Saturday, June 14, 2008

"A Tale of Two Cities."

This is a tale of two cities, and not the way Mr. Dickens meant it. Sadly, this tale highlights the emotional roller coaster that being black in A-merry-ca can take you through.

Last night was a great night in our city. Why? Because the "O" man was in my fair city, that's why. He was visiting a very fancy fundraiser put on by uber lawyer Mark Aronchick and some of his closest friends with very deep pockets. I heard from some of my field Negro friends who were in the house that it was a very fancy affair. Over 400 Obamaholics and wannabees paid a minimum of $1,000, and the maximum of $2,300 to be in the same room with his "O"ness. Of course there was the really big money bash as well. This one was a little more personal with just about 75 of the "O" man's closest, ahem, friends. And they dropped $28,500 a pop for a personal audience with his "O" ness.

The Governor was there making nice, so was former Hillary supporter, our fine mayor, Michael Nutter. It was all brotherly love again. Yes folks, it seems that the dumbocrats are trying to unite now behind their nominee.

What a great night in our city. All that money, all that glitz, and all for a black man who could become the next leader of the free world.

Of course Wednesday night wasn't such a great night in our city. It wasn't, because Wednesday night, four animals allegedly forced their way into a woman's home, roughed her up at gun point, and took her ATM card. They then forced her to give them her PIN number, and then proceeded to withdraw a whopping $600 from the poor woman's bank account. This terrible ordeal lasted over four hours for the poor woman. (Which was probably longer than it took the "O" man to dip in collect his cash, and roll) To make matters worse; while two of the animals left with her ATM card, the other two stayed behind and raped her repeatedly while her niece and daughter slept upstairs. Oh, and when the other two animals came back, they raped the poor woman again.

Thankfully, two of the animals were caught. Police are still looking for the other two suspects both described as white males........yeah right. Both described as black males in their early 20s. "One has a thick build, dark complexion and cornrowed hair. The other suspect was described as having a medium build and a light complexion."

I bet they weren't at the fundraiser last night. Or maybe they were, maybe that's what they needed the money for.


Missy said...

You had me for about 2 seconds with the "white males" then, reality hit.
Sad, sad day.
We have GOT to do better!

Anonymous said...

Damn, that's some sick stuff. And dammit, I recorded Fox News Watch and deleted it before I heard about the Cal Thomas comments.

Sorry, guys. I think they'll replay that show tomorrow if you want to see it for yourselves.

west coast story said...

What is your point? Black men were acting like "animals," your words, before Obama ran for office and will do so long after he's gone. I don't get the sarcasm about the fundraiser or the connection with the rape and robbery.

I get that you have issues with Obama, particularly his ethnic background. I don't get how Obama's existence is related to this particular crime.

rikyrah said...

You're on point, FN.

About the ' Two Cities'.

I'm still waiting for the Animal who snuffed out 5 women at Lane Bryant to be caught. SOMEONE is giving shelter to this animal. Just like SOMEONE helped spend the 600 dollars of that woman.

Unknown said...

it never ceases to amaze me..
where do they learn this from... stealing, torturing and raping.. all in the 'enlightened west'...
too -ve a way to start my day.. i will come back to this later..


a very happy father's day to field all field's readers... this applies to uncles and grandfathers cousins helping to raise our young ones.. & i know some of you women are pulling double shifts and doing both the mother and father role so this goes to you too...

i am up early and off to see my daddy!!! yay!!!!

Locs2Envy said...


When I read "described as white...", I immediately stopped and thought "damn, they never say that here". It's always "black" or nothing at all. The nothing at alls are usually the white suspects. How sad! I've always thought that my over analytical self was the only one who peeped out unspoken racisms. By the way, your profile sounds like my Alter Ego and from reading your posts, I have to wonder if the same blood runs through our veins.... I don't often meet people who are as strongly opinionated as myself, especially about the INjustice AKA Just us System. I LOVE IT! Keep doing what you do.

I hope Phili's finest catch the other 2 perpetrators. How pathetic that some of "us" still don't get "it". When will it be learned that they see us as "just another nigga waiting on a number?" Furthermore, when will "us" stop helping "them" keep the shackles in place.

Much love and respect.

Anonymous said...

It's open season on Black women and children or didn't the R Kelly trial show that? Were the two caught the ones who went to the ATM? At least they didn't harm the girls in the house though I'm not sure how much comfort it provides the woman. I hope the police aren't offering immunity. And yes there is a woman somewhere making excuses or claiming ignorance of how her out of work lover, brother, son has suddenly come into some paper, all $150 of it. I just want to know how many other crimes have these animals committed? This just makes me sick!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope those animals get caught...

Hey something on another blogs..MONKEY DOLL NAMED FOR OBAMA MADE BY UTAH COMPANY...

If you can put it up and let everyone see it....

field negro said...

"What is your point? Black men were acting like "animals," your words,"

WCS, my point is that black men were acting like "animals". And I know they are my words, I wrote them.

"it never ceases to amaze me..
where do they learn this from... stealing, torturing and raping.. all in the 'enlightened west'...
too -ve a way to start my day.. i will come back to this later.."

They didn't get it fromt the good fathers out there, that's for sure. Happby FT to you too.

mesha, that's some cold s**t, I will have to check out that blog.

"It's open season on Black women and children or didn't the R Kelly trial show that?"

No heartsandflowers, it didn't take the R-Kelly trial to show me that, I see that in our city and in our country every day. But whoops, I am a sexist, I don't have the right to talk about that.

Anonymous said...

The world is a terrible place and it only gets worse. It's too bad that drawn and quartered is not an option.

BTW Field, what currency is $300,00.00? ;-)

NSangoma said...

From one Baba to all the others; fathers, surrogate fathers, grandfathers, uncles,
et alia:



Kellybelle said...

I was reading that post and hoping, praying, that all t hat happened to that woman was robbery. Robbery bespeaks of economic need; it's wrong but at least you can understand it. Rape, the gang raping of this woman, that's sickness, a soul sickness. Damn. She's in my prayers.

field negro said...

"BTW Field, what currency is $300,00.00? ;-)"

gwpriester, I know. LOL! let me fix that right now :)

Happy FD to you too nsasngoma. Please stop reading long enough to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

The future generation of adults acting like animals. So depressing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Field Negro, for putting in the time & effort to inform us in your 'No Bullshit' style.

Happy Field Negro Fathers Day to you.


ZACK said...

AMEN Westcoaststory! If anything, I'm a little disappointed in Field for tying the two stories together.

Lemme tell you something Field, (and I know that I should be e-mailing this to you, but I think everybody needs to read this)....

First, the fact that you denied that white males could do a heinous crime shows that you might be a self-hating black at times (just like myself). Secondly, Obama could care less about a woman getting raped if he can't use her as an anecdote in a campaign speech.

And then to make a joke about what they needed the money for IS FAR WORSE than the Michelle O'BabyMomma shit of last week!!

But as they say: To each his own.
I just get afraid at times to leave you alone with your opinions because they get corrupted.

kid said...

Its sad but blacks kill blacks and whites kill whites.Fix poverty with a WPA program and it would help out a lot.

west coast story said...

Zack: I do not think that FN is a self-hating black man. I think he has issues with Obama and sometimes it really gets on my nerves because it doesn't seem to have anything to do with real issues. That was my only point.

FN: If your point was that these guys were animals, and I don't disagree, tying it to the fundraiser adds nothing, not a thing except another cheap shot at Obama.

La♥audiobooks said...

Well gee, how come Zack so angry? A woman (most likely black) was robbed, heinously violated and scarred for life.

Typical of the sexist angry black man who internalize everything. The black female's well being and concerns always gets over shadowed and thrown out the window to rather defend other black men who even act like animalistic demons.


Anonymous said...

I read the post as a study in contrasts.

SingaporeSwim said...

I think this post is more a study of the haves and have-nots since:

A sexual assault occurs approx. every 6 minutes.

A black man runs for President every...

Anonymous said...

How many of these animals had their biological father still living with them?

any guesses?

To say "whites can do this too" is plain ignorant. THEY DIDNT.

There isnt a plague of white males terrorizing our neighborhoods, they are young and black.

Dont whine about gun availibility when all races have access to firearms and arent killing on nearly the scale we are.

Dont whine about "life be tough in the ghetto" Best way out has ALWAYS been education. Its available in the ghetto, the key is if one does the work necessary to move to the next level. MANY of us aint doin that. Aint no ghetto kid with a 3.8 gpa and a 1250 SAT sittin home without a job. Plenty of babymamas, thugs, thug wannabees lookin for work. The way of the world for everybody. No skill/education = tough life.

Dont whine about "aint no jobs here". If you have a marketable skill you will always find a job. No HS diploma, criminal record, no skills, YOU BET life is tough for you as it should be. Even if unemployment is 20% that means 80% of us po'niggas are actually working! It can be done people. Field did it. I did it and many others did it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks FN for the way you structured these stories.

And thanks anonymous for underscoring the Tale of 2...

anonymous is the right moniker too. Your voice is hard for your "ghetto kid" to hear.
They're listening though, and searching.
How will they find you?

Bob said...

I see young punks selling drugs on the corner. Then I can go one block to Burger King & Dunkin' Donuts & see kids from the same neighborhood working the counters. Then I can walk four blocks to a pleasant state university campus with lots of green lawn & trees & see kids from the same neighborhood carrying books to their classes. I know the good kids aren't making it alone, just that when they're offered a helping hand, they choose to take it.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say Happy Father's Day before writing my comments.

It is unfortunate that six individuals decided to commit such a heinous crime on that woman. It was one thing to take her ATM card, but to rape her repeatedly goes beyond the realm of because they did not have jobs. I do not know if individually, these men would have the nerve to do commit this crime on their own, but probably more likely than not. These six men sat and discuss about committing such a crime before executing it. Of course, you would think that would of the men would have said let's just take the card and go, but they managed to convince one another to take it a step further. Let's not forget that rape is a crime of control. Only individuals who feel powerless in other aspects of their lives would do such a thing. So they take their frustrations out on another person who less powerful than them.

There is no making excuses for them because they took their frustrations on another individual has done nothing to these men. There is something very wrong with these men that goes beyond race or blaming their problems on someone else. One could say because their had no fathers in the lives, but it's something more profound. These men lack empathy. They fail to recognize the feelings of others because there is no sense of caring. They do not about themselves or others. Personally, I certainly do not want to prison, but it's the law that keeps straight. There is an ability in me to treat others as I would treat myself. Meaning, treating people well as I treat myself.

These men made a choice to take the hard road and no one really knows if having a father or mother would have an impact, but it's possible they choose nature over nurture, and sometimes it's nature wins and nurture wins. I have seen people come from great homes given great opportunities and support, but end up like Ted Bundy. We just never know what people are capable of doing, some do well under great obstacles and some just crumble under the pressure.

Field, I do disagree with you about calling them animals because they do what is necessary for survival i.e. protection and hunting, but these six individuals had a choice not to do what they did. They are emotionally inept and psychologically broken. They have not bothered to construct their individual moral code of what is right or wrong because they involved themselves into a group think mindset. Not a single person in the group once considered that what they were doing was wrong.

I just hope that the DA has evidence to prove that they committed this crime, charge them appropriately to get a conviction.

NSangoma said...

Preachin-nin to dhe choir:

Obama Sharply Assails Absent Black Fathers


Unknown said...

i said i would be back and here i am...
i have had the most wonderful day with my parents...

this story rankles because it is now becoming the norm for our boys/men to behave in this way...

how has this happened?

no one can be so hard up to not only rob a person but to rape them repeatedly too?

somewhere in my mind i can see the 'have nots' robbing people.. but to rape?

i am not saying robbing is ok.. i am just asking what on earth made them want to take that step further? i cannot think of anything.. they got the money..

what was the need? where was this behaviour learned?

how did we get to this??????

so fucking sad.. excuse my french..

Anonymous said...

"this story rankles because it is now becoming the norm for our boys/men to behave in this way..."

"The norm"? Really?

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Great post. Happy father's day!

And thanks for spitting truth like hell-fire in the field. And no way is it a knock on Obama to say that, while he's busy copping cash from the well-healed, other men are robbing and raping a black woman, and acting like the psychopaths that even Stevie Wonder with braids covering his eyes can see that some men have become.

But, field, I'm also feeling what Bob said above: that you don't have to go very far in your neighborhood to see kids working their ass off everyday to get some cash the right way, or see kids with a load of books under their arm or a brother and a sister kissing gently outside their apartment or home before rushe off to their respective gigs. work. I'm saying, field, is that, even in times when some a few folks are acting like animals, it's important that we NOT paint each other with one broad brush. Most of us are decent folks just trying to survive the R. Kellys and other sick animals out here. Luv u. bro.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marci:

I do not believe it is the norm, but believe that these particularly individuals are sick. As I stated before, there is something emotionally, morally, and psychologically corrupt. I believe that most people are law-abiding citizens, but you just have a minority in this country who will not follow the rules of society. This goes across the board in all ethnic groups. It is difficult for some African Americans to believe that R. Kelly is not sick and blame the 12 or 13 year-old girls he sleeps with. It is difficult for AA to fathom that there are some sick black people out there. We have a perception that only white people would something heinous, or we should how managed to learn it from white people.

I am all for helping those individuals have made mistakes in their lives and show not be a harm to society, but some individuals belong in prison like those six individuals. I think they should do at least 25 years to life depending on statue in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. What saddens me that they do less time for committing the crime against a black person than a while person, and that's the racism I have a problem with because they should do the same time. My cousin had a relative where her husband killed her with a shotgun through the window of her mother's home while holding their baby, and he never spent a day in prison for killing her. I have to mentioned that this happened in the 1950s in Virginia, but it still occurs.

Anonymous said...

hennasplace said... "Field, I do disagree with you about calling them animals because they do what is necessary for survival i.e. protection and hunting...."

I'm sorry he did it too, but for a different reason:

It gives animals a bad name.

I'm sorry hennasplace: what they did had nothing to do with "survival," and everything to do with preying on the weak and the defenseless.

The rules for survival in our society is clearcut--education, work, and dedication to the same.

Not one of these things is in short supply.

What is in short supply is the willingness to exploit those resources.

For some, the brutal exploitation of their neighbors is more preferable.

Christopher said...

I know responding to natural disasters isn’t George W. Bush’s forte. But after his administration failed to respond to the devastation Hurricane Katrina brought to the Gulf States, I thought maybe Bush had learned an important lesson. Wrong.

Iowa, is drowning and 28,000 Iowans are evacuated and homeless. It sounds like Nawlins, y'all. The Iowa flood is the worst in 15 years.

So just where is George W. Bush? He’s roaming through Europe on a farewell tour, trying to drum up support for military action against Iran. The American people can go to hell.

Today, the Motherfucker from Midland took tea with his cousin, the Queen of England as his fellow countrymen and countrywomen go down for the last count.

Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, and George W. Bush. Rot in hell, sucka.

Anonymous said...

Here is the story of these fucking animals

Anonymous said...

This is what Obama is doing for the flood victims: He grabbed a shovel by hand and get to work--leading by example.

Anonymous said...

LAWDY- were getting mighty critical of a few brothas just keepin it real. All these self hating blacks tryin to tell us it aint Casper behind all our troubles after all. Hell, aint no ghetto bro responsible for his situation, aint you heard? its whiteys fault.

I sure hope some fool white celeb calls one of us a name we dont like. MAYBE THEN we can finally stop talking about this "strawman" and get onto something that REALLY defines us. Where are you Dog Chapman?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of rape...McCain new friend was joking about rape "like the might just lay back and enjoy it.".

field negro said...

"But, field, I'm also feeling what Bob said above: that you don't have to go very far in your neighborhood to see kids working their ass off everyday to get some cash the right way, or see kids with a load of books under their arm.."

macdaddy, don't be sorry, I agree with you AND bob on that point. I know that there are good kids out here holding it down. I see and do volunteer work with them on a regular. Unfortunately, the knockle heads around them makes it so hard for them sometimes.

Chris, why don't you say how you really feel about the frat boy?

"hennasplace said... "Field, I do disagree with you about calling them animals because they do what is necessary for survival i.e. protection and hunting...."

I'm sorry he did it too, but for a different reason:

It gives animals a bad name."

Now that was a primetime comment :)

field negro said...

whatishappening... thanks for that link. It helps when folks know that I am not just making this shit up.

A.F. said...

Sidebar McCain fundraiser: The story just goes to show how the Republicans, especially McCain, are opening their arms to all the women voters disenfranchised by Obama...

It is a tale of two cities, a tale of two Americas, as far as I can see. I'm going to have a hard time forgiving Obama if he spends his time in office as a "Clinton" Democrat. This great divide in the wealth didn't just start with W.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

This incident reminds me of one that happened out my way back a few years ago. Only the woman in that particular incident did not live through it, because they killed her. The only differences are the woman in that particular incident was coming home from work and had just got off the BART and no family members were involved

After reading the article in the paper, it sounds like this may have been a retaliation crime. The woman's brother was the cause of it. Evidently, he owed somebody some money. Either he is on drugs, or he was selling drugs himself, or both. The brother is doing something illegal. I'm willing to bet some money on that. It must be a large amount of money for them to go to that extreme. The woman is young and more than likely attractive, which does not excuse what they did to her. The brother was scared to death and was trying to save his own hide and was willing to give up his own sister to do it.

It's no excuse for what these men did. Their minds are depraved and that’s the bottom line. It was a cold and calculating crime. The brother is just as guilty, because he put his sister in the middle of his mess. When they sentence those men, the brother should be sentenced right along with them.

Another family destroyed!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

It's good that folks are trying to reach out and help good kids, but don't you guys think it's about time folks start making a serious effort in reaching out to those who are not good and try to steer them in the right direction? Not all of those bad ones out there are beyond reach or help.

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching Obama's Fathers Day speech.. its on his website... he talked about the need for men to "man up" and be fathers and not just sperm donors. He talked about the need to support all the women out there raising the children on their own.. and he talked about what a difference a father can make in a child's life... I gonna bet these men that committed this crime did not have positive men in their lives... Obama is right on and he shows yet again why he should be our next presidentathers day, cause I was both mother a....

Anonymous said...

'$28,500 per Visit' makes a great Obama poster. Good fodder for Obama posters here. Posters about him reflect this puppy dogs, doves and rainbows feeling. The Obama Utopia.

If Obama can stay pretty clean, do some good things as Senator, and then become Governor of IL, he could be unstoppable in 2012 or 2016.

I would dearly love to see a Jewish, African-American woman as POTUS. It's not race or gender that makes it for me though. It's political beliefs that matter, and socialism is bad for everybody, (accept those high in government or high-level academia) especially poor people, of all races. Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist, no thanks.

His 'Change', 'Hope' and 'Progress' mantras are actually somewhat self-mocking. Making your own Obama posters is totally addicting.
I laughed so hard I almost had a breakdown. LOL!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
befriend a bomber

pushing for change at all costs
sacrifices must be made

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
only feel and hope

please force people to change
change can only be good

All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. If there is no freedom of speech, then there can be no real freedom.
Make Some Obama Posters NOW!
Appeasement Talk Bothers Appeasers
Help Halt Terrorism Now!


Anonymous said...

I liked what he said too, Jody. Here's NYT take on it.

Anonymous said...

Uspace, I think he has a decent shot at winning and I agree he's wayyyyy off in left field. The middle class tax break will never happen and the tax increases will. I still think it would be good for everyone to have a Black President. If he wins the first two years are going to be so important. Hope he learns from what happened to the last two Dem Presidents.

Anonymous said...

You make a good point Szechuanpork, maybe after one term of Obama, we could get an African-American POTUS who is Right-of-Center. This will help teach people that it's politics, not race that matters.


Anonymous said...

Uspace, my point was he might lose control of congress after two years. The idea that you can be anything you want to be and the larger ideal that you control your own destiny are why I'm excited about Obama. It would be a good example. I do wish some of his policy proposals weren't so stupid but it could work out.

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's day Field, I don't get the comparison with the 'O' man and the robbery....maybe it's me, but I don't think you had to use his name with those thugs.

Anonymous said...

The Title, " A Tale of Two Cities" is appropriate and compelling. It shows the differences and contrasts between those who seek power and those who seek it through brutality.It is a study in Patriarchy as well as an honest conflation between the haves and the have nots. Both occurring simultaneously, both about Black men and both about control and obtaining money. Poignant and disturbing, your message is not only stark but accurate. Well done.
Keep writing.

From the Field,
Black Rose

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Field, I totally get you on this. It’s just more of the duality that we as black Americans live every day. It is pervasive through out our DNA as Dubois said In Souls of Black Folks.

It’s more than having two selves among the whites we work with its everywhere its two black Americas maybe even more. It is the quintessential house vs. the field that has existed since they started rapping our women and making mulatto babies to work in the house.

Some of us are asleep going through life rapping the lyrics to lil’ Wayne, some are awake and look at this world in peril and wonder how can they help or make a difference and some of us only want you to wake us up for the good parts and not go through the struggle.

I got your piece and applaud it with sadness.


Anonymous said...

Hi Field- I love the blog, and especially when you write about Philadelphia. You are always spot on regarding your observations of the urban condition there. I'm back here in NY now, but lived in Philadelphia for five years. When you said the "tale of two cities" it reminded me that Dickens visited Eastern State Penitentiary back in 1842, and denounced solitary confinement because of its mental cruelty. Somehow I don't think that Dickens ever imagined a day where law-abiding citizens would face daily mental cruelty, creating lives of virtual confinement because they are afraid to leave their homes. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

You wish Obama was so conservative as to be a Communist. Not gonna knock on the Marxists, other than to say that FDR read Marx, and learned a whole lot that saved America. Marx is passe, and the Republicans would do a lot of good for themselves and our country to study FDR more.

Oh, and the Republicans NEED to embrace Advanced Liberalism, or they're full of shit chickenshits.

True to Republican Principles -- ain't gonna happen in my lifetime, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field!

Check this out:


Diane said...

I'm relatively new to this blog, and while I consistently find it interesting, thought provoking and entertaining, watching the "Killadelphia Murder Count" in the sidebar is just disheartening.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

I don't know why there were some that didn't understand that you were using irony to make your point with this post. I actually thought it was very clever. I also thought that it pointed out the great divide, the differences, the split, the rift that is between those who live in one world and those who suffer in another.

field negro said...

Thank you deena, always feel free to come back.

john b, thanks for that link.

Thanks blackrose, I think you understand this crazy mind of mine. As does angie-nuvision, but then she always did :)

elena, I respect your position,but you know how I am, at least I think you do. But keep checking me when you think I am wrong. It probably won't change how I do things much, but you never know.

"og the original glamazon", that handle is killing :) Catchy handle and great comments. That's a hell of a combo.

diane, if you get disheartened reading the "killadelphia murder count", just think how I feel living in it.

BTW, welcome to the fields. Hopefully that killadedlphia number won't rise too much this year.

ZACK said...

you know, the amazing thing about this blog is everyone wants to put everybody else in check. As a result, we all look like fuckin' idiots.

As for those who thought I was dismissing the woman's rape, you all couldn't be more illiterate.

Maybe you should READ what people write rather than rush to the comment box in a futile attempt to be smart. If anything, I was ANGRY at Field Negro for doing two things:

1) Scoffing at the idea that white men could be capable of heinous crimes. (Re read my comments before you judge ignorantly....[la-msviswan in particular]

2) The fact that he found a comical correlation to what they needed the money for. Extremely tasteless and worthy of an apology.

But I forgot. He's the Field Negro. We are supposed to bow to him.

FORGIVE US OH GREAT ONE! Maybe you should audition for the Lion in the next production of the Wiz. You fill in the blanks!!!!!

ZACK said...

*[SIC} Instead of "could", I meant to write "could not". I'm sorry. I get mad when stupid people write stupid things.