Friday, January 09, 2009

Is it something he said?

I wonder what the O man has against Howard Dean? I don't mean to diss on the chosen one, but I really have to wonder why the good Doctor is being avoided like a black man at a FOX NEWS party.

Come on O man, show the guy some love. I know what your campaign did with the Internet and modern technology, but let's not forget who started this ball rolling. It was Dean. I think he deserves a lot of credit for being the DNC chair at a time when the dems swept back into Washington.

Yes folks, on a day when his O ness and company was welcoming in the new DNC chair, Tim Kaine, poor Dr. Dean was half way around the world cooling his heals. The Obama people said that they would have invited him, but they knew that he had other travel plans. Yeah right. * me rolling my eyes*.

“..It’s the most puzzling thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” added a longtime Democrat and friend of Dean, echoing the exasperation and befuddlement many close to him feel about his treatment since the election. “I have tried my best through [Obama advisers] Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and David Plouffe to ask if he ever committed some crime. I don’t get it. He’s been a good soldier....”

Apparently not good enough. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this and tell me why there is no love between his O ness and the good Doctor. Maybe one of you Obamaholics know the real deal. If you do, please tell. Inquiring minds want to know.

I am seeing all these Cabinet posts being filled, and still, no bones for the man who, more than anyone else, (except for the candidate himself and you Obamaholics) was responsible for making this happen. It wasn't Rahm Emanuel (who I hear might be the cause of this rift), it wasn't David Axelrod, and it sure as hell wasn't the rest of the dumbocratic leadership (not even you, black caucus). Health and Human Services? Nope that goes to Tom Daschle. Surgeon General (the man is a Doctor) Nope, that goes to CNN Sanjay . Nothing against Sanjay, he might actually do a fine job, but when his O ness looks to CNN instead of the good Doctor for this position, there is a problem.

So O man, let the good Doctor in the O house, whatever he did to you couldn't have been worse than what Traitor Joe did. And you seem to be chumming up with him again. If it's Rham, tell him to get over his issues with the guy and move one. He deserves that much.

I know you are sitting on top of the world now, but remember, karma can be a bitch.


Lola Gets said...

Actually, I have no comment to say about the topic of this post; I just wanted to say...
Im number one, Im number one!



earlgrey said...

LOL @Lola Gets, more of us night owls.

This is pretty interesting. He really has ridden off into the sunset. It will be interesting to see if he gets anything coming up. Maybe a nice ambassadorship?

Traveling Matt said...

i miss the good doctor ho-dean too. seriously? sanjay gupta? i swear to god tim gunn is next. "hmmm, barack this troubles me." or the catch phrase for the transfer of office "make it work". if you don't watch project runway, sorry.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was that it was a Chicago type destroy the competition and I'm sticking with it.


The Mad Bomber said...

This is where the Obamaniacs will get their education in down-and-dirty politics. What they don't realize is their man is less Martin Luther King than Richard Daley. As anyone familiar with his time in Chicago knows, he plays hardball. He is treating Dean to his elbows because he knows that Dean-style naive idealism - if allowed to compete with Obama's own brand - would eventually lead to embarassing questions for Obama himself. He is trying to cut a potential Huey Long off at the knees.

I've said it before, will say it again: Obama is less a visionary than a practical politician. He knows how to give a pretty speech when it suits his purposes. However, you must understand that this man's sole purpose - his ONLY raison d'etre - is to accumulate and hold power, and use it to reward allies and punish his foes. He is a politician. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Dean never impressed me. I felt that he never should have been chairman of the DNC in the first place. When Hillary violated the DNC rules during the primaries in Michigan and Florida, Dean was useless while that crap was going on.

He has the reputation of being a political space cadet. Again and again, he has proven to be unpredictable and indecisive. Even his run for the presidency was a major disaster.

What would Obama want with a man like Dean in his administration? The economy is in a recession and still sinking, Israel is destroying Gaza and killing hundreds of Palestinians, the war in Iraq, terrorists, Pakistan, tensions between India and Pakistan...

Come on, Field get a grip! Just because Obama let Lieberman stay doesn't mean that he's looking for MORE spineless jackasses. And if there is a rift between Rham Emanuel and Dean, that's another good reason not to bother with him.

EzMun said...

I don't necessarily see O's treatment of Dr. Howie as maltreatment of Dr. Howie. I see Dr. Howie as collateral damage in the O-man's attempt to ensure that he has no viable competition in 4 years. We are talking about the same O-man who appointed his biggest rival-Hillary Clinton (and her synchopants) to his administration as if this were the second coming of the Clinton administration.

As governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine has two more years in office. Virginia has a one term limit on its governors. The VA Senate seats are pretty much locked up. Jim Webb and Mark Warner ain't going anywhere anytime soon. VA is a purple state that isn't an automatic "blue" state come 4 years. By installing Kaine in as DNC Chief one gets the benefit of taking him out of possible contention in four years, essentially putting him on the shelf to accumulate power onto himself so that when he (Kaine) runs in 8 years, he has some of the necessary inner party support for a viable run. Let's face it, there is no party more trecherous having more infighting than the Dems. To ensure your power, you have to install synchopants at every place of power.

The O-man and Kaine are pretty good friends--or at least good political allies-- and both understand practical power. Think about it, where is Tim Kaine supposed to go from here if he weren't the VP pick? This thing smells more like what it's doing for Kaine more than any slap on Dr. Howie's face (politically speaking of course).

EzMun said...

Not sure if you are aware, but the Illinois Supreme Court just cleared the way for Roland Burris to be seated as the next junior Senator from Illinois. It was kind of a two-fer, Burris' mandamus action was denied--the Court ruled that Jessie White (Illinois Secretary of State) is not required to countersign and affix the state seal to Burris' appointment papers.... but in so ruling they ruled that Burris' appointment was a legal act done by the sitting governor and that there appear to be no law or U.S. Senate rules that require the signature of a state secretary of state on the appointment papers.

See the 1/9/09 opinion here on the Illinois Supreme Court's website for special matters

Anonymous said...

Dissing Dean is downright silly. This is a Rahm Emmanuel move if there ever was. I never like Emmanuel and he is a SNAKE.

Check this, Emmanuel holds grudges, was behind the slow repsone by Obama and his rambling about talking to Blagoevich. He hid and has been hiding ever since. Emman and the Clintonites HATE DEAN becuase he showed them off by stoping the INSANE CLOWN POSSE of 17 state campaigning. Gave us Hillary as SOS instead of John Kerry. It goes on and on....

If Obama wants to have a rocky adminstration he will get it with with his treatment of his REAL Dean whose 50 state stragtey added Dummy Dems.

The GOP, rightwing talk radio and Fox will try to defeat Obama everyday....why let Rambo, JoeMentum and Stupid Reid kill off his Presidency!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Does it have something to do with the cluster fuck that was Michigan and Florida during the primaries?

Christopher said...

The really bizarre thing is who Barry selected to replace Howard Dean with: VA Gov. Tim Kaine.

Kaine, is made from the same clothe as Rick Warren. He's vehemently antigay, against gay marriage, and even civil unions.

But the fun doesn't stop there.

Kaine is opposed to all abortions, even if the woman's life is in jeopardy. He's also against stem cell research and doesn't want any stem cell research to occur in his state of Virginia.

You know, Barry really needs to stop waltzing with these Christian zealots. People are starting to get a negative impression of him.

As I move around the blogoshere, I've noticed the Obama/Biden buttons are gone and an increase in the number of critical pieces written about him -- and he hasn't even been sworn in yet. It all began after Barry fucked up and invited his new BFF, Rick Warren to perform the invocation.

This is when I realized he couldn't be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are forgetting Dean's lack of action during the Michigan/Florida debacle, as well as him not reigning on the Clintons when they were race baiting throughout the primary.

field negro said...

"Does it have something to do with the cluster fuck that was Michigan and Florida during the primaries?"

nyc/caribbean, I think that is a part of it.

The Public Eye, I am quite aware that his O ness is more politrickster that true blue idealogue. You might want to tell that to the Obamaholics out there. Doesn't mesan he won't do a good job in office, but we have to call a spade a spade and keep it 100% with each other.

Yes EzMun, it seems like a smart move politically to embrace Kaine now, but there might be dangers down the road as well.(See comments from Chris above)

Jody said...

Frankly, I don't care if Obama joins up with the devil himself or rejects Jesus Christ if it means ending the war, health care for all, and getting the economy into some kind of recovery plan. All of this bullshit speculation about who's in and who's out is getting on my last nerve. The man has not even taken the oath of office yet! We are facing some serious shit in the country. The dry drunk bastard and his minions have left this country in shambles. I will be the first to look at his policies and proposed legislation for analysis but this bullshit about who's giving a prayer or who's your daddy is nothing more than mental masturbation. Get a fucking grip!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with ezmun's assessment, and it does not to be a diss. This is the game of politics, and it is complex. It's true that Dean came up with the 50 state strategy, but he does not possess the political acumen like Obama.

I think Obama choosing Dr. Gupta as Surgeon General is great move as well. Gupta is probably one of the most famous physicians in the country. He is both a doctor and journalist, and can deptly articulate medical information with ease so the pubic can better understand. Yes, Gupta is on CNN, but does not equate to having experience speaking to the public?

field negro said...

Hennasplace, I am aware of Gupta's credentials. He is a very smart guy, and he has a way of making complicated things simple.

But let's see what happens with the politics of the selection down the road.

Jody, I understand your frustration. But you have to know that this is all interelated. The O man won't have a chance to fix all the things you are talking about if the political climate is not right or he doesn't have the votes. We should never lose sight of the fact that this is A-merry-ca.

field negro said...

Hi Lola! Do you have a full house in D.C. for the inauguration? If not, I have some friends who are coming from California, and.....well, could you help a brotha out?

LOL! Just kidding. And about that car...

Anonymous said...

Dean really should have been named Chief of staff in my opine,he probly dont like ole rham-they seem like they would conflict,what a great job he did running the election.

Anonymous said...

It could be that Howard Dean is a nut case. Did you ever consider that? I supported his run for president because he was the only one who had the balls to challenge the Bush dictatorship when the rest of the Democrats were busy licking Bush's boots after 9-11. But the truth of the matter is Dean is a true Maverick--not the fake John McCain type of maverick. He does not take well to being second banana to anybody and will chart his own course even if it is to the detriment of his bosses. Dean should be given credit for restoring a sense of strength to the Democratic Party, but he is a loose cannon who would not fit well in a no drama administration.(cue up the Dean "I have a Scream" B-roll "Yaaagh!")

? said...

Hennasplace, I am aware of Gupta's credentials. He is a very smart guy, and he has a way of making complicated things simple.

Remember when Gupta claimed Michael Moore fudged his facts about the healthcare industry and was subsequently proved very wrong?

You should also check out Paul Krugman's piece written in opposition to the Gupta nomination.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Field, up until now and every time I went there to vote, I have been voting for you as best individual Blogger. I hope the batshit loopy bush lovin' idiotic wingnut in the lead doesn't win.

Connecticut Man1 said...

As for Dean? He would be a 200% better choice for SG than the addle minded and mucho deservedly maligned Gupta.

Anonymous said...

You always think it's O'man's fault. Maybe Howard Dean has some issues which might be exposed in "vetting". Stop it! We don't know both sides.

Anonymous said...

Dean isn't a Villager. He out-performed all the Ancient Wise Men/Women of Washington and commited the unforgivable, showing up his 'betters'.


Anonymous said...

Who could care less about Howard Dean? he's a creep.

One reason I like Obama is that he doesn't let "niceness" get in the way achieving his goals: He got my vote when he decided NOT to use public money in the campaign, because he was raising so much money and his goal was to WIN

rikyrah said...

If you find out, FN. Please tell me. Howard Dean is more responsible than anyone for Obama's victory, because he laid the foundation for the Obama Candidacy. Everything Dean did, Obama did better. Everything Dean did wrong, Obama made sure not to do. Without Dean in 2004 and him winning the DNC chair, there would have been no Obama in 2008.

I've been very disappointed in the treatment of Dean, who turned out to be a visionary.

As for Gupta...

Quick, name me Bush's Surgeon Generals..

See. I got ya.

I can't name them either.

Gupta will be the tv friendly face out front trying to sell the Obama health policies. No qualms with that.

But, Dean should have been offered SOMETHING by Obama.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field--sorry can't accomodate you next week. Got a floor full of Negroes as it is, and some are so hard up for something to do other than freeze they are accepting invites to the ball hosted by Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

As for Dean, yeah, Rikyrah's on it: the doctor was the architect of Obama's victory. There I said it. Were it not for him, there'd be no Obama presidencty. The Democrats would be stuck in the past's way of doing it--when two or three "big" states and pray black folks and lesbians would make it close in others. What you're hearing above in these comments is the last wisp of Kool Aide, as folk realize Barack's about Barack, not any causes, movements, help. Field, isn';t it interesting how before 11/4 or the fist cabinet picks the Obamaholics trumpeted how Barack was different, honest, open, not a player or typical Chicago political asshole. Oops. Now they are saying hey, give him a break. he's cunning, merciless, cagey. So which is it, folks?

Oh the programs of the first 100 days, they'll trickle down a bit. Don't look for the massive transformation people like Krugman...and even old line conservative economists say we need. No "Minority Report" housing and transportation, health rebuilding. I thought I'd see what I was told I'd see when i wa a child: flying cars et al. I was told two months ago that this would be Barack's legacy. Well, after cronies get the pork, Chicago style, maybe.

Thus the Dean thing is just a metaphor for what's to come. So was the mailings and emails, text begging for money to help retire HRC's campaign debt.

FYI, kiss the Eagles good bye. But I'll oil up Mo'Nique's thighs on youtube if either they or the Ravens get to the Super Bowl. Stranger things have happened. But not O's victory. That wasn't strange. That was Howard Dean's.

Jody said...

Christopher Chambers... I will be holding you to your challenge... Thats actually more entertaining than Fields run on Broad! GO EAGLES!

Anonymous said...

You've NEVER liked our President-Elect, Field. STOP IT. STFU, you know, with love.

Anonymous said...

It does seem that Obama has beef with Dean, not sure why. Look he may have a loose screw but it does seem he could have found a position for the man. I don't know, I won't judge Obama just yet but admittedly some of the love glow is wearing off.

Dan Leo said...

Yeah, who the hell knows. Just to slide slightly off-topic, the number one thing that bugs me already about the incoming administration is the seeming inevitability of this business of sending another oh, 20,000 or 30,000 troops into Afghanistan. Arggh...The economy's going to shit? What the hell, let's send a few more divisions into the Afghan hills on a wild goose chase...

ArtMaggot said...

Maybe it was the scream?

aunt mary said...

Dear Mr. Field,
How are you sir? I'm from Illinois, so I know me some politics. We usually get to conduct our politics without so many people watching. But now everybody wants to gawk and tut-tut and go "My, oh, my". Mr. Obama is from Illinois and he knows him some politics, too. Politics is not for children. The Clintons thought they knew them some politics, but they were amateurs. Besides, they were from Arkansas. Please. Mr. Obama gutted that Clinton machine and the steam was still rising from its belly while Mr. Obama was no where to be seen and racking him up some delegates in, WTF, Florida. I don't know what's wrong with the Dr. Dean. He seems nice, but he always seemed childlike and naive. And we know children should not be allowed anywhere near politics. It's just not safe. All the Democrats who want to save the whales and achieve world peace and sing Kumbaya had better keep hunkered down close to the ground to protect their soft underbellies. Mr. Obama is in charge now and he's a grown up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Christopher Chambers.... Baltimore 13, Titans 10... better call Mo Nique and give her fair warning.... I know its not the super bowl yet, but its a step closer.

field negro said...

Oh yes Chris, I hope Mo Nique doesn't have a thing for Coolie looking Yawdies, or you are in TROUBLE. :)

Those Ravens look good.

Anonymous said...

Sanjay, is a smart choice. the Indian Community has deep pockets and little attention has been given to them. They appear to be leaning Republican so the Democrats had better start wooing them. Also it does wonders on the global stage given India is gaining alot of clout. Its all about good will.
There are about 2 million Indians in America and most of them are professionals. That is a huge constituency.
As for Dean. This guy just has this streak of bad luck plaguing him. Who can forget what they did to him in the 2004 election? After he dropped out, I didn't care for the election.

Anonymous said...


We are certainly not "leaning republican" if "leaning" means over 50%.
It might seem that way, because a large part of the community does have, as you said, deep pockets, so a vote for McCain is in many of our interests. Added to that, older indians have a hindu-muslim prejudice going on, not to mention the strong hold racism has on our community. But no where near 50%.

Trust me, no minority group can lean republican for long. We took shit after 9/11 from republican types, at airports, in locker rooms, etc. Second generation indians are almost all pro obama, and so are most first generation immigrants who are younger than 50 and have been in the US for a while.

One thing though...Indians may have a strong sense of community, but I don't think putting this random Sanjay guy in this petty position will change anyones mind, any more than Condi changes anyones mind. What has to happen is polititions have to actually campaign in our communities, in person.

Christopher Chambers said...

I heard Mo'Nique loves herself men with "good hair" (contrary to what she says on the air) so I guess there's no way out for me with my coolie hair. Oh well. Gotta find a gallon of Nivea and pray the Eagles lose...

Jody said...


Go Eagles!

Anonymous said...

Dean has those wild looking eyes. Like he just might pull out a gun and pop a cap. Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Dr. Dean, I'm sure he is taking care of himself.

NOW, for the real question??? for you???
When will that run happen in Philly? Are you waiting until after Obama takes his oath?
Inquiring minds want to know.

If it is cold weather wait for a good day but don't use cold weather as an excuse. We who are voting for you at the weblog awards site cheer you on.

Makaii from Maui

Anonymous said...

Bulls-eye, Field.

First of all, without Dean laying the path, there would be no Obama. Period.

And Dean doesnt hate Rahm, try the other way around. Emanuel holds eternal grudges and he butted heads with Dean because EMANUEL THOUGHT THE 50 STATE STRATEGY WAS A STUPID WASTE OF $$$. Then, when Dean was vindicated, it didn't stop Rahm from continuing to hate his guts.

And by the way, the Dean scream is a myth. The crowds were cheering loud that night, and people who were there have said, on record, that they could barely hear "the scream" over the din. Which is exactly why Dr. Dean was so loud in the first place.

This dude layed the path, was a good soldier, had a good idea, stood up for it, was vindicated... and now he's on the curb.

Absolutely bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Field, on a heavier note, do you still think Israel's killing spree of Palestianians in Gaza is kosher? Do you still think they are the good guys? Mark my words, this is going to cost Israel BIG TIME.

BTW, what makes you think Rahm Emmanuel is to blame for Dean not getting a job? I am from Chicago and if it's anybody it's the Clintons. Ever think of that?

But I don't think it is anybody. It is just Dean himself. He is a loser. He is unpredictable and a nut case.

Field, you need to lay off of Obama and Emmanuel. The reason you have to make that run on Broad Street is because you keep missing the mark when it comes to politics, esp. if it involves Chicagoans.

Why not honor the man? Sit back and enjoy the greatest inauguration ever. Let Obama be sworn in before you let that critic in your head run wild.

field negro said...

"dalit", thank you so much for that perspective from your community. What you said made a lot of sense.

"NOW, for the real question??? for you???
When will that run happen in Philly? Are you waiting until after Obama takes his oath?
Inquiring minds want to know."

Yes Makaii I am.

Now will you please stop reminding people?:(

ArtMaggot Hysteria said...

This could be a clue!

Bob said...

It was the failed blue state / red state strategies of the old DNC (& Rahm) that brought us a Repug congress & then Bush II. Obama's campaign ground game was Dean's vision: 1. You gotta do better than letting a presidential election hang on one state. 2. Make the Repugs worry about districts & states THEY thought were safe.

Anonymous said...

the Dean Scream was a media hrc take down. they don't like him because he doesn't play their game by their rules. Dean did great things with healthcare in VT, and he did awesome at the DNC. MI & FL were not his fault, they all agreed to the rules then people broke them. the debacle was of their own creation.

I tend to agree it was Rham who squeezed him out. It's a shame becuase Dean would be a great HHS secretary, not that Daschle won;t be but this smells like the DLC corpse coming back to life.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

I don't get it and I don't like it. You get treated very well as an enemy of Obama's. So if you do something nice you get the shaft?! That's not right. When I think of LIEberman, Clinton and all those other scabs getting the white glove treatment, but the CBC, Dean and others get the door slammed in their face it's not right!

Anonymous said...

It ain't rahm. I'd bet a grand on that.

Rahm is the LAST person in Washington you want to be down on your case.

But the whole thing about the fifty state strategy seems like an ACTUAL difference in strategy -- the sort of thing that SHOULD be argued over, and then let drop. And Rahm's a professional -- a professional thug, true. But he knows when to pull that out, and when to be all hugs and kisses.

Bottom line: Rahm ain't Senator Hothead McCain. He also ain't the Clintons or the Bushes, who hold grudges till the end of time.

Dean was recruited. Don't be so sad that he's gone -- it was a marriage of convenience. There're other recruits out there, and god willing, one of them will be the new senator from Pennsylvania in two years.

Anonymous said...

I think there's something you all may be overlooking. Maybe the O-man already offered something to Dr. Dean, and he said no, I'm waiting for a seat with the Supremes.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a Pragmatist and consummate Chicago politician.

Dean has been and will always be irrelevant,(check his history) he simply doesn't have the stomach for this stuff.

Obama has intimated that he is not into ideologues nor is he concerned with the "left" agreeing with him, as he stated in Chicago.

You are witnesses to the beginning of the end of "partisan politics" or the semblance of it.

Now the big boys are going to Washington. Put your seat belts on folks, its going to be a bumpy ride,lol.

This is the first lesson in Politics 101 - Chicago style.

In the Field,
Black Rose

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

You are witnesses to the beginning of the end of "partisan politics" or the semblance of it.

Now the big boys are going to Washington. Put your seat belts on folks, its going to be a bumpy ride,lol.

Amen, Black Rose, amen!

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