Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Revenge Of The White Moviegoers.

James Joseph Cialella, Jr. is a hero to every white person in A-merry-ca. Why? Because he did what everyone of you have wanted to do at some point or another in your life, that's why.

I first heard about this story while I was out of town. So when I came home, after doing some investigating, I confirmed that the victim was one of my cousins. Of course I am not surprised. My cousins tend do I say this? Well, they tend to be very animated and prone to loud talking while there is a movie going on. Most of us have grown so accustomed to it by now that we just consider it a part of living with my cousins here in A-merry-ca. Some of us, who can't stand people giving them a verbal blow by blow of the movie they are watching, tend to live by the 12% rule like moi, and go to movies in places where my cousins don't tend to frequent.

Some of you, in spite of being aware of this little phenomenon, still take your asses to movie theaters where my cousins tend to congregate. The moment I heard about this story and that it was in Philly, I could have told you, without hearing anything more, exactly where it was and that the victim was one of my cousins. Back in the day, looooong before Mrs. Field (as Bernie Mack used to say: "a long long time ago") and when the field was still single, I went to that very same venue with a date or two, and I vowed that I would never go back. In fact, going to the movies have pretty much become a suburban thing with me.

So old James was angry, and he let that 380 do the talking for him. I guess my cousin forgot that he was in Philly. Here is the thing; white boyz in Philly ain't like white boyz in other cities, some of them are actually just as ignorant as some of my cousins, and they really do believe that they are living in Dodge City.

What's disappointing is that James was actually watching "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". Not exactly a man flick if you know what I mean. How does he explain that he was watching a chick flick by himself to his boyz? Yo James, I heard you popped that "mooli" for talking shit. Way to go bro. Hey but they got that movie wrong right? Like yo, you weren't watching that Brad Pitt flick were ya dude? I mean, come on now, which man gets so mad at someone for talking through a flick like that?

Still, the wildest part of the story is that after shooting cus, James sat back down to watch the movie in peace. Boy he must have a serious thing for Brad Pitt.

Oh well, all is well that ends well. James could be looking at some jail time, and the victim, my cousin, might just have learned a valuable lesson in life: Never talk during a chick flick if you see a man watching it by himself.


Grégoire said...

With the dismal crapola that's constantly vomited out of Hollywood, I don't really know why anyone would *not* talk in the theatre.

? said...

That is some serious wild west shit! Yet, I notice Philly doesn't even make it into the top 15 dangerous cities in America.

Grata said...

This has now brought this little annoying issue onto the National Stage. Whatever happened to self segregation, LOL!

I am now waiting for someone to shoot those rowdy kids that ride the red line in L.A. On weekend nights.
And ofcourse they are cousins too.

Anonymous said...

As I read the blogosphere concerning this story, I realized the hypocracy that resides among some (if not most whites) concerning violence, crime and race.

I read comments such as, "He should get a medal," "That will teach the coon," "He's done what I have only thought about," and "I support him."

Were the shooter black and the victim white, I seriously doubt I would have read the above comments on the blogosphere. Instead, the same people would have been utter every stereotype and cited every crime statistic concerning blacks and crime.

So much for our post-racial era. Then again, I never believe that "la la land" bullshit.

Anonymous said...


I know your comment about self-segregation was in jest. However, I actually like that idea-- less problems.

Further, I think black cops should patrol black neighborhoods. I am vehemently against white cops patroling black neighborhoods. I surmise they don't give a shit about the residents. They view the job as a means to pay the mortgage for their suburban home.

I say the above as a person who has observed the attitude of most white cops in black neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, for me, I think movie theatres should make a conduct rule for moviegoers because 1 dude will ruin the rest of the moviegoers' experience. I mean, some of these dudes are straight jiggin' like the dude in your sidebar while a serious part of the movie comes up. I understand: these people pay the same 12$ that I did for the movie, but the difference is, no one paid to hear the people talk: they came to hear the movie, and if it's Brad Pitt or whoever the fuck, they deserve to hear that movie.

Every time incidents like the one that provoked James to hit dude with the rifle happen, I think about your 12% rule, and I sigh, and nod in agreement.


p.s. - I wonder how the crowd reacted to the gun shot. It's Philly, so if they booed for Santa Claus, then I can only imagine them having cheered James on. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Brother Field....Happy New Tears..No, I am not going in that direction, to stay on subject; I wish there was a way to have laws for some people- designer laws?- and not, for others. In the movies as well as other venues some means need to be in place to control the bad/negative of my people. Too long I have for years honored the tradition of not talking about my peoples' negative behavior. Now what I see is other ethnics are prospering while mines is falling in the street followed by new tears and names placed on T-shirts. The last day of 2008 two young teenagers, 16 and 14, were gunned down in a gunfight. Newport News Daily Press reported that three Black males are being sought by the police. I am numb today because once again I think selective laws would remedy some of our woes. Let the NRA keep their guns but lets hold some adult accountable for this carnage- because it is mainly affecting my race, I know some will retort about "all races misuse guns" I will kindly tell them to "go to hell" because of the 30+ homicides on the Penninsula (NN/Hpt) all were done by Blacks. My wife said that segregating laws will segregate people- that may be but....

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Ha! I really don't have this issue anymore.

I do remember going to see a movie at the Magic Johnson theater in Crenshaw and then had to see the movie again at Century City so I could actually hear it.

p.s. I don't CCOBB is really a chick flick. More like Forrest Gump 2.0

Anonymous said...

I don't have this problem. I just wait for movies to come out on DVD so I can be loud as hell in my own apartment.

Field, San Diego took a 2-0 lead on Philly in this year's body count. One was a murder-suicide in my 'hood and the other was a shooting of a Bolts fan sitting inside of a car just after midnight.

Crazy stuff, huh?

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that the shooter was white and the victim was black. My thought was more along the lines of, "Who'd carry a gun into a movie theater?"

Shady_Grady said...

You never know who has a gun.

Cialella's lawyer says his client acted in self-defense. Cialella's bond was reduced from 350K to 50K and the attempted murder charge was tossed.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to prove there are some crazy white dudes out there who want to get their money's worth out of a movie, and WILL shoot you if necessary to get it...esp. in Philly.

Let's hope the idea of shooting loud-mouth Blacks in theatres does not become a national trend. Actually, I have felt like shooting some of those inconsiderate loud-mouthed assholes myself.

I stay away from movie theaters where large black movie goers attend. The whiter the theater the better I like it. I get to hear and enjoy the movie I paid to see.

I don't know why these loud-mouth jerks go to a movie. They don't listen and always act like a child whose emotions are totally out of control. It's sick, disgusting and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

funny i should come and read this today after my experience at a cincinnati, higher end theater yesterday where i saw benjamin button. i decided to go to the early show because the movie was so long. as expected the theater was pretty packed, and i tried to sit as far away from some people who were already talking loudly during the previews. then to my dismay, this older white couple comes in, sits in front of me, and starts talking. whispering is one thing, but when dude has a barry white voice, whispering goes down the tube. i was pissed. these bastards talked the whole movie...why i don't know. it's not like this movie was slightly confusing like seven pounds (which by the way, i went to and another white couple talked throughout). after leaving the theater, i text my girl and asked her when did white people start talking all loud and ish in the movies like "our" people? WTH?! i was just so disgusted...i need people to do better in 2009 (or wait for the damn DVD and watch it at home)

Jody said...

Well, it seems that this guy is suffering from PTSD. He is a vet who served in Iraq. That certainly would explain his carrying a gun and sitting back down to watch the movie. It doesnt excuse his behavior, but it might explain it.

RiPPa said...

The better question Field would be what in the fuck were your cousins doing in that movie, and why the excessive talking?

Oh my bad. I forgot that it was based in New Orleans. Either Lil Wayne or the Katrina flashbacks musta got them hyped.

Sseriously, brothas don't cheer for oldass looking White men unless their last name happens to be Thurmond.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those folks who'll "SHHH!!!!" a loudmouth in a minute. However, once I took children to a movie and experienced "back o' the theater banter." Instead of getting shot (and leaving the kids without a ride home), I got a member of the theater's staff to come in and deal with it. Hence, my new method. Once, I asked to get my money back and got it. Theaters should issue the consequences for disruptive patrons. I don't have TIME for the b.s. and get steaming mad when it occurs (I don't like talking during credits either, but, okay). But, I'm not going to risk my life because our society is a bit too sick.

(And what about the chair-kickers, cell phone-answerers? Whose "cousins" are they?!)

Anonymous said...

I detest theaters. Hell, I detest any function that requires me to congregate with people. There are too many inconsiderate and crazy people with whom I must contend.

Fuck it! I'll catch the movie on DVD.

Christopher said...

I haven't been to the movies in years. We buy movies through a couple of DVD clubs we belong to and watch them in the comfort of our own home.

We microwave popcorn and can start and stop the movie if anyone needs to "pee" or get another soda.

The beauty of watching a movie at home versus going to the movies is, you don't have to deal with people who are so lame that they think everyone in the theater gives a flying fuck about what they have to say.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Field. I hate to hear people talking like they were at home in their living rooms. I really hate the people (usually my cousins) who want to be the center of attention. These jerks comment loudly on what the characters on screen are doing or saying in hopes of entertaining the audience and getting a laugh. Nobody paid to see or hear them!!!!!!!

This is right up there for me with people bringing infants to the theater.

I hope the victim here makes a full recovery. I hope he is quiet in the movies in the future.

Anonymous said...

I agree witht the 12% rule, 'cept I refuse to go to a church w/majority white people. I want to hear shouting amen and clapping, even if I dont do it.

Now as far as my attention-seeking cousins I generally feel sad for them. They really feel so inferior and they think the loud as s clothing and talking loud gets them respect.


Anonymous said...

Good Brotha Field,
I have to admit that I have wanted to shoot some of these but-holes who talk through a movie to impress their dates but just call the movie staff in usually works. But we know that if the victim was white and the shooter was black, the victim would be on the "Today Show", crying about violence in society..etc!! The shooter might be a vet or whatever but is his gun registered?? Send his butt to jail just like they would do anyone else of color!!


Anonymous said...

@ RiPPa
the movie was actually very good. it was kinda forest gump-ish, a retrospective of life type of thing. i'm not a brad pitt fan when he plays a central role in films, but don't knock the was a perfect "beginning of the new year" type of flick.

field negro said...

TT, I feel yea with the little old people. I almost forgot about them. Yes when they come to the movies without their hearing aids it's usually a problem.

"..I'm one of those folks who'll "SHHH!!!!" a loudmouth in a minute. However, once I took children to a movie and experienced "back o' the theater banter." Instead of getting shot (and leaving the kids without a ride home),.."

LOL at anon. with that one. Which reminds me of anohter issue. WTF do some of my cousins go to R rated and PG rated movies with their 9 and 10 year olds? If you can't afford a sitter, sit your ass at home.

"You never know who has a gun. "

Amen to that SG. And this guy, as Jody said, was the last person you want to f**k with.

R.J., you mught be up on us now in San Diego, but I guarantee you the score will change soon. I haven't checked last nights police report yet, so we might be on top already.

"I agree witht the 12% rule, 'cept I refuse to go to a church w/majority white people. I want to hear shouting amen and clapping, even if I dont do it."


Gregoire, what is that on your pic? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

dude wasn't just sitting watching the movie talking loud, read the article they were fighting apparently your cuz pissed off others got into a fight and drug wild bill into

good bad or ugly, bet he don't do that loud talk'in thang again...LOL

Anonymous said...

I got roped into seeing Benjamin Button and I have to admit, I wanted to SHOOT the SCREEN after two hours. The movie was too damn long by an hour and nothing but a face fest for those who love Brad Pitt. Uggh! BTW, I applaud the White guy in Philly for busting a cap in the blabber mouth. I get sick of that shit too. Movies cost over 10 bucks these days and I don't want to hear running commentary by some ghetto ass negroes who think they are the only people in the theater. More people should start blasting away so we can all enjoy the movies.

Anonymous said...

Yo Field!

Be careful when you say every white person in America. I'm white, but geez louise! I understand wanting to shoot people when you're angry. Actually doing it is something else! Kind of like beating my kids. Yeah, it's crossed my mind, but no way would I ever do it.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 5:35 am
"I stay away from movie theaters where large black movie goers attend. The whiter the theater the better I like it. I get to hear and enjoy the movie I paid to see."

Me and a friend went to a movie after Thanksgiving, (me Black, she is White). There were two couples behind us, all white. There was a White couple behind us, and the female kept kicking my chair before the movie started. I just moved over one seat to keep the peace. Later, some euro-trash arrived, and the female in this duo kept kicking my chair as well. I turned around and asked this cave----- NICELY to stop, and I even said thank you. She just looked at me and didn't open her mouth. She did it several more times until I turned around and told her 'you have ONE more time to do that'-and guess what, she finally stopped. Afterwards my friend told me cave----- #1's boyfriend kicked her chair a few times also, adjusting himself in his seat. So it was not racially motivated at all, just garbage who does not know how to behave in public.

All that to say, that was not the first time i have had that experience in a mostly white audience. Many melanin challenged people can be ill raised as well.

As for the shooter here, I can't say that I blame him. I don't know if it was racially motivated or not, but the "folks" should have gotten the hint after dude threw his popcorn at him. Movies in NYC are $14.00-I do not want to hear running commentary from Pookie n'em, nor get static from trash kicking my chair because they think they are back home in their trailer.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Field I just read your 12% post-man I thought it was just me.

I do not know what it is with so many Black people showing their behinds in public spaces-on the subways in NYC, I cringe when I see a group of Black teenagers getting on because it will be Stereotypes-r-Us all the way into Brooklyn. And the Latino kids often run neck in neck when it comes to loud ignorance.

As you noted, it is some pathological mess going on with this behavior. Can you imaging a mental health professional going out into the field to interview these subjects? They would either get cussed out or shanked.

Anonymous said...

Yet, I notice Philly doesn't even make it into the top 15 dangerous cities in America.

That is because they are looking at murder per capita. Oh you better believe that Philly is dangerous but at the same time a very nice city!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I'm in the minority here, but on the rare occasions when I go to the theater, I definitely like to talk back to the movie, and I enjoy the company of others who do the same. Makes it a much more enjoyable community experience, to the point where a typically cliche-ridden piece of Hollywood crap becomes almost worth watching - kind of like MTV videos with Beavis and Butthead commentary back in the day. Oh yeah, I'm white. I'd like to believe that assholery knows no ethnicity. But maybe there should be special assholes-only theaters for guys like me.

James C. Collier said...

Field: You missed the other sign that James is a stone killer to be avoided, them waxed eyebrows on such a mean-mug. LOL

Christopher Chambers said...

I'd heard about this. Apparently so did every thug in DC b/c my friends have all be saying that even action films have been VERY quiet. Anecodotal stories and whispers abound. Perhaps this needed to be done. Seriously. Am I bloodthirsty? An House Negro? No. Sometimes there are folks, especially young people, in our community who need to be shown a body in order to change behavior. Iam deeply saddened. But am I outraged? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Field, let me say I'm black and thank god this white-on-black crime happened! Just on sheer principle! I hate it when I pay my good money to see a film to have someone talk through it.

Please let James, my new hero, out of the slammer, so he can take care of the folks who use the bathroom several times in just two short hours, crunch popcorn in my ears, check their brightly lit blackberries 5000 times, let their crying babies into an R rated film, and those inclined to snore.

Anonymous said...

So Field I just read your 12% post which was written before I started frequenting here. Gave me a smile. I live in the suburbs of DC so, I'll admit, the theatres I frequent have a predominantly white audience.

That said, I have my own 12% rule. White teenage girls. They annoy the piss out of me with their air of entitlement, their shopping bags and cell phones, their squeals of laughter and loud talk, their over-made up faces, and well, just about everything about them as you can tell. :) When they get in packs, they are intolerable.

Anonymous said...

well now, where I went to college we had a showing for the talkers on Bad Movie Night (Sundays at 10pm). mst3k the whole way through.

Wish they could Designate something like that on a larger scale.

It's fun when everyone's having fun with it, but I sure as heck wouldn't want to piss someone off doing it.

but yeah, who actually has time to go to the theatre anymore??

Sharon from WI said...

People who talk in movies (some even give advice to the characters on the screen as if Forrest or Batman can hear them) are the reason I go to movies on the East side of town. Or I wait until it's on cable or DVD.

Christopher Chambers said...

Seriously though Field--I know all the neo Panthers will say this is another example yes of hypocrisy, racism, the cheapness of black life, but the FACT remains it is a universal condition that EVERYONE nods their heads and says yeah, down deep, I see this happening....I wanted to do it myself...stop talking, cursing in front of my child, etc etc.

That is the double edged sword of race in this country--not only does it degrade and oppress, but it spawn a culture where the oppressed become assholes. Again, I'm not outraged. Are our lives cheap? Yes. But we have a lot to do with that, as we don't often respct ourselves. It's like the Jena 6 kid. "Activists" are blaming the old civil rights tools for not "mentoring" this kid. WTF? This kid and his parents, not us, have the responsibility to live a decent life, especially when he's been in the public eye as a rallying point for our protest. Fuck him, and fuck this dude who got shot in the theatre. Comport yourself like a adult or a human being with manners and dignity. It's as easy as that. yeah, I said it. Life might not be better, but you've gone a little ways in making it so.

Susan Gray said...

I don't know of any asshole-only theatres, but here in Austin we have theatres who have movie showings for children with autism and their families. They specialize the snacks, and the kids can be disruptive, shout out, clap, talk, whatever, and everyone understands that this is just part of their disability. Many families participate and are grateful for a place they can take their kids and not be considered a burden to other movie goers.

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

Sounds like that Old West story about John Wesley Hardin, who "shot a man just for snoring."

I'm all in favor of getting people to STFU during the movie... but shooting them? Seems just a bit... much, don't you think?

And add me to those who believe that if the vic had been white and the shooter black, that Negro would have had his black ass sittin' in gaol with multiple counts: attempted murder, attempted aggravated murder, assault with a deadly weapon, posession of a weapon within the city limits...

And nobody, but nobody would fucking sympathize with him, either.

Sharon from WI said...

They specialize the snacks, and the kids can be disruptive, shout out, clap, talk, whatever, and everyone understands that this is just part of their disability. Many families participate and are grateful for a place they can take their kids and not be considered a burden to other movie goers.

But you will have to concede there is a world of difference between children with special needs and adults who should know better. :-)

field negro said...

"Well, I guess I'm in the minority here, but on the rare occasions when I go to the theater, I definitely like to talk back to the movie, and I enjoy the company of others who do the same."

Dave, WTF? please tell me where you live and which theaters you frequent, so that I will know to stay away from you.

Grata said...

"I do not know what it is with so many Black people showing their behinds in public spaces-on the subways in NYC, I cringe when I see a group of Black teenagers getting on because it will be Stereotypes-r-Us all the way into Brooklyn. And the Latino kids often run neck in neck when it comes to loud ignorance. "

You are guaranteed to find loud annoying teenagers on Subways in LA on weekend nights. They travel up the blue line then connect to the red line up to Hollywood. I have travelled with a bunch before all the way from Compton to Hollywood. What I found interesting was on the blue line they were noisy but not quite as much. When they got on the red line which has more non black people than the blue line, they got out of control. So I concluded that it was about getting the others' attention. Really sick. I confronted one girl once and she told me, "that's how we n****rs do it".
I almost broke one's arm when he pulled my hair. I bet you if I had a gun I would have shot him. These types of people are a nuisance.

This incident shows us that black people need to start seriously confronting that which ills us and is destructive to us. Otherwise we will be reminded again by another gun trotter.

Anonymous said...

Some of you people are sick for even thinking about shooting anyone over a movie. It's no surprise why America is such a violent, violent, violent place. Americans have people who shoot and people who obsess about shooting. You Americans are sick fucks.

Sharon from WI said...

Some of you people are sick for even thinking about shooting anyone over a movie. It's no surprise why America is such a violent, violent, violent place

Well shooting someone because he or she can't be quiet during a film is out of the question. It's reprehensible--no one's life should be endangered because some jerk can't shut up during a film.

You have the option of moving to another seat...or you can contact management.

Or, you can attend movie houses that don't have the clientele who want to shout at and attempt to communicate with the characters on the screen.

I find nothing wrong with someone whispering,for example, "What did he say?"

Or laughing at a choice line or scene (usually the whole audience is joining in anyway).

But for someone to make it impossible to enjoy the movie is truly being inconsiderate.

Marc B said...

I hate loud assholes talking during movies, but if a "hey, keep it down" doesn't suffice and the later "STFU" doesn't work or lead to a fist-fight, you don't go and shoot black boyz for being loud.

Not being much of a fan of this and other urban behavioral customs, I do spend my most of my free time in the burbs'.

BTW, I'm sick of sensitive judges and the over-crowding of city jails leading to fools like this getting plea bargained down from attempted murder just because they were bad shots.

alicia banks said...


i am not mad at him...

and i see all movies on DVD now because most people are RUDE...most theatres are FILTHY etc...


alicia banks

Robert M said...

I've been dealing w/ my cousins since Shaft. I swear there are just some movies that just require the cousins, Crank comes to mind. It is a lot like Mystery Theatre 3000 w/ better lines.
I do have a suggestion for a movie though. I'm through with white girls. ROTFLMAO

La♥audiobooks said...

I can't help wonder if he would have done the same drastic thing if the guy was also white...

Even so, I don't feel sorry for the noise carriers. I'm sick of people who talk in theaters. Oh, and it doesn't stop there, try living next door to, or in a neighborhood that's infested by cousins.

I'm sick of noise polluting people of all race, period.

Sharon from WI said...

Another offender at the movies are the parents who can't or won't hire a babysitter and leave the little one at home.

This scenario comes second to the big mouths who offer running commentary and advice to the actors onscreen.

Say you have a movie like The Bourne Identity, No Country for Old Men or other feature that is clearly not aimed at kids, much less infants.

So here comes mama with her 18-month old who can't sit still, is cranky, bored and cries its little head off.

I don't fault the toddler; I fault the parent--it's not fair to the child nor is it fair to moviegoers who pay good money for gas and tickets (and snacks) to see a movie.

My daughter and her girlfriend once went to see Set It Off with Queen Latifah. Clearly not a kids film.

Seated next to the two of them was a mother and baby. Baby was irritable and crying. Mom didn't know what to do to console the toddler.

So my daughter's girlfriend asked the mother to let her take a shot at consoling the infant and she did just that. The baby quieted down.

As nice as that worked out, this often is not the case and it shouldn't come to this.

Some theaters won't allow kids under a certain age to even enter anymore because of this problem.

Anonymous said...

The Florida Oklahoma game will be shown in 3D live at a movie theater. I'll bet that will be loud. I'm not sure if they'll be selling beer, probably not.


TrueBlue said...

Mixed feelings here.

To me, the shooter looks like a stereotypical trailer park skinhead. His picture is the white equivalent of the black guys who were hanging on the lampposts outside of the O.J. trial. He scares me to look at him, and I can readily sympathize with black people who have a similar reaction.

Also: Christ, the guy packed heat in a movie theater. He is a walking argument for gun control. This is what happens when you glorify guns and remove the barriers to distribution and easy carrying of them. Idiots bearing arms is a scary thought regardless of what color they are.

Now, on the other side of it. Field, it's a good thing that skinheads don't hang out on tennis courts acting like the noise police, huh? You might recall that thread, where I sided against you. I still do, because even though I think the Skinhead Hero is a criminal who should spend a long time behind bars, I fuckin' hate noise, and the word hate is one that I make a fair amount of effort not to use.

You see, I am blessed and cursed with really sharp hearing, so I'm the guy who can hear someone whispering in the back of the movie theater. That's why I have a home theater, along with a stereo that is worth more than some houses. So, when I hear crap like cell-yellers or ka-thumpa-thumpa bass beats in cars or even distant houses, I go a little crazy.

Which is one of several reasons why I wouldn't own a gun. People with pet peeves should not own guns.

It's interesting about black people and noise. It's frankly not an association I've made, but then maybe it's because I've lived in white neighorhoods. If people are carrying on in places where it's okay to carry on, then fine, not even I complain. Only when it's in places where people ought to shut up, or be somewhat quiet, do I generally get irritated.

The exception: Ka-thumpa-thumpa-thumpa. Hip-hop beat. From a car. And I hear it from plenty of white kids, who in usual fashion have climbed onto the fashion-forward black trend. Hip-hop is bad enough for everyone, but if I were black, hip-hop would make me want to cry. How could the people who gave us Saint John Coltrane be doing this? That's what I'd think.

Anyway, my daily social interactions with black people, infinitesimally narrow as they are, have been recently joyful, because I've been able to connect by making a comment about how in X weeks, we're going to have a new president who doesn't make me feel ashamed to be an American.

I know, I know. It's a band-aid and don't start thinking the world is new. Really, I know. But I also know that I'm going to take my joy when I can get it. For the next two and a half weeks, anyone can talk all they want during the movie, but on Jan. 21st will you kindly shut up?

TrueBlue said...

p.s.: I re-read my posting and realize it could be misinterpreted. I did not mean to convey that it's somehow okay to carry on in black neighborhoods but that people should shut up in white ones. What I meant to convey was that if people are loud on a loud street (wherever it is), then I don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

@ dave:

Well, I guess I'm in the minority here, but on the rare occasions when I go to the theater, I definitely like to talk back to the movie, and I enjoy the company of others who do the same

ummm...yeah. me and you would have to fight! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow! No one remembers the rush of an audience breaking into spontaneous laughter or cheers for a common hero? The muffled sound of weeping at a touching scene? The spread of recognition as a bit of dialogue registered with an ever widening pool of viewers?Leaving a theatre smiling at strangers after a shared experienced enjoyed?
This reminds me of tapping messages via telegraph in 1880 getting telephones in 1920 and tapping text messages 2009! Look how far we've come.

Najmah said...

@brian - I remember.

Damn people, is it that bad? I mean really that bad? We can applaud a person for nearly killing another person for talking in a movie? $12.50 for a life? Really? That's some sad ass commentary indeed folks.

Sharon from WI said...

Who here is applauding this idiot?

Francis Holland said...

I grew up in a small city where Black people didn't scream at movies as if they were at the Rocky Horror Picture show. It was so refreshing to travel to New York as a kid and discover that some people were actually ALIVE at the theatre, not mindless subjects of Hollywood propaganda, but screaming out the doubts and questions they had about the plot, the acting and advice to the actors.

I think people who want to watch a movie in peace should do so at their home theatres. People who want to revel in a movie as if it's New Years Eve should get together at theatres and scream their bloody heads off if they want to. For me, it's a lot more fun that way.

No, white people don't like to hear anyone speaking at a movie, but then white people don't f*** doggie style. Are we going to follow them down every boring path?

Grata said...

I can't help but feel this may have been premeditated. Armed and going to the movie theatre? He intended to use that gun and was looking or an opportunity. The guy's relative may have once been insulted by a cousin in the theatre and he planned to get back at them.

Anonymous said...

This goes back to that post you did about your cousin/wife's cousin. The one who came back from Iraq messed up and shot himself.

If we don't start getting these vets some serious mental care, then expect more shootings like this. Hell, shooting are already up at Fort Carson.

As far as the movie goes, if the vet were in his right state of mind
1) he wouldn't be in a sappy Pitt movie by himself to begin with
2) he would've got help from management and had management kick the blabbers out.
3) he wouldn't have brought a gun to the movies as well. Who gets jacked at the movies, anyhow?

I actually don't mind hearing my cousins talking during a movie. But they don't talk thru every movie.
Here's a HINT Field and shooter supporters- If there's people blabbing thru the movie, then maybe the MOVIE SUCKS! Don't blame the crowd, blame the writers.
I am so disappointed with the writing in movies these days, that I'm tempted to start writing movies myself.

Anonymous said...

life is too short to care how loud someone else is in a movie. Tomorrow I may lose my life, what a waste of today if I spend my time fretting over nonsense

Anonymous said...

went to a movie at the half price place with 4 of my kids 5 minutes from home nobody bothered anybody and the only one talking was my 8 yr old white son asking how this kid could be so stupid that he didn't know his Dad was running a concentration camp. Not convinced this story is about anything other than some passive aggressive race baiting

Anonymous said...

Francis L. Holland-"No, white people don't like to hear anyone speaking at a movie, but then white people don't f*** doggie style. Are we going to follow them down every boring path?"

I am not trying to follow Whites down any path. I JUST want to go to a movie and enjoy it without a bunch of BORING loud-mouth cousins, who 'f*** doggy style', acting as MINDLESS commentators on the movie.


Sharon from WI said...

I am not trying to follow Whites down any path. I JUST want to go to a movie and enjoy it without a bunch of BORING loud-mouth cousins, who 'f*** doggy style', acting as MINDLESS commentators on the movie.


tuhmeesuh said...

wow field...that's really all i can say about this one.

amazing the things people do these days.

Anonymous said...

Another sad aspect of this story is that there are many people out here who only understand violence. Words like 'please' 'thank you', 'would you mind' often do not have any bearing.

I had a noisy neighbor once-loud music and drug parties. I started off asking him nicely to keep it down, calling 311, the police, then I went to the management office who did not care because he paid rent on time-The noise became more frequent, louder and I ended up sleep deprived while this junkie trash could sleep all day. One night he pounded on my door after I yelled at him through the wall. I got my metal baseball bat, and proceeded to f--- up his door, and at one point he opened the door and gaped at me in disbelief. Good thing he had good reflexes cause I lost my mind and swung at him. And yes I was arrested for a violation, but I damn sure had peace and quiet for the rest of my time there, and did not hear a peep from him.

The real tragedy is that there are fools out here who make you go there until you show them what's up.

Anonymous said...

I'm not mad at him

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone trying to claim some cultural right or predisposition for ignorant behavior ? Being rude when people are trying to hear something is just rude it's not cultural and other ignorant people will shoot you if you are blue or white or high yellow. And who told homie about white folks sexual positions anyway that was insightful all all hell.

Anonymous said...

I'd say a dumb looking white dude with a droopy eye and a cauliflower ear isn't skimming from the top of the gene pool here. Dude has dumb ass written all over his face. I'm just glad your cousin wasn't badly injured. But Benjamin Buttons?

Grégoire said...

Dear Field,

I'm glad I caught this...

Gregoire, what is that on your pic? Just curious.

It's the logo of the Belgrade Partizans Football (soccer) Club. :)

Or it was, anyway. Had I known you were going to ask me, I wouldn't have changed it this morning.

Love your blog, by the way. I read every day but never seem to leave any comments. Keep writing, thinking, etc...

allheavens said...

One of my pet peeves is people talking and using their phones in movie theaters. I simply will not tolerate it.

Children, teenagers, grown folk, the elderly, Black, white, Latino beware. STFU, take off your Bluetooth head sets, put your phones on silent mode AND put them away, no texting, no playing video games because if you don't adhere to these simple rules of civility you will hear about it from me.

There is nothing going on in our mundane little lives that require that we be connected to the outside world 24/7 and if you must than stay the fuck at home.

Late? Have a little respect for the people who actually showed up early or on time and enter the theater as quietly as possible and do not ask me to move over so you can sit together because guess what? If you had gotten to the movie a little early or even on time you probably could have gotten seats together.

My friends hate going to the movies with me because they swear I am going to get the killed one day. But hell, movies are not cheap anymore and I am not laying out my hard earned dough to be distracted by rude people with rude technology.

And what is with people taking their shoes off and putting their bare feet on the back of seats that are OCCUPIED by other moviegoers? I mean DAMN!

Sharon from WI said...

Late? Have a little respect for the people who actually showed up early or on time and enter the theater as quietly as possible and do not ask me to move over so you can sit together because guess what? If you had gotten to the movie a little early or even on time you probably could have gotten seats together.

Oh, come on now. You could move over so a couple could sit together. That would not bother me. :-)

Antonio said...

Hmmm a little late to this entry but I'll just say:

1. I frickin' hate people who talk during the movies. That's why 1.50 movies never get my money.

2. Benjamin Button is a damn good movie (even if Button's black 'mom' is almost offensively stereotypical). It's not a chick flick IMO, and even if it were, it's damn good movie.

3. Happy New Year

west coast story said...

I never thought of shooting anyone. What an excellent solution. As it is, I rarely go to the movies what with the loud mouths, the ring tones, the screaming into cell phones. It seems that a lot of people don't know how to act in public. I know we can't shoot everyone who gets on our nerves otherwise there would be no overpopulation problem.

Frankly, I'm surprised the brother didn't shoot back.

Anonymous said...

I have never had a problem with talkers at the movies, because I am more likely to move to another seat from a blabber mouth. I'm in the south, and this is news to me, since I am black, that blacks are loud talkers at the movies. This shooting is ridiculous as is the assumption that all blacks are blabber mouths in some respect or another.

Anonymous said...

As a field negro in disease of a house negro, I have long given up on our "gen pop" in regards to movie going. Last year, I was assaulted by one of my own cousins in the movie because he claimed, I was kicking his seat. Now, you might say, dont kick the mans seat but I was seating 7 seats to his right in the row behind him, alone!! I state this because I am a female 5'4, 155 lbs with a dress and heels on, trying to catch a movie during the "off peak" time when our cousins usually dont attend. Our cousin proceeded to jump over the seats knock me down, kick me repeatedly and through the trash can on me. His date did nothing to stop. She told me I should not have talked back. Later i find he is a police officer. So ignorance unfortunately, comes in all colors, "even in blue". I.E. New Orleans, Ray Nagin and police New Orleans Police that looted and walked off job while thousands of us perished.

Anonymous said...

White don't fuck doggie style? Speak for yourself!

Anonymous said...

while race may have been an issue, could be that he just got shot for being a loud, narcissistic asshole that ruined the experience for other people.

Assholes come in all colors. And most of us non selfish assholes of all colors don't like assholes who needlessly piss others off.

I'm sure that guy would be a hero to many people regardless of skin color of the shooter or victim, just because he did an instant karmic deliverance thing that most people would like to see happen to the assholes of the world, but maybe not in such an extreme manner.

Anonymous said...

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