Sunday, November 08, 2009

Come along little children, let's play slave.

Where is Wazhaw, North Carolina and why is the local NAACP at odds with a local historian?

Well, it seems that the man who is also a tour guide at a local plantation, had the black students of an area elementary school pretend to be slaves while their white classmates looked on. Now, understandably, the parents of that school -I would imagine both black and white- are protesting the man's actions.

Field, this is an outrage! It's just like "the man" to do things like this to belittle and degrade our children.

Well, not exactly..... It seems that the tour guide/ historian in question is black, and he said that he had his reasons for doing what he did.

"I am very enthusiastic about getting kids to think about how people did things in 1860, 1861 -- even before that period," said Campbell, who added he has been a historian for 15 years.
"I was trying to be historically correct not politically correct,"

Yes, but Mr. Tourguide we are talking about elementary school aged children here. Your little show and tell is a bit much for them to handle don't you think? I am guessing that it might have been a bit much for their white class-mates as well.

"Kojo Nantambu, president of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, criticized the lesson.
"There is a lingering pain, a lingering bitterness, a lingering insecurity and a lingering sense of inhumanity since slavery. Because that's still there, you want to be more sensitive than politically correct or historically correct," he said."

Mr. Tourguide, you better kiss and make nice with the local NAACP, or Rev. Inc. will be in the Tar Heel state before you know it. Altough you might luck out, because you happen to have the right skin tone. I think Rev. Inc. just might leave you alone. I am just hoping that the parents of the kids involved, don't.


alicia banks said...

i see this as a hands on teachable moment

"elementary school" children are not what they used to be

many are sexually active/spoiled/coddled and completely ignorant of history

i side with the teacher here...

RiPPa said...

That Negro got some nerve to think he could take those little white kids and recreate the Jewish Holocaust.

Historically correct my ass!

Who the hell does he think he is?!!

Oh, the kids were Black?



well, never-mind....

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Black and white should and need to be taught the history of slavery because it is a part of our history. However, they shouldn't just be taught the wash down version of it. They should be taught about how slaves weren't all those docile and passive creatures that lacked the courage to fight back. Instead of trying to make it seem like plantation life was a glamous life of fine architect,drinking mint juleps, and giving big ballroom dances. It was a time of cruelty and uncivilized behavior towards other human beings.

Teach them the real reasons that those slaves constantly ran away. They need to know that slaves ran away because their families had been sold off like cattle or property from them or that they had been sold from their families and were trying to get back to their families. Teach them about how a lot of slaves rebelled and fought back. Because yes, there were many who fought back and a lot of them who escaped slavery. They weren't alway caught. However, if they were caught tell them about the horrible things that they suffered as punishment.

Maria W. Steward, a black woman, the first woman to even speak in public when women had no rights and slavery existed stood up on a soap box in the public and spoke out against slavery and encouraged blacks to be educated in a time when slaves were not allowed to read risking her own life.

Teach them how many innocent blacks lost their lives and nothing was done about it and sometimes it was cheered on. Or teach them about how some of the slave-owners kept them from knowing who their kinfolks were and mated them with their own their own flesh and blood. Tell them how they worked from sun up to sundown in the scorching heat and how women had to leave their babies lying alone with no one watching them away from them in field while they worked in the fields and sometimes would come back to find snakes crawling on their babies. In addition, how those babies had to lie their starving until the sun went down and they could be fed. Or what about how they made the slaves eat out horse troughs? While their slave owners ate with plates, forks, spoons, and knives. Or how they practically starved the slaves, barely clothed them, or crowded them into a raggedy wooden shacks while they live in those grand mansions that they love to brag about.

While they are at it, teach them how slave owners took advantage of black women and fathered children by them and how their own fathers would sell them or had them work as slaves. Tell them how they mutilated their slaves and cut off their feet, hands,and branded them with hot irons like they do cattle, or beat them with whips even when they were pregnant, and did unspeakable things to their fellow human beings. Teach them how they worked and were never paid wages. Or teach them about how even after slavery was over they cheated them out of their money and land or had hanging parties and hung innocent men just for sport. Yup, it's a lot of stuff to teach them about slavery instead of misleading them and making them think that slavery times were these wonderful, glorious, and beautiful days. Slavery was a time of cruelty, ugliest, and mentally warped treatment towards another human being that even Jeffrey Dahmer has not been able to top.

Yup, they need to know their history, their true history that is. Maybe, then they will stop killing each other, because you never know who all of your blood relatives are because they were sold like cattle and most of those slaves never saw their kinfolks ever again.

Yeah, it's a lot to learn about slavery days myths. However, it's not those fairytales that are being pushed off on children to make them believe that slavery days were the days of glamourous mansions, refinement, and beauty.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, Field I just came over to tell you to make sure you check out the little concert I gave at my blog today. It's old school and I am sending you an e-mail when I get a chance concerning something I need to ask you.

Anonymous said...

Granny, where are you getting your information from?

123 said...

Historically correct my ass. He probably just wanted to stir up controversy and/or use this opportunity to to exert power over someone else.

Since he obviously didn't give a damn about appropriate teaching behavior in order to stay "historically correct", why didn't he tell the little white male students to act like slave masters, treat the poorest students like shit, the female students like second class citizens, the Mexican and Native American students (if there were any) like savages, each other like they are God given gifts to this world, and the Black students like the scourge of the earth?

Also, where were the teachers and chaperons while this was going on? Did they put an end to this sick little demonstration or allow it to run its course?

AnonymousE said...

It’s your personal property. Name it anything you like. Give it as a birthday gift or throw it on the ground when you get angry or frustrated.

That was the way slave children were treated in 18th-century Virginia. They could be sent away from their parents at any time, their name abruptly changed. The kids touring the elegant Peyton Randolph House in Colonial Williamsburg –home to just two white adults and 27 slaves, half of whom were children and young teens –were trying hard to process that reality as Bridgette Houston, dressed as an 18th-century slave –interpreted African-American revolutionary history for the tour group of parents and children.

Your children may be pressed to imagine what it was like to have to help carry wood and water, chop spices, pluck squab and weed the garden –all at the tender age of 5. As slaves, they might have slept at the foot of their master’s bed or been forced to stand motionless for hours in the master’s dining room waiting to clear the table, as talk about freedom from England swirled around them.

“I didn’t realize how hard the kids had to work,” said 11-year-old Camille Woody of North Carolina, who was touring with her family. “It’s sad!”

“This is our history and it is important for people to understand the contribution that [slaves] made to this country,” Houston said. In fact, many who visit here don’t realize that more than half of the 1,880 residents of Colonial Williamsburg during the Revolutionary Period (1764-1789) were African-American, the vast majority enslaved.

Gregory said...

History my arse. Slavery was more than laboring in the fields, it was a systematic dehumanization of a people. Human life was a commodity if your skin was the wrong colour. There are many ways to teach this lesson but this is not one of them.

I would think the "tourguide" would have known better.

Anonymous said...

You know I read you daily and like to always follow your links, etc.

and sometimes give you a bad time about spelling or broken links...

The town's name is WAXHAW as shown in your link called [story here].

Don't know why the tour guide decided to do this and to hear the bare facts it sounds out of line. Children of all ages can benefit from learning more of their countries history but I just don't see the point of having these young black kids pick the cotton. What did he have their white classmates doing at that time?
By the way in the Oklahoma country schools that I went to in elementary years still had a two week vacation in early fall for the kids to go pick cotton to make extra money. We were all white or Indian in our school district. I don't think they do that any more.

Aloha from Makaii

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 11:42:

I read it in books and archives.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Picking cotton is back breaking, bending work and rough on the hands, especially, with the sun beaming down on a person.

Anonymous said...

This story came out at the end of last year,or the beginning of this year.

Granny you are on a ROLL! and don't forget that, White women would stand with White men, as they LYNCHED BLACK MEN and WOMEN! I guess this is why, Republican women are so COLD BLOODED!

I think our young people are being forced to see a side of AMERICA that they didn't know existed! remember that SWIM CLUB INCIDENT with the BLACK KID'S!

You know what? our BLACK CHILDREN should be INDOCTRINATED with the TRUTH about REAL SLAVERY! because, trust me, in the future, they will be up against a new generation of RACISM! I guess the TEACHER was trying to send a message to those BLACK KID'S! and I'm sure those black kid's did not like it one bit, working, and then having the white kid's standing by as their SLAVE MASTER'S! I bet that was one school project, they will not forget to soon!

I remember when the FIRST LADY would have BLACK KID'S at the White House she asked the children, did they know anything about (BLACK HISTORY) the children were quiet, then she pressed them, and one child said they knew! the FIRST LADY looked at all the children in their eye's and said "GOOD, don't ever forget about your History!

White kid's are being TAUGHT about LYNCHING! who taught them this? they even know how to make a NOOSE! why do they need to know about Lynching? well that old generational spirit, is being passed from one generation to the next! this is part of their HISTORY! and they embrace it, some seem to be proud of this!

This is the age of OBAMA, so they say, but, our people better keep a close eye on the FUTURE, for the RACIST are trying their best to put us back in the COTTON FIELD'S!


D W JazzLover said...

I agree with Granny and Alicia on this one,my first reaction was my gut saying OH No! but after I thought about it..maybe a first hand lesson is needed. The slave master mentality still exist.
Our children are far removed from the realities of slavery, I heard first hand stories when i was young, My Grandmother was born in 1889 and her older sisters were born in slavery, I have a great respect for what they told me.
Teachers should teach.

Jamie Turner, Sr. said...

He should have reenacted the story of Harriet Tubman or better yet; the Nat Turner revolt............

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yes, D W Jazz, it is a good thing to know your family history. All black people should know their history. It is a blessing because most blacks family history was erased with no trace and they don't know where they came from. If you know where you come from, you know where you going as an old saying. goes. I thank God that I know mine.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I can relate to both sides of the argument and understand both.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I wonder how this would have played out if he would have had the children switch places and let them both take turns being slaves. Not saying that his method was right though.

Anonymous said...

AB "elementary school" children are not what they used to be

many are sexually active/spoiled/coddled and completely ignorant of history

i side with the teacher here..."

Yes, I agree. Children are ignorant of history at elementary school level and above.

Blacks today in their 20's, 30's and even 40's don't have the slightest idea about the history of the 60's, let alone the days of slavery. It's interesting that so many commenters are finding fault with the tourguide's method of teaching when generations of kids have gone without any history at all.

Some folks will always see the glass as half-empty, no matter what. I applaud the tourguide for hands on teaching of important history that kids today have no idea about.

Re: NAACP: It should have been fighting for education a long time ago instead of trying to kick a tourguide around like a tin can. Then maybe their own damn history might have been better.

Game said...

Children are wise beyond their years. Teachable moment yes, I totally concur.

Watered down and politically correct is not effective.

However, if it were a white teacher many would really be pissed. Just examine your own heart on that one.

Geneva Girl said...

I think children need to truly understand what slavery was. A hands-on activity can bring the concept to life.

Having them labor in the fields could not only teach them about what slaves endured, but help them to realize how privileged they are. After all, for many children, picking up the remote is about all the exercise they get. They are used to being waited on by their parents.

All children would have benefitted from this experience and it would have been better if the white and black children switched places.

field negro said...

LOL @Makaii. You are right, it's W-A-X-H-A-W. (My apologies to the folks of Waxhaw)I was watching my birds get thumped by the cowgirls so forgive me. Way to keep me honest.

Interesting points by Game and Geneva Girl. I am still not sure about the ages of the children, though. If it were High School kids I would be much more inclinded to agree with you guys, but elementary school? i don't know.

Granny, I will be over to check out the concert at your place. As long as there are no drugs. :)

"He should have reenacted the story of Harriet Tubman or better yet; the Nat Turner revolt............"

JT, I feel you.

Anonymous said...

I was watching my birds get thumped by the cowgirls....

that's an understatment don't you think....yo birds just fell apart under the

like a bunch of lil' girls out there, oh well i'm sure they did the best they could under pressure.

ch555x said...


Good points! The "HIS-storian" also shouldn't sugar-coat it with the white kids, since I'm sure they all weren't cozy on the porch!

uptownsteve said...

"Re: NAACP: It should have been fighting for education a long time ago instead of trying to kick a tourguide around like a tin can. Then maybe their own damn history might have been better."

NAACP Education Mission Statement


"The overall goal of the NAACP National Education Department is to ensure that all students have access to an equal and high-quality public education by eliminating all education related racial and ethnic disparities. Through advocacy training, policy development and guidance, building collaborative networks, and direct action, the National Education Department works to accomplish this goal with assistance from NAACP regional directors, state and local education committee chairs as well as our Partners in Education."

Jeez, try to have some idea of what you're talking about before you open your mouth.

BTW, Did BigMac move to North Carolina?

Roderick said...

LOL @ anonymous 8:04.

Although I am a Cowboys fan that game was sorry on both sides at least in the end. It wasn't a convincing win by the Cowboys but more like a game of attrition with all of the penalties at the end of the game. Maybe the players were just mentally and physically exhausted

I can't believe Andy Reid settled for a field goal instead of going for it on 4th down knowing he had no time-outs left. Dumb.

I am not a conspiracy theorists but I do wonder if this games are fixed.

I know that Reid is going to catch much hell from fans and the press for that decision.

false1 said...

I kind of go back and forth on this one. If it were my children I probably would have been pissed. If it were a white teacher I would probably have to lock my wife in her room in order to prevent a homocide.

On the other hand my kids wouldn't need this kind of "hands on" experience as I would have taken it upon myself to make sure that they had a good understanding of their history. That's a parents job.

Unfortunately too many parents don't know their history themselves so they can't pass it on. When you hear Americans equating name calling with racism you realize not many have a true understanding of what racism really means or how destructive it is.

Anonymous said...

I'm with JT. When will they be putting up the Nat Turner exhibit.

You would think that a historian would value equality. He must of done this on purpose.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks for the history lesson, Granny. It got my research itch flaring up.


Don said...

I can understand the reasoning behind his actions. But I just think it may have been a little too much for these young and immature students.

I agree - Mr. Tourguide might as well "pucker up."

SouthernGirl2 said...


Would you check your email?


Anonymous said...

well, from what I can see here, steve is Alicia's bitch. But he seems to like it. So, is that like slavery?

Anonymous said...

@false1 quoting you: "If it were a white teacher I would probably have to lock my wife in her room in order to prevent a homocide."

no wonder so many of you negroes are in prison. It's commonplace for negroes to speak of murder as if it were nothing. False1, do you have children that have served time for violent crimes yet? Granny does.

Now, do we consider that negroes are prone to mindless, animalistic violence because of genetics, or because of culture?

Notably, the black people here who do not regularly speak of violent crime as an acceptable behavior are the very ones that the racist blacks refer to as "Tom". Funny thing, huh? That'd seem to make it a cultural/character thing, not genetics at all.

Anonymous said...

All the tout guide needs to do now is a urinate on an underage black girl and the NAACP will give him an award.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 11:22:

Youse a lie! None of my children have ever even seen the inside of a jail or committed a crime in their entire lives. My children work for a living and probably make money than you do. In fact, I'm sure that they do. One of them has his own business. None of my grandchildren are criminals either. One of my grandchildren is in the gifted children program, and some are on the honor roll. BTW, my children were raised in a two parent home and their children are being raised that way too. So, take your stereotypes and shove them.

I could care less if you don't like me anonymous. What you eat does not make me have bowel movement. Therefore, your little childish outbursts of smears are not worth two dead flies in my book. Nevertheles, if that makes your worthless ass feel better, whatever floats your boat. In the meantime KISS MY GRITS!

word verification = prophetess

Anonymous said...

Tony Romo provided Donovan McNabb with a teaching moment on performance under pressure.
The 'Boys humiliated the Eagles....

FYI: if you call the Dallas Cowboys the "Cowgirls" what would that reduce the Philadelphia Eagles to? The Philly Canaries?

uptownsteve said...

"Notably, the black people here who do not regularly speak of violent crime as an acceptable behavior are the very ones that the racist blacks refer to as "Tom".

Here's a deal beeatch.

If you can produce a quote from any black on this board speaking of violent crime as acceptable behavior, I'll leave this board for good.

If you can't, then you leave.


Anonymous said...

GrannySquattingAfterPruneJuice said: "None of my children have ever even seen the inside of a jail..."

Granny, don't mind the trolls. If your children have followed along with your constant creation of racial animosity and your preaching of evasion of personal responsibility (and so ended up in jail), then that's nothing to be ashamed of. You should instead be proud that you have raised amoral criminals! I feel your pain, and your pride.

You know, it's revealed today that the killer at Fort Hood would say, "I'm a Muslim first and an American Second". You should say something similar: "I'm black first and I have no personal morals". After all, you were posting that you hoped Glenn Beck would be killed. Or was it about Lou Dobbs? No matter, all white devils look alike. Viva la revolution!!

Anonymous said...

@steve: just go reread the Lou Dobbs article. Then good-bye, see you around some other blog.

"If you can produce a quote from any black on this board speaking of violent crime as acceptable behavior, I'll leave this board for good."

uptownsteve said...

I told YOU to produce the quote here.

Unknown said...

1860's? My parents did it in the 1960's! If he wanted to teach them that, he could have just told them to talk to their grandparents. I know how tough it makes your hands because I've seen my parents hands.

The thing is that I can understand why black parents are mad because if you had to do it, why do you want to see your kids doing it? I think if he wanted to prove a point, he should have went out there and picked cotton himself before sending kids out there so he would know why it's not such a good idea to do what he did.

On top of picking it himself, why not have a roup of guys riding around letting him know at the of the day, he better be out of town before the sun goes down? How about that eventhough the rest of the country lives in a modern house at the time, you have a shack with one light bulb in it? That the story owner on the plantation you're working is screwing you out your money and placing you further in debt?

vanishing point said...

Elementary school children should probably not be singled out for a teachable moment, depending on their age, they are still concrete thinkers, even from 7 to 12 they are still not able to think in the abstract completely. A lot of elementary school age children just want to feel like they fit in. Some of those kids might have felt humiliation or embarrassment in from of their classmates, which would not be the same as a teachable moment with a parent.

The white kids need to learn their history too, maybe the guide should have made them pick the cotton, a little role reversal, so they could see how it felt like?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how African Americans would feel if a Jewish teacher had the white kids play the Jews in Crown Heights and the black kids had act the role of the lynch mob- after all that IS what happened.
I wonder how African Americans would react if a Korean teacher had the white kids play the Korean grocer and the black kids play the ones who scapegoated them while terrorizing them with violence and crime. That IS what happened.
I wonder how African Americans would react if a female teacher had all the white kids play the women victimized during the Puerto Rican parade while the blacks openly assaulted them while the police looked on. That IS what happened.

Anonymous said...

@ RiPPA- what is your point?

uptownsteve said...


Once you finish your race baiting you might want to produce those quotes of blacks excusing violence as you claimed.

And there is a small part to the Crown Heights affair that people like you always seem to forget.

An unlicensed Jewish cab driver exceeded the speed limit ran a red light and smashed into two small black children, killing one.

A Jewish ambulance service whisked the cab driver away to safety and eventually to Israel to avoid prosecution while leaving the two children injured on the street.

Anonymous said...

Uptownsteve- Once you finish fabricating a tale to justify a lynching and pogrom you may want to look at the small part of the Emitt Till and Jasper 3 affair that people like you always seem to forget-
the people who did it had a far better excuse then those who carried out the Crown Heights pogrom.
Black males were the main source of crime in Crown Heights way before this lynchfest. The black mayor allowed the 400+ black klansmen 3 days to loot, lynch and destroy.

And there is a small part to the Crown Heights affair that people like YOU always seem to forget: Every lynch mob has it's excuses. The people who lynched YOUR people had far better justification than the fiction you dreamed up. Take a look at what % of the population are young black males, then take a look at what % of old lady muggers are. Then YOU will understand why this "racism" against black males exists.

uptownsteve said...

Whattsamatta Anonymous?

You got raped in prison?

That's what usually sets clowns like you off.

How about you tell me what percentage of the black male population (some 20 million strong) are old lady muggers?

As I said before if you want to hate black folks that's your business.

Nobody really gives a shit.

But don't look for rationalizations.

You're just a weak, scared wuss looking for meaning in a meaningless life.

krystal*lyte said...


Anonymous said...

Field..? Did you see this shit..?

Sammy Sosa trying to be white..

Shabazz said...

Go suck a dick anonymous, I was there that night. I knew those two children who were struck.
I hate you and your kind. I hope all of you get what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

So Shabazz you know two black kids who were hit by a car driven by a Jew.
Guess what dumbshit:
Not only do I know people who were hurt in car accidents caused by black males I also know...
two hardworking white kids who had a gun pulled by them by a black mugger.
I know another white kid who was shot by a black mugger.
I know a white kid who was randomly attacked by 7 black thugs.
I know an old lady who was beaten by a black theif.
I know an old war vet who was killed by a young black thug.
I know a middle aged white man permindently disable after being attacked by a black male.
I was there that night a white kid was killed defending a white woman who was attacked by two black males.
It was my nieghbourhood where a black thug shot up a nightclub.

But wait, you want to bitch because two black kids were hit by a car driven by a Jewish driver?
Have you never been present when a black male committed, say, a crime?
I'm sure you have, yet you didn't go around calling for vengence against black folks, did you?
YOu need to take off that white hood and sheet. It don't look good on you.
Since you were living in that hood
at da time of this black led lynch mob, prior to this black lynch mob tell me what % of the Crown Heights population was black males, and what % of the violent crime was committed by black males. You black males don't seem to interested in delving into that, does you? Prior to this incident there was already black klan-like behavior in full bloom. I take that back, the klan left the elderly alone. Which is more than you can say for the blackkk klan.

uptownsteve said...


A Jewish girl once gave me the clap.

That count?

uptownsteve said...


A Jewish girl once gave me the clap.

That count?

StillaPanther2 said...

Brother Field ...this modern dsy way of interacting can be quite frustrating. In regards to the teacher, next time he will run his ideas thru some other eyes. The psychological holocust of my race was just as great after slavery and this has caused dsyfunction as of today. Maybe the teacher can have a more current program that may help our young minds explore the reasons/causes of todsys' madness. Granny...RIGHT ON Sister.

Anonymous said...

Shabazz said...
Go suck a dick anonymous, I was there that night. I knew those two children who were struck.

And I'm sure you were so enraged that you stole yourself a new stereo system as protest. I'm sure you wouldn't see things any different if the driver was a black male and the kids Jewish, right?

As far as a Jewish girl giving you the clap- yeah you should say away from those Black Hebrews they are ho's.
If it was a European Jewish girl, then all I can say is if you weren't holding a gun to her head while raping her I'm sure she would have beem more forthcoming about her condition.
It does explain a lot about you though. You always have come accross as someone with degenerative brain disease. I'm sorry you didn't get treatment for Syphilis before it begain eatting away at your brain.

Anonymous said...


I agree; I love that woman. She fought for it and supported Obama all the way. She didn't have to do that.

BTW, does Hathor approves of Pelosi receiving such high recognition? I doubt it, cause she ain't never gonna own up to being wrong. Come out from behind that door, Hathor and admit it.

uptownsteve said...

"I'm sure you wouldn't see things any different if the driver was a black male and the kids Jewish, right?"

If the driver were black, he would have been handcuffed, arrested and probably beaten within an inch of his life by the cops on the way to the station.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it just figure Uptown Steve fucks white chicks? That's about par for the course.

"The psychological holocust of my race was just as great after slavery and this has caused dsyfunction as of today. Maybe the teacher can have a more current program that may help our young minds explore the reasons/causes of todsys' madness. Granny...RIGHT ON Sister.'

That's actually a fallacy Stillapanther. The black family that rebuilt itself after slavery didn't start collapsing until the 1960's. Nowadays, it's pretty much gone for the most part and it has zippo to do with slavery.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I tell you these revisionist are something else. They will make up any lie to make themselves feel good about those mythical glorious mansions. The only fallacy is that those grand ole glorious mansion days were none existent. They were nothing but human misery, cruelty, death, and human suffering farms. Not only that even after slavery every trick in the book was pulled to keep blacks from being equal economically wise.

The new deal excluded blacks, so did a few others little supplemental benefits that only whites reaped the benefits from. Housing is another one.

Somebody's Daughter said...

I am copying and pasting my comment on this very topic from my blog.

"Recreating history is only wrong when it's inaccurate"

For the record, I support hands-on learning. I believe in students learning by doing. I'm not mad that the teacher chose the three Black kids to be cotton pickers. Surprisingly, if the teacher was trying to reenact history, the only issue I really have is not that the three Black kids were chosen to be cotton-pickers, but that the White kids were not chosen to be masters. And what about the overseers? The house Negros? The master who rapes his owners? I'm just sayin, if you gonna do it, do it right.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I gonna give a real history lesson and then I'm outta here. Sit back and takes notes anonymous.

Race – constructed from a European vantage point – has always been a basis on which U.S. society metes out access to wealth and power. Both in times when the overall wealth gap has grown and in times when a rising tide has managed to lift both rich and poor boats, a pernicious wealth gap between whites and nonwhite minorities has persisted.

Let's cut the cake by race. If you lined up all African-American families by the amount of assets they owned minus their debts and then looked at the family in the middle, that median family in 2001 had a net worth of $10,700 (excluding the value of automobiles). Line up all whites, and that median family had a net worth of $106,400, almost 10 times more. Less than half of African-American families own their own homes, while three out of four white families do. Latinos are even less wealthy: the median Latino family in 2001 had only $3,000 in assets, and less than half own their own homes.

We do not know how much Native Americans have in assets because so little data has been collected, but their poverty rate is 26% compared to 8% for whites, even though more than half own their own homes. Nor is much information collected about Asian Americans. What we do know is that their poverty rate is 13%, and that 60% of Asian Americans own their own homes, compared to 77% of whites.

Almost 40 years after the passage of the 20th century's major civil rights legislation, huge wealth disparities persist. However, the myth that the playing field was leveled by those laws is widespread. For anyone who accepts the myth, it follows that if families of color are not on an economic par with whites today, the problem must lie with them.

But the racial wealth gap has nothing to do with individual behaviors or cultural deficits. Throughout U.S. history, deliberate government policies transferred wealth from nonwhites to whites – essentially, affirmative action for whites. The specific mechanisms of the transfer have varied, as have the processes by which people have been put into racial categories in the first place. But a brief review of American history, viewed through the lens of wealth, reveals a consistent pattern of race-based obstacles that have prevented Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, and Asians from building wealth at all comparable to whites.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Native Americans: In the U.S. Government We “Trust”?

When European settlers came to what would become the United States, Indian tribes in general did not consider land to be a source of individual wealth. It was a resource to be worshipped, treasured, and used to preserve all forms of life. Unfortunately for them, that concept of common ownership and the way of life they had built around it would clash mightily with the idea that parcels of land should be owned by individuals and used to generate private profit.

After the American Revolution, the official position of the new U.S. government was that Indian tribes had the same status as foreign nations and that good relations with them should be maintained. However, as European immigration increased and westward expansion continued, the settlers increasingly coveted Indian land. The federal government pressured Native Americans to sign one treaty after another giving over land: In the United States' first century, over 400 Indian treaties were signed. Indians were forcibly removed, first from the south and then from the west, sometimes into reservations.

Eventually, the Indians' last large territory, the Great Plains, was essentially handed over to whites. In one of the clearest instances of land expropriation, the 1862 Homestead Act transferred a vast amount of land from Indian tribes to white homesteaders by giving any white family 160 acres of land for free if they would farm it for five years. Of course, this massive land transfer was not accomplished without violence. General William Tecumseh Sherman, of Civil War fame, wrote: "The more [Indians] we can kill this year, the less will have to be killed the next year, for the more I see of these Indians, the more convinced I am that they all have to be killed or be maintained as a species of paupers." (Ironically, the Homestead Act is often cited as a model government program that supported asset-building.)

Out of the many treaties came the legal concept of the U.S. government's "trust responsibility" for the Native nations, similar to the relationship of a legal guardian to a child. In exchange for land, the government was to provide for the needs of the Native peoples. Money from the sale of land or natural resources was to be placed in a trust fund and managed in the best interests of the Indian tribes. The government's mismanagement of Indian assets was pervasive; yet, by law, Indian tribes could not fire the designated manager and hire a better or more honest one.

The Dawes Act of 1887 was designed to pressure Indians to assimilate into white culture: to adopt a sedentary life style and end their tradition of collective land ownership. The law broke up reservation land into individual plots and forced Indians to attempt to farm "western" style; "surplus" land was sold to whites. Under this scheme, millions more acres were transferred from Native Americans to whites.

After 1953, the U.S. government terminated the trust status of the tribes. While the stated purpose was to free Indians from government control, the new policy exacted a price: the loss of tribally held land that was still the basis of some tribes' existence. This blow reduced the remaining self sufficient tribes to poverty and broke up tribal governments.

Thus, over a 200-year period, U.S. government policies transferred Native Americans' wealth – primarily land and natural resources – into the pockets of white individuals. This expropriation of vast tracts played a foundational role in the creation of the U.S. economy. Only in recent years, through the effective use of lawsuits to resurrect tribal rights assigned under the old treaties, have some tribes succeeded in building substantial pools of wealth, primarily from gaming businesses. This newfound casino wealth, though, cannot make up for the decimation of Native peoples or the destruction of traditional Native economies. Native Americans on average continue to suffer disproportionate poverty.

Anonymous said...


Your not following me. I simply stated that the collapse of the black family today has nothing to do with slavery. Family's build wealth and prosperity--this is why there is very little wealth and prosperity in the black community. Strong family structure existed until just a few decades ago. Until it is rebuilt little will change.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

African Americans: Slaves Don’t Own, They Are Owned

From the earliest years of European settlement until the 1860s, African Americans were assets to be tallied in the financial records of their owners. They could be bought and sold, they created more wealth for their owners in the form of children, they had no rights even over their own bodies, and they worked without receiving any wages. Slaves and their labor became the basis of wealth creation for plantation owners, people who owned and operated slave ships, and companies that insured them. This was the most fundamental of wealth divides in American history.

At the end of the Civil War, there was an opportunity to create a new starting line. In the first few years, the Freedmen's Bureau and the occupying Union army actually began to distribute land to newly freed slaves: the famous "40 acres and a mule," a modest enough way to begin. But the Freedmen's Bureau was disbanded after only seven years, and the overwhelming majority of land that freed slaves had been allotted was returned to its former white owners. Unable to get a foothold as self-employed farmers, African Americans were forced to accept sharecropping arrangements. While sharecroppers kept some part of the fruits of their labor as in-kind income, the system kept them perpetually in debt and unable to accumulate any assets.

In 1883, the Supreme Court overturned the Civil Rights Act of 1875, which had given blacks the right to protect themselves and their property. By 1900, the Southern states had passed laws that kept African Americans separate and unequal, at the bottom of the economy. They began migrating to the North and West in search of opportunity.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amazingly, some African-American families did prosper as farmers and businesspeople in the early 20th century. Some African-American communities thrived, even establishing their own banks to build savings and investment within the community. However, there was particular resentment against successful African Americans, and they were often targets of the vigilante violence common in this period. State and local governments helped vigilantes destroy their homes, run them out of town, and lynch those "uppity" enough to resist, and the federal government turned a blind eye. Sometimes entire black communities were targeted. For example, the African- American business district in north Tulsa, known as the "Black Wall Street" for its size and success, was torched on the night of June 21, 1921 by white rioters, who destroyed as many as 600 black-owned businesses. The Depression wiped out black progress, which did not resume at all until the New Deal period. Even then, African Americans were often barred from the new asset-building programs that benefited whites. Under Social Security, workers paid into the system and were guaranteed money in retirement.

However, domestic and agricultural work – two of the most significant black occupations – were excluded from the program. Unemployment insurance and the minimum wage didn't apply to domestic workers or farm workers either. Other programs were also tilted toward white people. The Home Owners' Loan Corporation was created in 1933 to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, but not a single loan went to a black homeowner. Following World War II, a number of new programs provided a ladder into the middle class – for whites. The GI Bill of Rights and low-interest home mortgages provided tax-funded support for higher education and for homeownership, two keys to family wealth building. The GI Bill provided little benefit to black veterans, however, because a recipient had to be accepted into a college – and many colleges did not accept African-American students. Likewise, housing discrimination meant that homeownership opportunities were greater for white families; subsidized mortgages were often simply denied for home purchases in black neighborhoods.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

In The Hidden Cost of Being African American, sociologist Thomas Shapiro shows how, because of this history, even black families whose incomes are equal to whites' generally have unequal economic standing. Whites are more likely to have parents who benefited from the land grants of the Homestead Act, who have Social Security or retirement benefits, or who own their own homes. With their far greater average assets, whites can transfer advantage from parents to children in the form of college tuition payments, down payments on homes, or simply self-sufficient parents who do not need their children to support them in old age. These are the invisible underpinnings of the black-white wealth gap: wealth legally but inhumanely created from the unpaid labor of blacks, the use of violence – often backed up by government power – to stop black wealth-creating activities, tax-funded asset building programs closed to blacks even as they, too, paid taxes. The playing field is not level today. For example, recent studies demonstrate that blatant race discrimination in hiring persists. But even if the playing field were level, the black/white wealth gap would still be with us.

Anonymous said...


Black women earn 67% of all bachelor's degrees awarded to blacks, as well as 71% of all master's degrees and 65% of all doctoral degrees. Why are black women, who have the two strikes of being black and women against them, advancing while black men are falling further and further behind?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Latinos: In The United States’ Back Yard

At the time of the American Revolution, Spain, not England, was the largest colonial landowner on the American continents. Unlike the English, the Spanish intermarried widely with the indigenous populations. In the 20th century, their descendents came to be identified as a distinct, nonwhite group. (In the 1800's, Mexicans were generally considered white.) Today, Latinos come from many countries with varied histories, but the relationship of Mexicans to the United States is the longest, and people of Mexican descent are still the largest Latino group in the United States (67% in 2002). Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821. Three years later, the Monroe Doctrine promised the newly independent nations of Latin America "protection" from interference by European powers. However, this doctrine allowed the United States itself to intervene in the affairs of the entire hemisphere. Ever since, this paternalistic relationship (reminiscent of the "trust" relationship with Native tribes) has meant U.S. political and economic dominance in Mexico and Central and South America, causing the "push and pull" of the people of those countries into and out of the United States.

Mexicans and Anglos fought together to free Texas from Mexican rule, creating the Lone Star Republic of Texas, which was then annexed to the United States in 1845. Three years later, the United States went to war against Mexico to gain more territory and continue fulfilling its "manifest destiny" – its God-given right – to expand "from sea to shining sea." Mexico lost the war and was forced to accept the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which gave the United States half of Mexico's land. While individual Mexican landowners were at first assured that they would maintain ownership, the United States did not keep that promise, and the treaty ushered in a huge transfer of land from Mexicans to Anglos. For the first time in these areas, racial categories were used to determine who could obtain land. The English language was also used to establish Anglo dominance; legal papers in English proving land ownership were required, and many Spanish speakers suffered as a result.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

In the twentieth century, government policy continued to reinforce a wealth gap between Mexicans and whites. The first U.S.-Mexico border patrol was set up in 1924, and deportations of Mexicans became commonplace. Like African Americans, Latino workers were disproportionately represented in the occupations not covered by the Social Security Act. During World War II, when U.S. farms needed more agricultural workers, the federal government established the Bracero program, under which Mexican workers were brought into the United States to work for subminimum wages and few benefits, then kicked out when their labor was no longer needed. Even today, Mexicans continue to be used as "guest" – or really, reserve – workers to create profits for U.S. agribusiness.

The North American Free Trade Agreement, along with the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement and Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, is the newest incarnation of the Monroe Doctrine. Trade and immigration policies are still being used to maintain U.S. control over the resources in its "back yard," and at the same time to deny those it is "protecting" the enjoyment of the benefits to be found in papa's "front yard."

Sharon from WI said...

The only fallacy is that those grand ole glorious mansion days were none existent. They were nothing but human misery, cruelty, death, and human suffering farms. Not only that even after slavery every trick in the book was pulled to keep blacks from being equal economically wise.<<<


And this is what I find so troubling about those antebellum mansion tours that are held in the South today. There is no evidence of the slave quarters--dilapidated shacks people wouldn't put their dogs in to sleep, much less themselves.

As far as these kids getting a "teaching moment" is concerned, I think it could have been done without this extreme.

Thousands of students each year get their "teaching moments" visitng the sites of concentration and death camps in Germany and Poland. And no one has to put on prison stripes and play the role of a starving inmate to get that what happened there was monstrous and wrong.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 6:26:

Yes, black women have been through a lot and had to carry the biggest share of the burdens as a black woman I know that and have experience to the fullest extent. However,I am not here to bash black males because I also know what they had to go through and are going through, akso, I know that prisons were made just for them. Do you really think the War on drug was really a war on drugs? It wasn't a war on drugs, it was a war on a race of people. So are practically every law in America, birth control, and even medical experiments and more. They weren't made to help the black population grow but to destroy it.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Everyone have a very blessed day and I pray that peace and prosperity rains down you in abundance.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I forgot to put down the history for Asians, came back to do that, and then I'm gone.

Asian Americans: Perpetual Foreigners

The first Asian immigrants, the Chinese, came to the United States at the same time and for the same reason as the Irish: to escape economic distress at home and take advantage of economic opportunity in America. Like European immigrants, the Chinese came voluntarily, paying their own passage, ready and willing to seize the opportunity to build economic success in a new land. Chinese and Irish immigrants arrived in large numbers in the same decade, but their economic trajectories later diverged. The major reason is race. While the Irish, caricatured as apes in early cartoons, were soon able to become citizens, the Naturalization Act of 1790 limited eligibility for citizenship to "whites." Asians did not know if they were white or not – but they wanted to be! The rights and benefits of "whiteness" were obvious. Other Americans didn't know whether or not they were white, either. Lawsuits filed first by Chinese, then by Japanese, Indian (South Asian), and Filipino immigrants all claimed that they should be granted "white" status. The outcomes were confusing; for example, South Asians, classified as Caucasian, were at first deemed white. Then, in later cases, courts decided that while they were Caucasian, they were not white.

A series of laws limited the right of Asians to create wealth. Chinese immigrants were drawn into the Gold Rush; the Foreign Miners Tax, however, was designed to push them out of the mining industry. The tax provided 25% of California's annual state budget in the 1860s, but the government jobs and services the tax underwrote went exclusively to whites – one of the first tax-based racial transfers of wealth. And with the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Acts in 1882, the Chinese became the first nationality to be denied the right to join this immigrant nation; the numbers of Chinese-American citizens thus remained small until the 1960s.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The next wave of Asians came from Japan. Excellent farmers, the Japanese bought land and created successful businesses. Resentment led to the passage of the 1924 Alien Land Act, which prohibited noncitizens from owning land. Japanese Americans then found other ways to create wealth, including nurseries and the cut flower business. In 1941, they had $140 million of business wealth.

World War II would change all that. In 1942, the Roosevelt administration forced Japanese Americans, foreign-born and citizen alike, to relocate to internment camps in the inland Western states. They had a week to dispose of their assets. Most had to sell their homes and businesses to whites at fire sale prices – an enormous transfer of wealth. In 1988, a successful suit for reparations gave the survivors of the camps $20,000 each, a mere fraction of the wealth that was lost.

Today, Asians are the group that as a whole has moved closest to economic parity with whites. (There are major variations in status between different Asian nationalities, however, and grouping them masks serious problems facing some groups.) While Asian immigrants have high poverty rates, American-born Asians have moved into professional positions, and the median income of Asians is now higher than that of whites. However, glass ceilings still persist, and as Wen Ho Lee, the Chinese-American nuclear scientist who was falsely accused of espionage in 2002, found out, Asians are still defined by race and branded as perpetual foreigners.

The divergent histories of the Irish and the Chinese in the United States illustrate the powerful role of race in the long-term accumulation of wealth. Irish-Americans faced plenty of discrimination in the labor market: consider the "No Irish Need Apply" signs that were once common in Boston storefronts. But they never faced legal prohibitions on asset ownership and citizenship as Chinese immigrants did, or the expropriation of property as the Japanese did. Today, people of Irish ancestry have attained widespread material prosperity and access to political power, and some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in business and politics are of Irish descent. Meantime, the wealth and power of the Chinese are still marginal.

Throughout history, federal policies – from constructing racial categories, to erecting barriers to asset building by nonwhites, to overseeing transfers of wealth from nonwhites to whites – have created the basis for the current racial wealth divide. If the gap is to be closed, government policies will have to play an important role. It's long past time to close the gap.

RiPPa said...


How you doing? I don't know if you read my recent email I sent to you. But look for something in your email in the next few minutes from me.

Anonymous said...

If the gap is to be closed, government policies will have to play an important role. It's long past time to close the gap

How is the gap to be closed? What will these government policies be?

alicia banks said...



some really great
some really vicious posts herein

YET, NOT ONE WHINY BIASED BLOG POLICE OFFICER IN SIGHT...WHAT???????????????????????????????????????



here is a REALLY bad teacher and a horrid elitist & sexist kindergarten lesson:

Anonymous said...

"Go suck a dick anonymous, I was there that night. I knew those two children who were struck.
I hate you and your kind. I hope all of you get what you deserve."
Same to you white sheet wearing negroid. Btw, I have been there when black folks commit CRIME and I've known people victimized by BLACK CRIME yet I am able to refrain from 3 days of looting and killing, as is everyone else victimzed by african americans. Your inability to realize that you can't go around lynching and looting because someone from another ethnic group caused a f-ing CAR ACCIDENT is the reason why so many black males find themselves in cages. To call those 400+ black males who went on a lynching/looting spree animals is a slur against animals.

Anonymous said...

NFL legend Lawrence Taylor was arrested by Florida cops in November 2009 and charged with leaving the scene of an accident after he allegedly hit another car on a Hialeah-area expressway. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the former New York Giant great drove away in his damaged vehicle and claimed to have hit only a guardrail. Taylor, 50, was then booked into a Miami lockup on the misdemeanor charge and released after posting $500 bond

So go loot and riot for 3 days over this Shabazz and Steve. Black folks never would have acted crazy like that if it had been a young black male behind the wheel. Which maked Crown Heights a hate crime. You name an instance when black folks act like that when a black folk causes a car accident? Never. Black folks don't even go apeshit when you kill children on purpose. dumbass.

Anonymous said...


You really need to take a chill pill, you act like you have been a victim of black rage or even worse raped by a brotha. Your anti- Black male angst is so funny not sad. My advice would be go beat up or kill the brotha who robbed, raped or killed your friend, relative or yourself you may feel better but I highly doubt it.

Attorneymom said...

President Obama and classism in hiring:

uptownsteve said...

"Why are black women, who have the two strikes of being black and women against them, advancing while black men are falling further and further behind?"

Falling behind?

Like being the leader of the free world?

Anonymous said...

Like being the leader of the free world?

Obama is an anomaly Steve. Black women outpace black men in the work world. Just look at the educational attainment record.

uptownsteve said...

Let's see any evidence that you can produce that black men are "falling behind".

Black women may attain more education but they still don't earn as much as black men.

Anonymous you just hate and fear black men and just can't get past that.

BTW clown, shall I post the mugshots of white celebrities who got arrested for DUI or moving violations?

You're a clown.

Anonymous said...

From USA Today, Feb, 2005

•High school completion. During the past decade, the graduation rate for black women improved while the rate for men slipped. Currently, 56% of black women graduate from high school, compared with 43% of black men, according to the Urban Institute.

•College enrollment. From 2000 to 2001, the number of black men in higher education rose by 30,000. That's good news, but during the same period the number of black women in college rose by 73,000. Twice as many black women as black men now attend college.

•College degrees. From 2001 to 2002, the increase in the number of degrees — associates, bachelor's or master's — earned by black men was less than 3%. By contrast, the number of black women earning associate's degrees rose by 6.5%, bachelor's by 4.3% and master's by 4.5%

Anonymous said...

Black women college graduates are now earning more than Black men and many White women, The New York Times reported.

The wage gains for Black professional women came in the 1980s as the salaries of White professional women gained slightly but those of Black men decreased.

The figures came form an analysis of census data conducted for the New York Times by the Economic Policy Institute of Washington, D.C., and Queens College of the City University of New York, the Times reported.

grinder said...

Context is everything, and I can see why the teacher did it. However, as a white man, if I had kids I would be strongly disinclined to allow them to take part in such a demonstration for fear that, regardless of how well meaning the teacher was, someone would view my kids as little KKK spawn.

File this one under "You can't win." In a better world the teacher could do what he did without raising an eyebrow, but we as a society are nowhere near far enough along to allow it.

Anonymous said...

Black women are prosperous because, being female, they are not perceived to be a threat to the white male power structure. When you are a visible minority, being female can work in your favor if you manage to attain a higher education and avoid being raped and exploited.

Also, I want to add that Alicia Stanks and her Fly are cretins. Their idiotic and inane posts make my head hurt.

Stacks said...

Alicia Stanks


alicia banks said...



kola is posting as assnon
as usual

and she has used
"alicia stanks" as a slur all over the net for years

you are iliiterate
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alicia banks said...


only male bicthes like you whine about black women as you fight for your spaces on the bottom

court jesters like you make oppression a contest

real kings share our struggles and our pain


Anonymous said...

alicia banks, you must be butta, cause you on a roll!!!!

Stacks said...

And anonyass, you must be really lonely 'cause you can't seem to keep your face from ms. stanks hind quarters.

alicia banks said...


your pissy bitchiness is surpassed only by your vulgar

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"shame how you stank up all efforts at valid convo..."

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Stacks said...

I never defended maria, show me the post where I defended her you lying, vulgar bitch.
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Anonymous said...

Well, I was going to leave well enough alone, but I will respond to Stanks's post at 8:08:

Stankedy Stanks:

"only male bicthes like you whine about black women as you fight for your spaces on the bottom

court jesters like you make oppression a contest

real kings share our struggles and our pain"

Anonymous 12:28:

Actually, I did not intend to slight Black women in my initial post. I have been working in corporate America for several years now and simply made an observation based on my own experiences. This is a message board and I posted my opinion.

I do not understand where you got the idea that I am "competing with" or "jealous" of the impressive gains made by Black women. I am not petty. I celebrate all success stories in my community, male or female. It would be ridiculous for me to hate Black women because I was born from a Black woman and was reared by Black women.

The only difference between you and I is that I simply do not believe in Black Female Exceptionalism and Black Female Omnipotence. I do not worship at the shrine of the Black Female Goddess. Black women are as human as us Black man and we have both strengths and foibles. In your world, Black men are only useful if we lick up behind you. There is no balance or equality in your worldview. Only poor, oppressed, downtrodden Black woman can claim victimhood and are deserving of sympathy; everyone else is an oppressor. I have the exact same qualms with Kola Boof, the person whom you thought was the author of my original post.

Also, for someone who constantly accuses people of using vulgar and sexual epithets, you sure don't hesitate to use them yourself? If you want to see a bitch, I would advise you to look in a mirror.

You are a stupid, stupid woman. Never have I seen someone singlehandedly bring down the level of discourse on a bulletin board. I despise you and your conspiracy theories, Black Female Supremacist posturing, name calling, hatefulness, egocentrism, and overall bitterness. You bring out the worst in people and cause them to fall to your level.

You make me physically ill.

alicia banks said...



cowardice and selective policing make me ill

i could not care less about whiners like you who ignore all the slurs hurled at me until i hurl one back

what is truly vulgar is the double standards, lies, and denial of misogynists morons like you

i have never said that women were not human...quote me bitch!!!!!

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alicia banks said...

assnon/stacksbs et al:

this is what audre lorde had to say about lying sexist dogs like you who scapegoat feminists for all that ails you:

In a classic essay entitled, “I Am Your Sister: Black Women Organizing Across Sexualities” [Burst of Light. 1988. Firebrand Books: Ithaca, NY], renown scholar, poet, and author Audre Lorde wrote:

“When I say I am a Black Lesbian, I mean I am a woman whose primary focus of loving, physical as well as emotional, is directed to women. It does not mean I hate men. Far from it. The harshest attacks I have ever heard against Black men come from those women who are emotionally bound to them and cannot free themselves from a subservient and silent position. I would never presume to speak about Black men the way I have heard some of my straight sisters talk about the men they are attracted to. And of course that concerns me, because it reflects a situation of noncommunication in the heterosexual community that is far more truly threatening than the existence of Black Lesbians.”


Today the red-herring of lesbian-baiting is being used in the Black community to obscure the true face of racism/sexism. Black women sharing close ties with each other, politically or emotionally, are not the enemies of Black men. Too frequently, however, some Black men attempt to rule by fear those Black women who are more ally than enemy. These tactics are expressed as threats of emotional rejection: "Their poetry wasn't too bad but I couldn't take all those lezzies." The Black man saying this is code-warning every Black woman present interested in a relationship with a man--and most Black women are--that (1) if she wishes to have her work considered by him she must eschew any other allegiance except to him and (2) any woman who wishes to retain his friendship and/or support had better not be "tainted" by woman-identified interests. . . .

All too often the message comes loud and clear to Black women from Black men: "I am the only prize worth having and there are not too many of me, and remember, I can always go elsewhere. So if you want me, you'd better stay in your place which is away from one another, or I will call you 'lesbian' and wipe you out." Black women are programmed to define ourselves within this male attention and to compete with each other for it rather than to recognize and move upon our common interests.

The tactic of encouraging horizontal hostility to becloud more pressing issues of oppression is by no means new, nor limited to relations between women. The same tactic is used to encourage separation between Black women and Black men. In discussions around the hiring and firing of Black faculty at universities, the charge is frequently heard that Black women are more easily hired than are Black men. For this reason, Black women's problems of promotion and tenure are not to be considered important since they are only "taking jobs away from Black men." Here again, energy is being wasted on fighting each other over the pitifully few crumbs allowed us rather than being used, in a joining of forces to fight for a more realistic ratio of Black faculty. The latter would be a vertical battle against racist policies of the academic structure itself, one which could result in real power and change. It is the structure at the top which desires changelessness and which profits from these apparently endless kitchen wars.

Lorde, Audre. "Scratching the Surface: Some Notes on Barriers to Woman and Loving." Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches. Freedom, CA: Crossing Press, 1984. 45-52.

AbuAmirah said...

Why didn't this asshole complete the lesson and have one of their white classmates strap one of the kids to a tree and whip his/her ass? I mean dude shouldn't do shit half ass. What kind of message does that send to our kids?

Anonymous said...

They call my ~ALPHA female~. I love this site, and it was a surprise to see this particular story mentioned here. This misfortune happened not far from my home. As a matter of fact, I've been on this same field trip with my daughter. I commonly blog on a local news site ..WITN TV 7. This story is mention there too. If you get a chance, please check out my link, and that goes for anyone that reads my post... You will see that racism still exsist and is alive and kicking in NC. Check around this website and you will see the white people call black people lazy, dumb, uneducated, worthless, thugs. But please check out what they are saying about this field trip. I am fighting 50 white people alone... but I'm winning! :) Good day brown people.

Unknown said...

How old do you have to be to be treated as a human being? We treat our "children" as a herd of sheep. "WHAT WAS HE THINKING TRYING TO TEACH THEM VISUALLY AND CREATIVELY??? EVERYONE KNOWS THEY LEARN FROM MONOTONED LECTURES AND CHAPTER BOOKS THEY CANT READ" I just turned 18 myself, and I'll still never forgive society for treating me like a "child" first and a human later. According to society, people are items untill the age of 18. Whats the difference between slavery 100 years ago and slavery now? slavery for the next hundred years? If everyone is so freaking concerned with censorship and all that bs then why dont we just brainwash our children indefinatly? Isolate them from reality? Feed them enough for them to grow and be strong workers? OH WAIT, thats what we already do, and thats exactly what SLAVERY was/IS!

Royal Model said...

Call GirlS