Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hope springs eternal.

You will excuse me if I am a little down right about now. I just watched my Iggles choke once again in an NFC Championship game to the stinking Cardinals. THE CARDINALS! A team that is right there with the Detroit Lions when it comes to being inept.

The coronation of his O ness aside, it's all pretty much gloom and doom right now in A-merry-ca. The economy is in the tank, we are in the middle of two wars, and once again, the Iggles won't be in the Super Bowl. I sure hope that they have the bridge police in full force on the Ben Franklin, because there are quite a few Philadelphians on suicide watch right about now.

But, as is always the case, it could be worse. And I actually think that there might be some good things to look forward to this coming year. S0 for this post I have compiled 30 things that I think you and I can look forward to in the year ahead. (I stole this idea from my latest issue of GQ Magazine)
1. The prosecution of Dick Cheney for war crimes.
2. More cute pics of those two little girls who now occupy the White House.
3. The upcoming flick about Che Guevara by Steven Soderbergh.
4. The next Jill Nelson book.
5. Smaller cars.
6. Real middle class tax cuts.
7. A unhinged FOX NEWS division.
8. LeBron and Kobe battle in the NBA finals.
9. More blogs less newspapers.
10. Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle. Forrest Whitaker, and Robert De NeNiro still making movies.
11. Fast food meals for less than $4.
12. Checking out what Michelle is wearing.
13. The Eagles finally making some off season moves.
14. Tiger is back.
15. Prince and Dr. Dre are dropping new albums.
16. Less reality shows on T.V.
17. Better public schools. (It can't get any worse)
18. Less conservative Judges. ( I am sure his O ness will get that right)
19. TV One keeps getting better.
20. Whenever we hear "Hail To The Chief" we will see a black man.
21. The next HBO series.
22. My cousins becoming more responsible because we can't make our President look bad.
23. More entrepreneurship.
24. More respect for A-merry-ca from the rest of the world.
25. A-merry-cans will be buying less things on credit.
26. It's a good time to dust up the old passort and do some serious traveling.
27. Speaking of traveling, gas prices should continue to go down.
28. There are still great Jamaican restaurants on the East Coast.
29. Chris' Jazz Cafe is still going strong here in Philly.
30. And last but certainly not least, this might be the year that I finally get a chance to meet Lark. (Stop laughing, if a black man can become POTUS, I can meet Lark Voorhies.)

Continue to enjoy your five day weekend black A-merry-ca.


Javier said...

Sorry about your Eagles but you have to admit: Fitzgerald and Warner did their thing!

Oh! and here's hoping for a politically expedient moment when the Bush administration does get investigated.

Jody said...

I too am suffering the blues of the Eagles loss... damn they sure can take us on a rollercoaster ride!
Anyway, my addition to your list is

1. Bush is not the president
2. Bush is not the president
3. Bush is not the president

Anonymous said...

3. The upcoming flick about Che Guevara by Steven Soderbergh

Che was a cold blooded dick. Read your history, please.

11. Fast food meals for less than $4.

Don't eat fast food. And the employees' deserve decent wages, be consistent.

6. Real middle class tax cuts.

I don't think I've ever paid fed taxes besides social security etc. You'll be so happy when you try to get your money back there, it was dumped into general funds.

22. My cousins becoming more responsible because we can't make our President look bad

Oh yes. This will definately happen. Some childred will realize anything is possible, most will slip. Removing children to be raised by others could work.


La♥audiobooks said...

Hey Field,

1. You forgot to mention Bush W.

2. Agreed

12. I hope you're not trying to be sarcastic or superficial.

14. Please don't make me go there.

20. "Whenever we hear "Hail To The Chief" we will see a black man.

And yet another one of you will be riddled with bullets accross town the following day.

"And last but certainly not least, this might be the year that I finally get a chance to meet Lark. "

Just make sure you take Mrs. Field along with you.

La♥audiobooks said...
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Seda said...

You're excused. Bummer about the Eagles. And Pittsburgh. Gak.

On the other hand, it'll all be worth it to see Cheney on the dock. In cuffs. And off to the Hague! With W.

Thank god our long national nightmare is almost over!

Jmee said...

You know before the game it kinda went like this:

"Dear God, it's me Kurt...."

Isn't that how it usually goes with Kurt Warner. We know who sits on his shoulder during the playoffs. :)

Didn't help that the Eagles played liked the Raiders practice squad.

Oh well better luck next year. I'm not sure I will watch this years Superbowl.... Ho Hum!

brotherkomrade said...

"3. The upcoming flick about Che Guevara by Steven Soderbergh

Che was a cold blooded dick. Read your history, please."

If you're coming from a 'historical' perspective, anon, I'd like to know whose history book says that he was a cold-blooded dick. Please, educate us.

Anonymous said...

Please post about this:

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Now you know how Raiders and A's Fans feel.

We've been riding that rollercoaster for years; although to be honest, the Raiders have flat out stanked, so we haven't been getting our hopes up regarding those bastards.

But the A's kept breaking my heart for the first half of the decade of the 21st Century, and I hope Billy Beane will finally loosen his grip on the purse strings and get a vet or two to help the team out.

I, too, am looking forward to the pics of the Obama girls, but I also hope the press will respect the fact that they are little girls and act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Catherine Donnelly isn't doing anything more than what that very blog owner is doing herself.

Me said...

How can you be down when the days of Bush and Chip is down to the last 48 hours?!

Party at your place!

Brian said...

Being a St. Louisan.... I have to pull for Warner. It would be great to see him win the big game once again. It would probably secure him a spot in the Hall of Fame. Too bad he was hung out to dry by the fans here. Most of the problems with his first comeback attempt were the fault of the coaching and bad play calling IMO. Years later, folks figured out that Mike Martz had to go.

At least you have a team that finished above .500 this year.

You know your first wish isn't going to come true. lol You have a better shot at meeting Lark than seeing Tricky Dick II in an orange jumpsuit. Besides, Obama says he wants to "look forward"...not into the past (ie... He's not interested in Prosecuting the Criminal Organization known as the Bush Administration).

I'm just hoping that I can stay employed this year..that the grim reaper of unemployment (or any grim reaper for that matter) doesn't visit, and we don't see double digit unemployment.

Unknown said...

happy MLK day to you all.. what a momentous start to the week..
one thing forgotten field..
''the blanket news coverage of a video of certain blogger who got nekkid and ran through philly..''

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Sorry about your Eagles. I know how you feel.

Jill Nelson has a new book? I'll have to check that out. She is very blunt. ha

I'm excited about Don being in Iron Man 2.

I am most excited about this being the last day GWB is in office. It's the end of an error!

Bob said...

Beyoncé & Pete Seeger on the same stage singing "America the Beautiful." Those are two artists I never put together in my mind. Old Pete probably thought he'd stepped through the looking glass into some alternate version of the United States where he gets to sing the entire leftist version of "This Land is Your Land" to a black president & 100,000 cheering people, & the president smiles & sings along.

Shady_Grady said...

Hey, hey, hey, NO ONE is more inept than the Detroit Lions. 0-16. It's not just a record, it's history...


field negro said...

"Party at your place!"

Folk, come on over. And I will have history lessons for szpork when the party is over.

marci, that blogger is still going to make that run. It is just way too COLD now my chile. :)

Jmee, why does god show Kurt all the love? There are Christian Iggle fans too.

Anon 12:36AM, I will check out that story.

Anonymous said...

brotherkomrade said "educate us please"

Che was in charge of the political prisons and got a little crazy with the firing squads. It was the USSR that had him sent to South America to get rid of this annoying twat. He was executed there. Here's your degree, komrade.


Anonymous said...


Might be the end of the line for both McNabb and Reid in Philly.

What say you?

Anonymous said...

22.My cousins become more responsible because we can't make our President look bad.

While you are at it tell your brothers the GANJA FARMERS to stop their trades.

Anonymous said...

23. All Black conservatives are scooped up into a C130 and dropped right in the middle of the RAHOWA compound in Couer de Lene, ID.

Anonymous said...

The Eagles finally making some off season moves.

It's gonna fucking piss me off if McNabb and Reid take the heat for the loss to the Cardinals. It was the *defense* that bears responsibility for that loss. The offense scored 25 points, which should have been enough. If it weren't for McNabb and Reid, the Eagles wouldn't have even got close to the NFC championship game.

Chris said...

Lark Voorhies. sigh.

Javier said...

Anonymous 9:50

Now that's just an insensitive stereotype of Field's brothers and I resent that.

Everybody knows (or should know) that 90% of the marijuana comes through our southern border.

Most citizens and politicians who exhibit their thinly-veiled racism on the issue of illegal immigration fail to realize the impact the drug trade and the ultra-violent methods of the drug cartels have on the Mexican population. I'd want to get out too if I had to worry about kidnappings, rapes, murders that no longer target just the wealthy. Narco-terrorism is alive and well south of the border.

We, as a nation, have been talkin' a whole lot of mess about reducing drugs and you here a lot of defeatist talk (I was guilty of this) that we'll never win the drug war. FALSE!!

We will win the drug war when we have the will to do so. The money we have dedicated to aiding the Mexican government combat the quasi-internal war they face might as well be on the other side of the decimal point compared to the amount of money we spend on subsidizing the Israeli (a country who has been shown to spy on us) defense budget and what we continue to spend on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now I know we have more pressing issues today with the collapse of our economy and rising unemployment. But for a country who supplies a third of our oil imports and is a key trade partner would it not make sense to start looking in our own neighborhood for a change and seeing what needs cleaning?

BTW for all those who can't muster a lick of human decency and would rather dehumanize the issue of illegal immigration. Picture how America will look when this economic meltdown starts to really take a bite into our comfy lifestyles. Perhaps the prospect of taking the family to our northern neighbor won't be so far fetched in the future when people can't find work and crime rates start sky-rocketing.

For all our sakes I pray it never comes to that.

BT said...

Think the Obama girls will be on the cover of every magazine in the country before this is over.

As a father of a daughter, I KNOW those little girls have Obama's heart strings wrapped around their little fingers...

As well as much of America.

Maybe it will change the attitudes of folks who think missing little black girls are less important than missing little blue eyed blonde ones in the news...

Now, THAT would be change you can believe in.

Anonymous said...

I have to take issue with you:

NO ONE can challenge the Detroit Lions when it comes to ineptitude. NO ONE.

Otherwise - great post, as always. I hope you're right about even half of those things.

Unknown said...

#11 Oh! Please we need better food not cheap food from big corporate farms. Eat well Live well.
The fast food will hook you up with prescription drugs.

Unknown said...

The World is smiling.
Let's all do our part, by doing public service.
We must serve, to bring about real change!
Im truly giddy about the future!

LOVE to all!

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Optimism from the fields? Wonderful! I'm teling you there is somethig truly differet about 2009.

Hey Field, congratulations for being listed as BBR 10 over at Villager's site. That's fantastic! Too bad you couldn't have gotten on top of #9. **wink**

Peace to you!



What “Field,” negro wise, do you mean?

The ‘field’ of education, finance, industry and at what level?

I wonder ‘cause moi gets to (Part time only) clean toilets.

I don’t give a rat’s sphincter about sports BUT I hope the Steelers win The Super Bowl because the masses are actually happy for three days afterwards. Gad, I wish the Steelers would win The Super Bowl twice each and every week.

Anonymous said...

29. Chris' Jazz Cafe is still going strong here in Philly. (?!?!?)

Meh, I prefer Ortlieb's myself. Check out the jam session on a Tuesday night.

tjwash said...

1. The prosecution of Dick Cheney for war crimes.
Heh. That will be the day. Dudes probably halfway to his new palatial estate in the UAE as we speak, where they don't extradite war criminals. Besides...someone has to run the day to day operations over at Halliburton's new headquarters over there.

16. Less reality shows on T.V.
Thumbs up on that one buddy.

Although there will be something to fill that "useless and annoying" void that folks here in the USA just can't get enough of.

First it was ambush talk shows like Jerry Springer and Ricki Lake. Then they gave way to "stab everyone in the back and sell your dignity for a few bucks" shows like survivor and big brother.

Of course we still have a hell of a long way to go before we are REALLY effed up in the TV department here.

Give us a few years though...

TrueBlue said...

My favorite will be #7. I love it when wingnuts whine.

rikyrah said...

I clicked on your site, went to the sidebar, looked at the Countdown Clock.



I began to cry.

I can't believe we're almost through with him.

field negro said...

"I began to cry."

Rikyrah, 5 Hrs 31 mins 29 sec. and counting. I think we will all shed a tear in a few hours.

"Meh, I prefer Ortlieb's myself. Check out the jam session on a Tuesday night."

Anon, I prefer Chris' ortlieb's is cool too though.

A Still-her fan huh Tom? Okay, maybe just for this Super Bowl I will go with the Keystone team.

"D" not everyone can afford to eat and live well. And not all cheap eats are provided by large corporations. Lots of hand cart folks in Philly trying to get their "grine" on :)

Sup Angie, yes a certain Barber edged me out this month. :)

I hope everyone is tired from doing some form of service today.

Unknown said...

I have been watching a DVD "Unnatural Causes" inequality making us sick.
So Im on a high horse about food.

Love to all...

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your Eagles man...

...well, sort of.

Um... Did you know the count down clock is 12 hours off?
I thought the transfer was at noon, not midnight.

Brown Man said...


I meant to rag you about the game when I got home last night but I was over at my best buddy's house and he pulled out that Johnny Walker Blue - I knew you Jamaican mofo's were good for something. Needless to say, that Blue knocked my ass out.

Dude - what the fuck kind of play calling were y'all doing in the first half? I thought I was watching the god damned Falcons.

Its Big Play Ray time in the playoffs - you guys were worried about establishing the running game while the Cards were worrying about putting points on the board.

I was pulling for Donovan all the way - who the hell wants to the the damn Cards in the Super Bowl?

Anyway, the "O-Man" is your new H.N.I.C. tomorrow, which means none of this other bullshit matters.

I think we might start celebrating at my house right about - NOW!

Anonymous said...

"Man reaches his true potential when he no longer has to sell himself as a commodity"

~Che Guevara

And with that one quote, the whole bloody mess of consumer capitalism is laid bare in devastating fashion.

Of course, you can't go around doing that without earning the eternal enmity of wingnuts, who will spread bullshit lies about you ad nauseum, forever and ever.

The firing squads of fifty years ago dispatched no more and no less than the worst of Batista's henchmen, who were legendary in their rape and plunder (both quite literally) of that country. If history has taught us anything it is that war crimes should not be treated with kid gloves.

And this is the first issue that will test Obama's mettle. And more than likely find it wanting.

boukman70 said...


Sorry about your Iggles. Does this mean that Donovan's finally getting out of Dodge?

As always, I will extend the invitation to root for my Stillers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of sorry about the Iggles, but I can't help feeling like I did when they lost to New Orleans before... better than watching them choke against Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

I think it would me a good idea for the Obama youngsters to be in very few photos, videos, etc. Let them grow up shielded from the public eye and SAFE.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo-"me " should be "be"

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]17. Better public schools. (It can't get any worse)
18. Less conservative Judges. ( I am sure his O ness will get that right)[/quote]

Hello dear friend Filled Negro.
I still monitor your site from time to time.

I could not help but make note of the IRONY of your list.

You focus on the failed Public Schools but FAIL to make note of WHO IS RUNNING THEM.
At the same time you wish for fewer CONSERVATIVE JUDGES.

It find it telling that the Black community is presently suffering from the consequences of "Justice Thurgood Marshal Justice" where the CRIMINAL is made into the VICTIM of the justice system and thus is freed to go and attack other people - typically a Black person.

At the same time despite the long list of school systems where Black people predominate - you are loathed to make the linkage between the state of the schools and the Progressive-Fundamentalists who run them. Including the school teachers lobby who seek to maintain the status quo of the systems DESPITE their failure to educate our children.

Fear not though Filled Negro - for you and others to ever obtain what you perpetually chase after it is clear that the biggest CHANGE that will have to take place before you are to be successful is a CHANGE in yourself. In dropping your IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY you will free yourself from the chains that presently bind you.

Till then you will prefer your ideology to your ultimate GOALS.