Thursday, April 16, 2009


"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will commit the vindication of the cause for which we fought. To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved and which you love also, and those ideals which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations." ~Stephen Dill Lee~~

I hear ya Mr. Lee, and in keeping with your dreams and wishes the descendants of the great confederacy have designated the month of April to be Confederacy month. That's right. Why should the Negroes be the only ones to have a month to celebrate their history? What about Southern history and pride? What about men like Lee; Davis; Jackson; and Forrest?

"All that the South has ever desired was the Union as established by our forefathers should be preserved and that the government as originally organized should be administered in purity and truth."

Those are the words of the great Robert E. Lee my Yankee friends. There is nothing racist about those words; in fact, they seem downright American to me. In fact if we put Robert E. Lee in a time machine and brought him back to 2009 I bet he would fit right into the new conservative movement sweeping the country. Hell, he could become governor of Texas. (BTW Gov. "good hair", [I love that name] I was joking when I blogged about your state wanting to secede from the rest of the Union, but apparently your dumb ass was serious)

Look, you good Confederate folks deserve a month. Especially after what Lincoln and his troops did to you. He invaded your homeland and had his Union troops fight you until your bitter surrender in 1865. Oh I bet if you could just go back to the years between 1861 and 1865 again and bring back the Confederate States of America life would be good. I bet you wouldn't have some skinny black man with a Muslim name from the South side of Chi as your President.

And I am not even mad that you have two more days in your month than mine. Or, that your month comes as spring flowers start to bloom and mine is in the dead of winter. Nope, I am not mad at ya, you fought for that month, the least the good folks of A-murder-ca could do is recognize you.

"Georgia's Governor, Sonny Perdue, and Mississippi's Governor, Haley Barbour, have both signed a proclamation designating April as Confederate History and Heritage Month for 2009, and city mayors and county commissioners will follow. The Georgia Senate also recently passed SB Bill 27, officially proclaiming April as Confederate History Month and the Georgia House rules committee voted 5-0, sending it out of committee for a full House vote. Supporters of the bill say, 'The measure would be a boom to the state's tourism industry, encouraging visitors to come to Georgia's Civil War battlefield sites."'

Well there you go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Field...Pennsylvania's got a pretty nice Civil War Battlefield too...You left out the part about how the only reason slavery didn't work out up North was y'all kept runnin over to Canada everytime the Over-seer'd take a smoke break...It's cool, war ended 140 years ago, and if the good guys won you'd be livin down here... and How'd y'all get stuck with February anyways?? almost like someones stickin it to ya on purpose.


gotta get ready for "Count"

Swiff said...

Happy Confederacy Month!

Here's to fighting and dying for the sake of keeping my black ass chained up and picking cotton.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for pity's sake. Ridiculous.

I hate people sometimes.


Anonymous said...

In arkansas mlk day is also lee day. That's more than enough for me. also Haley is fooling himself about tourism, no guns, no rods and reels, not going. maybe he should be promoting boiled peanuts...


Anonymous said...

On a strictly military basis, Jeb Stuart, Stone Wall jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Robert E Lee, were far superior tacticians compared to their counterparts in the North.

Did you ever figure thought that every "American holiday" is more of an abomination than confederate history month? After all, Americans destroyed almost all of the indians in the whole of the country. That's a hell of allot worse than anything the Confederates did. Shit, the vast of majority of Confederates didn't even own slaves, much less wipe out whole civilizations.

Christopher Chambers said...

Yet Field on another level, those Negroes down there get what they pay for. All these years of Nellie and Lil Wayne and Dirrty South bullsh*t has melted what little hard core, cagey brainpower that could be mobilized to fight this crap in a cogent way. What--they need another Bayard Rustin to go down there and sort them out?

underOvr (aka The U) said...

OK Field,

Confederate History Month....hmmm...I finally get that line in Pulp Fiction when Samuel L. Jackson says to Tim Roth, "I'm trying Ringo, I'm really trying"

I'm really trying not to laugh. The same folks who descended from people who thought the world was flat now celebrate for thirty days a war they fucking lost!Can they read or are they still searching for water with a forked tree limb?

Maybe somebody could get in touch with Chico Esquela who was especially gifted in communicating with the hearing impaired. Chico would cup his hands to his mouth and shout to all those who love the stars and bars (but can only understand one syllable words), "YOU LOST THE WAR DUMB ASS!"


Anonymous said...

Most of us living here in middle Georgia go about our business in a cordial manner. Unlike NYC, SF, most people here actually speak or wave/acknowledge you.
I am not particularly interested in the aging people who cling to a wretched history/heritage or their symbols - "Atlanta is too busy to hate...". Besides, why waste psychic or any other energy on the pathetic, mostly rural poor folks who don't have anything else of interest/significance to cling to.
I am more interested in whether or not my Georgian "Field Negro" brothers and sisters are armed and vigilant.
I've always resented the practice of relegating our history to one month anyway. Bye ya'

Georgia "Flash"

Anonymous said...

Confederate month sounds like the perfect month for Texas to secede. If they do it on or before April 15, 2010 Texans probably won't have to pay taxes.


Hathor said...

There has been a movement to rehabilitate the South in the entire nations eyes. I am surprised of how many have bought into the new history. Confederate's month is a new opportunity to rewrite history and vindicate the way of life the slaves fought for. Yes that's right, blacks fought on the confederate side because they wanted to maintain that way of life. One of the new premises of the South's reinvention.

Anonymous said...


Check out Dr. Carol Swain's "The New White Nationalism in America." It's a great primer for this very sort of thing. Do you know for the past decade white nationalist groups have been getting more and more support? This type of thing is really just an extension of it.

Anonymous said...

The Southern U.S., North Korea, Afghanistan.

Oh I'm just listing backassward places I am avoiding.


Bob said...

The best tactician of the war turned out to be William Sherman. Avoid frontal battles & march through Georgia. The best strategist was Abe Lincoln, but he couldn't find generals to do what he wanted them to do: "Those that ain't skinnin' can hold a leg."

? said...
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Anonymous said...

You call 1/2 the Black Population pickin up and leavin "losin"??? Sometimes you don't miss somethin till its gone... Sometimes you just realize its a good Thang.. Even Ole Abe wanted to send y'all back to Africa,,, Wiki "Liberia" sometime... Gotta go, its time for "Lights Out"


StilaPanther2 said...

Brother Field... in agreement with Brother Chambers. The cause is at a pause.

glory said...

In VA MLK day is also Lee/Jackson day. It's downright insulting. Ever heard of Monument Avenue in Richmond? It's got monuments to all the "heroes" of the Confederacy all lined up down an avenue, right in the Confederacy's former capital. The Sons and Daughters of Confederate Veterans are the only people I know who celebrate the losing side of war. Don't get me wrong - human suffering and sacrifice is tragic. But that's not what they're about. They want to honor the Southern way of life. What is that exactly? The food? The music? The agriculture?

Naw suh. It was the Dominion. The right of a white man to be superior, without the interference of other men telling them to let a nigra live free and look white men in the eyes. Can't convince me otherwise. They can have their little stank celebration month. It's not like they weren't already unofficially celebrating this cause at their monthly sheet rallies anyway.

Mr. Noface said...
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Mr. Noface said...

I don't care! I really don't. When I first heard about this, I thought there was a twinge of disgust and the tiniest murmur of humor in the pit of my stomach, but that turned out to be gas. This is just another piece of foolishness that (unfortunately) the south will be known for (along with secession talk from Texas) and I really can't be bothered with it.

Shady_Grady said...

The funny thing is that I see more Confederate flags in Michigan than I do down South.

However parts of the South have never really accepted that the Civil War was wrong, slavery was wrong or that the Civil War had anything to do with slavery anyway.

field negro said...

Frank are you still here? Man you must really love us.:)

Shady Grady you are right, and I am starting to see more and more of them in the Northeast as well.

Anonymous said...

You know it Brutha!! You ever down in the AT-L we gotta take in a Braves-Phillies game.. What am I sayin? I'm still in USP Marion...anyway We're all the same beneath the skin...(Except for that Membrane Specific Na:K ATPase that makes Y'all more suceptible to High Blood Pressue...)Heck, I never would have known it was Confederate History Month if it wasn't for you...


Dr. Nuwang said...

Frank, the different sodium-potassium ATPase found in some people of African ancestry, evolved to serve a protective role against salt loss in hot environments. Blacks became more hypertensive than whites in America primarily due to the stress of racism and the crap ass diet of slaves.

Once again you've tried to take what nature intended to be an evolutionary advantage and tried to turned it around to make Blacks seem genetically inferior to whites. With that said, I'm sure you're also aware that STD's originated among Europeans first. Care to address that?

Mike Searches said...

Hey Field-love the writing...regarding the South, my wife was born in Memphis and raised in Forrest (Nathan Bedford)City, Arkansas...the south is still too southern, which is why we live out west..peace, much love.

Mike Searches said...

P.S. Georgia flash is a dumbass...

La♥audiobooks said...

Field, come on, you really need to be more reasonable. How can you blame them? I say we really need to make it up to them, give 'em a special holiday out of it too. The white descendants could stay home to drink beer while the blacks are required to go to work that day.

I'm sure that would be an appropriate gesture towards their cause.

false1 said...

Has there ever been anything stupider than a confederate soldier? Imagine getting your leg blown off for the priviledge of allowing rich folk to import cheap labor that puts you out of work.

Slaves didn't just pick cotton. They were carpenters, cooks, blacksmiths, etc. The descendants of these geniuses are now crying about offshoring and illegal immigration and pointing the finger at dark people without realizing that it's the same agenda that's been in place for 400 years. An agenda perpetrated by their rich white brethren.


ch555x said...


I forgot about them Confed's still celebrating their history. The whole southern region isn't that bad. The "Dixie" sentiment is spotty where one area maybe overtly greyish, one might be evenly split, and the rest are either just there or "unionized". It just depends on how each area responded during that time period.

"An agenda perpetrated by their rich white brethren."-false 1

co-sign...I guess that's one of the reasons it's called the peculiar institution.

lormarie said...

That pic is pathetic!

Mack Lyons said...

"Imagine getting your leg blown off for the priviledge of allowing rich folk to import cheap labor that puts you out of work."

Remember, these were poor cracker boys who had nothing other than the "privilege" of looking down on blacks in order to make themselves feel better. Dem po' crackers didn't have much, didn't they?

Anonymous said...

Whats Stupider than a Confederate Soldier?? A Yankee Soldier... at least Johnny Reb was gettin some Cotton picked... The Yanks never imagined so many y'all pack up and actually move to Michigan or Indiana... And whats with the facial hair on Black Women??? Who thinks thats a good look?

cinco said...

I thought that every month except February was already Confederate month...

A continued example of some backwards ass contrified weirdos...

Good riddance!

lormarie said...

The south lost the war, what exactly are they celebrating? Defeat? In that case I'd celebrate with them.

RisingTide said...

you mean the facial hair on yo mama?

Speaking as someone who knows a Confederate enthusiast in the family (good woman, too), some people like the Romanticism, the "that was how it was".

Me? I wanna hear more about Tennessee rednecks who were slave-smuggling abolitionists. Those folks sound interesting!

Anonymous said...

szpork sez - In arkansas mlk day is also lee day.WTF does Arkansas have to do with Lee?

The Lee family is one of the most prominent families in Virginia history (or at least was, until Robert E took a wrong turn), related to George Washington's wife, Martha Custis and a number of other luminaries. Robert E was married to George Washington's step-granddaughter - Mary Anne Randolph Custis.

Lee spent his life after the Civil War on the invention of the "Southern Myth".

Rudy said...

I have no truck with Confederate History month.

In fact, I totally endorse it in hopes that the haters will stop whining about "Why is there a Black History month and there is no White History month?"

Alas, my hopes are just wishful thinking as haters never STFU.

Sandy248 said...

Great story field. As for that troll Frank, you speak like a man in need of penile enhancement. LOL

Anonymous said...

Imagine getting your leg blown off for the priviledge of allowing rich folk to import cheap labor that puts you out of work."

isn't that what is going on right now? Go get killed for Obama in Afghanistan while he keeps the borders wide open.

east austin said...

how cool is it to witness a paradigm shift and the fall of the ole south again .. conceivably we can get these guys to a point of wanting a passport and look at the world for what it is .. global not local .. we’re “all” in this together.

federal dollars which allow federal prisoners to have 24x7 web access but there’s little federal funding available for computers or internet access for urban/rural school children .. perhaps the government should rethink how they measure return on investments .. and give more funds to the children ...

Anonymous said...

Wow..the verdict with me is still out on how I feel about the confederate flag. On our trip to Al, not 3 minutes after we crossed the state line I saw the flag being flown high. I thought wow! It's like I dont' know IF I should be offended or not. Perhaps I should do more research..recommendations?


Anonymous said...

Had a big Stars and Bars on my bedroom wall, could see it at night with light on from parking lot. Good friend black neighbor hauls me out one night just to see something, and points to my flag. He knew I just hadn't thought about it from his perspective. Just a white boy from the burbs, some people must be told that they are stepping on your feet. White good-ole-boys are not all filled with hate, my son, raised in New Mexico where everybody is an equal opportunity hater(whites 40%, brown 40%, red, yellow, black 20%), doesn't hate anybody, lives in Nashville. It all begins at home, teaching those terrible words, or NOT. Love this blog cdk

Nate Da Roc said...

Confederate History Month, what the hell? You can't celebrate people for committing evil acts like owning slaves. The Confederacy was based on slavery and they lost the Civil War. Slavery is a horrible act for any one to commit. I say that should be a day to remember the dead but thats all. Acts against humanity should not be celebrated. I hate Columbus day too, how do you discover a continent full of people? I would like to find out

cinco said...

A anon 12:12...
Obama didn't create this shit!

Hopefully as Texas separates it takes all it's God damn prisoners with them either to survive as their own colony or move them to Texas.

Prisoners in American have to many 'rights'...I'm all for deporting to Columbia; Peru; Mexico; Afganistan anywhere but in the Uniter States...then perhaps there would be no prison trolls.

Anonymous said...

A anon 12:12...
Obama didn't create this shit!

But what is he doing to change it? Nothing..

Jody said...

@anon 12:12.... grow up and understand that the changes that are needed are undoing decades of fuck up.... and that takes more than 3 months, Jeez... this is the problem with all these instant gratification, me me me, attention deficit disordered people in this society. You want things NOW! and when they cannot happen NOW!.... you whine or accuse people of failure because they cannot produce your little miracle, packaged and smelling and tasting just how you want it. Start living with the grown ups that understand meaningful ANYTHING takes time, intelligence, hard work, and a little sprinkling of the luck of angels for all to turn out well.

As to Southern Pride.... OK then.... I look forward to ALL of the history of the south being taught... Only thing I can say that is Southern that should be celebrated is southern cooking and the great weather in the winter.... and maybe the slowing down to smell the flowers mindset of much of the south..... And I say this as someone who grew up there.

cinco said...

well he still has @ least 7yrs, 6months and a few days before we really start counting and solely blaming him don't you think asshole?

Anonymous said...


He's fully committed 30,000 more troops to that toilet, think he's gonna change his mind anytime soon? Think he'll do anything besides kiss Mexico's ass like Bush did? I don't think so.


Fuck you and uno, dos,tres,and cuatro too

sharon in ct said...

I say let the whole damn Confederacy secede. But give people a year or two to freely migrate back and forth until everyone's where they want to be. We'll see if the North needs the South more than the South needs the North. (I'm betting it's vice versa.)

Anonymous said...

A whole month dedicated to the celebration of treason.

Anonymous said...

A lot of energy being dedicated to the state of being black. Strange. What would you be or have made of yourself if you weren't black? I certainly hope there is more to you than focusing on something over which you had no control.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that the strongest opponents of the south (modern) in terms of labeling the area as a racist environment are by those who have not and do not live here. I spent several years in Baltimore and racism there was horrible relative to the evil ol deep south in which I live. Most people here, at least that I know, just don't give a shit what color you are. I can't speculate beyond those that I've met and know in both locations, but neither can you. Don't assume that because the media discusses something that has happened that it reflects any statistically significant portion of the population. General racism isn't as interesting to discuss in the north because it doesn't conform as strongly to the stereotype of racism as it does in the south. Be mindful of how your impressions are being manipulated. Just because you want something to be true, or you have a prejudice and are looking only for information to reinforce that prejudice, doesn't make it true.

cinco said...

@anon 1:48p...

I would find you 'funny' if I didn't first find you pathetic!

I'm done with your mindless internet blathering...

You are afterall only courageous enough to remain anon...

There's a meeting going on somewhere right now for losers like you.

Joy said...

If Texas leaves the Union you'll be on an oil and petro chemical free diet. While you're thinking about that start thinking about other sources of energy and places for chemical production and refineries outside of Texas

Cinco=Five in America said...


I was trying to be polite, but since you brought "asshole" into it. BTW how brave are you? Your named after the number five.

cinco said...






GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"The Lee family is one of the most prominent families in Virginia history (or at least was, until Robert E took a wrong turn), related to George Washington's wife, Martha Custis and a number of other luminaries. Robert E was married to George Washington's step-granddaughter - Mary Anne Randolph Custis"

Wait a minute, isn't that incest?

Rudy said...

@Anon 2:16 PM,

I grew up in Baltimore and know about the racism there. Ever hear of the North Baltimore community of Hampden in the 1980's?

Ever hear of "Pigtown" in South Baltimore?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I will never understand how they even had the nerve to come up with this argument, "Why is there a Black History month and there is no White History month?"

As long as I've lived on this earth all they've ever taught is white history. In every history book in schools white history is the only history that has ever been taught. White history is celebrated 365 days of the year. Whites were represented as conquerers, civilized, and people trying to bring civilization to all of these uncivilized people and being attacked by the uncivilize while trying to be charitable towards them.

Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Indians are mentioned in history books in one brief paragraph if at all and then it is negative or made to seem like everybody was just one big ole happy family content with their station in life, or all minorities were savages lacking intelligence.

Yup, blacks were happy to be slaves while that their families were being sold like cattle from under them, or they were these docile creatures, or naked, painted up natives running through the jungle boiling people in a pot and eating them. Indians were these painted up primitive, murdering savages going around scalping folks. Asians were foreigners that habitually bowed a lot, silly slanted eye people, with pony tails, and funny looking hats, who all had the same funny walk. Hispanics were drunkards, shady, and crooked folks. All minorities were uncivilized people. This is how history books and Hollywood represented minorities.

Yup, we whites good, and all others are inferior bad people is the history of the USA. In fact, in all subjects taught in school no other minority is given credit for their contributions to this society, it's like minorities don't exist.

Rudy said...


The nerve comes from a distorted view of this country's history regarding racial treatment of its black citizens.

I guess everyone, occassionally, wear tinted lens when viewing history.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Yeah Rudy, I guess. However, since America is suppose to be so united and one nation of people, you would think the new revise editions of educational books would include what all the other races have contributed to this society as well and show that America is really a diverse nation.

Blacks, Asians, Indians, and Hispanics contributed to agriculture, medical discoveries, science, political, and everything else this nation was built and based on. In all fairness and in being just don't people think it's time to really turn the page and demonstrate that by being honest to our children and adding other minorities contributions to school books too.

Rudy said...


The majority dictates. As benevolent the majority may think it is, it will always serve its interest, ego, etc first and foremost.

When has a majority ever been fair or ethical just for the sake of being ethical and fair?

It must be forced to be fair. That compulsion goes back to self-interest or ego.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rudy, I guess. However, since America is suppose to be so united and one nation of people,

Does anyone honestly believe that?

Rudy said...

As I traverse life on a daily basis, I have to say I do not believe we are united.

The reality is that we are divided along so many fault lines (i.e., religion, race, gender, political ideology).

The only time we come close to uniting is in light of a tragedy that affects the majority (i.e., 9/11).

Tragedies that affect minorities do not quite galvanize the country (i.e., Katrina).

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

In order for other races to appreciate each other it would be beneficial to all if they would add the contribution of others to school books. People like these folks I've listed are worthy of being taught about in school, and there are many, many more.

Maria Steward a black woman who had the courage to speak out against slavery while it was still in existence and forbidden for women to speak in public. She was the first woman public speaker, an educator, and activist. She spoke about education. She said the only way the mind would be free from the shackles and chains was education.

Carlos Fuentes who was a Mexican short-story writer, novelist, essayist, and political writer whose works are a mixture of social protest, realism, psychological insight, and fantasy.

Yuri Kochiyama a Japanese-American human rights activist nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize through the “1,000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005” project.
Who said, "I don't think there will ever be a time when people will stop wanting to bring about change."

Ben Nighthorse Campbell, the only American Indian in Congress, Republican senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell is also a Northern Cheyenne chief. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Colorado in 1987 and served in the U.S. Senate from 1992–2004. Campbell was a leader in policy dealing with natural resources and public lands and initiated legislation to found the National Museum of the American Indian within the Smithsonian Institution. He declined running for a third term in the Senate, citing health and personal reasons. A three-time U.S. judo champion, Campbell was captain of the U.S. Olympic judo team in 1964. He is also a rancher, horse trainer, and jewelry designer.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one day, our newly purchased property known as Iraq will institute September as "Al Qaeda History and Heritage Month." Perhaps some Suicide Bomber Retrospectives, replay some journalist beheading videos on the evening news. No doubt them southerners would weep a tear of pride knowing they have paved the way.

Rudy said...


I totally agree. The history textbooks should cite the contributions of all unequivocally.

field negro said...

"The reality is that we are divided along so many fault lines (i.e., religion, race, gender, political ideology).

The only time we come close to uniting is in light of a tragedy that affects the majority (i.e., 9/11).

Tragedies that affect minorities do not quite galvanize the country (i.e., Katrina)."

Rudy, that was profound. I co sign 100%

Anonymous said...

Granny, I agree with EVERYTHING you said @4:10p. Many Whites view themselves as innocent, as though slavery and the killing off of Native Indians either didn’t happen, or that it happened because those two races deserved it. You see, Whites have no way of feeling the pain of Blacks or Native Indians because it did not happen to them. They were the 'perpetrators', not the 'victims'; and those in power don't ever feel the pain of those on the bottom. That’s why they can shamelessly declare a Confederate month and wave their Confederate flag.

Southern history claims that there were slaves who fought with their white masters to preserve slavery. Well, obviously those slaves were masochists-addicted to the "pain-pleasure" principle", because they were dying and fighting against their own freedom. Whether true or not, some Blacks today are celebrating and carrying that flag with them.

There is NOTHING good about Confederate month for Blacks. That confederate flag is a symbol of racism, ‘white supremacy’, terror, slavery, injustices, murder and the separation and ruin of Black families. Needless to say, I don't like Confederate month nor do I like that flag. It represents a pernicious evil that still persists today. Many Blacks were hung and burned for merely existing, while that flag flapped in the background.

Mark my words: "In the next few years that flag will be all over America, and it ‘won't’ be representing ‘Confederate month’. It will be representing ‘racism and hatred’ of Blacks."

And surprisingly, some Blacks today are giving it the generating power it needs to grow, by supporting and ignoring its symbolic and psychological significance- of white power and black powerlessness in America. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Granny quests - "Wait a minute, isn't that incest?"

The total white population of Virginia in 1790 was only between 600-700,000 - and that included what is now West Virginia. The group of wealthy families, principally made up of the First Families of Virginia, consisted of a group of only about 100 families who tended to intermarry for generations. As such, many of the prominent folks in Virginia, up until the 1960's were heavily interrelated. Many of the former Governors, several US Presidents, and other notables had roots in this group.

Virginia has produced 8 US Presidents - I'd guess 5 of the eight are related (Washington through Custis, Harrison, Tyler, Monroe, and Taylor), as well as two others whose families settled in other states (Jackson and Eisenhower).

While first cousins were generally out - second cousin marriages weren't that uncommon.

FFV is by invitation only. As far as I know, none of the families has ever recognized their black limbs. The "T" in Booker T Washington stands for Talieferro, a FFV family which owned Booker T's mother during slavery.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yeah, there were slaves who were in the Confederate army if that is what you want to call it. They were servants only there for the benefit of serving their masters. Most of them pretended to be on the Confederate side and were spys and some until they could escape to join the other side.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Granny missed the word association this time. I thought it was Rush Limbaugh. Datnabbit!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

off topic:

Jody, I need to ask you a question that I have confidence in you that you'll be able to answer for me.

What can granny do about telemarketers calling on my phone 24/7. I have a private telephone. It has gotten so bad until, they are blocking people who I have given my number to such as friends, family, doctors, etc., from leaving a message on my answering service because telemarketers max out all of the allocated number of calls I'm allowed on my answering service.

I have caller ID. The telemarketers wake me up before 9:00 a.m. in the morning. They call 7 days a week. I've already called that number, more than once, they have for you to refuse telemarketer's call. Instead of it stopping the calls, they only got worser.

What can Granny do about this particular problem before I snatch the phone out the wall?

Marcy Webb said...

Granny, with all due respect, Carlos Fuentes continues to be. You said, "was". He's 80, and he is still with us, last I checked, which was just prior to writing the post.

Anyway, I lived in the South for three years, and not in a very progressive Georgia community. In 1996, I was the only Black teacher in the history of the school, and, to my knowledge, there had not been one since 1999 when I departed for more progessive pastures, until recently. In fact, not only is there a Black teacher, but, a Black middle school head.

When the 5th grade at said school held its annual States Day, girls representing southern states came dressed in full antebellum attire. The same was true of boys representing southern states. Guess what they wore? Grey Confederate uniforms. It made me want to spit, and spitting is something I rarely do.

For all of the progress the South has made, seeing such things as what I describe above set any piece of progress back to 1860. White folks are *very* proud of their Confederate ancestors. So much so, the town where I resided held a "Tour of Homes" every fall. Folks would open their homes, and bring out all of the Civil War regalia passed down to them by their antebellum ancestors. For a Black woman like me, born and raised in the North, all of this White southern culture was just plain strange, and disturbing, and in many cases, just plain wrong. I won't go into the story of the White mother who, as a Halloween costume, put black shoe polish on her then-third grader. He was portraying, "Little Black Sambo."

BTW: The Civil War was referred to as "The War of Northern Aggression." There were even books in chain stores like Barnes and Noble that carried this title.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Marci Webb:

"Granny, with all due respect, Carlos Fuentes continues to be. You said, "was". He's 80, and he is still with us, last I checked, which was just prior to writing the post."

Thank you baby for the correction. You have to overlook granny's grammatical flaws. Granny's grammar and punctuation is rusty when it comes to writing. If you don't use it, you lose it. (smile) Believe it or not Granny use to get A's in English when she was younger. Nevertheless, I sincerely appreciate the help and corrections whenever given and needed.

I know what you talking about concerning the backwardness of the South. Although, I do have quite a few relatives who are Professors and one is an Administrator in the South. One is a Professor at Chapel Hill in North Carolina, and the other ones are in other Southern States but none in Georgia to my knowledge. Georgia is really backwards and fixed in a time warp if that is the case. Shameful! I guess if they have their way with the Confederate holiday, next they'll be celebrating lynching. Talk about sordid, twisted, and sadistic, I guess it really is a peculiar institution in a sick and deranged sort of way.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Marci Webb:

BTW, Granny has been thinking about going back to school, enrolling in college, and finish getting my degrees. I haven't made up my mind yet but it has been on my mind lately.

Just think, some of the folks on here that get upset with me would probably have a real hissy fit if I did that if you know what I mean. (smile)

Anonymous said...

They were servants only there for the benefit of serving their masters. Most of them pretended to be on the Confederate side and were spys and some until they could escape to join the other side.

The vast majority of slaves and free blacks fought for the British against the Americans too.

field negro said...

"BTW, Granny has been thinking about going back to school, enrolling in college, and finish getting my degrees. I haven't made up my mind yet but it has been on my mind lately."


Congrats, I love that fact that you are even thinking about it. Not that you need that piece of paper. Judging from you comments here you are smarter than most college folks I know. :)

Jody said...

Granny.... here is the link to the National Do Not Call registry. Once you have registered your phone number, telemarketers are not allowed to call your number. If they do, inform them that you are on the national do not call registry and you will file a complaint if they call you again. This is a government program you are registering with and their are penalties for companies that continue to call once you are listed. This should take care of it. This registry really works:

Anonymous said...

Let em have a day,the world need to be reminded what not to be like,plus it exposes the arrogance & ignorance of Cousin cooter types!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Thanks! Most of them are recordings and are not real people talking. Does that work for them too?

Anonymous said...

"BTW, Granny has been thinking about going back to school, enrolling in college, and finish getting my degrees. I haven't made up my mind yet but it has been on my mind lately."

Granny, whether you go back to school or not, you are still very smart, and most of all, you are wise.

Wisdom is rare, and only comes to those with deep insight. You are one of those rare beings.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Slaves didn't just pick cotton. They were carpenters, cooks, blacksmiths, etc. The descendants of these geniuses are now crying about offshoring and illegal immigration and pointing the finger at dark people without realizing that it's the same agenda that's been in place for 400 years. An agenda perpetrated by their rich white brethren."

Not only that some of the slaves were even sent overseas away to college to get an education with all expenses paid by their rich white daddy's. A topic that is lightly skimmed over and rarely brought up.

Jody said...

Granny..... yes. It works for all telemarketers.....

Constructive Feedback said...

Filled Negro:

As you walk through Southwest Philadelphia, checking your back pocket to insure that the edge of that $20 bill is not sticking out and thus provoking someone to use you as their opportunity to score a hit.....what is the IMAGE of the assailant that you look out for?

1) A Confederate Sympathizer who is highly pissed that you as a free Black man has more money than he does.

2) A Tea Party Attendee who, after being motivated from their recent gathering see YOU as the "Any Nigra Will Do" as they string you up to send a message

3) A "Drug Thug Tea Party Killer" who is robbing and killing people in this city of "Brotherly Slaughter" and thus running up the numbers on your "Right Side Wall Of Shame"?

Filled Negro - I have coined the term "Racist Scare Crow" to describe the "strawman" that is constructed by you and others. You build up notions of a racist threat from Confederates only to tear it down.

It serves to take attention away from the FAR MORE NUMEROUS KILLERS OF BLACK PEOPLE to-damned-day.

For some reason though, the knife used by the thug to cut a Black man's throat in Philly WILL NEVER BE AS SHARP as the knife used by the White Conservative to do the very same thing.

I gotcha Filled Negro.

(Hi Jody and Granny. How are you both today?)

Hathor said...


I went back to finish my degree at 58, but I would necessarily encourage you to do the same. That is because it depends upon what you goals are. What I had hope to accomplish didn't happen and I am stuck with huge student debt that I will be paying off in retirement. I did not need that degree to consider myself educated, I thought it would give me a chance for promotion or a more lucrative position.

I think your return is only best, if you can afford it and that you would get personal satisfaction.

Hathor said...

Should be:
but I wouldn't necessarily encourage you to do the same.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Not only that some of the slaves were even sent overseas away to college to get an education with all expenses paid by their rich white daddy's. A topic that is lightly skimmed over and rarely brought up.[/quote]


MY ancestors were not "SLAVES". They were 'ENSLAVED'.

Do you see the difference?

A SLAVE is a noun.
It describes the essence of what this person is. It projects his relative worth upon those who attempt to wear the chains of their ancestors TODAY.

My ancestors were EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS who were ENSLAVED!!!

They had the choice of seeking to EXPRESS THEIR EQUALITY and suffer the consequences of PHYSICAL TORTURE or DEATH. They made a conscious decision to ENDURE their condition so that their loved ones would not be killed as such.

In the midst of performing these tasks under duress - they never gave up HOPE that one day in the future their progeny would one day be free.

They knew, however, that beyond the removal of the physical chains upon their arms, legs and necks - the more difficult challenge would be the REMOVAL OF THE MENTAL CHAINS.

A task we continue to struggle with due to internal indoctrination by those who gain power to UNIFY our people by focusing more on the past than LEADING A NEW FUTURE.

I am happy that Malcolm X saw the need to reconnect Black people today with their history BEFORE SLAVERY rather than with their SLAVE PAST.

Anonymous said...

It's not just Texas and and it's certainly not just about historical memories.

The state senate of Georgia recently passed a resolution that basically states unequivocally that Georgia can and will dissolve the Union for any number of vaguely specified reasons. This passed the GA senate 43-1, with the courageous brother from Lithonia as the lone dissenting voice.

Please go over to my blog and read the entire text of this bizarro statement by what is basically the entire representative body of

There's a storm coming.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Destructive Criticism:

There is nothing that a person who despises their own race and that has an obsessive-paranoid behavior towards their own race can teach me about black history or for that fact correct me on about slavery and the oppression of black people in America.

I don't need you to lecture me on being black or anything dealing with what it's like to be black in America or defining anything that has to do with blacks in America because I do not share your fear of black folks. Granny is a black woman that learned at an early age and is well versed in what it means to be black in America. In addition, I have a vast collection of books on every subject dealing with blacks in America, in the Carribean, and Africa that I can learn from if I need to know anything else that I don't already know. One thing is for sure, I don't need and refuse to listen to is a paranoid black person who I didn't solicit any information from trying to teach me anything concerning black folks or teach me to fear my own people.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Great sarcasm Field! Do research on Alabama's Free State of Winston. The non-slave owning Poor Whites of Alabama's Tennessee Valley Region decided to secede from Alabama after it joined The Confederacy. Several of my ancestors joined The First Alabama Cavalry, a volunteer regiment in the Union Army and laid waste to Confederate rail and telegraph lines. In 1862, they helped The US Marines who came ashore from Federal gunboats on The Tennessee River at Huntsville and Guntersville and they burned Confederate supply buildings and railroad depots. The Poor White has always joined in the good fight against The Plantation Owner.
The Blacks, Browns, Red Men & Poor White must unite to fight The Oppressors.

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing that a person who despises their own race and that has an obsessive-paranoid behavior towards their own race can teach me about black history or for that fact correct me on about slavery and the oppression of black people in America."

Tell him like it is!


RisingTide said...

Robby Scott Hill,
them's the folks I was talking about! The poor appalachian hillfolk, who couldn't abide slaves NOR slaveowners. Egalitarian to the bone.

Anonymous said...

Of my birth month...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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