Monday, June 02, 2008

More on the "snitch".

So the latest expose of the frat boy's White House seems to be dying down now. (Gotta love our attention span here in A-merry-ca) And just as I predicted the frat boy's attack dogs were all over the little weasel, McClellan, for revealing in his soon to be best selling book, what a bunch of lying degenerates occupied the people's house.

Still, I don't know quite what to think of his too little too late tell all.

I read this oped from Kathleen Parker in my hometown paper, and it damn near sums up my feelings about Scott the "snitch" and his tell all book:

"Scott McClellan. Is he dishonest? Dishonorable? Disloyal? Is he telling the truth that the Bush administration conducted an organized propaganda campaign to lead the country to war? Did McClellan know it all along and, if so, why did he hang so long with those guys?
At the White House, former colleagues wonder what happened to the Scott they thought they knew. What caused that sweet guy to betray his former boss and friends with a tell-all memoir - What Happened - already No. 1 on Amazon?
Suddenly, benign Scott McClellan is the serial killer next door, whose stunned neighbors recall him as "kinda quiet but always polite, a loner."

The honorable man knows what to do when he believes the president is lying about something as serious as the need for war. An honorable man quits his job rather than be complicit in fatal fraud. He stops the lie in its tracks and heads straight to the nation's newsrooms. Immediately. Not after he's left. But McClellan didn't do that. Instead, he warmed himself by the glow of the inner circle and stood before the nation as a bumbling, inept spokesman, saying nothing repeatedly - and badly.

Unfortunately for the short, unhappy political life of Scott McClellan, the boy who squealed all the way home may be stuck with the title after all. Because no matter how sweet the revenge, on the playground, the snitch is trusted by no one. "

I almost agree 100%. Except I trust this "snitch", and I believe that he knew exactly what was going on, and he told us. Now if we don't choose to believe him, and if we choose to continue to let ourselves be manipulated by the blowhards and apologist on the right, then we are far worse than the little canary who is now singing, and we are damn near as bad as the folks he is singing to us about.


Anonymous said...

I trust maybe 3 or 4 people in this world. All related to me. Everybody elses promises must be memorialized in writing or must be verified some other way. Not cynical, just smart. Right counselor?

I think its pretty clear that the Bush administration did a hard-sell on the Iraq war. Its pretty clear that info was cherry-picked and its pretty clear that war was not the last resort like it should have been. If McLelland quit right away when he found this out he would have been a hero. Since he "came clean" years later and for a bunch of money makes his revelations suspect even if they are 100% true.

Shame on him. Shame on him for participating in this crime, shame on him for trying to profit from his involvement and shame on us if we make him a hero.

A.F. said...

Great post.

I believe everything I've heard him say about the Bush admin except the stuff about the overriding ambition to "spread democracy." But I only believe what he says now because it was so obvious all along.

Now that the particluar propagandists in question are nearing the end of this administration, though, I wonder if this whole business about past propaganda will just divert U.S. attention from current propaganda that we can still do something about. Americans en masse seem to be quite challenged where extrapolation is concerned. Am I paranoid and/or underestimating the greater good of McClellan's confessions?

"all over the little weasel, McClellan, for revealing in his soon to be best selling book, what a bunch of lying degenerates occupied the people's house." That sentence really made me laugh out loud, Field! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Scott MCClellan didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. The anti war protestors, the UN Weapons Inspectors,Amb. Joseph Willson, France, Germany and Russia, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, the late Senator Paul Wellstone, The Dixie Chicks, Paul O'Neal, Richard Clark, Phil Donahue, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Congressman Dennis Kuchinich, Governor Howard Dean, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Senator Robert Byrd, Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Barbara Boxer, The Downing Street Memo, Everybody.

Everybody knew there were no WMD in Iraq. The media allowed those that spoke out against the invasion/occupation to be called anti American, or not supporting the troops, or crazy, or stupid or both. They were investigated, spied on, villified and boycotted.

The media suppressed dissent. Everytime I hear a pundit on TV saying "the surge is working" it makes me sick to my stomach.

Great post Field.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:57 shame on all of us for sitting on our asses whlie it (the war)came to this. And now the suck up MSM media is buying into the latest bush-shit argument that this past May we had the lowest number of Am.servicemen killed.One f*****g death is one death too many.And what about all the casualties here at home this past May?

A.F.,honestly,I had to laugh writing the part you quoted from that post:)

And damn anon 8:03PM way to lay that shit with the names out there.I had forgotten about some of those people.

Kristin said...

Scott is doing what Americans do best capatilizing on a bad situation.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget: Colin Powell sat there in the UN with a straight face trying to sell the rest of the world on the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

He knew they weren't there. Why didn't he snitch? Why did he sully his reputation by trying to make a case where none existed.

As least McClellan is now coming clean.

Where is Powell's "come clean" book?

Maybe he's looking for a ghost writer. Maybe he should get the same guy who wrote the WMD script he delivered to the UN.

CoyoteFe said...

What strikes me is the fact that we are consumed with the concept of "snitchin'". We have inherited it from every brother- and sister-hood we ever created, whether it's on the corner or the in the frathouse. And, let's be honest: all of those organizations are about 5 minutes from third grade recess. When did standing up and telling the truth about GOVERNMENT degenerate into something equitable to tattling to the teacher?

Anonymous said...

@sidebar: "Any sign of civilization in Africa was started by Europeans."

I couldn't let this sidebar garbage go unchallenged.

The roots of "Western" civilization, culture, science, technology and religion are to be found not in Greece, but in Black Egypt and Nubia-Kush.

Anonymous said...

""The roots of western civilization, culture, science, technology and religion are not to be found in Greece, but in Black Egypt and Nubia-Kush""


Does it mean that we ARE NOT at the bottom of every society we have immigrated to?

Does it mean that 75% of our children ARE NOT fatherless?

Does it mean that are neighborhoods ARE NOT crime-ridden, garbage-strewn hellholes?

Does it mean that black Africa isnt a backward shitbox?

I am sick of statements like that. It means nothing. It changes nothing. It helps none of us.

I am also sick of this "no snitching" bullshit. Since when is telling the truth about those who rob, kill and rape us a bad thing? Since when is letting thugs run in our streets better that putting them behind bars?

I live in Memphis. Some call it "Memphrica" because its starting to look like Liberia. Life here is hard. Killings, rapes every fucking day! And I got news for you...WHITEY AINT DOIN IT! Were doin it to ourselves because we know brothas wont snitch. We know whites will so we leave them alone...mostly. Whites snitch and their neighborhoods are safe. We dont and look at ours.

Sorry to get off track field. got a little hot. Were not taking care of ourselves. We talk a big game (anon 9:03) but we never seem to show.

SingaporeSwim said...

Tonight, BillO stuck it to Scott for allowing the hard left to excoriate Bushie during his press roll throughs. As if this s/b about maintaining Bush's already bullet holed rep.

When BillO challenged Scottie's courage for coming out w/his revelations after the fact, Scott replied that if he didn't have courage he wouldn't have released the book at all.

Puh-leeze, a courageous whistleblower would have come out with the truth as it was happening and suffered the much harsher consequences than Scottie-come-lately will.

field negro said...

Damn! That's me, field Negro up at anon. 8:45PM. WTF? I swear I can't control my own site anymore.

Anon 9:33PM, way to check those FAKE NEWS clowns. That's why I put crap like that on my sidebar from time to time. Just hoping someone like you can come along, see that shit, and check it! And boy did you ever.

And anon 10:06PM, I feel your pain, and we DO have to get our s**t together. But we can't just let other folks define us.

"I am also sick of this "no snitching" bullshit. Since when is telling the truth about those who rob, kill and rape us a bad thing?"

And I hope you don't think I was endorsing the "no snitch" culture that is prevalent in some of our neighborhoods. I wrote that post the way I did to make a point, not to endorse that "no snitch" bullshit. I am all for snitching, if it doesn't put the snitcher's family or life in real danger. Our District Attorneys across the country will just have to do a better job of protecting these people who come forward to report crimes.

See now you got me on a whole new rant :)

Bob said...

I won't read his book. But what has he said that we didn't already know? What does it matter if he's not accurate in the little details when we've known for years the truth of the big important details? He's a useless rat because he didn't snitch when snitching might have counted for something.

Anonymous said...

Field; Im anon 10;06. I will get a name after this post. Sorry.

You say we cant let others define us but let me throw this out;

--With 75% of our kids born to babymamas WE define ourselves for them.

--The crime levels in our community define us.

--Our dismal performance in academia defines us for them (whoever "they" are)

--Our broken families define us

--Our disrespect for the law defines us

--Our out of control kids define us

--Our constant whining for more govt help rather than promoting education and entrepenuership defines us.

I dont believe "they" are defining who we are at all. WE are doing a pretty good job of that.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Let's face it; McClellan was a lackey for Bush who is a lackey for the corporate royalists.
He believed in what he was doing and he'd have had to have been a complete moron to be on the inside and not see that our country was being destroyed in the name of corporate greed.
That makes him a slimey little POS who got put out in the cold and is now trying to cash in.
Nothing he is saying is anything new to those of us who have been paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Re the weasel/scott mcclellan: He knows that he nor anyone ever went broke/lost money underestimating American's taste for sleaze. We shouldn't be surprised that people will actually spend money and time to read stuff that we (should have) knew all along. We need to be lied to - the bigger and more salacious, the better - so that we can absolve ourselves of the inevitable guilt that accompanies our collective lust for blood, war profits, and moral corruption. The current debates about authenticity are comical.
Re the "snitch" dilemma: Bump the police and (blind?)lady justice. In East Africa the people often administer "people's justice" - and it's honorable. The moral and courage bankruptcy that infests our government also plagues our communities. We are in desperate need for more righteous 'field negroes'- the quiet kind who don't miss.
How about Sam Nunn for VP with Obama?
Thanks for this forum...

Georgia "Flash"

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:06:


Does it mean that we ARE NOT at the bottom of every society we have immigrated to?"

Let me throw the question back at you:

Therefore what????

What we're all good at, I'm afraid, is defining the problem.

We don't need more rants: we know what our problems are.

What we need are solutions and brave, committed souls willing to make those solutions a reality.

@anon: "We talk a big game (anon 9:03) but we never seem to show.

Tell us what you're doing to "show"?

Give us a practical, concrete, achievable plan that will allow us all to "show."

"Big talk" can take many forms.

If black America were a person, instead of millions, I would give that person kudos for maintaining sanity, and relevance, in a world hell-bent on stripping him or her of every vestige of dignity and humanity.

Where you see negativity, I see incredible resilience. Where you see setbacks, I see a fierceness to keep moving forward, despite the pathology within, and outside, the black community.

I believe that history would have written a different story had white colonizers not gone into Africa.

And the native Americans here would certainly have fared a helluva lot better had Europeans kept to their on countries.

By the way: blacks didn't "immigrate" here; the Statue of Liberty wasn't even built when the first slave ships arrived at these shores.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, Shame on all of them who went in the Bush Cartel, came out and are now getting fat paid for finally telling the truth.

That's House Negro Behavior and you know it.

A True Field Negro would have quit his job and wrote that Book at the height of all that nonsense.

Richard Clarke is an Honorary Field Negro.

Paul O'Neill is an Honorary Field Negro.

Sibel Edmonds is an Honorary Field Negro.

What I will agree is that out of all the tell-all books, McClellan's is probably the closest A-merry-cans are going to get to finding out how bat-shyt crazy this Administration really is, and how loyalty was rewarded while competency got shat on.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I will wait for his book to be found in the 1.99 bin at Borders. I refuse to reward a weasel for telling us what we already knew.

Anonymous said...

First of all anon, it was you who posted the link. It is up to you to tell us what you mean by it. Throwing it back to me tells me you have no idea.

What am I doing to "show" as you put it? I will tell you. I worked my black ass off in high school. I endured the ridicule from my peers for attaining high grades. I endured the constant pressure to be "authentic" and "street" and I overcame it. I received a full scholarship to college (first in my family to attend college). I didnt make shorties, didnt do drugs and didnt party. I had a job waiting for me when I graduated. I married a strong black woman and am raising three (hopefully more) children and I will spend the rest of my life forming their character and making them examples of what can be accomplished if one has the will and discipline. Whites will NEVER look at my kids the way they look at these loud, obnoxious thug-wannabees that populate our cities. (You know what Im talking about).

If you are expecting some great new mysterious nugget of information that will elevate our people to "show" will be disappointed. The path to success is the same as it has always been.
Work hard
Work smart
Sacrifice immediate gratification for long term goals.
Respect, humility, quiet confidence and pride in who you are.
NEVER accept your own failure.

(Do yourself a favor and read the poem "IF" by Rudyard Kipling. Its all there)

Show me the black kid with a 3.8 gpa and a 1300 SAT that cant get into college. Show me where brothas are being prevented from doing their homework. Show me where the racist society is producing all these shorties and babymamas. Show me where whitey is dropping trash only in OUR neighborhoods. Should I go on?

My point is that the opportunity is there. Many have taken advantage of it. Many havent. Those are the ones making excuses why a brotha cant make it in this racist society. You never hear a black doctor saying that do you?GOOD GOD do you know what a kid in congo would give to trade places with ANY black kid in America? In America you have a chance. The road is hard but so what?

Stop making excuses for failure. Stop accepting anything less than best effort.

As far as the white colonialist in Africa garbage. Look at Zimbabwe and South Africa since the whites left power. Look at Liberia and Sierra Leone. Do a little research before you say silly things.

Anonymous said...

Bush trusted, hired, and fired him. Scott writes book. I agree he wasn't ready for the crap he was set up to deal with. He's just setting up for retirement now think. A couple million never hurt anyone. I see him as just an opportunist in this book deal. I keep thinking that Colin Powell deserved a better President to serve with. Colin did complain which of course looks bad on the Pres. I've changed my mind, regardless of who is elected, I hope Powell considers a staff position. I know he won't but still, we need the best.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I wonder if he was not fired would he still be up there at press conferences lying?

He claims he had an issue with how Bush and Co. were running things. He should have grown some balls, fought for what HE believed in then quit. But he didn't.

rikyrah said...

I refused to watch a tv segment with Scotty. I was one who knew he was lying for them even when he SAYS he didn't.

But, I guess getting more folks to admit that they lied for Shrub is a positive.

Anonymous said...

Here's my statement again:

Anonymous said...
@sidebar: "Any sign of civilization in Africa was started by Europeans."

I responded to the sidebar; I wasn't looking for a verbal scrap.

You said:

"First of all anon, it was you who posted the link. It is up to you to tell us what you mean by it. Throwing it back to me tells me you have no idea."

Again, I responded to the sidebar. You took in personally with a tirade about black community deficiencies.

We all know the deficiencies. You offered nothing new.

You said:

"Look at Zimbabwe and South Africa since the whites left power. Look at Liberia and Sierra Leone. Do a little research before you say silly things."

And I'll repeat my earlier assertion:

I believe that history would have written a different story had white colonizers not gone into Africa.

In a post-colonial Africa, black Africans are going to have problems adjusting, just as native Americans have had problems adjusting to a post-colonial America.

You said:

"Do a little research before you say silly things."

I'm afraid that you ended your statement with a pejorative which ends this conversation for me.

Instead of demeaning you, I'll say that I believe you're "right on" about education as being the solution.

And you cited some of the values that our educators should teach:

"Respect, humility, quiet confidence and pride in who you are.
NEVER accept your own failure."

There are many others. Education is the key, but it must be value-based, stressing those values with which we concur, and which will allow us to evolve into a world of people which uphold our highest ideals.

Facts and information, without values to undergird them, will only give us more of the same deficiencies that we all loathe.

What is needed for all people is a healthy dose of wisdom as the palliative, and the cure.

I know the poem you referenced:
"IF" by Rudyard Kipling. I agree, it has some of the answers.

Nevertheless, don't believe for a minute that the ghetto values we deplore are the sole creation of those living there.

We have all created them. It's not you against them, as you suggest.

As Pogo the comic book character once wisely stated: "I have seen the enemy and he is us."

All of us.

Nice talking with you. Keep the light burning bright: the darkness is already upon us.

field negro said...

Folks, for some great reading, please read the ongoing exchange between the two anons above! Wow! Great stuff, and you know wat's scary? I actually agree with BOTH of them. How is this possible? That tells you all you need to know about my conflicted ass:)

"..I will wait for his book to be found in the 1.99 bin at Borders."

LOL at that quote. And you are right christ.prog. a real field Negro would have quit and wrote the damn book back then.

Anonymous said...

Simply put, these are not honorable men. So one should not be surprised when they act dishonorably.

Christopher said...

If the "Anons" are beginning to make your head spin, here's some good news to pass on.

The AP is reporting Hillaryland will officially endorse Barack Obama tonight when he goes over the delegate count.

Our nation's long nightmare is about over. Now onward to November and president-elect Barack Obama!

Anonymous said...

Christopher, it turns out the AP is wrong. No such luck.

Field is right about the dueling anons..great stuff.

I think anon 1;08 said it best. The opportunity is there for us. We must get past our own demons if we are to truly overcome. Many of us get our back up when a person doesnt come correct. Perhaps we should look less at the tone and more at the substance.
Yes, Mr 1:08 was harsh, but so was my mother. She expected 100% and didnt spare the rod when she got less. I have 5 siblings and none of us have fallen into the trap so common with our people. She did something right.
Its true we all know the deficiencies in our community. I dont know why we cant overcome them.
FIELD; Maybe you can opine as to why our leaders arent focusing on the positive opportunities available to us and seem to be telling us only how our failure is someone elses fault? They seem to think we cannot compete on a level field with other races and are preparing them for failure and the inevitable whining and finger pointing that will ensue.

This really got me;

"Show me the black kid with a 3.8 gpa and a 1300 SAT that cant get into college. Show me where brothas are being prevented from doing their homework. Show me where the racist society is producing all these shorties and babymamas. Show me where whitey is dropping trash only in OUR neighborhoods."

Maybe a boot in our collective asses will work. Whining and finger pointing sure havent.

I know our people. Greatness is there. How do we coax it out is the question.

Anonymous said...

Field - and 'anon.12:07P & anon. 1:08A: You guys are...why I enjoy and return to this blog-site(?). However, I personally would not have commented/responded to a sidebar or any other blog or iteration re what Euros have done vis-a-vis any civilization. Be that as it may; we are stuck here in the belly of this (sometimes)putrid beast. Our leaders are mere pimps - they pimp tickets for Jesus or they pimp poverty; they pimp our so-called 'victimhood'. I think it was Franz Fanon who wrote that "...we...the [black] people/proletariat must take responsibility for our own leadership. We can,and must, each take responsibility for celebrating the academic successes of our children. We can do this by demanding that our (pimp)preachers; our school administrators; our local media; each auntie, grandmother - [and it is embarrassing that I'm finding it hard to include 'uncles' and 'grandpas' because our reality is absent these real men in our lives] - must each loudly publicize the successes of our children who continue to achieve and refuse to accept mediocrity. We squander countless opportunities - check out J. McWhorter - and we do our recent ancestors a shameless injustice by hanging onto feelings of entitlement or collective acceptance of failures. I'm really tired; have had enough of us blaming 'racists'. Yes..they're here and they ain't goin' nowhere. Get over it. We - each of us - can no longer afford to waste our energies crying about that issue. We can, and must use our individual energies to hold our brothers and sisters accountable each and every day. We CAN do this. We CAN choose to expose the hyenas/jackals - the 'gansta/hard' children who prey upon our communities. We CAN make more informed choices - DAILY - regarding our health/diet, the cockroach thugs/gangsters, dope, hopelessness in our communities.
The first place to start - with all due respect to the paradox/historic core of our communities - might be with a critical analysis of what our (pimp)preachers tell us each week. Thanks.

Georgia "Flash"

Anonymous said...

So Field!

Now that all those superdelegates are rushing to Obama, are you going to announce your support of him later today too?

Anonymous said...

Hold up a second anonymous's. I feel like Field in the sense that all you all have a bit of the truth. Of course we as a people have to do all that we can. In fact the testament of our strength is every black person who has responded to this blog and continue to respond. Because all of you have overcome and are successful on some level.

Many of us indeed have overcome. And our communities indeed need to do more to help themselves.

But wait a minute!! The problem with racism is that the hurdle shouldn't be there in the first place! Congrats is due to all of us hurdlers. But don't overlook the fact that God did not create us all with the same ability. We should be allowed the same/equal opportunity, but we were not all created equal. Many are smarter than others. Roadblocks and hurdles will indeed trip up many folks who don't have hurdling or leaping ability, that's why they were placed there.

The point is to get rid of the hurdles(racism-systematic/institutional) as well as to help repair the damage to those who have tripped over them, or fear their inability to succeed if they try. And remember we didn't do this to ourselves. There was a systemic effort (eugenics, myths, lies, stereotypes, segregation, supposed emperical evidence) and continues to be a systemic attempt to reinforce feelings of inferiority in Blacks and others while at the same time promoting a sense of superiority in whites.

We cannot pretend that institutionalized racism is not a problem, or that it can just be overcome with hard work. And we should not just try to live with it either. That is a bit cowardly and it reflects indifference on the part of those, who figure they can "ride it out" or have found special favor. No, we have to continue to strive to eliminate it.

And what that really means is eliminating the social/political/economic system that produces it. But I know that is too radical of an idea for most folks and I am okay with folks who aren't interested in that option, but I am not okay with folks pretending that it is not the ultimate reason why too many of our folks find themselves in a holding pattern or repeating self-defeating behaviors.

But this is nothing new. Study the history of oppressed people throughout history and you will see that they too victimized one another and too often cowed before their oppressors, or pointed the finger at one another, because after all that was always easier ( and definitely safer)than pointing your finger at the real source of the problem. Irish history under the British thumb is particularly enlightening.

We can no more blame the victims of racism for their failures than we can the victims of Apartheid, or the victims of colonialism from which neo-colonialism arose allowing corrupt and corrupted Africans to further exploit their own people.

It is clearly frustrating to watch black manhood/womanhood slip away in front of our very eyes. But we must make an honest assessment of what ails them and how to help.

My brothers/sisters we have to help as well. If you don't believe as I that the system needs changing, then do your part where you are. Mentor someone, sweat your church to start a treatment program, counseling program, tutoring program etc. Find a way to sweat someone for some summer jobs. Fight for better public education to make sure our kids have a fair chance, because no matter how hard we may blow about our own peoples deficiencies, they are still being denied equal opportunity and it affects the outcome. I know, I know some super negroes overcame all those hurdles but the schools are still deficient. Black folks are still discriminated against on the job and denied promotions they have earned.

We have to fight to change these things, not live with it. If folks had not fought in the past we would still be in slavery, or the neo-slavery many of our folks experienced after they were freed. In that respect nothing has changed.

Brother anon who wanted to point out the history of Africa, has a part of the truth in the sense that pride in our past helps one feel better about themselves.

The other brother anon speaks the obvious truth that we have to try harder and work harder. But we all have to jointly oppose racism and the system that encourages it. Make no mistake systemic racism is no benign enemy. While it limits opportunity and sometimes punishes us physically and/or economically, what it does to the spirit of our people is almost as damaging.

Unfortunately brother anon(I don't know which one of you said it) but the statement that, "Whites will never look at my kids the way they look at these loud obnoxious thug wannabees that populate our cities," is not true, unless your kids are white. Thats the other problem with racism it often doesn't differiate between the good "niggers" and the good "nigras." Most often folks who are profiled don't have their pedigree checked beforehand and sometime they are hassled because of their success.

I spent Memorial Day weekend watching soon to be lawyers,accountants,doctors,teachers and some who already were professionals being hassled by law enforcement on Miami Beach. I saw with my own eyes young Black people hassled and arrested for nothing. Myself and other observors watched in sheer amazement as they targeted young folks for no reason. One told us they didn't need a reason. The cops on Miami Beach were just having fun with the young black folks who they don't want to come and enjoy themselves like the other folks do.
It is an amazing thing to witness the cops act like racist bullies and decide to declare martial law and anyone who even looks the wrong way is subject to arrest. No amount of success shields one from this treatment.

And unfortunately our young people have been set up by their elders who tell them that they have rights in America and that they are indeed equal, which they are, but we have neglected to remind them and we ourselves neglect the dictum that "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance" when we spend too much time ignoring our reality or blaming the victims of racism.

Middle class black America is not guitless as well. Many of us have made it, so we find it easy to denigrate those who havent, instead of thinking if it weren't for the grace of God I could have been in that situation. Many of us ride to our churches on Sundays in our fine cars and don't even think to do what we can to help lift up our lesser brothers and sisters, even while we profess to follow the man who set the best example of looking out for our fellow human beings.

We can all do something, if you don't want to do like me and work to change the system that produces this foolishness, do something for somebody but beating up on the victims of racism sure doesn't help.

liberation then peace

rikyrah said...


This is a momentous night. You could give us a break and give us an ' O' Man Open Thread.


PS-Somewhere, Shelby Steele is holed up with a large bottle of scotch.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

PS-Somewhere, Shelby Steele is holed up with a large bottle of scotch.

Well, seeing as it's Shelby, I guess it would be too much for him to be holed up sipping on gin and juice. LOL

But you know Clarence has got to be holed up with his Coke Can, because Anita Hill or Lani Guinier (if not both of them) might be joining him on the Bench in an Obama administration.

Imagine Clarence having to sit across the table facing the woman he harassed when they were at the EEOC...ROFLMBO!!!

Whitney B. said...

Just don't buy the book. Borrow it from the library. Don't support these bastards.

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