Thursday, January 29, 2009

Death and despair.

Before I post tonight I want to comment on the political cat and mouse game going on in Washington. Rethugs lost the battle to block the O man's stimulus package yesterday, and now the spinners from both sides are out in full force. Folks, let me ask you a question: If you hired a builder to build your home and he fucked it up so bad that you had to bring in a new one to tear it down and build it up again; would you allow the builder who fucked it up to tell the new one what to do? Of course you wouldn't, that's my point.

So now to my post:

I saw a story today out of Michigan (no, not the one about the World War II vet who froze to death because the scum bags at the gas company turned off his heat) which made me think of one of those futuristic movies where the world is but a shell of what it used to be. It's a world fully populated by scavengers and barbarism rules the day.

There was this frozen body in a Detroit warehouse, and even after three 911 calls were made it took two days for the city to finally remove the body. No one knows who he is, and no one knows how he died, but it doesn't matter. It's Detroit, so who gives a damn. At least his death might have been swift. The city around him has been dying a slow painful death for years. Detroit, like so many places in A-merry-ca, is not what it used to be. Unemployment is high, the home foreclosure rate is sky rocketing, and businesses are leaving faster than Hussain Bolt in Beijing.

I am trying to remember if it was like this before 2000. Before the presidential jacking in Florida, and that horrible fall day the following September. I am pretty sure that it wasn't. Yeah things were still bad in some places, but at least we had hope. You could still look over the mountain top (sorry Martin) and see a beautiful valley down below. Not now. All we see now is more pain and despair. More layoffs, more downsizing, and more desperation.

Yeah the "motherfucker from Midland" (sorry to steal your line Chris) really did a number on us. And I am still pissed at my fellow citizens who voted for that son of a bitch, TWICE. Honestly, the more I think about it, is the more I want someone, anyone, from his administration to be prosecuted for one of the crimes that I know they committed. At first I was thinking just let it go, why relive the past in the age of Obama? But seeing that frozen body today made me rethink my position.

I want to hold someone accountable for what they did to our country, I want some neo con heads on a platter. I don't want some low level flunky, I want someone who had a seat at the table. Someone who was eating from the frat boy's five course meal while we ate scraps.


Romance said...

I found this story super disturbing as well....

And while I agree with your sentiment- I think "we" (and I do use that term loosely, because I hated the G-man) only voted him in once and he stole the other election thanks to Jeb and that chad issue.

Your an attorney, right? Is there any chance the frat boy can be legally charged with war crimes or some legal code for his human rights violations? As much as I wish he could be charged with imprisoning 2 million people and perpertrating apartheid- I am thinking more along the lines of Gitmo and waterboarding.

I lurk often- comment never. Thanks for your blog.

Javier said...

Amen! #1 on my list is Dick Cheney. Then Bush, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, et al.

Former White House counsel Fielding had reportedly sent letters to the attorneys of both Karl Rove and former WH counsel Harriet Myers instructing them to ignore Congressional subpoenas.

Snakes still think they have "executive privilege." They should all be sent to the Hague.

Jody said...

The rethugs are voting and hoping for failure. My question is... what are they gonna do if this plan succeeds? In fact, we should all do whatever we can to ensure it does.
We will all benefit if it does, both in an improving economy and the lovely side affect of these guys being voted out.

Lola Gets said...

Uh, angry much? The fact that it took days for the city to collect that body tells me that they various agencies spent that time "passing the buck" and sacrificing decency for the deceased.

Come check out my latest post: I featured your name!


Anonymous said...

But was the stimulus really a serious liberal economic proposal or a just crazy list of wants for the Senate to gin up?

Regarding your main story, when people devaluing their lives and other's lives, we're all in trouble. I can think of several stories like this from NYC where the recently dead were robbed and the dying were stepped over and ignored. But at least it will bet worse before it will get better. Obama needs to stop that downplaying his first term. Leaders should be optimistic and inspire, damn it.


Redstar said...

field, i rarely comment here but occasionally, yet i often feel like we're on the same wave length, and i'm stealing all your lines ("rethuglicans") over at my new place -

Coincidentally, I have a post running about Detroit tomorrow morning:

The city has demolished 160k+ buildings b/w 1970 and 2000. Bush surely was much much worse for the place, as he was for everywhere, but the city has been dying a slow death far before him, and few presidents have given jack sh*t about Detroit or U.S. cities generally. I'm hoping Obama, with his adopted Chi-town roots signals a break from the suburban trends of the last 35 years.

This is a horribly sad story.

She Draws said...

I guess I couldn't believe my eyes since I had to get super close to confirm what I saw as legs...*sighs*

Yes very true..more pain and dispair. I work for a company owned by home depot who just closed 200 Expo stores.

Sorry field...


field negro said...

"Snakes still think they have "executive privilege." They should all be sent to the Hague."

I co-sign 100%

Zombie man, thanks for lurking and commenting. As for the frat boy, you could make a case that he could be prosecuted for torture. It is illegal in this country and it is banned by international treaties which we signed on to. Cheyney admitted that we tortured people. The frat boy denied it, but I am guessing that he knew what was going on all along.

Still, the executive privilege is a powerful tool, and he would do his best to hide behind it. His former aides are already in contempt of court and all I hear are crickets.

Holder better step up to the plate.

Redstar and Lola, I will be over to check out your posts. You both do a good job with your sites.

phadraigin said...

my fear is that our national house is broke beyond fixing at this point.

BUT, i know i hired the right man for the job, if it even can be done. i am inclined to give that man some room and let him do what he can. i know i hired someone who is *smarter* than me, so i have no desire to be second-guessing him at this point. i want to see him have a chance to fix it, or at least keep it all civil if it has to come down and get rebuilt. i've got his back for now. i trust i am not alone.

as for that poor soul in Detroit...there are no words for that. maybe prayers? but no words.

SouthernGirl2 said...


The pic of man in Detroit is soo heartbreaking. So incredibly sad. Have city officials no shame? To wait 2 days before removing the body is despicable! It's unmerciful & without conscience to not have respect for the dead. OMG!

Nelson said...

Zombie Mom,

From a textbook point of view, it's a pretty open and shut case. Bush and Cheney approved waterboarding. Waterboarding, under any mainstream definition, is torture. Torture violates the War Crimes Act (18 USC 2441) and the Torture statute (18 USC 2340).

Yet, it still might be difficult to secure a conviction. As Field said, they will cite executive privilege constantly, but also move to suppress evidence through other means, claim they merely relied on legal advice, have witnesses testify that torture "works" i.e. muddy the waters to create just enough reasonable doubt.

The heightened probability of acquittal, however, does not faze me. If we don't prosecute now, torture will remain a "viable" option, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if at some point in the future a GOP Administration brings back "enhanced interrogation."

? said...

In 1950 the Detroit area had the highest percentage of home ownership in the country. Today, Detroit has so many abandoned homes and businesses, the total square miles equal about the size of San Francisco.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree with you and the first person on my list is Dick Cheney!

It's going to take us ages to get out of this mess.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]If you hired a builder to build your home and he fucked it up so bad that you had to bring in a new one to tear it down and build it up again; would you allow the builder who fucked it up to tell the new one what to do?[/quote]

Filled Negro - you are so easy to rebut.

1) Osage Ave. You know what this is RIGHT? How are the replacement homes built by the city Democrats after the Democrats in power burned them down via the MOVE conflict? The replacement houses were not "square" and many of them leaked for years. Correct me if I am wrong - didn't the city give cash money to these people so they could move somewhere else?

2) It is ironic that you attempt to ding the evil, racist Bush Administration and Republicans as unworthy references YET BLACK FOLKS LIVING IN URBAN AREAS and working class people living in RUST BELT AREAS continue supporting the people who PRESIDED OVER THEIR ECONOMIC COLLAPSE AND FAILURE over the last 40 years.

Talk about NO CREDIBILITY!!!

Some of you all are demanding that they TRY HARDER at doing the same thing.

Do you notice, Filled Negro, that many of you operatives don't mention that the good guy Democrats had control of both houses of congress for the past 2 years. If the evil Republicans were in power over the past 2 years - we'd definitely would hear about it from you.

The Black community now has a hyper concentrated force of local Democrats and now National Democrats managing their affairs. Let's see after 4 years if you hold your leaders accountable for your fate.

For some reason, Filled Negro I figure that you will be heading up to rural PA to get Republican areas to turn Democrat instead.

Constructive Feedback said...

Hey Filled Negro:

Here is a Black guy who is a Photographic Negative of you:

He attacks Liberal Democrats just as you attack Evil Racist Republicans.


(No this is NOT my blog)

Anonymous said...

Brother Field..another painful blog. Brother I know things go in cycles but this mess has had a long run with no light "at the end of the tunnel" seen. If there is cosmic justice I hope that that is something else will come about. That Cheney hurt his back lifting boxes of money. You know he had aides to move him. The other guy left town in an oversized airplane. Seems like too many executives, politicians and the like are "robbing and running" out of town and leaving things busted. Now to listen daily to the ranting s of hate-mongrels blaming every thing on the ones who inherited this mess. Pack your survival kits. Peace and keep the dogs on these crooks.

field negro said...

"The Black community now has a hyper concentrated force of local Democrats and now National Democrats managing their affairs. Let's see after 4 years if you hold your leaders accountable for your fate."

I know what YOU will be hoping for. See, that's what you call putting politics before your people's best interest. :(

maria said...

@FN: And I am still pissed at my fellow citizens who voted for that son of a bitch, TWICE.

fuck, could be talking `bout bush! O ness still has a fucked up world to fix...

Christopher said...


Please use my name for Bush anytime.

Bush is and always will be, the Motherfucker from Midland.

I can't say I was surprised that nary a single douchebag Repug voted for President Obama's economic stimulus package. After all, it was opposed by the morbidly obese, radical rightwing bloviator, Rush Limbaugh and the GOP walks in goosestep to whatever Limbaugh says.

Congressional Repugs are lemmings.

What's more than a little curious is, these are the very same Repugs who knocked each other down to vote for Bush's economic bailout of Wall Street crooks and criminals, many of whom are friends and family members of George Bush.

The Wall Street bailout -- all $800 billion dollars, was written to have zero transparency which is how and why the CEO of Merrill Lynch could drink from the trough first and then run out and buy himself a swell $27 million dollar duplex on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan.

We're fools to let the likes of Bush, Paulson, Bernanke, Frank, and Pelosi get away with this. In other nations of the world, leaders who orchestrated such a stunt would be physically run out of office or sent into exile.

The American people have grown passive and accustomed to being knocked to the ground by the elites. This shizz must stop or there's not going to an America in another 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Ok, let me see if I have this right? Repbubs are to blame for dead homeless guy in Detroit? A haven for dem-wits for years? Cali is broke another haven for dem-wits, killadelphia another dem-wit haven, chi town where almost half of the adults can’t read!
Dem-wit run cities are shit holes (and yes I will stay out of them thank you) your boy is really taking care of business wall st clowns blatantly hand out bonuses and all your boy says is “that’s not nice”? WTF I thought he was “running the show now”?
I can already tell with the dem-wits at the helm the country is going to look like detroit at the end of his term…..sigh

Anonymous said...

FOXNEWS BECK 2,306,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 2,299,000
CNN COOPER 1,559,000
CNN BLITZER 1,490,000
CNNHN GRACE 1,435,000
CNN KING 1,420,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,398,000

guess libs aren't watching tele anymore?

Anonymous said...

Bush is and always will be, the Motherfucker from Midland.

Better than a butt pirate from New York.....LOL

Christopher said...

Better than a butt pirate from New York.....LOL

Better than a pussy coward who hides behind the anonymous moniker. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

The reason the country is in the mess it is in is not just because of the republicans, it is because the government is broken and nothing works. A good sobering must read is John Dean's (of Nixon era, Watergate, "cancer on the nation" fame)Broken Government. There is no cooperation (witness the conservatives voting en mass against the stimulus program). Nobody votes for what is right. Everybody votes for what is expedient or what will block the other side from accomplishing anything meaningful.

And did I mention lobbyists. Nancy Pelosi a while back said NO IMMUNITY FOR THE TELECOMS! There was a break in the action while money flowed into reelection funds, and low and behold, the telcos were given immunity. Every politician wears a price tag.

With precious few examples, there is no honesty, there is no integrity on either side of the aisle.

The government is broken and until it is fixed, things are not ever going to get better. Only bitter.

The Philadelphia Negro said...

Field, I'm usually laying in the cut like a band-aid but you're 1000% on point with this post. I too would like the Rethug, beltway-boy, vested-interests to be held accountable. But, with the country in such a sorry state, I feel like we don't have time, resources or energy to waste in regards in bringing those cretins to justice right now. Their time will come.

And to the person making foolish comments about the literacy rate in Philadelphia or saying that he wouldn't live in a Dem-controlled city, I say "GOOD. Don't live here. We have enough narrow-minded, Sean Hannity types around here as it is."

The Philadelphia Negro said...

Field, I'm usually laying in the cut like a band-aid, but you're 1000% on point with this post. I too would like the Rethug, beltway-boy, vested-interests to be held accountable. But, with the country in such a sorry state, I feel like we don't have time, resources or energy to waste in regards in bringing those cretins to justice right now. Their time will come.

And to the person making foolish comments about the literacy rate in Philadelphia or saying that he wouldn't live in a Dem-controlled city, I say "GOOD. Don't live here. We have enough narrow-minded, Sean Hannity types around here as it is."

Anonymous said...

Question for my liberal friends?

I'm confused ...perhaps you have the answer:
How can 2 million blacks get into Washington DC in sub zero temps in 1 day when 200,000 couldn't get out of New Orleans at 85 degrees with four days notice.???

Anonymous said...

We have enough narrow-minded, Sean Hannity types around here as it is."

Phili Neg- your kidding right?

hey, i watched a show the other night about your meter

what the hell is up with the trash? IT"S everywhere do you guy's not have garbage pick-up?
are do you just throw stuff down when you get through with it?

Seda said...

Yoo. Gonzalez. Cheney. Bush. Rumsfeld. Just for beginners

People talk about just moving forward, but would you let a known murderer hang out next door, free and rich? How can we move forward without prosecuting these ... people? How can we move beyond the past so long as crimes remain unexplained and their perpetrators unaccountable?

You're right, Field. But what we really need is a whole series of trials to bring the whole business of the last 8 years into the light of day. Then we can move forward.

Anonymous at 9:37 am:
a. Most of the 2 million happy, jubilant people who lined the Mall to watch Obama kick off a new era of government competence and accountability were white. At least, in the photos I saw of it.
b. Most blacks have jobs and cars.
c. The number of blacks who don't is way disproportionate, due to past and current racism. The folks in NO were left to their own devices while the levees broke. And that is some real bullshit. We did a better job sending aid to Indonesia than to our own poor black folks right here at home. Another way the shrub disgraced our nation.

Anonymous said...

little matter of guns pointed at them. Also, the ones that could left, did. Friend of a friend died there, so you can go the fuck back to your hole. you ain't funny, and you don't know a whit about evacing sick people.

BT said...

Hey Field - You taking Lawn Jockey nominations?

Here's mine - Condo Rice for her "Massa been good to me" speech on The View -

What really did make me angry was the implication that some people made that President Bush allowed this to happen because these people were black. And for somebody to say that about a President of the United States...a President of the United States who I know well and ... who is my friend, I was appalled, and I cannot believe that people didn't challenge it.

Anonymous said...

Dumb azz Anon, if you don't fault the people driving across a bridge in MN for not knowing the bridge was going to collapse, don't blame the people on New Orleans who believed the levees would actually NOT BREAK....afterall, they didn't make the decision to take the levee repair money and send it to Iraq.

Anonymous said...

"Question for my liberal friends?

I'm confused ...perhaps you have the answer:

How can 2 million blacks get into Washington DC in sub zero temps in 1 day when 200,000 couldn't get out of New Orleans at 85 degrees with four days notice.???

The answer is easy: PLANNING.

Obama is a masterful planner and shrewd strategist. Frat boy is a knee-jerk reactor and maladroit leader, which is the most we could hope for from a former drunkard and coke head.


Have a good day.

Christopher said...

You want to know what amazes me?

Each time there's a Republican president, the national debt increases and our economy slips into a recession.

Some of us are old enough to remember the recession Bill Clinton inherited from Poppy Bush.

Still, some of us are old enough to remember the protracted recession Saint Reagan ushered in after he blew a hole in the Federal budget with his unsubstantiated tax cuts for the rich.

Which brings me to the Motherfucker from Midland. His stewardship of the economy -- or lack thereof, has created the worst economy since the Great Depression. Many economists are now saying if Obama's team can't turn it around, there is a 50/50 chance we will slide into another depression by the end of this year.

Republican presidents are piss-poor at managing the economy. History proves their heads are always up their asses and they're utterly incompetent. Still, there is always an endless supply of dumb fuckers ready and willing to vote them into office.

Caged Lion said...

Hopefully, we will remember these times as a nadir, and not a prelude.

Anonymous said...

With all of the quibbling and finger pointing at the repubs and dems in the comments posted here, there is still one main fact:

Some poor soul was found feet-up in a block of ice, and no one missed him?

No one cared??????

No agency cared enough to get his body until three calls and two days afterwards??

I'm saddened beyond words today.

Anonymous said...

This is really upsetting me

Anonymous said...


Clinton (and the country) benefitted from the fact that he was deadlocked with a Republican congress. If he'd been able to do everything he wanted, there wouldn't have been any surplus during his administration.

What amazes me about this argument is that those of you who are mad at the Republicans for opposing Obama's bailout plan are ignoring the fact that it's the very same policy that Bush and Paulsen came up with: spend like hell and interfere with the liqidation process, to keep wealth-destroying, failed businesses afloat.

It was wrong when Hoover did it, it was wrong when FDR did it, it was wrong when GWB did it, and it's still wrong today.

Many economists are now saying if Obama's team can't turn it around, there is a 50/50 chance we will slide into another depression by the end of this year.

We're already in a depression. The question at hand is whether to repeat all the mistakes of the Hoover and FDR administrations and drag it out for a decade, or to let the gamblers take their losses, liquidate their mistakes, and get back to growth.

Republican presidents are piss-poor at managing the economy

Ok, here's the scoop: EVERYONE is piss-poor at managing the economy. An economy can't be managed, and the history of every government that's tried it has proven that again and again. Central planning fails consistently, whether it's Soviet bureaucrats trying to set prices and production quotas for shoes, or Indian Bureaucrats deciding what crops their farmers should grow, or the Federal Reserve deciding what the interest rate should be.

It simply is not possible for a bureaucracy to have enough information about people's wants and needs to second-guess the choices that they would make in the marketplace.

Anonymous said...


After reading probably hundreds of your posts, I think I am starting to the heart of the man behind these words. Admirable!

I must say that Constructive Feedback's words do ring with me as does Christopher's because there are many liberal heads that belong on the platter along with the Neo-Cons.

I concede that the Bush & Co. accelerated matters but we have been on that road this road a very long time.

The tendency is to use Bush as a scapegoat (probably because he is so easy to dislike) , but intellectually and emotionally honesty demands that hold both parties accountable on this. And I know that sort of honesty is what you value too, man.

Go have a beer tonight and take it easy.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Reminds me of "Roger and Me", the Michael Moore movie about Flint in the 80s.

Just saw a "Welcome Back George and Laura" sign in front of a huge McMansion in North Dallas. I shudder to think people still think the Mother F-er from Midland is a great guy.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News----Michael Steele elected RNC Cahirman

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Republicans are cribbing the Democrats in electing a first black in a leadership position.

Still doesn't change my opinion of Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Michael Steele allowed himself to be used. He's looking pretty fucking stupid right now

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Michael Steele has just been nominated for the position of RNC Chairman. Smh!

Anonymous said...

Michael Steele allowed himself to be used. He's looking pretty fucking stupid right now

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Granny is signing off. This is a busy day for me.

Anonymous said...

This country is doomed I tell you…doomed! See you people on the other side!!!!

daedalus2u said...

What is most upsetting about these incidents are the responses. The responses are exactly the same as Bush’s response to Katrina. “No one could have expected the levies to fail”. “No one could have expected the Iraqis to fight back.” “No one could have expected a 93 year old man to freeze to death without electricity even though his furnace runs on electricity”.

They blame a homeless man living near where the dead body was found for not reporting it? WTF do they expect? What would the response have been if he did report it? Fix the hole in the razor wire fence so the homeless man has to go somewhere else to eke out his meager life such as it is.

The correct response is “what can we do to make sure this does not happen again”. That is the response that those in charge are not making.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU BT, FIELD, did you miss CONDO RICE on the VIEW? she is a DISGRACE? and this is who you should be ANGRY at, she is a HOUSE NEGRO, in the highest form, this WOMEN sit on TV and defended a WHITE MAN, this WOMAN is beyond being called a TRAITOR!

FIELD, if CONDO RICE cared anything about her PEOPLE, their is no way, she would not, have demanded that BUSH step up, and come to the rescue of the KATRINA VICTIM'S, but no, MS. RICE, STOOD by BUSH, and allowed her own people, to be treated as SUBHUMAN'S, so when you get angry at BUSH, take a look at CONDO RICE on the VIEW, I think she was on TUESDAY, that HEIFER!!!!!!!!

TrueBlue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TrueBlue said...

There's a whole lot I'm not only willing to blame on the Ex-Asshole in Chief, but sm eager to blame on him. But not this. Detroit has been collapsing for 40 years.

Libby said...

This battle is not about the 'Bloods and Crips' aka Republicans and Democrats; it's about the globalist agenda that is effecting all countries. As Blacks (Pan-African unity) we need to see past this political game. Since when have a white supremacist system ever allowed a 'black face' in. History shows that only when the system is about to implode upon itself that they pick a good 'house nigga' to take the fall. We really need to think about how our civil rights are quickly vanishing before our eyes. The house should have blocked the next stimulus package. WHERE DO YOU THINK THIS MONEY IS COMING FROM???? OUT OF THE SKY. COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP AND GET THE REAL INFORMATION. How are we as a country (not just blacks) gonna pay it back? Please anyone answer this simple question. I would really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Field.

I hereby nominate Michael Steel for House Negro. Steel will be the National Chairman of the Republican Party.

Looking forward to your comments.

Anonymous said...

I REPENT, for calling CONDO RICE, a HEIFER!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like her politics, I like Condi as a person. I like her intellect and her ability to succeed despite growing up in Jim Crow Alabama.

Condi Rice is not a house negro. She's a post-racial woman devoid of racial hangups.

Black people who are as highly educated and intelligent as Condi Rice just cannot stoop to the level of racial politics; hence, folks mistake her for a house negro.

TrueBlue said...

I don't know if Rice is a "house Negro." That one's not for me to decide. I can tell you what I think I know she is: Incompetent at every job she held. That's enough of an indictment for me.

Anonymous said...

LIBBY, the WHITE MAN, did not allow BARACK to become the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT, now this may be hard for you to comprehend, but, their is GOD'S PERFECT and ACCEPTABLE WILL, and then, their is MAN'S POWER, which is limited, when it come's against GOD'S WILL,

LIBBY, the WHITE MAN has alway's put himself high above the other RACE'S, GOD did not give them that POWER nor that AUTHORITY, they stole it, from the other RACE'S, and thus we have UNEQUAL DISTRIBUTION of POWER, so now we have a BLACK FAMILY in the WHITE HOUSE, and by the limited POWER of MAN, this should never have happened, but, by GOD'S WILL, it is so, and it CANNOT BE OTHERWISE.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this blog, field negro, illicit alot of emotions. which i am sure was your intent. keep up the good work.

May, the iceman, rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Field and folks,
As usual, we have intelligent, insightful comments all around! Now that we've won the election (thanks to all) the next phase is to VOICE your concerns in realtime to our representatives.
Call your senator:

call your representative:

I heard a senator from TN talkin' shit about Barack's stimulus package and it took less than a minute to find the hill number, reach a human and "correct his faulty logic." =-)
It's our next step- and it feels good. Dial your cell to help our President enable our vision for a better country. Hell, make the call. We have everything to gain.
Thanks for the community to shout to, Field.
(I nominate Michael Steele for Lifetime Lawn Jockey Achievement award.)

(Christopher, dig your viewpoint)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LIBBY, at this point, I could care less about how AMERICA is going to pay back money! this is a tactic of the REPUBLICAN PARTY, do you think for one minute, that BUSH didn't get a basement full of that, first STIMULUS MONEY! please, you say, you wanted to hear from someone, so here's the deal, REPUBLICAN'S, are good at feeding simple minded AMERICAN'S, as they say, a bill of GOOD'S.

LIBBY, do you protest, about money being spent in IRAQ? their are MILLION'S of dollar's being spent in IRAQ on a daily basis, and here you are complaining about "where are we going to get that money from? now, I don't know anything about you, but, you should be CONCERNED about the here and now, and leave, the future in the hand's of GOD, their are HOMELESS, HUNGRY and JOBLESS PEOPLE in AMERICA, and that's my concern for now, and I could less about tomorrow, GOD'S PEOPLE are in need NOW!!!

field negro said...

Anon.7:09PM, Juan called out the first lady on Fake News. Compared her to a sisties "radical". He still thinks she is too angry to be first lady.

dbmarin, you are so right, people need to get engaged politically.

"May, the iceman, rest in peace."

DD, that line made me want to laugh, but I can't, this story is too sad.

Adam, you are right, there is enough blame to go around.Hey, dust because I rip the rethugs from time to time, don't for a minute think that I think the dems are totaly blameless.

As for [un]constructive feedback, even a broken clock is right twice a day. :)

Libby, I am going to have a post about what you commented on one day. I can't get into it now, but I have some strong views about the global economy, the IMF, and Pan-African unity.

Libby said...

To the 'Anonymous' writer about "God's Perfect Will of Obama being in office". Can you please explain how this has anything to do with a 'higher power'? If you have a better understanding of politics you would probably know that Obama has been groomed since the early 90's to be in the spot light. That's why he choose to take 'private financing over public'. And if you knew more about this subject, you would know that the majority of his campaign financing came from large security brokage firms from Wall Street. All of this is information is mainstream now if you want to look it up. Heck, he hasn't been in office for more than a month now, and he's already broken his own executive directive about lobbyist. What you fail to understand, or should I say accept, is that his is a politician just like the rest of em'. If you really feel that his winning had anything to do with a 'perfect will and design', then I hate to see what your perspective will be in about six months when it really gets heavy. I assume that martial law and tyrannic ruling is in God's plans also, right???

Libby said...

Once again "Anonymous", just like you I'm a living human being. This means that, just like you, I'm bound to laws and rules of reality, not 'hoping and wishing' for things to turn out right. Do you hope for your bills to get paid every month, or do you go out and make money to provide for yourself??? Did you hope that Obama would win, or did you go out and vote for him? The point is that Americans have a very "microwave mentality". Its about what can be fixed now, and forget about tomorrow. If you explain this mentality closely you will see that its the root of many of the problems we are experiencing today. From social injustices, economical hardships, to health; these areas are put-off until they become really problematic. It's an immature mind that feels that we must only think about the NOW, and forget about the ramifications of our actions for the future. It's actually a cognitive psychological development stage of toddlers; which only can concentrate of things and concepts that present before them. But when taken away they aren't aware of them anymore. The phrase is 'out of sight, out of mind'.

Libby said...

To "Field Negro"

I await for your post on that topic. I've been a reader for sometime now, but haven't really participated in any of the discussions. I feel that more than ever, real discussion needs to be generated among Americans, but most importantly among Black Americans, about where this situation is headed and our thoughts about it. I know EVERYONE and THEIR MAMA is excited about our new President, but there needs to be more talk about the policies and agendas he's advocating instead of the 'we've made it so far' talk, which seems to be blinding people like deers in headlights.

Anonymous said...

hey, i just bought a lawn jocky that looks like berry!

it;s great i even purchased a little spot lite for it so shines at nite!!!

oh, the NO peps had 4...FOUR frick'in days to get the fuck out!

and now we lucky enough to have a couple thousand left in the city i work,,,LOL

what a piece of work these pep are!!!

love new orleans, not the refugees

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU LIBBY, we can be at this all night, who are you to determine the FUTURE? who are you to decide that the economy will be in dire strait's in the month's to come? and who are you to speak negativity into
the atmosphere?

LIBBY who are you to criticize this BLACK PRESIDENT? you should find out where BUSH live's and stand in front of his home, and SCREAM BLOODY MURDER, for the condition of this COUNTRY, but yet, you chose to bring your so called EDUCATED butt on here and try to, point out the FAULT'S of a COLLEGE EDUCATED BLACK MAN, you have a NERVE!!

LIBBY, where did all of you so called "I WANT MY PRESIDENT TO BE PERFECT BLACK FOLK'S COME FROM? you see I'm from the OLD SCHOOL, and wish I would, forget about the "CAUSE" I wish I would forget about EMMIT TILL, our people being LYNCHED, BURNED and WOMEN being RAPED, and here you are, with the GALL to PERSECUTE BARACK, because he is not the PERFECT NEGRO, please, give me a break! as a BLACK WOMAN you should be PRAYING that no HARM and DANGER, come's anywhere near MICHELLE OBAMA'S HUSBAND, but, I can tell from your writing as well as from your PICTURE, that the word PRAYER, is OBSOLETE in your VOCABULARY!!!

xoites said...

I hate to tell you this, but it was that bad before. It will only get worse now. I worked with homeless people off and on from 1973 to 1993 in Baltimore, but mostly in DC and we had the unclaimed cremated remains of 85 people who had frozen to death on the streets of DC over the years. Reagan certainly accelerated and exacerbated the problems and the Bushes and even Clinton kept the ball rolling in the wrong direction. Now here we are with a choice, either we tell the Republicans to sit down and shut up and fix this mess in no uncertain terms and prosecute those who have committed crimes or we are just postponing the inevitable slide into a post economic nightmare we will never recover from.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:06

I wish I would forget about EMMIT TILL, our people being LYNCHED, BURNED and WOMEN being RAPED.

WTF? is this 1940?

let me take a wild guess here, your waiting on the mule and 1 acre?

what about all the ays being shut out of society, business and can't even get married a simple act most take forgranted?

Shady_Grady said...

Update: The man's name was Johnnie Redding. His family is saying that he was not homeless.

Man wasn't homeless ?

Anonymous said...

NO, I am not waiting on a MULE and an ACRE, and please do not get me started, with BIG HUSKY MEN, wanting to MARRY other MEN, because trust me, I can really take you to the BIBLE, on that matter, the WORD here is SIN, WRONG DOING! TOTAL DISRESPECT for GOD! ABOMINATION in the SIGHT OF GOD! MEN that are so out of ORDER that it is, UNBELIEVABLE! MEN that GOD gave RULE over the EARTH! MEN that have the GALL to want CHRISTIAN'S to give them PERMISSION to make the RULE'S and LAW'S of GOD, TWISTED and UGLY, MEN who get ANGRY at other MEN for abiding by the LAW'S of GOD, BIG GROWN MEN who have the nerve, to stand outside of a CHURCH and SCREAM as if they have been given permission from GOD to do so, I will stop here, but, I hope you get the point! READ YOUR BIBLE, that is, if you have one, which I DOUBT!!!

Anonymous said...

Reason to prosecute: it will make more people understand more fully what has gone on, so that it can be better guarded against in the future.

tjwash said...

Field, How ya been?

I don’t think this is a sign of an uncaring society, as much as it is a sign that we still haven’t figured out how to solve our base societal ills like poverty, drug addiction or mental illness. The story hit the news out here as well, and I read in it, that the family of the man in the story, doesn’t want him called homeless. They said he had a place to live, but chose not to go there. The sad fact is, that there are many such people, who choose the street life over normal society, because of drug addiction or mental illness or a myriad of other demons that they may be struggling with.

As heinous as this story is, and as much as it was designed gets ones outrage meter going, this is very common actually.

This doesn’t just happen in the abandoned buildings, you know. A man was found frozen in his truck in Sumpter Township, right around the same time. His home was so damn filthy and uninhabitable that he actually had to resort to living in his truck. A couple of metal scrappers found him, and they probably made off with all that they could before they called it in.

Hell, my buddy is a cop in NYC, and has told me, that in the winter they routinely come across street people who have succumbed to the freezing cold, and have been there for god knows how long. They actually refer to these folks as "bumsicles." I know, the term sounds horrid, but the gallows humor first responders acquire after a little time on the job, shows you how common an event of this sort actually is.

Anonymous said...

This is a sad story Field. Then there was the one you mentioned about the elderly man as well. It makes me wonder what we've become in this country. CEO's walking off with bail out money that we taxpayers forked over, and companies and individuals still not able to get credit to keep their households and businesses going. Back when Martha Stewart got jail time, I was kind of happy. But now I'm not. What Martha was accused of was wrong, but the real criminals are the ones you mentioned. How come they walk? Is the Republican Party Country Club old white guy club that powerful? Just wondering....

Marc B said...

"Yeah the "motherfucker from Midland" (sorry to steal your line Chris) really did a number on us. And I am still pissed at my fellow citizens who voted for that son of a bitch, TWICE"

Another example of your selective memory. BOTH political parties have been run by globalist elitists for decades. The repubs do it to wage bust and the dems allow it because they support the leveling of first world to achieve resource parity with emerging 3rd world nations. Clinton pushed throuh GATT and NAFTA just like the repubs, and both parties leaders support wage busting formerly middle class wage jobs by illegal aliens. Obama informed the Getty crowd in SF about "jobs that are not coming back" to Western PA (or the rest of the USA). So much for "HOPE and CHANGE" on issues that matter.

Detroit was a shit hole during the Clinton administration and will be an even bigger one after Obama leaves office. They have ZERO grocery stores in the urban core because there are not enough qualified applicants, nor can they afford the security costs and stay profitable. This shipping of jobs overseas shit has been going on for decades, but the real reason Detroit is in such a sorry state is because of it's third world demographics.

Royal Model said...