Sunday, June 01, 2008


That's how many delegates the "Ice Queen" will get after the dumbocratic party leaders decided to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida at only half strength.

Of course now everyone in camp Hillary is crying that the process was unfair. They were "jeering","hissing", and to use, if I may, a biblical rerence,gnashing their teeth.

Hilliary's peeps are mad because even after all of this, the "0" man will keep his delegate lead. One of Hillary's henchmen,Harold Ickes, said that Hillary will "reserve the right" to appeal the decision to the party's credentials committee. Oh boy!

"I am stunned that we have the gall and chutzpah to substitute our judgment for 600,000 voters". Nice rhetoric there Harold, that will really help your party come November. And I have a question: Didn't your girl agree to play by these very rules? Just a thought.

I know one thing, the "Clintonites"are fighting mad. You Obamaholics are going to have to knock down and drag these fools all the way to Denver.

"My mama always taught me to play by the rules." So said my girl Donna Brazille. Sorry Donna, your mama's name ain't Hillary Clinton.

***folks I hope this worked out.I did this entire post on my Blackberry" I happen to be out of pocket right now****


ZACK said...

I know that I said that I'd never be back. So, sue me! (No, don't do that because you really are an attorney)

Great post- on your Blackberry. See, old people know how to use cell phones too. JUST KIDDING! (That's for not commenting on my blog. ZING!)

Anonymous said...

As I have said many times before, it is Night of the Living Dead mixed with Groundhog Day.

Field - Your thumbs must be tired. :-)

Anonymous said...

North American Negroes, field-negro.blogspot is an obfuscation, a misdirection. Watch out!!

Them Jamaicans, male and female are tryin-nin to take over our shyt:

... Usain Bolt. ... Bolt set a world record in 9.72 seconds, ...
The Jamaican crowd got a double dose of victory as Veronica Campbell-Brown, the reigning world champion, also won her race, in 10.91 seconds, the fastest women’s 100 in the world this year.

They come up heah and marry our women and now this.

A.F. said...

From all I'm reading, this one-minute study in raving insanity was the norm for Clinton supporters at the RBC and not the exception:

And Harold Ickes accused Obama campaign of "HIJACKING FOUR delegates."

Unknown said...

jamaicans rule wherever we settle...
we are 'bi'bout-ya...'

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up for your first Blackberry post.
Sorry. Just could not resist!

Unknown said...

nsangoma that was funny!

you should have heard the arguments Ickles made on meet the press this morning. They truly are like little kids throwing tantrums coz things did not go their way.

Now that Father Pfleger?? had no business apologizing. He was absolutely telling the truth.

I guess we have to wait for the madness to go on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Field:

This is only the beginning of the real fighting by the Billarys...Terry McCauliffe just told Wolf Blitzer that the DNC "stole" the votes to which he claims she is entitled, comparing the actions yesterday by the DNS to those of the Fla. Repugs in 2000...Party unity ?--nope, just a well thought out, cleverly orchestrated plan to either hope that something more scandalous is revealed about "O", allowing her to "graciously" step in as the nominee, or alternatively, if that doesn't happen, ensure "o" loses in Nov., allowing her to reclaim the throne for the 2012 nomination. Her and her gang are blatant racists, crooks, and liars...I'd never vote for, support, or mention her name out loud without spitting on the ground ! They must be defeated--otherwise, get used to the third bush term.

Christopher said...

OK, Field.

The minute after the remaining two primary races in Montana and South Dakota wrap Tuesday night, we will have our nominee and his name is Barack Obama.

So the choices are three:

1. endorse Barack Obama
2. endorse John McCain
3. endorse no one and sit out the election

Will you then, formally endorse Barack Obama on your blog?

Ann Brock said...

Obama! on to the White House. He took the Clinton machine down. I am loving it.

Anonymous said...

I am watching Bridezilla today on the WeTV, and reading your blog today about Hillary would aptly describes her as she may a tantrum all the way to the convention. Hillary is a bridezilla because it appropriately describes her acquired situational narcissism. Harold Ickes gave us a preview of what Clinton may do at the convention. If she does go to the credential committee, then it's possible that the Democrats could lose the White House in the general election. Clinton does not follow the rules very well, and Ickes could once again end up with egg on his face after his lost with Gore v. Bush in 2000. I find it fascinating one can agree with the rules at the beginning, but the moment when things do not go his or her cries fouls, However, this is what sore losers do. This is going to be a long summer.

Christopher said...

Barack just appeared in this little nowhere town of Mitchell, SD.

Population: 15,000.

Obama drew a crowd of 8,000 adoring supporters. Half the town came out to hear and see him. People (mostly white and blue collar) went crazy after he spoke, crowding Obama, reaching out to touch him, shake his hand and take his picture. One woman threw her arms around him, sobbing.

I have never seen anything like it.

46.5 more delegates and Barack is over the top! Woooooo Hoooooo!

Brown Man said...

Dude, the bellboy photo is nuts!

Almost as nuts as Ickes! How much ARE they paying him? If I were him, I'd walk my checks to the bank from here on in.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder??? If Hillary Clinton wasn't losing would she be so eager to seat the Michigan and Florida delegates? And, would she encourage Obama to keep going until Denver or quit to keep from destroying the party?

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Field. I'd use my cell phone, but you know how it is when you have prepaid minutes and the keyboard is the equivalent of rotary dialing...

Heads up, peeps. That tape Flowbee has of Michelle Obama railing against Whitey may actually be "Why'd he". Check out this link for more information.

Kellybelle said...

Hillary is beyond the pale.

Anonymous said...

Well said Kellybelle, she is indeed.

Lola Gets said...

I just saw "Sex in the City" and my friend told me that Hillary swept the Puerto Rican primaries. She things that that will keep Hillary fired up til the convention. I wish she would just stop the madness. Please. For the good of the party.


Hathor said...

Is no one upset that Obama resigned from his church?

Anonymous said...

Is no one upset that Obama resigned from his church?
hathor said...7:44 PM

Is there room for Michelle under that bus?br/>
Wolff ticket, or the real-thing??!!

rikyrah said...


I'm sad about it, but just as it seems things were dying down, boom, here comes another tape. And this wasn't even from either Minister of the church. Another Youtube's greatest hits.

I was watching the local news today, and the response of Trinity was, 'you have the letter, now get off our property or we'll call the police'.

I had to laugh at that.

Anonymous said...

@ Hathor:

My wife sure is...

I didn't have the same level of indignation, but we both agree that while politically, this isn't exactly a huge deal (so many candidates have done things so much worse), it does diminish our respect of him a bit as a fellow Christian.

Anonymous said...

Father Pfleger is hilarious! He should go on Showtime at the Apollo! As for Hilary, ignore her and her hot flashes!

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

It's tough when you feel you're a rich white woman and entitled to a job and some tall, skinny kid, some uppity "minority," gets the job instead. I'm about to cry...really.

Anonymous said...

Is anybody wondering why Puerto Rico has such mad love for the Clintons?

Is there anybody here believing the MSM lie that it's because she has so many Puerto Rican constituents in New York?

Well, let me give you another take on this whole matter.

"On August 11, 1999, Clinton commuted the sentences of 16 members of FALN, a violent Puerto Rican nationalist group that set off 120 bombs in the United States mostly in New York City and Chicago, convicted for conspiracies to commit robbery, bomb-making, and sedition, as well as for firearms and explosives violations.

Find more information here.

And there's more:

"The only reasonable explanation yet advanced for Clinton's incredible about-face on terrorism is that freeing terrorists who happen to be Puerto Rican was designed to help Hillary Clinton in her unannounced campaign for the U.S. Senate from New York. There are approximately 1.3 million Puerto Ricans in New York."

Find more information here.

Moral: We don't need another president in office who cares more about her political career than she does about the American people's security, safety, or welfare.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Crackberry! I am happy Clinton is still acting up because then she gets to be totally shut out of the Obama administration. No VP, no Cabinet, no Govenorship, no...NOTHING. She can go back to Senate - not that that is a consolation prize mind you - and suffer the humiliation of having her seat challenged.

Anonymous said...

Those people in Mitchell were probably reaching out to the "O" man because they'd never seen a black person up close and personal. The story reminds me of the James Baldwin essay, "Stranger in the Village," where he recounts the villagers' response to seeing a black man for the first time and marveling at his black skin, kinky hair, and thick lips. Ecxcept this time, in Mitchell, they all wanted to touch the "new" Negro who does not project a threatening posture or uncomfortable profile.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I'm disturbed that we live in a society where if a black man runs for President, his church comes under such scrutiny that he is forced to leave his church. The bible speaks of this same thing.

What did Father Pfleger say that was so wrong, other than mention the words white people? Has the words "white people" become so sacred that it is a crime to even speak those two words together? There were no words spoken suggesting or telling the congregation to do any bodily harm to any whites or even wishing ill towards Hillary or white people. So what was so offensive? He told the truth and said the same thing the media had been saying.

Would someone help me understand? Because it really doesn't make sense to me other than Hillary is embarrassed because none of her scheming and conniving worked this time. She has distorted and twisted the truth, used the race card, cried victim, and used every other trick in the book. Her game plan did not work. Hillary is a sore loser and that is the bottom line.

If I were Obama I wouldn't even give her a position in the cafeteria. She is not to be trusted.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I liked what Anita Dunn said. She is a senior strategist for Obama. Basically he's not going to wait by phone like a school girl for her call. HRC knows what time it is and what to do. Ball's in her court.

I'm curious to see if she will campaign for him and what she will tell her supporters.

Anonymous said...

Please bring on George Obama McGovern, the GOP has been ready and waiting.

Just say no to Jimmy Carters 2nd term

field negro said...

Yes Father Pfleger is da man.He has been an HFNOTD before.

Zack glad to see you back fam.And I have lurking at your site.(Check your incoming IP addresses)

OK anon 3:2PM that "thumbs up" crack was funny!And speaking of crack:"Crackberry"? You all are killing me:)

And yes nsangoma the Yawdies do kill on the track.It's in our blood.

Christopher let me think about your three options for awhile :)

Anonymous said...

This says it all about the Clintonites: Donna Brazile said yesterday that the Clinton camp refused to come to the table, that Obama had the votes for a 50-50 split of MI, but didn't go for it. I watched her say Obama basically gave up the opportunity to get MORE delegates in order to appease the Clinton camp but they refused to compromise whatsoever. My 3 yr old nephew has a better sense of fairness than Shrillary's folk.

Obama stated he left the church also so that the members could worship in peace without having CNN and Fox staked outside when they're just trying to get to Bible Study and choir rehersal. Props to the members who very politely told the reporters yesterday that they understood this, much to the soundbite editors dismay.

Anonymous said...

Sad that he had to leave the church.

Father Pfieffer (sp) -- didn't you know they was video taping you?

You ought to apologize, for doing dumbass shit in front of the camera.

Nevermind it's true.

Anonymous said...
Pastor Dan has an excellent take on Obama and Trinity. Recommended.

Don said...

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.

I really have to wonder if she gets any sleep at night. Or Bill. Deep down inside, I know Bill Clinton has to be hating the fact that his wife faired good back in Pennsylvannia and Texas. Had she not gained esteem I am sure this election for the 'dumbocratic' nominee would been over.

Nothing left for Hillary to do, except paint her face black and 'rally for the black voters.'

Hillary I sure hope you are not reading this.

Don said...

You know I have seen this picture a few times before

The pic was funny.

Barack Obama is living proof just how far this country has come. No denying. Really makes me proud.

*cues Michelle Obama soundbyte*

Anonymous said...

I really hope the "O-man" has enough delegates Tuesday night to declare victory. Otherwise, they're gonna eat it up for breakfast Wednesday morning.

field negro said...

Hathor, you know I am not a church going bloke. But the way the "O" man bailed on Trinity... I don't know...Hey, maybe if he gets elected he will go back....maybe.

AgentX said...

@ Field Negro;

Yeah, Hillary Clinton's supporters were mad at the party. One woman there went batshit racist insane.
You'll want to look at the second video in my post. If the vid's gone, just read my (abridged) transcript

Anonymous said...

as much as i enjoy your blog, i'm gettin kinda sick of your sexist language. you are better than this, field.

brotherkomrade said...
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Francis Holland said...

I can't see a lot of this pastor/flock crap on television in Brazil, so I just have to hear about it all from you all. And so I can't really gainsay the effect it all might have.

The only sure thing is that McCain and his allies will do every conceivable thing in November to make white people fear, distrust, loath and have contempt for Barack Obama.

Our only hope is to build such a bonfire of contempt for McCain that even his Willie Horton ads can't save him.

Great post from your Blackberry, Field. I've never even seen one of the things!

There are six US States that are over 20% Black that will not have a Black blog credentialed to report from the Democratic National Convention. But, every white state will have at least one white credentialed blogger regardless of how small or Republican-leaning that state is.