Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Michelle is ready for her closeup.

Folks please allow me to vent a little bit before I get into my next post. Because a little incident I experienced today still has me steaming. Now I have a question: since we live in a country with a government that spends billions of dollars every month fighting two wars simultaneously, is it too much to ask the U.S. Postal Service to put one extra fucking clerk in their post office during the lunch hours? I mean really. Like what the fuck? Have these people ever heard of staggering their lunches? Today I had to wait 20 fucking minutes standing in line to send a registered letter to someone (Yes I counted. Time is money to me). Honest to god if they privatized that bad boy tomorrow I wouldn't have a problem with it..... breathe field negro breathe.

Okay, thank you for allowing me to vent. Now to my post:

I have been getting e-mails from folks (thanks Loreen) about a supposed bomb shell tape that will be coming out any day now about the "O" man's wife, Michelle. The Reich wing folks have been salivating at the mouth to get their hands on this tape, and over at self hater extraordinaire, Michelle Malkin's blog, they have been waiting with breathless anticipation for its release.
Of course, Malkin, being a lying degenerate, is all of a sudden trying to convince us that she knew that the story wasn't on the up and up all along. Now she writes as if she always smelled a rat. Don't believe it. Malkin has spent many sleepless nights-- along with the FAKE NEWS clowns-- trying to confirm that this tape exists, and doing everything in her powers to get her dirty little hands on it.

I sure hope the folks on the left are digging just as hard to find shit on Mr.Morton. They might want to start with a certain lobbyist from right here in my home state...I am just saying. Hey, I bet that story has more truth to it than the one my right wing friends are searching for.

I don't know it such a tape exists or not. Frankly, if it did, it wouldn't bother me one bit. But then I am not some middle aged white guy in Lincoln Nebraska. I suspect that if the FAKE NEWS NETWORK finds what to them would be the "Holy Grail", the coverage would be wall to wall. Every anchor and talking-head on that network would be summoned to FAKE NEWS headquarters to get their talking points straight.

"THIS JUST IN, FOX NEWS HAS OBTAINED EXCLUSIVE VIDEO OF MICHELLE OBAMA CALLING WHITE PEOPLE 'WHITEY'"....... Personally, I don't care what his wife calls white or black people. If he is elected, the "O" man better have damn a plan for the post office... I love this country. I really do.


ZACK said...

First, about the post office: You had the option of going to the mailbox store. I used to work for PostNet, so don't sleep on the mailbox store.

But even THE FIELD NEGRO has to wait on Miss Beulah while her black ass eats some co'bread and chiggin and cabarage.

Second, I think Mr. Morton is gonna leave us all feeling salty as we try to dig up dirt on his old ass. You gon' have to look in the Smithsonian for that MF's report card. Real talk!

And stop hatin' on other bloggers. THAT'S MY JOB, Field. You go save some children and draft some shady contracts like a good Philadelphia lawyer. ZING! (I gotta keep zinging you until you comment on my blog)

J said...

What's funny - besides the shifting story about what was supposed to have happened - is that the Rainbow/Push event where this was supposed to have taken place (though originally it was at Trinity) was a real bastion of Black Nationalism. Folks like Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Howard Dean where there!

What's also funny - besides the fact that those racist MFs just make shit up because that's all they got - is that the event was covered extensively by the press and no one mentioned a certain wife of an IL senator going OFF.

There are more funny things but I'll stop at the funny things directed at the lie rather than going off on the racist MFs themselves.

lutton said...

Privatize the post office for bad service? Why, you'd think 'drown it in the bath tub crowd' might have even planned it that way.

Getting rid of all those union jobs and their requisite defined benefit plans? Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Some of yall peepillz likes to sho' dey colour.


Anonymous said...

This story has been about to break for awhile now.... and it seems it is nothing more than bullshit.... If this is the best they can do...
I will repeat, I will be watching one Mr. Field Negro sprinting down Broad Street, naked.... Kellebelle and I will have popcorn and lawn chairs and look forward to being entertained. As you know, I work for a criminal defense lawyer, a good one, who will be happy to represent you.... we can argue it is a first amendment action.... he is quite good at those.... and finally, november 5th will NOT be too cold, what with all the global warming and such.....cdirg

field negro said...

"THE FIELD NEGRO has to wait on Miss Beulah while her black ass eats some co'bread and chiggin and cabarage."

Zack you are sterotyping... I would describe the one person waiting on folks at the counter to you, but it's really irrelevant. Besides, she was doing a pretty good job given the circumstances.

"...was a real bastion of Black Nationalism. Folks like Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Howard Dean where there!"

j that's funny.

Jody, you are killing me. Now you are even getting me pro bono representation (it will be pro bono right?). I might really have to consider that little jaunt now :)

Anonymous said...

Field: " it too much to ask the U.S. Postal Service to put one extra fucking clerk in their post office during the lunch hours?"

Field, you should have gone postal on their asses. Then they would've given you a little respect.

A.F. said...

"...Malkin, being a lying degenerate..." hahaha!

The best they can come up with is "whitey"?? Oh good grief. They just think if they say it enough people will believe it. And some will or already do, but she doesn't have to say it for them to believe it. And beyond that, I don't care who she calls whitey. If Michelle Obama were going to call somebody something, I doubt it would be "whitey," and if she got through the primary season without publically calling HRC something, she's vetted on the name calling.

field negro said...

"Field, you should have gone postal on their asses. Then they would've given you a little respect."

basketcase, what is it with these funny ass lines. Does every one posting on blogs have their own comedy writers all of a sudden?

a.f. you should have read some of the comments on Malkin's blog. And they call the bush haters deranged.

Anonymous said...

It's their wet dream and it doesn't exist. NEXT. We wouldn't have to dig far to shake the skeletons out of Mrs. Morton's closet. From being the 25 y.o. mistress against the stand by her man 1st wife who was disfigured in a car accident after waiting for his POW ass to come home, to the pill-popping, stealing drugs from her own charity, the family dealings, the tax returns she won't release [not only because of the Sudanese investments but to cheat the 1st Mrs. Morton from getting a better alimony deal], lending him her private jet, the 8 houses [but we're not elitists] and that's just off the top of my head. All those 'feminists' better come out and support Ms. Michelle that's all I'm sayin'.

Unknown said...

what happened to fedex/ups?

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Field--this is old news. It's a clumsy lie which was discredited weeks ago. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Field, I will not be there when you sprint down Broad Street, thank goodness, but you should wear shoes.

On the tape thing, who cares? I am so impressed with Michelle Obama. This is her first time on the national stage and she has done magnificent. She can call me "Whitey" any time she wants.

ZACK said...

You wrote:
Zack you are sterotyping... I would describe the one person waiting on folks at the counter to you, but it's really irrelevant. Besides, she was doing a pretty good job given the circumstances.

Field, you're being sensitive. Well, at least you learned something from my blog. :)

Plus, that's not what you wrote in your post. You complained the whole paragraph. C'mon attorney. Don't flip flop. That's John Kerry's job. Oh yeah! I forgot about him throwing the 2004 election until now.

Anonymous said...

Field, I did some digging and the tape is allegedly a DVD from United Trinity Church that was available until last February. I don't know if that's true or not, but if someone has a copy of a Women's conference that included Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan's wife around 2004 that's what they're pinning their hopes on.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I'm sorry, the "O" man has already said to the media to lay off his woman before he gets in that ass.

I just hope they are keeping lawyers on stand-by when the sliming starts because once someone has to start paying out cheddar to put Malia and Sasha through college and grad school, everyone even thinking about sliming this sista will drink their six-packs of STHU.

It will have no more effect than Jesse Jackson using "Hymietown" 20 years ago. If anything, bring up how AIPAC is waxing CBC members out of office for calling them out about even-handed treatement between Israel and Palestine.

That's a dirty secret they don't want exposed, because they will have to explain how it put sellouts like Kendrick Meek, Harold Ford,Jr., Artur Davis, Al Wynn and Bill Jefferson on the national stage to infect the CBC with DLC posturing.

Ferocious Kitty said...

Field, fyi:

"An independent federal agency, the U.S. Postal Service is the only delivery service that visits every address in the nation — 146 million homes and businesses. It has 37,000 retail locations and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to pay for operating expenses, not tax dollars. The Postal Service has annual revenues of $75 billion and delivers nearly half the world’s mail."

So, it's kinda already private. A private monopoly at that! ;-)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I thought it was proven on the tape she said

"Why'd he" regarding President Bush and the Katrina disaster.

Clinton is going to suspend (why not end!?) her campaign on Saturday and endorse Obama.

kid said...

Hey field,

Why'd he (Larry Johnson) say he had a tape of Michelle, haha. Now if you're looking for some stuff on McPain go to the "batcave" and check out the best of Sean Hannity Vol.1 .BTW I hope no one uses it on Sean he might get fired, "WINK" FONKIN "WINK".

Anonymous said...


You'll have to forgive Michell Malkin. She hasn't been the same since Malik Shabazz called her a political whore on The O'Reilly Factor. Did I mention her Friends over at Fox love her so much they relieved her of her guest Hosting duties and replaced her with a blonde haired, blue eyed *snicker* pundit.

Hathor said...

You know "Whitey" is usually an euphemism I hear out of the mouths of black characters, white writers have created.

field negro said...

"Jeez, Field--this is old news. It's a clumsy lie which was discredited weeks ago. Move along folks, nothing to see here."

d.r. scott, tell that to Malkin et al.

"Did I mention her Friends over at Fox love her so much they relieved her of her guest Hosting duties and replaced her with a blonde haired, blue eyed *snicker* pundit."

Surprise surprise. She is the only one that doesn't get it :)

Christopher said...


You ever seen that Seinfield episode where Newman -- the fat, mailman says to his co-worker:

"I'll handle this Violet. You can take your 3 hour break."

It's good for a laugh but it's also very true. The USPS operates with a Soviet-style, monopolistic mentality. They can't change and they won't change. This is why I never use the USPS. I buy stamps at Wegmans to have on hand and I pay my bills on-line. I haven't been to a post office in at least 3 years.

About this video showing Michelle Obama. Larry C. Johnson, of the Shillaryshere blog,, is the Hillbot who started the rumor and it's 100% false. He promised to post the video on his blog this past Monday at 9am and he didn't deliver. He's a kook and a liar and fucktard.

Ann Brock said...

Field, she was speaking fast so her words sounded like whitey Why'd he let those people drown during Katrina
Why'd he attack Iraq....
Why'd he leave millions of children behind... It's nothing there.

Anonymous said...

It took me an hour to get a stamp and mail my taxes. Then the envelope was too think for the Homeland Security people and I got to pay extra. Yeah, I love those guys and I feel ya!

Somebody explain to me why Michelle Malkin (the epitome of a self loathing twit) and Anne Colter have careers? I just don't get either one of them. Neither tells the truth, nor do they seem to care to.

And Mrs. Obama is going to wipe the floor with both of their dumb asses.

Anonymous said...

The republicans are becoming the party of slime. When you don't have issues, slime and deflect. I do not like these people very much.

I was feeling a little soft. Like maybe Hillary would be an expedient Vice President. But then I saw an article about commercials the slime party is starting to run featuring quotes from Bill and Hillary talking about all the things Mr. Obama is not ready for but things for which she and John McCain were qualified. She talked about Obama failing the Commander in Chief Test!

Hmmm? Short memory, I.

Sorry Mrs. Clinton, it appears you have failed the Vice President Test. Miserably.

Gregory Williams said...

Stop breathing! It already has been privatized.

That was done waaaaay back during the raygun years. And guess what? everything has only gotten worse since it happened.

Why is it that folk have this naive perception that privatization is the way to go? When in fact in most cases it creates more problems than it solves.

Christopher said...

Michelle Malkin doesn't even write her own column.

Nope. Her husband, Jesse Malkin, writes it and Michelle just ads her name.

Michelle would have more success working as a hooker in Seoul, South Korea -- anyone who has traveled to Seoul knows what I'm referring to, than being a credible political writer.

The Roving Reporter said...

I try to avoid the Post Office at all cost. I haven't been in about a year or so.

Anyway, I may be showing how young I am, but do black people actually use the word "whitey" anymore? Throughout my 24 years on this earth, I've yet to hear one black person say whitey.

Can anyone enlighten me on this?

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

first love the blog just came across it the other day and been enjoying it since...

i have only heard about this tape on blogs which makes me wonder why do we keep talking about it and bringing it up if it is such a non issue?!?!?1

Phil4Real said...

America the delusional souls! Whitey, krkkkers, or Mr.Charlie actually feeds from our racist rants. They love it! We can kill racism with love. Love all the krkkker, whitey, and mr.charlies for they know not what they do. I love all you rdneck mofos

Go Obama '08!!! said...

The key to being or becoming an honest person lies in understanding the meaning of integrity and its relationship to honesty. The two words are often used interchangeably, but integrity is a broader term. In regard to human nature, it means being complete.

I personally believe both Barack and Michelle Obama to be complete.

And I couldn't agree with more concerning the post office blues. It does seem to take forever to hear those magical words. "Next."

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Even if she had actually said it, what is even insulting about "whitey"? (The word sounds kind of 1970 to me, but maybe it's back?) Anyway, talk about manufactured outrage. Jeez.

Christopher said...


You'd better sit down.

Robert Johnson, the CEO of BET and outspoken Borg Queen surrogate said Clinton has authorized him and others to persuade Barack Obama to pick her.

"She said if asked to do this, she must accept because she believes that it is in the best interest of the party that the party come together and win in November."

Johnson told the Washington Post today.

This bitch is like the Alien Queen in Aliens. You can't get rid of her.

Grata said...


I don't think Michelle Malkin is just a plain self hater. As a Filipino she has a serious axe to grind with her fellow Asians. Filipinos are considered very low on the totem pole in Japan so her position on the Japanese intermittent should be looked at for what it is, Asian tribalism and is using the Conservative platform to advance the agenda of the down trodden Asians.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 55 year old white woman. I was born in America's Heartland. You can even call me an 'okie'.
I helped black people back in the 60s in the civil rights movement. People like myself and Hilary were there for you all. Some of us even died so that black people can be free to do whatever you want. And some of us never stopped. Hilary continued to do things for black people. Now, she's suspending her candidacy to be the first woman to lead the greatest country on the face of the Earth because men (of all colors) hated her and did not want her to run. And how did they achieve her bowing out of the process? By manipulating black people giving them a black candidate. Obama lacks the experience can't you all see that? Why are you so blinded by your race-cardism?
Why can't you see that he is sexist? Remember when he said that Hilary attacks him 'periodically'? What do you think he meant by 'periodically'? He was talking about her PERIOD!! Her Pre-menstrual or hormonal condition which is a typical male attack! A. SEXIST. ATTACK!!!
How is it that you can deconstruct racism wherever you imagine it, but you cannot deconstruct sexism damn you?
Oh, I need my cholesterol pills!!!
When will it be the white woman's turn for you see, if we had our turn it will be the liberation of all women! WE. ARE. ALL. WOMEN!
The patriarchy may have fooled black women into supporting Obama, but not all black women. Let me educate you all on something:
Black women have not had the opportunity enmasse to live the dynamics of a patriarchal sanctioned husband/wife marriage. None have, it is a historical fact. Look up the marriage rate for black men and black women. Black men are not marrying black women at the rate white men marry white women (or have been). Marriage has been sold as something favorable. Therefore many black women do transfer their struggles in life to not having a husband and imagine that life will be better with a husband. Black men are famous for attacking black women by accusing black women of not supporting black men. So it is a very strong possibility that black women are supporting Barack Obama somewhere in their subconscious to make amends to past accusations (the accusation of abandoning black men) and in a hope that if a black man is president other black men will follow his example.
Don't ask me for facts or numbers on all this. I don't have to produce any of this. I know black people intimately. Let's just leave it at that. If you don't believe me,, you should see my grand children, or the young women I help in my community work.
I've studied the gender politics for quite some time now, and I know what's going down!!
However, Obama is a bad example, he is a sexist because the sexist media gave him a pass and attacked Hilary; a smart woman. Obama is where he is today because he benefited from the sexism of the media; therefore he is a sexist. What has Obama done? His community building has shown nothing in the Southside of Chicago. The current murder count in Southside Chicago still remains at what number? Well I don't know the numbers, but I do know that there is still a murder count. At least when Hilary, being married to Bill back in the 90s, they had a solution to crime; he built more prisons! Locked thugs up probably more than a republican could ever hope to and made your lands safe.
And how did you repay Hilary and Bill? That’s what I thought. Obama is a pipe dream. A black chauvinists pipe dream and I am sad for all the people who have placed all of their hopes and dreams with him. But yak all you want, I cannot bother with you, the racist accusations are getting old, especially when you don’t have a fucking clue who I am or what my life has been. Yeah, I hated Barack as soon as I heard his announcement to run for the White House. And when Fox News (who would have thought that I would ever listen to them more than all the other MAN-loving women-hating networks?)informed us all of his association with people like Bill Ayers, I was shocked to my foundations!!!
Back in the day, the Civil Rights movement began to die down, But that was not enough for some of us. there were those who wanted to actually change this country and make it not-American!! people like Huey Newton, Abbie Hoffman and Bill Ayers! They just didn't get it, that all black people wanted was the chance to live like us, good middle class American white folks. We had the answer to what was true success and you all wanted the same things, but animals like Ayers wanted anarchy! I hate people like that and now one of those assholes is a supporter of NoBama!
IF that Huey Newton or that Hoffman were alive, and they supported NoBama, I'd have to triple my cholesterol meds!
I accomplished more than Nobama with women of color than he. Me, a senior white woman working with women in my nonprofit. Talk to me about what the true hopes and dream of black girls and Latinas are. I have the authority!

Anonymous said...

While true that the Philippines are in Asia, a Negrito is still a Negroe.


Anonymous said...

For a white woman to come out and say "I know black people intimately" is an invitation to be slapped down and Im sure its coming so I wont comment on your crap further.

I think its way too soon to dismiss this rumor about the tape. The people on the right are no fools. They know that the closer to the actual election this comes out, the more doamging it will be. There will be less time to do damage control and it will be fresh in peoples mind when they are about to pull the lever.

Dont for a minute underestimate the other side. Thats the best way to be assured of a McCain presidency the next four years

Unknown said...

I know this is off the topic. Check out the website

It is a website this is an nonpartisan guide to money's influence on US election and public policy

Just some FYI

Anonymous said...

evelynac: get back on your meds and disabuse yourself of the notion that you've single-handedly done SO MUCH for us ungrateful darkies. You writing a barely coherent tl;dr diatribe that plays on racial essentialism and condescension is no more persuasive than watching Faux Noise.

Anonymous said...

as a fellow 50 something white woman... I am originally from Texas... let me just say.... you are so full of shit I dont even know where to begin.... You sure as hell dont speak for me and you sure as hell don't speak for white women or white people.... just a point of fact for you... I know you don't like facts as you seem at a loss to provide any.. but the over 17 MILLION voters who did vote for Obama came from large majority white states such as Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Vermont, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Utah... all states Obama WON. And this middle age, white, feminist was one of them. So, as we say in Philly... get the fuck out!

Anonymous said...

evelynac -- as a 57 year old black woman (who, trust and believe, knows black people more intimately than you could ever hope to) I really had to laugh when I read your post. Such anger....who knew? I really thought it was a media invention.

However, please consider -- if Obama is a sexist simply because he was the beneficiary of a sexist media, that would make Clinton, you and every other white person in this country who have been the beneficiaries of a racist society .......what? Yeah, I think you should sit down, take a deep breath, and re-think the logic.

And while you're at it, please do us all a favor and suspend your cholesterol meds immediately

Hathor said...

You must have been an underage groupie.

Anonymous said...

Wow...they really need to monitor the patients during computer time (evelynac).

LOL @ Harry Reid had to pull rank and tell Hillary she better end it, endorse Barack and look happy doing it or he was pulling all her plum committee assignments LOL...the way CNN reported it, He came down like a mad granddaddy and told her he wasn't having no more foolishness, he didn't give a damn...LOL...oh that's priceless.

Anonymous said...

OMG! that "evelynac" crazy person rant has to be the best parody i've seen all day! it's too funny.

uh...that WAS a joke comment, right? i mean, no one could possibly say that kind of blatant B.S. and actually be *serious* about it...could they? could they?!

oh poop.

Christopher said...


You may indeed have worked for civil rights -- I have no way of knowing other than taking you at your word but while you were marching, Hillary Clinton was sitting on WalMart's board of directors and working to block minimum wage employees from organizing, so how dare you say "hillary was there for you."

As soon as she hooked her fortunes to a smart, up-and-coming rascal named Bill Clinton, the union quickly became one of share ambitions and the accumulation of power and wealth.

Did Hillary try to stop NAFTA? No, she did her best to help get it past. Did Hillary oppose the Iraq war? No, she enthusiastically voted for it and then lied about her vote.

No one put a gun to her head to make her dispatch Billary to South Carolina and play the race card. No one put those awful words in her mouth invoking political assassination for her reason to remain in the race until June.

It's a regular shame that you can't see all of this but you need to accept the fact that reality bites and Hillary Clinton isn't going to be president and she sure as hell isn't going to be Obama's vice president. He can and he will do much, much better than hiring this divisive, racist witch.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing Christopher that only a few short years ago Bill Clinton was lauded as "the first black president" He was the champion of african american issues and had a HUGE approval rating among blacks. Bill even opened his offices in Harlem and took heat for doing so. Now that she is running against a black man...presto-chango they are both racists. How fickle indeed. BTW; she hardly "invoked political assasination".
Honestly, we all need to check our racist radar from time to time. To put Hillary in the same category with the KKK and others is plain ignorant. Theres no evidence she is a racist. She simply wants the same job a black man is going after. CHILL.
Just because people feel she is a better candidate than him doesnt automatically mean the reasoning comes from a bad place. People can have different opinions than a black man an not have it come from a bad place. Stop with the "racist, racist" crap every time. Its not always true.

Muze said...

have you seen this field?

sick sick world we live in.

you prob have, but i just saw it and it made me mad.

Anonymous said...

You/tube has a post about Michelle,
with a "rickroll". I think it's a fake.
Great post, and the billarybot comment was kinda funny in a dumb sort of way.

A.F. said...

I was laughing at "lying degenerate" because it's such a great term for Malkin and should be perpetuated in every reference to her everywhere--Malkin, lying degenerate, says...

Thanks for going over to her site and reporting back.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 2:30 pm

I don't know that Bill and/or Hillary are truly racist or not, but Hillary Clinton has used nasty race-tinged tactics both directly and indirectly. It's not because Clinton was running AGAINST a black man that people call her racist but because she kept bringing race into the picture.

Why else deride Obama as being less qualified when he has more experience as a legislator that she does and is every bit the professional and educational heavyweight that she is?

Why else keep harping that she's the only one of the two of them that can appeal to working class white voters?

Why else use images of him with his skin intentionally darkened to play to America's worst racist fears?

Why else say "I'll take him at his word" that he's Christian and not an undercover black Muslim instead of just saying "Of course he's a Christian...didn't he just tell you all that?"

Need I continue?

Before things got ugly, I would have happily supported Clinton. But she showed zero morals, zero class and zero ability to appeal to anything but the basest claptrap. Obama, for whatever faults he has (and he has some, cetainly) has been a class act almost all the way through this thing.

David Sullivan said...

Maybe she was just calling"Whitey" as in Whitey know...trying to court the Irish gansta vote ;)

Anonymous said...

you're as racist as any white person any day. and you'll be just as corrupt like the rest of when you're in power. lol That's what so sad about human beings. People don't change. But have fun anyway.

Kellybelle said...

O'm with you on the Post Office. And as the line snakes out of the building some postal worker always has the nerve to lean out the half door and ask if anybody is there to pick up mail. Sth.

I'ma just stay in prayer pver Barack. Really.

brotherkomrade said...

@ Anonymous
"Its amazing Christopher that only a few short years ago Bill Clinton was lauded as "the first black president"

Well Anon, why are you giving "authority" to that ridiculous claim? I'll tell you why. You are doing so to justify taking the condescding attitude that black people are somehow hypocrits or we are being fickle when it comes to our self-determination. It is a fearful thing to the Eurocentric mind-set. The colonizer cannot stand that. The "First Black President" nonsense was uttered then later popularized by base black entertainers, and assimilated morons who forgot to read newspapers in the 90s. But I did read. I remember the Clinton's humanitarian policies in Rwanda and Haiti. I remember how Clinton attacked the Million Man March for no good reason other than he was angered that the black leaders there who spoke had a lot to complain about still under his watch. His Porch Negroes had no control of tyhe Millions of males attended.
What about his incareration policies?
President Clinton consistently touted education as a priority for his administration but he enacted laws that increased prison funding and had the consequence of reducing higher education funding. For example, in 1996 he stated:

Today, more than ever before in the history of the United States, education is the fault line, the great Continental Divide between those who will prosper and those who will not in the new economy. If all Americans have access to education, it is no longer a fault line, it is a sturdy bridge that will lead us all together from the old economy to the new...Because of costs and other factors, not all Americans have access to higher education. Our goal must be nothing less than to make the 13th and 14th years of education as universal to all Americans as the first 12 are today.
-President Bill Clinton, Princeton University Commencement Address

Yet, by signing the Violent Crime Control Act and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which provided prison construction funds to the states, President Clinton's policies had already helped shift funds from higher education to corrections. By 1995, state expenditures for prison construction grew by $926 million, while expenditures for university construction fell by an equivalent $954 million.9 That year, more was actually spent by states around the country building prisons ($2.6 billion) than building universities ($2.5 billion).10

Wow, money that could have been used for education rather than incarceration! Sounds like a racist and classist to me if you do th ecomplete opposite.

But I don't blame your ignorance on Bill Clinton, anon. You may not have been living in this country at the time.

Btw, Bill opened his offices in Harlem for a number of reasons. Are you insinuating that black people benefited from this in some way? I do know that his presence there encouraged real estate barons and commerce to proceed with their gentrification and moving Harlem families and businesses out. His office lifted not a finger as this continues to happen in Harlem.
So there were always those of us within the black community who knew and understood who the Clintons were all along. It just took the rest of our community (ok, some still. People, we gotta help out this poor soul at ) who finally got it.
Have I helped you today, Anon?

brotherkomrade said...

"Anonymous said...

you're as racist as any white person any day. and you'll be just as corrupt like the rest of when you're in power. lol That's what so sad about human beings. People don't change. But have fun anyway."

Is the person racist? How so?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

HAR! She got caught using the "W" word?!?!
oh my! How, . . . . nothing.
But I'm sure the hypocritical right wing whack jobs would have used it against her had it been true.
Can't you just hear the self righteous indignation?

RedLipstick said...

When I think of "whitey" I definitely think of George Jefferson--either talking to Archie Bunker or Tom. That's truly old school.

FN I'm going to place the post office issue squarely at your feet---common sense says never go to the post office during lunch time or tax time! C'mon you knew better than that!

Oh and dear, dear evelynac what can I say for all your hard work on my behalf?

.....Alas it would be uncouth to use such words in polite company!

Liz Dwyer said...

Um, doesn't evelynac know that Hillary is probably past the age to be still having a period. In fact, Hillary should be fully PMS free by this point. I'm sure evelynac will then think that Obama was just trying to taunt her over no longer having a period...

Now I feel crazy just thinking about all that!

Will we ever see the tape? Who knows. I've read that "Why'd he" = "Whitey?" on the tape. So stupid. If McCain can call his wife a f***ing c*nt and still be the nominee, well, Obama's wife can say "whitey", if she even said it.

field negro said...

Muze thanks for that link. I heard something about that, but seeing this!

"you're as racist as any white person any day. and you'll be just as corrupt like the rest of when you're in power. lol That's what so sad about human beings. People don't change. But have fun anyway."

????? Okay...... I really have to wonder about us humans sometimes :)

brother komrade way to check Anon's little theory about black folks and blow job bill. Yes anon. it's kind of like that here in the fields. These here are smart Negroes.

evelynac has got to be someone making a joke. She cannot be serious. Evelynac, could you leave another comment please? I really want to see if you can follow up your last one.

Bob said...

Kids, just don't call me "pops" unless you got Louis Armstrong on your ipod.

& the postage stamp machine in my P.O. is either out of change or out of stamps.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Dear evelynac:

I’m a senior citizen, and you’re a baby under me. I thought it more fitting that I should reply to your post. You see, evelynac, one of my cousins was one of the “Little Rock Arkansas Nine”. In addition, I worked for Office for Civil Rights when it was still freshly started. Even though, I retired many years ago, I still find myself fighting against racism in our country. One of my childhood friends was a Director at the NAACP Branch out my way. He quit and I don’t blame him because NAACP needs a major wake up call. Also, I knew some of the Black Panthers personally, because they grew up in my neighborhood. Bobby Hutton, the 15 year old that the police murdered, family was a friend of mine. BTW, he came from a good family. His parents were business owners.

With all that said, let me address your comment about Hillary was there for black people during the civil rights movement.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was against Civil Rights Bill being passed, she was a Barry Goldwater Girl, “right down to her cowboy boots”, in her own words. She has even admitted that herself out her own self mouth.

What, exactly, gives you the impression that black people have these child-like minds that they can be so easily manipulated? Oh, I get it, the slave mentality, huh? Is that it? One thing you forgot though, these poor ole slaves can read and write now. Some of them even have college degrees. Something that was forbidden from slavery until Jim Crow era. Not to mention, a whole lot those slaves are street-wise, and well, since Bush has turned American into one big ghetto, even those in the hood qualify. But you should know that since you’re so intimate with black folks.

Obama really has more legislative experience than Hillary has. You know that and so does everyone else. He is eloquent, elegant, intelligent, and diplomatic. Hillary, well…gives me the impression that she might have been willing to go so far as even participating in a bar fight if it would have helped her win the nomination. All of her lady-like qualities just flew out the window when she was guzzling that whiskey down like a pro. What did that prove that she could walk in a man's shoes or wear the pants? She could have just as well sipped on her drink to prove she is one of them at least it would have been feminine.

Last time I picked up Webster’s Dictionary, periodically was defined as “regular intervals of more than one day”. I’m sorry, but no where in his dictionary or any other dictionary for that fact did it say that it defined a woman’s pre-menstrual period. Maybe, you were having a bad day, or your hormones were out of whack. And I dare you to try and accuse me another woman of sexism.

Okay, I get it! You really wanted to say that you don’t believe that a BLACK man should ever be entitled to go before a WHITE woman. I mean that is just disgraceful to those “Southern sensibilities or is it sympathies?” I got to give it to you; you’re real subtle with your views. But Granny is too old a cat to be fooled by a kitten.

BTW, the Original Black Panthers were college students. They were not thugs; Hoover made them out of thugs. They started out as college students with a vision to empower the black neighborhoods. Another goal was to protect old black folks and children from being brutalized by racist police whose favorite pastime was coming in black neighborhoods terrorizing blacks. It’s because of them we had nutritional programs in schools which btw copied from the programs the Black Panthers had for children afterschool and before school.

Yup, you’re right we are all women until you don’t need us anymore.

As for the marriage rate among black women, I’m not letting you take the easy way out on that one either. Did it ever occur to you that in order to raise a family, it’s takes a good paying job. Face it though; it is still a discrepancy in hiring of black men. Children cost and come on now, marriage = Children, you know, raising a family. Most of our black men are in prisons that the Clintons were so fond of building. I agree with you though to a certain degree, some of those black men needed to be locked up that committed murder, robbery, rape. However, it is more black men for some ungodly reason that have also been locked up that were innocent or railroaded. Not all, but quite a few.

The education system didn’t really help possible future marriages for black women either. They gave us teachers who were unqualified and kept the best ones in schools for whites. The teachers they put in lower income neighborhoods felt like the kids couldn’t and didn’t want to learn and they didn’t try to help them learn either. Nope, instead they came up with another brainstorm—suspension and expel them, whatever you do, just get rid of them, and discourage them.

Fox News? No wonder you’re so narrow-minded and so uninformed. Why you watch that soap opera that is passed off as news is beyond me. Nevertheless, whatever floats your boat is all I can say. Try watching MSNBC, at least you would get to find out what is really going on in the world around you, besides that same old dribble that Fox tends to churn out about scary black men.

BTW, if Hillary's idea of helping black folks is anything like the way old Bill helped those Haitians and people in Rwanda, no thanks, I pass.

Please don’t overdose on your cholesterol pills after reading my little two cents worth. See, how I’m looking out for you Sistah? After all, us sisters have to stick together.

field negro said...

grannystandingfortruth, thanks for those comments. Isn't life funny? Those comments from evelynac actually allowed us to get some real knowledge via the responses to her dumb ass comments.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...



brotherkomrade said...

Damn GrannyStandingforTruth, If only I wasn't such a young 'un! *wink*
And thank you for the knowledge that our youth sorely need to hear from our elders. We think that those who marched and organized are fading history when they are still alive and vibrant. Resources that we foolishly overlook.
Thank you.

rikyrah said...



Ann Brock said...

@grannystandingfortruth that was an awesome response. FIELD that's why I like reading the comments here.

Mo said...

Its funny, everything the "other" side has found fault in Michelle & what she has said....I have no problem with....and I actually agree.

Kristin said...

@Granny co-sign one hundred. I'm not a chess player but I think what you just did would be called checkmate

Anonymous said...

nsangoma, pls take your devilish ass back to hell

Anonymous said...

Hey, y'all. I'm almost certain that evelynac's comment is a parody (and well done, too). But you know, the part about Obama being sexist because he used the word "periodically" when referring to Clinton, as outlandish as it is, sounded like something Clinton's more delusional feminist supporters might actually say. Well...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Why in the world did Jesse Jackson say that? Shaking my head. Speaking for myself, It's time to pass the baton to you young folks and support you. This is the computer era. It's time for a changing of the guards.

Sam Cooke made a song back when I was young, called "A Change Gone Come." Well, I feel like it's time to sweep the cobwebs out and make room for fresh ideas, fresh energy, and intellectual talent so that change can come.

Not only do I support you young people, as long as I have breath, can still see, and use my fingers to type with, and have a sane mind, I'm gonna fight right along side of you.

I'm not looking for no glory from men or to stand in the spotlight. Never did! I just want to see that day when all men are judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. I want to see all of what Martin Luther King talked about in his dream. That is my desire. That will be my reward.

Grata said...

" I remember the Clinton's humanitarian policies in Rwanda and Haiti."


THANK YOU. Add to that Dafur. Clinton bombed a pharmaceutical factory in Khartoum and as a result America severed ties with Sudan leaving a vacuum for China to move in. And now China can not be taken out and the genocide continues. That is 2 genocides for Clinton. Speaking of experience.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong with being a middle aged white man in Lincoln, Nebraska? There were a whole bunch of us during the caucuses that were arguing the case for Obama. If it was just black people voting for him....?

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