Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Texas mess.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - "The Texas Republican Party is distancing itself from a vendor who sold campaign buttons at last weekend's state convention that asked, "If Obama is president ... will we still call it The White House?"
The state GOP party said Wednesday that it will donate the $1,500 rent it collected from the vendor,, to Midwestern flood victims.
State GOP spokesman Hans Klingler said the party does not vet the merchandise being sold, but officials plan to discuss doing so in the future. The button sales at the convention in Houston were first reported in the Dallas Morning News.
"This vendor need not apply to another Texas GOP state convention," Klingler said. 'We will neither tolerate nor profit from bigotry.'"

Ahhh, you mean anymore.

I saw this story days ago. But I was honestly waiting to see when my friends from the "grand old party" in Texas would act. And now it looks like they finally did. They kicked that "bad" vendor right out of there. Oh wait, they didn't kick him out. He sold his buttons and his paraphernalia right on through the convention last weekend. Ohhh I get it, the article says that they are "distancing" themselves from the vendor. So they didn't actually stop him from selling his items during the convention. And what a lovely set of people those republikkkans are, they actually donated the money he [the vendor] gave them for his rental, to the flood victims of the Midwest. To quote the one and only "church lady": "isn't that special?".

I wonder how many buttons and t-shirts that vendor sold? I know one thing, if the "O" man does become Prez. the racist "O" man paraphernalia is going to make a lot of people rich. It will be flying off the shelves...aah, I mean out of the tents...out of the parking lots...or wherever good racist gather to praise A-merry-ca and curse the other people. Hey, "", when are you going public? I want to buy some shares of your company.

Oh but come on field, this is Texas, what else did you expect? Nothing. This is exactly what I expected. And I also expect it in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, and right here in Pistolvania . These are all places where good republikkans gather to declare their love of god guns and country.

But I have news for you folks. I say let the folks sell all the racist shit they want about Obama. As long as it's not advocating bringing harm to him or his family, it's cool. This is A-merry-ca and they have the right to do that here in the home of the [some are]free and the land of the[some are] brave. I actually think it's a good thing that these types of people come out of the wood work and that they have been emboldened. Now you know who and where they are. Many of these same folks are, after all, your neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances. Hell, many of them are dumbocrats, and they are right in that so called liberal big tent with you.
"If Obama is President will we still call it the White House?"
Nope, I bet you will have a much better name for it than that.


Kai said...

This racist paraphernalia all support the notion that somehow a black president means he will be the president for black folks only. Aside from the preposterousness of it all considering blacks are only 13% of the country, its also funny how all of these white people never seemed to consider that all of the white presidents were quite explicitly doing that up until very recently.

An Obama presidency will certaily reveal alot of that racism that the post-racists keep insisting we (meaning white folks)have already evolved beyond. Being black means you are acutely aware that post-racism is liberal science fiction.

This racism isn't my main concern about an Obama presidency, my main concern is about how many on the left of all races, are going to give him a pass and be uncritical of him BECAUSE of the overt racism, and say nothing as he moves further and further to the right.

He already shuffled far to the right with recent comments about Palestine-Israel relations, Cuba, and his love of the free market. My mom always told me, when people tell you who they are, Believe them.

brotherkomrade said...

And he is moving to the right, after all, he IS a centrist (like good Ol' Hilary).

rikyrah said...

I saw this story, and just let it be. Didn't want to give the guy any pub.

We've had the monkey t-shirt, the monkey from Utah, this button.

Oh, they're just getting started.

RedLipstick said...

I'm not so bothered by the selling of the buttons, but I'm curious as to where the purchaser will sport them around Houston.

Let me see now---

...Maybe on the corner of Lockwood and Lyons in the heart of 5th ward

...Or over on Dowling a bit west of TSU in 3rd ward

...Nahhh better yet down on MLK around Griggs just before you roll into the heart of South Park

...OH and don't let me forget about W. Montgomery and W. Gulf Bank--might as well roll on through Garden City

...and the folks over on Homestead around Tidwell are very welcoming to outsiders---they practically wave glocks at folks passing by

Yep, I can think of a number of spots around H-town where these buttons are gonna go over really well!

Anonymous said...

"We will neither tolerate nor profit from bigotry." Perfect response brother Field when you said Ahh you mean not anymore. I was laughing my butt off.

Good one man, good one. You are right the racist merchandisers are going to have a field day. Pardon the pun.

But you are right that is the point of bigotry the exploitation of black labor and by extension all labor. Thanks Field for giving me fodder for my next commentary.

Off subject a bit but you know there was little conversation in the community about Obama leaving Trinity. And then he shows up in one of the more conservative black churches and checks trifling black fathers. Hmmm. Check out my latest on the dreaded its entitled "Obama and the church"

Missy said...

LOL @ "wherever good racists gather..."
Being a native Texan and now living in Georgia, I think it's far more noticeable here. Of course, that's probably hopping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Missy said...

@ redlipstick: You MUST be from my city!!! LOL

Christopher said...

I'm so glad Jim no longer talks about going to work in the new grad program at Baylor in Dallas, TX, when he graduates.

He entertained the idea for a while but the more he thought about Texas, the scarier it sounded.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

it is shit like this that makes the whole fact that Obama's campaign is happening today even more historic.

Blatant racism like this and they dont see the need for affirmative action. lol

A.F. said...

Oh.holy.cow. Field, I lived in Austin (in exile from New Orleans) for one year. And what I see is the saddest thing about all this is that Austin is *supposed* to be such a liberal stronghold, and it did give Obama the 20,000 person turnout, outside, in the pouring rain, in May '07 (which I attended). What I noticed, though, is that this idea of Austin as "liberal" could be quite deceptive. It's one of the most thoroughly and deliberately segregated cities I've ever lived in. This button business is truly sad news.

Unrelated: brotherkomrade, I've been totally upset by Obama's rightmoving lately, too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think a name change is definitely in order.

The White House, when the Obama's move in, should then be called the The Whiter House.

Here's the reason:

"...complementary colors are opposite colors, so when placed side by side they appear most contrasty... so white is whiter if near deep black."

The presence of blacks in this country accomplished two things historically: it made whites feel whiter, and blacks feel blacker.

Ralph Ellison's book, The Invisible Man, shows a keen understanding of the white/black dilemma, and the pressures of invisibility.

The books is still relevant, and is not a relic of bygone days.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you thought that my statement,

The presence of blacks in this country accomplished two things historically: it made whites feel whiter, and blacks feel blacker.

was just a lot of pedantic hot air, check this out:

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Black Katrina victims and praises Whites as the Floods hit.

Anonymous said...

Argh - Whatever! This is just lame. It's not even worth getting so worked up over. There's so much more where that came from. John McCain is really reigning it though, huh? Keeping all his fellow Rethugs in line and all. But Oprah did a rare interview while here in SF where she referenced James Baldwin and Maya Angelou: the crown had been bought and all it took was for someone to out it on and wear it. She said the door is open and all we have to do is walk through it. She also talked about why she encouraged Obama to run. That it wasn't a vote against Clinton. That it was about this particular moment in time and how though she is famous and has the talk show it was her decision as a private citizen. She also said she'd love to interview both McCain and Obama but she would not use her show as a platform for that.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

RedLipstick, you got to be a Houston Girl. Only someone from Houston could give the run down on the city like that.
But I'm sure you know these areas too. Pasadena, Deer Park, Humble, Baytown, Sugarland, Montgomery County (Porter New Caney), Northwest Harris County, some parts of Fort Bend County, and any other place that don't have brothas standing on the block won't mind these buttons in their neck of the woods.
Don't get it twisted. Houston is a huge, colorful city, full of folks from all races. But the good ole boy network is still alive and well. And it rules this town called Houston, as well as its surrounding cities.
Another Houston Chick

Anonymous said...

The buttons etc... are stupid and wrong. But uhmmm, Barrak attended a racist church for 20 years. Maybe we should give them the same break. OT... PLEASE examine what's going on in Canada and Western Europe regarding the Islam religion when you think about expression of any kind, enjoy it while you still have it.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yup! This is going to be one of those kinds of elections. In order for good to come, bad always comes first. Even in the bible when God created earth, darkness was first, and then came the light. Think about it. We only need light to see when it’s dark.
Yup, this is going to be one of those major eye-openers. Only this time it’s will be for all eyes to see. The whole world is watching this election of every different race and nationality. America’s true colors are surfacing, and will be illustrated, demonstrated, and illuminated for all eyes to see. When it’s all over, said, and done, there will not be any doubt in anyone’s mind what America really stands for.

For those of you thinking that it stands for equality and justice for ALL, I recommend you think again. The so-call non-existence of Slavery and Jim Crow is supposed to have ended. However, neither never really did. Slavery is still practiced if you commit a crime. If you think I’m making that up, go back and re-read the Constitution of America and pay real close attention to the 13th Amendment. Jim Crow hasn’t ended either, it’s just dressed up different, more subtle, and in some instances downright overt. Oh, as for my white sisters and brothers that 13th amendment also applies to them too—indentured servants, different labels, but means the same thing--BONDAGE!

Here it is the year 2008, if you think Jim Crow still doesn’t exist then you only need to go back and examine real carefully how Obama has been disrespected, treated by the media, discriminated against, and racial slurs thrown at him. It’s 2008 and their selling tee-shirts with monkeys representing Obama, buttons with racist undertones to it, and running amuck with it. However, Obama’s pastor, wife, and he exercise their freedom of speech, and the high tech lynching begins. Yup, the whole world is watching and waiting to see if America practices what it preaches to other countries. I know they probably thinking that America is full of...

BTW, szechuanpork, funny how that so-called racist church that Obama attended for 20 years had a MIXED membership of WHITES and blacks, and fellowshipped with other white churches for 20 years. The camera let you see what Hannity wanted you to see, and he did a good job of splicing and editing several tapes. Is the word white so sacred that it cannot be mentioned by of all things another white man?

Anonymous said...

Granny. You mentioned a car that ran on water. I was fishing today and a friend mentioned he was going to try one of these: I have no idea how well it works, but if he does buy it, I'll let you know. FYI, this is just a cylinder explosion booster and you still need to buy gas.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Thanks for that information. I went to the gas station today and spent $10 for 2 gallons of gas. After I came home, I forgot that I needed something from the store. Went to start my car and I think my starter has went out. Today wasn't a good day.

Anonymous said...

Here it is the year 2008, if you think Jim Crow still doesn’t exist then you only need to go back and examine real carefully how Obama has been disrespected, treated by the media, discriminated against, and racial slurs thrown at him. It’s 2008 and their selling tee-shirts with monkeys representing Obama, buttons with racist undertones to it, and running amu with it.

Granny, I'm being real serious and honest with you. SO WHAT?????? He's either ahead or within 3 percentage points in any poll you look at.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Yea, that's true so far. I guess, though if they keep it up, his percentage might get even higher. Sort of separating those who like a divided nation from those who want to be a united nation.

Granny is sort of upset about the monkey and the "should we still call it a white house" thingee. It brought back flashbacks of the past for me.

When I was growing up, it was no such thing as civil rights.

Anonymous said...

szechuanpork said... "Granny, I'm being real serious and honest with you. SO WHAT??????"

You seem like a good person with your heart in the right place, but still I have to ask:

Would you be so dismissive if Obama was a white Jew and they were selling things that portrayed Jews as inferior people?

Any self-respecting Jew would not only counter, but firmly assert: "Never Again!"

If somehow we can characterize people as less than human, then we can justify treating them anyway we please.

I say: "Never Again!"

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I fear this is just the beginning. Once Obama starts moving ahead in the polls and if McCain continues to implode, the Hannitys of the world are going to freaking lose it.

Bob said...

This is just the beginning, & I think all of this garbage should be exposed, along with who is selling it & where it's being sold. Especially at & around the Repug convention. Jim Webb is senator from Virginia now in large part because George Allen thought he among "friends" talking shit down in rural southwest Virginia.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"If somehow we can characterize people as less than human, then we can justify treating them anyway we please."

Amen! This is one election that brings back too many flashbacks for me, and I'm upset about how racist this election has turned out to be.

Obama is first and foremost a HUMAN BEING, and second a MAN! I've had to fight racism all my life.

Thank you primetime for bringing back to my remembrance the word "dismissive", because that is exactly what has been going on since this election contest began from day one. Sometimes I've watched the news, and it's a wonder that I still have a screen on any of my television sets, because it really upsets me

When blacks stand up for their equal rights their told that they are playing the race card. Nope, blacks are not playing the race card, their playing the REALITY card. Racism really exist!

Whites are the ones who have played the race card for over 200 years. If it is such a thing as a race card, please tell me how to get one, so that I can try my best to max it out.

Granny does not cuss, but I'm at the point where I'm about ready to snap and let go of a few choice expletives. I'm sick of all the nitpicky, fake accusations, and all of the mud slinging towards Obama and his wife. Michelle and him have treated others with the utmost respect, and in return they deserve the same treatment.

I'm glad it's not me, because I would not taken even an 1/8 of what they've had to put up with. However, I do admire them for the strength they've shown while having to endure.

field negro said...

".. the Hannitys of the world are going to freaking lose it."

"ARE" going to lose it? They already have :)

lastisfirst,thanks for the Limp-boy link. He is priceless!

Christopher,tell your partner to pass on Baylor. Dallas is an alright city, but it's still in Texas.

kai, you need some "O"-Aid in your system. I don't feel the love for the "O" man coming from you. What's your favorite flavor? And please don't say grape :)

H-Town in the house! Okay, how many of you folks repping H-Town have roots in the "boot"? That's the only thing I loved about H-Town, all the folks there from the boot.

I lived in Houston one summer. (clerking for Shell Oil while in law school) it was the hottest summer of my life. And that's saying something for someone from Jamaica who was living in Louisiana at the time.

mellaneous, I will be sure to check that out over at blackagenda.

Anonymous said...

@granny: "If it is such a thing as a race card, please tell me how to get one, so that I can try my best to max it out."

Granny, you're welcome.

You keep me in stitches. I like that line of yours about the "race card."

If you ever learn who's handing them out, I want one.

I've never maxed out a card before but that's one card I'll not only max out, but will over-max.

I enjoy your comments. You bring a perspective that only those who have been there can bring to many of the discussions here.

We've both got stories about racism that would make these younguns hair stand up on end.

We saw it when it was way up in your face without apology or restraint. And like you, I cringe at the racist and racial tactics being used in this election. It has brought out the worst and the best in us as a nation.

And the world is looking on.

This time more than ever, because a black man is running.

How we acquit ourselves during this historical election will not escape those living in other countries--countries that we'd like to impress with the values of democracy, freedom and justice for all, and the inalienable rights of everyman.

Keep doing what you do.

Anonymous said...

For the past two terms, the stoopids have had a President that they can identify with. Both mangle the English language, have little or no clue about anything, hand out patronage to friends and loyal supporters, and sneer at those that accomplish.

Imagine their fear when an AfAm earns the post. Meritocracy approaches and they will not fare well if competence is the standard. This is the 'sour grapes' of the Duhs. If an AfAm (or woman) can win the prize...they didn't want it anyways.

I, for one, am glad to remove the tyranny of the idiots. It was bad enough in school to pretend that they were worth hearing. Now in adulthood, their opinions and decisions should be placed in the 'special' category. We will pat them on their little heads and tell them thanks for sharing. But, we will ot have to put up with them ever again.


Anonymous said...

Well right now it's the Out House so it can't get any worse.

Kellybelle said...

This all comes from that deep-seated fear that if things were ever truly equal, Blacks would act just like some racist whites have for centuries.

But the bible says fear comes from an absence of love. The hate these people feel keeps them afraid and attached to the inequities that favor them. Some might dismiss this pin as a joke, but I've seen more than a few articles and interviews where folks have come right out and said a Black president would be dole out payback to whites. If you fear payback, you must know, somewhere deep in your heart, that there has been a wrong and you share in perpetuating that wrong.

You're right, we're going to see alot more of this. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Why single out the Repuglicans? Racism is alive and well in the Democratic Party too. Just drop by "No Quarter" or "Hillaryis44" or any of the other Hillarista sites.

I haven't heard the "former First Lady" denounce any of her followers for this shit either.

Ann Brock said...

@GrannyStandingforTruth we love you in the field you keep the other hands in line.

@szechuanpork when did TRINITY UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST become a racist church? Only after White America said it was. That church have been in Chicago for over 30 years doing great works for the Southside of Chicago.

It behoove's me when people refer to it in those terms. It's nothing racist about telling "the truth to your congregation."

Maybe the hate is because it empowerd Obama to believe that he too could be president.

Unknown said...

@Bob - I was really shocked at Webb's election. I honestly didn't think that the people of VA would kick Allen out for the Macaca remark, no matter how embarrassing and offensive it was and I was really pleasently surprised. As bad as it is out here sometimes it's stuff like that that gives me hope.
They can sell their damn buttons and buy their damn buttons but it won't stop me from working for Obama and it won't stop us from winning. Upset about the buttons? Go volunteer at your local Obama office and let's SHUT THEM UP.
Then they can call the White House any damn thing they want. He won't be listening to them but to the Marine band play Hail to the Chief.

Phil4Real said...

I'm from Georgia and we see rednecks everyday. They live next to you, they get on the elevator, and they shop at the same stores. I've never heard a word out of their mouths. I speak, they keep it moving. I offer a bit of kindness, they keep it moving. I've learned that hate is such a terrible desease. It attacks the hearing, the mind, and the senses in the heart. Racism will always exist in the South. Unfortunatley we also have a large number of ignorant African Americans that support the racist fears and stereotypes. Even today, I find myself astonished by the behavior of my people and neighbors. It's difficult to expect change when you still have people that walk around hopeless, uneducated, and drunk on a daily basis.

We have to step our game up. Immediately!

Anonymous said...

I hope the GOP keeps letting this stuff happen. Because I know that there are a lot of people out there with conservative ideals who are not racist or rabidly religious. They have been voting the party line and holding their collective noses for a while with the religious right. I don't think those same people will continue to hold their noses for the racist right.

They even drove my elderly parents, life long Republicans, out with the last Presidential election. I'm sure plenty of "Reagan Republicans" have bailed out too. I see this sort of bullshit as good for the O-man.

BTW, I was happy to see him lay the big turd that is the Iraq war, right where it belonged the other day, with the Osama bin Laden comment.

kid said...

Let's not worry too much about it,remember that said that a refrigerator could beat a republican this year. Let's hope it a "black" model that does it.

brotherkomrade said...

@ A.F. What bears examining for me for a future post on my blog will be the slow but rightward shift of Obama on certain issues where he stood more to the left of Hilary during the primaries.
I remember Austin well. I've been there a number of times and wished I could move there if the job market would have permitted me. I have always thought of the place as very liberal or left-at least more withing the city. One of my friends was one of the Texas A&M (13 ?) I should be ashamed, now I can't remember their numbers, but they were arrested for setting up shanty towns on the campus. Anyway, I remember my former comrades back in Houston 'warning' me of the evils of moving to Austin because I would just 'disappear' into what they called, 'lifestyle-leftism'. Never mind they were some stiff folks.
Anyway, I am aware of how notorious the Austin Right can be.

@ Field - Which summer do you claim as the 'hottest in Houston? To me it was the summer of '95 and I was doing water treatment at the plant I worked at where I had to operate on a stainless steel floor, roofless tower. Bad.

Anonymous said...

I honestly didn't think that the people of VA would kick Allen out for the Macaca remark, no matter how embarrassing and offensive it was and I was really pleasently surprised.

The Macaca remark was the last straw. George Allen has a history of racial remarks. He kept Confederate flags in his office, kept a noose on his desk, was a member of the CCC. I remember when he was governor he penalized the two black state colleges by docking their budgets which were small to begin with, but rewarded the white colleges huge increases to their budgets. I didn't go to either black college and my school got a HUGE increase, but I was offended he did that because my white school did not need the money! The two black schools did! Macaca was the last straw for many people in VA and everyone around the country needs to thank S.R. Sidarth, the young Indian man who was called Macaca, because if Sidarth had not put that on YouTube, George Allen very well might be the Republican nominee instead of John McCain.

Christopher said...

About Austin's liberal bona fides.

I read the Federal campaign donor report for the 2004 presidential election a few years ago. I was curious to see where Bush got the largest support. Anyway, more donor dollars to Bush/Cheney 2004 came from Austin's Travis County area than Dallas, Houston or San Antonio.

Austin may be liberal by Texas standards but, it's still in Texas and there are a whole load of red state, Bible-thumping wingnuts there.

Anonymous said...

If it is such a thing as a race card, please tell me how to get one, so that I can try my best to max it out.

I, for one, am glad to remove the tyranny of the idiots. It was bad enough in school to pretend that they were worth hearing.

Some terrific comments in this thread! Thanks for reminding me why I read this blog.

@Phil4Real - Fortunately, though, most true rednecks never vote. I expect most of the Reagan Democrats who voted for Hillary in the primary to come around and vote for Obama, or else stay home. Here in PA, the polls are already showing Obama with a big lead. McCain is too much of a jackass, really, and too easy to tie to Bush.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid coming up in plantation H-town, a funny thing happened in a mayoral election. McConn was a shoe-in, way ahead in the polls, running against Kathy Whitmire.
The grand poobah of the local kkk announced his endorsement of McConn, and Kathy Whitmire became the first female mayor.
I used to get a lot of laughs pretending to be McConn "thanking" the klan for their support.

Unknown said...

Off topic...

Why pick on the Celtics? Sorry about your team, but come on. The greatest playoff series in NBA history are still the classic Lakers/Celtic battles of the Magic/Bird era, and to a lesser extent the rise of the Pistons at the end of the era.

After all, who doesn't remember with joy the playoff game when "Chief" one punch dropped whiny Bill Lambier?

RedLipstick said...

Yes FN the H-Town folks are all over your blog!

Missy and Ang I don't know where you ladies live now, (Missy I think you said Georgia) but I grew up in Texas and I find more racism and segregation here in Maryland than I ever experienced anywhere in Texas--and my people come from a small country town in central Texas.

Houston does have areas that are not very diverse, but I can't think of hardly any neighborhoods that DON'T have some kind of mix--seriously Mexicans and Central Americans have nearly taken over Pasadena (former Klan country) and South Houston. I know for sure that people will not be sporting those buttons openly even in areas with large white populations b/c I guarantee you there will be some colored folk in that area.

I guess my point is that cities in Texas kind of have this "scarey boogey man" affect on people--it's really not that bad.

And all the white people are NOT racist bigots who wear white robes at night and burn crosses. My aunt is married to a big ole white country boy from Deer Park who's a sheriff's deputy and straight up fam. They live in Conroe now and don't have any problems.

BTW, Christopher you and your partner would feel right at home in Houston. There is a thriving LGBT community--The Montrose--. The Pride Parade is coming up on June 28th and I can tell you that it is the largest in that part of the south. I also got some pics from friends who went to Splash in Galveston over Memorial Day weekend which is a yearly LGBT event.

Don't imbibe all the hype!

brotherkomrade said...

G-d dang you, redlipstick. how you gonna add fuel to my homesick fire?

Yeah, I know what you mean about the racism of the south vs. the racism of the north. Although Houston goes have its klan enclaves mostly outside of Houston, it seems that the more the city begins to engulf areas like the way it did Pasadena and Deer Park, the more people of color populate those areas; pushing the rednecks to live further out in the remote areas. Comnroe? I remember when Conroe had Klan picnics. Now, they got CRIPS out there. Not exactly what I call progress or a good trade off. But here in NYC, you got that "invisble" thing where a white woman can hit a black woman with her big-assed purse standing on the subway and not think that someone was sitting there and owed at least an "excuse me" or "sorry". Instead, it's a black person-she doesn't exist, so my purse can hit her. No big deal.
Of course the more systematic form of racism and classism in NYC is gentrification-which by the way, really went rampant in Harlem, USA when Bubba moved his offices there. But I guess that's one of the many things that the Hilary supporters keep saying that the Clintons have done for black folks.

brotherkomrade said...

Oh, and I forgot about Montrose. It's true if you are LGBT and move the H-Town, that might be your first choice, but not the best. First, that community too, has been gentrified by middle/upper middle classed straight families. second, it's expensive as hell to live there now.

Anonymous said...

One of my friends was one of the Texas A&M (13 ?)

Texas A&M is not in Austin. Dumbass.

field negro said...

Damn anon. 4:18PM, why all the anger? A republican Texan no doubt:)

brotherkomrade, that would have been 1990. But who are we kidding, every summer is hot in Houston.

Still, H Town is alright with me, I have mad love for that TexMex food there.

brotherkomrade said...

'kay, you got me. I got Texas A&M mixed up with the way we used to say, "U of T" for University of Texas.
But while you can point out that ONE mistake, I must have pounded you on a whole lot of shit you were wrong about. Why do I say this? Because you can be either two kinds of people: one of the many enemies I have in the blogosphere, or just a straight-up coward who couldn't correct me in a normal, adult way. But then again, all of my blogosphere enemies are cowards, so I guess you fit the bill either way, huh Anonymous?

A.F. said...

brothercomrade: given the proximity of the comments, i just wasnted to say that anonymous was NOT me, honestly!--funny your friends called it lifestyle leftism in Austin. I started calling it pottery barn liberalism but think that is probably unfair to a lot of people in the city. looking forward to your analysis of obama's right shift.

brotherkomrade said...

A.F., don't even sweat it. I would have gladly welcomed a correction from you, Field, Grannystandingfo truth, and a whole lew of other commentators on this blog. No big thing. Like I said, I got the letters and schools mixed up. Pottery Barn liberalism sounds cool, though.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Let me share an experience I had when I was growing up. Some white boys came by and threw a snake at my girlfriends and me, and called us “niggers”. Lucky for us they missed us by a few inches, but it traumatized us somewhat. When we reported it to the Principal, we were told, “Oh, their just boys having fun”. Without so much as an ounce of compassion, or even asking us if we were okay, nothing, zero—minus—negative, she dismissed us like we were nobody. That day I made up my mind that I’d deal with it myself no matter what the consequences were. BTW, this wasn’t in the South. Racism exists everywhere.

Anyway, I shared my story as example of “dismissive attitudes” towards blacks when wrong is done to them by whites. Mainly, because this is a bad habit that whites tend to have when it comes to one of their own skin color. However, when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s considered almost an act of treason. I was raised to treat others with dignity and respect no matter what race, nationality, or religion. My parents taught me to never start a fight with anyone, but that if someone tried to commit a violent act towards me to defend myself. “Knock the soup out of them”

I’ve been told before to go back to Africa, which in my opinion is an asinine statement, since I’ve never been to Africa in my entire life and was born in the United States. However, even though I was born here, I’m given the impression that I’m somehow not considered an American. Think about it. For some ungodly reason some whites who may or may not have been born here have this notion that I don’t belong here or am not entitled to the same rights as all Americans. That’s a bunch of dung, ridiculous, and an arrogant, selfish notion.

Nevertheless, I say today to my fellow Americans and even those who tend to reject me as an American, and my rights as an American, this country that is supposed to be ONE NATION under God is under a spell that needs to be broken.

BTW, redlipstick, it is true fact that all whites are not bigots, because my family is multiracial. We have a little bit of everything in ours.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

RedLipstick: Girl, your aunt is married to a white man from Deer Park, and they live in Conroe now? Get out! NOw, that's gangsta. **smile8* I'm not mad at your auntie.
Yeah, I work in Pasadena. I've watched the landscape there change in the last 20 years. The Mexican/Mexican American population has changed the city. However, Pasadena/LaPort/Baytown/Texas City, still has a strong population of those white folks that don't mind showing their true colors. I can't count the number of white men that sit down in my office and go on and on, trying to tell me how they can't find a job because of blacks and mexicans. Plus, when this Joe Horn thing came about in Pasadena, and the black protesters started protesting in the streets about the case, the KKK and those that silently adopt the ideals of the KKK started revealing themselves again. Have you heard the story?

I live in Humble now. (Yeah, I said I work in Pasadena. You want to imagine my gas bill every week?) I grew up in Houston in the North Forest and North Shore area. All of my folks live off of Homestead. That's why when you did the run down of the city streets, I stopped and took notice.

Yeah Field, Houston is well represented on your blog. But am I the only one that still resides out here? **smile** I lived in other Texas cities. But Houston is home.
And yes, I have roots in the boot. I was born here. But Louisiana is fo' sho' the motherland of many of us Houston folks. When I was a kid we would take the pilgramage across the Sabine River to go see all of those family members that refuse to trade their homeland for Houston.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"I can't count the number of white men that sit down in my office and go on and on, trying to tell me how they can't find a job because of blacks and mexicans."

Do like my daughter did when a white woman at her job made a statement similiar to her. The woman told my daughter, "the only reason you got the promotion is because your black", when my daughter was promoted to manager.

My daughter replied, "Ooo for real! Whew! Let me call some of my friends and tell them from now on, make sure they put on their job application I'm black in big capital letters so they can get a job and a promotion. I didn't know that was all I had to do was be black. Thank you for telling me that."

Anonymous said...

this is just the begining...VILE RACIALIZATION OF obama

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