Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hide your hijabs

Must be tough to be a Muslim in A-merry-ca these days. I mean there is no love for you worshipers of allah in this, the land of jesus. Heck, even the "O" man's crew believes in doing a little bit of product placement when it comes to you folks. Can't have A-merry-cans thinking the "O" man is a Muslim (Even thought a whopping 10% already do). He would never get elected.

And then I read about some asshole from Western Pistolvania who voted against recognizing a Muslim group's convention in Harrisburg this weekend. It seems this fucking moron, Daryl Metcalfe, a republican (what else) from Butler County, would not recognize the Muslim group because they do not recognize jesus christ. "The Muslims do not recognize Jesus Christ as God and I will be voting negative." He said this on the House floor in Harrisburg. Folks, this is a man who was elected to public office, and whose job it is to pass laws in our great state. Can you imagine if god forbid, or allah forbid, we had more clowns like him representing us? Theocracy would rule the day. The United Christian States of America. Field, don't forget to pay your church taxes...

How do you vote against a formal recognition or a simple resolution honoring someone? You are not passing any laws, you are not spending any of the tax payer's money. You are simply showing some common courtesy and decency by recognizing the U.S. Chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. But I guess it's still too close to 911. We just can't get that image of those Muslims who attacked us out of our heads. I know the feeling. I feel the same way when I see a young white man with a military hair cut. I just keep thinking of Oklahoma City and those poor folks in the federal building....give me a fucking break!

Thank goodness for representatives like Babette Joseph, who happens to be Jewish, and who said she would seek to have Mr. Metcalfe's remarks stricken from the official record. But sorry Babette, no matter how hard you try, you just can't cover up bigotry and ignorance. Mr. Metcalfe is still one of your colleagues, and I suspect that he is going to be your colleague for awhile.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

America the country where freedom of religion is practiced...yea right.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

you gotta love the seperation of church and state

Kellybelle said...

I wonder how much Metcalfe knows about Islam. I've been reading a lot about the Middle East and I find the more I read the more there is to learn. Sounds like Metcalfe has bought the party line that all Muslims are terrorists. But let him go over to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil like his leader Bush tried to do and he'd be singing a different tune.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to post about the Black woman who moved the Muslim women out of the camera shot at the rally in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I think 10% want to believe Obama is Muslim. Here's Michelle on The View about breakfast at her house. "Toast, fruit, and I do my protein as: bacon. We're bacon people."

What Metcalfe did and said seems wrong to me, I wouldn't have done it. The non-Muslim no go areas in Western Europe and their forcing Sharia Law on non-Muslims there is pretty creepy though. And of course there's the honor killings of Muslim girls that show disrespect to their families and the female genital mutilation so the wives won't cheat on their husbands. But they seem like nice people and Islam is the religion of peace so it's all good.

? said...

The conservative christians have more in common with the muslims then they would like to admit szechuan.

Anonymous said...

classical one, true enough. I think it was Ashcroft that had the justice statue draped so her tit wouldn't show and both show an aversion to science. What I was trying to get at was there's give and take with integration and just plain old getting along that needs to happen here. And I'm a little concerned about Western Europe and England on those areas.

rikyrah said...

About the Muslim Women Incident

This was a STUPID STUPID STUPID move by the Obama campaign.

This was Michigan. There isn't a larger concentration of Arabs in America than in the Detroit/Dearborn Area. They not only vote, but they GIVE MONEY.

McCain has already messed up with this group, earlier this year, when he insulted one of THE biggest fundraisers in the Arab community.

That meant, with McCain's insult, and the natural hostility of the GOP towards Arabs/Muslims, that community was prime pickings for Obama.

He SHOULD HAVE BEEN able to pick up that voting block with little cost to himself, despite the Muslim rumors.

Now, he's messed that up, and he and McCain are basically on even ground. He's now seen as a Black Man who insulted Arab WOMEN. (Only THEY can insult their women - not some Black guy).

So, he just bigfooted a ' gimme', and a way to keep Michigan solidly in the Democratic column.

So, not only was it WRONG, on GP, if you're running a campaign with a theme of INCLUSION, it was WRONG, POLITICALLY, because you just gave up a nice swing group.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I had to read your post twice to make sure your weren't kidding.

What the hell is going on?

Anonymous said...

Well, it already started:
t-shirts with racial comments here: run, obama, run, being chased by the kkk

A t-shirt with racial comments a noose around obama neck?

The second one:The whitehouse

The Dailykos website give the perpetrators

NSangoma said...

Bacon, hmmm?

Did she specify which, turkey bacon or swine bacon?

Anywho, as skinny as they both are, it is probably turkey bacon (fried in grape seed oil) on weekends or once a week; oatmeal on the other days.

field negro said...

"What the hell is going on?"

nyc/'s called living in A-merry-ca :) are right about the honor killings. That's some f****d up s**t. But how does that justify bigotry against all Muslims? Including Muslim women.

rikyrah, you need to take Russerts place. That was excellent political commentary, and you are dead on.

Anonymous said...

Dude, the republican shitbags in the US Congress voted against recognizing their motherfucking mothers! They're totally fucking depraved wackaloon scumbags, plain and simple.

Kicking these assholes to the curb in November is gonna make me happy, happy, happy! (If too many A-merry-cans fall for their despicable lies again, and we fail to kick their sorry sick asses to the curbs, PhysioProf is gonna be sad, sad, sad, and mad, mad, mad!)

Kellybelle said...

Anon: thanks for the links to those t-shirts!

Anonymous said...

Field, haven t you heard, 2 women wearing headscarfs is a huge danger to america. quik remove them fast, they could be associated with obama (remember the obama/somali traditional clothing incident). By the way, if they hate muslims so much, why don t they leave muslim countries. That s what they tell people with different ideas in america right (that shit goes two ways). Being a muslim in america must be crazy right now, being black & muslim is just asking to get arrested right.


Anonymous said...

I pledge allegiance
To my lapel pin flag
Of the Divided States
of America
And to the Republicans
For which it stands
Two Nations
Red and Blue
With Liberty and Justice
For none

Anonymous said...

I guess this moron doesn't know that the Ahmadis are considered "heretics" by Muslim fundamentalists:

A2daK said...

As a Muslim in America, I can tell you it ain't always easy. Being black and politically conservative, it almost makes me masochistic. But check it, here's the deal. It gives us an opportunity to clarify to misconceptions about Muslims.

In regards to female genital mutilation and honor killings, that has little to do with Islam, although unfortunately some Muslims practice it. Surely, it can be found nowhere in the Qu'ran. Same goes with all the terroristic stuff. In fact, I can point to many Qu'ranic verses that will argue quite the contrary. Some people have political agendas that they try to promote through their manipulation of Islam.

In defense of the Obama, I can confirm that this isn't the attitude of the campaign. I have several female Muslim family members that are equally politically active and have worked with the Obama campaign. During the primaries, they had a good amount of access and closeness to the campaign. They even managed the satellite office which worked hand/hand with the campaign. They worked with the local Christian, Jewish and Muslim community.

The incident in Michigan was the unfortunate work of volunteers w/o "official" capacity.

To sum it all up, you cannot the many for the actions of a few.

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

"To sum it all up, you cannot the many for the actions of a few...."

Right on point!

Anonymous said...

a2dak: That's good to know that this is not a top-down campaign policy. Do you think one of Obama's campaign people will issue a statement to that effect?

A2daK said...

Physioprof, I'm not sure that they would make such a statement. It kinda brings too much attention to something that wasn't done directly by their campaign. Could be wrong though.

I'm sure that other Muslims who helped his campaign in Michigan also had a good experience. When I sent that article from Politico to my folks, they immediately blasted the article because their experience was much different.

I just read my earlier post. Kinda butchered it. Excuse the typos. Rushed through it. Emotions got the best of me.

Mo said...

some people are so f*ckin stupid....and thats all i can pretty much say about it

Christopher said...

Meanwhile, the DINO Democrats caved to George Bush again. This time on FISA.

I would've appreciated some leadership from my man, Barack Obama on this. After all, he is the leader of the Democratic party now and I don't give a rat's ass that he's busy running for president. He's still a United States senator and millions are looking to him for leadership.

Let's hope Obama steps up and quickly and says something on this shameful behavior by the DINOS.

Don't let me down, Barack. I ain't playing when it comes to civil liberties.

Anonymous said...

Field, like I said, his vote and comments were wrong. I wouldn't have done it. They're building a multi acre Muslim compound here in Little Rock. Fine. I just don't want the problems they are experiencing in Western Europe and England to happen here.

field negro said...

gwpriester,that's classic:)

"I guess this moron doesn't know that the Ahmadis are considered "heretics" by Muslim fundamentalists:"

jon b. thanks for that knowledge.

2Adak,it's always nice to hear from my conservative Muslim friend. BTW,"conservative Muslim" is not oxymoronic.

And please don't worry about typos. There is no such thing on this blog. (just read some of my comments :)) as long as we understand what you are saying it's cool.

Christopher, I am keeping a close eye on your boy...

Anonymous said...


there are shtetls in New York State. I do NOT approve.

Muslims do believe that Jesus Christ was a prophet, and the son of G-d. Hell, you got the whole description of the Immaculate Conception from the Koran, for goodness sakes (apparently leaving it vague was acceptable to the romans, who thought it was plausible enough to not need details).

Two years ago, my husband got a Christmas card from a friend in Iraq. He hadn't heard from her in six months, so it was good to know she wasn't dead.

A2daK said...

Szechuanpork, your latest post is the reason why I do what I do. It's why I write, speak and work in politics. Your post articulates the level of ignorance and bigotry that is still out there today.

Muslims are moving in and you're scared? What are you afraid of? What's your point? We've been here for years. In fact, black Muslims have contributed greatly to the civil rights movement. Surely, we wouldn't be as far in the black community, and therefore as a country, if not for their consistent opposition to bigotry like the type you present. When your folks were running scared or contributing to the problem, many MUSLIMS were out there protecting the community and teaching/promoting education, self-help and personal development.

The same arguements you present used to be made for when black families wanted to enter new communities. They eventually found out that we also cut our grass. As Americans, we also have a right to live where we please in a free country. What? Do you want to put us on a concentration camp?

Supplant "Muslim" with "Christian" in your post. Hopefully, you'll recognize the level of pure bigotry/stupidity your post contains.

Anonymous said...

a2dak, try switching Muslim for Christians in this sentence. Muslims are committing genocide on black Christians in Sudan. You OK with that too?

Anonymous said...

It IS tough being a Muslim in America today. Even tougher being a Muslim woman who chooses to wear the headscarf and modest clothing. My personal pet peeve is how people seem to think that Muslims are automatically "foreign" and automatically Arab. I will continue to let people know that African-Americans make up more than half of the Muslim population. It's like people have forgotten about us...

? said...


When you say "black muslim" do you mean Nation of Islam or Sunni Muslim? Something else?

A2daK said...

I'm a Muslim, all day long. Born and raised.

My father was in the Nation.
But, he changed to Sunni Islam after Malcolm changed during his trip to Mecca.

OfeliaGanimydSmith said...

Thank you for keeping us informed on this unbelievable nonsense that is still happening in this country. I heard about your blog on NPR today and will now become a permanent reader.

tenacitus said...

The truly sad thing is that the fool was saying something about Islam without knowing how it really sees Jesus

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The person who came up with this so-call famous quote, "Ignorance is bliss,” evidently, in my opinion, has proven without a doubt that they lacked common sense, because it is a straight out lie. Because the truth is that ignorance is dangerous and breeds fear. There's, definitely, no happiness or ecstasy benefits from it at all. To prove my point look at how it has caused so much division and hatred among human beings in the past and present. People who were ignorant of other people’s cultures or saw others different from themselves were quick to lump them all in the same boat and pass out stereotype labels. When the truth is that inside of each and every culture there is variety.

Blacks, Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, Iranians, Cubans, Eastern Indians, all have been lumped in one boat at one time or another with a stereotype label stamped on each one of them causing false assumptions that are a danger to humanity as a whole. Like Rodney King said, “Can’t we all just get along”.

Christopher said...


I do believe we have a problem.

Sorry Senator Obama but this isn’t change we can believe in.

According to an email posted on DailyKOS, Barack Obama issued a statement in support of the FISA compromise bill. It reads in part:

"It is not all that I would want. But given the legitimate threats we face, providing effective intelligence collection tools with appropriate safeguards is too important to delay. So I support the compromise, but do so with a firm pledge that as President, I will carefully monitor the program, review the report by the Inspectors General, and work with the Congress to take any additional steps I deem necessary to protect the lives – and the liberty – of the American people."

Obama just lost the Constitutionalists and the civil libertarians.

NSangoma said...

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright told yuh that Obama is a politician, and that he will always do what a politician has to do; what is the big surprise?

What about this new campaign financing deal, yall expected something different from the
Big 'O'?

I told yah that Obama is going to make you Negroes cry; some of you are a cryin-nin already.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I rather cry than vote for McCain. It beats starving and being homeless if McCain gets in to do another third Bush term.

brotherkomrade said...

Granny, isn't N-SanGomer
One of The Right's Lawn Jockeys?

You can't talk to him....

SagaciousHillbilly said...

HAR! Religious fanatics opposing religious fanatics. Welcome to 21st Century Amurkkka.

Thembi Ford said...

I'm consistenly embarrassed to be from Pennsylvania and have always wished for the secession of Philadelphia. It's sad that I'm not at all surprised that a representative of this state could be so tragically close-minded. And I'm with rikyrah in seeing Obama's move as a huge mess-up! Looks like we're all going to have to swallow his attempts at appeasing bigotry throughout this campaign season just to support him.

By the way Field, it may interest you to know that I just spent a month in the Persian Gulf and while pork was illegal and the Qu'ran was law, Creflo Dollar Ministries came on television every night without fail.

Anonymous said...

That asshole in PA is a perfect example of why there needs to be a competency test on the Constitution before someone can hold public office. He needs to understand that his religious views are IRRELEVANT in serving the interests of the Commonwealth.
Religious fanatics, in the name of Yaweh, Jesus, Allah, Jahovah, Vishnu, have throughout history killed, raped, maimed and crucified....
I am soo sick of religious fanatics! ALL of THEM!

Anonymous said...

jody, "He needs to understand that his religious views are IRRELEVANT in serving the interests of the Commonwealth."

I agree with that. The UN just ruled that you can't talk about religion at the UN unless you a priest etc... That rule was intended to protect Islamic States but applies to all members. That should work out great, what could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to note to the poster who asked if the Brother was NOI or Sunni that African American Muslims are diverse. I am a Shi'a Muslim and am friends with other descendants of kidnapped Africans enslaved in the Americas who are working on the third generation of Shi'a Muslims in thier families. The choices for Black believers in extend far beyond NOI or Sunni.

Americans make up anywhere from half to the (slim)majority of Muslims in America and the majority of them are Black. The portrayal of Islam as something foreign to America is intentional and untrue. Islam in America is distinctly American and mostly BLACK. Those in the Muslim community who would have it otherwise have been (THANK THE LORD!) marginalized and have rapidly decreasing influence.

CoyoteFe said...

"The Muslims do not recognize Jesus Christ as God and I will be voting negative."

I'm Presbyterian, so forgive me if I believe that Jesus is the SON of God (we're self-deprecating). I am also I fairly certain that Muslims hold the Christ in extremely high regard. I don't get this Metcalfe person, but irrational people do that to me.

Anonymous said...

ummali, "Those in the Muslim community who would have it otherwise have been (THANK THE LORD!) marginalized and have rapidly decreasing influence."

Sounds about right to me. Worship how you will and enjoy freedom. It's a group thing.

Anonymous said...

szechuanpork -
your ignorant comments on this thread really piss me off. have you not understood that the point of this thread was that people here wish Obama was really as progressive as claimed? and what do you know about europe? based on the (lack of) content of your comments, i bet you've never even been there, let alone read much about it. where do you get your information on a muslim problem in Europe? the BNP or Geert Wilders? Having lived in large cities with very large muslim communities in three Western European countries, including the UK, oh and a muslim one in Africa, i've never seen problem with muslims as a group. i only hear the odd christian-nazi-type politician and right-wing media talking about it. and the same types of european leaders that want to keep the EU christian, never mind that most of us never enter a church if we aren't atheists... anyway, presenting europe as a social construct americans should fear to emulate just makes me laugh! much love to the field and friends from "unfree" Holland!

A.F. said...

I realize that it was Obama's "people" and not Obama himself who removed the women but agree that it was not only hateful but also stupid. The people who believe that all Muslims are terrorists and that Obama is a Muslim terrorist are going to believe that, no matter what. They are the people who would have said "See!" if they'd happened to see the footage, and it doesn't matter if they have that kind of twisted evidence because they're not going to vote for Obama anyway, but many Middle Eastern Americans would if his campaign didn't do s--- like they just did. Or maybe they still will since McCain would be so much worse, but it's still totally sad. Plus, at any political rally I've ever attended the "human wallpaper" area is cordoned off, and people from the crowd are handpicked and herded into it. So what a weird thing for someone to select these women only for someone else to unselect and insult them (??)

There is a large number of Middle Eastern students at the school where I teach, and what they have gone through in the past 7 years is unbelievable. Just one example is the student who got evicted from his apartment for parking in front of the garbage can "after repeated warnings" and did not even own a car!

Re Metcalf: Driving through the Bible Belt (I realize that PA is not part of that) this past Christmas, I noticed that many little churches had anti-Muslim slogans on their marquis (sp) outside. One said "Allah is not our God" (like somebody would say "hey, let's stop at this church and worship Allah" to start with (??) And in one town where I got gas, a man was railing at a Middle Eastern gas station attendant for not "Celebrating Jesus's birthday"! I mean, the whole scene, that whole several hundred mile stretch, was having an all-out hatefest. I felt like I was in Nazi Germany, really, not kidding.

Carol (Aquariusmoon) Duhart said...

Obama calls 2 Muslim women to apologize

Obama personally called them to apologize, so the issue is now closed.

I'.m taking a wait and see, a no
"Chicken Little" approach to Fisa. In any event, Bush will probably get a lot of what he wants because most of the Congress knows he'll be gone next year, and they can then negotiate more favorable terms anyway. Either they'll roll McCain, or they will call in a favor or two with Obama.

Anonymous said...

I am of north african descent (hence of muslim descent like they say even though I don't practice...) and I live in France.

I confirm that the posts of szechuanpork are full of bigotry, hatred, racism and ignorance. (maybe he's a white European male?)

szechuanpork is basically quoting the views of extreme-right-wing political parties of Europe such as NDP (German neo-nazi party), Vlaams belangs (Belgium neo nazi party) and Front national (French neo nazi party), views that seems to be imported in the US by Pat Buchannan and notorious racist propaganda agent Daniel Pipes...

Anonymous said...

It's me again the "anonymous" of the previous post.

I wanted to say that the views of szechuanpork concerning Darfur come from Fox News too. If szechuanpork had studied a little bit, he would know that Tchad and Sudan were colonized by Europeans and everyone knows that there're full of OIL. Yes oil. That oil can be imported for a tenth of its market price if the government in place is backed, via some favors such as weapons and the garantee to "defend" the country in case it is attacked.

Sometimes you see on Tv the poor Darfur women who've been raped, and I noticed they all wear scarves.

Weird huh?

szechuanpork views reveal the type of ignorant and racist views which are widely present in Europe. szechuanpork doesn't really care about Darfur women. He might probably hate them him too. That is why his concern is with "muslims" not with the poor Darfur women (still wearing scarves...) who are daily raped and killed.

Here is how their views work:
First they claim that the darfur horrors are the doing of those "savage" muslims. Secondely, European governments are sending troops in Tchad to back the rebels of Darfur (if they can be in power in Sudan, you get that oil for the tenth of its price, via some favors like I've said, don't get me wrong i don't support the gov of Sudan, they seem backwards and barbaric...). Meanwhile, you tell your people that "we're sending troops there because we need to protect those poor "christian" women (who happen to wear scarves) raped by savage muslims; Hence you get the full backing of your population (who's been brainwashed with racist propaganda) to intervene in the Sudanese/Tchad horrors to get what you need: that cheap oil you can have without passing by OPEC.

Europe doesn't care about Darfur victims, like they've never cared about the Rwanda genocide.

If anyone wants to know more about that Europe/Africa oil business read more about "Omar Bongo" (dictator of Gabon who's been supplying France for so long).

La morale de l'histoire: the US is more progressive than Europe.

Anonymous said...

I won't post here anymore.

Anonymous said...

Dont go away.... it is good to have varying views..... hopefully, those that challenged you have schooled you a little.... Lord knows I sure as hell have alot to learn and I learned alot from the posters here..... Keep an open mind and stay.

? said...

I think it was Ashcroft that had the justice statue draped so her tit wouldn't show and both show an aversion to science. What I was trying to get at was there's give and take with integration and just plain old getting along that needs to happen here. And I'm a little concerned about Western Europe and England on those areas.


In this country a religous affiliation is a prequiste for any political office. Organizied religion of course has an aversion to science, look at the Christian church in Europe, they were against every new scientific discovery from Galileo to Darwin. People like Ashcroft are simply the Christian version of the Taliban.

field negro said...

"Szechuanpork", you have got to get a thick skin. The folks who have been dropping knowledge about Islam have been schooling me too. It's why I love blogging I learn so much.

Always come back and give your opinions. You might get called out and slammed, but hey, that comes with the turf. -You should read my e-mails sometime-. But how else are we going to learn?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Only the strong survive and a close mind does not get fed. Don't let people's fonts run you away, because they don't agree with you on a particular topic. People are entitled to their opinion just as you are entitled to yours. Most people are passionate about what they believe in.

On this particular subject you were passionate about what you were saying and so were the people who replied to you. Sometimes people might say something that sounds harsh or shocking to get their point across. People play hardball on blogs and like Field said you have to have a thick skin.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

That comment was to szechuanpork.

Don't take stuff said a this blog personal, because it is something to be learned by everyone that post on a blog.

Anonymous said...


If now they admit Allah is not their god, may I please be allowed to call them polytheistic? You believe in three gods, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I'm getting the truth, now, right?

(semi-sarcastic. there was an old debate by Jews as to whether or not Christians were monotheists)