Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Black Community Experts.

I recently read a fascinating article in "The Atlantic Magazine" about the recent elections and how the Obama team used (or didn't use) race to win the elections. It was quite an interesting insight into what the Obama team was thinking at various times during the campaign about the delicate issue of race.

I found the following parts of the article to be the most interesting:

"Obama refused to accept this late-20th-century model of racial politics, and he had no intention of fighting the general election with the same bolo punches and taunts that had stopped working decades ago. He had written a memoir about the labyrinthine complexities of racial difference. He wasn’t afraid to acknowledge the psychological effects of, say, race-based affirmative action on poorer whites. He had an exotic name. He was new. He was young. Most of his advisers weren’t black.

'There was a period when it was not at all clear that Obama would be able to win the vast majority of the African American vote,, David Binder, Obama’s focus-group guru, told me after the election. 'The biggest problem we had with African Americans would be that they didn’t think he could ever win.' In the focus groups, black voters told Binder that they didn’t believe whites would ever vote for Obama. 'That all changed with Iowa,' he said. 'The Iowa results proved to many African Americans that Obama had broader-based appeal and was not just someone who was going to be a token African American candidate.'

Last February, the black journalist Tavis Smiley held his annual State of the Black Union forum in New Orleans. For the second year in a row, Obama declined to attend. (The 2007 forum took place on the day he launched his campaign.) Smiley was angry about the slight and criticized Obama openly. The backlash against Smiley was intense. This was just after Obama had won the South Carolina primary, after African Americans had united around Obama in part because the Clinton campaign seemed to be writing him—and them—off. Smiley quit The Tom Joyner Morning Show, one of the country’s most popular radio programs among African Americans, because, as Joyner explained to his audience, 'He can’t take the hate he’s taken over Barack Obama. He’s always busting Barack Obama’s chops.'

The Smiley backlash was evidence to Obama’s inner circle that, in the words of one adviser, “Barack became untouchable in the community,” in much the same way that civil-rights heroes such as John Lewis had earned a lifetime’s worth of goodwill and benefit of the doubt. “Tavis Smiley was the object lesson for everyone,” says Anita Dunn, a senior campaign strategist.

'We came to realize that the black community, politically, had moved into a different era,' another senior Obama adviser told me shortly after the election. 'You could get intensity in the African American community by giving them a candidate they could see as being able to win. You didn’t have to speak to them in a way that would make white people nervous.' Obama shared the antipathy of liberal whites and younger blacks toward the hand-to-hand, transactional politics that had characterized the relationship between the Democratic Party and many African American leaders.

It took the campaign a while to figure out the right course. 'We did not have an organized strategy around this,' says Michael Strautmanis, a counselor to Obama. “It was like a series of constant recalibrations.”

In the winter of 2007, the campaign entered a bidding war with the Clinton campaign over the endorsement of State Senator Darrell Jackson, the pastor of one of the largest congregations in South Carolina. The Obama campaign offered him a $5,000-per-month retainer, and Jackson said he would soon endorse him. But then he sent word that the Clinton campaign was offering a more lucrative contract, implying, at least to the Obama team, that he would endorse Obama only if they would tender a more generous offer. Through his deputy campaign manager, Obama refused. It would be the last time that Obama negotiated with black pastors this way. (Jackson endorsed Clinton.)

A few weeks before the general election, aides to a pastor contacted the Obama campaign and laid out a political battle plan. The pastor would mobilize 300,000 volunteers and dispatch 72 church vans to battleground states on Election Day. He would touch more than 2 million voters. All he needed was $5 million to pay for it. The Obama campaign thanked him and said no. The pastor threatened to go public with the refusal. The Obama campaign pointed to examples of other black leaders who had confronted Obama in public, and invited the pastor, in essence, to bring it on. (The pastor apologized the day after the election.)"

Noooooo, you mean to tell me that preachers wanted $$$$$ from his O ness for their endorsement? I am shocked, shocked I tell ya.

Anyway, I knew how Tavis felt about his O ness all along, but now I know how the Obama folks felt about him. Must be nice to be able to just read the black community like you would a play book. Looks like his O ness had some Black Community Experts in his inner circle. (Do they study that shit in college?) I guess if you are a politician in A-merry-ca you are going to need a few things: A good fundraiser, a good grass roots organizer, great pollsters, and last but not least; a Black Community Expert.

Interesting. Poor old Tavis I guess he wont be doing any sit downs with our new president elect anytime soon. And no wonder the O man had Rick Warren pray at his inauguration, if he had asked some of these black preachers they would have wanted to get paid. (It doesn't take a Black Community Expert to figure out that preachers like $$$.) And we couldn't have that now could we, not when the country is so broke.



browngrl77 said...

Hey Field ! You know what we call those preachers? "Pimps in the Pulpit".......anywho I never got the pasters indorsing a politician...I thought there was a such thing as seperation of church and state?

Anonymous said...

Yep. A black community expert is high on my list, right after that belt sander.Actually, I think I could be a decent black community expert. They mostly just lobby for free stuff it seems. Let me know if you need one.


Woozie said...

"He would touch more than 2 million voters. "

That's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

So, Black pastors wanted to get their hustle on...I'm shocked to Field Negro. Damn! I should become a Pastor and get paid. Hearing stories like this makes me want to become a atheists.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Lowry is Black and is taking part in the inauguration. So, I'm guessing he is the only pastor that didn't want money.

By the way Field aren't you a Black Community Expert?! I'm just saying some of your blog postings have been spot on about race relations and how Blacks feel in the community at large. You might want to call O man people up to offer your expertise.

Anonymous said...

don't know why everyone sounds so suprised!

describes EVERY negro preacher i've ever known!

MONEY and or WOMEN!!!


won't be long obama will be doing the same!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for informing us about the article. I'm going to read the article, but that was the O man's strategy and it was fine balance between not alienating the black vote and wooing the white vote at the same time. However, I do not blame him for not going through the old black leadership and so-called pastors. At some point, the old ways of doing things does eventually fade as the time changes.

Anonymous said...

No Ho's for Obama

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- District police have placed signs along 5th and I Streets. They read, "Warning, Prostitution Free Zone." Those who disobey could be fined 300 dollars, and even jailed.

TrueBlue said...
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TrueBlue said...

Outstanding post, Field. I give you a lot of credit it for telling it like you think it is, and letting the chips fall where they may. (I say "like you think it is" because I wouldn't pretend to know the state of the Black Church in America.)

Anyway, it sounds like just one more example of how putative "leaders" aren't necessarily leaders at all. There are a lot of institutions in this country that appear to be standing, but will crumble with the mere touch of a finger.

Anyway, thanks again for that column. It reminds me of why I read this blog. You're a fearless guy.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm. I wonder what Church O man will be going to...I'd bet every Sunday he and his family will visit a different worship service of all world religions; that way he doesn't have to pay the second black tax: Large Tithes and offerings and the "roof" fund...

rikyrah said...


I read that passage about Tavis and thought it was Simple Simon and didn't remotely tell the truth. I sent an email to the author telling him that.

I read the article you wrote in the new Atlantic. I am writing to you about the part you wrote on Tavis Smiley. I thought the explanation you gave about Smiley was pretty simplistic and didn't remotely tell what had happened.

Tavis Smiley, over the course of 2007, with his commentaries on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, began to be more antagonistic towards Barack Obama. I really despise the media 'meme' that Black people are so simplistic that they are unwilling to hear any criticisms of Barack Obama. That's not true. And the allowance of folks like you to continue to perpetrate that myth is disappointing.

Tavis Smiley crossed the line with regards to Barack Obama, not because he was a ' Constructive Critic', but because, over time, it began to sound PERSONAL.

When the Black community reached out to Tavis and told him to back up and check himself, it got even worse. On top of that, Tavis Smiley's commentaries began to be one-note wonders of condescention and patronization TOWARDS the audience of the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Tavis Smiley ceased to be seen as a 'Constructive Critic', and began being seen as a ' Hater' towards Barack Obama.

It got worse, as the Dogwhistle Politics of Camp Clinton went into high gear. And notables, such as Tavis, STAYED SILENT.

That shifted opinion that Tavis wasn't being a 'Hater' for himself, but was being a ' Hater' on behalf of the Clintons AGAINST the first truly legitimate Black candidate for President of the United States.

But, even with that, Black folks hung in there with Tavis.

The straw that broke the camel's back was his 2008 State of the Black Union and Tavis Smiley DISRESPECTING Michelle Obama, and then LYING about it.

Back in January 2008, Black folk were encouraged about Barack Obama, but still iffy on him.

There were never any such doubts about Michelle Obama. Tavis Smiley's DISRESPECTING of Michelle Obama was it. Him turning down the invitation by Barack Obama to send his wife was seen as a major snub. And nobody thought that if Hillary Clinton had offered to send Bill Clinton that it would have been turned down.

The State of the Black Union happens, and Tavis Smiley shins and grins with Hillary Clinton, not even remotely bringing up the Dogwhistle Politics that is causing a fury in the Black Community.

And, in addition to that, took the time, during the State of the Black Union, to condescend and be patronizing towards the Black audience, talking to us as if we didn't have enough sense to decide who is our choice for President.

There is one particular clip that you could watch; of a young college student invited to be on one of the panels. She was so bright, so hopeful. So full of energy. The condescention, and brutal attempt by Tavis Smiley to stamp out her fire and passion was enraging, but typical of what Tavis had been showing his audience at the TJMS for months by then.

It's far more complex and intricate than your article implied. By the time Tavis Smiley quit the Tom Joyner Morning Show, it had been over a year of him continuously insulting the Black audience that had supported him for years.

Anonymous said...

For those Field fans who want to tune in to hear Fields voice on Warren Olney's show TO THE POINT:

If you can't catch it live maybe tune in online the next day and listen to what they add to their websites across the country.

Makaii from Maui

Anonymous said...

rikyrah, I can't stand Tavis now days. I use to like listen into his show. But for some reason during the primaries Tavis held almost a jealous hate for Obama. Tavis smiley never once truly called out Hillary Clinton during the primaries. But he was quick to dog out Obama.
That's when I knew old boy had it in personal for Obama. Tavis can be cool about certain issues dealing with the Black community but overall I think the brother is narcissistic.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:48 PM:

Obama is too shrewd and intelligent to get caught up by either money or women.

He isn't some lower (or low)-level politician vis-a-vis Sheila Dixon, William Jefferson, Kwame Kilpatrick, et al. He knows that the "dirt peddlers" are waiting in the wings for the slightest hint of wrongdoing.

Anonymous said...

I had a chance to catch Tavis on C-SPAN, a few days ago.

He explained himself to my satisfaction-- he has always held presidents, and politicians, accountable to issues that affect blacks. Why should PE Obama get a pass?

When Tavis sought to hold them accountable, there was no wrath from Obama suppporters. But when he sought to hold PE Obama accountable, the same folks become apoplectic?

I smell a little hypocrisy, which folks who are intoxicated on Obamahol would have difficulty detecting.

Anonymous said...

One thing that will shock many nonblack people is that there is not one black community. There are so many subcommunities in the black community. Just a few:

1. The totally ghetto - you commonly see this type on the 5:00 or 11:00 pm news...they are usually the people being interviewed. They usually make bourgeiose, upper class blacks ...hell... all of us...CRINGE. Or they might be the subject of the news story i.e. robbing or murdering someone.

2. The regular working class black who gets up and goes to work everyday. Some are married couples. Some are single mothers but this group is law abiding and hardworking trying to provide a better life for themselves.

3. The new middle class black. Usually first generation college graduate. It is common for this group to move from inner cities to the suburbs. Most have more than a bachelor degree and have traveled internationally. They are openminded about trying new things and meeting new types of people. Although this group is educated and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, they still tend to be concerned and connected to people in the "hood". The majority of their family members still live in the hood.

4. First or second generation suburban blacks- These are black kids who actually GREW up around suburban whites. Some foolishly believe that racism does not exist anymore. They are scared to go into the innercity and stereotype MOST inner city blacks worse than white people do. Often some of them are whiter than the whitest white person. Oreos. It often takes this type to be stopped by the cops or some type of racial incident before they realize that they are actually black.

5. Old money black - This group has had money for generations. A lot of them attended Howard, Hampton, Spellman or Morehouse or the Ivy Leagues. Very tight knit group of black folks. Education is important and most family members are highly educated. Doctors, lawyers, educators,owners of corporations, etc. Very polished, refined and sophisticated. They look down on regular blacks. Back in the day they were majority lightskinned. Hair texture and skin color is very important to this group. Very, very successful corporate blacks (CEO's) from poverty are accepted into this group. There is a strong emphasis with this group on background and pedigree.

6. Ultra rich "Puffy crowd". Usually rappers, atheletes and "new school" singers. These are ghetto fabulous, multimillionaires. Usually are not very articulate and lack etiquette. They usually lack formal education and can embarass the hell out of educated and bourgeis black folks.

So there you have it. We are not monolithic

Anonymous said...

He isn't some lower (or low)-level politician vis-a-vis Sheila Dixon, William Jefferson, Kwame Kilpatrick, et al. He knows that the "dirt peddlers" are waiting in the wings for the slightest hint of wrongdoing.

You are so right or even that low life Govenor Patterson taking women to the Quality Inn. It must be a lot of hard work sneaking around with a blind man. LOL!!!

rikyrah said...

Rudy said...
I had a chance to catch Tavis on C-SPAN, a few days ago.

He explained himself to my satisfaction-- he has always held presidents, and politicians, accountable to issues that affect blacks. Why should PE Obama get a pass?

When Tavis sought to hold them accountable, there was no wrath from Obama suppporters. But when he sought to hold PE Obama accountable, the same folks become apoplectic?

were you a regulat listener of the TJMS?

I was. And Tavis' increasingly hostile tone not only towards Obama, but the audience is what stopped me from listening to him on those days he was supposed to be on.


If a Republican had done to Barack Obama what HILLARY did during the Primaries, there are certain folks that would have been ' up in arms'.

Tavis was ALWAYS on that list.

His SILENCE was deafening. Deafening.

I donate money to folks who I would call the ultimate Obama critics. I'd never consider them ' haters', because they are not. They are critical thinking critics that sometime I agree with them, sometimes I don't.

Tavis was drinking a whole lot of haterade towards Barack Obama.

Like I wrote above; the insult to Michelle Obama and then lying about it was the last straw.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Stealing in the Name of the Lord, modern day den of thieves.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was shocked when learned that the Gov Patterson was able to "pull" that pretty piece of butt. Have you seen a pic of her?

Anonymous said...

4. First or second generation suburban blacks- These are black kids who actually GREW up around suburban whites. Some foolishly believe that racism does not exist anymore. They are scared to go into the innercity and stereotype MOST inner city blacks worse than white people do. Often some of them are whiter than the whitest white person. Oreos. It often takes this type to be stopped by the cops or some type of racial incident before they realize that they are actually black.

Despite the erroneous and popular belief that black folks who work hard, speak intelligently and value education are "acting white," the above point you stated is the true definition of "acting white."

Anonymous said...


I listen to the TJMS, sporadically and when I do listen it's normally during my drive to work (6:30 AM - 7:30 AM). I rarely caught Tavis' commentary during the 8:00 AM hour. But what I heard was always an uplifting message or a critical critique.

Smiley's rejection of PE Obama's invitation to send his wife in lieu of his attendance can be construed as disrepectful snub or a logical decision after a mulling. I can't call it either way, as I am not privy to the process leading to his decision.

I felt Obama was the best candidate running in the election; thus, I voted for him. But that doesn't mean I am going to hate people who have a genuine grievance with the PE.

The folks for whom I had serious hate were the haters who sought to attack him on bullshit issues (i.e., Rev Wright, unfounded socialism and terrorist charges and his middle name).

Tavis still has a place in the dialouge on the direction of blacks in general, in my opinion.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 2:24:

Yup, each group you listed, some of my kinfolks can fit in each category, so, not only are we monolithic as a race of people, but some are monolithic in families as well. The black race is very complex and more than people think.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

This article sounds very interesting.

I didn't understand why Tavis seemed to personalize his attacks against Obama.

Of course the O man is not perfect and I think it's dangerous not to hold our elected officials and leaders accountable for their actions, but Tavis came across as a hater.

Obama is young and had a different upbringing from most of the old heads who run the GOTV (get out the vote) in the black community. I'm glad that his campaign was successful. Some of these preachers are a trip. They could care less about the candidate and are all about how much they could get paid.

In my 20s I worked in politics and did GOTV in Jersey. It was a real eye opener.

Bob said...

Thank Bill Clinton's mouth in SC. How could he be the first black president if a real black person got elected? Yet, he seems to have regained much of his former popularity, so maybe he can remain Honorary First Black President. Check out where he's seated on Tuesday. According to UK Mail online, Madonna was frantically trying to secure a VIP seat for the inaugural ceremony. Madonna, baby. President Bill has a deal for you.

Anonymous said...

Who are these black community experts because I don't trust these so called "experts" of the black community?I think those experts read popular black blogs. I even heard Obama quote something from a blog in one of the campaign stops in Florida.Now, I am really given this guy the side eye as a person you can not really trust.What a fraud! Those experts don't know everything about the community and I hope the black community is prepared to be dumped in a big way.

Sharon from WI said...

The Obama campaign thanked him and said no. The pastor threatened to go public with the refusal.

So this pastor was going to go public with the fact that he was trying to extort money from the Obama campaign?? That's so rich.

Christopher said...

Obama is so much smarter and so much further around the curve than the old, tired players like Tavis Smiley and Jesse Jackson, that it would make your head swim.

Nobody Macks Obama. Nobody.

field negro said...

Anon 2:24AM, YOU sound like a BCE. Those examples were pretty good.
The bottom line, however, is that we are not monolithic in our thinking.

"Yeah, I was shocked when learned that the Gov Patterson was able to "pull" that pretty piece of butt. Have you seen a pic of her?"

Rudy, why are you surprised? Power is a huge aphrodisiac, and the guy is a Gov. Oh lawd O man please be careful. :)

rikyrah, that's a nice letter. Way to put folks in the know. I am sure the author will respond to you.

BTW folks, there is a link to the article in the very first line of the post.

"By the way Field aren't you a Black Community Expert?! I'm just saying some of your blog postings have been spot on about race relations and how Blacks feel in the community at large. You might want to call O man people up to offer your expertise."

Yeah but they would want me to volunteer my time. The only thing I do for free is this blog. :)

Makaii from Maui, thanks for the shout out about my NPR appearance tomorrow. And how is the weather there in Hawaii? Did I mention that it's about eight degrees and snowing outside as I write this?
I hate you. :)

Anonymous said...

I was a daily listener to Tom Joyner's show; I still am. I also attended Tavis Smiley's 2007 SOBU in Hampton, VA. I was for the HATE that PE Obama didn't announce his candidacy via satellite which it did sound like he'd promised to do on Tom's show. Tom was injured; other folks "put their mouths on" (spoke negatively re:), then, candidate Obama. But, UNLIKE TAVIS, Tom understood that PE Obama had a strategy and plan and Tom NEVER hesitated to LEAP onto candidate Obama's speeding train, not once. If anyone should've been injured (please, grown-A men!), it should've been Tom. You could see at the SOBU how Tom was a bit saddened. But, you never heard Tom criticize the candidate. NOT ONCE. Tom's sad that Tavis is gone; however, Tom isn't sad that he could throw the full weight of his audience's strength behind our new President. I am sorry Tavis devolved into a hater; it wasn't pretty or necessary. Methinks it has much to do with his struggling on some OTHER fronts (and some of you know what I mean). Oh, well; casualties were had during this campaign. Tis the stuff of life and living.

Phil4Real said...

FN you know this is old news. I remember when R.Reagan ran for office. My pastor at the time Bishop Flynn was supporting this republican candidate and telling the whole congregation to vote for the guy that help fill our neighborhoods with cocaine. I was young, and I didn't know at the time how devistating this election would be to the black community. I did understand that R.Reagan was supported by rural whites in Mississipppi and that couldn't be good for me. That's when I realized there was more to religion than the 10 commandments and thanking Jesus instead of God. At the age of 12 I was totally disappointed in my mother who'd drag me to this Stepford concentration camp of Religion. Teaching me to love Massah, and not the ideals of chrisitanity like submission, forgiveness, charity, and family. Instead families were divided in the name of Christ. Children grew up as disfunctional adults, committing worst sins than described in the bible.

As far as Tavis goes, I was a big fan of his on BET and TJMS until this incident. I can smell a rat. Tavis got paid for endorsemnts, just like Flynn got some money from the Pentacostal Community like Pat and Tammy, Oral Roberts, and the Fallwell crew(LOL). Pride/Ego and money has always been the destruction of our people. When you've been treated like ish throughout history, it's natural that the first thing you want is respect. How do you get that? Money. Well making the money ain't easy and sometimes not fair.

We have to do things the right way America, and we as Blacks will continue survive, gain respect, and take our rightful place in this country. I pray for President Barak Obama and his family. Hope you do the same.

Sharon from WI said...

The Atlantic article is being discussed on Meet the Press' roundtable...including Tavis Smiley.

Sharon from WI said...

Smiley is saying the strategy for running the campaign is not going to work for the running the government. He has to be held accountable.

icebergslim said...

When Tavis Smiley showed his natural, born ass and refused Michelle Obama (which many think is a better speaker than BARACK!!) to represent Barack at the plight of Black American conference, I was DONE with Tavis Smiley.

He made a critical error, Obama was out politicking, trying to win that heated Dem Nod and Tavis thought his roses didn't stink. And he got an earful from Tom Joyner's show and ended up LEAVING.

Tavis if full of shyte. And he will sit on the SIDELINES while everyone else will get that FIRST INTERVIEW.

Sharon from WI said...

He still seems bitter.

When asked about the significance of Obama's presidency and Dr. King's dream, he downplayed it.

He said that Obama's success was a "down payment on King's dream, not a fulfillment of King's dream."

He went on to say that more important than the impending presidency was the election of the first black mayor in the country, that of Carl Stokes of Cleavland, whom King visited.

Anonymous said...

Here are the names of two Black pastors who never took a dime as described here.

The late Kelly Miller Smith of Nashville.

The late James Robinson, who was minister of Church of the Master in NYC.

And I am sure they represent many others.

Barack was right to refuse.

Anonymous said...

Icebergslim....ROFL @ "plight of Black America conference"....LOL
That is classic!! LOL

Aint nobody studyin Tavis or any other preacher/pimp.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Obama also refuse to pay "walking around money" in Philadelphia?

Anonymous said...

Both Travis and Palin needs to run off in the sunset and sit down and be quiet...They both need to regroup. Something about the both them make me worry. They both expect some for nothing because both are the same except he is male and she is female. The expect the people should respect them both they have been around and in the spotlight. Nothing from nothing leave nothing. Travis and Palin both belong to a group nothing trying to save their behinds.

Tammy said...

Just another indication of why I give the head of any Church a wary eye no matter the color of their skin or which denomination they preaching.

Christopher said...


I have a question?

How do you respond to people (usually White people but not always) who say something along the lines of:

"Obama isn't Black. He's half Black, so it's false to say we elected 'America's first Black president."

I have encountered this comment on numerous blogs.

What I usually say is, Obama is indeed Black because if this were 1950 and not 2009, and Obama lived in the south, he would be forced to use "Colored Only" bathrooms and forced to sit at the back of the bus.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking the same thing Christopher.

Maybe now that Obama is almost the president official, people will get used to seeing him as the president and we can forget these labels. He is not the black president, he is not the 1/2 black 1/2 white president, he is The President.

Christopher Chambers said...

First, check this out, Field:

Second, it appears Tavis was asking the same questions back then that even some Obamaholics are asking now, with respect to black people, Cabinet appointments, and who indeed Barack is "for"--us or white yuppie-type folk.


field negro said...

gwpriester and Chris, I would refer you to a case in Louisiana (can't remember the site)the Plaintiff's name was Susie Guillory Phipps (google it) and she always passed as white even though she has 1/33 black blood in her. Her birth certificate said colored and she sued the state to have that designation removed. Well, she went all the way to the La. Supremes and lost.

She is just one example of the one drop rule in this country. I am sure people of mixed race can speak to this issue much better than I can. But Obama and other people of mixed race know what side of the racial divide A-merry-ca considers them to be on.

It's ironic that now that Obama has become President ll of a sudden some peope are saying that he isn't 100% black. Didn't we see this very thing with a certain golfer?

Sharon, I saw bits of that "Meet The Press" show today. Damn sure looks like their producers are spying on us don't it? :)

Phil4Real, you are right. Some of the worse poverty pimps are right here in Philly. Some of them are still around. They have their hands out every election cycle.

Christopher, have you decided what type of oil you are going to rub down Monique with yet? :)

Bob said...

Christopher,it was always white folks who were obsessed with who was a negro & who was not. & a lot of the most racist white folks, to be white, had to hide their grammas.

Kellybelle said...

Still laughing at Tavis and his foolishness. Illuminating post--Thanks!

Christopher said...


Thank you for the response. I am unfamiliar with this case but I have Googled it and just read a bit.

Maybe I'm just cynical but whenever I encounter this sort of comment, I figure it's just another cretin trying to take a major source of pride away from Black people.

It always pissing the hell out of me when I see this.

Anonymous said...

This is why I have nothing short of contempt for these so called black preachers, money grubbing, trifling crooks in cheap suits who are as bad for black neighborhoods as the local thug on the corner.

Oh yeah, I'm from Phoenix, and, the go Eagles has long been droned out here for the past week since the only birds that will fly today are the Cardinals, LOL!

Sharon from WI said...

This is why I have nothing short of contempt for these so called black preachers, money grubbing, trifling crooks in cheap suits who are as bad for black neighborhoods as the local thug on the corner.

I call many of them "matchbook ministers." They don't know a thing about biblical text, history or geography, but they get their "degrees" from some jacked-up school off the back of a matchbook.

Sharon from WI said...

Sharon, I saw bits of that "Meet The Press" show today. Damn sure looks like their producers are spying on us don't it? :)

It certainly does.

I'd like to have fallen out of my chair when they introduced the round table and then started discussing the Atlantic Monthly piece. :-)

Javier said...

Hey! No apologies being made for pastors but they are human, too. Luke 12:48 (second half) says, "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required..."

Often times we place these men on pedestals and think them above the same temptations we ourselves suffer. The reality is "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;" Romans 3:23

Those pastors who are more concerned with the "roof" fund than whether they have a TRUE shelter from their sinful natures will be surprised when they see what their deeds have produced. A flock that mimics its shepherds in word and action, corrupt and morally destitute.

I've heard accounts of a healthy, growing church losing 90% of its membership because a well-meaning pastor (not a snake!) preached every sabbath for two years about money and the construction fund for a new church. I hope you catch the irony in that.

The one and only concern on the minds of pastors should be to nourish and grow the church that has been entrusted to them.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Oe, Field

As I write you now after 9am in the morning,it is colder than usual here in Kihei (58 degrees)and that calls for long sleeves or sweat shirts for us who are not used to temps under 68.
After your run I would suggest a quick trip to Maui to warm yourself up for the coming year so you can keep the O-man's feet to the fire after that first 100 days.
I'm sure Mrs. Field wouldn't complain about a change of view.

Go Eagles!


TrueBlue said...

One thing that will shock many nonblack people is that there is not one black community.

When I found this blog a few months back, I posted at length about that topic, and how I as a relatively sheltered white man had come to this realization as the result of various life experiences.

The idea that there is one black community, or one white community, or one anything community, is a byproduct of segregation. It's pernicious in a variety of ways too numerous to count.

As with so many things, there's a balance to be sought. Various groups have commonalities that, even though they don't apply to all members, are still ubiquitous enough to be relevant. Or, to put it more bluntly, "Stereotypes exist for a reason."

The question then becomes, "Okay, now what?"

Anonymous said...

Field What's up with your Eagles....I was looking foward to a Steelers and Eagles Super Bowl....the way they're playing not sure it'll happen:(

Anonymous said...

Did McNabb think he really was going to win when he pratices with the Arizona's coach on the off season. Please the man knows McNabb book. ha ha this should be a lesson to him.

See ya next year Eagles.

Anonymous said...

My poem (ode to his lO-wness) goes like this:

Fuck you BO, and fuck your wife
Fuck your family (not the kids) and your life
May all that you have done to us and her
come back to you times seven I’ve heard
And on that day that you face the music
remember that I did not choose ya
I walked alone and held my head up high
support you nope I’d rather die
I’m proud to say that you’re not the messiah
and I hope to hell that you are soon exposed as a big liar
sleep softly and remember this
you chose the wrong women to dis
we’ll never forget, and we’ll never stop
Until she is queen, and you are not!

Anonymous said...

Hey creepy lady, thanks for showing why Hillary lost. Too many of her supporters were angst-ridden post-menopausal psychopaths. Get back on your meds and enjoy the inauguration.

Jody said...

Wow, Jennifer... way to care about the country. FYI.... and the "wrong women to dis"???? What, all 5 of you? Even Hillary doesn't agree with you.

Alas my Eagles..... Christopher Chambers.... looks like you got a break today. Now lets see what the Ravens will do.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ignore JenniforHillary, she's off her rockers.....idiot

Anonymous said...

jenniforhillary, are you aware that they've got some very good medications to help you with your problem?

MartiniCocoa said...

But you know Tavis is in DC this weekend, quaffing and champagne and pretending he was down from day one.

Tavis is entitled to question Obama but I take exception at his willingness to have one standard for Obama and another for HRC during the primary.

And yeah,
I know many reverends asked for money in exchange for endorsements.
Someone's gotta pay for all those new church initiatives, right?

OT: sorry about the Eagles. I hate Arizona.

icebergslim said...

jennifer for hillary, the PRIMARY WARS ARE OVER??? Did u not get the message? It is shyte like this, a reason that the right person was picked, Barack Obama. Even your girl, who begged for a cabinet position, begged you say? Of course, she negotiated hard and begged. She cut her husband's library off from continuing to receive that dirty money from some very foul dictators, she wanted to be relevant and part of this THAT BAD. Lastly, HRC was smart, why go back to the senate? That place is full of rules and regs and follows senority. She would have been the most famous international politican who was a bench warmer.

for real.

MartiniCocoa said...

Christopher -- if people say that Obama isn't really black, I suggest that you share this story with them -- it's from a writer who attended a book party for Sidney Blumenthal's book on the Clintons at Tina Brown's house in 2003:

As I was leaving that party in 2003, I was approached by another guest, an established author. He asked about the man I had been talking to. Sheepishly he told me he didn't know that Obama was a guest at the party, and had asked him to fetch him a drink. In less than six years, Obama has gone from being mistaken for a waiter among the New York media elite, to the president-elect.

I just don't think that would have happened to someone who was bi-racial but looked white. And I think most Americans would agree.

Anonymous said...

Field, you HAVE to do a post about the woman who was just on CNN that was supposed to be Michelle Obama's white roommate back at Princeton. Her mother was up in arms got the girl taken out of the room and then threatened to remove her from Princeton. She was on CNN expressing how she wishes that she and Michelle would have become friends and that she would NOW like to talk to Michelle.

blksista said...

Valerie Jarrett and others, take a bow.

This is how Blago was able to slide Burris in. He read the tea leaves about how he could stick it to the O man.

They're getting wise. Obama was right; he don't need to, if he don't want to go through the ordinary channels.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget Jesse Jackson's desire to castrate Mr. Obama for merely suggesting that single fathers be real fathers to their children.

Anonymous said...

I *heart* this blog! Don't have time to type all kinds of flowery, heartfelt words...just know that your efforts and the time & thinking of your commenters (even wackjobs like the "poet" Jenniferforhillary) are appreciated.

I read everyday, don't comment nearly enough.

and sorry about the Eagles Field..I'm Redskins fan so I know the pain of losing...

Anonymous said...

Some of you need to drop the notion of a strong critic is tantamount to a hater.

I say this with respect to Tavis Smiley. In him, I just don't see a hater.

I am certain that he is just as proud of Obama as any of his staunch supporters.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of hating on Tavis around here.

I didn't know that lockstep adoration of Obama is a requirement for black Americans.

And I'm an Obama supporter.

At least Tavis is a fighter for black people and still has an audience among his people.

Listen to these pathetic conservative rent-a-negroes like Star Parker, Thomas Sowell, Harry Jackson and Walter Williams.

These fools actually seem OFFENDED by the election of an African-American.

Sharon from WI said...

Hey, I like Tavis too.

But I was surprised to learn--other than the dust up over his State of Black America conference last year--of this animosity he had over Obama.

Anonymous said...


I don't know what Tavis has against Obama but at least it's not his being black.

When I hear black people like Baldilocks and Star Parker claiming that Obama's election was due to "black tribalism and white guilt" it kinda makes you wanna get violent.

Anyways, I watched Tavis on Meet the Press yesterday and he was outstanding.

So I hope we as positive black people can all move on and ahead.

Our enemies haven't gone anywhere.

Anonymous said...

The use of the word “accountability” is an escape phrase for Tavis.
He now is trying to position himself as what Fredrick Douglas was to Lincoln.
Watch how he continues to work the relationship in all of his appearances over the next few days. Waiting for us to all rally around him as the person who will make Obama great by holding him accountable to us (him).
He has revealed himself as a fraud and a “Prophet for Profit”
Remember, “You cannot serve the people if you don’t love, I mean fool the people”
And let’s be honest, he bet on the wrong horse and lost his connection to the White House with a Clinton loss, he was trying to hold on as best as possible for what would have been better for his career and business.

Marc B said...

Tavis Smiley is the old guard, and he is still locked into the same combative Civil Rights era mindset along with his buddy Cornell West. The strategy appealing to these guys would only work with the most ardent, hard-left white liberals, not the majority of the Democratic party.

Don't let this article have you believe Barack Obama isn't a Chicago political street fighter. He hired Rahm Immanuel to be the Bad Lieutenant to his own Andy Griffith. He's just smooth enough to play hard without looking angry or breaking a sweat.

Anonymous said...

"Tavis Smiley is the old guard, and he is still locked into the same combative Civil Rights era mindset along with his buddy Cornell West."

Oh BS.

How much you want to bet that Obama will be consulting with West at some point early in his presidency?

Hell those head sctrachin rent-a-negroes like Sowell and Williams couldn't even get an invite to George Will's conservative dinner.

Shows you how much pull they have.

Anonymous said...

Enough said.

Aren't you a lawyer, Field? Why would a Black man need a Black Community Expert if...he was...not so Black or not so knowlegable of the Black Community himself?Uhm...a Black Community Expert?

Wouldn't you think a White Person or any person not of our color would need that? I thought Obama was claiming he was Black. Something does not equate. Out of all the Blacks in his inner-circle and in-laws, none of them were Black Community Experts? This speaks volumes of the entire crew. Posers.

Well it equates to me as part of the con Obama runs on all people to tell them that he is a part of everybody and at the same time but nothing. It's that existential guilt trip to empathize with his latent ambiguity. I remember Cobb wrote about this last year.

It's strange and complex but that is what this bullshit means. He co-opted the parts he liked about us and tried to enhance his Whiteness with our cultural accents that he could invest in.

I guess it is what some of Blacks are forced to do except that we sure we are Black even if we don't want to be. He knew...he knew he was struggling but could trick us.

I'm about to hire a Black Community Expert to tell me if this sounds like some bullshit.

And of course, the media did not pick up on it.

A Black Community Expert? GTFOOH!

TrueBlue said...

So Tavis Smiley got it wrong. He ought to suck it up and say he was wrong, and everyone ought to accept his words and then move on.

Anonymous said...

Trust me; Tavis will never admit he was wrong. He will keep beating the drum chant of accountability to rewrite HIStory. You will hear 2 constant refrains from him “Accountability” and “Fredrick Douglas” this is his escape clause.

Anonymous said...

Tavis is not a member of the old guard. He's relatively young at, 44 years of age. At most, he's a "tweener."

Anonymous said...

uptownsteve said...
Sounds like a lot of hating on Tavis around here.

I didn't know that lockstep adoration of Obama is a requirement for black Americans.

And I'm an Obama supporter.

At least Tavis is a fighter for black people and still has an audience among his people.

Listen to these pathetic conservative rent-a-negroes like Star Parker, Thomas Sowell, Harry Jackson and Walter Williams.

These fools actually seem OFFENDED by the election of an African-American.

I couldn't agree with you more.

For the life of me, I can't understand why Smiley is being excoriated as if he were a member of the black Right.

Hell, I'll categorize this with the rest of the cosmic phenomenons I failed to grasp.

Anonymous said...

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