Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hillary's haters.

You ever met one of those down ass white people, the kind where you have to really check their blood lines and shit? I remember the first time I heard folks like Teena Marie, Jon B, and Michael McDonald sing. You couldn't tell me they weren't black. Well Tim Wise is one of those white people. When he writes you have to do a serious double take.

I was reading over at Jack & Jill, and his letter to Hillary's white feminist supporters who have turned on the "O" man, was a serious check yourself rant. It couldn't have been written any better by an angry "O"man himself. But I can't say that I blame Mr. Wise. You ought to see some of the web sites and the pics like the one I have posted here.

Folks there is some serious hating going on in this campaign, and I know it's politics and this shit happens. But something about this one smells different. Oh field stop it. You are from Jamaica, you people kill your political opponents, you don't just vote for the other guy. So get over it! Look, the Hillary people have a right to be a little bitter now. Their girl just lost a long hard fought campaign, and you could argue that the press was not fair to her. But is that a reason to start a web site like this ? What is it about these white feminists and their issues with this particular candidate? Is it his sex, his race, his indifference to their cause? Or is it the fact that he is the one who kicked their girl's ass?

You already know what I think it is. Here goes field with his race talk again. Come on now, do you really think if John Edwards had laid the royal smack down on the Ice Queen he would be getting this level of "hateration" from the Hillary crowd? I think not. I have this theory about many of these Hilliaryites. A lot of them are older, and they grew up during a time in this country when the black man couldn't do shit for them but drive their cars and cut their lawns. They were protected from these black brutes, and they never viewed us as serious intellectuals or decision makers. Isn't that what their husbands told them? Now one of those brutes actually beat what for many of them will be their last chance to see "white" girl power in the White House, and that shit is not cool. Hillary can talk all the shit she wants to about being a coal miner's daughter or whatever the fuck it was she was calling herself when she was here in Pennsylvania campaigning. She is a privileged white woman who was first lady of these divided states, attended an Ivy League law school, and is worth millions. Working girl my ass. Hillary is what many of her voters and supporters are, privileged. So they can try and wrap themselves around the women's suffrage flag all they want. I don't see any Clara Zetkins or Fannie Lou Hamers in that crowd, and I for one ain't buying it. Hillary you ain't "sick and tired of being sick and tired." The only thing that you should be sick and tired of is counting your damn money.

Tim Wise isn't buying it either, and deep down inside the Hillryites know that he is right.


Anonymous said...

You're right, of course. But Obama's being black helps with the rest of the core Dem demographic. He seems really cocky at this point in the race and he hasn't moved to the center at all. You'd think with all those advisers he would have a better handle on this.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by not moving to the center? He already has. And what do you mean by cocky? When he is being attacked by the Rebublicans, he has to fight back.

Anonymous said...

Don't back down, Field. You're absolutely right. Take my allegedly all-Democrat family for example. I was the only one born after 1968 and I'm the only one not voting for McCain.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

The only thing that would have made this even better if it were a white woman laying down the smack, because those haters are going to cry "look at the man telling me what to do" and basically ignore the missive. But thanks for the shout out.

Anonymous said...

You know it wouldn't matter WHO said anything to them unless it was Hillary herself addressing it. If it was a white woman they'd she was a sell-out. They either deal with it and vote for their interests or they can feel free to leave the country since it'll be soooo unbearable for them. How many of these women are out there anyway? I am sick of feeding the weeds. Let's just get NEW voter.

A.F. said...

I agree 100%, Field. If HRC had lost the nomination to Edwards, these same people would say, "ah shucks" and fall in line. They think it's the white lady's turn and there's no getting around that. There is serious hating going on. And HRC acts like she's now off to a life of penury under a bridge somewhere when she's got a senate seat and i-don't-know how many houses to go back to. It's all twisted and undignified.

Off topic: I'm wondering if any of my fellow Obamaholics are upset by Obama's choice of chief economic advisor: Jason Furman, who writes that Walmart is a progressive organization and lauds Clinton economics. There has to be an explanation.

Anonymous said...

Where were these feminists when Carol Mosley Braun was running in 2004 or Shirley Crisholm in 1972?

You're right, field...I believe if John Edwards did win against HRC, there wouldn't be this level of hateration against him. This particular form of hatred is reserved for the "black" candidate. I'd hate to see what they would do if a black woman won against HRC.

Anonymous said...

I hope that somehow Obama will win and that he isn't murdered. But I would not be sad at all, if Hillary and Bill caught one of those one car accidents that took both of them away. It happened to several people who were ready to whistleblow on their scandalous asses-- where are the angry families (and mechanics) of those many curiously dead from the Clinton regime?

Kellybelle said...

I agree. I've heard some of Hillary's disgruntled supporters interviewed. You can hear in their comments that they believe he jumped the line and is unqualified. They've convinced themselves he is inexperienced and his presidency will be as disastrous as the last inexperienced president, Bush.

But come on, the first test in becoming president is knowing how to run a campaign and Barack beat Hillary hands down in strategy. If she couldn't pass that threshhold, she doesn't get to be president.

there's a certain group of feminists who have have always fallen back on white privilege when push comes to shove. This ain't nothing new.

Professor Zero said...

Well if they'll go for McCain then they weren't for Hillary based on her policy proposals ... or for any feminist reasons. So it has to be about race, and it has to have been about race.

Why people think Hillary is folks and Obama isn't is beyond me. But I know Black people who think that. He's a city slicker and a
'Yankee', and Hillary has lived in Arkansas, so she is more folks, goes the argument. Hunh?

A.F. - I am upset about the Furman choice, but then there is much in Obama's views and general program I disagree with. I'd put Jeremiah Wright in the Cabinet, me, but then I'm not mainstream.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"He seems really cocky at this point in the race and he hasn't moved to the center at all."

Cocky? Are you implying that he is uppity? What gives folks white folks that impression? Is it because he sits up or stands up straight, and holds his head up straight? Because that means that he was taught at an early age correct posture, you know, don't slouch in your chair. Stand up straight, hold your head up, which most children and some adults still haven't learned to do.

"You'd think with all those advisers he would have a better handle on this."

Are you implying that he is "lacks intelligence" on the sly?
I just don't get it, could you be more specific?

Why some folks want to cling to the same old tired, worn out beliefs that a black man is not up to par for such a sacred position as "President of the WHITE house is so outdated, ancient, and vacuous.

Obama is highly intelligent. He graduated as Magna Cum Laude of his class, which in case some folks forgot means that he graduated with high honors, a word used to express high academic distinction. In other words, highbrow fits one of the descriptions of Obama.

Granny is getting so sick and tired of hearing what Obama needs to do. He must have a darn good handle on things. Let's not forget that he competed and won the nomination against one of the most powerful women in politics, and among more experienced candidates. Not bad for a new kid on the block. So, does Obama really need all this unwanted, un sought for, and unasked advice?

What makes people think that just because Obama is a black man that he should bend over backwards, kiss folks behinds, and lick ten miles of their dung if he wants to be President of America? I mean is this a mandatory requirement with all candidates or just reserved for black ones?

It sounds more like discrimination is being practiced by a government that says “equal opportunity employer”, which is hypocrisy at the highest level, because the position of President is a job. Exactly, when are “I’m so thankful massa Charlie, yassa massa Charlie” days going to end, because it is getting a little nerve wracking?

I really did not intend to post today, because I haven't been feeling well these last couple of days. My intention was to just read the post of others, and sit in the background.

Field, I am feeling that poem I wrote, "Am I American?" Granny is having one of her Granny with an attitude moments.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post grannystandingforthe truth. I completely agree with you.

Anonymous said...

It's not only white women who love Hillary going nuts, it's an AA woman who writes a blog called Sugar N Spice and she has flipped to the point Obama is the second coming of Satan. This Sista makes me shake my haed and wonder if she is for real or should I be calling the Secret Service to keep an eye out on her.

ZACK said...

I guess the knife cuts both ways. Hillary was trying to be the first woman, and Obama's trying to be the first mulatto.

I disagree about Tim Wise being an honorary brother, just as you would disagree with me that Obama, Colin Powell, and Chris Brown are honorary white men because of the obvious.

I feel that people like Wise and Keith Olbermann play off black peoples' emotions to gain our attention and its sickening.

And I would actually prefer commenters below me to ignore me than rebut. I'm just not in the mood today.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I really don't believe that those are really female feminist. Those white supremacist folks, Fox News addicts, White Citizen's Counsel, and Republicans have been known to play those type of dirty games as well. It smells like one of their tactics to me.

I remember doing some research back years ago on that white supremacist Matt Hale, if I remember his name correctly, who had the Judge's family murdered. I read the pamphlets he used to pass out to his members, and his "White Man's Bible." If I remember correctly it had some instruction for his followers to do stuff like what I mentioned up above.

Evelynac, claimed to be a female too, but slipped the other day when he/she said, "I couldn't go hunting." ( I may have paraphased it a little, not sure)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

What granny said at 1:25. Amen.

Anonymous said...

@Zack: "I feel that people like Wise and Keith Olbermann play off black peoples' emotions to gain our attention and its sickening.

"And I would actually prefer commenters below me to ignore me than rebut. I'm just not in the mood today.

Sorry to disappoint you Zack, my man, but you should have surrendered to your mood, and left the blogging to us.

Isn't it just possible that Wise and Keith Olbermann are just sick and tired of the white b.s., and are simply responding to the white stupidity that they've seen all their lives?

It's not always about us. Sometimes it is what it is--about them.

PS: I think you're playing us to post responses to your post.

It worked.

field negro said...

Ask yourselves, who benefits most if Obama loses? I am guessing HRC.

Having a tough week there huh Zack? Hang in there my man, and stay away frim grannystanding..

big milk, it's not only that blog you referred to . Trust me, there are many AA sistas in camp Hillary. Which is cool if you love her for positions and her politics. But don't act like being a woman is so much worse than being black, or being poor, or whatevr. Like WTF? Boy some folks really do forget their history.

Anonymous said...

For a few laughs, troll the comments section over at Taylormarsh.com or Hillaryis44.org.

What I find amazing is the Obama people are supposed to be the "cultists" but they can't hold a candle to these deranged idiots. You'd think Hill was the second coming of Evita Peron or something.

The "mainstrean women's movement," NOW and the like has always been rotten, shot through with racism and it's just now becoming obvious.

If there's any consolation it's the thought that someday Hillary Clinton (Wellesley/Yale) will die and go to Hell. Then she will have to spend eternity with her drooling, sub-literate followers.

Christopher said...

The day I pledged my blog to supporting Barack Obama, the whackjob Hillbots with their racism cocked and ready, began sending me hate email.

I have saved almost all of it and when I get around to doing a post about this subject, I'm going to include a lot of it for people to see.

The amazing thing is most of it is written by women who say they're liberal Democrats. One broad named MaryEllen who claimed she is a Christian, sent me this homophobic rant about HIV/AIDS and gays and it being God's punishment. I guess these morons just "ass"-ume if you're gay, you must also have HIV. It was mean and quite insane and reminiscent of the Westboro Baptist Church shit.

This election has been a real eye opener for me. I used to think racism and homophobia was the exclusive realm of the GOP -- wrong. Liberal Democrats can be just as hateful. Especially, when you come out in favor of Barack Obama.

kid said...

You have to realize that most of those blogs are fake.They need to be shut down.There aren't that many dumb people in the world.Vote for the black man or vote for locking your uterus up. Tell them to go ahead. Real Hillary supporters like the ones at Newshounds,know that those are paid republicans operatives.The funniest thing I seen was a lady from Philly on Fox.She held a sign upside down saying that Sen.Obama was a racist.She was shaking like she was on drugs.She was black by the way.The republicans are trying every dirty trick to get him.When you see democrats thanking Sean Klannity on Fox the fix is in.

Anonymous said...

I saw that fool on Fox holding that sign upside down. I'm pretty sure I've also seen her in one of the many emails I get from friends and family of some "hot ghetto mess" moment too.

I've always loved Tim Wise's work. If you haven't already, read his piece "Of National Lies and Racial America"...its great.

NSangoma said...

Houston, we still have this problem!!

Several thousand people, mainly women, were executed for witchcraft between the 14th and 18th centuries in Switzerland, as they were elsewhere.

field, how do we keep dhese 'garden implements' in line, in their place?

Doth we hath to go back to dhe olde landmarks?

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how does a lowly Field Negro manage to nail it every single time he writes?

I got an email blast a couple of days ago from some supposedly progressive white woman with the same bullshit. Normally, I let a lot of shit fly by, Code Pink emails me fergodsakes, but this one set my shorts on fire. Just like your shorts are on fire right now. I just wanted to scorch back to her "You fucking ignorant racist twat!" I toned it down a bit and didn't call her a twat. I am appalled with some of HRC's supporters AND their stupidity/ignorance/racism. HRC herself has thrown her support to Obama, with good reason. Getting the White House out of Republican Rule is much more important to her than having it for herself. She gets that. I just don't know her supporters understand what kind of wrong their thinking is.

OTOH, I don't know that websites like the one you linked to aren't run by the Right. They are a slimy group.

I, personally, started out with Edwards. It took a while after Edwards to drop out for me to make a call. Much of this country supported Clinton because she was a woman or Obama because he was black (but not black enough or...) I just wanted to be sure that the horse I picked finished with a Win, not a Place or Show. Obama won me over with HIS words, HIS candor, HIS demeanor and HIS campaign. I came up in the 60's so to me Presidential campaigns need to sound like RFK. They need to evoke that sort of hope. They need to be powerful, grounded and believable. The man that spoke last week looked damned Presidential to me. He's grown into the role and I think he's going to make a damned fine President.

Anonymous said...

The Hillbots sent you that homophobic rant? Don't they realize that HRC has been endorsed by many homosexual organizations? I can't remember their names since I'm not gay, but they're there.

@Field Negro,
I'm getting tired of these Clintonista women. They act like HRC is the only game in town, the only one with a shot. Where were they when Carolyn Mosley-Braun (the sista) was running on 2000 and 2004? NOWHERE! So they can't sit here and tell me this isn't about race, because dammit it is and it always has been! I betcha Mosley-Braun woulda beat Bush in 2004!

I'm looking at your sidebar today. This woman Angela, I got somethan to say about that. Look Ms. Dumbass, the moment you said you worked for FOX since 1999, you lost all credibility. YOU WORK FOR FUCKING FOX NOISE! Don't you dare lecture me or anyone else on what's right! Your racist employer wouldn't know right if it crawled out of Jesus' ass and slapped it in the face! Face the facts; the only reason why you work there is because you're pretty. You're not there because of affirmative action or whatever school crapped you out. You're there because of your looks. Now go back into Murdoch's kitchen and iron his shirt!

Anonymous said...

Field - Where did you find the Osama Obama image? That is worse than racist.

My mother, may she rest in peace, voted for George Wallace (not recently, of course). She claimed she had nothing against "colored people". It was just that George W. (Wallace) shared her values and her views.

She also told me if I voted for Kennedy, she would disinherit me. I have always been stubborn. :-) Of course I would have voted for Kennedy. Except I was 18. But no matter.

If mom were still around she would have supported Hillary. She typifies these so-called feminists who are currently so torqued. They are republicans masquerading as liberal feminists who have nothing against "colored people" as long as they are not running for president.

Anonymous said...

Granny, hope you're feeling better today. Obaba is spending more than he's taking in and his staff is bloated. This makes policy decisions and changes longer to implement. It's not a one man show. I think the campaign has a Hillary hangover myself.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Bill Clinton knew the Repugs had their eye on him. He kept his nose CLEAN. Nobody died during his Presidency. Nobody destroyed evidence. Nobody got sent to jail for stupidity.

Unlike the current president.

If y'all want a good old fashioned "these are democrats, dammit" -- head on over to myDD.

A coupla folks over there just figured out that hillaryis44 is now populated exclusively by Republicans (so they hung up their hats and got OUT!).

Be nice to the Hillary supporters (the real ones). They're probably still hurting, and the fact that they've had their back up for ages makes it all the harder to back down.

But we'll get our party together. I believe.

Anonymous said...

Be nice to the Hillary supporters (the real ones). They're probably still hurting, and the fact that they've had their back up for ages makes it all the harder to back down.
I don't buy that BS. I was an Edwards supporter. How come no one is kissing my arse too? Obama has been MORE than gracious to Hilary and her supporters but if he has grovel in the mud and bend over backward like a damn slave for those faux feminists than forget it. Would those same faux feminists be acting this way if Edwards won? My answer is no. The ONLY reason those faux feminists are acting this way with unbeleivable childness is because they still can't believe a black man beat the Clinton machine. Obama, despite the media attempts to frame him as the black candidate, tried to be a president of all Americans through his words and actions. Imagine if Obama had said there were 18 million cracks breaking the white cieling.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Wine Dog. I've liked Obama since the '04 Democratic National Convention. We as a country need a president who can unite us as a nation, not as a country of red states and blue states.

Some of the Hillbots are undercover racists, you won't hear any arguments there, but some aren't. They truly were behind Her Highness because she represents what they came to believe possible, a woman can be president. This is the myth they were told growing up, and now it actually seemed about to happen, a woman from their generation running for the big job who actually had a chance. I just never bought into the lie of her being just a common folk. People in my neighborhood never graduated from Wellesly and Yale, were never married to the pres, and certainly don't live in a million dollar mansion. And saying she had more experience?!!...

I was annoyed when the campaigning began in '06. I really didn't want to hear and read the shit for 2 years, but this election has become very interesting.

changeseeker said...

When I started seeing the recent melt-downs of Clinton supporters, my first thought was, "If those are her supporters, no wonder she lost the nomination." I understand that emotions run high in political elections. And I know, Field, that you're right about older White women seeing this as their last possible hurrah. But the insane and even vicious vitriol spewing out every open orifice looks like rabid racism to me. Miss Ann's collective panties are most definitely in a bunch. By the time Clinton reached the point of suggesting that her opponent might die, I knew we could expect this. And here it is.

Anonymous 6:53 wrote: "You'd think Hill was the second coming of Evita Peron or something."

That's a canny line. And it's the second time in two days I heard the murders mentioned. Has everybody but me heard about this?

Anonymous said...

Trying to start up some trouble eh, young -uns?

Well let me tell you about "trouble":
Picture: 1966. We were young, white, Democrats, and all wide-eyed and eager to head down to Selma to help free you people. Then some young upstart, a black one, got on the bus said, "Y'all get off this bus and let the Black Man stand for himself".
I think it was the first time I felt a heart attack, I'm not sure, but my heart felt something! Some of us died to help you people and here we were told to get off the bus because the Black man could help himself! I can only imagine the pain felt by the Suffragists who worked to get the Black Man the vote only for one of them to use the sexist term, 'Period' against Hilary Clinton. My heart just sunk!
I cried as me and twenty others got off the bus. I don't want to tell you who this person is, because I don't want to be dog piled but he was a SNCC leader.

Anyway, I still cared for you people, hell I got half-black grand babies, so what do I and my sisters get in return? Jack squat, or should I say, Barack squat?
And by the way, what's wrong with a woman who hunts? I like hunting and that's why I'm taking my truck-drivin', formerly Civil Rights fighting, grandmother of mulatta children, Hilary lovin', huntin', gun-ownin', ass over to the Mccain camp. he is a hero and an American. And thne Democrats can kiss my truck-drivin', formerly Civil Rights fighting, grandmother of mulatta children, Hilary lovin', huntin', gun-ownin', ass!

Anonymous said...

NoBama, Ever, never, forever!

Anonymous said...


Buh bye! Don't let the door hit ya on yer flat ass!

Anonymous said...

@ kat-- YEAH!!!!!

Time Wise is a speaker and in the best possible to educate white people about racism (the institutional kid) and privilege, the personal kind. I've heard him talk and I've seen him engage white people in ways that hit home for them. Good guy.

crys said...

Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody.
- Franklin P. Adams

Anonymous said...

Used to think feminism was the way, then I found out that thewimmenz all wanted underpaid childcare. Funny how the wimmenz were all white/wealthy and the workers were coloured/poor.


Entitled much?

When I was with PA government, the affirmative action hires were all white women. Most had attended pricey colleges (about double Penn State costs) and would not have been considered without AA. White chick grades were atrocious. Only the input of DaddyMoney or 'consensual activity' kept them in school.

The AfAms hired had huge resumes; including academic honors, selective schools, advanced degrees, etc. I often wondered why they signed on with such impressive credentials.

I used to listen to Whitey McWhiteness complain about overqualified AfAms and how they were stealing Whitey's jobs. This from folks who had to have Daddums pay cash for a college degree because DaughterDearest had grades so poor that Penn State refused her, twice. This from a wench with a fiance, a clubfriend, a friend with benefits, a weekender, a SugarDaddy, a pimp (yes..a local who rented her out to men who believed she was 15), and whoever she found at the bar. This from a lass who showed up at work at 11:30without notice, who after three years still knew less about her position than I did with an informal two-hour 'training' which was mostly just asking questions, and who claimed to speak a language after four years of college but couldn't do better than my crappy high school version.

Compare this to our AfAm hires. An earned PhD in Engineering. A Communications Director with a Master's and national media experience. An attorney that negotiated....no, the Commonwealth always won with her.


Anonymous said...

evelynac.... I had a grandma like you.... spouting racist shit... "you people?!!!".. It made me hate her as a child and I made the choice to not have my children ever be around her.... I feel real sorry for your grandbabies.... I sincerely hope you hold your racist tongue around them, but somehow I doubt it... cause you don't even realize that what you are sayin IS racist.
I sincerely hope that your vile, angry racist thinkin dies out with your generation.

Najmah said...

@Granny - I learned a cool new word from you today - 'vacuous'. Thanks for that!

Obama supporters (and other supporters who understand that McCain does not have our best interest at heart and will not be the best choice to lead this country right now) I suggest we concentrate our energy and efforts on voter registration and local strategy for getting ALL supporters to the polls on 11.3.08.

Anonymous said...

evelynac is a parody. written by a fool that needs to get a job. living off a woman no doubt.

Field, white wimmen is so eay to hate. praise the white man tim wise. praise him. he shall take your black women away, then what?

sisterblackwulf said...

You go on girl, as your black sister, I am with you.
I want to tell y'all that I have been harassed by black police officers for being ab Hilary supporter! That's right. I was going down south to visit Big Mama 'cuz she getting up there, and you know, I was lonely 'cuz I ain't got no man, but I'm not bitter.
Anyway, it was late at night and this cop car comes out of nowhere, flashing the sirens and going on, I pull over and the cop comes out.
A black cop. He asks to see my license and registration. Of course when he comes out of the car I saw an empty bottle of Alize fall out and his wife or girl friend (most likely the jump-off he creeps with behind his baby moma's back, but whatever) anyway, he comes over all drunk with power and alize and Hilary hatred says I need to stop speeding and threatens to give me a ticket. The jump-off laughs and he crip-walks back to the cars and speeds off into the night full of rain. I was attacked and harassed by the black cop because I dared to be black, a woman, and a Hilary supporter!

Anonymous said...

azucar negro,

you need help seriously.

sisterblackwulf said...

Oh, I meant to mention that it was my Hilary bumper sticker that set this cop off to come after me like a bleeding swimmer in a shark infested lagoon of democracy.
Like the great Stevie Nicks sang,
"Stand back"!
I will not let Nobama supporters bully me!
I too will be voting for McCain!
McCain in the zero-2-the 8! Kick Rocks, Obama!

Anonymous said...

azucar negra: you are seriously defective.

Unknown said...

In response to a.f 12:01 comment about Obama's pick
Jason Furman. From what little I read about Furman on the internet. I am getting a sinking feeling about Obama (yes I voted for him and donated to his campaign and I will vote for him in November)I don't like, I don't like. I hope he goes further to the left or outside the box. We do not need Reaganomics, Clintonomics or Bushonmics. That is one of the reason why we are in this mess in the first place

Anonymous said...

I don't think that any of you Hillary supporters have given any reason other than gender why you believe she was a good candidate. What am I missing?

Hillary's campaign was like a never ending focus group. Each week had a different approach, and when the approach of the week failed to gain traction, it was on to the next way to attack Mr. Obama.

Hillary did not convince the voters why she was the best choice for president, but spent most of her time trying to tell the voters why Obama was the wrong candidate.

Her campaign was classic Karl Rove slime and deflect. And if she could not even manage to keep her campaign in budget, how the hell does she expect anybody to believe she can do any better with the federal budget.

I keep hearing how Obama is a misogynistic and other derogatory labels. I think he did an admirable job staying above all that name calling and innuendo.

But enough bloviating. Hillary supporters, please tell me what Mrs. Clinton stood for and why you think she was such a great candidate? I'm not being negative or snide, I really would like to know what her appear as a candidate is.

west coast story said...

The best way to deal with trolls like evelyn and azucar is to ignore them. they are clearly parodies and are trying to get a response. If you ignore them, they will go away. They most probably are men, and probably young men, who think they are scamming the dumbass Negroes with their nonsense.

I am a regular listener to CSPAN's Washington Journal and it is surprising how many black people call in to trash Obama, male and female. It's not just SOME white women who are terrified of a black president. I say SOME because here in the Bay Area, a lot of rabid Obama supporters are white females. In fact, the day after our February primary, there were reports about how people were sorry they voted absentee so early because they would have voted for Obama instead of Clinton (who won the primary but was losing to Obama here until she dropped out).

Also, the point that this being a right wing trick is interesting. But until I hear of some leftist/liberal white femnists coming out agains this shite, I am inclined to believe it is the real deal.

west coast story said...

To the person who was surprised to learn of leftist racists: When I was attending UC Berekeley back in the day, we used to say that long hair hid red necks meaning that folks who seemed to be on the left had a lot of the same issues as folks on the right. See David Horowitz for textbook example.

brotherkomrade said...

Man, Field. I loves coming to your blog at lunch time!

@ Anonymous, are you sure EvelynAC is a parody, cuz I can name at least a handful of women online who has said those very things. why, almost word for word.

There are a couple of things I want to clear up though about the role of feminism in regards to Hilary's campaign. First, feminism, like all the other movements that grew after the civil rights movement has their moderates, leftists, rightists, racist, post-racial, radical, and revolutionary elements. The element or tendency amongst feminists that seemed to have the biggest voice are the Foucault-Derrida deconstructionist types who also happen to be middle class Centrist liberals. This means that while they can write 10 essays on what Obama meant by using the word, 'period' to describe Hilary's reasons to attack him and label his words as sexist, they will also grab the can of mace if Field Negro happens to approach their SUV too fast at night - unless he's wearing a badge.
Anyway, them and the Shoulder Pad feminists (professionals whose ideas of women's liberation are only limited to how far educated white women can go) were they real true anti-Obama Hilary feminists. The others are ok people; they just wanted a woman to become President probably as much as they wanted to see Obama become POTUS, but prioritized by gender, which is fine. Ask a nationalist who would he/she have picked if they had to choose between a white woman or black person. The problem is, we can't just say that it's ALL feminists who were for Hilary. I live with a feminist who is for Obama. I was raised by feminists; but I was raised by creative, anti-war, anti-capitalist feminists who understand that NO woman or feminist who vote to kill Iraqi women can call herself a feminist.
But I'm not saying anything original. Read the writings of black feminists. One of the biggest mistakes we have made in our own community is rejecting or ignoring our OWN feminist activist, writers, and thinkers because we thought they were so down with the Steinems and Morgans. For the most part, feminists of color have always recognized that part in their more reactionary white counterparts to BE the white patriarch; to share or even HAVE his power. Some of them going over to McCain is not a stretch. Read Women of Color and their writings and blogs, then read the blogs where women like EvelynAC come from and you'll know the difference. It's time we start to work towards a stronger comradeship with the women of our communities. Sexism should not be their fight alone.

Anonymous said...

:: sigh ::

I ended up writing a blog post about the bitter feud between Obama supporters and Hillary supporters. I wrote that post with a soft step and a light hand because I wanted to convey how Obama supporters would have "had a moment" if Hillary managed to "win" (steal?) the primary election.

BUT, my post didn't account for faux-supporters aka the racists who hide behind support for Hillary. Too bad they outed themselves by trading the Black democrat (with policies similar to Hillary's) for the white war-mongering, adulterous Republican.

A true Hillary supporter would throw their support where Hillary goes. And Hillary made a very public declaration that her support is behind Obama.

Finally... I'll repeat the point. Blacks would have eventually "fallen in line" if Hillary (or even Edwards) won the nomination. Whites running like roaches to McCain's republican campaign remind me of the America that I live in... ugh.

Anonymous said...

@Zack: "I feel that people like Wise and Keith Olbermann play off black peoples' emotions to gain our attention and its sickening.

That's what I think, too. They are careerists, and they are using African Americans and especially Obama for their own ends. Just wait and see who gets the jobs after the dust settles. Wright already got his walking papers.

Anonymous said...

"I feel that people like Wise and Keith Olbermann play off black peoples' emotions to gain our attention and its sickening."

Forgive me for this potentially unpopular response, but this is a major reason why we shoot ourselves in the foot in the battle for racial equality.

Whites who down blacks are talked about.

Whites who openly support black issues are talked about.

I have heard more than one white person interested in true equality speak of the frustration in trying to help. Many lament that they can't win for losing.

Anonymous said...

Hattie wrote, agreeing with Zach: They are careerists, and they are using African Americans and especially Obama for their own ends.

Tim Wise has been making an actual living off of writing and speaking about race/racism for many years now. His success in making a living is based, as far as I can tell, in a dynamic of racism where white people "need" other white people to say things first and won't listen to people of color from the start.

I know some people feel it is good because this is in actual fact how many white people actually function. But I see it as more as a good cop/bad cop dynamic.

hawa wrote: I have heard more than one white person interested in true equality speak of the frustration in trying to help. Many lament that they can't win for losing.

I could be wrong, but my guess is that those people may be into it more to have/promote a good image of themselves, make themselves feel better inside, or get strokes, acceptance and praise than to actually be of assistance.

Meaning: are the people who make this lament in it to "win" in the white cultural mode of what that means, or are they in it to be of actual concrete assistance. Are these lamenters in it even if they won't get some immediate benefit, even if their egos take a blow in the process because they receive criticism, even if they don't get mostly accepted and praised for what they do?

Anonymous said...

The way the press is acting, like this is all show prep until we get to November and poof: We have Pres Elect Obama. What do you need Hillary for anyway? She is already getting the "out to pasture" treatment. The way the Obama's "Children of the Corn" is acting that the Hillary voting block is no needed to win in the fall. Even after landslide losses in West Virginia and Kentucky, the DNC still thinks there is a "50 State Strategy" even bring into question "is the working class white, Appalachia vote even needed?" New Democrats could just purge those old Democrats out the party and take the so call racist ways to the GOP were they belong. Sen Obama has: the kids, urban upscale whites, all blacks and the (young but few) Hispanics to take him all the way to the White House. You can even cross out swing states of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania for new states like Colorado and Virginia... even most of you are willing to even call out the Obama blue state landslide in the fall so "why me worrie" is what most of you be saying.

What if "gasp" what if Obama loses this fall and who is going to be 1st to write in their books who takes up space at your local Anti-Christ bookstore (the lefty bookstore) about the chapter tittle "Hillary left Obama hanging" and folks like Matt T (I really just wanna sock this guy in the mouth) and friends waist more trees writing books about the obvious however missing the main point that Sen Obama is one of the worst candidates for President that the DNC could of pushed out there. Even George McGovern was not this bad (still holds the record for the kid vote even after Nixon place into law lowering the voting age to 18 and we know how that ended, but can't remember the Jimmy Carter years, go figure). You can call whites who refuse to vote for Obama racist all you want however thats not going to change there minds. No matter how much "progressive" change you people are "hoping" for, some people know history and they know this stuff has been said before and been tried before and they seen the failure.
Liberals do not win National Elections... how may Democrats that are out there would call themselves "liberals?" If some of these congressman placed (Socialist or Commie) next to there names than Democrat, would they still win elections? Sen Obama can't hide his uber left political leanings no matter how much the Northeast Media Bloc tries to carries the guys water. You can't Jedi Mind Trick the whole nation and its showing in poll numbers as McCain and Obama run just about even (and even in traditional Blue States) however we are going to do silly stories on how Arizona could be a swing state? Get the bleep out of here with that noise however the sad thing Obama still has hope just because there is not a IQ test when it comes for voting, even showing ID is frowned on by Liberals despite you need a ID to rent a movie from Blockbuster. I declare War on the powers that be that are willing to destroy American and are working to cut it down to size. You can fight the Oil Companies, while I'll shift focus to the Environmental Cartel . Plus you can find all the alt-fuels you want, my Chevy Cobalt will still need old fashion gasoline a long with my Chevy Camaro. I refused to surrender to the far left and the Charlatan of Presidential Candidate. Its not race either, I'm 27 and black: google me.

I declare War

Anonymous said...

Hi Field,

I am feeling the hate right now. What a great excuse for everybody to get happy about the business as usual of trashing feminists.

The last time I checked, civil rights was a shared struggle. But now that Hillary has inflamed the gender haters, being a white woman is so uncool.

Not all feminists are old. Not all feminists are white. Not all feminists support Hillary. Why do we get lumped together?

Besides which, being a woman hater is indestinguishable from being any other kind of bigot. Why the platform for hate?

I never hated on anybody. I thought civil rights included everybody.

I guess I learned the truth from the haters.

How bout we go for rich men of all colors for a while? They are the ones dividing and hating. All over the world. Whenever they get the power.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

First, thank you szechuanpork for being gracious and explaining to me what you really meant by your comments yesterday.

azucur negra es verdad azucur blanco y un hombre y es grande falso.

You are, also, full of dung.

evelynac, if you are a woman, and I seriously doubt it, you have some major issues, and it has nothing do with your cholestrol pills. You not a butch are you?

BTW, what white supremacist group do you both belong to? Or are you both one of those what they call neocon plants? Or could you be part of the Rifle Association? Or could you be just plain old not playing with a full deck? Both of you are full of dung, and might be the same person posing as one, which really would confirm you not playing with a full deck.

Do you both think you could refrain from ignorance for one day? Granny still has an attitude hangover from yesterday. I really don't feel like playing games this afternoon.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Oops, I meant *azucar* instead of *azucur*

Anonymous said...

Of course you are right brother Field. Of course race has something to do with the virulence of the anti-Obama rhetoric coming from Hillary supporters.

Brother Komrade has it right, there are feminists who are progressive and there are feminists who hold on to the status quo and just want their piece of the pie.

This race highlighted the competition between white women and African Americans. I have heard many times to my amazement white women try to compare their struggles to the struggles of Blacks in this country. To their credit I have been in meetings where when this foolishness arose other white women boooed other white women out of the room for making foolish statements like that.

So much for one America. Seems this election more than anything highlights not just how far we have come, but just how much further we have to go.

Anonymous said...

Of course you are right brother Field. Of course race has something to do with the virulence of the anti-Obama rhetoric coming from Hillary supporters.

Brother Komrade has it right, there are feminists who are progressive and there are feminists who hold on to the status quo and just want their piece of the pie.

This race highlighted the competition between white women and African Americans. I have heard many times to my amazement white women try to compare their struggles to the struggles of Blacks in this country. To their credit I have been in meetings where when this foolishness arose other white women boooed other white women out of the room for making foolish statements like that.

So much for one America. Seems this election more than anything highlights not just how far we have come, but just how much further we have to go.

brotherkomrade said...

eyezz smells rat...oh, it's Jibreel Riley.
Don't deeclare a war an intellectual light-weight such as yourself can't win. Gotta get off work but I'll get back at cha in a couple of hours.

Anonymous said...

If you can follow what Jibreel is even saying, let me know. The atrocious grammar, spelling and logic damned near gave me a migraine.

field negro said...

Sooo Jibreel, are you a conservative because you win elections, or becuase you think it's better for the country?

Adm komrade, you make some great points about the black feminist movement, and the so called progressive black men uniting around common goals. I know it's easier said than done because of all the labels we throw around at each other. I have already been labeled a sexist mysogynistic pig by many in that community so I don't even mess with them anymore.

"The last time I checked, civil rights was a shared struggle. But now that Hillary has inflamed the gender haters, being a white woman is so uncool."

anon.4:19PM I don't want to come off as being mean, but "shared struggle"? Hmmm I didn't see too many white women hanging from trees back in the day. I didn't see white women getting their asses kicked by Birmingham policemen. I didn't see white women having to shit ont the side of the road because they couldn't use public facilities when they were traveling....No, I appreciate the people of good conscience (black and white) who fought to change the bad things in this country. But that struggle wasn't shared.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I know exactly what you mean Field. Smetimes I meet up with a negro that is so down ass with hisself that I gotta do a double take and check to see if he aint white. Man, they be puttin on the Ritz like no other brother.

Hathor said...

You did all this when you were thirteen years old? Did you forget you said you were 55. How did you run with Abby Hoffman in 1968 or why did you start your last comment in 1966?

If you are going to fake your biography get your time line together, hon. If you knew anything about the SDS you would have known their issue was the Vietnam war. That confrontation in Chicago in 1968 wasn't about seating Fannie Lou Hammer and the other black Mississippi delegates at the Democratic convention.

I am glad you mentioned Shirley Chisholm's ground breaking achievement. For me that was history, not Clinton's run. The feminist were finding themselves then.

Anonymous said...

@ Azucar Negra. Sugar, is that you from Sugar and Spice. Because I remember you telling this story on your blog. Saying that the cop pulled you over because of your Hillary bumper sticker. Seek help. Get counseling. Comparing Obama to Hitler? Come on now.

Anonymous said...

I finally saw some video of angry white women saying they won't vote for Obama and it still hasn't changed my mind. Feminist's are going to vote for the pro-choice candidate no matter what they say now. I live in Arkansas and Clinton/Huckabee won the primaries here. I do know many in the black community HERE did vote for Clinton over Obama, or at least the exit polls, polls in general, and the yard signs suggest they did. Keep in mind that one of the Clinton's have been running for office here since 1976 and they trust them. The race angle is important but it's not everything to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hathor, you crack me up and good on ya for calling out evelynac on his/her lies.....

brotherkomrade said...

Oooooo Hathor, you did good with the age thing on EvelynAC. If he/she shows up again, I'll be amazed.

@ Anonymous, Yes, that cop story sounded very familiar to me as well. I'm not a conspiracy nut, but I gotta say that Sugar from Sugar N Spice or Azucar Negra, or Catty Greenglen ...all of them have issues.

rikyrah said...

I'm not feeling the ' unity' thing. Sorry, not feeling it, because of all the racist bullshit that has gone down.

Hillpatine pimped the White Woman Victim card from DAY ONE. Period. She pimped it whenever she could, and all I've seen is these White women pimping it, and I'm not having it.

Maybe some are in the mood for unity, but I've heard too much Geraldine Ferraro and ' inadequate Black man' for me to be wanting unity with these racist heifers.

Not feeling it at all. Don't care for it one bit.

I know what Obama has to do, because he wants to win, and because he didn't do JACK to offend Miss Anne, but don't expect me to shin and grin to them. Uh Uh.

And especially because I know, in my bones, to my very core, that WHEN Michelle is ATTACKED. WHEN Malia and Sasha are ATTACKED, they'll be nowhere to be found....

Ain't feeling no fake ass ' unity', for them being mad that Black women went with what they knew instinctively, but was proven in spades (pun intended) by this campaign:

'Sisterhood' is a one-way street, and when push comes to shove, Miss Anne is not and has never been 'studdin' 'bout yo Black behind'.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Excellent! I knew evelynac was fake, because he/she didn't sound like a woman. When he/she mentioned hunting and handicap that was a clue for me. To top it off, they were talking about times in history that I lived through.

Redstar said...

You know, I've been thinking about this post a lot these last few days, because I'm a Clinton supporter who's now voting for Obama, and I've been totally stymied about dealing with other Clinton voters who plan to swing McCain's way. I agree there's some racism involved, esp. for those who feel like they can't "relate" to Obama or don't know what he's about, etc. etc. It's sort of code for scary black man.

However, I saw in a post this morning, I think from MyDD, that white women (as I'm assuming, like the rest of you, that the majority of these pro-Clinton-now-McCain voters are white women) have gone for the GOP in the last 2 presidential elections (55% for Bush in '04, 49% for Bush in '00/48% for Gore), as well as the '06 midterms (50% v. 49% for Dems). So it seems our shared assumption that they've gone for Kerry, Gore, etc. is misplaced.

One of the reasons I liked Clinton was that I thought she came across as a more moderate, middle-of-the-road candidate who would sway conservative Dems that we've lost in the past (this caricature is relatively incorrect according to her Progressive Punch rating, which is slightly higher than Obama's also progressive voting record, but then again many people think he's wildly liberal).

Given the razor thin margins of GOP victory among white women in the last 8 years, I'm now much less surprised about these Clintonites going for McCain. I'm doing everything I can in my pro-Clinton circles to dispel the myth that the asshole is moderate, independent, etc. etc., but clearly I have my work cut out for me.

Afrodite said...



So I was over at Huffingtonpost.com

and was pretty disturbed at something I read...Now I knew Faux news was bad..but I didn't know it was this bad. They have already had to fire an anchor woman for referring to Barack and Michelle's fist bump as a "terrorist fist jab." Now some other simple ass chick has called Michelle, "Barack's Baby Mama"... I think we really need to do something about this news.



I also wanted you all to read a letter (that i saw over at jackandjillpolitics.com) to the supposed "Pro- feminist Hillary supporters. Meaning those who are threatening to vote for Mcsame in Nov. over Barack. It's from Tim Wise, one of my favorite political/social activist and writers.


Something else that made me sick...The GOP (good ol' phuck ups)is at it again


Redstar said...

I'd also just like to point out - and I left this comment at Jack & Jill too - that a lot of pro-McCain voters believe this is an act of protest against DNC elites. That the most effective way to "punish" the DNC - who they believe threw the election via MI/FL and had a "finger on the scale" for Obama this whole time (folks like Kennedy, Kerry, Rockefeller, Richardson, etc. endorsing Obama over the "will of the voters", etc.) - is by voting for McCain. Not writing in Clinton, not staying home, not even supporting Obama so they can fight for change from within the party, but voting for McCain to show the DNC that they won't be pushed around any longer. Many of these folks have re-registered as Independents as well. So it's some sort of anti-elitist drama, they believe, in which Obama actually plays a nominal role...

As a political junkie and a student of politics and activism, I'm banging my head against a wall trying to convince folks that voting for McCain is not an act of protest, but holding up a flawed, f***ed up system they now abhore (now that they didn't get the candidate they wanted out of it), but so far, no success.

And not everyone out to punish the DNC is voting for McCain, and not every Clinton-turned-McCain supporter is acting in vengeance. I just think it's worthwhile to point this stuff out before it's written off binarily (is that a word?) as McCain support = only racism.

Finally, this election cannot be compared to past elections. Clinton and Obama are the first woman and person of color candidates to get this far - hell, the primary season broke voting records and was essentially a draw. It's problematic to try and find comparisons in the past. And that's a good thing, as far as I can tell.

Anonymous said...

redstar, you are in the wrong joint. here, it is open season on white women. those bitchez caused black men to be lynched. not the white men who did the lynching. white men are hailed as saints, tim wise....white men get they dicks sucked by blacks. its the evil white women that must be burned at the stake. white women have all the power. those stupid bitchez make the black man crave that white twat. those stupid white bitchez fling they hair and make the black women hate themselves. the white woman is god. no no no not god bless white women, god damn white women. those two white girls killed in ok the other day. probably angry white boys or angry black men. just trying to keep those evil white bitches from growin up and becomeing evil white bitches that fling their stringy hair making black women hate themselves and making men want them. fucking white bitches. kill them all.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Anon@2:00, that was some nonsense. Your..."rant"...what exactly are you talking about, man?

Redstar said...

what roger said. how can i get my name out of that paragraph?? vile.

Anonymous said...

this was an intresting post.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:10 PM, here kitty, kitty, kitty.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

2:00 PM anony:

You have some serious issues. Shaking my head. Hatred in any form smothers life out of you. I'm adding you to my prayer list.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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