If having a small one gets you all worked up, imagine life without one. Being a potential child molester (degenerate beings tend to be), pray you never cross the path of an angry negress (or whatever it is you call us) like myself abusing your own children.
Your people tend to be lenient, but your tiny jewels won't survive my wrath. I would wear a guard henceforth if I were you.

Anonymous said...

BE AFRAID INCOGMAN, BE VERY AFRAID, must you be reminded, that you will have a AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT! so that, mean's that, he will have the POWER AND AUTHORITY to say "NOW THAT I'M PRESIDENT, IT'S PAY BACK TIME!!!!!!! INCOGMAN did you know that your soon to be PRESIDENT is a CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER? do you have any idea what that mean's? so be afraid INCOGMAN be very, very AFRAID!! now if I were you, I would search my ANCESTOR'S HISTORY, to see if they had any SLAVE'S, and if they did, well who KNOW'S!!!!!!!!!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


LOL! Don't worry granny ain't backslide. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! A day later and this peckerwood and his multiple personalities got his clock cleaned.... Squeaky clean! LOL. Too bad for him, his 15 minutes of fame in the fields are over.

Now we're stuck with the tragic aftermath. So to continue with the cleanliness we got going on here, Field, I'm going to have to ask you to call somebody to clean up all the Spam and mayonnaise that got smacked out of incogcracker's mouth during his short visit. Shit's disgusting!

This Aryan woodpecker got served something vicious! ROFL

Anonymous said...

Incognito.. typical race to have the last word. I was a combat "Dust-off" medic. Very few medics.. period.. could be in that position. Ask any veteran about a Dust-Off medic. I was the person who called the shots once we went into battle and recued the wounded. You can goggle about me at "Tropic Lightning News" 26 Oct 1970. I am the "first Black medic" that the artical referencing.From Hampton, VA. Read it Incognito. DFC/AM/v/Purple Heart. ALL AS A very scared 18 year old BLACK MAN, Read the book: "Bloods" Black in Vietnam. Too many whites guage Blacks by what they see?hear in the media. I am the first to want my people to do better.. I just take exception to someone belittlering a race that have done far and beyond 'the average bear", On the real side. Incognito may feel pain to see by reading this Blog site..there are some smart, witty, and well as pained people. Again, Field Negro, I am sorry about my immediate response. I got to his level...we all know that they have a long, long history of violence and this guy...(seems be) is very jealous of your gifted site and he needs to tear something down. Still will be a Panther.. you all see it is still needed. I am talking about the ones from the 60,70. P.S. Those Black cooks still had weapons and fought many night when base camps was attacked. Incognito.. we used to have a word of endearment for racist white boys.."Silly Rabbitt"

field negro said...

"There is goodness and purity of heart in every race. And the real good people are rarely seen or heard."

Wrong Grata, they are heard here all the time.

StillPanther2, thanks again for your service to your country my brother, and for fighting for low life belly dragging scum like incog-who to have the right to speak his mind. He should be thanking you too.

Now if you all don't mind, I am going to call a good cleaner. It stinks in here.

Sharon from WI said...

Incognito: Least I got the guts to come here and say it, while your brave leader makes his comments on his blog, while wiping the spittle he spewed after reading my replies.

If this isn't an example of projection, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

What's really cool is how completely hilarious Negroes truly are. You do indeed live up to what real Whites think of you in so many ways.

I had such fun doing that blog post. It cracked me up to no ends. Whites see this kind of thing all the time and think these kinds of things. Oh, sure, the liberal ones will act like they don't and talk a big story, but they do

tHIS ONLY SHOWS YOU HOW PHONY WHITE PEOPLE ARE,THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE THESE TYPE OF NEGROES,TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL! are you afraid you might get knocked the fuck out by an overweight woman?the mistake you make,is thinking we are all the same!the negroes you will find here are not the kind you post about,sure we could write a blog about trailer park boogans,with rebel flag curtains,& a dog tied to a engine block in front of a trailer,but why?the scary thing about you icognegro lover is that your obviously some what educated!

Anonymous said...

Did i miss something here? i see fat nasty white woman wearing all the wrong clothes all the time,smelling like piss with a gang of pissy dirty bad ass snot nosed white children,running ammuck at the local wal mart,do you think the same of them ,did you do a post on priviledged trash?

Brian Doan said...

Re: Incogman-- damn, who knew Sarah Palin had a blog?

Jonne Austin said...

Wow glad I was late to this. Honestly, I wouldn't give him any attention. His description of the "sheboon" seems to be faintly sexualized, like it's a fetish for him or something. I mean, why would anyone talk about someone's stained underwear or flatulence? I mean, damn. Anyway, who cares what he thinks and let him do his thing. Nobody's checking for his ass anyway LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of these guys hiding in the shadows; at least Hal Turner showed his face. He didn't use some fake picture.

If you are so proud of your beliefs Incogman, then show yourself.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You read and dissected Incogman down to a tee with expertist skill hitting a bullseyes every single time.

Even granny is aware of what a "Dust-off" medic is and knows that they're no joke and is one of the most highly respected positions in the military.

I have nothing but respect for the Black Panthers of the 60's and 70's, because I knew some of them personally and what they were about. I tried to tell folks the Black Panthers back then were intellectuals a couple of blogs ago. I can't speak for the New Black Panthers, because I don't know them like I did the original ones.

You really were on target when you said that Incognito is a race baiter who has to have the last word and needs to tear something down. That is so true because he does that in order to feel good about himself. However, in reality he is not worth the feces you can pick up with a knitting needle. He might be somewhat educated. However, there is such a thing as an educated fool and that title fits him like a glove. Genuine educated people work together to try to build, repair, and mend society as a whole, not tear it down and destroy it.

His way of thinking is so outdated until he should have lived in the 1800's. Whites back then used belittling to control races and make them think they were inferior, but most blacks were uneducated back then. There was one other comment on this blog that I didn't miss made by Anonymous 6:31 PM, "I realize now why none of the professors at my university are black. Blacks are stupid," which was another asinine statement if I do say so myself. Whites, also, didn't want black folks to get an education and denied them that for years, which was another form of control.

Nevertheless, white people like Incogman and Anonymous 6:31 PM, underestimate us and that puts us three steps ahead of them because the element of surprise is something else. One good and most recent example of the element of surprise is the last Presidential race. Obama was underestimated throughout the whole election process. But like blacks used to say back in the day, "How you like me now?"

Whelp, I guess one day people like Incogman and Anonymous 6:31 PM, will recognize that we're all members of the same body and wake up either here on earth or wake up and lift their eyes in HELL. It's their choice.

Like the Impressions song said, "Keep On Pushing."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, you know that incogman is missing a few chromosomes messing with Field. I guess incogman is not aware of the fact that the worse negroes in the world to start mess with are the ones from the Caribbean Islands. Anyone with common sense would know that, and well, you blacks folks know what I'm talking about.

Javier said...

"I tend to spend far too much time attempting to make something out of this all too short lifetime we are granted, and just don't feel the need to understand the sentiments of a person who's forty-eight years old, and looks back on his life, only to realize that the only thing he can be proud of accomplishing, is having been born white." ~tjwash

DAMN! Truer words...

Thank you TJ. It is an important point you make. Most folks that go around trying to impress their love of their skin color really have nothing else of value they see in themselves. With self-hatred in their hearts they turn a hateful eye to those around them.

You know I can't really fault those that don't have a knowledge and a love for their Creator, but for those who claim Christianity and preach and live the most anti-Christlike behavior is baffling, ignorant and lack a sense of awareness.

We all live on this dying, little crust of a planet that hangs like a speck of dust in the heavens. We all have to ask ourselves what we want to resemble when our time has come to an end. Rats trying to make it off a sinking ship or saints waiting to go home.

I hear you Granny!

Anonymous said...

God you blacks are dumb. Its like a zoo in here. Show how much you hate whites by moving back to Africa.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Some folks didn't believe that Jesus was the Messiah either, because he came drinking wine and partying with the sinners.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 5:12:

Do you realize how dumb your statement sounds telling people that have never been to Africa nor were they born in Africa to GO BACK to Africa . That doesn't make much sense, so, do you think you could for once in your life make a comment that makes logical and rational sense.

TrueBlue said...

It's always a delicate question: How much attention to pay them?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...



Anonymous said...

"All my White neighbors (even so-called moderates) are now talking quite openly about Negroes, after the Obamanation travesty. Once Whites feel free to discuss the real deal, it'll spread like wildfire and this land will be cleansed of this misplaced race."

And what the fuck do you think we're gonna do? Sit back and let it happen? I dare any one of you punkass cracker motherfuckers to even think about fucking with me or my family, you little dick piece of shit. Hell, I double dare
you to try that shit. This ain't slavery days anymore, and I think there are alot of other brothers and sisters that are fed up like me. Well game on bitch, if you feel your balls are big enough, 'cause this is one 6 foot 8 397 pound big black motherfucker that'll slap the shit outta your little trailer trash punkass. That's the problem with you (and most whites for that matter), you think you're so bad when you got something to hide behind, when in REALITY, your bitch ass wouldn't dare step foot in my neighborhood or most other black neighborhoods for that matter. Now come back with the usual lame ass rebuttal filled with racist comments. People like me know all about shit like you, and I would love to see you step out of your gated community for a painful dose of reality at my expense faggot.
Now run along and fuck your mother or sister, or whichever family member you decide to sleep with this week.

Anonymous said...

P.S.-"A Go Bytch" looks like some crossed-eyed high yellar Bytch -- does she not?

No, she doesn't. How dare you go around thinking you can disrespect anybody you feel like. She's a beautiful Black woman, there's nothing ugly about her. What about all the ugly as shit pasty white crackers I have to be forced to see every time I walk outside my door. Black skin is beautiful! There is nothing attractive about white, ghostly looking skin where you can see thier veins and other sags through their skin, they have big noses,little dicks, their hair smells like wet dog fur,(well maybe that's because they sleep with them.),they can't fight, I mean I can go on forever! Your history is built on lies,corruption, murder,scandals,and greed. There is nothing honorable about your race. I thank god I'm Black!!!!!
If I was born white, I'd cry myself to sleep every night, 'cause you things are ugly as shit!

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me what cowards these racists are. You notice that once an invitation for a face to face meeting was made, the punk evaporated.

The anonymity of the internet affords them the luxury of talking much shit that they know better than to try in person. Come out of your cyber-Klan robe and talk that mess, punk!

One more thing, where were you and your skinhead friends when Reginald Denny needed you? It took some BLACK people watching it on TV to go down there and save him. When the war is on, your punk ass was a NO SHOW, as usual.

We are not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Shabazz, you may be angry with the individual,but your words are insulting to an entire group.
What you've written above is as unjustifiable and as wrong as the interloper. All to often, when black folks go on the defense against racist, we seem to broadly attack those of similar complexions who don't agree with the racist ramblings of this particular low-life. These folks fight just as voraciously as we do, against what he represents.

Anonymous said...

"Shabazz, you may be angry with the individual,but your words are insulting to an entire group."

Well, show me a white person that secretly can't stand me or my race, and I'll stop insulting an entire group.
They all hate our existence, some are just more overt than others.
Case in point: look at the presidential election- when hillbillary and mclame had a shot at the election Mr. Obama was nothing more than a Muslim, terrorist,sambo, "that one" among other things. Once hillbillary lost, whites had no other choice but either: (A)protect their investments and vote for Mr. Obama, or (B)vote for mclame and risk losing everything. I don't even remotely believe Mr. Obama would have won the election if the economy was in better shape, if shoeboy bush didn't fuck up the last 8 years, and if there was a semi-competent rethuglican candidate running for POTUS. There's one thing whites can't stand worse than Blacks and that's losing their money. Otherwise it would have been business as usual.

Tafaraji said...

Shabazz, you're missing my point. I'm talking about civility, not fidelity; we all do what's in our best interest.

What matters more to me is equity, and law. Having all white people think that I'm appealing, or even likable is way down on my list. Yet, I could never ever believe that all white people without exception are seeking my misfortune and despair.

I believe it is possible to fight oppression and racism, while making genuine concessions with individuals. We must do both.

Anonymous said...

A true racist or bigot wants nothing to do with other races.

True racists don't stoop to the level of "primate" for anything let alone a fucking dialogue.

A true racist is very secure with himself/herself. They don't need to launch cheap barbs or so-called politically incorrect diatribes about so-called sub-races.

You are no true racist incogman. You just a coward with a racial grudge.

I deal with your ilk everyday.

Anonymous said...

Just another poor !*#$&$&*$() banging keys on the net. Seriously this person spends his time doing that?

I know this person is poor as hell; you can tell a how rich a person is by how they spend this time.

This person is so sad

Really I do feel sorry for him...if only he would do something constructive with his time, he would probably reach some degree of sucess=happiness.

But he is just another lazy )@($*%(
too lazy to pick himself up by his own bootstraps.

Anonymous said...

Fucking liceinfeseted pasty cavedwelling cracker. Boy you crackers were never creative and thoughtfull.

FullyFocused2020 said...

wow!! man Ignorant people would make you very upset if you did not know they were sick in the head.

Anonymous said...

SHABAZZ, can you please calm down, I hear you loud and clear, you see, I knew that if COLIN POWELL, had not stepped up to the plate, when he did, BLACK FOLK'S was about to tear, some stuff up, it was about to be, as they say "ON AND POPPING" all I can say is I wanted to get my hand's on "MISS BIGOT RACE BAITER" and trust me I'm a "BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN" but GOD is still working on me, so COLIN had to step up and fuel the flame's COLIN POWELL may be a REPUBLICAN, but, he is still a BLACK MAN, and trust me he know's his people, and their was no way, that AFRICAN AMERICAN'S were gonna just sit back and allow BARACK'S LIFE TO BE PUT ON THE LINE, but, SHABAZZ did you see how many BLACK MEN AND WOMEN came forth, to ASSIST IN THE DEMISE, OF BARACK OBAMA, can you please tell me what was going on with that? and oh, LARRY ELDER and MICHAEL STEELE are still in the "THE WHAT CAN WE DO TO TOTALLY DESTROY THIS BLACK MAN MINDSET", " WHAT'S GOING ON HERE"?

Anonymous said...

More for the reading list. If I hang around long enough, I might actually know something beyond my little spot at the end of the spur.

Thanks then and now, StillaPanther2. "Tropic Lightning News" 26 Oct 1970. I am the "first Black medic" that the artical referencing.From Hampton, VA. Read it Incognito. DFC/AM/v/Purple Heart. ALL AS A very scared 18 year old BLACK MAN, Read the book: "Bloods" Black in Vietnam."

I don't want Homogeneity, I would just like a secure, willing tolerance. I feel that many people here, for all of their different points of view could do that.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Negrologist reporting back.

"Sho do liks seeing all de blackys all up in ahrms bout my commentings. Ahs jus sure de Blood from NAM is tellin us de truf, now."

You know something? If it wasn't for all the typical "ignorant cracker, small-dicked, inbred trailer park Nazi" crap you people spit, you probably would not have much to say, right?

The funny thing is: What you say is precisely what you accuse me of being. Now, I realize that may have gone over your heads a little, so let me say it more simply for you to understand:

You are a bunch of two-faced prima donnas (hypocrites), and sorrier than gully dirt. If you had it so bad in America, then why the hell don't you move your ugly asses back to Africa?

Anonymous said...

Go away. If we are so inferior, why are you here. It always amusing when self-proclaimed racists obsess about black folks.

Grata said...

"You are a bunch of two-faced prima donnas (hypocrites), and sorrier than gully dirt. If you had it so bad in America, then why the hell don't you move your ugly asses back to Africa?"


And who said anything about having it so bad. Have you forgotten that we are in the After Obama era? Get with the program America is a different place now.

Some of us go back and forth. We go to Africa and come back here, and will retire there. Its called choice. We are citizens of the world. Get yourself a passport. A little travel might upgrade you from the trailer environment you are accustomed. There is a vast world beyond your little backyard.

Anonymous said...

You know something? If it wasn't for all the typical "ignorant cracker, small-dicked, inbred trailer park Nazi" crap you people spit, you probably would not have much to say, right?

Nah bitch I got plenty more to say
We say these things because they're true...crackers do have little dicks, they are inbred, and they are from the trailer park. Syphillys or leprosy anyone?

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this much acting out since I taught severely mentally disturbed children back in 2003.

He's practically blowing a load every time he reads something from this thread. I wonder if he reads these replies one-handed.

Poor thing, at least he got some attention.

Anonymous said...

what to call it), is that it can easily make one forget the existance of good real white people. And yes they do exist, and they are not the ones we hear

Then it is thier task to ferret out people like incog.there are more bad ones than good,obviously

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,

I really love your site. There's a site I like to troll called I want to share it with you because it's an example of white people that think their racism is actually just objective observation. I vibe with it because I grew up thinking that way - but that's exactly why I understand how fucked up that brand of racism is, how insidious, and how dangerous. I grew out of it, but these guys, they grew into it, you know?

Anyway, like I said, I troll the site and try to give some balance to a clearly unbalanced mind; it's hard, though. Thick skulls. Well, check it out if y'all are interested; I'd really love to see this guy's site flooded with people talking sense for once.

Anonymous said...

I'm white, and I have a little dick; I just don't see what it has to do with the conversation.

I think the problem is that there is a cultural difference in terms of what we each value. When we insult each other, we go, "What the fuck does that have to do with anything?" and just confirm to each other how stupid we are.

Like, sure, my dick's small, but who cares? It has nothing to do with socio-economic issues, right? I used to get that shit in high school. Black kids would be like, "You don't have...some currently popular piece of merchandise. And your pants are tight." And I'd be like, "You guys have small vocabularies." And we'd each be like, "WTF, who cares?"

So, uh, yeah. I think the insults get us nowhere unless we can honestly stop and ask each other, "Why do you consider that an insult?" Anthropology will save us all. I swear to god.

P. Maestro said...

Shabazz, ur just as lame as Incogman, lmao. . . why are you comments any different yo??

Anonymous said...


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