Thursday, June 05, 2008

The "fist-bump" seen around the world.

Now it's the fist-bump seen round the world. Honestly, I never even noticed it when it was happening, but apparently many of my A-merry-can brothers and sisters did. It's actually a major news story now. The "O" man fist thumping his wife as they greeted each other on stage. "Wow! How cool was that? Did you see that honey? That Obama guy actually gave his wife a 'fist-bump.' Man those black guys are cool. I think I could vote for this guy for president. It would be like having Tiger Woods in the White House without the blond wife."......

But seriously, what the Obamas did and seeing the reaction made me realize that there are quite a few white folks in this country who don't even see black folks on a daily basis let alone interact with them. Hard for me to believe, because I live in Philly, where we are right on top of each other competing for jobs, houses, and damn near every dollar we can scrape. The love ain't all the way brotherly between us, and during the summer time the white folks run to the Jersey Shore every weekend to get away from us. Not that we care that much. We love having the city to ourselves during "Greek Picnic" weekend. Whoops, digression alert!

So back to the "O" man and Michelle. Look, it's like this, if and I do mean if, the "O" man wins the presidency, there are a whole lot of things that you white folks who aren't used to us are going to have to get used to. We don't do the PDA thing with our spouses like you guys (That Al. and Tipper lip lock made me want to vomit). So you might see a fist thump, a quick smooch or a high five from time to time. That's cool, it means they are still in love. Trust me on this one, and sisters please help me with this. The good thing about having the Obamas as our first family is that you will know exactly what's going on behind closed doors when they appear in public. There will be no hypocrisy no pretence. That shit is for Laura and Hillary. If there are problems at home, you will not see Michelle at his side. Sisters do not play that stand by your man bullshit when he is fucking up. Do you really think Larry Craig, Eliot Spitzer, or Jim McGreevy could have been married to sisters? Sheeeet, they would have been doing those damn press conferences all by their lonesome.

So don't panic A-merry-ca, it's cool. The fist- bump thing is par for the course, and it won't affect the way the "O" man does his job. And this president will play basketball instead of golf, and he might like to break out a little EWF on the West Lawn now and then. It's all good. "Oh damn there goes that Barrack blaring his stereo again, I told you this would happen as soon as we let them move in." [For those of you who will send me e-mails telling me how crass I am and to stop stereotyping, and making jokes at the expense of our race. Save them and get use to it. Because if the "O" man does win and become POTUS, you are going to see a whole lot more. And it won't be from your friendly neighborhood field Negro.]

A brotha in the White House? Yeah I could fist-bump to that.


SingaporeSwim said...

HA! Great post Field.
As a rule, we definitely don't engage in PDA's. It's just too common, as my mother would say.

However, I do believe that Michelle will stand with Obie when appropriate, even if he's in the dog house, and deal with him later in the privacy of the WH. Those revolutions will, hopefully, not be televised or publicized.

Michelle has him trained pretty well and, since Obie is cool under pressure, he probably doesn't "take her there" too often. He realizes that they both will have their separate domains: Michelle will rule the roost (even at 1600 Penn Ave) and he will rule the country.

And, of course, women have the power to "withhold." I think Obama gets his on the regular (telephonic does count), and wants to keep it that way, so he knows when not to cross certain lines or push certain buttons.

Michelle also won't be wearing a plastic smile like her counterparts and she will actually appreciate and understand political machinations. She's not the disconnected and uninterested sort and will def have something to offer, besides interior design, to the Obama's WH experience

Anonymous said...

After the last eight years of the Bush nightmare... a little fresh and cool will be sooo welcome!

field negro said...

"Michelle has him trained pretty well and, since Obie is cool under pressure, he probably doesn't "take her there" too often."

Poor "O" man. But he can take comfort in the fact that he is not alone:)

jody, you don't go to the "shore" every weekend do you? :)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why it's such hot news, but I did think it was one of cutest and most heartwarmingly honest moments between a political husband and wife that I've seen in a long long time.

SingaporeSwim said...

Poor "O" man. But he can take comfort in the fact that he is not alone:)

Don't feel sorry for his OR your plight Field. LOL

Only wise men have cause to willfully surrender to the artfulness of the woman.

SingaporeSwim said...

Deacon Blue.
Supposedly, Michelle said "give me some" right before the dap heard 'round the world.

As long as they don't bump chests, I'm kewl.

Anonymous said...

field... nope. no shore for me. I too like it when the city empties out. but the august heat stench can be hard to take!

Blabbeando said...

Darn! And this makes news? It reminds me of the bru-ha-ha over Obama's "dirt off your shoulders" signal or - heck - the supposed 'secret' signals that gay men are supposed to know by heart when they enter any airport bathroom. Is general American media THIS insular and stupid? Hm. Then again, don't answer that one.

Anonymous said...

For the love of God when will the media talk about the issues? Cute pic though. He seems to have a great relationship with his theory is that when a POTUS gets some, he doesn't invade other countries.

Reagan -Grenada
Bush I -Iraq
Clinton -zero
Bush II -Afghanistan AND Iraq
McCain?? He's married to the Lizard Queen he ain't gettin' none.

The choice is obvious.

rikyrah said...

LMAO at Chris Matthews explaining that it's called a 'DAP'.


But, yeah, folks done lost their minds over it.

rikyrah said...

The good thing about having the Obamas as our first family is that you will know exactly what's going on behind closed doors when they appear in public. There will be no hypocrisy no pretence. That shit is for Laura and Hillary. If there are problems at home, you will not see Michelle at his side. Sisters do not play that stand by your man bullshit when he is fucking up. Do you really think Larry Craig, Eliot Spitzer, or Jim McGreevy could have been married to sisters? Sheeeet, they would have been doing those damn press conferences all by their lonesome.

LOL.....I'm feeling you on that, FN. They would have never made it to the Press Conference, because they'd be in the hospital recovering from Hot Grits burns...


Chris said...

i didn't even notice it. i give a fist bump a million times while playing any kind of sport. is this really news?


Field Negro!

I actually saw a blog post with the caption, "He's so black!" and the post was about the one second fist bump with his wife. The gesture was described as "giving her dap" and actually no...a fist bump is not the same as giving dap.


I mean really....

You are exactly people are invisible to so many in white America...ooooh weeee how did you get your hair to do that??? ("You mean these braids?")...oooh did you cut your hair? ("No I took my weave tracks out last night.")....

Or the girl at the check out lane....did you know that this is sunscreen lotion and not regular lotion...("I read the bottle and reading is a requirement at Harvard, dearie.")

Oh I get it now...the white cashier THOUGHT that black people have some sort of skin that the sun bounces off of...oh...

Field, I can't even believe a gesture we have been doing since we got off of the ships IS NOW news!!

(shaking my head in bewilderment)

brotherkomrade said...

Read Field's post again, y'all.
Think on it.
He done drunk the kool-aid.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Granny looks at it this way, Obama keeps Michelle satisfied and gives her the utmost respect. He knows how to treat his wife like the lady she is, his queen. Obama is a gentlemen.

I don't believe that she is wearing the pants in his family either not for a moment, because she, also, gives him respect as a man.

Marriage is a two way street. Not one way. You get out of it what you put in. Communication and understanding are the keys to a lasting relationship.

ZACK said...

If I had a wife, I'd do more than tap her hand....

But back to the topic at hand. Anything that Obama does is gonna be scrutinized. You all should get over it. It's actually what he's not doing, like helping black males on the South Side of Chicago, is what makes him not ready for the presidency.

But who am I? Some lame mf who didn't drink the Kool-Aid like everybody else. WTF do I know? Every black man in Chicago loves Obama except me. I just need attention right? NO!!!!

Obama has never been seen in the hood except when I met him in 2000 at a chicken joint. And if he gets in the white house, he definitely will MapQuest a route with no toll roads or ghetto cul-de-sacs. Believe that!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

For those of you who think that most of the stuff said in Fields post is typical black, you really don't know black people.

BTW, it's called stereotyping black men and women. Black women are not Sapphires that dominate their men at least not real men, and all black men are not thugs, gangsters,and pimps, and all of them don't blast their music. The youngsters might blast theirs, but that is typical teenager, whites do that too.

Anonymous said...

The fist-bump is only news because WF control the press, and anything they control but don't understand is "news." Now, every BP is America knew what the deal was, but WF have turned a little heads-up-cool gesture into this phenomenal script.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

So, Zack you did community work on the Southside of Chicago working with poor people?

Unknown said...

you know... the gesture should be made into a movement... just a few black people doing it in front of whites.. let's see how it catches on... let's see what fake news et al would do with it...
you can see the headlines...
''the blackening of america''...
in fact should the world see america in this way.. terrorism would no longer be a threat... terrorists know better than to mess with black people... they just don't do it - they have all seen shaft, blade etc etc..
maybe obama should take to wearing a black long leather coat in front of international audiences...
by the way and totally off topic.. can someone explain to me why mugabe has not been taken out yet?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

The MSM needs to have some younger folks in it. I saw young white guys bump fists all the time in L.A.

Then maybe they thought there were in an episode of ENTOURAGE and trying to be cool.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was cool. Black people representin'!

Well we're movin' on up
to the East Side
to that deluxe apt in the sky [White House]
We finally got a piece of the pie - and then some!

Hillary can be Florence. Wait Hillary is Florence!

Obama announced, 'Daddy's home!' today. No PACs or lobby money for the DNC, Charlie Rangel told Miss Hillary to sit down and shut up, Tubbs-Jones was toeing the line on the teevee tonight.

Michelle & Barack have a date night scheduled for Saturday.

Rikyah - you had me with the hot grits. My dad decided to be testy with my mom once and found out the hard way.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Nope, Hillary cannot be Florence, even Florence had more class than that. Hillary is more of a Ma Barker type.

Ms.Martin said...

I'm surprised they didn't make more of the tap on the ass!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is true. They would have been standing alone, provided they could still stand. Great post.
Keep Writing,
The Black Rose

Javier said...


Thanks for the perspective your blog offers.

Just had a quick comment. After reading many reactions to Clinton's speech I can't help but remember a movie that came out in 1995. It's main character possessed the ability to bridge deep divisions and unite people from various clans all for the common good. He was rewarded by being betrayed by one of his own. One who had presumptive claims to leadership but not the courage to lead. Do you remember Braveheart? I can't help but see Hillary Clinton as a real life Robert de Bruce undermining and betraying today's William Wallace.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

"Man those black guys are cool. I think I could vote for this guy for president. It would be like having Tiger Woods in the White House without the blond wife."......
field, you are too funny.

You know: Having a dude in the White House who plays basketball, fist bumps his wife and doesn't play around with the interns is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yall be stylin-nin aw'ight. Fist pounds, dap, and how's this for future POTUS Inaugural Ball wear?

Ware's deh 'lectric slide and booty-green music up-in-heah? Dust off yo' shoulders and do deh soldier boi!

Anonymous said...

GrannyStandingforTruth said... "Black women are not Sapphires that dominate their men at least not real men...."

Granny how many readers here actually know what a "Sapphire" is?

The first time I used the term, it dated me, and the young people that I said it to looked at me so quizzically that I felt that I had moved in with the cast of Father Knows Best, or Leave it to Beaver.

Maybe mine was an isolated case. There's a lot of that going around these days.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Martin: I was starting to think I'd imagined the tap on the ass!!

field negro said...

ms. martin did he tap her on the ass? Noooooo:)

Jody, I didn't think you were a shore goer.

"Read Field's post again, y'all.
Think on it.
He done drunk the kool-aid."

No no no no! I have to try and remember, if Mrs. Field gave me something to drink......

"..the supposed 'secret' signals that gay men are supposed to know by heart when they enter any airport bathroom"

Andres yhou mean there are no secret signals? LOL!

Hathor said...

The one thing I hope is that his Kenyan grandmother and siblings would be present at the inauguration.

Anonymous said...

The love ain't all the way brotherly between us, and during the summer time the white folks run to the Jersey Shore every weekend to get away from us.

Sorry dude, but we NYC and Philly white folks do not go to the shore. We go down the shore.

BTW, thanks for making PhysioProf the blog you were feeling! It was great to have some of your readers stop by, and a few even left some kick-ass comments.

Hathor said...

No you aren't the only one.

Anonymous said...

There was much analysis all over the mainstream media regarding the POUND heard round the world...LOL..."oh no! we must figure out these secret signals!!" Yeah, ever since slaves devised up messages in songs and quilts, they're on to us!! LMAO!

Oh and did anyone know that when Obama won in Iowa that the song he and Michelle entered too before he spoke was Jay-Z's "99 Problems"??......"99 Problems, but a bitch ain't one".......ROFLMAO!! Luv it!

Anonymous said...

He did tap her on the ass as she turned away after the fist bump....I hadn't noticed it, but my husband (who often taps my ass) saw it and pointed it out to me.

I LOVE these two people. I love how easy they are with each other and that it shows how much they genuinely like each other. After the robot/drugged/Stepford look of the Laurabot, how great these two will be.

David Sullivan said...

Field, I agree wholeheartedly that Michelle will be a welcome change from Laura "Xanax Face" Buck, But...Do you think that if Barack gets caught with an intern soiling up a dress, that Michelle will be standing next to the podium with a rolling pin glaring at "O"? No frickin' way. She'll "stand by her man" and smile through clenched teeth like so is supposed to in that situation. Personally, I'd like to see much less of the first lady because as long as they receive such attention from the media for reading to kids and picking out the menu for the State Dinner then folks will never take a woman candidate as seriously as they should.

Admiral Komack said...

"Do you really think Larry Craig, Eliot Spitzer, or Jim McGreevy could have been married to sisters? Sheeeet, they would have been doing those damn press conferences all by their lonesome."


They would be in intensive care, the doctors removing their
piping-hot grits suits.

Mo said...

LOL he'll probably blast some jay z when those advisers get on his nerves...

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the Bump! That was cute, endearing, beautiful. We are so accustomed to the fake, the strained, the practiced. That bump was so special because it was a real moment between two real people. Why can I not have neighbors like this?

Anonymous said...

Listen... these two are the "real" deal and it shows. I sat with pride at that 'Dap' moment. My girl Michelle was telling the 'O' we got this!! :):) I for one am glad that they will be keeping it real and do things that come natural as part of our community. Also I think that Michelle will stand by 'O' man in a sticky situation as long as it doesn't involve another female. Other than's a wrap..he will be 'fist bumping' someone in the emergency room!!

Najmah said...

Field!!! I am in tears. This post was funny and the responses - even better. My email address aint' ms_hgrits for nuthin, so I'm gonna co-sign with you, Rikyah, and the others.

@old white guy - you said it - this couple is real, they are endearing, and beautiful. You want neighbors like this, I want a HUSBAND like Barack (cause I'm a lady like Michelle) bump, ass tap and all!

Thank God for this movement. I love it I love it I love it!!!

Christopher said...

Those inscrutable black people!

What are they going to do next to shock and confuse straight, white Murkins?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we’ve come a long way. A fist bumping Presidential candidate!
Do you think that the great John Adams fist-bumped the eloquent and beautiful Abigail Adams? Well do you, young man (Field Negro)?
The Presidency is serious. We need oil and unfortunately it is in the hands of those who are barbaric and are not even civilized to have their women dress as decently like Hilary or Abigail Adams for that matter. My pick-up truck needs gas. Obama will have us all having to learn Chinese and farsii with his anti-war talk. That’s right, we’ll be a nation of Chinese-speaking, towel-wearing oil-dependant, latte liberal, white women-hating nation of do-nothings. And I’m gonna be an old invalid choosing between paying for my cholesterol pills or buying a pint of gas and I won’t be able to hunt. I’ll have a full gun rack in the back of my truck cab with no where to go because I won’t have gas. That will be the state of our State; gasless with no more prey to hunt.
Well you all can be happy that THAT America all you want to, be me and mine will not.
NoBama, Not ever, Never, Forever!!!

- EvelynAC

Christopher said...

That’s right, we’ll be a nation of Chinese-speaking, towel-wearing oil-dependant, latte liberal, white women-hating nation of do-nothings. And I’m gonna be an old invalid choosing between paying for my cholesterol pills or buying a pint of gas and I won’t be able to hunt.


A parody troll. Evelyn must be one of the Borg Queen's "hard-working, white voters."

Husband 0 said...

It’s so nice that scoop-mouf has a man that she can fist bump on TV with. I’ve had nothing but slicksters, thugs, drunks, cads, losers, abusers, still-living-at-home-mama’s boys, and misogynists as mates.
But I’m not jealous.
You all see that he’s about to pay Hilary’s debt? I told you so!!! This means he needs the white woman. Yeah, that’s right gurl, with your pretty blonde hur! Take his money. It just makes me know and feel-good that all is not lost. The fact that he’s doing this means a huge victory and that there is a god!!
he’s a sucka!
Barack Hussein Obama is a sure LOSE! He has anti-American friends. You Obamazoids can ignore it and pretend that it won't be a factor come November if he gets that nomination if you want to, but you'd better thicken that skin now because the Republicans is going to eat his narrow ass up!!! Oh, and be sure there is additional video that we haven't laid eyes on of The Chosen One putting his foot in ol’ scoop mouf. I've been telling you all that for months now just based on these spidey senses that I've got (and hell, common sense) and sure enough, Larry over at No Quarter blog started alerting everyone a couple of weeks ago that there is in fact video out there of Michelle "My Belle" Obama going off on "whitey". Yeah, that'll help get him elected!!
Well I’m not helping him. Here I come McCain, and I advise the rest of you lost black folk to do the same!

Whitney B. said...


As a supporter of the O Man even before he actually announced, I am glad to see that you think a fist bump will be appropriate when he moves into the used to be White House only. By the looks of it, that's where he's headed. Unless the Swiftboaters come up with some serious trash.

Won't we be lucky to have such a refreshing couple representing us to the world? I do not think Michelle has "Barry" right where she wants him. I think they, like my husband and I, are team players. Each of us contributes something to the team was a whole! That's what a good marriage is about and that's what I see in their relationship.

What do you think he will do about the Ice Queen? Cabinet post I hope. Maybe Condi's job...she would be a lot better at it, especially with Billy boy's assistance.

Hey to Old White Guy: you should move over to Eastwick. Great neighbors. We fist bumped after Iowa!

There were so many good comments from people on this post. Nice to see that. But, my first encounter with a fist bump came from a white guy, folks.

The rant about the post office in your next posting killed me. You sound like you're going to the one I am stuck with in the off of 70th. Those folks in there make me crazy. I only pick up packages there now. Staggering lunches?
Ever visit the bank at noon? Don't.

Your stuff is right on, as usual.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...EvelynAC, Catty Greenglen.

Which one is most in need of some PayPal'ed money to help her buy some meds?

Tough choice.

Kellybelle said...

I love that they love each other. Let a brother get a good Black woman and there's no stopping him.

Whitney B. said...

OK. I take back what I said about the comments. Catty Greenglen, you're nuts!!! My only hope for you is that you have lots of money so you can leave it to your poor grandkids (should you have some)who will suffer if the idiot McWhiteWash wins this year! Glad I never had kids who would have had to grow up over the last 30 years!

Musta been that coffee break I took while writing my comments. I am not sucked into the O Craze. I have heard about this man for years and years thanks to old friends in my old Hood in Chicago. He is the real deal and experience does matter, the experience to surround yourself with folks that know more than you do about what need doing!

Whitney B. said...

Woooo........I musta taken a longer break than I thought. evelynac is one angry woman! Sorry your gal didn't make it. Could it be that she is not possibly capable of winning in '08?

Muze said...

i just love them.

it's funny how this is such a big deal though.

it's going to be hilarious watching white folks be in awe of our everyday behaviors if he gets into the 'used to be' white house.


we're just cool like that. we can't help it.

Anonymous said...

Now if Michelle Obama can just learn to keep her mouth shut then maybe Barack's path to the white house won't be so difficult from here on. She suffers from "foot in mouth" disease. Her emasculating comments about her husband, and her inability to "play the game" correctly by knowing what to say and what not to say may make her Barack's biggest liability. We all know that she is educated (like many of our previous first ladies)and we all know that she has an "opinion" (like all of our previous first ladies). However, she needs to take a page out of their book, and keep her mouth shut and her thoughts to herself (at least until she gets into the white house). I thought I would die when she got on Good Morning America and admitted to Robin Roberts that she has a "loud mouth." This was obviously one of the worst things she could have admitted to because having a loud mouth is a typical "black woman" stereotype. In another interview she admitted that her loose tongue and her lack of discretion when it comes to "speaking her mind" gets her into trouble. Now my question is this, if she is a lawyer isn't she supposed to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it? Michelle Obama has the education, and the grooming required to be "first lady" but she lacks the "social graces" that are needed. Social graces is apparently something that she never learned growing up. I just hope that she doesn't turn out to be Barack's biggest liability... Maybe her people will pull her aside and tell her about herself, and hopefully she won't be too stubborn, and headstrong to listen.

Christopher Chambers said...

We aren't there yet. A lot of machine mischief to come, much of it without Mr. Morton's knowledge or assent, some with.

300 years of this crap, plus 20 years of the denigration of American political journalism, plus own people's penchant for not helping matters by shooting each other and acting like ghettofab fools, tend to be a bit overwhelming.

I will fight for O man anyway. Why, in the face of this wall? Well, and Satan said when he took on an unwin-able fight with good, the very act of fighting rather than submitting is reason enough.

RedLipstick said...

Evelynac/Catty greenglen we get it!

Now why not set up a "black & white women mad as hell at O & voting for Mac" blog?

Seriously, I have no problem with you voting for Mac-- I mean really, do what feels natural.

And don't worry I have "thick" skin which goes nicely with my "thick" bum!!--get my drift?

O handles Michelle like my hubby handles me--that's his lady, he loves her and respects her and when he told them to lay off of his wife about comments she made he demonstrated REAL manhood! He lets Michelle be Michelle and doesn't give a damn what anybody has to say about it. Despite the Repub rhetoric on family values O is truly walking the walk!

Mo said...

Michelle doesn't have to keep her mouth shut. She's saying all the things many black folks have been thinking about. We've had to keep our mouths shut for far too long just to make other ppl feel comfortable & guess what, even if she didn't say anything & only spoke in an ever so sweet and soft tone, a stereotypical label would still be pulled out of someone's ass and glued to her.

A.F. said...

Field, I didn't see the fist bump or the ass tap at the live event, either. It must've all happened very quickly because I was glued to that tv. Now I've seen the ass tap in playback but only photos of the fist bump.

Sidebar on Michelle Malkin story: I really like how Obama all but tells off the reporter who asked about it.

And thank you very, very much for the link. I couldn't figure out why I was getting any hits :)

brotherkomrade said...

Anonymous 12:17 PM,

All I heard from you is sexist language. "She needs to keep her mouth shut." That's all you see on that site that EvelynAC hails from, but when people said the same thing about Hilary back in the 90s, people like Evelyn went nuts, and rightfully so.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Man I can't wait. We all gonna be talkin like brothas and fist bumpin, high fivin, ghetto blastin, dancin in the streets, eatin fried chicken, ribs, greens and Macncheese. . . oh wait, we already do most that shit. . . come on Field, gimme somethin else.

Anonymous said...

Evelynac and catty... I see... you would rather vote for a man who left his first wife, who was severely injured in a car accident... to have an affair with his second wife...
I think you need to do a little research on your man mccain's attitude toward women... Here, I will help you out:
"Whether I support government funding for them or not, I don't know."
(Response to reporters questions about whether he supports public funding for contraception in Africa to prevent the spread of AIDS, as reported by Michael D. Shear, washingtonpost,com, 3.16.2007)

"I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned."
(Jim Davenport, Associated Press, 2.18.2007)

From Time Magazine, April 3, 2008:
We learn that when he lived in Virginia Beach, Va., McCain participated in the "most raucous and longest beach parties of any squadron in the Navy." We learn of the strip club dancers, the toga party and the nights spent sneaking away from school to drink. We read about the "slim and blond" fashion model in Rio, whom he dated on shore leave in 1957, and their final moonlit night when she greeted him on a terrace "not dressed for dinner." We further learn that his hard-partying habits were genetic. McCain's father, a submariner-turned admiral named Jack, told stories of drunken nights on shore leave that involved ransacking an officer's club or throwing a box of bullets on a fire."

Oh Yeah.... he respects women... This guy's youth sounds suspiciously like George Ws... look what that brought us!

As a feminist... I will take Obama over McCain any day as someone who has shown more respect for women and who will work to protect women's rights....

If you were willing to support Hillary, but are now going to support McCain, please explain why... policy please.... Obama and Clinton had little differences in their policy positions.
However, McCain is quite apart from both of them... supports continuing the war, supports overturning Roe, supports keeping tax cuts for the rich.....

brotherkomrade said...

With all the talk of a vp, has anyone considered this option?
ht to ABW.

Anonymous said...

First time I've been to your site FN and must say thank you for your views. I would find the above comments extremely funny with the exception of the elephant in the room. Being a hard working white male (thanks HRC) I voted for Obama and have liked his views since reading his books and doing background research on him. I believe with the exception of John Edwards that he is our best hope as working people. The military bred my ignorance of different people out of me due to the fact that in the military all of us were numbers. With that said I am constantly amazed at the blinder eyed stupidity of people of any color who do not see that all humans bleed red. Keep hammering away FN and I will do my part to slap people saying and doing stupid counter productive activities. As far as the fist bump (SLAP) embrace the diversity of people and try not to be lemmings.

west coast story said...

There's something about the thought of 4-8 years of white folks jumping on every little cultural nuance about the Obamas that almost makes we want to vote for McCain. I am not a racist. I love lots of white folks. But sometimes the cluelessness just makes we want to tell them to shut the fuck up. Really. You know that every time they have fried chicken in the white house it will be the lead on MSNBC. The MSM is going to go nuts trying to figure out and report on how sister girl keeps her hair together. It's getting on my nerves already. (And for the record, I often feel the same about black folks' cluelessness.)

By the way, I look forward to Obama winning the presidency and proudly announcing:

"My name is Barack HUSSEIN Obama."

Oh, my, that just makes me laugh out loud because it will send white folks into paroxysms of hysteria. Sean Hannity will have to be given a shot of to calm him down.

Anonymous said...

EvelynAC or catty Green Glen:

Here kitty, kitty...
FN, you needs some serious Kitten repellent on this blog.

brotherkomrade said...

"Sean Hannity will have to be given a shot of to calm him down."

I'd like to administer that shot.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

west coast, well, maybe white folk will get the education that they need. PErsonally, I don't give a damn "how sister girl keeps her hair together," but maybe there are other things I need to know to live harmoniously in this multicultural brave new society we are about to become totally immersed in from the top down.

kid said...

Hey Field,

I have a picture of Hillary on top of my page of what she will do at 3 A.M.

I got it from Kellybelle.Man post that mutha.

Anonymous said...

brotherkomrade...get in line to administer that shot to Sean Hannity..

burpster said...

As much as I admire BHO, it's a real shame he has to grovel before AIPAC to even have a chance to be POTUS. Iran along with troop withdrawal from Iraq will, I hope, be one of BHO's defining moments...not fist banging with his wife.

west coast story said...

"SagaciousHillbilly said...
west coast, well, maybe white folk will get the education that they need. PErsonally, I don't give a damn "how sister girl keeps her hair together," but maybe there are other things I need to know to live harmoniously in this multicultural brave new society we are about to become totally immersed in from the top down."

3:14 PM

Fair enough.

Anonymous said...

Love the post just one little thing: When our newest NY Governor David Patterson, had to answer questions about his past "affairs" His black wife was by his side,(yes she messed up too, but no one is perfect)

By my own unscientific survey, black women spend a lot of time standing by their men (or at least ignoring and living with the running around that a few of them do.) But this post is about the fist bump, I don't mean to digress....

vanishing point said...

Speaking of the shore:
When I was a kid, we went down to the shore, and there were lots of kids from Philly there too. I remember how fun the bumper cars got on the boardwalk in Wildwood.

p.s. where'd you find that cat? she's farting in public again!

Woozie said...

Sisters do not play that stand by your man bullshit when he is fucking up.


I fist bumped my principal at graduation. It was awesome.

Anonymous said...

sharkcity-field i was gonna ask you to make Juan Williams house-negro of the day for the piece he wrote aboout the O man in the wall street journal but i see he is already there.

so im gonna nominate him to be there for another week or so, because the things that come from this guy never cease to amaze me.

actually im putting in the nomination for juan to be house-negro of the year.

smh-he would probably sell his momma into slavery for life if he could be a whiteman for a week.....smh.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

evelynac & Catty:

Everytime one of you post, I say to ask myself this question, "Why did Ronald Reagan let those crazy folks out of the mental institutions?"

Both of you really need Jesus in your life. He could heal you of all the bitterness and hatred you hold in your hearts.

Evelynac, why don't you just call your doctor or 911 and have them drop you off at the nearest mental institution. While you're there, see if they can help you with that problem you have of telling lies. BTW, you sound like you need to get some new glasses as well, because those same old tired, same style pantsuits in different colors Hillary wears does not exactly make a fashion statement.

Last time I heard this is America and you can vote for whoever you want to vote for. BTW, why would an invalid be worried about going hunting? I mean that would really be a sight to see, someone rolling their wheelchair through the woods hunting of all things. Guniness Book of Records would surely be interested in that or Ripley's Believe or Not. Shaking my head.


You cannot go around blaming Obama and other men because you made the wrong choices in life. Didn't your momma teach you to observe a man's family, friends, and him first, before you fall head over heels in love with them. Get over it, and learn from your mistakes. Don't just keep on making them over and over and over.

BTW, one of you said called Obama a sucker for helping Hillary with her debt. Evidently, you have reading comprehension problem or Dylexia or something, because you overlooked this part of that article you so generously gave:

"It's not unusual for a winner to help a vanquished rival retire campaign debts. Clinton backers helped former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack after he dropped out of the race last year. And McCain's supporters gave to Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, a failed Republican candidate."

Now, if you don't mind, granny is going to finishing reading some of the more well thought out intelligent post on this here post.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BasketKase said...

LOL! You had me cracking up. Whelp, the elders are supposed to teach the young. (Pssst! Granny whispering to you.) These young folks tell me sometimes times have changed. (wink)

ZACK said...

granny, let's get something straight.

I do community work in my OWN poor neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. What I do is not your business because I'm not getting a 6-figure salary to sit on my ass like Obama does.

And the statement had more to do with my continuous qualms about Obama's potential to be a sincere leader, than just for attention.

I feel that everybody has ignored the black male. America- especially well-to-do Black Americans have said with their actions (and inaction) and excuse my French: "Fuck the young black male. Lock his ass up or wait for him to arrive at the morgue". It hurts me deeply that every time I bring up the injustice of ignorance- people think that I'm being selfish or taking the focus off Obama's campaign.

Not true at all! Obama says that America has changed. Really? And we have the most locked up minorities out of 200 nations in world? Are you serious? Black men are viewed in a more favorable light and white women still clutch their purses when even MY NERDY ASS walks past them? And the fact that he can't attend an Afrocentric church without being connected with words that he never said?Nell Carter is dead, but GIMME A BREAK!

And you all have the freakin' GALL to get offended by an opposite viewpoint. That's what is gonna cost Obama the White House. His supporters who don't want to listen to anybody else.

I used to be a Democrat until February 5. I've lost faith in politics because of Barack Obama.

Disagree if you want. Who gives a damn! It's not like Obama's gonna work in the community if he gets the White House. He doesn't care about any black man but himself. That's why he has daughters and not sons. I'd hate to be his son.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I see that you’re quick to jump on the offensive, and a little hot-headed with it at that. You're right it is none of my business what you do. Just as it is not my fault that you don’t make a six figure salary. Guess what, I don’t make or have a six figure salary either. But what I do have money can’t buy anyway, and that is a mind that is not chained or shackled.

For your information, I am very concerned about the young black males. The black male’s existence is the key to the black race surviving. Without the black male, there will be no black race. You see, I understand the fact that prisons were built to rob a black man of his respect, freedom, and manhood. I understand that prisons are modern day plantations. I understand that some of our young black men are, also, helping to exterminate our race by selling poison to their own people and destroying their own neighborhoods. Because they’ve lost all hope and feel they have no other choice, because of the injustice in America.

Yes, and I'm proud that a black man is running for President, and I pray that he is the next President. Why? Because it will set an example and show young black children that they can be whatever they want to be in life if only they believe. Hopefully, it will inspire young black children who have lost all hope and are discouraged--something you seem to project in your attitude.

Yes, and there is plenty of injustice in America towards black men, and even black females. It's been that way for over 200 years. That is all the more reason to keep on fighting for justice. Nothing worth having comes easy. If it wasn’t for my generation and those before my generation, you would not have been able to get an education. People were murdered for your right to an education. Their blood stains this land for your right to have an education.

You don't know what injustice is, until you see one of your family members swinging on a tree, because of racism. Oh, I admit that there are still many injustices done to black males on a daily basis. But it still does not compare to what black males went through before you were even born. In fact, it pales in comparison. Nevertheless, they made it through and succeeded. Why? Because they were willing to die for what they believed in, and some of them did.

It hurt me, more than anything, in my heart that Obama had to give up his church. Because church is all black people had in the past and present to lift their spirit. No one should be forced to give up their church. Never before has any Presidential candidate had to do that either. However, it is a bigger picture playing in the background than what you perceive involved here. He shouldn’t be knocked for making a sacrifice to help open doors for others. Jackie Robinson made some sacrifices so that blacks could play baseball, and there were others before him that had to make sacrifices. Nothing comes without a sacrifice.

BTW, I still live in the hood, not because I have to, but because I want to. My children used to fuss and beg me to move out, but I refused. Why? Because it might be some young person I can reach, encourage, and help to cross that same bridge I had to cross.

You do not have to worry about me ever asking you a question again, nor replying to anything you have to say, or any comment you make. I promise you that. However, there is one thing that I won’t promise you and that is to stop praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Now Now grannystandingfortruth, help a brother out. Zack is pouring out his truth for all of us. Do not cut the brother off for articulating his thoughts. Never disconnect from people in this brother situation. I know you have helped many over the years so if you feel the need to "help" please do so and continue to do so. It is not surprizing that Zack feels the way he does as a lot of what he says is correct. Lets agree to disagree and give a hand to pull another up. Stay strong Zack. Later Granny, peace...Canadian

ZACK said...

I'm with the commenter above.

I apologize for my tone, granny. My mama raised me better than that.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I forgive you zack.