Saturday, June 07, 2008

That wasn't so bad now was it?

So I was reading my man Steven D over at Booman's Tribune and he wrote an interesting post about his initial reaction to the Ice Queen's speech. Like most of the professional pundits, bloggers, and other folks here in A-merry-ca, he seemed to think it [her speech] got the job done. Hillary hit all the right notes, struck the right tone, and seemed passionate in her call to her followers to support the "O" man. "...I endorse him, and throw my full support behind him"

She "seemed" passionate and sincere. Now I have to tell you, even for someone like yours truly who makes a living reading people and their body language, it was tough to get a read on the Ice Queen today. I kept trying to find a little crack; something that said this is all bullshit, I am just doing this so that I don't ruin my political future. My fingers are crossed, I don't mean this shit, I wish this mofo would take his ass back to Chi Town. But nothing.

Hillary clearly saved her best for last. She told her supporters to throw their support behind the "O" man and unify the dumbocratic ticket. Now whether they will do what she is asking is a whole other story. It seems the Clintonistas were booing every time they heard the "O" man's name during the Ice Queen's good bye speech. Poor "O" man. The feminist have no love for you bra. (BRA AS IN BROTHER, NOT ...YOU KNOW, BRA AS IN THE ONE YOU USE TO HOLD YOUR BREAST UP. I DON'T NEED YOU FEMINIST GETTING ON MY ASS )

And let's not get it twisted, what Hillary did was historic, and she should get all the credit in the world for pushing that glass ceiling back a little bit. Honestly, had it not been for the "O" man, she would have been the next POTUS. But such is life in the political world. You just never know. Politics is like horse racing, anything can happen. Look what happened to "Big Brown" today. His ass ran last. Yes last!

Yep, life is full of surprises. Which is why she probably "suspended" her campaign and didn't just quit. "Suspending" it leaves the door open, just in case the "O" man has another misstep along the way, or the good Reverend decides to go off on A-merry-ca again. You never know....I bet a lot of you Clintonistas are just praying for something, anything that will make the Super Delegates change their minds.

"And I ask all of you to join me in working as hard for Barack Obama as you have for me.
I have served in the Senate with him for four years. I have been in this campaign with him for 16 months. I have stood on the stage and gone toe-to-toe with him in 22 debates. I have had a front row seat to his candidacy, and I have seen his strength and determination, his grace and his grit."

Okay Hillary, you can uncross your fingers now.


NSangoma said...

... Yep, life is full of surprises. Which is why she probably "suspended" her campaign and didn't just quit. "Suspending" it leaves the door open, just in case the "O" man has another misstep along the way, ...
Posted by field negro at 10:25

Good move on her part, 'cause yah boi is fornicatin' up already!

The morning after claiming the Democratic nomination, Senator Barack Obama spoke to skeptical members of a pro-Israel lobby and made a pledge that some of them found pleasantly surprising: “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”

That statement generated a storm of controversy in the Middle East, with one Kuwaiti daily calling it “a slap in the face” to Arabs. And over the last 24 hours, as Mr. Obama and his campaign have sought to explain his initial remarks, and suggested that an undivided Jerusalem would be hard to achieve, they have been accused of backtracking, which has generated a new round of criticism, this one here at home among Jewish groups.


A.F. said...

I still don't trust HRC one bit. But Field, I know a lot of feminists, many who even teach feminism, and they're not buying her shenanigans, at least not a majority. I declare, it's the people who let HRC define feminism for them who are scary.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Field. Maybe a little condescending but it's cool.

Mithras said...

Which is why she probably "suspended" her campaign and didn't just quit. "Suspending" it leaves the door open, just in case the "O" man has another misstep along the way, or the good Reverend decides to go off on A-merry-ca again.

Without a doubt, if that door opened, she'd walk through it without a second's hesitation. But she has to suspend and not end her campaign for another reason: She has to keep on fundraising to pay off the campaign's debts.

Anonymous said...

According to an article in the NYTimes, "suspending" her campaign, rather than "ending" her campaign means that she can now receive contributions and donations to help defray the great debt that she amassed. The Times calls the term difference --"suspending" rather than "ending" -- a "technicality" (in political terms).

Bob said...

Anonymous is correct. It was a financial necessity. Other candidates have done the same. John Edwards may still be in suspended mode.

Anonymous said...

Bingo. Her campaign's ~$30M in hock, ~$11M of which is out of Hilly-Billy's pocket. You better belive she'll be "suspended" until that gets cleared.

I'm sure Obama's maxed out donors are being quietly pinged to drop some cash on her right now.

Anonymous said...

That 'concession' speech met the basic requirements. It was for her and her supporters. Good riddance! Now she and Billy Jeff and hey Chelsea too, Tubbs-Jones and the whole motley crew of ignoramuses need to bust their asses for the next 4 months and make it happen. Can you believe in less than 5 months we'll have our new President? I am going to D.C. to see this in person when it happens.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust her followers to do the right thing. My whole freaking family, who voted for Hillary, are going to vote for McCain. They're my family, but I'm ready to back up the bus and...

Anyway, I'm not that impressed. She was forty-five minutes late and the first few minutes of her speech was all about her and I tuned her out after that.

I'll believe there's party unity when I see it.

Anonymous said...

Good post Field. Now who ever said you couldn't give it the old college try?

I swore if Hillary made an attempt--I'd never say another REALLY nasty thing about her again. With that said-Hillary's more rabid supporters were never about feminism. They were about her making it okay for them to feel less put upon by every man or institution in the world that they thought made them feel like nothing.


This wasn't any weekend women's encounter group and previously (probably) intelligent women went overboard with the hate.

Life is theater . . .
But Hill--as far as I'm concerned--doesn't get a Tony. . . . . .

Was that too nasty?

Christopher said...

Let's be perfectly clear.

While the Shillaryshere, the eastcoast punditry elites and various bloggers are pleasuring themselves today with the Borg Queen's concession speech, she NEVER released her 1,915 delegates to Obama, as did John Edwards.

This way, if something scandalous or God forbid, worse happens to Barack Obama, she will be perfectly positioned to move forward.

Hillary Clinton is a devious woman who should never be trusted.

Anonymous said...

The fact is, Obama will need many of her supporters to win in November. To that it, I would suggest that folks hold their tongues about her and her supporters. (Christopher, love ya dude, but please) Give her a chance to walk the walk. I am fully expecting her to go out and work for Obama. The New York Delegation demands it of her. She cannot win her Senate seat if she does not.

field negro said...

"She has to keep on fundraising to pay off the campaign's debts"

To mithras, bob and the others who made this point, it's a good one. I think I might have made a mistake with my take on her suspending her campaign. It IS all about the money at this point.

"Great post, Field. Maybe a little condescending but it's cool."

Condescending? Why so my Razorback friend?

"Life is theater . . .
But Hill--as far as I'm concerned--doesn't get a Tony. . . . . "

No, that was not too nasty.

Anonymous said...

Tepid speech.

It seemed as though she was rushing and could not get the words out fast enough.

For someone who is as competitive as she, the words must not have come easy. She was not comfortable and it showed.

Though for once I liked her outfit.

But going back to my movie anology, is she really out of the race or...?

Christopher said...

There was a Hillbot in the audience wearing a homemade T-shirt with the letters:


I hope to find a picture of this racist lunatic and post on my blog.

I've been following politics since Jimmy Carter was elected president and I have never seen anything like this primary and these vicious, rabid, racist Hillbots.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

"Hillary Clinton is a devious woman who should never be trusted."

I'm with that. I couldn't agree more.

Unlike many of those who watched that speech, I was one of the few that thought the speech was insincere at best. It really seemed like she was being forced to make that speech. In fact, if you listen to the volume, pitch, and tone of her voice, you will notice how it declined the more she talked about the party coming together and supporting Obama.
Another thing I didn't like was her crafty way of blackening Obama a little more than she had in the past. She kept, over and over, reminding all of those white folks that may have voted for Obama because he was an American, that he was, yep, a black man. And if they voted for him, they would definitely be voting the first black man in office.
Well, you know as well as I know, that many white people, especially closet racist, like to divorce themselves from any progress in race relations. For one, they don't think that a race problem exists. So, they feel like this whole voting the first black man in is hogwash.
She tried to frame that African American thing in a historical context. But I don't trust her.
You damn right her fingers are crossed. And so are mine. Except mine are crossed, hoping that she does not get the VP slot on the ticket.
Yeah, I know that this speech was very hard for her. But if she had respectfully bowed out months ago, like she should have, this would not have been so hard. And it wouldn't be so hard for her 18 million supporters to make that transition to Obama.
Last negative about the speech... To me, she highlighted too many of her accomplishments, the same way she did earlier this week. Most of that stuff we heard when she gave that ridiculous speech on Tuesday.
She really should have taken this time to strongly point out the similarities of she and Senator Obama. She should have been showing her supporters how Senator Obama's policies are the best for this country.
I got the impression that she was saying, "Let's vote for him because he's a democrat."
Well, there are much more reasons to vote Obama.

On a positive note: I did like the way she said that the glass ceiling had 18 million cracks in it now that she made that run.
Beautiful imadry...
That's the communications student in me. **smile**
Perhaps if she had used positive language like this in the last 15 months, she would have been the nominee. Oh well...

classysbf said...

Here's an excellent article from the Huffington Post about a pro life WM Republican who is pulling for Obama;he really breaks it down!!

burpster said...

NSangoma thanks for the NY Times column.

I'm hoping that BHO is just playing for the Jewish vote in America right now.

Anonymous said...

It was the speak she had and needed to make. She knew it was over, and needed to find a way to bow out gracefully. Was it is a difficult speech for her to make? Of course, I imagine it would be difficult for if I was in the situation. No one likes to lose or even admit to a lost, but we have to become big boys and girls shallow that bitter pill so we can move on. And move on we must, but Obama is only half to the goal of becoming President. I really do not want to spend too much time discussing Hillary because she and Bill will need to mend a lot of fences if they tend for the Democrats to gain control of the White House, House, and Senate.

Yes Bubba will need to go into the rural area and persuade those white working class voters to come onto the Obama camp, and Hillary will need to do the same with Hispanics and women voters. It certainly is not over.

field negro said...

Yes nsangoma, that flip flop on the Jerusalem issue is troubling. Let's hope, burpster said,that it's just a bit of politicking gone bad.

"Yes Bubba will need to go into the rural area and persuade those white working class voters to come onto the Obama camp, and Hillary will need to do the same with Hispanics and women voters."

But will they do it? What's in it for the Clintons? If the "O" man loses this time around isn't it better for Hillary?

Kellybelle said...

I agree with everybody who mentioned Hillary "suspending" and not "ending" her campaign. It's like the end of a horror movie; just when you think the chainsaw wielding maniac is dead...

Anonymous said...

I listened to Hillary's speech. Here are my brief thoughts; I didn't know that she arrived late for the speech but I don't think because she did it is a negative. Many of you agree it was a huge emotional moment for her and a huge historical moment as well. She as well as Obama and the other canadiates had a lot on their shoulders. There was an extreme build up of stress to that moment so I don't have a problem with her late arrival.
Secondly, I did find her speech exteremly insincereand boring. I may have a bias because I was hoping for Obama. Not only did she continually read from the paper but she showed little emotion. I was wondering if she took the time to write the speech. I did not have any issues with her reviewing her accomplishments as she is the first woman to go that distance. However she did not inspire me and the crown didn't seem too inspired. Oh yeah they cheered but if they were so inspired the crowed would have appeared emotionally moved. Hillary had every opportunity to make that speech on of the greatest speeches in modern history and she blew it. Little inspiration and little sincerity
On the same note if Obama was in Hillary's position his speech would have been incrediblely inspiring and hopeful. It would have been a great moment for the books. I think Obama would have encouraged supporters to unite because the fight is not for an individual but for America. This is probally why Obama is running for President and Hillary hoping Obama will pick her.

Anonymous said...

But will they do it? What's in it for the Clintons? If the "O" man loses this time around isn't it better for Hillary?

The Clintons may not have to a choice if they are going to keep their legacy in tact which is at the moment a little shaky. No one wants to work that hard to ensure his or her place in history only having fall from grace. Hillary still has a political future to think about, and Bill will not only have to restore his legacy, but restore some of the good work he has done with the Clinton Foundation which people seemed to have forgotten during the primary campaign. He does have to return to Harlem. They have will both have to eat a lot of crow to return to grace, and that's more important than wealth. It's all about the ego.

field negro said...

"The Clintons may not have to a choice if they are going to keep their legacy in tact which is at the moment a little shaky. No one wants to work that hard to ensure his or her place in history only having fall from grace."

Good point hennasplace, the legacy card. I might buy that.

Unknown said...

Hey Field, thanks for the link.

Hillary and Bill both have a lot to prove, but they are also highly motivated to salvage something from this defeat. As for the speech, it did what it had to do. HRC is not a great speaker, merely competent. Asking her to pull an Obama like performance would be like asking me to bench press 450 lbs -- never going to happen. Also her staunchest supporters still have a lot of raw emotions right now. They invested a lot in her candidacy, made her a symbol, an icon, more than human. To see her admit defeat was like seeing a piece of themselves cut out.

You can see it on the comment threads at the Pro-Hil blogs, the pain and bitterness and anger are at levels I haven't seen in a long time all because their chosen politician lost. Deaniacs were very upset in 2004, but not many of them threatened to vote for the GOP candidate rather than Kerry. No, it's been a long time since the Democrats ran two candidates for whom their supporters were so passionate and so engaged with a "cause." You talk about the Obamaholoics, but I don't think they have anything on the Clintonistas. The flip side of the happiness and joy Obama supporters are feeling is what many Clinton folks are experiencing this week. Rightly or wrongly they are lashing out at Obama and his supporters because they have no other outlet for their grief. There's a reason they call them fans, and both Obama and Clinton had their fair number of fans along with people who looked at both candidates from a more dispassionate stance.

So, she did more than I expected (which admittedly wasn't the highest bar to jump over). Now a lot depends on how she and Bill handle themselves over the next 3 months. If they get out there and enthusiastically camapign for Obama among those segments of the electorate where she was strong and Obama could use her help, we'll know whether what she said meant anything. Because one speech won't do it to heal the wounds and calm the ill will her supporters have and whether we think those wounds were self inflicted, and the ill will the result of propaganda and latent racism really doesn't matter.

Most of these people, men and women who gave their souls to HRC will come back to the party and vote for Obama in the Fall. How big a number that "most" represents will depend on how Obama and Clinton finesse what was one of the ugliest presidential primary campaigns in modern history.

Let's hope for the best, because the last person we want dealing with the ongoing economic meltdown and the wars in the Middle East is McCain.

Anonymous said...

White dude here who was put off by the tone of the repeated, "And that is why we have to help elect Barack Obama our president." Sounded to me like an after-school detainee who was forced to write it a thousand times on the board. Definite change in tone and facial expression relative to the other self-laudatory comments.

The suffragette/abolitionist parallel was a nice touch but also seemed forced and pandering. I appreciate her focus on women and their advancement in this process - that was truly sincere.

However, I wouldn't trust Billary to be on the same plane with me. HRC may have important work to do that supports the O-Man, but it ain't on the ticket.

isonprize said...

I also think Charlie Rangel and Ed Rendell read her the riot act. Rangel has to hear it in Harlem from his constituents and Rendell fancies himself a VP candidate. The speech was passable, if a bit stilted.

Abel: That statement hit me wrong also. It sounded like she was saying "we have to prop up this sorry ass excuse for a presidential candidate, since you all KNOW it really should have been me."

As for Hillary and/or Bill campaigning for Barack? I will believe it when I see it. And honestly, I'm not so sure, if I were Barack, that I would want to be on the same stage with her.

isonprize said...

And I forgot to mention... I want that "KILL BILL" poster! wink!

On a different note - Here are two websites of an art gallery display. I refused to send you this yesterday in honor of Sasha's birthday and also because I wasn't sure if I pass on this garbage, but obviously, I decided to.

I'm all for free speech, but damn...

DAMN! This shit is wrong on so many levels.

The Assassination of Hillary Clinton

The Assassination of Barack Obama

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I want that poster too.

re: Hillary, I am going to wait and see how she campaigns for Barack. Actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

Chris, i don't know you man, but saying that someone had that"coon" on their t-shirt is pure right wing agitation. No one would do that in DC at a Democratic event.

Suspend is what you do so that you can keep fundraising to pay off your debt. Edwards and others did the same. It's what they all do. It's not some thing the "monster" invented.

About her being the "evil" one, well, if you guys think that, no need for us, her supporters to get on the wagon, why have us "evil" ones mess up your sainted Obama train. So, we will just sit and watch.

The intellectual university feminists are invested in their cushy jobs. They don't give a flying f about working class women, the women that identified with Hillary. So, listening to them is like listening to a bunch of sell outs sitting around a dickering with each other.

So keep on hating, but get your butts out there and work, cause lots of us old white women for years did lots of leg work for the Dems, and now that we are evil effing monsters, get your liberal white boys and get working. Oh, yeah, and money. I just started giving money to Nikki Tinker cause that MOF Cohen said Hillary was like the girlfriend in that movie.

I will so enjoy having all this time this summer. I want to see some white boys out there shaking their slacker ass and doing some real work.

What an alliance. Enjoy.

J said...

It was her tone not her body language that showed it was forced. However, that's to be expected no? She thinks Obama can't win. This is all a huge mistake. She was robbed! White America is just too damn racist! She did her damndest to make him into a Black Panther (I wish). The GOP will pick up that baton and keep running with it. She might be right about the too racist part. We'll find out.

Jazzylady said...

Lol. You are too damned funny! I really, sincerely mean that. I have to admit, I have one of the lousiest memories going because I'm stressed out and burned out, but I would swear that you once supported Hillary Clinton. Now, having confessed about my memory, don't hold me to that, along with the fact that I haven't read you for many months. But now, I see that like everyone one else you have drunk of the purple pee as I call it. Why am I not the hell surprised? Not in the freaking least. Lmfbao. Damn, I guess me and my sis are on damned island all alone because we refuse to drink that shit he's selling. I see in your side bar you've given Juan a seat in the house, lol. Dayum. Really, I apologize if I'm mistaken and you can delete my comment, ain't like I care, I actually came looking for another blog, hoot. I am kind of surprised.