Monday, January 12, 2009


As I watched the frat boy defiantly give his final press conference and try his best to rewrite history, I must confess that I almost felt pity for the man. (Almost) There he was today trying to save his legacy, and trying to hold on to what slither of dignity he has left. As he took questions from the press corp, you had the feeling it was more like a trial than a standard White House news conference.

Some of the questions were tough: reporters asked him about our tarnished image abroad, his fuck up with the Iraq war, his declaration on an aircraft carrier that our mission was accomplished, when clearly it was not, and his handling and response to hurricane Katrina.

Of course he refused to own up to his mistakes. Sure he said he could have done a few things differently here and there (like actually landing his plane in Louisiana after one of the most devastating natural disasters in our country's history) but he never really owned up to the mess that he has left his successor. As has been the case with the frat boy from day one, he was right and everyone else was wrong.

"I think it's a good, strong record.... You know, presidents can try to avoid hard decisions and therefore avoid controversy. That's just not my nature."

Of course not, your "nature" is to stubbornly go into an unnecessary war with a country that had nothing to do with 911 in order to expand the powers of the executive branch and hold on to political power. And it didn't hurt that you had your trusty henchman, Dead eye Dick, riding shotgun to carry out your dastardly deeds every inch of the way.

"The question is, in the long run, will this democracy survive, and that's going to be a question for future presidents.."

He was talking about Iraq, but he might as well have been talking about A-merry-ca. Because after eight years of his awful and detestable administration, I think our democracy is on life support.

Thursday night he will be on prime time giving his final address to the nation. It will be more of the same: Defiance. Denial. Prevarication. One more go round with the frat boy as he tries to win our hearts and make us forget how miserable he has made our lives. It won't work. We will all look at that cocky walk to the podium, that irritating little smirk, and every single one of us will wish it was the year 2000 all over again.


Anonymous said...

"He was talking about Iraq, but he might as well have been talking about A-merry-ca. Because after eight years of his awful and detestable administration, I think our democracy is on life support."

Field, you are right. I am really worried about A-Merry-Ca. Basically, Bush denied and minimized everything. He stopped drinking years ago, but he still thinks like a dry-drunk.

Bush has put our country in a "do or die" situation and he seems oblivious to it. I am not sure if A-Merry-Ca will pull out of the mess he has left. To me, it looks like it will take an act of God.

tjwash said...

7 days, 13 hours 12 minutes and 32 seconds left.

Not that I'm counting or anything.

Anonymous said...

I, too, saw the Current Occupant --as columnist Garrison Keillor refers to him -- on the telly trying to salvage what's left of his horrendous presidency, and I, too, almost felt sorry for the man, because he looked and sounded like a dang fool standing there trying to claim that by plucking folks off rooftops during Hurrican Katrina, he "saved" almost 30,000 people. I mean, really! I stared in disbelief as he kept hammering away at the notion of actually "helping" people! It's simply too much to say in this forum regarding his idiocy and the manner in which he handled the nation's most heart-wrenching crisis -- not to mention all of the other misdeeds he and his minions have committed. The saddest thing of all -- if "sad" is a word that can be assigned to him -- is that he actually believes himself. The man is so damn arrogant until he'll probably go down as the absolute worst of the worst that ever walked through the White House doors. I mean, just how mucked up has he engaged the country that the worst of the worst of people would cast a vote for a black man to run the country? Now, you know the man has messed up pretty darn bad when such a thing as that has happens. I say, whatever Barack Obama does or does not do, it will be a one-thousand percent improvement over what the Current Fool has done during his eight years. It certainly won't be any worse. I think right now the nation can all claim the upcoming presidency a resounding success.

Anonymous said...

I guess we'll see in years forward how his decisions are judged. It might be too early to see if the Iraq war was justified regarding outcomes. I know I'm tired of fixing the place up over there. Most of the privacy invasion legislation has sundown times, or something like that. They expire unless they're renewed. If we are attacked during the Obama admin, I think he'd take similar actions, and the left would blame George Bush somehow. Sad....


JP said...

When I see him talk, or any other members of the GDubbz administration talk these days I think of that Shaggy song "It Wasn't Me", where he sings about the girl catching him cheating red handed and he trying to deny it.

JP said...

The best was Condi saying that the mid-east policy was a success on the day the Israelis invaded Gaza.

rainywalker said...

Sounds like a broken record to me. He'll do better in Texas, first they shake hands then the guns come out. He sounds like he got his DNA mixed up with Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. Enough, get the man a bus ticket, I'm tired of talking about it or hearing it.

Anonymous said...

He's white.

Dan Leo said...

My friend just remarked that the one good thing this twerp accomplished in his eight years was the complete dismantling of the Republican Party.

Just go, George.

Anonymous said...

He can't leave fast enough! It's been 8 years too freaking long.

Anonymous said...

Inbred idiot from the Old Confederacy. Next time I see his smirking chimp face I want it to be from a prison cell in the Hague. I will never forgive any of the stupid motherfuckers that voted for him.

JP said...

While your right about most everything. GDubbz is a Connecticut prep school twerp. The Old Confederacy was just shit for public consumption.

Anonymous said...

YES, it is going to take an act of GOD, to put this nation on the right course, and I for one, will be PRAYING, that GOD will move in behalf of the PRESIDENT ELECT, because GOD would not put all the burden, of this nation on BARACK OBAMA, and as for BUSH, he has been allowed to get by with BLOODY MURDER, and we as AMERICAN'S, have allowed him to.

PRESIDENT BUSH, allowed young men to be murdered, and for what? he said it was for the safety of AMERICA, not so, BUSH could care less about the people in AMERICA, remember KATRINA, what about those AMERICAN'S, this man should be in jail!! and we all know it!!! and now, he want's us to feel sorry for him, I wish I would!!! to this day I cannot believe, that the Parent's, of those dead SOLDIER'S are just sitting back doing NOTHING, and if they are doing something, in behalf of their dead loved one's, it's not enough, they are willing, to allow BUSH to just go home and play GOLF!!

Blinders Off said...

The one thing that stuck out to me was when he said, "He inherited a recession". What's up with that statement!

I thought Nixon administration was the worst I seen in my lifetime, hell Nixon administration was child’s play compared to Bush.

The Obama administration inherited a boatload of shit and there is no doubt in my mind. MSM will have most American people who cannot think for themselves believe the Obama administration is the reason of their suffering. I would love to see the Obama administration make the culprits who raped and robbed this country pay for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

What are all you Bush haters going to do now? Who are you going to blame all your problems? Is Magic Obama going to save you? The problems we have in the USA are because of pathetic lazy whiners like you who expect the government to take care of you. You have been brainwashed by the media to believe all of your problems are because of someone else, and not because you are lazy, fat, stupid, and watch TV all day.

Christopher Chambers said...

Damn Anonymous 11;35pm--I didn't think you all existed any more. Can we put you in the Smithsonian along Joe the Plumber (who's so adept as a ...chuckle...reporter...even the Israelis are laughing at him).

Field: how about naming the Ravens honorary field negroes? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon. 11:35 PM

Tell us what you really think, but remember when you criticise others in the way you did you tell more about yourself than who you are criticising.

Aloha from Makaii

Anonymous said...

I'm not happy to see him return to my state. And no, he's not a real Texan. Just look at his parents.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - 11:35 PM "What are all you Bush haters going to do now? Who are you going to blame all your problems? Is Magic Obama going to save you? The problems we have in the USA are because of pathetic lazy whiners like you who expect the government to take care of you. You have been brainwashed by the media to believe all of your problems are because of someone else, and not because you are lazy, fat, stupid, and watch TV all day."

Or posting drivel on blogs...

Speaking of brainwashing, your statement, "The problems we have in the USA are because of pathetic lazy whiners like you who expect the government to take care of you." is very indicative of Republican/conservative brainwashing. That's why Republicans lost the election-- exclusionary strategy perpetrated by tired old white men is played out in a demographically changing America.

Enough with the caveman logic that if you aren't a conservative/Republican you are devoid of morality and work ethic and seeking a handout.

Oh, one last thing-- you are an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Was sad and pathetic watching and listening to Bush...I too almost felt sorry for this man. I only hope MLK and Obama are correct: "The moral arc of the universe is broad, but it ultimately bends toward justice.
Any official who has had anything to do with sending young men and women into harm's way - a war, any war - should be required to spend time in any one of our V.A. hospitals.
Somehow, these war criminals(check out the cover of Harper's December magazine) have got to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

I, loved what you said, ANON:10:49 but, I will take it a bit further, what a bout the PRESIDENT ELECT'S name, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, was WHITE AMERICA in a trance or what? WHITE AMERICA was so desperate, that a MUSLIM NAME, could not, keep them from the POLL'S, so what doe's that say about WHITE AMERICA? it mean's, that some part's of the media, owe's them an APOLOGY, starting with FOX CABLE NEW'S, and oh, let's not forget the good old REV, WRIGHT, so in other word's, the majority of WHITE AMERICA, agree with the REV.

Jmee said...

Am I the only one who will be Tivo'ing this fool on Thurs? I mean c'mon his last address to the nation has got to be some must see TV shit... It could pull some big numbers.

Who doesn't want to see a good comedy on a Thursday night.

tjwash said...

Christopher Chambers said...

Damn Anonymous 11;35pm--I didn't think you all existed any more. Can we put you in the Smithsonian along Joe the Plumber...

Heh, the first thing I thought when I read the trolls brain dead drivel was, "did I just get transported back in time to 2002 just now?"

It actually used to be a lot more fun to hate on the idiot son from Crawford back then. Every other message board shithead regurgitated the same faux-news style cut-n-paste propaganda. Now everybody hates the son of a bitch, and it's just not even entertaining to bunch up their little panties anymore.

The bright side is, that we can start to repair some of the damage that these evil bastards have done o our country. P.E. Obama says he is going to start dismantling the GTMO torture chamber and that's a good start. If the Dem led Congress repeals the horrible, constitution shredding "Patriot Act," the failed "war on drugs," and the other laundry list items of atrocities to our freedoms and civil liberties committed over the past 30 years, under the guise of protecting us, it will go a long way towards repairing our destroyed credibility around the globe.

Grata said...


There may be something to salvage about Bush's legacy. I haven't followed the news today but I saw something about him blocking Israel from invading Iran's Nuclear failities. What would the world be like today? There would probably be no one left in Gaza. Something to think about.

field negro said...

"You have been brainwashed by the media to believe all of your problems are because of someone else, and not because you are lazy, fat, stupid, and watch TV all day."

Really anon.? I guarantee you that most of the poeple posting here don't have as many problems as you do. Because judging from your comments, you have quite a few.

True Blue Texan,I can't blame you for not claming the man.

JP, thanks for reminding me about Shaggy and "it wasn't me". Its perfect for my man the frat boy.

"7 days, 13 hours 12 minutes and 32 seconds left.

Not that I'm counting or anything."

LOL! tjwash, it's 6 days, 18 hours and 48 seconds now :)

Jody said...

Man needs to be in jail, not Dallas. Him and Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Libby, Pearl, and all the rest who ILLEGALLY waged a war. These fuckers didn't just wage a war on Iraq, they waged a war on us. I sincerely hope that Conyers gets all the support he needs to investigate and the new justice department will charge accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Now was it the neo-con or Fundie Bushies that spoke with Israel..or was it those eveel, corpulent, wage-raising civil servants? After eight years of Alberto, Chertoff, and the idiot that wore S & M gear to a European Summit Conference...the unsung heroes of this administration are those government employees that mitigated damage against the express wishes of the Bushistas.


Christopher said...

Bush is mentally ill.

He hears voices: "God told me to invade Iraq."

Too bad one of the voices didn't tell him to put a bullet in his brain. He would've saved the nation and the world a lot of misery.

Yet, despite it all, there are still 20% to 30% of the American public who thinks Bush's shit doesn't stink. Maybe they're as crazy as Mr. Bush? Who knows?

But the nation's long, nightmare is almost over. We survived it, folks. We survived it.

Mrs. Chili said...

I am holding out hope that there will be war crimes trials. Not MUCH hope, mind you, but enough to get me through.

Anonymous said...

First: I am NOT Anon at 11:35 (dumb troll). The one good thing I can say about Dubya? He's kindly, gently, and fondly handing over the reigns of power to our President-Elect. I listen to Tom Joyner in the Morning and have heard Jay Anthony Brown joke about how Dubya and Condi supported Barack all during the primaries and election. From watching the man (and especially the way he watched Michelle and Husband get out of the limo to visit the White House for the first time as the future First Family) until the most recent references made to the President Elect? I now believe the jokes! I see a gentleness and fondness in Dubya; it's like he's concentrating hard to make sure he doesn't do anything other than help Barack take office in a way that's useful. Of course, he's screwing that up, too (the last minute ridiculousness surrounding, e.g., federal agencies' regulation, the Blair House). However, his "anti" acts are more consistent with his Veep Cheney and THAT hand. So, I say all this to say that I didn't see Bush's press conference (I CANNOT TAKE HIM; he especially hurts my ears in that format), I find his repeated and spoken desire to support his successor amazing and gracious. And I am NOT a Bush fan at all.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:12am, yes, GW is relieved to be going back "home" to Texas. But forgive me if I have a hard time finding anything sympathetic or admirable about that. I will never forget the way he mocked Karla Faye Tucker. I will never forget the way he mocked the search for WMDs at the Washington Press Corps dinner. I will never forget the smirks, the sneers, the joke about how much easier the job would be if he were dictator, the claims that the president doesn't have to explain anything to anybody, the refusal to testify in Congress under oath without his puppet-master next to him, the endless summer of his "vacations" in Crawford (is that what we were paying him to do, take vacations?), the so-called pretzel incident. (He may have stopped drinking when he was 40, but I guarantee he has started again.} The man is a psychopath. I don't have a ounce of sympathy for him. Not no way. Not no how.

{Gag, my family is all in Dallas--they'll be breathing the same air as GW. Or maybe not--my family can't afford to live in gated communities, and I'm sure the Bush house will be hermetically sealed.}

Christopher said...

The Motherfucker from Midland has petitioned the city of Dallas to erect a gate on Daria Lane.

According to Bush spokespeople, this is to protect the residents of Daria Lane from pesky tourists clamoring to get a glimpse at the Worst President Ever.

Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

"You know, presidents can try to avoid hard decisions and therefore avoid controversy. That's just not my nature." Who does he mean? Herbert Hoover? James Buchanan? Clinton & "that woman?" The Bush adminstration is a like grossout toilet in a public restroom. You can't use it, but you figure something has to be done, so you kick the flush lever with your foot & run. The shit either goes down or overflows, but either way it gets cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

Why are you all cursing, President Bush? In my opinion, Bush will be defined by 9/11. He handled the situation admirably. Have we been attacked since then? NO!

The man gets much props from me for that. So what if he wiretapped specific conversations and waterboarded a couple of bad guys?

Further, the cause for the present economic conditions is misplaced. The economy work in cycles and it takes a while for the effects of economic policies to manifest themselves.

For example, the economic growth we experienced during the Clinton adminstration is the result of ecomonic policies of the Reagan administration manifesting themselves after the inherent lags in the ecomony.

The economic woes we are experiencing now are attributable to the Clinton administration, espeicially the housing crisis. It was Clinton's policies that pressured banks and mortgage lending companies to approve mortgages to folks who wouldn't otherwise qualify for them. Does it make since to approve LeRoy for $250,000 mortgage when he can barely pay for his malt liquor and meet his child support payments for his six children?

Anonymous said...

Denial is a powerful defense mechanism. So much so, that the frat boy as you like to call him honestly believes he has done a wonderful job. I did hear him say that we haven't had an terrorist attack since 911, and I haven't had the flu either, but that doesn't mean anything. We have had Katrina, flooding in the midwest, and fires in California that Bush and FEMA has not done good in handling.

The man can not leave soon enough for me.

Jody said...

"The_Truth"..... you need to change your user name.... you wouldn't know the truth if it came up and slapped you across the face! You might want to take a constitutional class as well. Obviously, you have no clue what the US Constitution says. But let me clue you in to one basic premise... we are a country of LAW and one of the laws is when we adopt and ratify International Law, it becomes US Law. So your disgusting, dismissive commentary on torture and illegal wiretaps reflects your ignorance, writ large!

Anonymous said...

Jody and other elitists who wouldn't know their asshole from their elbow can utter insults all day, but it doesn't change the fact that none of you have had the honor or courage to serve in the military and see these bastards operate first hand. But yet, you defend these bastards.

You, Jody, are disgusting. Why don't you leave this country and don't let the door hit you in the ass?

Anonymous said...

I just checked your website, Jody. You are worse than disgusting. You are a hippie, ugh!

Jody said...

Truth..... guess what.... I'm not leaving... why is it that you assholes say this same lame ol message... love it or leave it. Well, I got news for you. I'm staying. Thats the beauty of America.... the right to disagree.

Your'e just pissed cuz FINALLY there is a change a comin... I guess it is KILLING you that the very first thing Obama is doing next week is shutting down Guantanamo. And, he also has declared torture unacceptable.

It is idiotic thinking like YOURS that makes torture and genocide possible in the world. Don't you think that those that would torture Americans think they too are right? Don't you think the Nazis thought they had a just cause... how about the Apartheid government... they sure as hell thought they were right. Pol Pot would defend to his death the killing fields of Cambodia. We already know where the path to torture leads. It is not a path I want MY country to be on. And thank goodness the majority of Americans voted for Obama, we are about to jump off that path.

One more thing... while I don't object to be called a hippy, the more accurate term would be radical.

Anonymous said...


I think people would have a little more understanding for Bush if would at least admit that he caused a lot of problems both domestically and internationally. Bush has no sense of self-reflection and it's because he has a very narrow view about himself and the world. I mean it's good to admit that you were wrong, and it's what he should do. He did not do a heck of a job, and it's that very evident by what we are seeing at this moment.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line folks is that by his definition and intentions Bush considers himself a successful President.

He wanted to start a war for oil.

He wanted to deregulate the financial markets and let his corporate buddies run wild.

He wanted to abridged the civil liberties of those he didn't like.

And he wanted stack the federal courts with rightwing idealogues.

He accomplished his goals and too bad if most Americans don't like it.

Mission Accomplished.

Shady_Grady said...

As far as Bush finally leaving office, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Sharon from WI said...

You have been brainwashed by the media to believe all of your problems are because of someone else, and not because you are lazy, fat, stupid, and watch TV all day.

Unemployment is at an all time high, this country has lost jobs by the thousands in recent months, we are in a war we had no business waging in the first place, people are losing their homes...and all you can come up with is a welfare queen stereotype from the Reagan years?

Just who is being brainwashed?

Sharon from WI said...

Truth:Jody and other elitists who wouldn't know their asshole from their elbow can utter insults all day, but it doesn't change the fact that none of you have had the honor or courage to serve in the military and see these bastards operate first hand. But yet, you defend these bastards.

Now how do you know the miltry service or veteran's status of anyone here? Furthermore, defending the US Constitution coudn't be more patriotic.

Anonymous said...

The "Truth" is just some asshole over here trying to get a rise out of folks.

Ignore him.

EzMun said...


Shaking my head. It's fair to say that all of America's problems cannot be blamed on Bush. And it's fair to give Bush's administration credit where it is due (no domestic attacks since 9/11). But to suggest that Bush doesn't deserve blame for things that he causes is beyond lunacy.

Clinton's economic success wasn't due to Reagan any more than the Internet was invented by Al Gore. Clinton's success economically was due to the rise of the Internet and the fundamental change to busiiness that its development caused. Oh... it probably helps to not wage 5 year long wars that drain the country of treasure and credibility on the world stage.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard so much rationalizing in my life. Bush is either a total moron (high probability) or is totally in denial (equally high probability). Or both.

Oh, and did I mention arrogant?

Anonymous said...

Watching Bush give that half-ass press conference, I think I threw up in my mouth a little!

rikyrah said...


Inside the rocketproof ObamaMobile

the new Presidential Limo

Anonymous said...

The Bush II regime was a great success, and kept us safe, if you pretend that it started on September 12, 2001 and don't include August 2005 (Katrina), May 2003 (Mission Accomplished), March 20 to May 1, 2003 (Invasion of Iraq), or any number of other dates in the last eight years. We would have been better off if Bush II had taken the entire 8 years as a vacation on his "ranch."

Of course he thinks he made the right decisions. He's never in his life suffered the consequences for any of his decisions. Daddy and the uncles covered for him when he bailed out of the Texas Air National Guard, when he bailed out of Harken Energy and Spectrum 7 and the Texas Rangers, each time with a nice profit for his "efforts." They bailed him out of at least one DWI that we know about. No wonder the Welfare for Wall Street bill made sense to him--"Bailout" is his middle name. George W. "Bailout" Bush. "Bailout" Bush. I like it. I wonder if that really was his nickname in the TANG. I wonder if any of his fellow pilots ever saw him often enough to even give him a nickname.

The time has come for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, South African style.

Anonymous said...

I watched the press conference and said he needs to have some blood taken. He was on one yesterday.

If he would have shown some compassion during his presidency, Americans might sympathize with him now.

He is still lying.

Anonymous said...

I almost felt sorry for him BUT then I thought about how devious and careless he is and the almost quickly diminished.

He tore his draws with me with Katrina..that was it. He can't even get a damp eye from me when he pretends to care about the citizens of what he calls this fine country.

Anonymous said...

Blackgirlthinking: say THAT! Bush tore 'em UP. So, as I had hoped to communicate earlier? I loathe Bush, so much so, that I am stunned by his willingness to be so, er, HELPFUL in transitioning in our President-elect. Sorry folks; no Bush love here at ALL. I'm just sayin' (sheepishly)!

Anonymous said...

Well, just from the workds chosen by the Truth, I would gather that he is safely ensconsed in an undisclosed Mommies basement, waiting for the chance to shoot one of those 'rioters' should the opportunity arise.

Bunnypants, if you had served, you'd be a lot less worshipful towards the jackhole that has you on stop-loss, the draft-dodger that re-upped your GI @ss despite your age, the gargantuan non-intellect that cut your combat pay to save his rich buds some cash.

You know, Joe the NotPlumber, we had no business going to Iraq. They didn't attack us. They actually had bad blood with Al Queda...which your Sarey Palin IQ would have learned...if you read anything.

4K dead US and millions of Iraqi civilians and you want me to thnk of George as worthy? I'd sooner elect Michael least he shows up for work.


GoldenAh said...

GW Bush was called a "dry drunk" by Glenn Beck (he should know, he claims to be an expert on alcoholism). I've always looked at the man as being mentally disabled: he really cannot help himself.

I've never wasted my (emotional) time getting upset or mad with him.

Is he a failure? Massively.

But his colossal screw-up made Obama possible.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:35, McCain/Palin voter, right?

Anonymous said...

I was there to protest his first inauguration (right near that guy who threw an egg at his limo) and I will be there on the 20th to put this son of a bitch out of the White House. Come on January 20, 2009!!!

Monie said...

Bush actually accused a Black reporter of being asleep during the non-news conference.

Am I the only who noticed that?

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, SHARON in CT, I remember all of those thing's, as well, but what stuck out in my mind the most was that DINNER, I remember, BUSH, having a grand old time, as well as the other people, I didn't see that tape, until last year, and I was so upset, as I watched, I thought about, all those MOTHER'S with sign's standing in front of the WHITE HOUSE, and they wanted to know why their SON was DEAD? and should we be angry on this comment form? YES, we have a right to be angry! thousand's, of young people have lost their innocent life's in IRAQ, and not to mention the hurt and pain of their loved one's, all of this just go's to show us that we are COMPASSIONATE HUMAN BEING'S.

I saw BUSH and his wife on LARRY KING, these people are COLD BLOODED!!

Empty Suit said...

I will miss President Bush.

Sharon from WI said...

Empty Suit said... I will miss President Bush.

Why? Are you a comedian?

Seda said...

Field, y'all said Bush "stubbornly [went] into an unnecessary war with a country that had nothing to do with 911 in order to expand the powers of the executive branch and hold on to political power."

Maybe. But I think the real point was simply to conquer the greatest reserves of light sweet crude left on the planet. Which may have something to do with the fact that Dick and John and the boyz were all so eager to keep troops there for the next 50 years. We'll leave when the oil fields are all pumped dry...

Pardon if I'm a bit cynical.

Empty Suit said...

No. What did you find funny? Are you a comedian?

Sharon from WI said...

Empty Suit has left a new comment on the post "PLEASE JUST GO!":

No. What did you find funny? Are you a comedian?

No, lol. But people like Jon Stewart have looked longingly into the camera and mouthed, "I am going to miss you s-o-o-o much!"

(Because Bush, you see, has provided so much fodder for their comedy material for so long.)

Empty Suit said...

lol, so you are a comedian, late night with Sharon. I don't care what Stewart did, but add me to the list of people going to miss Bush.

Anonymous said...

GW Bush has an MBA from Harvard Business School. Mentally disabled people don't just earn MBA's.

The man is smarter than he looks.

He's set for life-- laughing all the way to the bank.

Grata said...

I am one of those few that don't passionately hate Bush.
I find his Presidency very enlightening. Americans are now more aware ofthe intricacies of the way their government operates here and abroad. And for that I think America is better for it. Elsewhere in the world the Bush Presidency is no different from any previous ones. The only difference this time is that Americans are at the receiving end of their own government's bad policies and they now feel what others have felt all along. This has forced people to be more active in public matters and for that y'all need to thank Bush. Also you wouldn't have Obama without Bush.
In away Bush has got Americans to know themselves better. My Pol Sci instructor calls Americans sleeping Sheep with the government taking them for a ride. Judging by recent events, I think the sheep are fully awake.

Sharon from WI said...

Bush has what is called a "Gentlemen's Degree," something you get because Dad was an alumnus with lots of cash.

Bush also graduated from the bottom of his class.

I wouldn't want a doctor, lawyer or accountant to tend to my business affairs or health concerns who graduated at the bottom of his or her class.

Anonymous said...

Bottom of the class at an Ivy League school is better than top of the class at a lot of institutions, believe that!

Sharon from WI said...

I beg to differ. Please let's not turn GW into some Rhodes scholar.

The bottom of the class is just that...whether it's Harvard or a non-Ivy League school...the bottom.

Anonymous said...

You are forgetting hundreds of billions of financial fraud that went unnoticed and unpunished.
Appraisal fraud
Insider trading
Accounting fraud
Mortgage fraud
Ratings fraud
And the beat goes on

TrueBlue said...

Junior's final address came onto the tube, and my first thought was to say "Fuck this!" and change the channel, like so many times before.

But this time I stifled the impulse. It's his last speech. It's a historic moment, and I ought to watch it. That's what I told myself.

So I sat there mostly in silence, giving middle-finger salutes at my television, and muttering the occasional Fuck You, but I lasted until the end.

And then I gave him a double middle finger salute and shouted FUCK YOU.

Anonymous said...

CBS News/N.Y. Times Poll Finds President Will Leave Office With Lowest Final Approval Rating Ever

Take care bye bye

Anonymous said...

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