Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here Come Da Drunk.

Before I start this post, let me say congrats O man for getting your stimulus package passed in the house today. I know the rethugs are fit to be tied, but fuck em, they don't have a party anymore; they are totally irrelevant.

Okay now that I got that off my chest I want to talk about Judge Curtissa E. Cofield.

Honestly, I don't want to pile on the good judge, lord knows she has been getting it from all quarters, and rightfully so. Getting busted for DUI was bad inexcusable behavior for someone who sits in judgement of others, but what really set me off about this story was her behavior after she was arrested. This happened back in October, but this is the You Tube age, and the video of her little ep. recently went public.

Seriously folks, the self hatred that some Negroes display on a daily basis is astonishing to me. Now here is a supposedly educated woman calling out an African American police officer for doing his job. "Well, they got the head n----- in charge and he … Which one, the head n----- in charge?" Now Judge, was that really necessary? "Oh, no. We don't. We're ghetto Negroes. We don't have Triple-A." Well Judge, I hate to break it to you, but you are a serious "ghetto Negro". I don't care where you live, or what you do for a living. Being a "ghetto Negro" is a state of mind. And your state of mind is seriously fucked up. Ahh but come on field, this was black on black hate, what's the big deal? It's a huge deal. Because a lot of our problems as a community stem from black on black hate. And for a Judge, of all people, to be displaying these characteristics, just makes the story even more sad.

In the Islands we have an expression for Negroes like the good Judge: "Neva si cum si" Translated: Never had shit, but now they do. Mrs. Field calls these people "new". As in that Negro done got "new". This Judge obviously can't get over herself, and it only took a little alcohol in her system to bring out the.....well, "ghetto".

Oh well, here is hoping that the good Judge won't allegedly drink and drive anymore. It's a dangerous a deadly practice. Hopefully she will have learned a lesson, and here is hoping that she writes a long letter to that state trooper apologizing for her ignorant and crass behavior.

Apparently the Judicial Review Board might have the final say in this episode, and honestly, I am not from Hartford, so I don't know what type of jurist this woman is. But what I do know is that she might just want to do some serious soul searching.

"I'm not signing anything, because when it comes down to the bottom line, who's smarter — me or you? We'll figure it out, won't we?"

Judge, we already did, and it ain't you.


Anonymous said...

Okay, another person who became more than she really is. Sad. My mother always a hard head makes a soft butt. lol. her uppitiness is going to come back to bite her ass. And guess what I dont feel sorry for her. She needs to have her behind spank. Hard.

Anonymous said...

Us Whiteys call it "TNB" short for Typical Nigger Behavior.

Oh, you'll find all Negroes act like this whenever they get caught doing anything wrong. All ages, sexes, social standing.

Negroes are basically thieving, drinking, killing, Jungle people. It's time you move back to Africa and give up on your delusions of grandeur.


Kellybelle said...

^ what happened to the post racial era?

Jody said...

Aw field, she's just acting like any priveleged drunk acts.... seriously, this behavior is certainly not the exclusive domain of "ghetto."
I have over the course of my life, on occasion, had to deal with over pampered/priveleged drunk people and this is sadly, how too many of them behave. God, I hate mean drunks!

Anonymous said...

Field, I am really glad to see you moved Juan to the house because he really belongs there. I don't know what happened to that cat because back when he was on Talk of the Nation he was actually cool.

As for this! What can I say, clearly a good job doesn't stop one from acting a fool.

field negro said...

Bad day in the old trailer park huh Incogman, don't worry, it's almost the end of the month, those government checks are coming real soon. ;)

Anonymous said...

Here in Arkansas, we had a black Arkansas congressman run over another black guy and the congressman was drunk. The congressman continued to drive home. OK, that's bad enough, but the people in his district wanted him to keep his job because of his skin color. Some things just can't be focused on too closely, I guess you just move on. That's what I did. It happened around St. Francis or Lee county.

The repubs most certainly are not irrelevant. They said this about the Dems several time since 1994, and I knew it wasn't true. You are forgetting the blue dogs, my loving senators and congressmen/women. That's why he may need some of the repubs.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 28 09

FN: That judge is funny as all hell! Too bad she was caught. I hope she learns a lesson but I hope they don't take away her ability to judge. After all we all make misakes. Community service and an AA meeting or two might be indicated.

As to the GOP being irrelevant, I too agree with SZPork. And I wouldn't be too pleased with that stimulus passing at all. Look at what they did to some of the TARP money already? Absolutely NONE of it went towards helping consumers as it was intended. This is highway robbery, unauthorized theft and many Americans do Not agree with the principle. Why bail out more businesses that are doomed to fail anyway?

And GW Bush's stimulus cheques never did a damned thing. Why do people think that President Obamas' injected of more money will do anything other than circulate DEBT into the economy?

Kucinich and Paul are the only sane members of Congress.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 28 09

He shoulda hooked her up and took her home. There was no need to book her. Come on!

Anonymous said...

Aaron McGruder didn't really say Obama wasn't black.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Girlfriend even looks crazy sober.
And why shouldn't he have booked her? She could've killed someone, driving drunk. That's a serious matter.

Anonymous said...

field I don't like the way you use the term ghetto to mean having bad character. You can call "ghetto negro" a "state of mind" all you want, but your lying to yourself. When you see a black individual living in a certain neighborhood, talking in a certain accent, your going to think "ghetto negro" and associate that person as having bad character. It's worse than using black as symbolically bad. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This just happened this week in Pinellas County, Fl:
Three teenagers were spotted by police during a robbery in progress of a gas station. When they emerged, an undercover police officer told them they were busted, with cops all around. One proceeded to open fire on the officer, seriously wounding him. Normal stuff right? But here is where it gets relevent to your post.
The family of the teen that shot the officer retained a lawyer the next day (today)to sue the police department because the cops didn't stop the teens from robbing the store, so its the law's fault the teen shot the officer. A female relative of the teen charged with the shooting went on TV and was interviewed declaring this was the position of the family. However, when the interviewer went back to speak with her she could not be the interim it was discovered that she has a warrant out for her arrest for skipping out on her probation.
Yikes huh? This comes under the heading of "people not like us".

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Jumping Jesus.....
For the love of all that is sane and enlightened in this world ...incogman (who by the way doesn't allow comments on his filthpit blog)DOES NOT speak for me, or anyone else I know, even if the color of our skin is similar.
I threw up in my mouth when I went over there. Long live freedom of speech, even for sick hatemongers such as that. What an ill, ill, little man. No ones mother is proud of him, not even his.

Anonymous said...

Being the son of a cop, I just don not take too kindly seeing a person (like a Judge) trashing and insulting a police officer for enforcing the law.

Thanks for calling her out, Field!


Lola Gets said...

Here is another example of why drinking isnt a good think and drunk is never a good look on anyone. Honestly, its been my belief for some time, that folks fall back on who they really are when their backs are pushed to the wall. Which is one reason I try not to let that happen to me, lol.


rainywalker said...

I read an article about the judge yesterday. White people do the same thing and both are wrong or drunk.
But I want you to know that I'm not a rethug. 40% of that stimulas bill or more is not going to put people to work. What is 335 million dollars for STD's going to do for Philadelphia? How many young people is it going to put to work? How about the 200 million they took out for condoms? How many people was going to work there? Acorn under investigation for voter fraud 4.19 billion. How many new jobs? 50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts. Thats going to hire a lot of people in the inner city.
What we need is a real stimulus bill. Build some new schools, new sewer lines, new bridges, new water lines, youth centers, libraries, etc., etc., etc. Those are going to benifit cities across the US and put people to work for at least a year or two or more. Get the economy going. If the Democrats and the president want to put together a 825 billion social program's bill thats okay with me. But keep the pork seperate from a jobs bill and call it what it is. The rethugs did not vote for the bill because its not stimulus, its BBQ with no sauce and we both know it. We both also know what the difference is between jobs and busy work.
They have stuck it to Philadelphia, you, me and all America again!

grown said...

I know this is off subject but others are addressing it so I felt like I should put my two cents in.

Basically yes the stimulus bill is a social programs package. And it is a NEEDED social programs package because clearly people are struggling. Just look at Field's post from yesterday if you need any proof that people need help in these times.

The GOP can basically kiss my ass because they are the reason we are in this mess in the first place. Why weren't they talking about creating jobs when they were busy bailing their Wall Street friends out with fake bailout packages? Or when they wanted to keep pumping BILLIONS of dollars into one of the most disastrous wars known to man? Why weren't they worried about stimulating the economy then? Even if the bill included more provisions for jobs, it takes time to implement those changes. This bill provides immediate relief to families who are struggling day to day and can't pay their light bill NOW. Or can't feed their babies NOW. Or can't pay their mortgages NOW.

Basically it is going to take YEARS to undo the damage that the GOP has done. It will not happen overnight. Obama has been in office one week and already he has done more to help the American people than Bush did in 8 years.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 28 09

I understand why you might feel the stimulus package is needed, but it is not. All of the money from TARP that has been dispersed has ALREADY been used to line the executives' pocketbooks. Secondly, recent history tells us that whenever the government injects capital as stimulus into the economy (without getting to the CORE of why we are in this situation) that things actually get worse. Inflation results when you put more money into the economy without any real PRODUCTION to accompany it. And food prices at your grocer will confirm this.

The GOP didn't cause this mess anymore than the DEMS caused it. We are in a debt based economy. You cannot have a stable economy without production and only real currency is debt based. The very structure of our banking system is why we are in this mess.

Blame everyone in Congress for supporting this unjust and criminal banking system, except Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, they saw through the Bs from jump.

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

OT-- In my thirty-three years of driving across A-Merry-Ca (and I've done the coast to coast thing more than once; and lived in more cities than I really want to remember) I've gotten PLENTY of traffic tickets. Some of 'em I was cold busted and some of 'em were flat out DWB.

But in all those tickets, I have been pulled over by exactly ONE black officer.

Once. Ever. I was so shocked-- and frankly, pleased-- I took the ticket, shook his hand and thanked him. (and before you ask, yes, I was cold busted that time, too.)

I'm just curious as to other folks' experiences (especially if you got a really heavy right foot).

Anonymous said...

Brother Field...feel you on that self hatred tip/ ay be the core of my race present misery. Only race that has a inverted racial marriage profile. Not wanting to create and care for offspring that look like oneself only begats hatred for others that appear similarly. That police only got the venom she has for herself. We see this action all day in the sober population..alcohol releases the personal venom in such an intense manner.There is still a core group that believe our mantra of the 60s- "Black is beautiful". I still say that we were not ready for the fruits of civil rights gain. Maybe if we had been comfortable in the mirror these parodoxical situations would not exist. You would think a judge would be comfortable in her skin as to be respectful of the Black policemen. Her Black-shame was showing. About the bailout-- I am amazed that no guarantees were placed on the money. It where you are on the pecking order. To Incogman..There is nothing new in what you say. Our pain comes not from comes from within.

La♥audiobooks said...

Um, I won't call it "ghetto" behavior. I have actually seen drunk white people say that same type of line to black cops.

field negro said...

Rainywalker & Mhandisa, you make som good points. I am not a fan of pork in these bills. and rainy walker, you are right about needing infrastructure repairs etc. But I thought the O man had that in his plan down the road.

And I have to agree with some of what grown said as well. why didn't the repubs at least try to address this problem over the past few years? Money on war, no oversight of major corporations and on Wall Street, I mean the beat went on an on.

As for this Judge, StillaPanther2 you nailed it.

Christopher said...

I don't know what the steps in her jurisdiction are for removal (review panel or term naturally expire) but her behavior suggests someone not suited to be a presiding judge.

I do not want a foulmouthed drunkard on the bench when and if I should ever go to court.

Field, you're a lawyer. Have you ever considered becoming a judge? Is this a career path that interests you?

Black Diaspora said...

"I understand why you might feel the stimulus package is needed, but it is not." Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden

Mahndisa allow me to respond to some of the things you've written here, if I might.

This economic downturn that we find ourselves in is not the result of market forces exerting a cyclical reality, but was artificially created by a greed-driven market strategy to provide credit default swaps and other derivatives without the issuing agencies (financial institutions) setting aside sufficient capital reserves to cover potential losses, prompting the Federal government to step in and rescue the financial sector--the big losers, but the ones who're also responsible for creating the problem--when housing foreclosures reached a crisis level.

Regulatory safeguards would have mitigated some of the damage to our economy, but market watchers, the Treasury Secretary, the SEC, and yes, the congress, neglected to investigate, and allowed the Wall Street Wheeler Dealers to get filthy rich at our expense.

Here's one article of explanation; there're many more on-line.

Because market forces did not create this economic meltdown, one having world-wide ramifications, market forces can not be looked to to right our economic ship, unless we wish to be in this economic morass for the next several decades, say thirty to forty years or more.

So the proposed stimulus bill is an economic last-gasp effort to fill our economic lungs with enough oxygen to survive long enough for market forces to kick in.

"Given the depth of the economy's troubles, most economists believe that bigger is better. 'It's worth pulling out all the stops,' said Janet Yellen, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco."

Of course not all economists are in agreement on whether the stimulus plan will work, and certainly not all politicians, with some Republicans indulging in a little historical revisionism by calling the recession, "Obama's Recession," as a way to build future political capital if the plan fails.

You said, "Inflation results when you put more money into the economy without any real PRODUCTION to accompany it. And food prices at your grocer will confirm this."

Infrastructure building and rebuilding could indirectly bring back some of that "production" that you alluded to in your remarks above.

As bridges are built and propped up, the steel industry could see a resurgence of production, and Caterpillar could see a demand for new construction equipment--two industries hard hit by the recession--as new nation-wide construction amplify demand.

As you know, inflation is a supply/demand problem. It occurs when lots of dollars chase a paucity of goods.

Yet, grocery prices have gone up in recent years for reasons other than inflation. In other words not because we have too many dollars chasing a food shortage, but because of an inflation of another sort:

"Much of this inflation [for groceries] comes down to oil prices, which are ever increasing with no" signs of letting up.

Despite the drop in oil prices in recent months--the supposed culprit for the rising cost of food stuffs--grocery prices have remained high with no signs of a let up.

Market forces are not responsible for this continued high cost of groceries, but corporate greed, the unbridled greed that got us into this mess in the first place.

"But once a [grocery] price hike is in place, it virtually never goes away, Lafakis said. The one factor than can drive prices down is a drastic drop in demand, but few economists expect the global economic downturn to be so severe it would cause widespread deflation, he said. More likely is that inflation will slow or possibly flatten.

"That was the case last month, when consumer prices were essentially flat even as oil prices plunged."

Granted, excess dollars in the economy can lead to inflationary pressures on the economy, but those pressures will be tempered for a time by recessionary forces (high job losses), unless the escalating prices are artificially created--the phenomenon that we're seeing currently in the food industry.

So we have two choice as nation: Do nothing, and surely slip into economic quagmire, or attempt to artificially prop up the economy that was artificially damaged in the first place.

If I had to vote, I would vote for the latter--too many lives hang in the balance, and the suffering that could ensue, if we do nothing, incalculable.

Yes, I know, we may still lose this bet, but I'm anteing up, anyway.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of back in the early 90s when Chicago Congressman Gus Savage was arrested in DC for speeding and DUI and yelled at the two black cops who stopped him " Do you niggers know who I am??"

One cop said "At the moment, an arrestee."

Anonymous said...


Beautiful. Nice story.

BT said...

The economic meltdown, as well as the failures in a number of our production and distribution systems - right down to poison peanut butter killing our children...

Are completely the responsibility of conservatism as implemented under Rethugly hegemony the last 30 years – starting with Raygun.

The current food crisis is a result of e-coli conservatism – the belief that industries can self regulate, and the evil government is an unneeded burden upon their operations. 3 months ago, it was tomatoes suspected of sickening tens of thousands – before that it was Spinach, then strawberries grown in human fecal matter, poison dog food...


On and on...

 In a 2007 interview in USA Today, William Hubbard, a former FDA associate commissioner, admitted that food safety had become a crap shoot: "The FDA has so few resources, all it can do is target high-risk things, give a pass to everything else and hope it is OK. ... The public probably has the perception ... that they're more protected than they really are."

   The agency's decline started when Reagan was president. FDA food inspections plummeted from 29,355 in 1980 to 7,668 in 1989. They stayed flat during Bill Clinton's years in the White House, then jumped past 11,000 after 9/11, amid fears that the nation's food was vulnerable to terrorist attack. Food inspections have now, however, fallen to levels below that number.

The Associated Press studied the records and found that between 2003 and 2006 the Food and Drug Administration conducted 47 percent fewer safety inspections. FDA field offices have 12 percent fewer employees. Safety tests for food produced in the United States have gone down by three quarters—have almost ground to a halt—in the previous year alone.

The sad thing is the food supply is still vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Thank God that the only people in the world stupider than conservatives...

Are Islamic terrorists and their merry band of misanthropic murderers.

The exact same thing done to the food supply (and much of the Governmental infrastructure designed to protect Americans – re: Katrina) was done to the banking industry.

The ONLY way out of this mess is to totally ignore the Rethugs, and their conservative syncopates.

You can't make peace with a rabid dog.

brohammas said...

Now this lady's behavior doesn't help "the cause", or help anything for that matter, but your analysis leads to something else.

One of the joys of white privilege (tongue firmly in cheek), is not having to worry about self hate. Now this doesn’t mean white people don’t hate themselves or other white people for that matter, what it means is that we feel no responsibility to NOT hate each other. A white judge acting this way toward a white cop would simply be a fool, like Blagovich (couldn’t help it).

I’m not sure the social unity propagated by social activists is really all that helpful in the racial PR war. White people don’t understand or relate to it. Many even resent it.
(note I am NOT SURE it isn’t helpful. Its worth thinking about).

Anonymous said...

How embarrassing. That's the kind of person that makes it harder for some black people to address their self-hatred. They internalize the lie that people like her represent them in some way.

Kudos to the officer for not losing his temper with her.

FullyFocused2020 said...

that's some real talk you just said about, "Self Hate" I see it all the time and to hear this type of action from a Black Judge to her own people meaning black and in some type of Authority really saddens me.

Mildred said...

Have we forgotten the Mel Gibson episode? This is about privilege. The suppressed rage and ugly came out.

Sharon from WI said...

At first I thought this was some local character out of Philly and I intended asking what kind of reputation she has as a jurist. It would be interesting to know what type of person she is behind the bench.

Sharon from WI said...

Negroes are basically thieving, drinking, killing, Jungle people. It's time you move back to Africa and give up on your delusions of grandeur.

Move back?? Black folks are uniquely American...there is no moving "back" to anyplace. One may say the same for you, but not us. :-)

BT said...

White folks "acting out" has different consequences...

While this Judge certainly made a flaming ass of herself...

The outgoing Bushsquats have made one of the entire country

Case in point - the Bushits have banned Blue Cheese (Gorgonzola) imported from France as one of their last great acts of weenie whacking:

Sharon from WI said...

dalit said...

field I don't like the way you use the term ghetto to mean having bad character. You can call "ghetto negro" a "state of mind" all you want, but your lying to yourself.

It's pretty much understood what "acting ghetto" means. Just as it's understood what "being country" means.

And it is not limited to geography or neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

ghetto means something different to me, as a Jew, than most folks. I could never call someone "actin' ghetto" -- no matter how much I may appropriate Black Standard english to make my point. It Does Not Compute to me (not that I mind your usage).

person talking about dollars and inflation: inflation comes from more debt. more debt means more money flying around the system. Only true inflation comes from productivity increases and population growth. Elsewise, it's people making loans, and thus increasing the credit supply. It's when this colossal mound of bullshit starts to topple that we got problems.

And boyhowdy do we have problems! When the bullshit economy of loans and banks starts to erode the Economy of Things (you know, like factories being liquidated, cars destroyed, etc), then we gots trouble.

Obama should Nationalize the Banks. Give us our money's worth, stop Bailing Them Out!

So sayeth Nobel Prize winning New York Times columnist and economist Krugman.

And I agree.

Anyone got money in Treasury bonds? get it out! invest in alternative energy, oil, something that stands to grow.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Hey UptownSteve~How come you aren't angry with Field for posting this. If this were on my blog you would have given me a verbal lashing for denigrating (by highlighting this) my people. What's up with the double standard Bro? For the record, you would be hard press to find such a story in what you have described as my "lilly white pond"

Anonymous said...

Sharon what part of Wisconsin are you in?


What's James Harris of "Massa McCain PLEASE, I'm BEGGING you!!" fame up to these days?

What a buckdancing coon?

Anonymous said...


You got me all wrong.

I have no problem calling people out for acting the fool.

But you black righties EXCLUSIVELY focus on "negroes behaving badly" and almost never celebrating the tremendous success and beauty of black people.

Just look at your blog today.

A black woman hissing about some Obama "idolatry".

I bet you cheered when James Harris was doing the monkey for McCain and Palin on national TV.

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised the peice of crap cop didn't shoot her!!!!!

BT said...

Rising Tide sez - Obama should Nationalize the Banks. Give us our money's worth, stop Bailing Them Out!

Raygun and his misbegotten ideological spawn already did that, in creating (through deregulation) banks that are "too big to fail".

What needs to happen now is to bust these "banks" back into separate banking and investment entities, and to encourage the growth of local and regional banks.

Conservative Black Woman said...

@UptownSteve~"I bet you cheered when James Harris was doing the monkey for McCain and Palin on national TV."

Actually not. Grown man groveling (particularly a black man at the feet of a white man)is NEVER a good look!

I'm thinking UptownSteve that you've got me all wrong. "Blackness" has nothing to do with idolatry. I told you once I'll tell you again --It's a God thing with me not a racial own.

Conservative Black Woman said...

I meant a racial one. (typing too fast)

Anonymous said...

Imagine if the same incident happened by the foul mouthed racist spewing bitch was... Paris Hilton? Or if it had been a white judge? Or if the person in qusetion was wearing the yaumike?
This is part of American racism- if she had not been black, and she had been talkin like that, there is NO question she would loose her job. If she were white, asian, jewish, etc IMAGINE what the hoopla surrounding this would be! It's racist that all the people who would be out for blood are being downkey cause she's black.

Anonymous said...

this is crazy...

Grata said...

First, Charles Barkley wanted to tatoo the name the Cop that busted him onto his butt, now this one. What is going on? I think many of us need to take some lessons in humility.

Grata said...

"Us Whiteys call it "TNB" short for Typical Nigger Behavior.

Oh, you'll find all Negroes act like this whenever they get caught doing anything wrong. All ages, sexes, social standing.

Negroes are basically thieving, drinking, killing, Jungle people. It's time you move back to Africa and give up on your delusions of grandeur."

Another one of those whose only value is what covers his insides.

daedalus2u said...

Food prices are staying high now because food stores can't get credit for working capital to fund inventory because banks won't lend.

What needs to be done is for the Fed to print money, deliberately cause inflation. If assets squirreled away in a mattress (like what banks are doing now) are decreasing in value because of inflation, then banks have an incentive to make loans. Right now they don't.

Swiff said...

Damn, I didn't even hear about Juan's new shuffle until I went googling around after seeing him crowned House Negro of the Day for the 734th time.

I swear, O'Reilly must ghostwrite the stupid shit he says and pay him by the segment. I hope a 2nd cousin decks Mr. Williams at his next family reunion.

Black Diaspora said...

Why is everyone tiptoeing around the obvious?

Judge Curtissa E. Cofield self-hatred did not occur in a vacuum.

She's a product of a racist society (which appears to be softening a bit in certain quarters) that elevated white ideals of beauty, decorum, and culture.

To succeed, she became one of them, and less of us, despite her attempt at racial identification with the braids.

That identification, in a limited and well-crafted way, carries with it some benefit, or she would abandon it altogether.

Ask Juan Williams, Justice Thomas, et al, and ask the women who will soon be appearing on Tyra Bank's show, who bleach their skin and the skin of their children--one actually using Clorox bleach to escape what is perceived as an inferior skin color.

Having lived in a predominantly white society that for years believed in the inferiority of the black race, some blacks are going to fall into the chasm of self-hatred, and wrestle with the pathology that ensues.

For their part in this--holding white as the superior societal ideal--whites should be more ashamed than us.

Although I sympathize with Judge Cofield's plight, I don't feel she should be allowed to sit again on the bench.

I believe that she has shown that her objectivity has been severely compromised by her American experience, and that she might not render verdicts that would be fair and impartial to blacks and whites alike.

Black Diaspora said...

daedalus2u said...
"Food prices are staying high now because food stores can't get credit for working capital to fund inventory because banks won't lend."

Can you support this statement? It seems counter-intuitive as well as a bad business policy, unless you can get all the grocery giants to go along with it.

Higher food prices suggest a slower turnover of products, further exacerbating cash-flow difficulties--difficulties impacting the store's payrolls, and other operating expenses.

If cash-strapped grocery stores need monies to fund the restocking of their shelves, keeping grocery prices artificially high would appear to me, at first blush, to be a self-defeating measure.

It seems that it would be better to have a quicker turnover of food stuffs (especially perishables), than to keep items on shelves longer in hopes of taking in more money to fund restocking.

What now with people being laid off in greater numbers, many shoppers are going to forgo higher-priced items, even changing their eating habits, to stay afloat.

And that means buying fewer, or avoiding altogether, higher priced foods.

field negro said...

brohammas, you said some interesting things. I see a post in there somehwere. Let me think about it for awhile.

"Field, you're a lawyer. Have you ever considered becoming a judge? Is this a career path that interests you?"

Chris, the pension would be nice,but I think that after awhile I would miss being on the other side. Still, I don't know, I think there are too many skeletons in this big closet of mine. ;)

CBW, "liberals" believe in tough love too. It's just that as uptown steve said, we think that there should be some balance sometimes.

daedalus2u said...

BD, I don't have a source, I was in Costco the other day and it seemed to me that their inventory was way down.

A lower inventory of perishable food means less to throw out when it goes bad.

You are absolutely right, it is bad business policy to not have inventory to sell to your customers. Someone has to fund that inventory. If the banks won't do it, then the inventory can't be funded.

This is what the financial bailout was supposed to fix. But Bushco didn't put any strings on the free money they gave out, so the banks used it to buy competitors, give bonuses, pay down debt, anything but lend it out.

Anonymous said...

Oh you silly Negroes.

You go on about me living in a trailer park, etc. just like the Jews want you to say to "ebil Whitey."

It's funny when you think about it.

Here you welfare Negroes and Affirmative Action clowns are all gleeful about the Jew puppet Barry Soetoro and what HE WILL DO FOR YOU.

Not the country of America, but you -- the always "oppressed" Negro.

Sad, really, since the whole house of cards is now coming down fast and you don't have a clue.

In 6 months you clowns will be more concerned about getting chitlens than some drunk Negress judge.

Black Diaspora said...

"In 6 months you clowns will be more concerned about getting chitlens than some drunk Negress judge." incoherentman

Now, now, it's gonna be alright. Take your meds. Your nightmare won't end, but you'll feel a whole lot better in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you don't want to reconsider your stance on banning people? After all, incogman doesn't allow any comments on his blog. I mean, do we really need to read this shit? Yeah, I know, "it helps show who's who." But we get the idea already. Ban him.


Sharon from WI said...

I certainly wouldn't mind. :-)

Anonymous said...


As a white man I would like to point something out to you:

You spelled "chitlins" wrong.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Before I start this post, let me say congrats O man for getting your stimulus package passed in the house today. I know the rethugs are fit to be tied, but fuck em, they don't have a party anymore; they are totally irrelevant.[/quote]

Filled Negro:
I have been recording the "Fight The Power" Black talk radio station that plays locally.

You must be getting your framing from them.

You see their guests and callers achieve maximum penetration when they

1) Position their argument first by putting a spike into the heart of the evil Republicans

2) Justifying their SUPPORT OF legislation, a candidate or a nominee by making a negative reference to Evil Bush

3) They get a BONUS if they can get in an attack on Condi/Clarence and Connerly in one sentence.

BUT LET ME ASK YOU FILLED NEGRO.....what happens when there are NO MORE REPUBLICANS AROUND - as is the case in Philly, Baltimore, Detroit and Newark? Does your justification by referencing them remain legitimate?

On the national scene - what happens after 4 years of total Democratic Control? I bet that YOU will then be saying "The Bush destruction of this nation was more intense than we suspected. We need 4 more years of 100% Democratic control to continue on. Besides that we still have Thomas and Scalia on the Supreme Court and thus WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH DEMOCRATIC CONTROL YET to be held accountable for the failures."

Instead of a defense attorney keeping criminals out of jail and on the street you should have been a salesman Filled Negro. I would come to you to purchase my fertilizer rather than having to drive up to Home Depot.

Christopher said...

Chris, the pension would be nice,but I think that after awhile I would miss being on the other side. Still, I don't know, I think there are too many skeletons in this big closet of mine. ;)

Ha! I love 'big' closets.

BT said...

The Porch simian shines - BUT LET ME ASK YOU FILLED NEGRO.....what happens when there are NO MORE REPUBLICANS AROUND - as is the case in Philly, Baltimore, Detroit and Newark? Does your justification by referencing them remain legitimate?

Porche' is waaaay to stupid to understand the difference between running a city...

And running the whole country.

Looks to me the smart Republicans are getting ready to join the Obama Administration -

Republican Sen. Gregg might be tapped for Commerce: "The Obama administration has been floating the idea of naming Republican Sen. Judd Gregg, N.H., to be Commerce Secretary, several Senate sources said Thursday."

I mean - even the Rethugs are trying to get in on this "post racial" gig with Steele and Blackwell being leading contenders for the Chair position...

Better dust off and refresh that resume, Porch Simian...

The conservative Lawn Jockey business is about to face some layoffs.

GoldenAh said...

The Judge has a great future waiting for her as a rapper ... perhaps then no one's delicate sensitivities will be disturbed by her "creative language."

Anonymous said...

Jimbo sez:

"Are you sure you don't want to reconsider your stance on banning people? After all, incogman doesn't allow any comments on his blog. I mean, do we really need to read this shit? Yeah, I know, "it helps show who's who." But we get the idea already. Ban him.

That's an outright lie.

You Negroes are always allowed to attempt an understandable comment on my blog. I ban nothing but JEWs who's trolling tactics get tiresome.

But that's after we have some fun with them. Check it.

One thing I've always noticed is that Negroes only comment about Negro subjects.

That's all you care about: The color of your skin and what victims you've always been and how you can continue on with your victimhood mentality.

Tell me that's not a fact, JACK?

Sharon from WI said...

You Negroes are always allowed to attempt an understandable comment on my blog. I ban nothing but JEWs who's [sic] trolling tactics get tiresome...One thing I've always noticed is that Negroes only comment about Negro subjects.

That's all you care about: The color of your skin and what victims you've always been and how you can continue on with your victimhood mentality.

Seems you have a problem getting along and playing well with others. :-D

Anonymous said...

Playing days are soon over, little Sharon.

Your non-stop, tiresome "racism" and hate Whitey games, along with the collapsing house of cards of this country's economy will only wake up more and more of the silent White majority in the near future.

Already Whites are talking openly among themselves about this race crap that they've silently stewed about for decades.

And when these people come awake, they come out roaring. Remember this, sweety.

Sharon from WI said...

Luv, you really need to stop projecting, little man.

And you know what you can do with your condescending remarks.



TrueBlue said...

I'll give her this much: When she chose to destroy her career, at least she didn't opt for any half-measures. That woman dove head first into the deep end of the pool and snatched the quarter off the bottom.

The review board should remove her from office without a second thought. The incident was outrageous enough to be funny in a sardonic kind of way, but she's no longer qualified to judge a single thing.

tuhmeesuh said...

lucky for her she wasn't in my part of town--they've been scrapping judges left and right for lewd behaviors.

she got off this time--hopefully she'll realize that she's not God's gift to the law and get her drinking priorities in order.

hey field, how are you doing these days?

shhhh said...

I agree, she said what she said out of self hate, but the problem is that she does not recognize her statements as evidence of her own self hatred. How often do we see this? We see this in supervisors and managers who are Black, but who want to disassociate themselves from their black coworkers in fear of being "labeled." I could go on and on. Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Incogman, I'm whiter than you.


Attorneymom said...

How did I miss this post??

I sure hope the good judge finished paying off her student loan debt from law school because her salary is about to be reduced.

Anonymous said...

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