Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Baby mama" drama.

I know who won't be on Bill and Hillary's enemy list, the folks at FOX NEWS. Yet they should be. For years I have been trying to warn anyone who would listen about the folks over at propaganda central. I have been trying to tell folks that they are probably the most dangerous people in our country because of their power, their influence, and their reach. But all I heard was; "field why do you worry about FOX NEWS? They are just a television station whose job it is to entertain folks. Get over it."

But now, for many of you Obamaholics, they have crossed the line. Many of you saw it and were outraged then, and many of you still can't believe that a major so called news agency called the wife of a leading contender for the presidency of these divided states a "baby mama". It's outrageous! How could they do such a thing? It's racism pure and simple! Ahhh duh. Yes it's FOX, this is what they do. Much to the delight of their millions of listeners[and watchers] in the heartlands who love to see the "pretty" blonds, the hunky anchor with the Ole Miss accent, the flashy graphics, and the A-merry-can flag front and center for all eyes to see. The same FOX NEWS who were cheerleaders for the Iraqi war, and for a president who will go down in history as probably the worst this country has ever had. But now, we are finally outraged. Now after one of their clueless anchors called the Obama's playful fist bump a "terrorist jab", and the possible first lady of these divided states, a woman happily married to her husband, the father of her two children.....I still can't believe this shit--- is all of a sudden a "baby mama." Do you think Cindy McCain, a woman who slept with a married man while his wife lay paralyzed could have ever been vilified and disrespected that way? Not in your life-time or mine. It would never happen, because Cindy McCain belongs to that class in A-merry-ca that you don't fuck with. That kind of disrespect and ignorance even by so called main stream media folks is reserved for the black wife, not the white one. And yet, Bill Shine, who is a senior VP of programing over at FOX says that a producer showed "poor judgment" in showing the graphic seen round the world. "Poor Judgment"? Poor judgment is what I use when I forget to take my umbrella when it's raining outside. This was not "poor judgment" by some lowly producer, this was a decision from the top.

But get used to it. FOX just slipped up and started too soon. There will be more of that to come. Maureen Dowd's article sums up what's to come perfectly, and you Obamaholics better get used to it. Personally, I have been outraged at FOX NEWS for a long time-- Don't believe me? Look at my sidebar--. So these latest pronouncements from their people, while outrageous, is not surprising. Come on, it's FOX. I would expect no less from those whores. It's why folks like Juan Williams, until he gets off that network, will always have a place in the house. Because by appearing on their network and cashing their checks, he is endorsing their outrageous behaviour. But I am still waiting for Mr. Williams and folks like Angela McGlowan (who proudly proclaims that she has been on FOX since 1999) to come out and slam their benefactors. Angela, a fellow black woman was smeared. I know you both don't see eye to eye politically, but you share so much more. (At least I think you do). Why don't you prove me wrong about you, step up, and do the right thing? Call out the people you work for, and tell the world that you are ashamed to be a part of such an organization. **Ahhh I love the sound of crickets in the evening***

Oh well, let's see what you Obamaholics are going to do now. I hear the outrage, and I feel your pain, now I want to see some action. Will you write letters to FOX and their sponsors? Will you stop buying from the advertisers who sell their products on the FOX networks? Will you make them accountable for their actions? You better, because if you don't, this will be just the beginning. And the folks in the "heartland" won't stop watching.


Anonymous said...

baby mama is a bad thing? Whowoulda thunk? don't very body gots them a baby mama? if its a bad thing den why so many gots them a baby mama? is it just bad for the black women tryin to live white to be called baby mamas? sounds like some self hating negroes up in here.

go tell those baby mamas it is a bad thing to be a baby mama.

Kellybelle said...

I expect all those feminist women whining about being called "Sweetheart" and how hillary was treated to speak out against Michelle being reduced to and defined by a biological function.
Sth. No I don't.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

There's a "Attack Wiki" set up at "What About Our Daughters" to keep track of this crap.

As for Angela McGlowan, she will never accept your invitation to debate, Field, because you can't bring a knife to a gunfight, and that's what self-hating Negroes do; allow their fellow Negroes to be slandered and blame them for the slandering (knife). You would point out her self-hatred (gun) and then she will whine.

And maybe, she's trying to figure out how to ask her white husband for permission to speak at all. Any person of color bragging about their tenure on a fake network is truly a House Negro to the nth degree and not worth wasting time on convincing them of the fact.

Anonymous said...

Baby mama
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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For other uses, see Baby mama (disambiguation).
A baby mama (also baby-mama and baby-mother) is a mother who is not married to her child's father. The Oxford English Dictionary defines baby mama as "the mother of a man's child, who is not his wife or (in most cases) his current or exclusive partner".[1]

The term originated in Jamaican Creole as "baby-mother" (pronounced "biebi madda"), with the first printed usage appearing in the Kingston newspaper, The Daily Gleaner in 1966.[1][2] Another Daily Gleaner use dates from November 21, 1989.[2] Peter L. Patrick, a linguistics professor who studies Jamaican English, has said of the terms baby mother and baby father, "[they] definitely imply there is not a marriage—not even a common-law marriage, but rather that the child is an 'outside' child".[1]

Baby mother and baby mama had entered wide use in American hip-hop lyrics by the mid-1990s.[1] The Outkast song "Ms. Jackson", released in 2000, was dedicated to "all the baby mamas' mamas". American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino released a song entitled "Baby Mama" in 2004. Planet Earth, an album by Prince released in 2007, features a song called "Future Baby Mama".

Originally, the term was used by the fathers of children born out of wedlock to describe the mothers of their children, but the term is now in general use to describe any single mother. Since entering currency in U.S. tabloids, the terms baby mama and baby daddy have even begun to be applied to married and engaged celebrities.[1]

In 2008, Universal Pictures released a comedy entitled Baby Mama starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Poehler plays a woman Fey hires to be her surrogate.

On Wednesday, June 11th, 2008, Fox News Channel used the phrase "Obama's Baby Mama" to describe Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, despite the fact that the two are married.[3]

Jamaicans making black folks feel bad about their baby mamas.

field negro said...

Anon.10:07PM, let me guess, so because I was born in Jamaica, I am somehow responsible for FOX calling the possible future first lady of these divided states a "baby mama"? .....Okay, we move on.

Kellybelle, don't hold your breath for those feminist to come out in defense of Mrs. "O".

Anon 9:45PM. I thought they locked you mental patients up after dark?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Cindy McCain, a woman who slept with a married man while his wife lay paralyzed could have ever been vilified and disrespected that way? Not in your life-time or mine.... That kind of disrespect and ignorance even by so called main stream media folks is reserved for the black wife, not the white one.

Word. I respect Michelle Obama a helluva lot more than I do Cindy McCain. Let's woman came from a humble, middle class background and graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law. The other is an heiress to a beer fortune. Evidently, Fox doesn't think Michelle Obama deserves any kind of respect -- they see a woman who has both black skin and children and they call her "baby mama".

Anonymous said...

Obama's campaign has a website now to challenge the smears:

I actually wonder if all of this might just be Fox News undoing... they fired Hill for the terrorist fist jab... the woman, Liz Trotta had to immediately apologize and has not been seen again on Fox after joking about assassinating Obama.... maybe they will just keep shooting themselves in the mouth and foot so much over this campaign that by the end, there will only be the janitor left to turn off the lights.
Maybe I will engage in Oprah's mantra of Law of Attraction and visualize Fox News Off the Air...

Til then, you can send them a message telling them how you feel (I did):

Anonymous said...

Mofos mad because Michelle Obama will not bow down to their asses. She ain't into that race neutrality bs that the mainstream media is peddling. I find her refreshing and perhaps the main reason I go along with B.O. They need to leave my sista the hell alone.

Anonymous said...

I think Cindy McCain deserves equal representation only the things said about her are true. You know the Rethugs did bring out smears when it was pertained to Bush. They called his daughter from India the result of an alliance with a Black woman and such. Maybe it's time we just start rebroadcasting old news 'stories' and articles to show their double standards.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I haven't mentioned how annoyed I was by Tina Fey misappropriating the term for the title of her latest movie.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Field, I've been arguing with one of my friends all evening, telling this black man that it is never okay to refer to Michelle Obama as a baby mama. Apparently, he, for some disrespectful reason, feels that it is not okay for the news media to refer to her that way, but it is okay for someone in casual conversation to refer to Michelle with that term. He feels that because Senator Obama and his wife are down toearth people, it is okay for us, black folks, to casually refer to her as his baby mama. He actually said that he thinks that it is cute.
Cute? You're kidding me. There is nothing cute about someone using the term baby mama to refer to Michelle Obama, Senator Obama's wife, and the future First Lady.
I blasted him and told him that Michelle is Senator Obama's wife, not his baby mama. It reduces her, it cheapens who she is to him and his children.
We, in the black community, have gotten so comfortable with having children with no husbands in the house, this type of language does not bother us.
Now, to all the baby mama's out there, don't be offended by me and what I'm saying. I respect you. I feel your pain.
But the truth is that no woman, who is married, should be called a baby mama.
And the real truth is that a woman, who is the mother of our black children, should not be called baby mamas. They are mothers. Plain and simple...
A mother is something to be regarded with respect and dignity. I double dog dare someone to call my mother a damn baby mama.
It's basic disrespect of black women. And I'm sick of it.

Anonymous said...

"Do you think Cindy McCain, a woman who slept with a married man while his wife lay paralyzed could have ever been vilified and disrespected that way?"

Field, you do have a way of cutting right to the heart of it. Excellent.

Christopher said...

This story is my lead thread today.

Just more proof (and as a lawyer, I know Field will agree) that we need to restore the Fairness Doctrine.

Maybe Obama can get it done and then hate networks like FIXED NOISE will be held accountable.

Missy said...

Thanks to your commentator for supplying the email to Fox (Faux)News I sent my email today.

Brown Man said...

I watched the thing on youtube - I am already a certified hater of Michelle "I Ain't Black Cause I Say So" Malkin, so I was watching her mouth so hard to see when the phrase was uttered that I totally missed the crawler below her face the first time.

Nothing like that god damned subliminal message to "subtly" get the point across about how she's really just one of us "nigras".

They'll see plenty more of this. I hope they have a staff person assigned to her so she can vent - she is the weakest link between the two of them in regards to what she can take, and they know it - they will keep hammering on her until she or Barack loses it and goes off.

Anonymous said...

We, in the black community, have gotten so comfortable with having children with no husbands in the house, this type of language does not bother us. But the truth is that no woman, who is married, should be called a baby mama.


Anonymous said...

Again, you're being sensitive. We only get riled up when EDUCATED black women are disrespected (e.g. Rutgers basketball team). If Shaniqua was called a baby mama, we'd probably agree as a community.

This whole debacle- born from a corny joke gone awry- just shows classism in the black community. I haven't seen a post from you about why video girls should be treated better (although this is a politics blog not a current events toilet like mine). Instead, you make me seem like an immature, ultra sensitive kid and by the same token, you get riled up over nearly everything.

No offense, Field. The proof is in your posts. At least I feel better about myself now.

? said...

am already a certified hater of Michelle "I Ain't Black Cause I Say So" Malkin,

Michelle Malkin is black? Did I miss something?

isonprize said...

Married or single, divorced, widowed or adoptive--- How are being called a mother or father or parent?

How about that?

I'm with Kellybelle -- Where are all the women who are fussin' about that reporter being called 'sweetie'?

One thing this election is going to show is how fundamentally racist this country really is.

Anonymous said...

In case you're looking for contact info for these fuckers, here is mailing info and links to their advertisers.

Great blog, btw!

Anonymous said...

I have a rage for all things Tina Fey...and taking a silly phrase and making a movie about it....goes with the territory. White folks always take things...."black" (see fist bump, chest bump, high five, rap, hip things blacks do) and screw them up.

When whites take on black So, Fox sliming and attacking Michelle is going to be the norm. They are not journalists....and have never been.

They are what they have always been the GOP TV nutwork. They should be marginalized!!!!!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Fox Newshounds is, also, a good place to find out the distortions, lies, and deceptions that Fox News uses daily to smear Democrats. Field, like you I have told people about Fox News for years.

That is one dangerous so-called news station. The people on Fox News that spread these lies and smear folks are not even real, certified journalist. Hannity is an ex-bartender that dropped out of college. Most of them are people that other serious news stations would reject. That's what makes it even worser. Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson is one negro that I would enjoy pulling a "Madea" on.

Hannity is trying to paint Obama and Michelle as black radicals, but fails to tell about his own close relationship with Hal Turner who encourages people to bomb and assassinate government officials. It is, also, believed that Hannity and Hal Turner may have had a homosexual relationship.

Mergyn Kelly is rumored to be having an affair with Brit Hume. Both are married to someone else. O'Reilly was sued by one of his female co-workers for sexual harrassment. BTW,you can read about it in detail on Smoking Gun. She should have poured some hot grits on his nasty behind. Cauvato shows porn during his session on Fox News as if it's no big deal and gets aways with it.

There is a documentary out called "OutFoxed" that shows exactly how Fox News operates. What they produce as so-called news comes dictated straight from the top.

Michelle Malkins, well, you can google her and see a picture of her standing in her kitchen modeling a bikini and her shirt pulled up over the top as if she was in the middle of stripping with her nasty self. All of the women on there are a little "loose" and I'm being polite with that term.

I'm glad that Michelle Obama is not a sistah from the hood, because if anyone noticed that picture of her on field's sidebar, in the purple dress, she works out, and is in very good shape--muscles are tight. In other words, if she were from the hood, she probably would be tap dancing in Michelle Malkin's behind and give her a size 8 1/2 enema. Michelle Malkin should count her blessings.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theories aside, I'd fight someone over Michelle Obama. If you'd be totally honest some black folk are more excited about having one of THE classiest black women as the First Lady.

I'll fight over her...and them's fightin words.

I suffered through FoxNews during the school year; Obama has the nomination now, I'm done with Hannity and Colmes. I mean Hannity is a fool, he was interviewing one of those random Uncle Tom's they have on there about the Clint Eastwood-Spike Lee spat and Hannity ended the interview asking the man if he thought OJ Simpson "did it?"

'nuff said.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Field I was so angry about this. I know not to expect much from Faux News but this was just outrageous.

I posted about this yesterday saying I don't remember Faux News using the same crawl when John Edwards told the media to back off his wife.

Regarding the terrorist fist jab, I just saw an old clip of Talladega Nights. What was Will Ferrell doing during the entire movie with his colleagues? The tap/jab. Oh was there some kind of subliminal message in that movie that would cause terrorists to rise up?

This Baby Mama might have backfired on Fox. I was reading an entertainment/pop culture block and there over over 200 comments regarding this and folks were pissed. I'm guessing most of the readers of that site are younger white women.

Yes I am waiting for Geraldine Ferraro to say something about this. Hmm

Re: McCain. Remember that whole whisper campaign in S. Carolina that helped him lose the primary? Bush inc. was saying his adopted South Asian daughter was a black love child. Mr. Rove had something to do with that. Eight years later Rove is an unpaid advisor to McCain. I get keeping your enemies closer but come on.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"We only get riled up when EDUCATED black women are disrespected (e.g. Rutgers basketball team)."

I agree with you on this statement. Black folks should get just as riled up over those less fortunate then them as well, because they could be a diamond in the making and turn out to outshine even those who criticized and looked down on them. If they knew better, they would do better is my philosophy. Everyone walks down a different path in life to get where they are supposed to be, and sometimes it might take hitting a few brick walls and running into detours before they get there. I've lived long enough to see that happen before over and over.

A.F. said...

"I would expect no less from those whores." Me, either. But still. Damn!

isonprize said...


You know you right! I'm sure somebody called the lady with ten children 'a baby mama'

rikyrah said...

1. Cindy McCain's New Name

McCain's Pill Poppin' Piece-on-the-Side

2.Uppity Negro said this:

Conspiracy theories aside, I'd fight someone over Michelle Obama. If you'd be totally honest some black folk are more excited about having one of THE classiest black women as the First Lady.

I'll fight over her...and them's fightin words.

I believe this. I honestly believe that 'The Community' is very protective of Michelle. I've said it before - SHE is the reason I became involved with this campaign. I drank her Kool-Aid long before I stop looking suspiciously at Barack.

Uppity Negro, found this at another blog, WhatTamiSaid:

What I really want to say right now, though, is that I am with Cheryl Lynn when it comes to Michelle Obama: “‘Chelle could call me at two o’clock in the morning and ask me to roll on a bitch and I would calmly pull out my sneakers and Vaseline.”*

My response was count me in, but let me take off my glasses first.

I'm stone cold Michelle-aholic, and I make no apologies for it.

NSangoma said...

Michelle Malkin is black? Did I miss something?
classical one 11:59 PM

Michelle Malkin, claims to be Asian.

Michelle Malkin's parents are from the Philippines.

Michelle Malkin is a Negrito, an Asiatic Negroe.

Malkin was born in Philadelphia to Filipino parents, Dr. Apolo and Rafaela Maglalang, in 1970.

kid said...

Field ,

You know how I am.If we go after Fox ,go after the banks and companies that invest in them.See if your (401)k have any News Corps assets.Sell them. Contact the Frats and the Sororities. do they use Rupert's bank ?Ask Islamic countries that have Fox reporters there to leave for being anti-Islamic.The Caribbean countries could kick Rupert's Stations out as well.Put a hold on his banks.How many Countries hate the Station that started the war that made their oil high.Yes , a world wide boycott similar to South Africa.Think about it.

Anonymous said...

I never watch Fox. I think the attacks on Micelle Obama could have been forseen. And it will get worse.
Bell hooks says misogyny is worse than racism, and we will see the truth of that in the next months.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Malkin is NOT black. She's asian. And some of us know that some Asian folks don't take to us to well.

Hathor said...

anonymous 4:48,
I always found Philipinoes not as distant.

Anonymous said...

I have filed a complaint with the FCC and emailed thier sponsors thanks to Dr. Boyce Watkins. He had a link up on his site with all the contact info.

What is perturbing is that their are actually idiots who claim its okay what Fox did because evidently in 2004, Michelle jokingly referred to Obama as her baby's daddy...but no actual proof of such, and even so, self-depreciating humor doesn't justify a news organization flashing that across its screen. Frankly, I don't think this is as low as Fox will go. The elections have proven that there is definitely a hunger out there for coverage that is not as blatantly biased which is why CNN has been making such inroads on their ratings....and then there's the folks like me, who longed for shows that would be vicious from the other to that I say thanks to Keith Olbermann.

NSangoma said...

Some of yall kind'a slow, so I'll start here:
I believe Thailand is in Asia

The 6 main ethnic groups are as follows.
Proto - Australoids or Austrics
Mediterranean or Dravidian
Western Brachycephals

The Negritos or the Brachycephalic (broad headed) from Africa were the earliest people to have come to India. They have survived in their original habitat in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Jarawas, Onges, Sentinelese and the Great Andamanese are some of the examples. Some hill tribes like Irulas, Kodars, Paniyans and Kurumbas are found in some patches in Southern part of mainland India.

My avatar, the Buddha, was a Negroe.

The Negroe was pushed out of the majority of India by the invading Aryan.

The Negroe was pushed out of the majority of China and southeast Asian by the invading Han Chinese.

The Negroes living in Asia, the Philippines, and Melanesia are Black people.

Anonymous said...

Fox glories in the minor accomplishments of our aristocracy. Cindy managed to not kill herself with the network. Michelle earned two degrees, despite a modest beginning...downplay her efforts. Jenna spent time in South Africa with moms..the capital of quiet abortions..after a drink-induced haze with multiple young mens...not a peep. Michelle congratulates her hubby on winning against the whitey white feministocracy and an 'actress' calls it a terrorist fist bump. Oh, the old version of 'actress' seems to apply to Fox newswenches. They read the script and provide 'comfort' for cash.


Anonymous said...

Ack! My longwinded rant did not post. Just as well. I started the day with a reading of 120 over 80.

Anonymous said...

This is from

Contact information:

FOX News Channel
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

FOX News Radio
Phone: (212) 301-3000

When contacting the media, please be polite and professional. Express your specific concerns regarding that particular news report or commentary, and be sure to indicate exactly what you would like the media outlet to do differently in the future.

Najmah said...

"Angie-Nuvision said..." and let the community say amen to that truth well spoken!

Like many of the other folks here, I respect and admire Mrs. Obama - she is class personified. And I would also roll out with the quickness if I got a 3 a.m. call from Michelle O; got my shea butter and L'vlle slugger ready, what.

Fake Noise has been blocked on my set since 07 - I would not have heard about this nonsense if it wasn't for M. Baisden yesterday eve.

Off to pull a list of the Fox advertisers before I do my summer vacation shopping...I'm with you kid, let's hit 'em where it hurts.

Field, keep planting these seeds of knowledge - harvest time is coming...

burpster said...

On a side note, it looks like taylor marsh has been hacked. Looks good on her. :)

Unknown said...

The emails have already been sent to both Faux News and all the sponsors I could find. And no, I won't be buying any of their products, and no I will not be turning on their channel ever again, and YES i am an Obama supporter, but more than that I am a black woman, sister to and daughter of black women. This bullshit from the F**kicng Obnoxious Xenophobes will not stand. I'll have my advertisers list up by the end of the day for anyone who would like to get email addresses on them.

Afrodite said...

I'd like to point out that Faux news isn't the only culprit. MSN and CNN are all the same. Now they may not be as blatant as Faux at times. But let's not get confused here. The same 5 Multi-Trillion Dollar Corportations control all of our media. This supposed bad news organization is pushing too many unsuspecting people toward the other MSN organizations. ALL of mainstream media constantly denigrate the Obamas. They all pander and fuel the politics of hate, fear and war.They all keep stereotypes going (pay attention to the stories they choose to cover. Was it not ALL of the cable news stations that supported the war at one point?

Their favorite thing to do is point to the Obama's “otherness” constantly as a reminder to white people…”HEY He’s not one of US! You can’t REALLY be seriously thinking about voting for him!”
or constantly replaying dumb and unfounded myths and rumors so that Obama is forced to come out and defend himself. When they talk about rumors..what they do is:
1) repeat it and inform a few million more people of it’s existence therefore bringing more attention to it

These news stations are owned by the same few old white men that own all the rest of the media outlets on the world…what do you expect from the self proclaimed “elite?”

Please ya’ll didn’t think the illuminati would just hand Barack the presidency that easily did ya’ll?

I'm disgusted guys but NOT surprised

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I couldn't agree more about Faux News.

OK bloggers, let's do this. Take three minutes out of each day and watch a commercial segment on Faux News. List every product that is advertised durring that segment.
Now, go to your blog and post that list of products and encourage all your reader to boycott those products.
What if lots and lots of bloggers began doing that? Would advertisers begin pulling out of Faux News (like Bill O'Reily's father should have done with his mother)?

List Faux News advertisers and urge a boycott of their products!!!

BTW: Back before the primaries started at some nationally televised event, Mrs. Obama introduced Mr. Obama as "my babies' daddy."

Afrodite said...

And what should they call McCain’s Wife?

“John’s Med addicted, charity stealin, plastic surgery addicted, married a month after he was divorced from his 1st wife, trollop?”

The sad part about Michelle Malkin is that she wishes she was white really badly. Damn there's nothing like self hatred. She's Filipino. She she went to Oberlin College (one of the most liberal colleges in the US) and grew up Philly.

She needs to look past her token status (as the only non-white and non-blond anchorwomen) on faux news and realize that all ppl of color are one and the same through the eyes of any redneck racist. The only reason she’s on the payroll is so they can have a brown face to say sh*t like this! SO some dumb ass ef'en prick can be like “It’s NOT racist because a woman of color is saying it!” Please nobody is stupid. we can see what you all are doing Faux.

rikyrah said...

angienuvision ,

That was so on point. Thank you.

Afrodite said...

ALso I'm sick of these classisms in the black community. If it ain't who's light enough and who's black's who's married and who's a baby mama. COME ON people do ya'll know the divorce rate in the country? OVER 50% and rising! We have the highest divorce rate in the world. Ya know what that means? When you get married more likely than not...your ass is gonna end up raising your kids with out a "wife or husband next to you in bed" Most PEOPLE in the US (not just people of color!) are baby mamas and baby daddies. Can we stop looking down on our people? Why are we using such demeaning terms for ourselves like baby mama and shit, when white people are more likely to be in this very situation.

I mean they are the majority, percent wise in the US and they do have the highest percentage of teen pregancies

Anonymous said...

I agree...let's hit the pockets of Faux's sponsors...Count me In.

kid said...

Remember when O'Liely "boycotted" some countries ? How about if those countries boycotted Fox. They are Canada, France, and Spain.I wonder if Fox has a bureau in Saudi Arabia ?

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Yes it is crass and rude and racist and low class and all the above.

I am now referring to Cindy McCain as John's former sideline ho!! *lol*

Anyway I can't believe it CAN NOT believe it !


Anonymous said...

In case we have forgotten...70% of our women ARE babymamas.

To remind us...our men have abandoned their families at a rate never seen before in the history if civilization.

There seems to be little outrage for sisters who bring multiple kids from multiple men into this world and expect the govt to support them.

There is still gravitas available in the hood for the lotharios who father multpile kids with multiple babymamas.

Yet somehow when a white person actually mentions this pathology..... OUTRAGE!

We will never be truly free unless we cast off the chains of our own silly self-destructive behavior. Instead of whining about whites we need to get our own house in order. Weve got a LONG way to go.

Anonymous said...

It was pretty clear to me that once Hillary Clinton had been defiled and run off that Micelle Obama would be next up. And of course feminists are coming to her defense.

Anonymous said...

John Scalzi nails it.

Fox News Would Like To Take a Moment To Remind You That the Obamas Are As Black As Satan’s Festering, Baby-Eating Soul

Published by John Scalzi at 11:22 am

Money Quote:

"...It’s shit like this that makes this story on CNN, about whether Barack Obama should be considered black or biracial, an absolute hoot. Here’s a quick test on whether Obama should be considered fully black: Poof! Barack Obama has been magically transported to a KKK meeting in deepest, whitest Klanistan without his Secret Service detail. There’s a rope and a tree nearby. What happens to Obama? If you say, “why, Barack Obama walks out of there alive, of course” then sure, he’s biracial. Also, you’re a fucking idiot. To everybody who cares about Obama’s racial identity, either positively or negatively, the man is a black man, married to a black woman, who has black children. Black black black black black black black black.

It sure as hell matters to Fox News, which is why it’s dog whistling about Barack so loudly that it’s vibrating the windows. Calling Michelle Obama a “baby mama” isn’t just Fox News having a happy casual larf; it’s using urban slang to a) remind you the Obamas are black, b) belittle a woman of considerable personal accomplishment, and c) frame Barack Obama’s relationship to his wife and children in a way that insults him, minimizes his love for and commitment to his family, and reinforces stereotypes about black men..."

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

@anonymous 12:04

But Michelle IS NOT a Baby Momma and that is the outrage to just lump her in with the rest of the pathology!! She is a woman who married a man and had his children and is building a family unit, so why disrespect her like that and then say its ok because we do have a lot of baby mommas out there!! I would have one problem with it if Michelle was a BM in the way the slang is use today. Yes she is the mother of his children but she is and never will be a BM, well not Barack’s anyway. Even if they were to divorce tomorrow she would or should garner the title of his ex-wife. I just don’t get the need to disrespect her like that and less be honest Elizabeth Edwards would not have been referred to as Edward’s baby momma. The whole thing was a subtle racist jab incendiary enough for many to get but vague enough for Fox to claim ignorance of blacks and their slang and the whole I didn’t know I COULD NOT SAY THAT. For you to accept this because you believe we brought it on ourselves because we have overwhelming rates of single motherhood is ludicrous.

That's like saying its ok for police shoot an innocent black man full of bullets the day before his wedding because so many black men are thugs…. OH WAIT that is ok according to our courts!


Anonymous said...

Well, in this war against blatent black racism, sisters (and brothers) that THINK like Angela McGowan, are merely casualties of the war. You can't help her, her mind is made up on who she thinks she is. While I may not be in COMPLETE support of Obama, as he is an unknown, I am against this ish!

Unknown said...

Disgusting. Plain and simple, disgusting.

There really is nothing to discuss here. This is just utterly and completely wrong, beyond the pale, and deserving of a full apology from Faux on prime time.

Anonymous said...

We will never be truly free unless we cast off the chains of our own silly self-destructive behavior. Instead of whining about whites we need to get our own house in order. Weve got a LONG way to go.

So because 70% of black women are "baby mamas", we should not get mad at Fox Noise for labeling a woman who did get married and had children within wedlock a baby mama? It's all Shaquita's fault that Michelle is labeled a "baby mama?"

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, they will start websites and put counter-comments out there. More liberal namby pamby stuff. Lightweight. And this stuff will continue.

It as much to cow Mr. Morton as it is to destroy Obama int he heartland and among Dems who don;t think he's tough enough. My folk over w/Mr. Morton say the die hards in the GOP and the crazies at FOX still don't like him, and if they can show how they can motivate voters in Podunk and mobilize all this negativity it will keep McCain in line if he's elected. I'm dead serious.

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan calls Obama "exotic"

Anonymous said...

To use that term in ref to Michelle was clearly racial code, in my opinion.
If anon12:04 was claiming it somehow it is justified by so much single motherhood/father abandonement in our community, I dont agree. Im not sure he/she was.
It brings the issue away from Michelle and onto a bigger issue. Im of the opinion that single motherhood/father abandonement is the SINGLE biggest factor that is affecting negatively in our community. Lets not demand respect for sisters and brothers who have done little worthy of respect. Urban lotharios and those who bear their children need to be brought to task by US.
This is however off-topic. Field has said plenty about this issue, im not sureI see any imporvement out here.

Unknown said...

"Yet somehow when a white person actually mentions this pathology..... OUTRAGE!

We will never be truly free unless we cast off the chains of our own silly self-destructive behavior. Instead of whining about whites we need to get our own house in order. Weve got a LONG way to go.

12:04 PM"

first off, what pathology are we talking about? the one where we are struggling to survive, mired in poverty? or the one where we are trying to survive even though we are traumatized by what we have seen and experienced in the hood? or the one where we have access to the shittiest "education" money cannot buy? or the one where we're living in substandard housing? or the one where we can't get a job regardless of educational background because of anti-Black racism? which pathology is it again?

second off, what do you think we as a people are doing by participating in the electoral process? by getting personally and politically involved and overwhelmingly supporting the Obama campaign many of us ARE TRYING TO GET OUR (NATIONAL) HOUSE IN ORDER!

now i totally agree that we have some serious class issues in our communities, but sometimes it takes a rude awakening like the one at FOX to get us thinking and acting in our own best interests. sure we have a long way to go, but Black people have always been up to the challenge of liberation. now that we are angry that our girl Michelle got the "baby mama" treatment, maybe we can harness this righteous anger to make sure that the rest of us will never have to suffer that treatment as well.

Foofa said...

A few people have mentioned how Michelle called Barack her babies' daddy and implying that that somehow led to this. May I make a point that babies' daddy and babies' mama are two different things than baby daddy and baby mama. One implies marriage while the other does not

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

To tag on my first comment... My father has been divorced from my mother for 20 years. I have never in all of my 30 something life heard my father refer to my mother, his ex-wife, the mother of his four daughters, as a damn baby mama.
I guess that's why I don't have any tolerance for that language.

About two weeks ago, our wonderrful Radio One hip hop station (sarcasm) was playing so called old school hip hop. Well, they got to playing "That's Just My Baby Daddy". I was sickened. I felt even more outraged than I did 10 years ago when that ridiculous song came out.

Anonymous said...

I do declare.

It is better to divorce a man you don't love, than to deal with a man who hits you or the kids. In fact, it is best if you don't get into the relationship at all.

But, we can all praise America, where a woman can live on her OWN, raising the kids.

You wonder why everyone gets divorced? Because marriage started out as an economic contract between families (man and wife didn't matter much, mind.). Now, when that's not necessary, when a woman don't need a man to earn for her, we get divorced.

This surprises someone?

Unknown said...

I'd like to ask the women (and the men) who lashed out at McCain's wife to take a minute and think. Disrespecting another woman isn't going to fix this.
Also - this isn't just about this one issue for me - this is simply the last straw.
In any case there is now as full a list as I could find posted on my blog along with contact links for each company so that you can let them know that you won't be purchasing their products (and not just blowing smoke in the fields). Feel free to post the list on your blogs and please email it to as many people as you'd like. If I'm missing any companies please let me know so that I can update the list.

Phil4Real said...

I'm not surprised by this behavior after reading this blog on the AJC here in Atlanta. We live amongst terrorist, who hate African Americans and rather bomb every urban city than learn to live together. There's so much hate here in the land of the free.

If any of you have time. Read the Blogs from the Opinion secton call"What you like about Atlanta?". There's so much hate down south. Looks like the whites are planning a bon fire soon. You better get ya popcorn ready, looks like we going back to 1876 again. If Obama wins wth rdnecks will be out hunting us like dogs. Racism LIVES in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

I thought baby mama refers to soley Unwed mothers... do divorced mothers count as baby mamas?

Anonymous said...

Dag Brother Field we can't get "no respect." I mean this really is deep, that a news channel would disparage the presidential candidates wife with such a term.

This campaign is holding up the mirror and the images that are coming back are getting uglier all the time and are going to get uglier as this race goes on, in our so-called "post racial", racially transcendent society.

Yet the contender himself keeps referring to an America that doesn't seem to exist, as these kind of insults seem to indicate.

Someone rightly said earlier that all of the news channels are misleading us and they all are pornifying and sensationalizing things and issues that don't really matter to us. We know little about whats going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most people don't know that since the US invaded Afghanistan, poppy production (heroin) which had been almost eliminated by the Taliban has reached all time highs. The profits are reportedly used to pay off the US's anti-Taliban allies. Oh my bad, the press does show video of eradication efforts.

Think about it,Field with all the technology at their fingertips there are few front line stories coming from those places. And they all agreed not to show the coffins of the dead soldiers returning home, when the gov't pressured them not to.

We know little about the Palestinian/Isreali conflict--well at least little is told about the Palestinian reality by our news outlets. We barely are told that the US bombed Somalia -at least twice -supposedly trying to kill terrorists. We know little about what's really going on in the rest of the world because we depend on the Big Business presses.

Hell they refuse to report aboout the illegal harrassment of thousands --that right thousands-- of Black young people who come to South Beach every Memorial Day weekend. What goes on down here is beyond belief even for the police. I wish some mother would write about it on your blog Field so I can stop talking about it. The NAACP and the ACLU keep trying to bring attention to it. But we can't get any press.

Most of you are professionals so you know what would happen if you were trying to apply to law school or med school or some professional school and there is a disorderly conduct or a resisting arrest charge on your record. Or what would happen if you were attempting to become a professional and this kind of thing is on your record. That is sadly what has happened to some of these young people who were simply guilty of being black and trying to enjoy themselves.

I digress, the point is we are under a kind of news black out and what passes for news is primarily entertainment.Fox news just is more like the hard core distributor and CNN,MSN and the rest are soft core distributors, but make no mistake they all have the same interests. And they all represent Big Business.

I know JC Watts is starting some kind of news channel, but the problem with the news highlights the fact that we need more independent news sources, that are at least willing to report both sides.

And big ups to Sister Granny, thanks for the pearls of wisdom. And Zach is right we need to make folks respect all our people/women because we are all just that, people.

Sorry if I went long Field the refusal to respect black humanity just pisses me off and the complicity of the press just adds to it.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that anon@12:04 never comes back to defend his/her ludicrous statements?

Archimedes39 said...

Ah, yes, the initial wave of attacks to “niggerize” the Obamas, and, whereas one cannot racially attack the (black) candidate without drawing obloquy from even the most racially insensitive of political observers and members of the public, nothing says one cannot use the (black) spouse as a surrogate. So, get ready for “he’s a black man, but she’s a nigger” slur-mongering, bet on it.

Anonymous said...

For those who narrowly think that Keith Olbermann is wrong in defending Obama and people of color, check out what he has to say about John McCain (a white guy). There is a video of his special comment here
I wish Olbermann was running for president.

Anonymous said...

If we were to get right down to it, we can always refer to Ms. McCain as Mr.McCain referred to her, as a C*nt. C*nt McCain. No matter how much money she has, in Jus'anotha piece o' tail.

Anonymous said...

WNG, I agree with you that denigrating McCain's wife isn't going to help things, but I *think* most people put out the "pill-popping lady on the side" comments as an example of the comparable statement that could be made in the media but pointedly isn't. True, I think some people were also laying in a little jab at Cindy herself, but they seem to have been the minority. Then again, I've just read through more than 60 posts and my brain is fried, so I might have missed some hating in there.

Point of fact, of course (and I have not doubt you and just about everyone else here knows this) the biggest finger pointing should be not at the wife (except for her fake recipe crap several weeks back) but instead at dear hubby McCain for having ditched his first wife for the beer distribution heiress and for calling said heiress wife a "cunt."

Anonymous said...

Sagacious Hillbilly,

how much of your income do you spend on gas? Sources say it's headed for at least $7 a gallon.

With an intellect like yours, you might want to think of moving someplace city-like in that grand ol' state of yours.

Elsewise, get your guns clean -- the cops may be at your door soon enough (only cops are dumb enough to turn bandito).

field negro said...

Everyone is outraged and rightfully so. Thanks everyone who gave us the contact info for FOX NEWS.I will be listing some of their advertisers as well on this site.
All the folks who are outraged should be acting with. Their pocketbooks.

On a another serious note I was just told that Tim Russert died today of a heart attack!

field negro said...

Sorry about the clumsy writing. As usual I am on my crackberry:(

Christopher Chambers said...

Russert: he among others was responsible for dumbing down network political commentary and "brand name" journalism, but as I've said ont he news here in DC, he was Edward R friggin Murrow compared to the m-fs on Fox...

R Kelly: niggahs everywhere are cheering. Black people are scratching their heads...

Anonymous said...

whatever,christopher chambers. you're an idiot. can you do better than russert? didn't think so. there's nothing worse than an arrogant psuedo-intellectual black man.

r kelly is a niggah and i'm sure everyone on here is happy he walked. black men get by with all kinds of depraved bullshit but only when they commit it against black women. black women are weakasses and won't speak out.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"In case we have forgotten...70% of our women ARE babymamas."

In case we have forgotten whites have baby mamas as well and more then blacks. Don’t forget many whites run to abortion clinics. Do you think it would be as much protest about abortion clinics if the main folks using them were black? The media doesn't shine the spotlight on trailer parks, why? Doesn't that make you THINK about what's wrong with this picture? When Reagan started the "Welfare Myth" MSN focused in on blacks while they left out the fact statistics showed more whites on welfare than blacks. Why do we fall for the same old game and put down our own people while their own baby mammas problem remains invisible to the public’s eye? Why are we helping them do it?

“To remind us...our men have abandoned their families at a rate never seen before in the history if civilization.”

We have a tendency to blame our children, but overlook the fact that it’s not our young people using crack cocaine. It’s their mothers and fathers. Where is parental guidance? We have children raising children and this, in some cases, even applies to those with working parents. Grandparents are raising children all over again. Are employers running over each other to hire black males? What about young males who are babies themselves? What about black males in prisons behind unjust laws? Is it circumstances or are they abandoning them on purpose? I suspect it’s plenty of blame to go around, but a lot of it is misplaced. When it comes to statistics, blacks are all LUMPED in the same boat. There are no distinctions. Go back in time, who started the SHACKING up business? We can’t blame the young folks for that one. BTW, that wasn’t just a BLACK thing either. One thing leads to another, you follow me.

BTW, don’t forget that black families were systematically abandoned not by any fault of their own during slavery. Whole family units were broken up and sold like cattle. They were sold off and so your argument of “at a rate never seen before in the history if civilization”, is a little faulty if you look at it from that perspective. Did it ever occur to you that we have a multitude of blacks that are related that will never know it because of slavery’s past history? One of the many reasons, why it hurts me to see blacks killing blacks, but taking another human being’s life is wrong regardless of race. That’s the bottom line!

“There seems to be little outrage for sisters who bring multiple kids from multiple men into this world and expect the govt to support them.”

Why do you spare outrage for whites that do the same thing? Okay, so what are you doing to reach out to young sisters and educate them? Do you mentor young girls? Do you help them find jobs? Have you started an organization that helps young women attain the skills they need to get a job? Do you counsel them about sex education? Did you know that social welfare programs are only a small sliver of the government pie? Even that is exaggerated, while Corporate Welfare takes up a large slice of the pie. Did you forget we have welfare to work programs that are in place and there is a time limit on years a person can receive welfare, while Corporate Welfare is unlimited?

“Yet somehow when a white person actually mentions this pathology..... OUTRAGE!”

Nope, the OUTRAGE with white folks is them telling the black community to clean up their front yard, when their own front yard needs cleaning.

“We will never be truly free unless we cast off the chains of our own silly self-destructive behavior. Instead of whining about whites we need to get our own house in order. Weve got a LONG way to go.”

Yes, we do need to cast the chains off, but one of the chains is buying into letting them DEFINE us as a people.

Anonymous said...

I sent an email this morning to Taylor Marsh over at, suggesting that, since she and her white feminist sisters got so exercised over the way Hillary was treated by the media, she might like to put out a little effort on Michelle's behalf.

So far I haven't seen anything on her site yet, although there've been several posts today.

I'm not holding my breath. . .

Christopher said...

Hill's Shills, like Gloria Stenhem and Geraldine Ferraro, can't be bothered to sober up long enough to issue a statement of outrage about the way Michelle Obama was treated by FIXED Noise.

These old hags live by a double standard. Michelle Obama is fair game and if the racist media kicks her under the bus, it doesn't register on their ancient radar.

Hathor said...

I wonder where that 70% comes from; the welfare rolls. Interesting when you look at the abortion statistics over 50% of women who have them are black women. Of course these statistics come from public sources not private doctors. How can that both be true?

I have notice that there seem to be more black women than white who are unwed mothers, that go back to school, become professionals or take non traditional jobs, like bus driver, driving a trash truck or police officer. Just an observation not a statistic.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Double standard! Christopher your so right, it doesn't register on their minds. The reason it doesn't is because Michelle Obama does not fit their stereotypes and views of black women.

Michelle has class, she's elegant, educated, married, and dresses with impeccable taste. She respects her husband, is well-mannered, and polite.

To the Geraldines and Stenhem's it destroys their negative views of black women and puts them on a equal footing.

If they wouldn't have made it a point to view black women as invisible all these years, they would have discovered that there are many black women like Michelle Obama that exists and always have.


"I have notice that there seem to be more black women than white who are unwed mothers, that go back to school, become professionals or take non traditional jobs, like bus driver, driving a trash truck or police officer. Just an observation not a statistic."

So, doesn't that show that black unwed mothers are not DEPENDING on the government to take care of their children? How can they be working and depending on the government to take care of them too? With all the institutionalize racism in America, how can we trust statistics to tell us the truth? I know I don't and never did.

ZACK said...

Just like the "N-Word" (for crying out loud- just say nigger), Baby Mama/Daddy has a double standard, according to your emphatic readers above Field.

NOBODY SHOULD DO IT. Plus, Barack did it first. Pull up his 2004 victory speech from the Senate election in Illinois. I remember him calling her his baby-momma- not babies' momma- on LIVE TV in Chicago!!!! But let me be careful before I end up on the Obama Smear website. Oh Heavens forbid that.

It's wrong everybody, whichever version of baby momma you use. But what's more wrong is only coming to the aid of the middle and upper class. America has stuck its middle finger up at poor minorities and I'm sick of it.

And I think Chris Chambers was just joking. If he wasn'!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jamaica: Please send more Red Stripe and the jerk seasoning and that other good stuff too. I don't get the Baby Mama jokes so don't give those to Fox anymore.

Thanks, szechuanpork.

Anonymous said...

Someone send Fox News an Urban Dictionary. FN, I'm from Buffalo and we will miss Tim Russert, he gave NBC creditability and stood up for the city on the Lake, Buffalo. I'm still keep Philly in mind to give the city of Brotherly Love some good ole conservatism however all politics aside, Tim Russert was motivating and always blue collar. I hope they show bills games in heaven, I'll pass the Buffalo Wings.

I wish the guys could of lived to see this election year play out. Thank you FN now the next post I can come from the far right.

Anonymous said...

Damn--I think Russert was kind of a goon or goof,too. What's your beef with prof. Chambers? He's being honest, when most people I see on these blogs are talking a bunch of crap.

R Kelly must have had his relatives on the jury.

Chambers is right about the RNC and Michele, too. They need to get more pit bulls on the payroll and fewer people like the Fannie Mae dude and Eric Holder!

Anonymous said...

Granny, I read your posts. Corporate welfare on the county and state levels brings in jobs. States compete for Plants, Warehouses, etc... It would be hard to find a politician that wouldn't bribe a company to provide jobs for his constituents. The money invested is hopefully regained in taxes, that's the idea. It's abused in some cases but that's the concept. I am OK with tax breaks, energy breaks, free land, if that give my area more jobs.

Anonymous said...

Man, I'd forgotten all about fox news since I downgraded my cable subscription a year ago.

Back when fox started I liked it. At that time I was a little more to the right politically and it was obvious that cnn was slanted to the left so fox gave a different side of the stories.

I don't think they were so blatantly right-wing-nut-jobs like they are now. I think it creeped in little by any good brain-washing does. It gets you and you don't even know you've been gotten.

In the meantime cnn seems to have gotten more to the center which is probably a good thing. I think it's good to hear both sides of an argument but fox doesn't even seem to try to be objective anymore.

The last time I happened to run across fox was last week in a hotel. I couldn't believe how mean-spirited and vicious they are. That sean hannity and o'reilly actually seem like raving lunatics instead of journalists.

They play to people's fears and manipulate them just like any other control-oriented-organization does (religions, gangs, al quaeda, politicians, etc.)

What really scares me is the power they have. As fucked up as this country has become because of reagan and bush, I'm constantly amazed when I hear people blaming "the liberals" for all of the country's problems.

I don't see how anyone with a lick of sense and even a slight grasp on reality could NOT see that the policies of reagan/bush have fucked this country over. But then I'm reminded of where these people get their "news" -- Fox News. Then it all makes sense.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"Corporate welfare on the county and state levels brings in jobs."

Hmmmm...okay, what's with the high unemployment rate then? Oh Lawd, gas is you might as well say $5 now, szeckuanpork. Will someone pleeeeeeeeeease invent a car that will run on water.

Anonymous said...

granny, 5.5 percent isn't really that high. I've been unemployed for a while now but I'm hoping for a interview next week at something I'm good at. I heard Dick Morris explain the gas price explosion and it made sense to me. It involves deregulation and speculators on the commodity market. I hope he's right. Congress could fix that if they want to.

Anonymous said...

OK, Russert was a goof. I agree. I don't understand why folk were so into him. But he's dead, so have some peity.

field negro said...

"Dear Jamaica: Please send more Red Stripe and the jerk seasoning and that other good stuff too. I don't get the Baby Mama jokes so don't give those to Fox anymore.

Thanks, szechuanpork."

You forgot to ask for the good collie weed from the mountains of St. Ann. :)

Anonymous said...

That would sell for over 160 an oz here, I'm sure. I'm gonna cook okra and tomatoes tomorrow. I'm considering splitting off a quarter off the mess and adding some of those really hot peppers to it just for myself. That would be perfection.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I hate Juan Williams of FoxNews. I met this self-hating black man at a dinner party in the late 70s or 80s when I was quite young. My take on then was that he looked at the black women there like they weren't quite human. It was evident in his body language.

Initially I thought he might be color struck, because DC blacks did have a big problem with skin-worshipping back then, but he was just as queasy looking around the light skinned sistahs. I didn't hate him then or for this, but I recall thinking that he was self-hating black man.

Then he popped up on a black news show, America's Black Forum that had been swallowed up by some conservatives who changed it into an instrument for the right agenda and watered down the news and added celebrity shit.

That's when I began to think of him as opportunistic tick getting fat by being a traitor to our race.

I still didn't hate him though. That came after he began working for Fox News. If you watch him carefully, he takes his cues from white folks. In May or early June, he was discussing Obama, and came across more racist than his white anchors to the point where they disagreed with him. This house nigga knew his place and backed up a bit.

What as azzhole. His photo should be one of several blacks in Wikipedia under the word 'sellout'.