Sunday, December 14, 2008

Iraqi shoe- ts at our Prez.

So here I am on a crisp Sunday afternoon, going over some post trial briefs, and keeping one eye on some crime show on MSNBC. Then I hear the BREAKING NEWS ALERT, and I glance over to the tube. These alerts always get my attention, because in these volatile and perilous times in which we live, you just never know what might be coming next. So what was it? An Iraqi journalist threw both his shoes at my Commander in Chief. Both of them. (Are we sure we still have Richard Reid in custody?)

Now I don't want to pile on the frat boy, lord knows he has been subjected to enough obloquy and derision. But there was the clip over and over again. The frat boy with that little irritating smirk of his, yucking it up with the Iraqi Premier, and taking questions from the journalist present in the room. And then, shockingly, there is the man doing his best Pedro Martinez imitation with his size tens.

Now my first thought was that the frat boy was pretty nimble on his feet, and he showed some good moves to avoid the first shoe. (The guy should have been a boxer. I bet he would have been a better boxer than he was President) The second shoe was going to miss no matter what because It was high and away. (Ball one strike one) And of course my next thought was, where the hell is the Secret Service? They guy got off two shoes before they could take him down. What if he was firing bullets instead of shoes? And what if those shoes were bombs instead of Iraqi Adams or whatever the hell they wear in Iraq? ("Iraqi Adams", get it?). Hey, let's just be glad that Shaq is on our side. Anywho, I really shouldn't be making light of this, it could have been a seriously tragic event in our nation's history. It could have triggered a war....wait, we are already at war with the Iraqis. Okay, but it could have been a serious historic event, nevertheless.

Obama let that be a lesson to you, you better start calling on those FOX reporters. You don't want them pretending they are Iraqi journalist on you all of a sudden. Who are we going to send to cover the Obama news conference today? How about old Major Garrett, I hear he has a pretty mean fastball. Besides, he wears size 12 shoes, there is no way he can miss.... But don't worry O man, I have a suggestion: all members of the press must remove their shoes before going into the White House press briefings. If they don't want to comply, they don't get credentialed. It's that simple.

Still, even though the shoes missed, this is yet another sad day in what is fast becoming one of the worst and saddest administration in the history of our democracy. Just think about it for a minute: Our President suffered the indignity and the affront of having a journalist from a country he claims he liberated throw his shoes at him. And while in a formal press conference no less. You can't make this stuff up. And if you did, you would have a hit movie or novel on your hands.

Poor frat boy. Honestly, I am actually starting to feel sorry for the guy.

Now I know I am getting old.


Jonne Austin said...

Excuse me: BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO!!! HA! *wipes eyes* Oh yeah! I love it!

One Fly said...

Don't feel too sorry please. It is sad but also he deserves what he gets plus it's funnier than shit. I think the pitcher was a bit off his game a bit. He was going for a head shot on the first and should have put right down the middle of the plate. I wanted to see a strike.

Precious Palette said...

Umm... Wow! I really don't know what to say because, like Seattle Slim, I'm also LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

This made my day.

[cackling] hahahahaha [/cackling]

Anonymous said...

Dang! I am not and will never be close enough to throw them. Do you suppose if I were to mail him all those shoes that are falling out of the shoe basket that he would get the idea?

Christopher said...

This Iraqi reporter is my hero!

Too bad he didn't hurl a brick.

I hope this act portends more luv to come Bush's way in his post-presidential years.

SjP said...

Kinda puts “flipping a bird” into a whole new perspective. But check out the SS, I mean the guy got a chance to throw 2 shoes before they even moved! Guess their tired of him, too. LOL

Malik said...

It's good to see that SOMEONE ain't scared to step to the old guy. N*ggas in America have let his old ass run the entire country into the ground and ain't nobody done jack. Good job Mr. Iraqi-man. Too bad the secret service probably beat dat ass.

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I think the Secret Service men are feeling the financial crunch too or one of their family members has lost their job or home. Field, I feel sorry for Bush,too, at times, because he is another human being. However, I have to remind myself that God got his hand in this and Bush is reaping what he sowed. Now with that said.

Whelp! I think the best option for Bush is to become a recluse when he leaves the White House.

Lola Gets said...

That is funny as hell. I do believe that hitting one with a shoe is one of the highest insults in Iraq (possibly other Middle Eastern countries as well). Good for the reporter!


tjwash said...

What a waste of good shoes.

black magic woman said...

You might stop feeling sorry for him if you recall all the death and destruction he brought down on Iraq due to his own hubris, the financial woes this country will experience for at least 10 years, his lack of ethics, care and concern for the world and the citizens of this country.

I think it is further embarrassment for the US that our current pResident looks so un-Presidential, but f*** him and the illegally excluded ballots in Florida that he rode in on 8 years ago.

BTW, I'm watching MSNBC right now too. Sad documentary about a crazy White lady killing her boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

GrannyStandingForTruth said: "I think the best option for Bush is to become a recluse when he leaves the White House."

Don't worry none about GWB. He'll be safe enough in his all-white (up until 2000) enclave in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas. Now he and Laura can stop pretending to be ranchers and finally live the elitist life they were born to. ("Oooo, barcode scanners at the supermarket--awesome!")

field negro said...

"What a waste of good shoes." :)

Oh lawd, let the jokes begin.
Funny, that was Mrs. Field's first reaction. Must be a woman thing.

Malik, you know damn good and well that our cousins ain't throwing away a pair of perfectly good shoes, no matter what.

sjp, sho you right. The SS was sure slow on the uptake. I guess the O man was lucky that no one tried anything with him.

dc, I am off MSNBC now. I am watching the Ray(Lewis)vins and the Still-hers.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.
The progress Iraq has made in 5 years towards being a free society.

I dont think they would have even dreamt of doing some such when Saddam was around.

Jody said...

just read Al Jazeera's coverage of it. seems the guy also called him a dog as he was hurling the shoe. both are expressions of contempt. I nominate him for field negro of the day. he expressed my sentments exactly. bush does need to go into seclusion.... in a prison cell for the rest of his life!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Do you know what ever happened to Al Jazeera's cartoons. I used to love to read those, they were animated. Did Al Jazeera discontinue that section of their paper?

Unknown said...

bushie laughed it off... i actually think it was a nervous reaction and he cacked himself realising the danger he was actually in.. heads will roll...
obama should take notes...
i am laughing my tushie off at the front of this reporter...
maybe it will be come a custom wherever bushie appears from now on..

Anonymous said...

That is FIELD NEGRO behaviour.

Anonymous said...

... saying the conflict "has not been easy" but was necessary for U.S. security, Iraqi stability and "world peace."...

... — “This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is the farewell kiss, you dog” — and threw one of his shoes at the president, who ducked and narrowly avoided being struck. ...

The arrogance of it all.

This white boi has no shame. No punk mofoin' shame at mofoin' all.

Jody said...

Granny, I don't know what happened to the cartoons. I liked them too. Just heard the complete translation of what the shoe thrower said. He spoke my mind. calling out Bush for all the widows and all the destruction to his country. That is indeed Field Negro behavior!

Anonymous said...

This is the most hilarious Bush moment of the past 8 years. Show throwing!! Straight out of Austin Powers. LOL!

browngrl77 said...

Good evening everyone, I have just four words to describe todays events....."THATS WHAT HE GET". LOL!!!!!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Yeah, I read that too, but on Huffingtonpost. That is one of the worse insults that an Iraqi can give to anyone, especially, calling them a dog. I agree with you that is field negro behavior. Now, that was a kodak moment.

browngrl77 said...

What's up with the secret service? We need to get their names,so that they won't be on the Obama family detail. How was the guy able to throw another shoe? One shoe I can see but two? Someone will be unemployed as soon as they hit American soil.

TrueBlue said...

God damn it, I wish the guy had a better aim.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Now, they should confiscate those shoes to put in Bush's Library. At least he'll be able to say he has one item in it.


Don't worry, Obama's secret service men like him, so I don't think they'll let that happen.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Sadaam's statue was toppled down, Iraqis beat it with shoes. Beating with a shoe = a sign of disgust, disrespect.

Bush can't get any lower when somebody wants to beat him with his dirty, stankin' shoe. lol

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Not only that, shoes were, also, sometimes used in transactions. In the bible the instructions are to "shake the dust off your sandals" when not recieved. So, yes, indeed, that is one of the worser insults given to another. Something tells me the Iraqis don't like Bush at all as if we didn't already know that.

Whelp, I hope they let that reporter go and don't send him to Guantanamo Bay. I just watched that documentary called "Taxi Ride To the Dark Side," which is about the abuse that went on at Guantanamo Bay. It was very disturbing, cruel, and inhumane. If you watch it, you won't have to wonder why they hate us so much now. What they did to those prisoners was disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

I must say I exhibited some field negro behavior. When that shoe went hurling past Bush's head! I spit out my drank and bust out laughing!!!


Just sad!

*giggling*shaking my head*

Anonymous said...

I hope our SS is better than what was displayed today.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

One thing we've overlooked is that the military was more than likely there too. It must really be hard being Bush these days when no one seems to care if you get the soup knocked out of you.

rainywalker said...

I don't like what has happened during the last eight years but he is still our president and we have to live with it. I don't think its funny and he ends up like an old boxer, one more fight.

Black Diaspora said...

The irony: I don't think many Americans are feeling all that sympathetic about Bush's shoe-leather reception in Iraq.

As rainwalker pointed out: Bush is, after all, our president.

But I'm thinking that many Americans stopped seeing Bush as their president a long time ago, if at all--many still believe that the presidential election was stolen eight years ago, and that the Supremes merely made it legal.

We all know that Bush's current approval rating in this country is septic tank certified.

But in the country that Bush liberated, removing from power the hated, evil, violent dictator, Saddam Hussein, it's hard to believe that he's not being held up as some Iraqi saint.

Today we find out: Bush's approval level in Iraq has dropped to such a new low, it's below shoe level.

Anonymous said...

Bush is not now, nor ever was, my president. He now knows how it feels to be greeted as a "liberator". Iraqis have known for some time that all the U.S. was trying to liberate was their supply of oil, which is now liberated to the exclusive profit of the Bush Cartel. And Bush had the nerve to say, it wasn't over. I'm surprised there wasn't a hailstorm of shoes following those two. I guess courage of convictions is in short supply all over.

Oh well, when we pick the dodgeball teams, I'm definitely going to vote for old man shrub. He got a good eye too; didn't even flinch as that second one went whistling by. Must be used to people throwing shit at him.

ch555x said...

Sad state of affairs.

field negro said...

"Today we find out: Bush's approval level in Iraq has dropped to such a new low, it's below shoe level."

"Below shoe level". Laughing my ass off.

Jody,and Granny, you guys are tough. Don't you feel even a little sorry for the frat boy?

Anonymous said...

Field, if they start making reporters remove their shoes before an Obama press conference, the rightwingnuts would swear it was because Obama is really a Muslim (insert eyeroll here).

Anonymous said...

I just saw the video..and Bush got out the way quick...

That was so funny..........

SS was on break, I quess..

Anonymous said...

Lol at those flying shoes!Ummm... Can someone please tell me why he didn't flee the podium when he saw the second shoe coming his way?Hilarious!!lol

Jody said...

Field... Hell to the NO! I do not have one ounce of sympathy for that lying bastard. My sympathy is for the Iraqi people. Bushes lies destroyed their country, killed hundreds of thousands of their people, killed thousands of our soldiers and injured tens of thousands of them. He shit on our constitution, created the 21st century goulag at Guantanamo, almost single handedly destroyed all good will toward America around the world.... Do I have sympathy? pwtht.

La♥audiobooks said...

"Iraqi people"?

Personally, I could care less about the Iraqi people in general, they don't give a camel sh*t about my black a$$ or the North African black people help to enslave. But I am disappointed with the Iraqi journalist, he was too close to miss.

Robert M said...

Throwing shoes and calling someone a dog in Arab culture is the equivalent of calling someone out for a duel. The difference is you don't bring a second your whole damn clan comes out and it never ends. GWB better stay in Dallas cause he is not safe in the mideast

Jody said...

well la incognita, that's the difference between you and me. I don't need someone to care about ME in order for me to care about what happens to them. I don't know what role, if any, Iraq has played in the Arab slave trade. But I do know that the Iraqi people have long suffered directly because of US policies directed at them. 5 million children dying because of the embargo... Their country destroyed. And you and I are partly responsible. Our tax dollars paid for all that death and destruction. Maybe that doesn't bother you. It sure as hell bothers me.

JP said...

Laura must be a shoe throwing type of woman. He ducked like he had experience.

Anonymous said...

The nonchalant facial expression of the prime minister is funny as hell, especially in the still photos posted on the web. Was it like a normal press conference for him?

Minnie said...

LMAO!!! If one of those shoes would have clocked Bush in the dome I would have been too through. I'm laughing hysterically just imagining it!

critter said...

>>Yeah, I read that too, but on Huffingtonpost. That is one of the worse insults that an Iraqi can give to anyone, especially, calling them a dog. I agree with you that is field negro behavior. Now, that was a kodak moment.<<

I think most USA people don't realize what an incredibly filthy nasty gesture that shoe throwing was. It was not meant to cause physical harm, it was meant to display utter contempt & disgust.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, Field, its like this, every time I turn on my tv set and see the numbers growing for people who have lost their jobs, houses, children & husbands & wives & cousins & nephews & aunts & uncles over in Iraq, how the world hates America now, watched that documentary "Taxi ride to the Dark Side", the price of food rising, the exuberant cost of medicine and health care, the failed education system, effects of global warming, deregulation problem, and a list of other stuff, I have to confess. I do feel a sliver of compassion for him but that is slowly fading away as the days go by and I turn on my tv set or read the newspaper.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

You think I should go on a news fast, before my heart hardens towards Bush?

Anonymous said...

LOL at Iraqi Adams

This was the coolest thing to happen since Cheney was told to go fuck himself after Katrina. I nominate the Iraqi reporter for Field Negro of the Month, December 2008, and a Pulitzer prize for journalistic integrity in calling out bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why those Iraqis were beating Saddam's fallen statue with their shoes five and a half years ago.

Make that guy HFNOTD

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I wonder if they plan to bronze those shoes and put them in a display window?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Field that your president is unpopular due to his unethical killings of innocent people around the world, etc. Those Iraqis were paid by the Bush Government to beat Saddam's statue and refugees who are suffering in the region didn't like that.

Field, also remember that there are more important things than shoes. Although I know that your cousins ain't throwing away a pair of perfectly good shoes, they need to get out from that mentality. They have to throw shoes at Mugabe and other bad leaders. You know what I mean - filling your tummy with food is NOT the only thing in this life or meaning of living. I think that hanging on to your shoes when it can be used to give a message to a dumb ass like Bush, is actually not a positive attitude.

Think about all the mothers that lost their little children, fathers who have seen their daughters getting raped and wives that got harrssed while their husbands were been tortured. This is all by your president whom you elected democratically. You had the power to elect someone different, but you elected this man in 2000.

Although the US president is affecting all of us, we do not have a say in selecting the person. So, I wish that you and your field friends have told your new president that being friendly and nice to other countries would change the world. Not killing and spreading fear around.

Please tell him that communities everywhere are innocent and do not have controll over their lives as you Americans do. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, elect a president you want and all that. Most of us do not have that freedom. Not having that freedom is not a crime. So, please tell your new president not to kill us and torture us.

Look around the world that been dominated by your democratic country. Have you heard a country called Liberia? Do you know that country is an extension of the US government? The president you elected is running torture camps there? Please tell your new president to stop these. In a democratic and free country like your's, I know that you have the authority to tell your president to stop doing bad things. I know that you didn't know these before so that you couldn't stop your president. But now you know and we expect your solidarity.

So, please ask your new president to spread humanity and love. Then this world would be a different place. We communities in different countries do not have controll over our leaders like you do. Yes, we have bad leaders, extremist maniacs, but what can we do? We can only throw shoes and stones like children in Gaza. But you are different. You have the power of democracy that can change any bad thing to a good. Please look at us communities and maniacs as two seperate entities. We can't receive punishment from your president anymore for things that his maniac friends like Osama is doing. I think that you know about the familt ties of George and Osama.

The last point from me is that all the people who attacked the US or your colony the UK are the people who lived, trained and educated in your countries. Communities from Iraq or Afghanistan don't want to see people getting blown up anywhere in the world. We want peace and happiness. If you think that by killing us and torturing us would make peace, please continue to do that. At least the future generation would have it.

- A brother from Asia


Hey FN!!

Iraqi Adams! *LOL*

Iraqi Bloniks! *LOL*

Yeah we get it...


TrueBlue said...

I think most USA people don't realize what an incredibly filthy nasty gesture that shoe throwing was. It was not meant to cause physical harm, it was meant to display utter contempt & disgust.

Bush's father knows. Back in '90, during the run-up to the Gulf War, he gave an interview to CNN. He had it set up so that, as he was talking, the camera showed the soles of both feet.

I have a vivid memory of watching that interview. It was right after Saddam invaded Kuwait, having been set up by the U.S. ambassador, April Glaspie. Saddam was mad because Kuwait was running sideways drills into his oil fields, using Halliburton equipment.

When the Kuwaitis wouldn't cut it out, he asked the U.S. through Glaspie if he could invade. She gave him deniable permission. Given that the U.S. had spent the 1980s using Iraq as a battering ram against the Iranians, up to and including facilitating the acquisition of the poison gas that Saddam used on the Kurds, Saddam had every reason to figure that the U.S. would be okay with his invasion of Kuwait.

But it was a double-cross, and once Saddam came in, then Bush's father declared that "this will not stand." And as part of that whole bit of theatre, he gave the CNN interview showing the soles of his feet. It couldn't possibly have been accidental, because the camera angle was unusual enough that it was obvious that someone had told CNN exactly where to put their cameras.

Another little fun fact to know about Gulf War I is that the Europeans were all for it, so much so that they paid 100% of the cost for it. After it was over, in the second quarter of 1991 the U.S. balance of payments numbers showed a brief and highly uncharacteristic surplus, which was the result of the remittances for the war from the Europeans, and Japan too.

Why did the Europeans support it? Because Bush Sr. told them that the U.S. would not disrupt the pre-existing oil concessions, which since the Arab revolt of the 1920s have reserved Iraq for the Russians, the Germans, and the French, and I think (but could be wrong) the Brits. That, plus the UN "oil for food" program, i.e., the big honeypot, was too good for the Europeans to pass up.

The Japanese supported Gulf War I because they had no choice. They are totally dependent not just on Mideast oil, but on the U.S. Navy's patrolling of the Straits of Malacca through Indonesia.

Why did the French, Russians, and Germans oppose the Iraq War? It was a nice quaint little human rights speech that Villepin gave at the UN, but the real reason was that Bush Jr. had informed that Europeans that, after the Iraq invasion, U.S. oil companies would take over all of the pumping and trading.

The Europeans wouldn't know a human right if it slithered up an bit 'em on the ass, and they have never cared about American "unilateralism" either. They were pissed because Bush Jr. was kicking out the European oil companies. I think (but am not sure) that this has since been reversed.

Every time someone talks about freedom being a U.S. motive for starting the Iraq War, or about human rights being a European motive for opposing it, I laugh my ass off. It has never been about anything other than the oil, for all concerned.

p.s.: And "brother from Asia," if you think that the government that runs whatever country you are from is any better, please provide the name of your country so we may all have a closer look.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

when I saw that video I was shocked at his reflects. The Frat boy has some moves.

I know he is still our president but I can't wait until he leaves. He has been a disaster and I still don't know how anyone could have voted for him in 2004.

Anonymous said...

Dear Grinder,

I never said that my country is better than any other. What I said is that most of us from Asia, Africa or Middle East do not have control over electing or affairs of our governments. So, there is a division between communities and governments where we come from. Not like communities in the US are involved in politics and government affairs. If Field was from Uganda or Zimbabwe he would be long gone. So, you have more authority in situations than we does. I was asking for solidarity, not a kick in my back side.

The US approach to war on terror harm us not the people really are responsible for what has happened before, during and after 9/11. But the innocent men, women, children, disabled and elderly people continue to suffer in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places.

The thing is this: yes, the governments are corrupted everywhere. I am not in denail of that. But the problem is that BIG bullies like the US, UK, China or Russia adds in to our own burdan of day-to-day survival by "throwing" different type of shoes such as security, democracy and good governance.

I felt that Field is been upset about the shoe throwing against Bush, but how did the communities in Chile felt when their beloved President Salvador Isabelino Allende Gossens was killed by the US supported coup? As he was killed on a September 11th, I am bit surprised that those experts from the FOX didn't link Chile with 9/11 attacks.

Well, I am in for a dialgoue and discussion.

- Brother from Asia

CoyoteFe said...

You are too funny! I did appreciate his duck and weave. And, DID think, the Secret Service seemed awfully SLOWWW. I wonder why that was. Anyhoo ...

This is too bizarre to be "truer than fiction". Just who is working the strings?

field negro said...

"Sorry Field that your president is unpopular due to his unethical killings of innocent people around the world, etc. Those Iraqis were paid by the Bush Government to beat Saddam's statue and refugees who are suffering in the region didn't like that."

"Brother Asia", he was never MY President. I still haven't gotten over what the Supremes did to Al. Gore.

"I think most USA people don't realize what an incredibly filthy nasty gesture that shoe throwing was. It was not meant to cause physical harm..."

critter, we do now.

jp, you are right, Laura must have thrown a shoe or two in her time. :)

I get the head pop. I am sure there are some guys who get the shoe. The frat boy is a shoe guy. He was too smooth when that bad boy was coming at him.

Okay jody, you convinced me (or should I say reminded me) I am all over the SOB again.

Anonymous said...

He is no "lame duck" at ducking. Then again most members of the weasel family have sharp reflexes.

First shoe quote:

"This is a gift from the Iraqis. This is the farewell kiss, you dog,"

Second shoe quote:

"This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq"

Now THAT is field negro behavior!

earlgrey said...

I have to admit my first thought was not how funny, but how scary. I just can't believe he got both shoes off and in the air before the secret service reacted. My brother in law used to be a spokesmen for a big organization in D.C. and he said the the secret service lays back alot during these news conferences. I imagine they frisk everyone before they are allowed in the room, but it chilled me to think someone could get that close to do harm. It worries me about Obama's safety.

David Sullivan said...

I've heard about getting the boot on the way out the door, but a shoe...

Tammy said...

Where are the Secret Service was my first thought too. Must have been sleeping cause if something more serious was thrown we'd of been in trouble.

Bush cannot get out of office fast enough in my opinion. Laugh all you want about this incident and, hell, I've got no love lost for the man myself. Never once voted for him and the man has run this country into the ground. But Field is right...this is yet another sad day in his administration. But not only for Bush but for America while he still represents us. Because, like it or not, until he gets the hell out of there, the man IS the face of America to a lot of people right now. And right now, they still throwing shoes at us.

I cannot wait until we get a man in there that does not embarrass me to represent me.

Anonymous said...

That guy deserves a parade, I'm glad he's honorary field negro today. And just because he's our president doesn't mean that he shouldn't have shoes thrown at him. Last time I checked, our shit still stinks just like any other country.
Futhermore, I think that anyone who sees Bush, Cheney or the rest of his thugs out in public should boo them. I don't care if he's walking to church with the family I'm gonna boo him. Free speech, right?

Anonymous said...

You have to admit the SOB is light on his feet.

Anonymous said...

That reporter could have a pretty good career in the NFL (once he gets out of prison which is like never).

Bush was surprisingly nimble and quick. He must have thought he was back in the frat house where I'm sure he ducked dozens of tossed items.

Anonymous said...

The rightards at are actually calling for a new surge to avenge this ultimate show of disrespect towards the leader of the free world.

tee hee

Christopher said...

I've heard Bush isn't all that popular with the Secret Service.

Yeah, they protect him but they think he's a douche.

The problem started when Bush began to drink again. It's doubly tough to protect a stumbling alcoholic who frequently needs help getting up on his feet because he's so shit faced.

Anonymous said...

Best. Bush Press Conference. Ever

As an added bonus, that lying sack of shyt Dana Perino was smacked in the head with a microphone during the tussle and got a black eye. Quite fitting for this administration to go out on that note.

Anonymous said...

People, we have a real chance hear to leave the frat boy about a million going away prizes. I propose we each find a pair of shoes we can live without and mail them to the whitehouse. Seriously. like 'grinder' commented. This gesture was one of utter contempt and disgust. And the press reporting 1000's of pairs of shoes arriving at the white house daily, would demonstrate America's sense of disgust too. And all the shoes could be donated to needy charities. Everybody wins and nobody loses an eye.

Anonymous said...

I first saw this story last night and was in total disbelief. What the heck was Bushie's secret service guys doing? Do they really think NO ONE wants to hurt him/ kill him? That's crazy.

I didn't vote for Bush. I never supported what he did on behalf of the United States, and I will forever be ashamed of his action against innocent people in the Middle East. [He could have done whatever he wanted to Osama Bin Laden, and I would have lost no sleep.] But George Bush is a criminal. He deserves all the ill feelings and sentiment he gets.

I'm embarrassed that people want to throw shoes at him and I'm more embarrassed that they did so on TV.


What do the American white crazies think of the secret service now? Now they think they might have a chance to get Obama. Bush, the actual President, couldn't be protected from a shoe in a newsroom


La♥audiobooks said...

"I don't know what role, if any, Iraq has played in the Arab slave trade. "

You see Jody, you're doing it again. This is the second time you try to negate the oppression caused to black people by other non-whites. Let me guess, one of your co-workers are from Iraq. Go tell that to the "Black" Iraqi minority groups who are fighting for "civil rights" in Iraq. I'm surprised at you, go read up on the past and present slave trade in the Arabian and North African Diaspora before you make dismissive comments like that.

'that's the difference between you and me. I don't need someone to care about ME in order for me to care about what happens to them. "

And of course, you can easily make those cute melanin challenged missionary buzz statements. But the fact is, there are many places in Iraq that you can still go, places where I and other black people won't be allowed. There are houses in Iraq that still have North African black people/women/girls/boys chained and living in back rooms because they are slave property to do whatever the f- they want to do out of them. You should know this, you know everything else.

Jody said...

La Incognita... I am flattered that you seem to think I know so much, but let me assure you I will be the first to tell you there is sooo much I don't know. I would never condone or dismiss the mistreatment, abuse, oppression, discrimination, murder, torture of any human being. period. Which is why it infuriates me when those actions are done in my name and with my tax dollars. The enslavement of black africans by arabs is unacceptable. Let me ask you a question. Do you think this war has done anything to address the enslavement of black africans?

RiPPa said...

I heard that in the middle east, throwing shoes at someone is the ultimate insult. Sorta like riding next to a car down the street and having the person in the next car moon you. You know, bare their ass?

Well, I don't understand why in a country famous for prople throwing rocks at tanks, that for Bush they didn't change up in protocol. They said the reporter was recently arrested and tortured. He has also lost many family members as a result of the war. Seems like a stray brick would not have been hard to find a la Reginald Denny style.

Anonymous said...

He should of threw dead bodies at his ass and the fucking book.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah . . . that made my day yesterday. I was also going to suggest him for HFNOD, but I see it's already been done!

La♥audiobooks said...

"Let me ask you a question. Do you think this war has done anything to address the enslavement of black africans?"

Of course not. So now let me ask you. On that note regarding this war. Why should I as a conscious black individual, see any other crucial perspective other than the fact that this war is milking "our" tax money to prosper Bush's cronies. The Iraqi people would be the last of my sympathetic priority.

The sun is too hot in the fields for me to play PC games.

tjwash said...

Just in case the above posts haven't returned you to your senses, and you are still actually feeling the slightest twinge of bad for the lame ducker...

Ye olde video of bush having fun, and making jokes about not being able to find WMD's in Iraq

Ha ha!!! My whole basis for an illegal invasion and occupation was based on a giant lie...Ho-HOOOO!!

See if you can do anything about it suckers...LOLOLOLOLOLOL.


Ahhh...the smell of dead soldiers and smoldering civilians in the morning. Tee-Hee.

Dudes a sociopath.

Anonymous said...

Sadly TJWash, I think Bush is simply an idiot. And greedy. And too quick to want to please his cronies and supporters rather than his country.


Nah. That's too advanced. It suggests almost that he has the ability to get things done with no moral compass to stop him. When I think sociopaths, I usually think of people who are driven and just don't care who they trample.

Bush has no drive. Just always wanted to be recognized by someone (daddy, brother, mama, Cheney, whomever) and has precious little clue what damage he causes.

At least that's my two cent observation.

Had he been a true sociopath, I would have expected more from him in terms of results, even if I didn't think they were good results.

He's just the personification of an epic fail.

Anonymous said...

Bush made light of the incident saying, "All I can report is that it was a size 10."

On Monday morning, he continued in full spin control. Still smirking, he actually claimed the shoe incident shows significant progress.

"All this basically says is we made good progress, and we will continue to work together to achieve peace," Bush said.

This, we should all deduce, is a tactile expression of "freedumb."

Bush has always had the ability to take the most vehement insult and turn it into triumph, at least in his own mind. Kind of like taking the moment he has an approval rating of less than 30 percent as a good time to crack jokes.

Remember 2004, the first anniversary of the War in Iraq? At the time, it was still being called an invasion. Bush was feeling a little pressure about not finding the weapons of mass destruction. So, in all his cleverness, he said
"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere," while pretending to look out of the window.

Moments later, he was photographed looking under the furniture. "Nope. No weapons over there."

Mission accomplished.

The Bush White House is in full legacy mode, with Karl Rove reportedly at the helm. They are re-writing history, presumably for people who process information by dictation.

Bush was a great president.
Nuc-u-ler is an accepted pronunciation of that word. Bush is trying to cure AIDS in Africa.
Abstinence-only sex education really does work. Repeat three time and their work is done, right?

This shoe-throwing incident is not only hilarious, but now imprinted in the minds of millions.

As Rove, the puppet master, devises ways of rewriting history, it will only take a few clicks to remind us of what the Bush legacy is really about.

It's about arrogance. It's about stupidity. It's about losing the respect of the entire free world. It's about evoking so much hatred from the rest of the world that it has turned opposing us, even at the expense of their own lives, into a religious sacrament.

Black Diaspora said...

Shoes! Shoes! Who's got the shoes? If we can't find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, maybe we can find the weapons of missed destruction.

Anonymous said...


Join the revolution...mail a used shoe, preferably, a manure-coated farm the white house...for christmass.

Anonymous said...

I am with Mordy, I would love to see heaps of shoes on the sidewalk in front of the White House and boxes of them in the Mail room. The more there are the more the world could see that it is not just one lone Iraqi.

Anonymous said...

Manure I don't have, but lots of chicken shit I do.

Anonymous said...

This is late..., but, that was some funny sh..t - watching GW duck from shoes! (for cryin' out loud) being thrown - not one, but two. Reminded me of the time Willie Brown in SF almost came out of his 'house negro' suit to reveal his true SF ghetto/field negro suit in response to a taunt from a disgruntled member of the LGBT community.
Am still laughing; can't wait for SNL to do a skit.

Europe said...

He was angry because President Bush visited the country the day Saddam was caught. All of Saddam's supporters were mad.

vanishing point said...

That's probably the funniest thing I ever saw, only if Bush was dressed as Alfred E. Neuman could make me laugh more. This is Mad magazine material.

Anonymous said...

Slap stick at its best and worst, this buffoon has ruined this countries reputation around the world, and, Jan 20, 2009 can't get here fast enough.

Anonymous said...

THIS is a response to LA INCOGNITA, first of all, you have a NERVE to DENOUNCE, a race of POWERLESS, people, first of all, these are people of color, look at their skin tone, and do you think, for one minute that BUSH, had a problem with MURDERING people that don't look like him? and what about KATRINA, BUSH could have cared less, about POOR, BLACK PEOPLE, DROWNING TO DEATH, BUSH has gotten by with BLOODY MURDER, and we all know it, and he could care less, he need's to be IMPEACHED before he leave's office, he need's to go to PRISON for his CORRUPT POLICY'S, so if he had SHOE'S hurled at him, he was lucky, because I'M pretty sure their are AMERICAN SOLDIER'S
over there that wish they could, get him and beat him, with their combat BOOT'S, THIS is a small reminder to all of you people, out their who can't figure out, what to do with your SHOE'S, since this incident with BUSH, PEOPLE your SHOE'S are made for WALKING, at least I thought so!!!!!!!!!!

La♥audiobooks said...

Anonymous, who's yelling with you? I don't recall anyone defending Bush Jr.

"first of all, these are people of color, look at their skin tone,'

That was too stupid. You don't even deserve a response. You made a good choice staying anonymous.

What is it with some people always lumping non whites in one big shit pot. And why do some people always seem to think black folks should be obliged to go kicking and fighting for every other non white group or cause? Especially when there are other black people world wide in more dyer need and don't get similar support or reciprocation?

Bush Jr. and those racist anti-black Iraqi people deserve each other the same. Too bad my tax money and the lives of American soldiers have to be evolved.

...And trying to compare the "black" victims of Katrina as leverage pawn. That's just an insult to the black victims of Katrina. Nice try. Harebrain internet cowards.

Mr. Noface said...

I don't condone throwing footwear at Heads of State, but then again I haven't been through what the people of Iraq have been through these past five years. So, I can't really get on the dude's case for expressing his frustrations in such a manner, because I never walked in his shoes (no pun intended).

-=Topper=- said...

Hey, down here, hi. Always late to the game, but in the case of the throwing shoes the media never mentions that Bush once had a live grenade thrown at him.

Didn't go off but it was proven to be live, but funny how that story got so swept under the rug.

The pitty is and I do really feel sorry for Muntadar because he MISSED. It would have meant allot actually if not only the shoes met the mark but did a little damage.

TrueBlue said...

It's a good thing the Iraqi wasn't a gardener, because then be might have used some lawn cleats instead ...

west coast story said...

I'm with whoever it was on the news that said the Raiders should pick up this reporter. Man, he had a precision throw.

rikyrah said...

On a serious tip..

How was he able to get off BOTH shoes without being SHOT?

Where the hell was the Secret Service?

Anonymous said...

Where the hell was the Secret Service?

Near by, shoes off, passing them to the guy throwing the shoes.

TrueBlue said...

New video game: Sock & Awe: Hit Bush with a shoe!

Watergurl said...

The perfect act of defiance....shoe throwing, no guns or weapons, just an every day piece of apparel. Shame he wasn't wearing 9" heels....
I laughed long and hard at that video, fool deserved those shoes to be covered in kaka.
Things could be worse, he could be one of the locked down peeps at Guatanamo.......

Anonymous said...

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