Monday, January 05, 2009


Now that his O ness and his team will be operating out of D.C., I hope they understand that they can't exactly control their message and everything that team Obama does like they did during the campaign. Washington is a town of leaks and whispers, that's the way it has always been.

So that might explain how the O man's pick to run the CIA got leaked before he could call who he needed to call. Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CAL) is pissed off because she was not given a heads up, and apparently she isn't too pleased with Leon. Yessum Ms. Daisy, I is going to do betta next time Mam... Let me quit. She is, after all, going to be Chairperson of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, so maybe she could have been given a courtesy call. Still, Leon doesn't believe in torture, and that's a welcome change from our VP and his ilk.

These last couple of days haven't been the best for his O ness. His silence on the conflict in Gaza continues, and Dollar Bill Richardson had to withdraw his name from being his Commerce Secretary. Seems the Feds have their eyes on him too. O man you might want to do a better job of vetting your peeps in the future. Then, there is the Blago problem, whose man, as I write this, is sitting in coach on a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Washington. Harry seat that man! I want to see Harry and company not seat this guy and then turn around and seat Al. Franken from Minnesota. Burris says the Lord is sending him there, so let's see if the dems can stop a man that the big guy upstairs is personally involved with.

Poor O man, the guy isn't even president yet and already the problems are starting to mount for him.

But it's not all bad news, at least the girls made it off to school okay.


Woozie said...

I'm taking AAS 150 this quarter at Ohio, the class is called "Black Media". It's a bit of a misnomer; the class really examines mass media portrayals of all minorities, just with a focus on Africana (prof. prefers that over Black or African American, says it's more inclusive) people. Tonight we watched a documentary by Melvin Van Peebles about black cinema and black people in cinema from its invention in 1896 to today.

I think you'd like the class; Dr. Houston's like you only cooler. He's so cool he could charm Lark Voorhees into a date. You should pick up a pen and take some notes!

Anonymous said...

Re-treads from the Clinton Administration aint exactly "change". Should we be surprised that the scandals have started before Obama is even sworn in when most of his cabinet picks are Clinton lackeys? The repubs are not usually right about anything but they were spot on when they foresaw scandal from the Clintons.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Diane Feinstein's pride is the only thing hurt because PEO didn't consult her first!

Wah Wah Wah....Get over it, Diane!

Anonymous said...

I think the Leon pick was for information control. There were several leaks from the CIA during the Bush years that hurt the USA. He's the enforcer of information control basically. I've changed my mind on Burris. Seat him, whatever. The amount of crap Obama allows in the stimulus bill could influence his whole four years. Too bad he doesn't have a line item veto, huh?


EzMun said...


I did a graduate degree at Ohio U at the same time that your professor Akil Houston was a graduate student there. He's cool people. Glad you're enjoying his class. Let him know next time you see him that Ezmun (from FL) says "hey." Sorry Field for the off-topic.

Back on point... I could give a rats azz what Diane Fienstein wants, but I kind of agree with her that Leon Panetta is a somewhat odd pick for CIA Director. His background doesn't tend to suggest this position.

Shady_Grady said...

Obama's going to be in the big chair, not Feinstein. Feinstein was one of the worst enablers of the Bush Administration. But hopefully Obama is different. So Obama should tell her to go kick rocks if she doesn't like his choice..

Anonymous said...

In other words, he's unqualified.

PEO had better hope there isn't a "Brownie, you are doing a good job...blah...blah...blah" moment.

Anonymous said...

Stop yourself, Field. Just stop yourself. Talk to Mrs. Field; I'm sure she isn't tripping this lunacy before our President-Elect takes one syllable of the oath! You weren't a supporter; you were a nay-sayer and now you're a hand-wringer. Rollin' "Chicken Little" Style is conduct unbecoming. THAT ONE has already proven he's smarter than a hefty sum of us combined. Get over it. ALL of it.

Anonymous said...

Go back to writing about jumping into frozen ponds to save dogs. Ha-ha! Seriously: I love your blog; however, you are sounding cranky and whiny.

Jody said...

I have a wait and see attitude about Pannetta.... He is clearly against the current CIA's policies of the Bush Admin. which is big brownie points for me. I too, don't really care what Feinstein thinks, she sold her soul to the Bush Admin and did not, in her role challenge any of the policies of torture, extraordinary rendition, etc. The CIA needs a major overhaul and Pannetta is a very qualified manager. Time will tell if this was a good choice.
On the other point... For Petes sake, Obama is not president, yet. Let him swear in and start taking action and THEN you can pile on.

On the positive, His Sec.of Labor, Hilda Solis, is an awesome pick! She is from a family of working class immigrants, both parents were Union members, she has a GREAT environmental record and she opposes trade agreements that exploit Labor internationally.

Christopher said...

Dianne Feinstein needs to shut the fuck up. She wasn't elected president and her opinion really isn't required.

While the argument can be made that Barry has gotten off to a shaky start (think: Hillary, Gates, Rick Warren, Richardson), Obama managed to get one right with Leon Panetta.

He will breath some much needed fresh air into the CIA and help to restore integrity to the agency.

field negro said...

" think you'd like the class; Dr. Houston's like you only cooler. He's so cool he could charm Lark Voorhees into a date. You should pick up a pen and take some notes!"

Woozie, can he really charm Lark?
Give me that man's number right now!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's just me, but expect Obama will have some hipcups along the way. Bill Richardson is a sideshow compare to everything is else going on with the economy. His name probably will be cleared, but the investigation will not bear that out in time enough from him to go through the confirmation hearings. I think Obama knew about Bill's situation, but thought it would be cleared by this time and it isn't.

Whether we like it or not, we will have to wait and see what happens. I think Obama will make some of the promises come to fruition, but not all of them. Unfortunately, getting hit with two wars and a recession that may turn into a depression will not be easy. It's a fact of life that you are going to need some of those Washington insiders or else he would be just swimming against the tide and unable to get anything done. He needs political capital and that is how the game is played.

Christopher said...

The real political theater today is the Roland Burris mess.

Old boy is in DC and intends to step into the US Senate chamber and be sworn in as Obama's replacement.

Really, Roland? Well, what sort of imagery will be televised if an aging, slightly gray-haired, Black man is prevented from entering the Senate Chamber? You can bet Rick Warren's Bible that charges of political racism will fill the air.

The terrible irony is, none of this had to happen, if the Illinois legislature had gotten off their asses and impeached Blago BEFORE today.

And you know who will be blamed for this spectacle? The Democrats, that's who.

BT said...

Smooth move on the part of his O'ness.

The basic issue is that the Bushit populated the entire government with lackeys and synchophats whose singular qualification was loyalty to the Bush Reich.

That led to serial failure across the board in every single Government agency.

It simply isn't possible to fix the damage of 8 years in one fell swoop. As such, despite the fact that 8 years of conservative incompetence has led to a massive forest fire outside the door - some fairly brutal triage is necessary to even begin to solve the problems.

Obama is picking his fights, addressing the most critical needs first. His Presidency will be seriously hampered if he doesn't get control of Justice, Homeland Security, and the CIA immediately - which means a quick elimination of the poison put in place by the Bushits.

Why Clinton retreads?


Clinton put in place one of the most efficient Governments this country has had in the past 60 years - and serve as the last "system checkpoint" when the Government actually served the people, instead of the grandiose psychosis of a very small man.

I like Obama's choices - especially with the cleanup of the sewer the Rethuglys made of Justice.

Fienstien can go to hell - as the biggest Bushit enabler outside of Lieberman.

Anonymous said...

I think that what is going now for O is just a set of minor distractions, not really problems at all.
However, if he is planning to sign a Works Project Administration bill on January 21, a bill that is being kept just under the awful sounding one billion dollar mark, and NOT also at the same time announcing that we are in a depression, not a squishy little recession, then that is a major problem.
It's time to do some truth telling.
The economy is very naked.
The US Government has never activated the kind of stimuli it is activating under Bush and Obama for a mere recession.
Let's stop pretending.

Robert M said...

AAAAH???!! I just turned on MSNBC to update Burris situation to see the final "punk"(courtesy firedoglake) of Harry Reid and they report Burris has said god ordained me for this seat. WTF

As to PE Obama's problems, some come w/ the job; Israeli incursion into Gaza and the economy. The sad
fact is that the only problem Obama brought on himself is hisintrusion to the Burri appointment. PE Obama is a constitutional lawyer and professor. He knows that Blego has the legal authority to make the appointment. Instead of being Solomonic(my complaint) and STFU he holds a press conference and involves himself in the "Drama" and this is a guy from Ill whom knows the game is played for keeps.
Weak sauce is not strong enough to describe the problem he brought on himself.
Hopefully PE Obama will keep to the economy and his strong points and let local politics be local politics.

Quick aside: I saw a film I'm through with white women. Written, produced and directed by African Amereicans. I found it outrageously funny. take a look

Anonymous said...

Up above, meant to say one TRILLION
dollar mark. Didn't drink enough coffee.

Anonymous said...

The issues that Obama faces, Field, are really "problems," but more like challenges. They come with the territory. Anything he does, however, won't be a monumental muck-up like what the Current Occupant has done for eight years.

Anonymous said...

correction on my ^^ post:

"... aren't really problems ..." (instead of "are really...")

field negro said...

"Fienstien can go to hell - as the biggest Bushit enabler outside of Lieberman."

BT, you might have a point there, and his O ness will have lots of chances to appoint his own Judges real soon.

Anon. no need to correct your comments on this site. We get what you were trying to say. We have serious issues with the grammer police here. (Woozie is the only one allowed):)

Chris, I have been following this Burris mess too, what a circus.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein has blood all over her hands for enabling Bush/Cheney the last 8 years. To hell with her. She should go on trial right after the Bushites for being an accomplice to her crimes. Speaking of which, here's what I wrote about that on my blog:

The Pressing Need for an American Nuremberg

The single most important item on the agenda of the incoming administration is the prosecution of members of the current administration for torture and other war crimes. Nothing takes precedence over this country declaring it is a civilized nation that does not allow its leaders to initiate wars of aggression or to torture prisoners. The invasion and occupation of Iraq, based on "faulty intelligence" was a con game that had the explicit support of many Republicans and the implicit support of many Democrats. The international community and most people in this country are well aware that this is an international crime, perhaps the worst since the United States involvement in Southeast Asia. In additions to the thousands of deaths and injuries that have resulted from the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the United States has been torturing prisoners and subjecting others to rendition to other countries that have tortured them. If we let those guilty of these crimes go unpunished we not only set a dangerous and unnacceptable precedent for the future, but have also permanently decreased our international standing as a country interested in the most basic form of justice.

Christopher said...


I agree 100%. DiFi is a douche.

She's a classic DINO Dem, a Victorian woman, and a social conservative.

She's also married to Richard Blum.

Blum, happens to be part owner of URS Corp., a San Francisco planning and engineering firm that helps with troop mobilization, weapons systems training and anti-terrorism efforts.

URS Corp., after the start of the Iraq war, was awarded a contract that was said to be worth $3 billion dollars.

No wonder dear, old DiFi was always such a fucking hawk and never voted "No" to a single request for more war funding from Bush.

In other words, Sen. Dianne Feinstein is a war profiteer.

Admiral Komack said...

"Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CAL) is pissed off because she was not given a heads up, and apparently she isn't too pleased with Leon."

-Somebody call a wahhhbulance!


Hey there FN,

Obama has a team of seasoned political veterans who are well-aware of the games people play on the Washington chess board. Many of Obama's insiders were part of the Clinton team and Lord knows how much scandal, they kept swept under the rug while Booty-Bandit Bill was playing Romper Room while Hillary ran this country behind the scenes...

I can't believe that they nominated a guy under Federal investigation... RIDICULOUS! It would never have happened if the "potential" nominee had been can believe that....

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Anonymous said...

Best news I've read since Nov 4:

Bush starts packing to leave White House

field negro said...

"Best news I've read since Nov 4:"

13 days 4 hrs 4 mins 2.secs to go as I write this.

Anonymous said...

The O-man better speak up about these dead family members

Israel strike kills up to 60 members of one family

Some of the Samouni family died from shrapnel wounds and others from being crushed by falling masonry.

Another survivor, Hilmi al Samouni, 26, said that when the Israeli soldiers ordered the 100 or so family members into one place they confiscated their mobile phones.

Rev. Bob said...

We should consider one possibility with the leaks during the transition: Obama knows exactly what he's doing.

The effect of the Panetta leak was to show that he's against torture and wiretapping - and to spank DiFi for her collaboration with the Bushies.

The press did the spanking for him, and the O-man walks away with a smile on his face.

And the Democrats and Republicans who are making noises about blocking Burris and Franken and obstructing the Obama recovery plan feel a cold shiver of fear run down their spines.

Obama may not be a wartime consigliere I thought we needed; he may be Don Corleone.

Anonymous said...

It is sad when the best thing said about the guy in the article is:

Still, Leon doesn't believe in torture, and that's a welcome change from our VP and his ilk.

As if we should even be thinking about whether or not to torture.

What has this country become?

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Anonymous said...

I feel for Obama because he's not sworn in yet, but the sharks are swarmming around him already. It almost feels like he has to be SuperPresident instead just the president of the USA.