Sunday, November 30, 2008

It wasn't Pacman.

I think the last time I went to a club just to be clubbing, En Vogue had a hit. For the most part, unless it's a private affair, I try to keep my old ass out of where the bubbly is popping and the music is flowing.

Now I am not going to be a hypocrite and lie and say that I didn't hit the clubs when I was younger, and I certainly would not lie and say I didn't have a good time when I was doing it. But the thing is, I never had millions of dollars sitting in the bank before I was thirty, and my face and name wasn't recognizable to most of the people in my hometown.

Which brings me to Plaxico Burress: This clown went to a club with a loaded firearm which he was not licensed to carry in New York city of all places. And, of course, the story gets better. This idiot actually discharged his weapon and shot himself....let me repeat that. He shot himself. This man is a professional athlete and it is his job to play a game, therefore his body has to be in professional shape. Yet here he was with a loaded firearm on his person in a crowded night club. Honestly, the breath of this man's stupidity is beyond comprehension. Plaxico, just think of the money you could have given to charity, and not to Benjamin Brafman to keep your ass out of jail.

Frankly, I am sick of these athletes doing dumb shit to throw away their careers and possibly their lives. From Pacman, to Tank, to Michael, to Chad, it's just sad. Oh come on field, they are just a small percentage of the athletes playing sports. Most athletes are out here living their lives on the straight and narrow and contributing to their communities. Why single out these guys? Because the amount that they have thrown away is staggering, and it amazes me that even with story after story of tragic endings because of bad choices, these rocket scientists continue to do the same crap.

And let me talk about the elephant in the room: the common thread of all the people I mentioned....ahh never mind, I will leave the elephant alone. Many of them left neighborhoods that I am sure they would never want to return to, yet they continue to act as if their downfall will be inevitable, and all they have to do are things which will hasten it. High profile people in our community who do things that play into negative stereotypes is not cool. I don't care how many of them are doing right, all it takes is one, and it's that one that will always lead the news.

Oh well, here is hoping that Plaxico pulls through this little mess. (Well it's not little; someone could have been killed in that club) Believe me, as an Eagles fan it took a lot for me to say that. But I am serious. I wish all the best for this brotha, even if he doesn't care enough about himself.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Field, you said, High profile people in our community who do things that play into negative stereotypes is not cool. I don't care how many of them are doing right, all it takes is one, and it's that one that always leads the news.

Anyone who does dumb shit is not cool, but the media racism that uses one of our screw ups as an indictment against of all of us is the uncoolest and unfairest of all.

And even when we do right, as Obama has done, they made up lies about him. So why should we care what they think? We're damned if we do and damned if we don't, while men like Rove and Huckabee, Hannity, O'Reilly and Rush get the red carpet treatment. Keeping this in mind keeps me from getting but so mad when a brotha blows it.

Anonymous said...

That old sports quote "I'm not a role model" comes to mind. Fortunately Obama wants to be a good one.

The Florida Alabama game next Saturday is going to be awesome.


Jody said...

When will these guys figure out that being rich is not a "I am above the law card?!" Unless of course your money is "old" money and you are the whitest of white.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the story is Mrs. Plax telling the cops, no you can't talk to him and no you can't come in. Who needs downfield blocking with a woman like her around ?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I agree with everything said so far, including what Field wrote on this topic. What can I say, but they need to slow it down and get some act right in their lives. Granny is tired of hearing about these sort of incidents, and like kit said, "the media racism that uses one of our screw ups as an indictment against of all of us is the uncoolest and unfairest of all." Now that's the truth and sho nuff the truth there.

Anonymous said...

Field, here's how it works in A-merry-ca for NFL players from the 'hood:

If he had shot a dog he would be looking at a prison stretch.

He shot a negro so he ain't going to jail.

Now THAT was satire! (but it's still pretty much the truth).

Anonymous said...

Cute but dumb. Or the other way around, depending on one's mood. Plaxico, there was no need to carry a second loaded gun into that club.

Anonymous said...

With all the money he had why not just hire a bodyguard who has firearms training?

JP said...

In fairness to Plaxico, it seems young black NBA and NFL players seems to be targets for all kinds of sick people. No less than 8 by my count have been victims of gun related incidents. Eddy Curry, Dunta Robinson and Antonie Walker got robbed at home at gun point. Julius Hodge and Richard Collier were shot and wounded in their cars. Sean Taylor and Darrent Williams were murdered, the former also in his home. A lot of these guys are scared shitless that some thug has them in the crosshairs and are packing. Plax ain't the only one. ESPN the mag had a nice piece on this.

Bob said...

He's rich. He's a sports star. Superbowl Ring, looking for another. He has to sit out a game because he has a hamstring injury, but if he nurses it he might be back next week. So instead of staying home in his mansion & sitting in his deluxe Lazy-Boy watching TV, like his coaches, teammates, & trainers want him to do, he drives to New York to party. With a gun. That is the definition of stupid.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen, Bob!

Anonymous said...

This was the stupidest use of a firearm in the New York area since Jayson Williams. Don't guns have safety locks on them?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I was just getting ready to ask that same question about the safety locks. (smile)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Bad boys on the athletic field gone wild. They say that they want to rise above their circumstances, but when they get the chance, they stop thinking, and mess it up.

Anonymous said...

Rastamick61 said:
My favorite part of the story is Mrs. Plax telling the cops, no you can't talk to him and no you can't come in. Who needs downfield blocking with a woman like her around ?

Might be she didn't want the cops inside because she had thoroughly stomped her husband a new one for his stupidity and didn't want to get hauled off for assault.

Liz Dwyer said...

What an idiot. I wonder how much firearms training he has or if he's just the typical, "Don't you just point and shoot?" type. I guess we should just glad he didn't shoot someone else.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Everytime it rains or real cold weather comes, he'll think about the mistake he made, because his foot will help him remember.

RiPPa said...

If he was smart, he would have snuck a pitbull in the club tucked under his coat. Them white folks in NYC don't play when it comes to guns.

Hell, if the pitbull had bitten somebody, dog lovers wouldn't be mad at Plaxico. Matter of fact, them and PETA would be protesting the club for allowing a drunk bastard to be in the club and fuck up said pitbulls entertainment.

Dude should have been sitting at home loving on his wife and making up for all the times he's went upside her head recently. Either that, or sat his Black ass at home soaking his crusty feet in epsom salts.

field negro said...

Ernesto & rippa, that was good satire.

"Bad boys on the athletic field gone wild. They say that they want to rise above their circumstances, but when they get the chance, they stop thinking, and mess it up."

Amen Granny.

JP, I read that article in ESPN the Mag. So hear is the thing: isn't that exactly why these clowns shouldn't be out hitting the clubs. As Bob said; it's the middle of the season, sit your ass at home and rest your body. And for the record, I have no problem if these cats have firearms IN THEIR HOMES to protect themselves. I understand that it's crazy out here.

"I was just getting ready to ask that same question about the safety locks. (smile)"

Safety locks, what safety locks? We don't need no "stinkin" safety locks.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I get that some of the players are scared. Hire a freaking bodyguard.

This incident reminds of celebs who get drink and drive. You're rich, hire a driver or take a cab.

He is really lucky no one else was hurt.

Christopher said...

Off topic.

Today is the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day.

Please pause to think about all the people living with HIV/AIDS and the people who lost their lives to the epidemic. AIDS has killed more than 25 million people between 1981 and 2007, and an estimated 33 million people worldwide live with the HIV virus as of 2007, making it one of the most destructive epidemics in recorded history.

Poor and developing nations have been particularly hard hit by the epidemic.

The First Domino דומינו said...

That which life and fortune sent,
Might appear to some an accident.

But on closer looks our truths reveal,
It didn't happen against our will.

On some level--body, mind or soul--
We set in motion what did unfold.

Guard we must our thoughts, our words, our deeds,
Or gather crops of casually sown seeds.

Anonymous said...

Field, what did Chad do?? Please don't let ESPN (Every Suspect Probably Negro) convince you that a SWB (speaking while black) is a felony...and don't believe the hype that the "media" would be this "outraged" if Farve accidentally shot himself out shooting Rudolph. Plaxico was stupid, but the media is more stupid.

Speaking of Michae:
How often have you run into the United States attorney’s office charging people for conspiring to commit a misdemeanor,” Poindexter said. “That’s what was done in this case. What they allegedly did and what they pled guilty to, the substance of it was that up to May 7, 2007, in federal law it was a misdemeanor. But to enhance the seriousness of it, these [four] guys were charged with conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor. That’s kind of unusual.”

“I think quite honestly, you combine Michael Vick, [Surry County Sheriff] Harold Brown and Gerald Poindexter and a lot of the criticism was racist,” Poindexter said. “If you want to read the letters in my office you would come to the same conclusion.”


The First Domino דומינו said...

@Christopher: "Poor and developing nations have been particularly hard hit by the epidemic."

Thanks, Christopher, for highlighting the day.

Sometimes HIV/AIDS appear to be the forgotten epidemic.

A potential, world-wide outbreak of the flu seems to get more attention.

We all need to do our part to bring focus to the plight of those millions living with the disease, and continue to pressure those that can bring some relief.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

The guys are just well paid slaves. They still hang out in the criminal elements they came from so it's no surprise when trouble follow them. 20 years ago you didn't read about every Jamal, Sean and Derrick getting into so much trouble. it's not like the media couldn't have reported on things. People knew how to act! We already know how racism works, so complaining about them choosing the put the spotlight on all the idiot athletes was already preordained. These guys choose not to wise up and make necessary changes. It also goes to show having money is no guarantee for using common sense.

Anonymous said...

makes you proud to be a black man

Anonymous said...

What an emBURRESSment!

Anonymous said...

That was some dumb shit on Plaxico's part. I just wonder why everybody expects athletes to be something other than human, though? We all have our issues, jealousy, greed, ego, foolishness, lust. Somehow when you give a brother a contract and some money he's supposed to gain the wisdom of Solomon. Bill Clinton was the leader of the free world and he put it at risk over a blow job. Ken Lay was wealthy already but had to cook the books to gain more money. Marion Berry was mayor of a major city but had to hit the pipe. People are people.

OK, so he had millions of dollars to lose. Now that money will be wasted on lawyers. Guess what? It was wasted when they gave it to him. You concerned about feeding the hungry all of a sudden? Why are individuals allowed to amass that kind personal wealth in the first place? He had so much going for him. Does that make him different somehow? If Joe the plumber (bet you thought you'd heard the last of him) shoots himself in the ass, goes to jail, loses his job, can't pay the mortgage, wife leaves him, and his kids won't take his phone calls; is his life any less ruined than Plaxico's? Is it any less of a tragedy? Isn't he shamed in front of his friends and neighbors, who, by the way, are probably more important to him than some so called "fans" he's never met?

As far as "playing into negative stereotypes", get over it. Bigots have always found reasons to be bigots. If they want to indict the race based on one or two or ten athletes that's on them, not Plaxico.

Bottom line. A human being fucked up. End of story.

Anonymous said...

[quote]What an idiot. I wonder how much firearms training he has or if he's just the typical, "Don't you just point and shoot?" type. I guess we should just glad he didn't shoot someone else.[qoute]

That's one of the first thoughts I had after hearing of this incident. Just how much firearms training did the brother have. Had Burress recieved training he would know the four basic safety rules.

1)Treat every weapon as if its loaded even after you insured its not.

2)Keep you finger off the trigger unless up on tgt with the intention to shoot.

3)Never point your weapon at anything your not willing to destroy.

4)Be sure of your target and consider its backround.

It's also important to note that most [not all] unintentional incidents happen while removing or returning a gun to its holster. Something Plexico would have known had he recieved training.

While in the service, I had a brother shoot himself in the leg while holstering his sidearm...and he was trained.

So, its not hard to imagine that Plexico was probably packing his "Gat" without any knowledge of how to operate it other than point & shoot...what an idiot indeed.

Anonymous said...

I think I've already mentioned that I am not much of a sports fan, even though--or maybe because--I grew up in Texas, the hotbed of sports-as-a-religion. I do love marching bands, though, and to me the best part of a football game is the half-time show. I used to watch football games for that reason, but then they stopped broadcasting the halftime show so they could squeeze in more commercials. Needless to say, I never did watch basketball, hockey, or any of a number of other sports--no halftime show. So to me the bigger issue is why these fellas get paid so much in the first place. We could feed a hundred families for a year on what these guys throw away every day. There's something about our priorities that's just out of whack.

On the other hand, I think if we could replace the War on Terror with a winner-take-all "death match" no-holds-barred game of soccer between the US and al-Qaida, well, that would be the game of the century.

Anonymous said...

he's an idiot!
Now I feel better passing judgment, putting someone down to lift myself up, I've never made a mistake.

Unknown said...

I think his actions were stupid. I don't feel any more (or less) apathy or empathy because of his race. He committed a crime he should willingly face the consequences. The laws of NY are very clear. I'm sure he knew what they where. He shouldn't get a 'get out of jail' card because of who he is.

Only a fool would bring a loaded gun anywhere; but especially to a place that's crowded; full of people drinking and doing other stuff; and to a state where you don't have a permit to carry a concealed gun. And was he so busy that he just 'forgot' to renew his license in the state where he was at one time authorized to carry a gun? Give me a break. Too many athletes think that they are above the law. Too many people have encouraged their warped thinking as well.

I have no empathy for anyone, famous or not, rich or not that knowingly abuses laws and doesn't think that they have to face any consequences for their choices.

Unfortunately too many people who are given the chance to make the better choice, don't.

Anonymous said...

here's another black man for your hall of fame

Anonymous said...

Steve smith, a Giants player, was held up last week at his home at gunpoint.
How quickly people forget Sean Taylor, I bet his family wished he had a gun. I bet they would be happy he shot himself in the leg rather than being murdered.

Anonymous said...

He knew the rules.

He rolled the dice.

He chose not to hire security/body guard that may have had a legal right to carry a weapon or skilled in martial arts.

He fucked up. Shooting himself is proof that he didnt know what to do with his weapon.

And the plea deal defense looks weak- reckless endangerment? Insanity? Feared for his life or safety? Then stay the Hell home!

? said...

Lets face it, most pro athletes are not all that bright and that goes double for football players. The real tragedy is there are plenty of kids who look at bozos like this as some sort of gods. We need to encourage our kids to grow up and be like a Jonas Salk or a Carl Sagan and not a Pacman Jones or Plaxico Burress.

Anonymous said...

here's another one you can be proud of...he likes to rape/rob/murder defenceless that takes courage

i'm sorry i miss spoke it's the white man's fault what was i thinkging...duh

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 1:06:

"i'm sorry i miss spoke it's the white man's fault what was i thinkging...duh"

Here are three different incidents of rapes. Guess what, they are not all black suspects. The suspects in these rapes were white, Hispanic, and Asian. Saying that to say this, all races commit crimes. There are good and bad in all races, so stop trying to stereotype and label blacks as the only criminal element on this earth, because they are NOT. Since, you want to pretend whites are guilt-free from crime, maybe, you could explain to me why the suspects in the first article are WHITE. Duh!

BTW, everytime you bring up these false stereotypes, I'm going to show you where all races are guilty of doing the same thing. Some of you white folks need to quit acting like God gave y'all angel wings over every other race. No race is perfect, all have flaws, and no one race is better than the other. Like I said before, people are put in people's path for a reason and a season, and one of the reasons I'm here is to heal some of you deaf and blind folks.

Anonymous said...


You may be interested in this case (this is a brief write-up of U.S. v. Lori Drew based off an amicus brief by the EFF). If upheld, it would appear to make virtually everyone here (including me) a criminal.

Unknown said...

Is it true that Plaxico is married to an attorney? Not that criminal law is her specialty; but surely he could have and should have asked her about the implications of his actions if something went thing I believe is certain, there is no substitution for common sense.

Bob said...

Some sports stars - we know who they are - aren't really team players. Wherever they are, whatever they do, they stir up discord, show poor judgment, express dissatisfaction, deliberately or not. It goes to every part of their lives: career, relationships, business affairs. Plaxico Burress does one thing very well: catching footballs. But the athletes we most admire, & the ones who hold our respect long after their careers end, feel so blessed by their talent & good fortune (& they need not be modest about it) that it makes them as generous in spirit off the playing field as they are competitive on it.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GrannyStandingforTruth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

i am sorry field but i cannot get past 'plaxico'.. i cannot read the whole post.. i will have to pass but i wish him all the best in his recovery..

Anonymous said...


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 4:51 PM:


Anonymous said...

When Keith Jackson retired from the NFL, he returned to Little Rock and started a non-profit called PARK to help inner city kids. It's still going today. People around here didn't like that he didn't to Arkansas to play ball but his son was a DE there so I guess he's forgiven. Keith is also a very good color commentator for Razorback games these days.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I've been meaning to ask you how did your pie come out on Thanksgiving?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

OFF Topic, but someone on this blog needs to hear this story.

In the book of Ruth, Elimelech, his wife Naomi and their two sons Mahlon and Chilion left Bethlehem during the famine and moved to Moab country. The Moabites were enemies of God. Anyway, Naomi's husband died. It was just her and her two sons. . They married two Moabite women, and then both of the sons died. Mahlon was weak and sick in his body. Chilion grieved his self to death and wasted away.

Naomi had lost everything she had, except her two daughter-in-laws. Naomi said, "I heard there is BREAD in Bethlehem." Both of the daughter-in-laws told Naomi they were going with her. However, when she told them, that she had no more sons that they could marry, and if she did have another son they'd be too old for them. Orpah changed her mind. Ruth didn't, she clung to Naomi.

When Naomi and Ruth arrived in Bethlehem, all the people heard Naomi was back, they were excited, so they ran out to greet her. However, when the people saw Naomi, they were shocked and said, "Is that Naomi?" And Naomi replied, "Don't call me Naomi, call me Mara." Naomi had changed.

Naomi means "pleasant one", and Mara means "bitter". This is the reason the people were shocked when they saw her, because when people are bitter, it shows in their face, hardens their facial features, and is noticable around their eyes. Bitter people become cynical and sarcastic about anything and everything. The Naomi that the people knew was pleasant to be around, a cheerful, lively person. People that are bitter are not pleasant to be around and they drive people away. The circumstances in Naomi's life had made her bitter.

Sometimes people make the wrong choices or move in the wrong direction. Naomi and her husband made a wrong choice when they left Bethlehem. Bethlehem means "House of Bread", bread represents the word of God. In essence what they did was left God's arc of safety. When Naomi returned back to Bethlehem, her blessings were restored in the form of happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Sometimes people make the wrong choices or move in the wrong direction. Naomi and her husband made a wrong choice when they left Bethlehem. Bethlehem means "House of Bread", bread represents the word of God. In essence what they did was left God's arc of safety. When Naomi returned back to Bethlehem, her blessings were restored in the form of happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Granny, I ran out of time and didn't make the pie. I'll let you know when I do make it.


field negro said...

marci, is it the name, or does the brotha bring back fun memories? :)

anon. 4:51PM, I feel ya, and that pile of *&%$ will be removed at some point tonight.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Did you folks see where Bush apologized for the war and the economy? At the end of it he said that people want to see Obama in their living room discussing policy. I wonder was he being a tadbit catty with that remark.

What part of the people voted for Obama because he is intelligent, charismatic, his unity message, they think that he is the best man for job, and they didn't want Palin to get in the White House don't the GOP folks get?

rikyrah said...

I LOL when I heard this story.

Whatever team hired him needs to drop him - pronto.

To be this stupid SHOULD BE A CRIME.

Christopher Chambers said...

We must've been talking to different folks, because among folks were I volunteer--NOT it's here in Redskinland--the pulse of the "street" is that "the media" and "the cops" are "picking on black athletes." Coming to a club strapped is no biggie to some of the brothers I spoke to. It's bringing the gatt IN the club they found amusing. No lie.

Why must we dance around the issue, Field? The bottom line is ghetto isn't right. Period. We need to stop trying to appease solidarity-ites.

Christopher Chambers said...

PS re: the AIDS commentary, I hereby nominate black pastors for House Negro regarding their dropping the ball, and their insane slef-righteousness when it comes to gay BLACK folks...

Anonymous said...

It is really sad that the most visibly wealthy blacks are rappers and athletes are who our young people look up to...How sad...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


That's true. However, television doesn't glamorize other wealthy blacks or make them visible to young people, which is another subtle form of control to make them think that is the only way and means that they'll be able to become wealthy or be successful.

Television doesn't shine the light on and glamorize successful black businessmen, lawyers, etc., like they do rappers and athletes, nor does television advertise their salaries like they do rappers and athletes.

However, 24/7 television glamorizes rappers and athlete's lifestyles, money, houses, cars, and women.

Anonymous said...

granny if these "proud black men" want to be role models it's not that difficult children are looking for these role models (male & female) it's just generally the black man running from his resopnciblity as a father or trying to come off like a's not me it's they that want the public to see that....hummmm oh, there's nothing you can do about's the way they were rasied:)

Anonymous said...

Re the AIDS problem in the Black community-heterosexual women are getting the virus in huge percentages not just gays! There's too much promiscuity/unprotected sex going on.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about him, but he is one fine, good looking man!

Marc B said...

The gun laws in most Northeastern states are ridiculous, but you still have to adhere to them. Even in the Libertarian West you NEVER bring a gun into place that primarily serves alcohol as it's source of revenue. He should have gone through some training after the purchase of his piece. Plaxico has been on a downhill slide ever since that amazing performance in the Super Bowl.

For those of you in favor of strict gun laws, you should be consistent and demand he serve the mandatory minimum 3.5 years. I hope this athlete gets his act together and shows that you can overcome bouts of poor impulse control and become an upstanding citizen. There will be plenty of opportunities for redemption for this young man after the tabloids cool off and he squares up with the prosecutor.

Anonymous said...


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