Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th! What a day! What a week! I blame this all on George Bush. My fucked up state of mind,the countries' funk, all the negative shit going on. Honestly it's like a dark cloud is just hanging over this country. (Just today there was literally a blackout over D.C.) Sorry "O" man, your halo isn't shining bright enough. I know you keep saying a change is going to come, but you have to get elected first, and you know how I feel about that happening. (I had a big fat slice of cheese cake for lunch today. Why? Because I think my Broad street birthday suit run is safe)

If I told you that one of the main actors in this years political drama would die suddenly, I know who most of you (at least the black folks) would think it would be. We don't like to say it out loud, but we all think it. But still I bet that none of you thought it would be one of the people charged with reporting the drama. Tim Russert died suddenly today of a heart attack, right there on the job he loves so much, while doing voice overs for his "Meet The Press" show on Sunday. The guy won't have a chance to cover this historic election. For a political junkie like Russert, this was like the Super Bowl and World Series all rolled into one; and the poor guy dies right in the middle of covering it. Boy if there is a god he has one fucked up sense of humor.

Speaking of god; now we are dealing with all the floods in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest. Entire towns submerged in water, and the poor folks having to watch their life savings and all of their earthly belongings destroyed. But don't worry my Midwestern friends, the frat boy has you covered. "Brownie you are doing a heck of a job." Why did all this have to happen under this guy's watch? He makes Jimmy Carter look like JFK. "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Kanye, you might want to throw white people, red people and damn near everyone in between into that mix as well. Is it me or has there been more natural disasters with this clown in power than any other time in our history? Gee, for a guy who is supposed to be seriously in touch with his god side you would think he could ask his friend jesus to lighten up just a little. At least until he leaves office, and the secular non-believing Muslim comes to power. But no, the hits just keep coming.

And speaking of hits; R Kelly was acquitted of all charges today relating to his pornography case, and ......oh don't even get me started on this one. I mean I love the guy's music and all, but I am not going to be popping any bubbly because Kels is free. I saw the tape too.

Speaking of a tape; I am Still waiting on that Michelle Obama whitey tape to surface. Not that it matters, as today I learned that the GOP is targeting poor Michelle. Chile don't you know that youze supposed to shut your mouth and show dem pearly whites. You should be so happy to be living in A-merry-ca, yet you seem so ungrateful. But you will learn. These republicans are about to show you how the smear game is played.

And speaking of games; I heard this week that the NBA might have been fixing their games all along. Is nothing sacred in A-merry-ca anymore?

All of this and still no Lark Voorhies.

Friday the 13th! Just 35 minutes to go.


ZACK said...

Yes, I'm up late Field. But so are you! And please understand that all my heckling of you in the previous 2 comment boards was just to get a rise out of you. It didn't work...and you won!

I agree that Russert's passing is a shocking loss for NBC, political journalism, and his family. But your whole zinger about God is the reason why I heckle you. :) [ZING!]

Chicago is definitely not gonna get the Olympics if Kells can be acquitted for such a heinous crime. But as an attorney, you admitted to seeing the tape. At least I don't admit to it. So many bloggers have spilled the beans about Kelly spilling the seed. (Yikes! I gotta repent for that one- TO MY REAL GOD!!!)

Isn't that unlawful and unethical. Just sayin, counselor. I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Field: "Speaking of god; now we are dealing with all the floods in Iowa and other parts of the Midwest."

Now don't go blamin' God for all that. He's not doing it.

We doin' it to ourselves. It's called karma. Think about all that shit we've done, and continue to do, to the Iraqis, and the Afghanis -- killing many of them and destroying their infrastructure.

You can attack Rev. Wright for a lot of careless excesses, but he's absolutely right about the proverbial "chickens coming home to roost".

What we have are chickens roosting from sea to shining sea.

How long is it going to take for people to see the connection?

Perhaps we need to take Rev. Wright out of mothballs, and give him a nationally syndicated television show.

Let's see. What can we call it?

Live according to Wright or everything's gonna go wrong.

I'm dead serious about the Karma thing, though.

Francis Holland said...

I'm glad R. Kelley wasn't convicted. I figure that a million Black men in prison is enough, and putting one more away isn't goting to make the world a better place, since we already have more times as many people in jail as any other country in the world. Is it working?

Blinders Off said...

Goodbye Friday 13th...Hello "Flag Day" :)

It was a shock to hear about Tim Russert, there will be a void on Sunday Morning without him on Meet the Press.

rikyrah said...

About Tim Russert:

The first 2 people that came to my mind were Big Russ and Luke. WHen I could get over the shock of seeing Brokaw on the tv in the middle of the afternoon. And, it's Father's Day too. Irony is a cruel bitch more often than not.

Last funny Russert moment was watching him, post Indiana/NC, with that white board and his eraseable pen, explaining to the Nightly News audience about pledged delegates and how Obama had them and Clinton could never catch him. The profound seriousness of his tone cracked me up.

About R.Kelly

Not that we didn't already know, but 'Justice' is GREEN.

We know damn well, that if he had touched just ONE little underaged White girl...

We'd be asking " R. Kelly WHO?"

The obvious non-worth of the Black female child is front and center here.

Don't get me started, but Aaron Macgruder nailed it. Nailed it in a damn cartoon.

About the Floods:
The temptation to go Biblical is enormous considering that flooding IS Biblical.

What's being 'washed away'.

Me, I just think it's Mother Nature saying

" You bitches better signify."

SHE's in charge, and it's by her mercy that we get to live on her planet.

Anonymous said...

Field, you knew Kels wasn't going to do any time. When you have money, justice becomes color blind. The only thing that matters is whether or not you can beat the rap.

That's why I make a point never to get arrested for anything. Men of color who get arrested in Cali get turned into piñatas out here.

When I read about Kels' fourteen acquittals, I made up a short poem in the same vein as the Johnnie Cochran - OJ glove rhyme...

If there's no mole, Kels is not going to the hole.

Oh, and I'll believe your birthday suit run is safe when you order a cheesesteak with that cheese cake. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you are having a good Friday the 13th.

Let me just add a couple more of ingredients to your rant pot:

The Assassination of Barack Obama: Freedom of expression or racism?


Black In America? Guess what is not a hate crime?

I aint goin to even start on that BS R.Kelly verdict.
But looking at our people coming out to support him just made me more nauseous than when I was pregnant and being seasick.

Thank goodness for positive progressive black bloggers such as yourself. Because the s**t I have seen just in 10 years have really made me start to question my sanity.

Keep up the good work!!!!
Thanks to Mrs. Field as well.

A.F. said...

Often people say that every generation believes itself to be living in endtimes. That idea can be somewhat comforting, but right now, earthquakes, floods, famine, war, genocide, upside down truth and untruth and on and on? I've never felt deep down that the world was in as bad shape as it is now. And that has certainly accelearated under GWB!

Tim Russert: Same as all the people on tv are saying, I always felt that he was a trustworthy person, that he was coming from the right place, that he was one of the good guys, even when I thought he didn't go far enough and yelled at him from my couch. I heard one person on this afternoon's coverage say that he was so passionate about this election that if there's an afterlife, he's probably asking why this couldn't have waited until November. I really will miss him.

In light of Tim Russert's passing, my significant other (Mr. Funk) took his blood pressure this afternoon and found that it was 170/120! Lifestyle changes are in order for him (I hope). Is your blood pressure okay, Field? If not, let Mrs. Field talk you into having the small restaurant portions of fish, and try to resist going to Taco Bell afterward! (Not trying to be funny or preachy, just thinking of potentially positive things to come out of this shitty Fri 13.)

Unknown said...

thought we survived fri 13 and have woken up early on saturday to hear @ r kelly... it made the bbc news here - i don't think it did before his trial and i learned about him going to court on the web...
damn those people on the jury.. am wondering if any of them have daughters or grand daughters or nieces..

Grata said...

I am deeply saddened by Tim Russert. I am not a TV watcher but catch some clips on the internet. I have been watching this guy for less than a month and I was struck by his humility and felt him as a sincere and good human being. I rarely get that with people. And just when I started to know him, he is gone and at such a time.....

newgirl448 said...

I am pretty "left of left," as my husband puts it and there are few exceptions. One exception, however, is what I think should be done with r.kelly and the rest of the pedophiles in the world. If I told you what and how things should be cut off and the manner in which folks should be burned alive...well it wouldn't be pretty.

But what is more disgusting is Black people demeaning ourselves and our children by celebrating this sick fuck's acquittal and shouting to the world that we think that they're "just black girls" too.

Well, damn r.kelly and the god that I believe in will hear this prayer: May that sick,nasty bitch get everything that he has coming to him and worse with a quickness.

Damn the victim's family, who apparently prostituted her out after the fact and accepted money from the man that defiled their daughter to keep her quiet.

And DAMN every last Black person that takes any joy or comfort from this verdict. The health and future viability of all cultures can properly be judged by the health, security, and regard for its women. Any people that would fail to first roundly condemn the enemy from within, the child sex predator who preys on little girls, because he's got money or because of some misguided value placed on the life of this black man relative to the lives of the girls involved will never experience true freedom. That, of course, is just as well because such a people doesn't deserve freedom to begin with.

Christopher said...

I've received lots of criticism from people who say I'm too hard on CNN for ignoring Barack Obama.

So, I sauntered on over to the CNN website this fine Saturday morning and low and behold, not a mention of the Democratic front runner to be found. They're addiction with Hillary Clinton continues "Hillary Disappears." Shoot, they even have a link to a piece about a dying Manson family member but Barack Obama is MIA.

I know things haven't worked out quite the way AIPAC had hoped but for goodness sake, Obama is the Democratic front runner and will likely be elected America's first African American president.

Get over it, CNN.

Kellybelle said...

I'll assume your Broad St. run is safe because you have ahigh metabolism.

Dang, Russert's death has me blue. I'll miss him throwing politician's words back at them. George Stephanopolus couldn't interview Jesus if St. Peter gave him the questions.

R.Kelly? I'll quote the Boondocks cartoon, "Never underestimate Black folks love of R. Kelly."

Anonymous said...

After the one jillionth time I had to listen to " I believe I can Fly", I would put R. Kelly under the jail

Anonymous said...

Tim Russert RIP

There was one good thing about Friday even though it happened the night before.

Watching the YouTube of Olbermann addressing McCain's inane comment: "No, but that's not too important. [When the troops can come home] What's important is the casualties in Iraq." Never mind the fact that Mr. McCane could not string together a complete linear sentence or thought. He skipped from Iraq to Korea to Germany and he never did answer the question.

Well, Olbermann chewed Mr. McCain a new anal opening. Perhaps even two or three new anal openings.

It made my Friday the 13th.

Anonymous said...

Tim Russert's passing is such a blow to journalism....because there is just not a lot of it left. There is a lot of commentating and opinions, but just getting the facts out? Trying to educate the public on the political process and asking hard questions? Russert will be missed.

Kellz is sick y'all. I saw the tape too. Kellz is sick y'all. That was not a 16 yr old that looked 20...that was not a 14 yr old that looked 17...that was a 14 yr old that looked 11. Kellz not only knew her age, but he has a like for GIRLS...not women...pre-pubescent GIRLS. To quote a passage from a Zora Neal Hurston book..."that gal barely had hairs"....Kellz is sick y'all.

Hathor said...

You see, I wonder if R. Kelly was even charged properly. Was the girl prepubescent? And why it that the FLDS are able to marry 12 year olds, which is below any states age of consent? I don't know what the word is, but is having sex with someone that is underage, but has reached puberty, the same as pedophilia or putting it on film, child porn. I see pedophilia as a totally different pathology. Wouldn't statutory rape been more appropriate.

I didn't see the film and only heard slight references, so I am asking these questions.

Hathor said...

Didn't see Miranda's comment?

Anonymous said...

Tim Russerts death is shocking, so sudden and too young.
However, the floods and "natural disasters" are not so natural. These are a result of years of re-routing rivers (dams and levees), increased development (more concrete and impervious surfaces with less ground to absorb rain water), and global warming. The irony of the latter is Bush's refusal to support any of the initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases. And finally, YEARS of reduced funding for our infrastructure has contributed to weakening of dams and levees, roads and bridges.. all contributing to greater damage.
We have all gotta figure out how to live greener lives or we are see these "natural disasters" more often and worse.
Mother Earth is a living organism. And just like your body will fight off bacteria that does it harm, so will the earth fight off all that upsets its ecosystem when threatened with death.

field negro said...

Hator, sometimes the best lawering is done before the actual trial starts. In 2004 Kelly's lawyers wona decision fromt he state courts there to get seven of the charges thrown out. Seems he was charged with beaking laws that were laws at the time when the alleged crime was committed.

Also, the victim didn't cooperate with the prosecution, and that always influences a juries decision. Then the fact that the judge didn't let in the actual video tape (copied too many times, and too unreliable). It takes money to have all these experts come in and testify as to the authenticity of the tape etc., and Kelly has it.

As someone above said: when you have money...hey, you can maybe effect the vision of that blind lady of justice just a ,ittle bit :)

Zack, I was not Mr. Kelly's attorney, so I am not bound by any atty client privilege. As for the tape, I happened to see it on someones lap top one day as I was passing by ;)

newgirl448, that rant was righteous!

Thanks a.f., and you are right, I do have to keep my pressure in check. But trust me, Mrs. Field is all over me with that stuff. Besides, I am not ready to check out yet. I still have some more shit to say. And then there is that whole Lark thing...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jody, for leaving karma, superstition, and religion out of the picture regarding the recent disasters.
You nailed it.

Carol (Aquariusmoon) Duhart said...

But we do get the Karma of having a President who is totally indifferent to the mass suffering in the Midwest. Anybody else would have at least made a trip or two out there or made it a national priority with national attention. This guy jets off the Europe to meet leaders and says nary a word about a drowning Midwest. Your'e right, Kanye would have to include just about everybody in his rant now.

Can't wait until President Obama. That's all.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Nice job on the Faux News boycot stuff Field.
Keep posting those sorry ass companies.
Hopefully it will catch on.

Anonymous said...

It is sad what happened to Tim Russert, and it's a loss to journalism and this important political season. There are no words to express to his family such as profound lost to them especially his father who has outlived him.

As for R. Kelly, he is very fortunately to have wherewithal to hire the best legal representation. Although he was acquitted of the charges does not mean he does not have serious psychological problem. He has an attraction for the teenaged girls particularly under the age of 14. Technically he is not pedophile as that pertains to children who pre-adolescents. However, he is an ephebophile from what I can discern from the news reports. R. Kelly is into girls who beginning to ripen, but not yet fully matured. None the less, it is still illegal to have sex with underaged individuals. What I find more disturbing are the people who are fans of his who do not recognize that Kelly has a problem and will bring their teenagers to stand in front of the courthouse in some monolithic stance to support him. You can like his music, but you do not have to like his behavior. We are sometimes too loyal to people who we do not really know. Jay Z knew about Kelly's proclivities towards adolescents and the reason why he ended his tour with him. Kelly needs help, but I do not know if there is a cure for his problem, and now he is free to prey. He will not seek help, and some people believe that there is nothing wrong with him because he is a star. Go figure.

Christopher said...

Oh Oh!

The drama called The Life and Times of Mike Tyson continues.

Tyson is accused of putting up $50,000 for a proposed "hit" on gang members suspected of killing his bodyguard in 2000, a government witness testified.

The allegation was made Thursday by Dwayne Meyers, a former member of the Cash Money Brothers gang. Meyers testified at the trial of Abubakr Raheem, who’s accused of driving a getaway car after turf-war killings.

Meyers claimed the former heavyweight champion put up the money to retaliate for the June 2000 slaying of his close friend and former bodyguard, Darryl "Homicide" Baum. The alleged contract was never carried out.

Carol (Aquariusmoon) Duhart said...

But that's why the Midwest will go to Obama. Can you imagine McCain even trying to defend Bush's not making this a priority, or the apparent indifference to everybody's suffering now? Think of Shrub threatening to veto extended umemployment when it's pretty clear that at least a million folks won't even have a nibble of a chance of a job once the waters retreat, and the several car plants close, and what about those laid-off truckers?
Naah, we can't afford to pay for 13-26 more weeks of unemployment for people who can't even steal a job. Meanwhile we toss newspaper bundles of dollars out of the back of trucks to bribe Iraqi chieftains into persuading angry teenagers not to shoot our soldiers that day or bomb them that week. And think nothing about how much that costs. And how much would 50 permanent bases in a country that hates even the sight of us would cost? No problem paying for that either? But Americans who pay for all of that can't have a little bit back so that they can eat and stay off the streets. That's McCain's and Bush's view. As one blogger said, this is a 1932 Election. McCain is Hoover, only more senile and with a much less distinguished record. (Hoover did help in the 1927 floods and famine relief in Russia, but was constrained by Republican ideological ideas.)

Anonymous said...

The Iowans are deeply pleased that Homeland Security UberScheisser Chertoff took the time from his busy campaign schedule to give speeches. Still no action, but New Orleans still is waiting in queue.


Carol (Aquariusmoon) Duhart said...

Yeah, anonymous he did give speeches. But real money or help is going to wait probably until President Obama sits down to his desk. After all, Iowa doesn't have oil.

Anonymous said...

Sigh.. the news of r.kelly acquital goes all the way to asia. I drop my bowl of cereal when I saw it on CNN.

As for T.Russert his death was a lost to journalism and his colleagues has him on a high pedestal for he has touch their life.

? said...

We doin' it to ourselves. It's called karma. Think about all that shit we've done, and continue to do, to the Iraqis, and the Afghanis -- killing many of them and destroying their infrastructure.

If this is true why are the "chickens coming home to roost" on the Iraqis and the Afghanis? What are they doing to themselves to deserve this fate?

J said...

Man I can't believe Robert Kelly got off. No pun intended. His attorney has an office in my building. Kelly should buy him the whole building as a thank you gift (it's up for sale).

I went to the same HS as R. Kelly and back then he was just the guy who sang in the xmas show with a bad curl. Who knew he'd turn into a guy with a successful music and video career!

Anonymous said...

@ Francis Holland:

I don't think sending R. Kelly to prison for abusing young black women will change anything either. But it's not about change. It's about justice.

As for the overcrowded prisons, you won't get any complaints from me to let out the thousands upon thousands of blacks and latinos jailed for non-violent drug-using offenses so that we can have room for R. Kelly and still have more room to spare for some of his cronies.

Christopher Chambers said...

Friday the 13th. Your city was ravaged by M. Night Shmylayan's latest bomb (which I saw at Motion Picture Ass'n HQ here in DC so no $9 wasted). This time it was trees, sick of all the killing. What's next for the City of Brotherly Love? R Kelly moves there?

Anonymous said...

you are all just silly stupid niggers.Who cares what you "think?" Thank God no one does and that you are all confined to shit holes like Philadephia and Detroit which you have destroyed. More people watch Fox than any other thing on TV and so you are truly a minority.

Anonymous said...

re anon (aren't you the brave one, wont sign your name to your filth):

"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Your days are numbered and I am so over you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Wow, anonymous. You must care what the people around here think...or else why are you HERE?

I don't think the fact that so many people watch FOX really says much for it's journalistic integrity or ability to actually give us news...people in general have notoriously bad taste. That's why reality shows prevail today and why things like Three's Company and the Love Boat were big hits when I was young.

Anonymous said...

The Faux News advertiser boycott has to be on large scale and a sustained effort. That sicko may have escaped jail time but there's a nice spot in hell reserved for him. I hope all the people supporting him will have an experience that provides the perspective of someone victimized in such a way. Tim Russert was good at what he did - even though he went out of his way to promote Karl Rove and his tactics. Not every disturbance is natural - cloud seeding is a deliberate attempt by scientists to cause disasters. Who knows what was at work here? Shrub and his cronies have done little to help alleviate the situation.

Christopher Chambers said...

Hearts--they didn't really explain what triggered this thing in "The Happening" though there was a scene where you see an Inquirer headline on the brothas shooting one another: "Killadelphia" and then wind rustles the trees in Rittenhouse Sq and then, well...serious stuff ensues.

NSangoma said...

next time zack, next time
... aloof in small settings, ...

Anonymous said...


Please get your head out of your rear.

isonprize said...

off -topic but funny as hell...

Fox News Would Like to Take a Moment to Remind You That the Obamas are as Black as Satan's Festering, Baby-Eating Soul

Laugh line?
Michelle 'The Ethnic Shield' Malkin

Anonymous said...

@classical one: "What are they doing to themselves to deserve this fate?

Aha! You thought you caught me, didn't you? Do you know Iraq's military history?

"Iraq invaded Iran on the 22nd of September, 1980, in the Iran-Iraq War and with some initial successes, eventually the war dragged on into a long stalemate, with between 1 and 2 million casualties. The war ended with a ceasefire on August 20, 1988.

And this:

"On August 2, 1990 Iraq invaded and annexed Kuwait.

And afghan:

Afghanistan is, as of March, 2008, the greatest illicit (in Western World standards) opium producer in the world, before Burma (Myanmar), part of the so-called "Golden Triangle".

Do you know how many lives are destroyed because of the opium produced in this part of the world?

It has caused untold suffering and destruction.

Granted there's more to it than just an "eye for an eye," but then you'd have as hard a time believing that as you do the existence of karma.

Did you notice the inclusion of Myanmar in that "Golden Triangle"?

? said...


I'm not trying to catch you DM but Karma is an elusive thing, who will pay back Dick Cheny in his multi million dollar retirement or Bush when he rides off into the sunset next year, footloose and fancy free? Sometimes (maybe most of the time) tyrants prosper and the good suffer.

field negro said...

"Man I can't believe Robert Kelly got off. No pun intended" LOL at that J.

" are all just silly stupid niggers.Who cares what you "think?"

Angela is that you?

Anon. it's called the WORLD WIDE WEB. So why are you here? O yes, that's right, you care what we think.

Anonymous said...

@classical one: "I'm not trying to catch you DM but Karma is an elusive thing, who will pay back Dick Cheny in his multi million dollar retirement or Bush when he rides off into the sunset next year....".

Grant you it is "elusive", as we don't always see the big picture.

I said that there was more to it that you'd have trouble accepting, but I'll throw it out anyway.

Hell, I'm up to the task.

Karma is not set up to punish, but to permit growth.

We don't always receive in this life time the opportunity for growth (by having what we do returned to us), as it is usually relegated to future lifetimes.

Because I behaved badly in a previous life, I have, for several lifetimes, been given the opportunity to grow into a better understanding of past actions.

Receiving this understanding, although not done as a form of retribution, can be a painful experience.

I know this all sounds more outlandish that karma itself, but that's because we're too sophisticated, and too highly educated to believe in such hokus pokus.

Google "past-life regression". You'll find it revealing and sobering.

No, I didn't use "past-life regression." I'm uniquely skilled at looking behind me and in front of me.

Some others are equally skilled, but they're not going to reveal it here in such a forum and expose themselves to skepticism, and ridicule.

Here's both a "physical" law, and a "metaphysical" law:

"To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

A Newtonian law, which apply not only to our physical actions, but to our words as well as our thoughts--which are not always seen as actions.

There's still more to this: for example, we all play a part in what's going on, but I won't detail that here--that would be harder to swallow than my previous statements.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Thank you, Jody, for leaving karma, superstition, and religion out of the picture regarding the recent disasters.
You nailed it."

I'm glad that you got a lot of smug satisfaction from saying that.

Happy to accommodate you.

Your statement invalidates your experiences not mine, and points to an intolerant and myopic mind- set.

Further, it points to an unwillingness to entertain any other possibilities but that in which you believe.

And that is okay. What is not okay is to make me wrong so that you may appear superior, and justified.

For my part, I don't care what you think. Believe what you like.

Obviously you care a lot about what I think, or you wouldn't seek to diminish my beliefs--as your previous statement sought to do.

Much of life goes on below the surface of what is seen and comprehended, otherwise the pursuits of science would have ended in the Middle Ages.

ZACK said...

Good link, nsangoma. And I shall beat Field Negro at his game soon enough.

Anonymous said...

DM, do you really believe that? That's Buddhism, right? Cool by me. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

szechuanpork said...
DM, do you really believe that? That's Buddhism, right? Cool by me. Just wondering.

Yes, I really, really believe it. Karma is an established belief in many religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

There's a Jewish version of it in an "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe," establishing a man-made version of a spiritual law, seemingly to hasten the inevitable.

And again this statement:

Job 4:8
Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same.

Christians have their version of it as well:

Gal 6:7
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Newton established the physical version of the law, and I cited that law above. What's not commonly known is that some of the physical laws have corresponding laws in the metaphysical realm.

We're bombarded by physical as well as non-physical laws, but the non-physical ones aren't always acknowledged as existing, and that is unfortunate--as they have a greater impact on us and our world than the physical ones.

All of this is exacerbated by another unseen phenomenon that I was hesitant to introduce--that of "mass consciousness."

The New Age folks would describe it thusly:

"Collective Consciousness"...can and does affect everything on your planet: the prospects of war and the chances for peace; geophysical upheaval or planet becalmed; widespread illness or worldwide wellness.

"All is the result of consciousness.

"So, too, the more specific events and conditions in your personal life."

We can deny this, and even ridicule it, but it's part of our day-to-day reality, and either we live in harmony with these spiritual (non-physical) laws or suffer the consequences.

Humankind has insisted on ignoring them and suffering the consequences for far too long.

Even as our world teeters on the brink of a disaster of catastrophic proportions (called "global warming"), there are those who still insists that we're not directly involved.

Yes, I can look ahead, and I can look backward (to some of the many lives I've lived). Many can do this--some with greater ease than others.

But few will divulge and reveal it here without first testing the waters for fear of ridicule and public scorn.

That's unfortunate, for if science had all the answers, we wouldn't find ourselves in the pickle we're in now.

I'm not anti-science, and neither do I worship it as the answer to humankind's woes. Certainly, one could make the case that science has only served to hasten the world's demise.

It's called a "nuclear winter".

Anonymous said...

You've just got to get someone to check that spelling of yours. I come to the blog every day, and really, I love it -- the blog --but sometimes I cringe when I read some of these spellings. I know Mrs. Field is not going to help you, but, well, can you try and get some outside assistance. I know that honest mistakes are going to be made -- and you probably don't care about the spelling as long as the message is there -- right? I know you will probably call me a bunch of not-so-nice names, and that's ok, but still, can't you do just a lil' sum-sum, every now & again?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I am speechless about Tim Russert. I was a big MTP fan.

re: R. Kelly, I don't own a single CD of his so not a fan but I agree he needs to get some mental help soon. Remember when he married Aliyah when she was what 15 or maybe 16?

I saw pictures from the video. If that were my kid, I'd be in jail because I would have killed him.

field negro said...

anon. 3:31AM, you are right about the spelling, esp. with my cmmnts. Bt srry, my crackberry doesn't have spl chck, and franky, I dnt hve the tim to wry abt such things. Bt thanks for loking out. And Mrs. Field doesn't help becse sh doesnt read my blg.

" I know you will probably call me a bunch of not-so-nice names,"

Now why would I do that? :) Pople hve sch a bad impressino of em.

BTW, did I tell you that I am dyslexic? Seriously :(

Lola Gets said...

Dude, my house was caught up in that wicked black-out Friday. And it wasnt a good way to start the day. I was rudely awakened by the sound of all of my fans and air purefiers shutting off, and I freaked the f*ck out. It wasnt until I had made several hysterical phone calls, that I learned what actually happened. And it wasnt until Saturday that I learned the full scope of the problem. Wow! Im just glad I was home, lol.


Tafari said...

Last Friday was a very fucked up day in news coverage!


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Well, this in Monday the 16th, and I'm officially going down as saying your birthday suit best be pristine and proud, because you're gonna need it.

Obama's gonna win, period, end of sentence. Not because we're gonna see "history," but because he's the best candidate.

Lighten up Field, and get some hope! :)


Constructive Feedback said...

Field Negro:

If Obama is elected president and yet these things still happen I am sure that you will try to find a "Traffic Court Of Philadelphia" excuse to explain while - despite a brother who lives in West Philly having a line of Democratic Representation from local, state and federal (except for one US Senator) STILL can't make it due to some conservative conspiracy.

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