Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday rant.

A couple of things: First, thank you frat boy for destroying the A-merry-can economy with the help of your dumb ass.....I take that back. With the help of your rich ass friends (There is nothing dumb about them).

Today the Dow tanked almost 400 points, and we had the worst unemployment news in over 22 years. Five point five percent or some shit like that. Great numbers if you happen to be living in a Third World country. But here in A-merry-ca that number is way too high. And of course, for us black folks, we know that we have to double that number now don't we. When you are at the bottom of the barrel hard times hit you harder than everyone else.

Oil is trading at $136 a barrel, and the country is going to hell in a fucking hand basket. And it's in this climate that the poor "O" man is going to get his shot at the wheel. If that's not some fucked up shit I don't know what is. Thank you George. Why couldn't the black man get to be in charge after Clinton? But then, I guess, if things weren't so fucked up the black man wouldn't even have gotten his shot at being in the big house in the first place. Oh let's just go ahead and give it to the Negro, things can't get any worse. But isn't that how it always is? We get shit when it's so fucked up that no one else will take it. Ahhh Marvin *Lewis do you think you can turn around the Cincinnati Bengals? We always see it in sports. The black Managers get the teams that are so bad that they can't get any worse. Right now, here in A-merry-ca, things are so fucked up that it's hard to see them getting any worse. And I guarantee you that if the "O" man wins he will be blamed for all the shit that's happening now. Come on Field, do you think it's a coincidence that the Dow started tanking after your boy wrapped up the dumbocratic nomination? Wall Street has the jitters, they are scared of this guy, he is a Socialist. Get used to that kind of rhetoric. And all of this while the frat boy takes us deeper and deeper into a damn recession. And, I don't know, but there just doesn't seem to be enough outrage out there for me. Folks are just going along to get along. Gas $5 a gallon? No problem. People being laid off by the thousands? No problem. The Chinese and Saudis own damn near everything in this country while most of the Corporations in A-merry-ca are surviving on credit? No problem. A fucking endless war for god knows what half way around the world? No problem.... you get the picture. But hey, as long as we have our cable T.V., central air, and McDonald's the republic will be fine.

Now to my second little issue: It's not a big one, but like the long post office line, it's something that bugs the shit out of me.

It's you folks doing all of your banking at the ATM machines. Look, they are "'automatic' tellers". They are not interactive, they can't talk back to you. So if you ask for $100 and the machine spits out a bunch of twenties, could you go off to the side and count your money please? I mean honestly, if the machine is short say twenty dollars, you make a note of it and call the bank. Standing at the ATM machine WILL NOT help. And please please, could you check the balance in your account before you go to the ATM machine? If I see one more mofo with three different debit cards checking three different accounts and taking different amounts out of each one I swear......

Sorry, for the bitc....whoops I can't use that word. I don't want to be called a sexist. Sorry for complaining once again about some shit that irritated me during the day. I don't want you folks to think that all I do is bit....whoops, I mean complain about shit all day. I actually enjoy quite a lot of things, and like the rest of you, I am actually quite happy to be in A-merry-ca.

Why wouldn't I be? My cable works fine, and happy meals are still a bargain.


A.F. said...

Augh. The "no problem" syndrome. I wonder the same thing. It all really makes one wonder how unimaginably bad things have to get before Americans stop just going along. I think it's ingrained in too many people, on a deep level, that any number of things that are already happening can not possibly happen here, or to them.

Hathor said...

who is Toby Allen ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There's going to be a surge of people saying, "Brother can you spare a dime?"

Here in San Francisco our playboy sleezebag Mayor [yeah I know he's a gay marriage hero] put forth a Proposition that would build yet another unnecessary sports stadium on land they'd get practically for free in the last neighborhood that has a large Black population. You know it's considered a bad part of town, part of a former naval shipyard and close to toxic chemicals but it's mostly undeveloped. Here come the multi-million dollar condos and the 46% population will go down by....I dunno almost 46%. He also cut a lot of vital social programs that helped people with no insurance and closed a few homeless shelters.

By the way I am asked or money by people at least 3 times/day and have seen some of the same people for nearly 5 years. I also have the 'privilege' of splitting a rental with 2 roommates for $2500/mo + utilities and we don't even have a dishwasher! I am seriously wondering why I live here. Well I love SF, but I need 2 FT jobs to be comfortable. And no I don't want to live across the Bay. It's not that much cheaper plus I'd have to buy a car and pay tolls. So I unlike a lot of people I know have weaned myself off the use of credit cards - though if I could get a high limit I probably would!

Suze Orman scared the crap out of me. I used to cry after watching her show, but I listened. Everything she said would happen 2 years ago has come to pass. And you know what? I don't think Obama being in office is gonna put much of dent in all of this - not unless Michelle lets me be a permanent guest!

Hathor said...


Need a little html tutoring?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, field, I've been thinking about the same thing you wrote this article about off and on. Great article!

Poor people know how to survive during hard times. They've been doing it all their lives.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the movie "Deep Impact" with one of the first movies portraying a black man as a president and the WHOLE world as we know it gets fucked up...thanks for the performance Morgan Freeman.

Anonymous said...

I'm about to go out and get some ammo for my gun. I got a feeling the block is about to get hot around these parts. When the economy goes in the toilet the first people to bite the bullet is the Blacks from my personal experiences...

newgirl448 said...

Okay, I have a confession. This Obama ride has manifested in me some heretofore unrealized schizophrenic tendencies. My recognition of his largely symbolic value to the lives of Black people and the inherent limitations of such a value not withstanding, I have been pulling hard for that brother from the very beginning. It's all theater really but with casting in this instance that I can love, so I rejoice in his victories and support his campaign.

But the other equally committed side of my brain does not want this man to be president. For the reasons that you've outlined in your post, Field, and so many more, it is clear that this country is headed down the tubes fast...and I don't want a Black person at the helm when the shit hits the fan; when people do FINALLY recognize that their jobs are never coming back, that gas has gotten up to 10 dollars a gallon, and that their children have a better shot at winning the lottery than achieving the "american dream" of college educations, home ownership, and job security. When that fast approaching day comes, Barack-if he's lucky-will be burned in effigy across the heartland and when they've run out of matches, they will turn their rage on us. I predict that the violence both here and abroad (because the fall of the U.S. as an economic superpower has broad international ramifications) against Blacks will explode. Racial and ethnic violence predictably punctuates economic/social stress. I'm not afraid. I just think it is an awfully high price for an already battle weary people to pay for a symbolic victory.

And now-damn my tortured soul-I'm going to turn on the news to see how Barack is doing:-) Thank you for the post. I so dig this blog.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hollywood can sure mess with people's perception of reality. Bush has defecated on America, and it's having a domino effect throughout the world. Only, I can't bring myself to thank him for it, and I don't think that I ever will, because too many people are suffering from its effects.

I remember a time when gas was 15 cents a gallon, a candy bar was 3 cents, and you could buy a soda pop for 15 cents. Things sure have changed over the many, many years when prices were like that. I remember when there was no such thing as television too. We didn't have all of these video games, or toys like they're making nowadays. Nope, we had to make our own toys. An empty soda pop bottle, clothes pin, and a cord of rope was the closest we came to a real baby doll.

America used to be one of the richest countries in the world. NYC alone has more money than the whole Mexican Republic, yet we have problems with the homeless, the aged, health care, the infrastructure, double-digit deficit, and the foreign debt. America is its own enemy.

Yup, Hollywood ruined people’s perception of reality by flashing materialistic worlds and programming human beings minds to want what they see. Their wants became a monster that demanded to be fed.

Paul said...

Field, so funny! "do you think it's a coincidence that the Dow started tanking after your boy wrapped up the dumbocratic nomination?"

uppity negro, you're right on the money.

newgirl448, I think I have a similar confession, but I suggest you turn away from the tv... you'll find a lot of your fear of violence will dissapate.

Anonymous said...

RE: the uppity negro

I think the movie, "Deep Impact," is relevant.

Here is another with a black president, "Idiocracy," that seems equally relevant for these times.

"Mike Judge wrote and directed this offbeat sci-fi comedy which gives a new meaning to the expression 'people are getting dumber all the time.'
"...when they wake up in the year 2505, Bowers finds himself living in a society where intelligence has taken such a landslide he's now the smartest man in the world. Can Bowers save America from its own remarkable stupidity..."

Anonymous said...

GrannyStandingforTruth said... Their wants became a monster that demanded to be fed.

Thanks for telling it like it is, Granny.

True wealth is joy and happiness, not one's material possessions.

But try to sell that to a world more obsessed with materiality than spirituality, lust and not love, and violence instead of peace.

Christopher said...

The oil thing is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

CNBC, Bloomberg, et al, begin each day with, "there's no telling how high oil will climb today," and the hysteria is unleashed.

When Goldman Sachs said they expected oil to hit $150 a barrel by July 4th, the markets seemed to see this as a greenlight to keep raising prices until $150 a barrel is achieved.

Some of these evil bastards say we will eventually be paying $15 a gallon for regular gasoline within 2 years. I don't know about about the rest of y'all but that's a lot of coin and I can't afford it.

Just remember one thing. At the start of Bush and Hillary's Iraq war, oil was trading for $24 a barrel. Now it's $140 a barrel.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Field and happy Saturday to you to.

God. As if I'm not depressed enough. :-o

The joke of it is, of course, is that McCain is spouting the same tired Republican line that Obama is going to raise our taxes and remember, them liberals want to take all our hard earned money and give it to the welfare mothers.

I just hope the Democrats have the cajones to throw this all back at McCain and the Republicans. Just remind us not so bright voters once again how much of a surplus that "tax and spend" liberal Clinton left Mr. Bush and how much debt Mr. G. W. Bush and those wild and woolly, fiscally responsible Republicans have run up on the nation's credit card!

Several months ago, Bob Herbert in the NY Times spelled out the things we could have accomplished in this country: education, health care, maintaining the infrastructure, etc. with the money we are pissing down that rat hole called Iraq. But then as one of my conservative friends once incredulously asked me (when I suggested we could have bought off Saddam Hussein with a fraction of the money we have spent and had money left over for more important things), What, do you want to give the money away?

Anonymous said...

I prefer to think of this time as opportunity.... it is precisely when people's backs are against the wall that change happens. I hope people take this time to DEMAND mass transportation that connects across this country. Investigate those amazing trains like they have in Japan that run on magnets and go 200mph. Connect small communities with larger ones with light rail and buses... replace those oil pumps in the mid-west with wind farms and solar panel farms. Support the Slow Food movement... food locally grown. Here in Philly there is a resurgence of Urban Farms and lots of locally grown foods. Support local producers of goods and services. Become a local producer.
It is the globalization of basic goods that has helped to create much of this mess. There is elegance and beauty to living simply... it is healthier for you and for the environment.
We need to rebuild the infrastructure of this country to meet the changing environmental realities... this will create jobs.
So, when Obama is President... and he has already told us that it is WE who have to be a part of that change.... this is what I am gonna tell him WE need to be doing. And I expect my government to invest in those structures that will help create these things. I am hopeful... filled with HOPE.

field negro said...

"I remember a time when gas was 15 cents a gallon, a candy bar was 3 cents, and you could buy a soda pop for 15 cents. "

grannystandingfortruth, how old are you? You couldn't be that old, you are too proficient with your computer :)

gwpriester, sorry to depress you. HAPPY SATURDAY!!!! How is that?

newgirl448, don't feel bad, Mrs. Field is the same way.

"I'm about to go out and get some ammo for my gun" are scaring me, I live in Philly, and this will be a hot summer. I haven't even checked the murder count from last night yet. Like my girl jody, I live in tghe belly of the beast. But the exciting thing is, liuke she said, this is where the change will start. This is how movements get started. Now don't get mad at me Obamaholics, but I am not sure if your bouy's movement is it. But it might just be a start.

nsangoma, thanks for helping out hathor. Question, are you watching and reading the news 24/7. I disagree with you on a lot of shit but I swear you are up on your news and knowledge of some obscure shit.

uppity negro, thanks for that reference, I had almost forgotten about that movie. I think I will rent it this weekend. As if I am not depressed enough :(

brotherkomrade said...

The world economic crisis will happen regardless of who is in the White House. If you are an Obama supporter you better shine up your science on that piece 'cuz the traditional leadership of this country will make sue to pin it on him.

In the meanwhile, I'll be seeing y'all at the beans and rice line.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to think like Jody. And for the good of the Republic, I hope the O-man is the Tony Dungee of politics.

Field, I'm sorry, but I'm sick and tired of race being the core of discussions around this election. Obama's mama was as white as mine. I realize I live in California and the Bay Area in particular and I know we have a skewed view out here because racism really is passe where I live. We've had are battles but those were years ago. SoCal not so much, but here in Bagdad by the Bay, lily white is the minority. Everybody is a little bit of everything and we just got over it years ago. The other option was self loathing and we passed on that. Shit, 48 years ago this country was discussing the fact that an Irish Catholic was going to be President. I just don't see Obama as black or half black or fucking mulatto foregodsakes. I see a very good politician and a brilliant speaker. I see a guy with the people skills of Bill Clinton. I see an intelligent man. This guy won me over. I started with Edwards. (who I'm sure has cut a deal with the O-man for the AG job) Edwards dropped out and then I went to Obama. They both remind me of Bobby Kennedy. I feel the same sense of hope when I listen to either one of these men. And I have hope that Obama will turn this bitch around.

I have hope that Obama can finally open the dialog that needs to happen in this country and create an environment where we can finally educate ALL the people of this nation, where we can finally feed ALL the people of this nation, where we can finally house ALL the people of this nation and get ALL the people of this nation that are able to work, back to work.

I'm not sitting around saying "no problem". I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it any more.

And damn you for getting me all pissed off first thing in the morning. ;)

SagaciousHillbilly said...

5.5%? We ALL have to double that and black people have to double it again. The way the past four asdministrations have tweeked and manipulated the unemployment rate calculation, it is nowhere near correct. . . same goes with the inflation number.
Reagan began manipulating them for political purposes and every admin since has done the same.

La♥audiobooks said...

"And I guarantee you that if the "O" man wins he will be blamed for all the shit that's happening now....they are scared of this guy, he is a Socialist. "

Field, I'm with you. This reminds me of the move "Idiocricy". The only time a black president can run the US is when he and everyone else are idiots and the place is in a total mess.

I think they also get nightmares about seeing "their" monies being spread out to help build better schools, after school programs, and free clinics in Urban black areas - instead of being given to rescue more furry rodents and build more animal shelters with therapy pools. Oh the thought....

As for the ATM, I'm the queen of ranting, you're in good company. Well I have lost a 20 at an ATM, and no one at the bank seems to know what I'm talking about (yeah right). So maybe they're counting their cabbage in front of the ATM so the camera might pick it up. That way if it's short they feel they have some type of proof. I always try to apply logic to vulnerable situations. And I've noticed the pedestrians walking up to the drive through ATM, as if they don't have their own somewhere around the corner working just fine. What gives?

field negro said...

"Field, I'm sorry, but I'm sick and tired of race being the core of discussions around this election. Obama's mama was as white as mine.."

Okay wine dog, that's a great point. But why don't any of us, black or white, acknowledge that? Is it because of the "one drop" rule? Is it because he married a black woman? I don't know, but it's an interesting dynamic. Here in A-merry-ca race matters so much... I think there is a post in here somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Well, Field-Negro, Dusty Baker did take the Giants to the World Series, and Tony Dungy turned Indy into a Super Bowl winner, so maybe Obama should take advice from them;
tip #1: get the political equivalent of Peyton Manning on your team.

Anyway, I have a new photo for your sidebar.
Look for the plane flying the Confederate Flag above the speedway

iasa said...

'We get shit when it's so fucked up that no one else will take it.'

Two words for ya Tony Dungy. Okay he was fired after the team couldn't maintain a winning percentage in the playoffs, but he still turned a mess around. If the focus is on Obama's legacy before he even takes office won't nothing change. We all know know matter what he accomplishes it won't neva be enough for some people. They will still demean him in order to hide their own insecurities and flaws.

ZACK said...

This is a really good post, Field! You are absolutely right. Blacks have been getting leftovers for years. That's how soul food got its start.

I just don't want to pay 4.50 for gas, but in some places in Chicago- we already hit 4.50 about 2 weeks ago. :(

Muze said...

if elected, i agree, barack obama definitely has his hands FULL.

not too mention the ironies which you listed.

talking back to ATM machines does seem to be a bit over the top.

burpster said...

Just an off topic comment on the sidebar issue of the supposed videotape. If this tape existed it would be all over the net by now. Some blogger with an axe to grind would be pimpin' it by now.

If, BHO makes it all the way to the WH I think he can turn around the USA. Honestly, he seems the sort that will at least try and bring the USA back from the brink. After surrounding himself with a competent admin he needs to purge the gov. of all the neocon beaurcrats/appointees. Then he needs to get the USA the hell outta the Middle East. With AIPAC and all it's power and influence this will be his toughest fight.

Israel needs to fight it's own battles, not using American soldiers and treasure!

The paralell for me in Canada has to be the conservative gov. led by PM Brian Mulrooney. A crooked SOB that destroyed his party and parts of Canada. Our country rebounded and so will the USA.

Anonymous said...

Just a side not about the price of gas, with the caveat that I am far from an expert on the matter:

The price of gas is of course affected by our presence in Iraq. But, there is instability in other oil producing parts of the world that doesn't have much to do with Bush.

From what I understand, the core issue is, as usual, supply and demand. And while supply is staying roughly the same, or perhaps slightly down right now, demand is soaring. Why? One word: China. Addendum: India. And there isn't a thing in the world anyone can do to stop the growth in demand.

My hope is high prices will force us as a country to finally serious research and develop alternatives to oil. I'm not an apologist for Bush, but just trying to point out that there may not be much he or Obama could do about the rising price of oil. The President can only do so much.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


When the depression comes, and it is right around the corner. Make sure you hurry up and go get your money out of the banks, because it will be a first come first served basis. Those last in line will get nothing. Matter of fact, the way things look, I'd start drawing mine out now. (smile)

Stock up on flour and sugar now. If you don't know how to plant a vegetable garden, now is the time to learn, and get started on it. A few chickens on hand won't hurt. Plucking their feathers is a job.

For those of you who like pancakes. Flour, milk, eggs,and a little baking powder will make the best pancakes you ever tasted. Put some sugar in a frying pan and let it melt, put a little water in it, and maple or vanilla favoring, and make some syrup. (smile) Learn how to can preserves and vegetables. You know those old glass jars with the sealed lids is what I'm talking about. Also,go fishing and hunting. You will learn to learn to like food you have a distaste for or starve. Picky eaters will become a thing of the past. (smile)

I feel sorry for these young women that believe in Betty Crocker this and Hamburger Helper that, and those instant meals. They'll wish that they had spend more time in the kitchen learning how to make something out of nothing with old women. Yup, because times are going to be harder than anything you've ever imagined.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does materialism have to do with oil prices, the housing slump or the fact other countries own most of the US? I always suspecthe same people complaining are the same ones that voted for Bush twice

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I meant to say that times WILL be harder than you've ever imagined if a depression hits. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Granny... truth is, when folks who have had nothing but pre-packaged foods discover the wonderful flavor of freshly picked veggies they will be in awe.... the taste of a tomato that is fresh tastes Nothing like the crap in the grocery stores. Im with you... I live in a small apartment, but have found that my balcony is plenty of room for pots of veggies and greens.
Another activist thing is gorilla gardening.. where you can plant veggies in all those open public green spaces.... squash, green beans,cucumbers... plant and then post a sign sayin welcome to gods gift! In the cities across this country there are community gardens, get a plot if you dont have a yard. Grow something... it will renew your spirit and fill your tummy.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Whelp, doesn't materialism lead to greed? Greed is like a cancer it spreads.

Are those mortgage people and oil companies making money just to look at it? Do you think that CEO's make all of that money to live modest lives without any material goods?

Why do they buy mansions with 14 or more rooms that they will never use, isn't that materialism? Why do they buy more than 20 or more cars and can't drive but one at a time? Isn't that materialism?

Prices these days are ridiculous? Why does a CEO make 127 times more money than the average worker?

Speaking for myself, I never ever voted for Bush. No Lawd! Bush and his whole family are nothing but rich thugs and scam artist at the taxpayer expense.

Besides which, I like a president whose grammar is better than mine, who can spell, and pronounce words better than me representing the USA. I don't want one that makes prestigious universities in the United States look bad.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yup, McCain is spouting that same ole "Welfare Queen Myth", while Corporate Welfare is running rampart. I'd rather feed poor, needy children any old day than someone who has more than enough, and is trying to take what little those less fortunate then have.

Jody, I like your spirit.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


In Granny's eyesight you are a scholar, as are many of you that post on this blog, including field. Granny doesn't have a degree, but my children do. I worked hard to see that happen. However, I read a lot. The library is one of my favorites places, and I make use of my card.

I learn from you guys. I'm not one of those old folks whose mind is closed to learning from young people because I'm older. I feel that young people have a lot to offer, and that they're the future.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"What the hell does materialism have to do with oil prices, the housing slump or the fact other countries own most of the US? I always suspecthe same people complaining are the same ones that voted for Bush twice"

Anon, if you can't see the connection, or connect the dots, nothing I say here is going to convince you.

Just a little hint: the answer to your question is hiding in the question you asked.

field negro said...

"Just a little hint: the answer to your question is hiding in the question you asked."

Teach basketkase, teach :)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Why in the world did Jesse Jackson say that? Shaking my head. Speaking for myself, It's time to pass the baton to you young folks and support you. This is the computer era. It's time for a changing of the guards.

Sam Cooke made a song back when I was young, called "A Change Gone Come." Well, I feel like it's time to sweep the cobwebs out and make room for fresh ideas, fresh energy, and intellectual talent so that change can come.

Not only do I support you young people, as long as I have breath, can still see, and use my fingers to type with, and have a sane mind, I'm gonna fight right along side of you.

I'm not looking for no glory from men or to stand in the spotlight. Never did! I just want to see that day when all men are judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. I want to see all of what Martin Luther King talked about in his dream. That is my desire. That will be my reward.

PS I had posted this on the wrong topic. LOL!

newgirl448 said...

There is a correlative relationship between the violence whites do to people of color and the economic/social times. They take baseball bats to Chinese men's heads b/c Japanese auto makers are "taking all of our jobs" away (vincent chin) and they blow off sikh men's heads while they're opening their gas station in the morning because 9/11 happened (arizona) and, well, I guess there were no Muslims around. Turning off my T.V. won't do a damn thing to change that consistent, historical fact. And as I said in my post, I don't fear it...I see it.

field negro said...

"Not only do I support you young people, as long as I have breath, can still see, and use my fingers to type with, and have a sane mind, I'm gonna fight right along side of you."

grannystanding...this is why I love you. And of course the younger generation must to reach out to their elders for knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Americans don't begin to fear inflation like the Europeans do...
Less we see an dramatic decrease in oil usage, we got $8 a gallon gas in the very near future.

Don't hyperventilate. Find a good backpack (I love my Keltie), and start trainin yourself to walk to the store for your groceries. Walk to work, or take the bus.

Cheap is, as cheap does, and thank G-d you live in the city, or you'd be switching to bikes and horses!

Also, FN? You think the stock market tanked now?

Wait till you see the actual election.

Bush is so busy propping up the stock market that the oil is hitting record highs. That's at least part inflation, people.

If you've got money to gamble, shorts are lookin' pretty good about now. Just takes about $2k to start gamblin' on the stock market. Better odds than the lottery any day.

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