Saturday, December 27, 2008

The "S" word again.

Poor O man, seems he just can't shake that "Magic Negro" label. Now comes Chip Saltsman, who is in the running for the RNC chair, representing the latest in a long line of repubs to make fun of his O ness and his pedigree.

I know, I know, it's satire. ["I think most people recognize political satire when they see it"] It wasn't meant to offend, everyone is just having a little fun. Just a little something to relieve the racial tension here in A-merry-ca. You black people are just way too sensitive.

Well Chip, I was checking out your album, and I have to be fair to you, not only do you make fun at black folks, your album, "We Hate the U.S.A.", makes fun of the poor, liberals, certain religions, and immigrants as well. Hey, at least you are an equal opportunity satirist. But some of your lyrics could use some work: “See, real black men, like Snoop Dogg, or me, or Farrakhan, have talked the talk, and walked the walk, not come in late and won..” I think you could have been a bit more original, don't you?

Honestly, whenever I read about stories like this one, I always wonder what the black folks in the RNC camp are thinking. Do they think it's funny? Are they embarrassed? Do they pick up the phone, call their comrades in arms, and say: hey man, you are killing me here? Do they tell their republican pals that they are making it way too easy for certain bloggers of color and black folks to label the party as insensitive?

Personally, I love it. Just more stuff for me to write about and to dissect. Just more insight into the souls of my friends on the right. I want to learn as much as I can about you folks. Because the next time you express yourselves in a satirical way, I really want to be able to say: I get it.


Anonymous said...


People on both sides of the political spectrum tend to over react.

Classic case, Michelle Obama's comment about being proud to be an American for the first time. And we know how that comment got all the lapel pin wearing patriots all up in arms. (Where were those same arm chair patriots when McCain went through most of the campaign lapel pinless and Obama sported one?)

Anonymous said...

"I always wonder what the black folks in the RNC camp are thinking."

From the NYT: "[J. Kenneth Blackwell, a former Ohio secretary of state] dismissed the fuss as 'hypersensitivity.'”

He and Obama are alike in that they're both too afraid to upset massa.

Christopher said...

Increasingly, I get the impression that Obama didn't quite understand what he had gotten himself in for.

Already there are reports pouring in from Honolulu that he's annoyed by all the media attention.

Scrutiny is part of the game, "O"-Man and you'd better get used to it.

Christopher Chambers said...

The person who's truly dancing around is Huckabee. He liked Chip b/c Chip is supposedly a "muscian" like himself. Trouble is, Huckabee fancies himself a populist and able (through these pimp/Uncle Tom mega pastors no doubt) to "talk to" black folks. This shoves a stake in that...

Rater said...
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Rater said...

PE Obama should place "Barack the Magic Negro" theme at his inauguration just to get the last laugh.

I surmise that black republicans are very adept at compartmentalizing their existence. On the one hand, their party struggles to bring blacks into its fold and on the other hand they must convince themselves that their party struggles to recruits blacks because blacks don't have the virtues and work ethic (you know, they wanting handouts and shit **tongue-in-cheek**) to be card carrying republicans.

Hell, I don't know.

classysbf said...

Excuse me,Field,THEY are the ones who don't "get it!!"
They seem to forget how quickly such stories spread through cyberspace.Millions of our newly engaged and VERY diverse young voters have heard and read about this.And they ARE paying attention!

To say that this doesn't help the GOP with their efforts(which are lukewarm at best) at outreach to people of color is the understatement of the year!

It's stories like this one which will help speed the GOP down a well deserved path to extinction. It can't come fast enough!!!

Jody said...

The thing I find humorous is the rethugs continue to show how clueless they are when it comes to expanding their base. Go head on... keep making offensive comments and call them a joke. Then when you keep losing, you will see the rest of us having the last laugh.

Ms B. =) said...

How about the fact that we didnt hear about this during the campaign...
I'm troubled that the quote on quote media attention Barack got never put a spotlight on the fear mongering and racist backwards and divisive tactics the Re-thuglicans used and will continue to use!

tjwash said...

It's just political satire.


I wonder if that's what Clarence Thomas thinks every time he hears uproarious laughter coming from the other side of the door, that immediately ceases when he walks in to the room.

Don't you just love how it's just satire, and we all need to develop a sense of humor, when these assholes are making fun of someone's race, and trotting out old tired stereotype, after old tired stereotype, but it's hate speech and discrimination when someone like Bill Maher makes a joke about Christians?

I say we give Chip a chance though. Let him broaden his horizons and become a real star. Let's make a few phone calls and get him the warm up act at the next Lil Wayne or Kayne West show. I'm sure his shtick would be a hit!

Anonymous said...

Predictably, Ken Blackwell thinks it is much ado about nothing. I think you've got a new lawn jockey, Field!

By the way, thanks for linking to my blog in your sidebar. It's brought much traffic my way. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I took notice of this passage in the NY Times'article about the controversy: ". . The dispute illustrates a larger Republican challenge in the months ahead: how to oppose the first black president without seeming antiblack. . ."

Now isn't that something? It seems the way you would oppose the first black president without seeming antiblack is by opposing him on the basis of his ideas and not on the basis of his race. But that's difficult for the modern-day GOP>

rikyrah said...

the voter-suppressor sambo blackwell knows no shuffle he wont do

Anonymous said...

Again I return to my soapbox on satire. Satire is supposed to have the element of truth to power and is supposed to be fired uphill at a powerful target by a powerless satirist. Limbaugh and friends hardly fit the bill as satirists in their multilimillion dollar beach houses with Cohibas and towel boys. Also, Redumblicans to paraphrase the immortal words of Sterling Brown : Cracker, your breed aint fucking funny. Remember friends the greeks developed satire as a way to ridicule religious figures they could never crack on any other way. Rush and fiends aren't funny or impoverished or under any threat of reprisal when they spout their tired old unfunny racist bullshit. The GOP is all about the past they don't wanna hear about any future. As smart as O is, I would love to hear his response to these people. I bet it would be funny yet we'll never hear it.

Unknown said...

I was not at all surprised when I first read about this new so called "satire". It is going to get worse before it gets better, so President Elect better be prepared for them to throw everything at him, including the kitchen sink.
The campaign was pretty much the easy part...

Anonymous said...

I understand poltical satire but there is a time and a place. The Republican Party needs to take a hard look at how it conducts business.

This type of mean spirited
"satire" will not solve the problems American is facing.

We must hold all politicians accountable.

Anonymous said...

Let's get one thing straight... Ken Blackwell is a criminal and Barack Obama is NOT so his opinion is valueless just like anything traitor Rove may say.

I, too, ask myself why any black person would want to be a Republican since this is the party that believes in white supremacy and relegates blacks to step behind the whites. Where is the self-esteem for blacks in a Republican party? Actually, where is the self-esteem for any minority in the Republican party?

Empty Suit said...

Magic Negro,' was applied to Barack Obama by an L.A. Times columnist, David Ehrenstein. March 2007 where was the out rage then? Barack can be talked about, called names, and made fun of just like all the rest of the presidents, and im sure he has been call a negro before, magic negro just makes him better.

Admiral Komack said...

-My contribution to "Booker Rising":

'Barack the Magic Negro'

The minority outreach of the Republican Party.

Why, it helped them win the Presidency in 2008!

Oh, wait...

Gee, maybe Sarah Palin can sing this offensive drivel when she runs in 2012, also.

You betcha!

Anonymous said...

the problem you have as a negro is you give us so much ammunition

Christopher said...

Ken Blackwell is a Bush-licking douchebag.

Remember, he promised Bush he would deliver the state of Ohio to the GOP in 2004 and he did.

Despite numerous charges of voter irregularity in primarily African-American neighborhoods in metro Cleveland, Democrat John Kerry conceded the election to his cousin, President George W. Bush a mere 18 hours after the polls closed.

Too bad John Kerry is such a pussy that he was unable and unwilling to challenge the shenanigans that played out in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

bush the magic cracka, it's just satire

Anonymous said...

Ehrenstein's original use of magic negro was a cricital explanation of a certain type of character in white written books and films who magically solves white folks' problems and movies. Ehrenstein. a film critic, simply transferred the phrase to O and in its true context really isn't that big of a deal since Ehrenstein's n father was non practicing Jewish and his mother African American. He actually has quite a bit in common with O. Limbaugh and fiend's use of the term is the equivalent though of calling someone a N. and saying hey I can say it if you can say it, never mind that I'm white..

Anonymous said...

Hey, Field. Juan's arm is getting tired and Ken Blackwell can take his place now.

Anonymous said...

Barack is a Negro? A magic Negro? Damn, I thought he is a half-breed muslin elitist socialist communist terrier. I cannot keep up, Field. Just too old.

Jibreel Riley said...

ya'll is late to the party however its funny. Take a freaking joke! Plus I dont see the LA Times writer linked anywhere...,0,5335087.story

doing the Goggle search so you guys dont have too

p.s. Which Eagles Team will show up next week?

Amenta said...

Retardation is the answer for the kneegrows in the RNC. Yes, just slow. Hey, but not far from the kneegrows in the DNC!!!

Jibreel Riley said...

"We must hold all politicians accountable"

Call me when Shummer, Dodd and Frank are being led away in handcuffs

icebergslim said...

If you look at the CD's greatest hits, it offends everyone that is not a "Old White Man" which represents the Republican Party. That alone is one of the reasons that they just can't grasp, this country is profoundly ethnic, with many colors and backgrounds, and it was this coalition that BEAT the Republicans at the ballot box on November 4th. Now if they don't understand this, let them continue on their course. I am not hating them because they, "Don't get it."

Jibreel Riley said...

did you read the flipping LA Times article that started all of this...
... nope

plus we all have a few Sarah Palin jokes up our sleeve but thats OK i guess

throwing stones in the glass house

Anonymous said...

I think I'm fairly sensitive to racial politics and was amused by the song. You left out a lot of the background of the story by the way. It started as a black journalist mocking white Obama supporters ala VP "articulate and clean". But what do I know?


field negro said...

"p.s. Which Eagles Team will show up next week?"

Jibreel, at least there will be a next week. Go "Iggels"!

And you folks are right, Ken should head to the lawn now.

Anonymous said...

Christopher said: "Increasingly, I get the impression that Obama didn't quite understand what he had gotten himself in for."

I gotta disagree with you there, Kris. He is mishandling the media and always has, but that can be fixed. What he is succeeding at is being a center left politician at this point. That's good for the country, his legislative potential and your party. And two terms too.


Anonymous said...

How 'bout dem "Iggels"!! Damn...they put a country-style whuppin' on 'A-merry-kkka's Team'.
Bring on the satire. BTW...where are the hard-core, post-liberal, way-left-of-progressive rads? The Pillsbury/Michelin doughboy rethugs and dixiecrats are particularly ripe for some blistering satire. Heard any good jokes lately?

rainywalker said...

In regards to this sorry CD or whatever. "Better to be known a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt."

MartiniCocoa said...

where is the satiric cut of bristol and sarah palin singing
a cover of the supremes' love child?

or someone doing ted haggard and larry craig duetting on
Where The Boys Are?

Or Strom Thurmond singing
Brown Sugar?

Imagine if anyone did this or something similar -- the squawking would be deafening.

I'm sick of the Repubs using the satire crutch when it benefits their retrograde take on the 21st century

but I'm glad they keep showing the world that they still think it's 1954 in Money, Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

I have gotten the sense from Whites sometimes that just because a Black makes it among their ranks, that earns them the right to joke racially. This was seen with that woman that joked about Lynching Tiger woods. Tiger Woods seemed OK with the Joke. I am thinking Black Republicans have the same Tiger Woods response. I thnking whites long for the day they can joke racially with blacks without any backclass.
I wonder if that day can ever come and what would lead to it. I lived with whites in the South for 3 months and though they were all PC at first, in the end, the wheels came off and they seemd to have a sense of relief making offensive jokes and still couldn't get why, I didn't think they were funny.
I have asked my self many times why blacks can't take some of this stuff as lightly as the whites do. And I have no clear answers for that.
But all I can say is on a deep level it reminds you of theirs and your otherness.

As for Black Republicans and why they are in that party, I suspect they see racism as a part of American life that White Democrats are not immune to either. They have accepted that all are racist and choose to be with those that appear to be obviously so.

Anonymous said...

"Barack is a Negro? A magic Negro? Damn, I thought he is a half-breed muslin elitist socialist communist terrier."

Technically Obama is not a Negro even in the racial classification sense. I don't know if these classifications still hold but Black people where originally classified in the following groups. Hamites, Nilo Hamites, Nilotics,Bush men, bantu, Negros (Blacks out of Africa). The Luo come under the Nilotics. So the song should have said Magical Nilotic.

Anonymous said...

Grata, it's usually offensive when people try to say Barack's not a negro, but you have made my day with your obscure knowledge. (And, no, I'm pretty damn sure those terms don't hold anymore; anthropology has kind of stepped away from racial classifications).

Um, Field, I hate to step up to Satlsman's defense (I normally HATE when white people wonder why they can't appropriate black people's terms for themselves), but get this.

I'm watching James Bond (Casino Royale) and he drives this woman around the driveway of his hotel. The valet parker, you'd think would be like, WTF rich dude, why're you driving in circles? But instead the guy's like, "Good evening and welcome back."

I say to myself, "See, a guy's got a good looking woman, you play along with his game. That, my friend [talking to myself], is field negro behavio- wait. No."

It happens to the best of us.

(Though Saltsman's still a douchebag.)

P.S. I linked my name to a real asshole's website. Leave him some love for me.

Bob said...

The RNC still doesn't get it. They have no "moderate" wing remaining, because the moderates are the ones who get punished by voters. If the Repugs think a bunch of screwball southern white guys is a national party, that's their delusion. One might think losing Indiana, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Ohio & North Carolina to a black man named Barack Hussein Obama would cause them to reexamine their, ah, attitudes. Nope.

Phil4Real said...

What's sad is they actually think it's funny. That has to be some of the lamest humor I've ever heard. It's boring, oh yeah we are talking about the Rethuglicans. There's nothing to hear, let them have this bit of L7 humor.

Phil4Real said...

Hey Field why haven't you mentioned anything about the mudering SOBs who are supposedly God's people.

Constructive Feedback said...

My friend Field-Negro:

After reading your heart felt response about the diversion in Philly that was the "Trans Fat" debate among the Philadelphia City council with its 14 out of 17 Democratic members I figured that you would not be taken by the "Okie Doke" any more?

[quote]“See, real black men, like Snoop Dogg, or me, or Farrakhan, have talked the talk, and walked the walk, not come in late and won..” I think you could have been a bit more original, don't you?[/quote]

The only problem, Field-Negro is that operatives like you have not REBUKED the likes of Snoop or Young Jeezy. In fact you invite them on stage to advance your ideological and partisan agenda. For some reason the product of their work is not seen to have harmed the Black community more than Ward Connerly could ever hope to do:

[quote]Honestly, whenever I read about stories like this one, I always wonder what the black folks in the RNC camp are thinking[/quote]

I can agree with you on this one Field-Negro only because I understand how you think.

You see from YOUR perspective the REPUBLICANS need to build a better brand that is more appealing to BLACK FOLKS if they expect to stay alive as a party.

Here is my view though Field-Negro:

It is the BLACK COMMUNITY, in our attempts at:

* Staying Alive (not a sure thing in Philly these days)
* Educating Our Children
* Building our financial base
* Keeping our people healthy

should make note that despite our IDEOLOGICAL UNITY on the ASSUMPTIONS of how this is to be done via electoral politics - it has FAILED to translate to such benefit on the streets in the areas were our people have the presiding say of which set of policies will rule.

Do you not see that, whether intentional or not by this REPUBLICAN official Field-Negro that the EFFECT IS THE SAME AS "TRANS FATS"???????????

Here you take time on your valuable web blog where hundreds of fellow Progressive come to view your PRIORITIES and you give the "racist GOP" top billing......all the while the key points that I have listed above go waining.

Do you see Field-Negro its called DISCIPLINE AND FOCUS!

Are you going to spend the next 4 years of "The O Man's Term doing Racism Chasing or are you going to keep your Progressive-Fundamentalist crew FOCUSED ON THE REAL ISSUES?

The "racist" GOP has already lost the SouthWest Philly Field-Negro. Even areas in Overbrook Park around Lamberton High which used to "enemy ground" are now filled with people who just might also be tired of your body count that is listed in your "right side banner of shame" on your blog.

You must RESIST these "Trans Fat" issues Field-Negro and focus on WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THE DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY THAT ALREADY RUNS THE BLACK COMMUNITY and NOW THE COUNTRY to do now that you have given them THE POWER.

Frame the "Yes We Can" t-shirt that you wore in the election for posterity purposes Field-Negro

Fold up the "Change Has Come" t-shirt that you have been wearing since early November

Go forth to the Inauguration in a few weeks and have fun man.

After that pull out the new t-shirt that says "I HELPED YOU INTO POWER AND NOW I WANT CHANGE IN SOUTH-WEST PHILLY OR ELSE" t-shirt.

When you define what "OR ELSE" means to you Field-Negro then you can go back to focusing on the "Trans Fats" stories for your job has been completed.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]the voter-suppressor sambo blackwell knows no shuffle he wont do[/quote]


How do you justify demanding that ancillary references to a public officials person not be used (race, gender, sexual orientation) in the course of debate yet YOU continue to use them against your adversaries?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I surmise that black republicans are very adept at compartmentalizing their existence. On the one hand, their party struggles to bring blacks into its fold and on the other hand they must convince themselves that their party struggles to recruits blacks because blacks don't have the virtues and work ethic (you know, they wanting handouts and shit **tongue-in-cheek**) to be card carrying republicans.[/quote]

Rater and Jody:

When you say "compartmentalizing" their existence aren't you speaking of ones tendency to abstract their consciousness from what is really going on in the real world?

What better example of this is going on than with Black and Working Class Progressives?

Many of the areas that they are most concentrated in have eroding fortunes. (and this is not just due to the Republican assault on unions).

In fact many of the ground gains that the Democrats have made into the "suburban ring cities" is due from the EXODUS of "Black/White Flight Progressives" from the progressive run core city.

Field-Negro - since we are talking about "expanding the base" - since when have you known Black people to live in Limerick PA? Yet several of my friends have exited Philly to get away from the chaos that reigns. As they have moved into these CONSERVATIVE BASTIONS....they continue to vote for the party that reigned over the chaos that they have departed.

Rater - instead of looking at the "expanded base" you need to look at the COMPARTMENTALIZED EXISTENCE that the "Flying Progressives" are living. They remove themselves from the THREAT which they departed yet they continue to vote as their sign that they are still "down with the little people" long as they don't have to put their children in the same school with them.

compartmentalized and abstracted - indeed.

tjwash said...

"p.s. Which Eagles Team will show up next week?"

Jibreel, at least there will be a next week. Go "Iggels"!


Our Bolts got in last night as well...maybe both of the teams that should be on the golf course right now will meet in the big dance. The way this season is going, it would be a fitting ending to it.

Did you catch the Patriots whining to the NFL about restructuring the playoffs in the future, because they couldn't get in this year? Sorry Pats fans...the NFL only changes the rules if your last name is "Manning."

Anonymous said...

I don't see why any black American person would be a member of the GOP. Why would a black American want to conserve the GOP's 'way of life'? Do people like Michael Steele and Ken Blackwell suffer from that syndrome where they must be the 'only one'?

Anonymous said...

jibreel- I see you came from under your rock. I just don't get why any black person would be apart of the Repug Party. Please explain this to me? time after time they show their racism, insensitivity and block headedness and instead of objectivity you blindly stand behind them. I just don't get it.

and to all saying people are just too sensitive you must be white. Repugs jumped all over Michelle obama because they thought some where she said whitey, but blacks are supposed to smile when constantly bombarded with ignorance and hate. I'm sick of it and will take a break, humans are just the dumbest people war, racism, hate, ignorance, apathy, blame. I'm sick of it, I'm sick of white peole telling me how to feel and dumbass blacks ignoring a party that consistently attacks us. goodbye, I will continue my hiatus from the news. I returned to Israel bombing Gaza (violence begets violence) and an ash spill.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard the song yet so I don't know whether I'd find it offensive of behalf of my wife and children or not.

But being that "magic negro" has a pretty specific connotation in movies/novels, I suspect it isn't even being used right in the song.

Now, if you're singing about Will Smith's character in Baggar Vance or something, then we can talk...

Jibreel Riley said...

forgotten liberal satire of Condi Rice

David Ehrenstein of the LA Times is the one CNN and friends should be calling about Obama the 'Magic Negro'

Google it

rikyrah said...


An Old School Black Father at work.

I think you'd enjoy this story, and should help blow it up.

Tough love or too tough

Anonymous said...

"Grata, it's usually offensive when people try to say Barack's not a negro, but you have made my day with your obscure knowledge. (And, no, I'm pretty damn sure those terms don't hold anymore; anthropology has kind of stepped away from racial classifications)."

Interesting that you get bothered by the classifications yet insist that Obama is a Negro. Which Classifications are you going by? (I am assuming you are an expert in the field since you didn't bother elaborating your expertise.)

As a matter of fact in Africa those classifications are still widely used. His own people would refer to him as Luo who are considered Nilotic or Nilote.
Just blame it on backwardness, maybe?

Well I wikipedia (ered) Nilotics and here is the result.

Also Google Nilotics and double check your expert knowledge before you call someone else's Obscure.
Again, according to the classifications, Obama is not Negro. The name itself is a big clue.
And I am not Luo by the way or under the Nilotic famiy so I have no vested interest here. Sorry to dissappoint you.

Anonymous said...

"(And, no, I'm pretty damn sure those terms don't hold anymore; anthropology has kind of stepped away from racial classifications)."

You do have a partial point. Anthropology no longer uses the terms as racial classifications but they are still used to distinguish groups by their languages. Nilotics share similarities in their Languages which differ greatly from the Bantu languages. So the terms are unfortunately for you and others that wish to see them to go away still used. The debunking of the Hamitic Myth was critical in ridding the racial approach but many Africans still know the obvious differences from each other. Call it what you want, the differences are still there.

Anonymous said...

Chester Bogus,

Here is reknowned African Scholar(Let me hope he still qualifies to you as one that is knowledgeable)
Ali Mazrui writing about Noted Nilotics including Obama.

Anonymous said...

THIS is in response to all of the people, who wanted to know the mindset of BLACK REPUBLICAN'S well two weeks' ago's on FOX NEW'S, HANNITY and COLME'S, ( and yes, I watch everthing) well low and behold, once again, MISS BLACK REPUBLICAN, was assisting HANNITY in PERSECUTING a BLACK MAN, namely, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, or shall I say, the PRESIDENT ELECT.

PEOPLE, we must keep in mind, that this was a AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN, assisting a WHITE RACIST MALE, in the further attempt to try and SMEAR, the soon to be, FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT.

PEOPLE as I watched, I thought about all the BLACK WOMEN, that stood side by side, with the BLACK MAN in his STRUGGLE to be excepted as a MAN, not to mention as a HUMAN BEING, and of course I was upset, and I get upset, each and every time I see an AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN appear on any CABLE NEW'S STATION being used as BAIT to SMEAR BARACK.

I will not mention the WOMAN'S name, but, I felt the need, to go to her WEBSITE, and of course I left a COMMENT, I tried my best to enlighten her about her MISGUIDED MINDSET, but, she came back like a MAD WOMAN, she attacked me for trying to remind her that she was a BLACK WOMAN BEING used as BAIT by SEAN HANNITY, and if that's not enough, most of the people commenting were WHITE, and trust me, they were PERSECUTING BARACK, oh, come on people, we have all seen BLACK REPUBLICAN'S ON CABLE NEW'S, case in point, JUAN WILLIAM'S he look's like a old HOUSE SLAVE FROM THE MOVIE'S, and the list go's on, and not to mention MICHAEL STEAL, he is UNCLE TOM, REINCARNATED, when I see BLACK REPUBLICAN'S on T V these people look out of place in the year 2008.

black magic woman said...


I think you need to put out the troll traps again. You have the beginnings of an infestation...

Anonymous said...

Who was the woman on Faux News. I avoid that channel like the plague but I'd like to know who the misguided being used to smear Mr. Obama is.

Anonymous said...

"PEOPLE as I watched, I thought about all the BLACK WOMEN, that stood side by side, with the BLACK MAN in his STRUGGLE to be excepted as a MAN, not to mention as a HUMAN BEING,"

And how is the black man repaying the Black Woman?

Expect the number of Black Women not supportive of Black men to grow becaues their efforts are not being reciprocated. Personally I am not surprised that Obama is coming under fire from a Black Woman. If it wasn't for Michelle , Obama would be toast, atleast according to Black Women.
So its time for Black men to reevaluate their relationships with Black women.

If there is anything this election has taught everyone, it that you can not as a black man succeed for high political Office without that support of Black Women. So if any further progress is to be made beyond this Black men need to realize this now.

Anonymous said...

Haha, thanks Grata.

Hm, I didn't mean to call you out, but since you've asked, I just finished my undergraduate degree in anthropology.

In my limited experience, I will say this - the terms you listed are very valid and useful, but they do not describe race. Race, as far as I know, isn't even treated in anthropology. Instead, anthropologists look at actual genetics, which, on the genetic level, we are all the same race - human.

What I meant by saying it was offensive was that...Barack Obama, as an individual, is free to choose whichever identifier he likes for himself. His race is simple: he is of the human race. His ethnicity, however, is complicated. He chose, however, to associate himself with blackness, so that is what he is. We do not have a right to question his blackness based on the percentages of his blood. He looked in the mirror and said, "I'm black." We have no right to question that.

I would personally be deeply offended if someone tried to tell me what race I was. I identify by my mother's ethnicity, though I accept "white" as a convenient description of me. I am not Anglo, Caucasian or White, however, and I find those terms offensive.

So, that's what I meant. Sorry for my poor wording. I didn't mean to insult or attack you personally - I enjoyed the terms you listed. I didn't study Africa much, aside from Turnbull or Barley, though I did long ago read an ethnography on an African kingdom, but that's long forgotten.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Grata, I just checked your user profile - I see that you make my credentials laughable.

While lots of scholars have been declared kinda...invalid, I would never do such a thing myself. That's called being an upstart punk, which I'm not, I promise. If you vouch for this man's research, then I think it is safe to assume that he has gotten something right. I will trust his words more, since his work reflects your experience. Thank you.

BT said...

Grata sez - Ali Mazrui writing about Noted Nilotics including Obama.

That's great in Africa...

But the simple fact is, when they pulled your black ass off a slave ship in chains after landing in this country...

Nobody gave a good flock which part of Africa you came from.

Anonymous said...

THIS is response to SOAP BUBBLE, all you need to know is, if you don't watch FOX NEW'S, please don't start, because the moment you see a BLACK PERSON ON SEAN HANNITY PERSECUTING THE PRESIDENT ELECT, you will become so upset, as I was, and trust me, you will take that person's name down, and go to their WEBSITE and try to find out what their PROBLEM is, and trust me I regret the DAY that I VENTURED over into that WEB, because my comment was light weight or so I THOUGHT, but, their was no REASONING with this AFRICAN AMERICAN PERSON.

SOAP BUBBLE, I don't know who you are, but, you seem to be upset, are you? have you taken THE PRESIDENT ELECT under your wing's? and if so, why? because I can only speak for myself, but I do not want any harm and danger coming to THE PRESIDENT ELECT, so when I hear a AFRICAN AMERICAN tear BARACK down I can only shake my head in SHAME, and if someone, had told me, that AFRICAN AMERICAN'S would be on the ATTACK when it came to BARACK and MICHELLE, I would never have believed it.


PASTOR DAVID MANNING: LISTEN to him, if you can stand it!!!!!!



AND trust me, their are many other's, and to this day, I do know where these PEOPLE have been HIBERNATING! it's as if they are PROGRAMMED!


Anonymous said...

GRATA, believe it or not, but, BARACK was moving under his own GOD given power as a MAN during the CAMPAIGN, and yes MICHELLE OBAMA should not be over looked for her support as a WIFE, her husband was doing something positive, but, BARACK was on the CAMPAIGN trail every day making speech's and trying to introduce himself to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, so for that alone he should be given RESPECT.

GRATA, what are you angry about? for I would hate to think, that if you were given the opportunity, you would appear on FOX NEW'S TO ATTACK BARACK OBAMA, but, then again, I don't know, and please tell me, why should BARACK be held responsible for the action's of other BLACK MEN.

GRATA the person I was referring to, is one of many BLACK MEN and WOMEN who are PAID as well as BRIEFED, to appear on FOX NEW'S, and they are BASICALLY BLACK REPUBLICAN MALE'S.

GRATA you have given your own personal opinion as to why BARACK should be attacked by a BLACK FEMALE, and please keep in mind, that we are referring to AFRICAN AMERICAN REPUBLICAN'S, and the question was asked "how doe's it make a BLACK REPUBLICAN feel when they see BARACK being under attack? several people on this website asked this question, and I responded to the question.

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kimberly sayer said...

After nearly a week of dedicating most of his stump speech to Joe the Plumber and Obama’s promise to “spread the wealth around,” McCain slightly shifted his focus today to hit Obama harder on his government spending proposals. But before he jumped to the new material, McCain couldn’t forget about Joe entirely.
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pedro velasquez said...

GOFFSTOWN, NH – After nearly a week of dedicating most of his stump speech to Joe the Plumber and Obama’s promise to “spread the wealth around, bet basketball McCain slightly shifted his focus today to hit Obama harder on his government spending proposals. But before he jumped to the new material, McCain couldn’t forget about Joe entirely.
“Every once in a while, my opponent gives us all a little glimpse of what an Obama presidency would be like in the real world,” McCain said. “And last week his campaign actually found itself on a detour into the real world -- in the driveway of Joe the Plumber.”
Without calling Obama’s plan socialistic himself, McCain prompted the crowd to respond as such by saying that “before government can redistribute wealth, it has to confiscate wealth from those who earned it, and whatever the right word is for that way of thinking, sportsbook to which several members of the crowd yelled what they felt the right word was: “socialism.”
On government spending, McCain said that his opponent’s plan requires “150 billion dollars” in new spending, citing amounts of money that Obama has pledged for education, energy, infrastructure and healthcare. “Does anyone seriously believe that these trillions of dollars are going to come from only the very highest income earners?” McCain asked the crowd of over 2,000 gathered at St. Anselm College. march madness “Even his supporters are skeptical. Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia said of these plans, quote, ‘There’s not enough money to do all this stuff.’ An influential newspaper called his claims, quote, ‘neither politically nor economically plausible.’ That critique came from the editorial board of The New York Times, and when Barack Obama loses them you know he's gone too far