Friday, January 16, 2009

"Many are called but few are chosen".

Rikyrah (who is seriously cool people in my book) and the rest of you Obamaholics won't like this post, but you all know that I have to keep it 100% with you and tell you I feel about things. Well, actually, in this case, it's not just me, it's a whole lot of my fellow Philadelphians.

Now here is the deal: seems his O ness wanted to do the whole train down to D.C. thing like his boy Lincoln and other presidents did back in the day, an inaugural train ride if you will. Just a another way for him to go into to D.C., and show some folks some love along the way. A "Whistle Stop Tour" they are calling it. (He slipped into our very chilly city last night) So far so good, right? Yes but here is the problem: His O ness is going to start his trip right here in Philly at our venerable 30th Street Station, but the station will be closed, and only 250 of his closest friends will be allowed in to see his O ness start this historic journey this Saturday.

Here in Philly, we are not feeling the "brotherly love" from a certain president elect. In fact, we are feeling a litle like red headed step children. "I am disappointed for the masses of people here in Philadelphia who would like an opportunity to show their love and affection for this family before they leave" So said one woman, Ruth Birchett, from North Philly. I hear you Ruth, it would have been nice. And to add insult to injury, his O ness will be making stops to meet and greet his adoring fans along the way in Wilmington and Baltimore. I wonder if he realizes that Philly came out for him big time, and helped him to wallop the salty one (AKA Mr. Morton) by over 500,000.00 votes. Without those big numbers from Philly and its suburbs he could not have won Pistolvania, and that was huge. Baltimore? Wilmington? Yeah okay, we will see how much time you spend in those cities come 2012.

I wonder who these lucky 250 people are? Chris Mather of the Obama inaugural committee said that they were mostly "campaign volunteers" and not "big shots". Okay Chris I will take your word for it. But how did these people get selected? What about the people here in Philly who busted their butts knocking on doors and volunteering their time for your boy? What about the folks who sacrificed their time and hard earned dollars because they believed in the change that your boy was selling? Didn't they deserve at least a shot at being in that number? "I think there is some disappointment at not being able to see him in Philadelphia....There was an e-mail going around. Some people were expecting a large public gathering." Said another Obamaholic, but alas, it was not to be. Even my buddy Seth Williams, who could be our city's next DA, and who organized the O man's petition drive in these parts, was surprised. " I just assumed there was going to be a big parade" Apparently so did a lot of other people. But as we are all beginning to learn, his O ness likes to do things his way.

Which is cool. As long as he does a good job I am sure all will be forgiven. It's just that us folks here in Philly are feeling a little slighted, that's all. But hey, we are used to it. I just hope his O ness realizes that we have long memories. (We still haven't forgiven Wilson Goode for dropping that bomb on the Move people) So have fun on your train ride O man, and pack a few cheese steaks for the trip. Hey, you need something to help you remember us. But don't worry, we won't forget you.



Anonymous said...

Whining that you can't/won't see a President-elect you didn't like when he was a candidate is House Negro behavior.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the decision was based on security reasons.


Anonymous said...

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't classify whining about this issue as House Negro behavior.

However, I will classified it as unwarranted. Didn't Obama visit Philadelphia during the primary and general election campaigns?

Obama can't please everyone.

field negro said...

Anon. 2:48PM, how do you know that I wasn't in that 250 number?

"I'm sure the decision was based on security reasons."

Yeah sure szpork, those crowds in Philly are so much rougher than the ones in Baltimore. *{*

Jody said...

Personally, as a philadelphian who was one of those door knockers, who traveled to Ohio to work for him on my own dime, who donated money and held a fundraiser for him... I am not disappointed at all. Besides, if people wanna come out, he's gotta get from the hotel to the train station and people can line Market St to see that and wave... in fact there IS a march to the train station being organized to call for an end to the war in Iraq.
On another note... I am spending my evening calling the arraignment room of the courthouse to find out when 8 people, most of them Clergy, will be charged and get their bail assigned... these courageous people participated in an act of civil disobedience today, after 5 other members of the religious community were arrested Tuesday, at a gun shop that has a history of selling guns that end up in the hands of criminals. I tell you this, cuz we have been talking on this blog about people need to do something about the killings and these folks are. They have my deepest admiration and the full support of our legal office.

Anonymous said...

What a pissy one is happy. Who knows? there could be strong security risks and a reason for this plan; we know O man means well and we should realize there could be issues we are not privy to.

As far as I was concerned he should have walked from the Hay Adams across the street and bypassed the train tour.

I knew somehow in all of this people were going to get mad about something.

It's the old black tax; you've always got to prove yourself and be more accountable.

What a bummer....

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to gripe about this. I'll wait and see what happens with the economy in the next eighteen months.


Hathor said...

Blame Nutter's penny pinching, in these socalled serious times in Philly no unnecessary overtime for police. Seems like Hizzonor times his doom and gloom around Obama's highlights.

Mithras said...

But how did these people get selected? What about the people here in Philly who busted their butts knocking on doors and volunteering their time for your boy?

Mainly the local volunteers were selected by the regional field directors who ran the Philly operation, after talking with the field organizers under them. There were people who started volunteering in the summer of 2007, people who registered 3,000 voters, those kind of volunteers. Also, about 25-30 of the attendees are ordinary people from around the country who were selected to ride on the train with Obama and Biden. Teachers, social workers, community organizers, auto workers, like that. They flew them in today.

If people want to catch him, go down to Wilmington or Baltimore. If it's too far for you to travel, then it's not really that big a deal to you.

Lola Gets said...

You think youre salty? Come check out my latest post. I am too through with the O Mans Inaugural Committee. I am livid!


AJ said...

According to the Inaugural site - he is having some type of event in Philly:

10:05 a.m. - Philadelphia, PA
The President-elect will hold an event in Philadelphia, PA before boarding a train headed toward Washington, D.C. Tickets are required for the event and have been distributed to the public.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Dear Obama:

Congratulations Barack Hussain Obama, you've just been elected the first "Rubberband Man of America."

According to the CIA World Fact Book, there are approximately 303,824,640 people in the USA and only one of you and folks is pulling on you left and right, front and back, sideways and crossways, center and middle, and bottom and top to please them.

Yup, you got your work cut out for you. Folks is having a hope to die, royal, hissy fit. I don't know what made you get all sentimental and thangs with Lincoln's train ride and thangs, but then again, it might drum up some business for our failing train company. Lord knows they do need some help, which might not be a bad idea since the airplanes are dropping out the sky like dead flies being sprayed with a can of Raid. I'm glad you didn't decide to use none of those rental cars for your inauguration procession with gas going up again like it is, besides which rental car companys charge you to breathe.

If I was you I would do an AWOL on 'em. Maybe, yo first act of business in the White House should be cloning 303,824,640 President Obamas, so that every citizen in this USA can have one. That way everyone will be satisfied and it will cut down on the madness.

PS. I'm putting my order in ahead of time. You can just send me one with a big pretty smile on it.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yup, Bush is, definitely, going to go down in history. I feel ya buzzflash. Truly I do.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Obama's brother Mark will be at the inauguration as well. Mark is a very talented and intelligent young man with a few impressive degrees, and he speak Mandarin.

Bob said...

In 1861, once Lincoln got below Philly he had sneak the rest of the way to D.C. But I have to say these Lincolnesque moves by Obama make me apprehensive.

maria said...

this is unrelated but don't see another way to tell you this.

if you don't already know, poor alexis was murdered by her MOTHER. they found her...i couldn't stop crying when i read the circumstances.

Christopher said...

Obama has a thankless job ahead of him. A mess to clean up courtesy of 8 years of neglect and mismanagement from Bush/Cheney.

The stakes are high for the "O"-Man.

His every step, every decision and every choice will be analyzed and dissected. We want him to be perfect and to reflect our needs and values.

Let's give the man his "first 100 days" before we pounce. If Obama screws up, he will get his butt kicked.

Anonymous said...

Developmental retardation tends to follow genetic lines...Moms may not have had the ability to care for her child. Think of the Spears babymommys and how 'interesting' their lives would be without the huge cash from Britney's work and Jamie-Lynn's Granpa babbydaddy.

We wanted Prince Obama to kiss us and make it all besser. After the truly business-oriented and structured admin, we wanted a real government. Well, Sammy Joe from Petticoat Junction didn't (please see the Ric Sanchez take on Sammy Joe) and not all of them want the Reality that AfAms can achieve.


field negro said...

"Let's give the man his "first 100 days" before we pounce. If Obama screws up, he will get his butt kicked."

Okay Chris, I will sip the O-Aide until spring.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lawd Field.....please dont tell me you've become one of those whiny people that thought every email or text to them from the Obama campaign was personally written by the O-man himself...please (thats the vibe I'm getting from a lot of these "what about me!!" bloggers lately).....nobody should have been campaigning solely FOR Obama, they should have been campaigning for their personal best interests.....that they're one and the same is just coincidental :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah....GO EAGLES!!!

(Is Andy Reid getting bigger every week??)

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are whiny. I think your post was very touching. I imagine Obama has a combination of time constraints and all kind of people trying to pull him in different directions, but I can't imagine he would ever forget Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

(Is Andy Reid getting bigger every week??)

His beard is! I haven't shaved since the wild-card game. GO EAGLES!!!!

Hey, Field! What's the plan for your inauguration day Broad Street nude run? You ready?

ArtMaggot Hysteria said...

Get over it, and go Eagles!

Anonymous said...

I'm angry at Obama for not personally coming to my home and thanking me for donating $200 to his campaign. Obama thinks he is better than us Field plain and simple!

I want Obama to drive my kids to school to prove he is really for the people. Or to live one month on the steps of the Capital in order to show he really cares for the poor. Obama needs to also walk on water too!

tjwash said...

We need to give the Obamites some tough love Field. Maybe a 12 step program that introduces the basic concepts of US politics 101 to everyone.

Step 1- Admit that nothing is really changing.

Obama is not a country saver...he's a system saver. Believe me, after 8 years of the Bush crime Cartel having all of us in this country in a stranglehold, I understand the need to clutch onto Obama for dear life. Frankly, there's no other serious option, is there?

So one must place all of one's hopes and dreams on a man surrounded by Secret Service agents, financed by private interests, and openly intent on keeping the imperial machine running (once he's made a few minor adjustments to repair the damage of the Bush era).

Maybe we're fucked, maybe we're not. That's not my call, as I have zero influence over current events. I just call them how I see them.

If we see a concerted effort on the part of Obama and house Dems to reel in the currently out of control Military-Industrial complex that sits at the base of most of our economic woes, I may start to feel a little hope. I'm not holding my breath though.

Hathor said...

Since Bush came to this area over 20 some times during his last campaign, so much so that Mayor Street requested that he stay in the White House, because he was costing Philly taxpayers to much money; I can't see why a rally for President Elect Obama at 30th St. now would even be a security problem. Was Bush's presence no less a threat?

field negro said...

"I want Obama to drive my kids to school to prove he is really for the people. Or to live one month on the steps of the Capital in order to show he really cares for the poor. Obama needs to also walk on water too!"

I though he already walked on water. Or was that something in the O Aid to make me believe that he actually did?

"Hey, Field! What's the plan for your inauguration day Broad Street nude run? You ready?"'s too cold man, give me a few weeks and hopefully it will warm up.

Adabu said...

YO FIELD the way ya'll is bustin' caps in Black folks in PHILLY I'm surprised the SS even allowed Barack to be there. They tryin' to keep the 'ball in play' brother. By the way what is Brother POTUS's handle going to be on SS radio

Anonymous said...

"Hey, Field! What's the plan for your inauguration day Broad Street nude run? You ready?"'s too cold man, give me a few weeks and hopefully it will warm up.


Sharon from WI said...

Developmental retardation tends to follow genetic lines...Moms may not have had the ability to care for her child.

The murdered child is this woman's adopted daughter.

It puzzles me that she would adopt a child with such special needs (autism and sickle cell disease)in the first place. If this adoption was one in which the adoptive parent was receiving some monetary compensation from the government, that might explain the motive.

It takes a special parent set of parents to be up to the task of attending to the needs of such a child.

Sadly, this woman was not.

Ray Bridges said...

Thank god I can watch the whole thing on tv. If I were there I probably wouldn't have a very good seat, or if I were in the crowd, I'd be all cranky from being pushed and shoved.

I'm with the 100-day-thing folk. So far he seems to be as smart getting ready to take over as he was during that year-long campaign. So much is at stake these next few months I'm willing to pull with him just in case the only thing keeping the whole thing from working is my cynicism.

I don't want that burden.

momo said...

GrannyStandingForTruth:Congratulations Barack Hussain Obama, you've just been elected the first "Rubberband Man of America." LOL!

rikyrah said...


I'm feeling you.

But, I have to think along the lines of those who are screaming SECURITY. They haven't told us, but I'm sure they've received more threats against him than any President in modern history. This whole thing is a nightmare - security-wise.

While I'm feeling the folks of Philly...I am....

I do think it's about security..

This is like that netherworld of American Political Limbo. I haven't said much, but I'll put it out there: I want him to make until January 20, 2009 at noon.

Remember, you were the one who posted on the side - Now, you need to stay inside until January 20th. You were only halfway joking, because there is serious truth in what you wrote.

I love all the ' People' events, but we need to think about security.

allheavens said...

If I was you I would do an AWOL on 'em. Maybe, yo first act of business in the White House should be cloning 303,824,640 President Obamas, so that every citizen in this USA can have one.


I'm with you GrannyStandingforTruth, a slight seen in EVERY innocuous gesture.

People seriously need to stop projecting. "O" man cannot possibly please everyone not even after his first 100 days. So suck it up folks, have a little faith, let's find our collective backbones and let's manifest a whole lot of patience because Shrub has truly fuck this country up and it ain't going to be a quick fix.

Anonymous said...

Feild,now you no it's Killy get Illy Philly,maybe the security team reads your blog & have been peepn your Philly Death count!

Sharon from WI said...

You've got that right. GW has seriously screwed us. Obama and company are not going to fix this mess overnight.

Admiral Komack said...

Gee, maybe it's too bad Bush didn't run for a third term!
The Supremes could have hooked him up; after all, they did the first time!

The man isn't President yet and the whining is deafening!

I want to see what President Obama and the Congress can do about the problems we face.

He may not do everything I want, in the way I would do it, but I'm willing to give him and Congress a chance to do something.

Oh, yeah, if after four years you are not happy with Obama, vote him out!

Maybe Jeb Bush will want the job by then.

Sharon from WI said...

Gee, maybe it's too bad Bush didn't run for a third term!

Perhaps you are being facetious.

But just in case, Bush couldn't run for a third term even if he wanted. The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution limits the president's stay in office to two terms.

The GOP managed to pass this due to FDR's three terms in office.

Anonymous said...

I too was upset and disappointed that the train ran through our city. There were many people hoping to see him and get a feel of what those folks in DC will be getting in a couple of days. Ya, i have a long memory. very long.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Admiral Conrad:

Lawd, no, uh-uh, we don't want no mo BUSHES in the White House, not even a picture of them or every single person in the USA might have to wind up being treated for post traumatic syndrome.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Folks need to get over it because they will see him practically every day on tv when he gets in that oval office, because like Chris said, Americans have already taken out their dissecting equipment and microscopes looking for stuff the size of a molecule. By the time his first term is over with, folks will probably know how many single strands of hair he has on his head.

Anonymous said...

FN ""I'm sure the decision was based on security reasons."

Yeah sure szpork, those crowds in Philly are so much rougher than the ones in Baltimore. *{*"

Well, as I understand it, the prez and others pick spots to go to in advance and the Secr3t S3rvice goes and evaluates the sites. They don't have to go along with the Secr3t S3rvice, sometimes they don't, ala JFK in Dallas. Maybe they just didn't like the train station. I'm just saying don't assume it's personal.

What's up, Granny. Glad to see you around!


Ray Bridges said...

A friend sent this to me. You're gonna love it. I call it, "How White Folk Dance."

Anonymous said...

MANASSAS, Va. (WUSA) -- The adoptive mother of Alexis Glover has been arrested and is charged with felony child neglect and filing a false police report.

Another negro on negro murder let me guess? no roits or tv or radio or internet......and a child none the about two faced! i'm so disapointed!!!

what the hell is wrong with negros? if she did'nt want the poor little disabled/defensless child why adopt...i don't understand...change huh?

Sharon from WI said...

Are you being facetious?? I hope you are in light of loving white moms like Susan Smith and Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony's mom.

Anonymous said...

SO what if BARACK didn't stop at this train station or that train station! and so what if, you knocked on door's for him, so that he could win the election!

I am sure it was more to it, than meet's the eye, how selfish can people be! my concern at this moment, is for BARACK and his family's safety, as far as I am concerned, he can stay locked away until JAN 20th! I want to see BARACK become, the first AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATE'S of AMERICA, and I could care less about a SPEECH, I want BARACK and his wife and two little girl's, tucked away in that WHITE HOUSE, because from what I can see, he is too EXPOSED to the people, and I don't care, how much security he has, it's not enough to keep EVIL people from trying to get to BARACK and his family, so we should be PRAYING instead of COMPLAINING about a stop at a train station!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are in light of loving white moms like Susan Smith and Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony's mom.

Your kidding right!?!?

like the little kid caught in the cookie jar " well i didn't do it first"...jezzzz

whites don't kill thier own in nearly the numbers blacks do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:52

Don't you have a KKK meeting to attend??

TrueBlue said...

Field, I don't know about you, but I genuinely worry about Barack Obama's physical safety. If they had to close 30th St. station, it's a small price to pay. Trust me on this, if any harm comes to this man, it won't just be black folks whose spirits are crushed. I'll let them err on the side of caution.

Anonymous said...


my skin's just a bit dark for a KKK

Anonymous said...

. I wonder if he realizes that Philly came out for him big time, and helped him to wallop the salty one

so did buffalo, no trainstop here either, so ?

Hathor said...

If they can't protect Obama at 30th St. Station, how in hell can they protect him if he visits Russia, Germany, Japan, Iraq or South Africa.

Anonymous said...

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