Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's been a giddy and euphoric 100 days indeed for most of you Negroes in A-murder-ca. Just knowing that the first family is black has been enough to have most of you (excuse the Jim Jones reference) popping champagne since January 20th. Most of you. Because there are still black folks in A-murder-ca who aren't impressed. Some of you are firmly under that small republican tent so you weren't going to be impressed no matter what. Some of you are just sceptical of the "One", and you think he is nothing but a fraud; a smooth talking brother who is still controlled by the "Man", and who won't be better for black folks, but worse.

Still, most of you probably feel like Paul Shepard who wrote the following:
"No doubt, some of us viewed the election of President Barack Obama as Christmas, New Year's and Juneteenth all rolled into one. And in light of all the hell black people have caught, and continue to catch in America, it's not without reason.

But 100 days into his administration, some black pundits and political observers are taking Obama to task for not pushing a more radical pro-black agenda. ...

'Why didn't Obama come out when that black man was killed by the white policeman in Oakland?'" one writer asks. 'Why isn't Obama talking about white racism?' asks another.
'Why isn't Obama pushing for more investment in urban America?' asks another blogger.

I'll add one 'why' to the list. Why are some of us so impatient and so simple?

This is not to say that Obama's first 100 days have been a total delight. The horrible vetting process of his Cabinet nominees has been an embarrassment that I still can't wrap my mind around. His nominations lead me to wonder if anyone in D.C. pays their taxes on time -- or at all.
And Obama has yet to offer a real answer I can swallow on how he's going to raise the revenue needed to pay for the stimulus package, cut taxes for all but the richest of us and avoid massive budget deficits down the road.

But as far as criticizing him for not being black enough during his first 100 days in office, come on now. Even if Obama were to run down Pennsylvania Avenue draped in kente cloth, these critics would not be satisfied.

A couple points for Obama's critics on race. First is that Obama isn't a black leader. Obama is a leader who is black. There is a big difference. A true president doesn't have a constituency he can play to. He is supposed to be leader of us all."

The title of Mr. Shepard's article was "A Stealth Campaign For Black People." Now I wouldn't go that far, but I will say what I have continued to say since the day his O ness won this bad boy and forced me to have to run "au naturale" down Broad Street: If Ron Paul had won he would have been better than what we have had for the past eight years. The fact that his O ness is obviously a great communicator and so far seems to be a competent administrator gets him a pass from the field. Do I have some issues with him? Sure I do. But they pale in comparison to the amount of issues I had with a certain frat boy. Throw in the historical significance of it all and it's all good.
Just 1360 days to go. Obamaholics can you stand it?


Kellybelle said...

"Why are some of us so impatient and so simple?"--that says it all. Did you see KRS 1 and Professor Griff talking nonsense in "The Obama Deception?" We'll never get any where.

O/T thanks for the Jamie and Gladys Scott info on your side bar. I was shocked and saddened and mad about that.

rikyrah said...

Look, you can be pleased about The First Family and still criticize the President on stances he takes you don't agree with; we ARE that complex as people.

Anonymous said...

Obamaholic Me: Christmas Eve & Day, New Year's Eve & Day, Easter, May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, Birf-day, Wedding Day.....

Get my point?

Happy 100th, 44, Chellie O, First Children, & Bo!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is just me, but it only has been a hundred days. I think the story about the President walking on water is greatly exaggerated. He walked into a mess that will take years to clean up, but think he atempting to put into a good foundation. I think the torture situation will more distracting for him, but we can only see what will happen. This is going to take a while and I am patient and reserve my assessment in two years.

Jody said...

Loved his trips abroad and how he is dealing with foreign dignitaries. Loved that he is working to close Guantanamo. Love that he can hold a press conference for an hour! a friggin HOUR! When was the last time a president had 2 hour long press conferences in their first 100 days. Love that Michelle planted an organic garden on the White House grounds. Love that he has remained calm, cool and collected and acts like he is in charge (instead of on vacation like the last dude).
Hate his decision on continuing secret wiretapping. Hate that he closed the door on prosecuting the Bush Admin for war crimes. Hate that he hasn't pushed for stronger regulation of the banks faster. All in all, I am, after 100 days still delighted to call Obama MY president.

Bob said...

Letterman kind of sums it up when he says Obama is "Getting it done." Meaning that we're still close enough to Frat Boy & Waterboard Master to appreciate that there's competence & intelligence in the White House now, & this guy is trying to do right. All I have to do is remind myself Barack would not have been strumming a guitar in Texas while New Orleans drowned. It still would have been bad, but he would've been on it all the way.

Chris said...

Governing is serious business. It's also slow.

mesha said...

100 days...was this the deadline or what?

I am so sick of the media and anyone else that is trying to judge the President after the mess that he took over.

Give the man and me a fu*king break. What was he suppose to do? Have everybody credit, financial, employment, the war all straight in a 100 days?

This is all media hype..rating..what now for the media and reporters to do now it going to be a 101 days?

What is the heck with the Pimp walking discussion..Are you jealous? The man has confident..we was he suppose to do, crawl in front of the media?

What do you want? A President John McClain or VP Palin..I rather move to Mexico and take my chance with the man made virus!!!!!!!!!!!

Either get in line w/President Obama or step aside because the bus is moving forward not backward.

Jody said...

On your House negro.... Michelle Bachman.... the best description I have seen is:

Michelle Bachman, R. Crazyland

Monie said...

Prior to his (obama) being elected I was very skeptical. I really wasn't sure if he would turn out to be who he said he was. The cynic in me even now won't allow for any sort of Obama worship but I must say that I've been impressed by his hard work so far.

100 days is not long enough for anything other than the media to try to get a ratings push by going on and on about the first 100 days. Six months is a much better indicator of any success that Obama may have in the long run.

momo said...

James Fallow at the Atlantic has a great article on how Obama is seen by many people in other parts of the world (he's been reporting from China for years now). It's a good reminder that Obama is not just our president in our internal squabbles; as our economy goes, so goes the world's. All in all, I think he has accomplished an incredible amount in these 100 days on a wide range of issues, and is moving steadily in the right direction on many fronts. Most of all I am grateful that I do not have to turn off the radio or the TV when the voice of the president comes on, as I had to do through all of the Reagan/Bush/Bush years. My father and I have agreed that this is the first time we've felt proud of who is in the White House. Now if someone would just issue him a magic wand, we could all relax.

TrueBlue said...

I'm watching CNBC as I type, and they just showed polling about race relations in the United States. The question was whether race relations are good or bad.

Among blacks, last July it was 29% Good and 59% Bad. Today, it's 59% Good and 30% Bad. Now, I'm sure that most of that change is very simple: We've got a black president, so by definition things are better.

But I'd like to think that at least some of it goes deeper than that, and that some black people have looked around and told themselves that, while the job's far from done, there are a hell of a lot of white people in this country who'll make their judgment the way Martin Luther King put it: not on the color of your skin, but on the content of your character.

I am cynical as hell about our politicians. I look at them as collections of risks. That's how I viewed Obama: an untested non-entity and a product of Chicago, one of the most corrupt cities in the country. Frankly, I didn't take him seriously until after Rev. Wright came up and he sailed through it without a scratch. At that point I thought, wow, this guy is one VERY cool customer, and VERY intelligent.

I voted for Obama in November because he's a Democrat. But, by that time, his intelligence and coolness had really impressed me. Since the election, my opinion of his personal qualities has only grown. I like the way he handles himself. He is steady, engaged, and intelligent. He has the sort of intellect and character that I want to see in a president. If someone were to ask me, what sort of person is the ideal president, I would name qualities that Barack Obama has.

I don't agree with him on everything. I think he's too timid for my taste. I am a Democrat, and George W. Fuckin' Shithead Disaster War Criminal Bush turned me from a moderate Democrat into a liberal one. I think the stimulus should have been twice as big. I want to see some bankers in jail, and think Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and a bunch of the rest of them should be on trial for their lives as war criminals.

But I find myself thinking, for the first time in my life, that we've got a president who might actually be wiser and smarter than I am, and who I might want to put some actual faith in. So, I'm willing to give him a lot of slack, even though a part of me wants him to be bolder.

This is a very long comment, and I hope that some of the black people on this site will notice something: For me, it's not about whether Obama is black. I supported him for political reasons. I was impressed by the content of his character, and I am increasingly supportive of him because of the content of his character.

Yeah, I know he's black, and it's a good thing. It about time this country did something like that, but you don't stick a black guy in because he's black. I don't get the sense we did that. I get the sense that Obama got elected because of his impressive personal qualities. That's what made the difference, the way I see it: the content of his character, not the color of his skin.

I look at Obama and I think, among other things, that we dealt a card from the top of the deck here. We picked from our best. It amazes me, but it's part of the American string of luck. When we get into real trouble, we have this way of finding the best of us as leaders.

So, tonight, I feel good about Obama. He's our first black president, and he seems like the best man for the job. There are going to be all kinds of reasons to be disappointed. Will he be too timid? Will he come up against a real crisis test and fall short? I look at this moment and think, "these are the good old days."

I'll let myself be happy for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow, I'll return to be skepticism about the lying, manipulative, double-dealing black rat. But he's our black rat, and we got a lot riding on him. Good luck and godspeed, Obama, because you've got me fooled and that's not real easy.

Blinders Off said...

Cosign what Jody said at 10:43pm.

Field you said, "but I will say what I have continued to say since the day his O ness won this bad boy and forced me to have to run "au naturale" down Broad Street"You cannot get off posting that photo shop picture as your run down Broad still owe us a youtube video. I am willing to give you a break, you can take that run wearing shorts :)

EnoughAlready said...

The only thing any of you needs to remember is that the so-called media, both print and tee-vee, are trying with republicans to undermine the President.

And they have a number of black so-called commentators, pundits, scholars, intellectuals and stratagists who are more than happy to help.

So stop whinning and give the man a chance to do his job. And those who are bellyaching about the President not comming out when that black man was killed by the white policeman in Oakland, why don't you do something to stop black men/people from killing so many other black people?

Now this is one of the most STUPID things to come out of the mouth of a do-nothing whinner "Why isn't Obama talking about white racism?"

Why would the President waste his and our time talking about white racism?

Now this one takes the cake: 'Why isn't Obama pushing for more investment in urban America?

In my city, there was a particular building that sat empty for nearly ten years. Weeds growing, citizens (who happened to be black) threw their garbage onto the property, others abandoned rusty cars on the property; a total eyesore.

In comes a bunch of guys immigrants), who bought the property and removed all of the garbage, brought it up to city code and opened a laundromat, which was need in the neighborhood. The place is opened 27/7 and employs people from the area who maintain the building and offer laundry services to those who don't have time to do their own.

Then comes the whinners and complainers with the "the man" comming into "our neighborhood" making money of us and taking it to the surburbs story. And we don't got nothing.

Instead of whinning get off of your a**** and go out and pool your money and investment in urban America.

In my neighboor of mostly senior citizens someone to handle maintenance of the homes, inside and outside, is sorely needed.

This city has thousands of black people who are unemployed who could start a maintenance type business that could hire others. No interest. It is hard work and probably dirty work but it is easier to sit around complaining about white racism.

Enough already.

Unknown said...

field.. i cosign with jody and blinders.. WAG1??? mekk de run nuh!!

grinder said...

The only thing any of you needs to remember is that the so-called media, both print and tee-vee, are trying with republicans to undermine the President.Never forget a basic truth of the media: They are in business to tell people what they want to hear. Obama's job approval rating is in the 60%+ range, and his likeability rating is 80%.

The media sees that, so the coverage has been getting more positive. Even O'Leilly on Fox is getting friendly to Obama. That shit doesn't happen by mistake. The hard fact is that America likes President Obama, and the media know it.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

I'm still on board with President Obama. I'm not so sure about his Secretary of Education.

BTW, thanks for the shout about Geoffry Philip. I subscribed to his blog. (You're on my roll, so don't be looking down. Well, hey, I probably ought to put his on my roll too.)

Anonymous said...

There have been some hiccups along the way, but overall I'm happy with how things are going so far.

east austin said...

andre showell question to the potus:

as the entire nation tries to climb out of this deep recession, in communities of color, the circumstances are far worse. the black unemployment rate, as you know, is in the double digits. and in new york city, for example, the black unemployment rate for men is near 50 percent.

my question to you tonight is given this unique and desperate circumstance, what specific policies can you point to that will target these communities and what's the timetable for us to see tangible results?

potus: ”well, keep in mind that every step we're taking is designed to help all people” .. potus goes on to mention the recovery act which provides dollars for extend unemployment insurance or allow you to keep your health insurance even if you've lost your job .. also additional dollars for community health centers to ensure that people are still getting the help that they need.

i buy into and understand completely the need to show leadership across what divides us .. however we’re his base .. and in a very sad way ..the base understands the new rule.. for blacks the potus cannot appear to show any preferential treatment to the base .. my question how far have we really come and what’s the real value.

according to some historians, presidents thomas jefferson, andrew jackson, abraham lincoln, warren harding and calvin coolidge all had black ancestors they kept in their genealogical closets

field negro said...

Anon.10:42, did you say "PIMP WALK"? I am not sure if we want to put our 44th Prez and pimp in the same sentence. :(

Blinders Off, I am sorry, maybe that came out wrong. I didn't mean to imply that I already made the run. I meant that I will STILL have to run down Broad Street

I am thinking the middle of next month for my little jaunt.

Anonymous said...

"The fact that his O ness is obviously a great communicator:"

Obama's Teleprompter deserves most of the credit.If it wasn't for TOTUS Obama would be like uh uh uh i i i uh uh uh.

Also the O ness showed us what kind of leader he was by refusing to answer questions about waterboarding and refused to take questions from FOX NEWS.What a great leader we have.

jafrique said...

Speaking of Jim Jones popping champagne.......could someone tell Flo Rida to pull his pants/culottes up or just go around in his underwear then?!! IMHO, anyone born before 1980 should not be seen like that, performing or not, jeez!

Anonymous said...

I got a list too, Obama's 100 day Laid Off List.

field negro said...

Co-sign with jafrique:)

Naj said...

Great post Field - I agree also with the impatience and simplicity statement. he is a leader who is black, not a black leader. Say it again please. 100 days is enough time to assess the performance of a new bra, not a new president.

BTW Field, I may have to make a special trip to see your run this summer...

naj in VA

Whitney B. said...

Good job, Field. I've been a supporter before he announced. I was worried he announced too soon and should have waited until '12! Boy, am I glad he didn't!!!

Grinder: You said it all with that string of names for the Shrub-a-bubba! I feel your pain, it was mine, too. Off went the TV, radio, whatever when that little creep bastard would tell us some more lies!!! BTW, I think you should be calling yourself Left Wing now, not liberal. Liberal is such a mushy word, don't you think?

I've got a lot of peeps in Canada and all over the world and man O'Man have we gone up 1,000 clicks since his O'Ness became our CEO.

Someone needs to strangle McCain as I think he and the jerk Lieberman are the bitter fruit of diviseness over in Rebubbaland.

Below is a letter (pared to the BONE I tell ya) that I sent to the local paper and the SF Chronicle about 5 weeks ago. Both printed it.

Sorry for the long winded ramble, but this blog and blog posters made me feel so good!!!


To the Editor:

Republicans have ridden rough shod over this country for the last 12 or more years, but for the previous 8 plus years under the “leadership” of the Bush administration, they: destroyed our Constitution, ripped apart the very fabric of our country, trashed our economy and fractured our relations with the rest of the free (and not so free) world. In that period of time, they managed to privatize a large part of our government and military with billions (perhaps trillions) of dollars in big non-negotiated corporate contracts.

How odd no one remembers the Nine-Eleven and Katrina debacles as they actually were, where it has taken years and billions (again, perhaps trillions) of dollars with very little money actually going to help the people affected by these disasters, especially here on the Coast.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have private insurance, remember when your co-pay went up? Right when the Medicare pill plan went into effect. Interestingly enough, neither the President (Bush) or Congress bothered to negotiate with the ultra rich pharmaceutical and insurance companies over pricing.

The Obama administration is working hard to reverse some of the injustices that have occurred, but eventually Congress will have to come together to achieve the long reaching goals this administration has set forth to pull this country out of a deep dark period.

Yes, the Democrats “won back” Congress in 2006. But they didn’t and still haven’t won because the Republicans are spoiled sports and won’t compromise in any way, shape or form. The Democrats are somehow getting blamed for the temper tantrums and misdeeds of the opposition. And the media has bought into it, lock, stock and barrel.

Anonymous said...

OK Field my Brutha, 100 Days of a Mullato President, OJ's still in jail,my daughters aren't pregnant by obscure Rappers, my taxes haven't gone up (except Cigars, but I stocked up), and no ones confiscated my "Birth of a Nation" DVD (whens the Blu-Ray come out?)just a few turds to add to the Punch Bowl

1: 86 Troops killed in Iraq/Afghanistan since Barak I took over...that'll work out to 1169.6 by the end of his term.

2: We won't truly be a post-racial society until a Black President can talk like a BLACK PRESIDENT, heck, I sound more black than he does....He's gotta let a Mo-Fo slip sooner or later...

3: Whats with your Sixers???

4: You here about the Popeye's in Rochester runnin out of chicken?? You try that S*** in the A-T-L and they'd burn it down again...


false1 said...

If Ron Paul had won he would have been better than what we have had for the past eight years. The fact that his O ness is obviously a great communicator and so far seems to be a competent administrator gets him a pass from the field.I see that the tricknology is working wonders in Amerikkka. The bar has been lowered so far that to see someone speak in complete sentences is enough to satisfy the population. We've gone from statesmen such as Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin (yes, I know he wasn't a president) to "competent administrator". This idea keeps emerging. If the powers that be can manage to get a total moron elected (Sarah Palin) It's all over.

No one is foolish enough to think Obama was elected "president of the blacks", but there are certainly issues which would be good for blacks and the working classes in general. Such as universal health care, bringing troops home rather than shifting them to Afghanistan, or putting bailout money in the hands of people rather than corporations.

The 100 days question is not whether he changed the world but what programs and policies are put into place for the future. So far I'm looking at a cabinet full of Clinton retreads and wall street insiders. I see Obama kissing Isreali ass. I see the same basic, slavemaster attitude towards Iran, Cuba, Venezuala (no, a handshake does not constitute fundamental change). And I see a guy who will have to continue to bend over backwards so no one will accuse him of "favoring" blacks, I mean he has to get reelected right? It's unfortunate that a white politician may be better able to address our issues that a black one.

Hey, I give Obama credit for being an intelligent, charismatic guy but ultimately he's an American president and was elected to carry out the agenda of white supremacy. He won't waver from that mission.

alicia banks said...


100 days is too soon to judge anyone...

but i would have been happy if obama had done ONE thing for anyone poor of any race in america...

he has been a windfall wizard to elite bankers and war profiteers

he has not rescued one of us from war/saved one of our homes/penned one check to anyone who was not already a billionaire/had one real unstaged press conference/NOTHING!!!!

yet he is still being blindly worshipped like hitler....shame!!!

when will the obama nazis wake up????

what has he done for any poor person in 100 days????


DuchessDee said...

I am so impressed with Mrs Obama. She has shown grace and strength. I admire her 100 days as well.

alicia banks said...

ditto dd

i have always liked her better than obama because she seems real
unlike the fake politico who is her hubby...

sadly, michelle's toned arms and her daughters' cuteness will also do absolutely nothing to save poor people bilked by obama...neither will they help anyone pay bills/save jobs etc


Anonymous said...

20-40 yrs. for Danieal Kelly's mother
Philadelphia Daily News 215-854-2592

In a soft, almost inaudible voice, the mother of Danieal Kelly - the 14-year-old girl who died of starvation and neglect in her mother's Parkside home in 2006 - accepted her role in her daughter's death yesterday, saying, "I wish I could have done more than what I did."

Common Pleas Judge Benjamin Lerner then sentenced Andrea Kelly, 39, to 20 to 40 years in state prison - a term negotiated by the prosecution and the defense - after she pleaded guilty, as expected, to charges of third-degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child.

WTF are you negros doing????

Dr. Nuwang said...

alicia banks said...
ditto dd. i have always liked her better than obama because she seems real
I definitely co-sign with this!! Mrs. O is amazing and I've always felt she was the more "presidential" than her husband.

Had SHE run for President, I would have had to seriously rethink my vote!

Huemanity said...

Hey field, good post.

LOVE: Historical significance, stimulus plan, overall demeanor and tone of administration., Mrs. O and the weeMichelles.

HATE: Vilsack as Sec. of Agriculture (AWFUL choice!), embarrassing tax issues of cabinet nominees, hyperbolic response to AIG bonuses, incessant press conferences and network addresses, David Plouffe still sending out emails...

I can honestly say that I think it is FAR too early to make any concrete judgments on the O-prez. However, I think this swine flu epidemic is the first real test in "National Security" and he is barely passing right now. To have his VIP go on a national morning show program and say he would advise his own children to not take public transportation or fly commercial was condescending and ridiculous. Especially when Obama has said that we should not "panic". This administration has some "mixed messages" stuff going on.

If this flu situation gets worse an Americans die, he will be blamed for not immediately closing the border and stopping shipment of food and other goods from Mexico to the US.

Whitney B. said...

Where's Granny?

Please email me with your address so I can send you some books and mags:

Thanks, Granny! Hope you're doin' well and truckin' along....Whit

kid said...

Blogger alicia banks said...


100 days is too soon to judge anyone...

but i would have been happy if obama had done ONE thing for anyone poor of any race in america...

he has been a windfall wizard to elite bankers and war profiteers

he has not rescued one of us from war/saved one of our homes/penned one check to anyone who was not already a billionaire/had one real unstaged press conference/NOTHING!!!!

yet he is still being blindly worshipped like hitler....shame!!!

when will the obama nazis wake up????

what has he done for any poor person in 100 days????

Ms. Banks GO STR8 TO HELL. You are as fake as a 3 dollar bill. Some of those bloggers you support like Sugarnspice is a astroturf ratfucker. She gets commented on STORMFRONT ! You are a bigot, a hertophobe that hates black people.Maybe you're right the clouds will open up and birds will sing if Sarah Palin would have won. SHE'S HOMOPHOBIC ! Maybe Alex Jones a REPUBLIKLAN IS PAYING YOU FOR YOUR WORK. The President can't do everything. Do like Field and others in the Afrospear do and contribute to the cause. There's a lot on his sidebar to give you a idea what to do. I read your blog and you have nothing positive to say about Obama.

Hey Fake in My 40's , stop Player Hating and do something constructive.Barack can't go on TV and say "I'm gonna hook all the brother's up".At least this guy Read Frantz Fanon, have you ?You and Alicia need to get out of the HOUSE more.You need to put the lantern down.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed that Obama hasn't pardoned O.J. Simpson.O.J. is a hero to all us black people.He stood has a symbol of hope for all. To see him taken down by racist white people is so sad.I can't believe blogs like this are not up in arms about this.

When was the last time you posted anything about our innocent brutha?

I am also worried about the sinking GDP and where are the jobs Obama promised?

Also Obama promised he would start to withdrawn our troops from Iraq within the first 90 days.That hasn't happen.

I will hope Obama will do something to help his people out.

kid said...

Hey Kellybelle what's up. I seen what KRS 1 and Griff said.They said it more than a year ago. Alex Jones is a conspiracy nut and a ratf**ker.That's not how I feel about him, that's technically what he does. Many of us thought Barack couldn't win.I know they probably changed their mind by now. Who benefit if he would have lost ? The oil companies and the military suppliers.Alex Jones and PUMA get their money from somewhere.

Rudy said...

LOL@ Anon 4:36 PM

I know you are joking and will play along.

OJ is a house negro who did know who to leave well enough alone.

The coon got away with double murder. Did he lay low and out of the ire of white folks? No! This coon pressed his exhausted luck and flaunted the fact that he got away with murder by having utter disregard for the law.

Fuck him.

allheavens said...

Huemanity said...If this flu situation gets worse an Americans die, he will be blamed for not immediately closing the border and stopping shipment of food and other goods from Mexico to the US.
Here is a statistic: 36,000 people die in the U.S. from influenza EVERY year. Why isn't the MSM covering that...well because 36,000 people die in the U.S> from influenza EVERY year. Just not sexy enough and doesn't have "swine" attached to it.

There have been 109 cases of swine flu confirmed in the U.S. Texas (26) and California (14) which are border states do have more cases than other states with the exception of New York (50) which is almost twice the number of all states reporting combined.

The cat is out of the bag at this point and of the 159 people who died in Mexico most of the deaths have occurred in Mexico City which exasperates the illness because of the altitude (affecting humidity and the respiratory system), aridity (partly latitudinal, partly altitudinal), and high pollution. These people are dying from complications of the flu, i.e. pneumonia, just like the two-year-old who died in Houston having acquired the virus in Mexico.

Also the Mexican government has confirmed only 49 cases of swine flu, of which 7 patients have died. There are listing another 159 as probable but not confirmed. There are 1300 people hospitalized nationwide but how many are actually swine flu, just regular influenza or something else all together?

There is no evidence that Mexico is "ground zero" just a lot of speculation and finger pointing.

The MSM loves throwing the citizenry into a panic. This is not a pandemic nor is it an epidemic considering the numbers.

Dr. Nuwang said...

kid said...
Hey Fake in My 40's , stop Player Hating and do something constructive.Barack can't go on TV and say "I'm gonna hook all the brother's up".At least this guy Read Frantz Fanon, have you ?You and Alicia need to get out of the HOUSE more.You need to put the lantern down.

Since you like playing with usernames, I'm gonna start with yours. First off, what kinda grown a$$ 43 year old man has a user name like Kid, 'cause your a$$ ain't young, LOL! My suggestion, take off the football jersey, pull you dam pants up and trade your Jordan's for a pair of Ferragammos. If you can't go Salvatore, then get some hush puppies.

Second, I'ma check you for AB, what the fcuk does her sexual orientation have to do with anything? Tell you what I know having been an AIDS counselor. So called brotha's like YOU are the real problem because you're either ho'ing without protection, you're on the down low, or both.

Third, I'm not playa hatin' on Obama as you say, I simply think Michelle Obama is a stronger presence than her man.

Forth, there's nothing worse than a homophobic, rhetoric talking, fake a$$ field negro like YOU!

Anonymous said...

So the World Health Organization was wrong to raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 5??

Which means that a pandemic is imminent.

Anonymous said...

They've found patient zero, allheavens.
it's in mexico.
that don't mean jack, really, though.
you're right, many folks die from flu anyhow.
ain't nothing like 1918, so far...

panepidemics strike every 20 years or so, baby, we're due!

Dr. Nuwang said...

allheavens said...
There is no evidence that Mexico is "ground zero" just a lot of speculation and finger pointing.

HIV originated in Africa and Swine Flu in Mexico. WOW, racism at it's finest!

alicia banks said...


thank you!

you made my day and made me shout like i was at revival

morons like "kid" attack me because they cannot defend obama

notice he did not say one thing in obama's defense???

because obama's betrayals of poor blacks are INDEFENSIBLE!!!!

see the film:
the obama deception
free at

excuses for men like kid actually
hate lesbians like me because they
know we are closer to ideal men than he will ever be!




alicia banks said...


i saw krs-1 and prof griff drop real science in that film?

what did u see?

they are real men
unlike "kids"


alicia banks said...

fake kid:

news flash 4 u:

if you hate republikkkans so
then you too hate obama
he is doing their blackish biddings in DC...

watch and learn kiddie


Miranda said...

Field, you might wanna rethink your stance that banning posters is a bad thing.

kid said...

Hey Alicia and Fly, I AM IN THE AFROSPEAR/SPERE.I'm not homophobic . Our group has GLTB in our crew that supported Obama.Now Alicia friend Sugar called Obama the F word and I don't mean French.My name is in honor of Edward Hazel the second best guitarist EVER next to Jimi Hendrix.His handle is Kidd Funkadelic. If Palin/McPain had won she would be picking cotton on the ole plantation right now.The Palin is just like Hillary Jedi mind trick didn't work.

BTW, if you want to know what good the President has done stop watching FOX and look at my boy Keith Olbermann.You didn't notice how the right was trying to get the President KILLED. Read Gretawire they post that stuff ALL THE DAMN TIME !If Alicia wants to be a Log Cabin Republiklan then she can't be sister that keeps it real like Pam Spaulding.

alicia banks said...


you are both a liar and a fool

msnbc became obama tv long ago
and keith o has become gay curious for obama...but he will have to slay the new flamer chris matthews to get at him...

ONLY drones like you still dare to believe that there is any difference between a dimocarat and a republikkkan

alex jones and i despise all dirty politicos in BOTH parties
because they have all played us like tricks...

the obama deception film slays both parties
do not blame me because you are not man enough to handle that truth

i have penned many positive things about obama ONLY when he deserved "my letter to america"

unlike u obama nazis, i will never praise him for burping and breathing...

pam spaulding has a white lover
and is the tame one who is always chosen by white tv
i am far blacker and bolder and our media legacies and websites prove that instantly to those who are not moronic nazis like you

i will gladly slay both u and pam wih my resumes anyday!

i love black women and intelligent black people exclusively...this is why you mean less to me than the microscopic dust particles upon the keys i am

i could not care less about what you think about pam or i....

what bothers me is how you are cheering on a blackish empty suited obama and how that blind worship dooms us all/our kids to hell more rapidly and ruthlessly than gwb ever did!!!!...via more debts/wars/masks/bs....

wake up
your blindess and ignorance will NEVER protect u!

and attacking me is a waste of time that energy to heal yourself when you see your boy obama is gwb in blackface:

Obama’s best pals are gaybashers like the homosexual homohater Donnie McClurkin and the "holy" hatemonger Rick Warren. Obama’s shady political blood flows from the toxic slime of Chicago politics, where Obama pimped his image cleansing affiliation with the superior and afrocentric Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama bought his very own home in Chicago via the criminal deals and blood money of a slumlord/felon/inmate named Antoin Rezko. Obama has bilked poor Americans to help rich bankers. Obama has escalated the same war that he hypocritically and unfairly crucified Hillary Clinton for supporting. Obama has filled his cabinet with Wall Street crooks and elitist peers from the Trilateral Commission…

wake up and do your homework before you play with adult scholars


alicia banks said...


you are indeed a house negro

house negros defended the massa blindly

just as you blindly defend obama

but you are even worse than a house negro

you are a house nigger

because only house niggers
dared to hate field negroes who
dared to be from the group think and suicidal worship of you obama nazis

did you see how obama dissed BET in his staged press conference?

what has obama done for any poor person of any race????????
katrina victim?
war weary soldiers?
homeless foreclosed dweller?

i hear your silence on all that...
it is MUCH louder than your meaningless lies and slurs...


alicia banks said...


npr radio did a superb report on katrina to date....this pm...

i have not heard obama say one word about katrina since 2007:

In 2007, on the subject of hurricane Katrina, Barack Obama stated that the rabidly racist and elitist administration of King Shrub/President-Select George W. Bush was “colorblind in its incompetence.”

nor racist police bruatality
nor sean bell/oscar grant etc....
nor black unemployemnt stats
nor black tent cities
nor black corp exec firring stats

obama nazis really believe that the ONLY people obama can speak about and pay now are super rich bankers and auto ceos????
4 real????

what names can you call selective silences and elitist favoritism like this kidder??????


alicia banks said...


just curious:

i am not the only black person who refuses to blindly worship obama

some are men
cornel west
tavis smiley
pastor david manning
and others...

have u flamed on them in any way?

my lesbian instinct tells me that you do not have the testosterone to rant to them as you do me...


kid said...

Alicia Banks says...

"alex jones and i despise all dirty politicos in BOTH parties
because they have all played us like tricks..."

"the obama deception film slays both parties
do not blame me because you are not man enough to handle that truth"

"pam spaulding has a white lover"
BULLSHIT...Louder say it-P.R.Nelson

You a sound like a racist ,homophobic bigot. To insult someone you call them gay.You don't like blacks and whites dating.Alex Jones filmed Griff and KRS 1 A YEAR AGO ! Can he get comments from them NOW. The Presidents name is Barack Hussein Obama not Dolomite or Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor.Barack can't grab himself , smoke a blunt , and kick Rush Limbaugh's ass for looking at him dirty.You are FAKE.

You are right both parties did use dirty tricks (ratf**king)Hillary worked WITH Rush Limbaugh to get Obama. If Hillary wanted my vote she should have stood UP for Rev. Wright, the guy that stood up for her and her husband.Instead a guy that called her a bitch she went to the house and carry the lathern for.Her RACIST buddy Geraldine said that black men have it easy.YOU ARE ASTROTURF AND FAKE.


kid said...

Alicia Banks says...

"i am not the only black person who refuses to blindly worship obama"

some are men
cornel west
tavis smiley
pastor david manning
and others...
Maybe you didn't know but Cornel backed him.

Tavis worked for the Clinton's and is paid by Walmart.

Manning on a conservative radio show called Obama's mother a whore.

If I "worship" black politicians blindly I would have voted for J.Kenneth Blackwell for Governor instead of Ted Strickland a white guy.

I think you're really a white supremacist, you agree with 90% of what Bill Oreilly thinks.Since you hate Barack so much take yourself to a tea party and see what they will do to you.

alicia banks said...


what is this curious obsession you have with rat sex?

could it be the obvious vermin in you lusts after kindred beings???...

hillary lost!
but she is a female that you still slay...what a punk coward you are!
is chris brown your kin by chance?

alex ALSO slammed hc in that film...and he said she is also a puppet...i agree...all politicos are...

i voted for hc because she had some of her own strings/like bill's surplus wisdom!

obama is a stringless empty suit
puppeted worse than any other politico EVER before!!!!

watch wait and see kid:
we adults told u so!!!!

i revere and praise rev w.
but again you show your true cowardly colors as obama slew rev w far worse than hc
but u give him a pass on that too????!!!

you slay the easy female far too selectively kid

your boy had no problem going ghetto in our wallets when he paid the rich!!!....that was stunna bosstin' swag 4 sho!

only your glaring misogyny shines brighter herein than your juvenile ignorace...

peek a boo kiddie, i see u!

Dark Moon said...

Obama can't afford to breathe even for a second. Eric Cantor that loathsome snake of a hypocrite and prostrate challenged McCain will be trying to fashion a new face of Republican thought without I am sure Michael Steele and the hard right evangelists with their National Council for a New America. Cantor is by far the worse which makes his Iagoesque machinations all the more deadly:

The effort, called the National Council for a New America, will hold its first town hall in Arlington, VA on Saturday, with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Other key movers and shakers are Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. McCain also said that his former running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was contacted to participate.

On the conference call, Cantor and McCain stressed that the council isn't a re-branding effort for the GOP. "This is not a Contract with America," the senator from Arizona said. "This is a conversation with America."

Cantor, the driving force behind the council, said its other purpose is to have this conversation outside of Washington (although the first town hall is just a few miles away) and to have Republicans, independents, and Democrats all participate.

alicia banks said...


i have built my media/academic legacy on being real and afro always

i am 45
and have been an african warrior since birth...from 2 long genetic lines of field negros!
which is why i love FN...

you kid are clueless in general
so it follows that
you have no idea who i am

fix that
my bios are online

i am a fierce independent
an afrocentric scholar

i despise bill o
but even a broken clock is right twice each day

fox news is the ONLY news on tv
racist as it is etc...
that is tragic

but all of the other net news
especially pmsnbc/obama tv!
are just repulsive fan clubs....

u r not in my tribe
u are DNA
dem no good ancestors

attacking me and hc does not defend obama

i backed obama too
just like cw did

i know why u blindly indefensibly love obama
he is a trick
and tricks are for "kids"

u slander tavis
like me
he could not care less
read his book
(u do read?)


alicia banks said...


re pam

i will not let a rat like you bite either of us

she does her
i do me

there is room for diversity always
for everyone in all arenas

even among bgl bloggers too


since you are probably DL like most misogynists, you may also enjoy the very best bg blog on the planet!...see:


kid said...

Alicia Banks says...

hillary lost!
but she is a female that you still slay...what a punk coward you are!
is chris brown your kin by chance?

alex ALSO slammed hc in that film...and he said she is also a puppet...i agree...all politicos are...

i voted for hc because she had some of her own strings/like bill's surplus wisdom!
Using the newest rap lingo doesn't make you "down".

You attack blacks and gays. Yet you claim to be that. You ARE FAKE. Why are you riding Alex Jones tip Aunt Jemina ?

When Hillary acted like a Klanswoman are started drinkin' moonshine and clinging to her guns she lost the black vote.What do Chris Brown gotta do with Hillary White ? Who pays you oil companies or weapon manufactures ?You are a FAKE , astroturf progressive.My father said you can tell if a black man is doing his job by how many white people hate him. I guess Barack is doing a good job.Beck, Greta, Oreilly, Sugar and you are doing a good job trying to get him killed.

kid said...

Hey Aunt Alicia,

You want to insult someone so you call me gay.You are a joke. Someones sexuality shouldn't matter, especially if you claim to be a advocate for gays. Do you do black jokes too ?The more you open your mouth , the more you make yourself look DUMB! BTW, GROW UP !

alicia banks said...

i do not attack gays

i attack dl bros who hate women like you!!!

you fool
whites adore obama

that he why he rules all coddling media and plays idiots like you

do u realize u have not said one word to defend obama????

what has he done for poor black people????????????

alicia banks said...


i have been in media far longer than alex

we are not riding each other
we are agreeing about obama riding poor people like mules!!!

i understand that we appeal only to warrior intellectuals
so we have never been on your dial
that is very clear

we are closer to harriet tubman/john brown

u r the uncle kid
auntless i am sure...

may i thank you now...for both alex and i for never crashing our media parties before we busted your boy obama?

no dl morons allowed


alicia banks said...


i will be satisfied when obama helps the poor of all races as he has exclusively helped the rich white bankers/ceo's sto date

obama's pimping will not pay my bills

all of obama's "press" dates are staged play date jokes...but my fav question was posed by BET...and i love how he blatantly dodged it


Anonymous said...

Alicia Banks is annoying. She is dominating and destructive. She has her OWN BLOG. Get her the eff off of your site. Block her or whatever!

Anonymous said...


Yo' stuff don't stink? I do.

kid said...

Hey Alicia,

Obama's plan is to do a Roosevelt WPA plan to generate jobs for the poor. What is your plan to help the poor ? If you have a idea you can send it to the President or publish it on your site.

Well what is it ? Put up or shut up.

BTW, if you think FOX is fair you have some serious issues.

alicia banks said...


future plans are for future dates



what has obama done for one poor person in the past 100 days??????

alicia banks said...


be literate/coherent
then i will reply

odors will also not pay my bills

if so
the horrid stench from underneath obama's blackish mask on the nwo would already have made all of us as rich as his bankers!!!


alicia banks said...


all strong women are ignoring to weak perps like u and that kid

especially when they are slaying your sorry "logic"!!!

send me that law about not posting on blogs when you have one of your own


cc that to all the others with blog herein too

u moron!

alicia banks said...


it is always easier to ban than to debate

you cowardly fool

to much of a punk to even use a name herein

you "anonymous" drone!

alicia banks said...


"dominating" = will not allow u to dominate me/lie/evade/win...

"annoying" = slaying you with too much ease

i feel u

jafrique said...

"Field, you might wanna rethink your stance that banning posters is a bad thing".
Co-sign with Miranda. Name-calling and childish posing by people supposed to be in their 40s and beyond is getting in the way of constructive feedback :-)


alicia banks said...


i spend each day educating poor children and inspiring gay teens etc...

have done that for decades as an award winning educator

what have YOU done for the poor today

here is what your puppet boy obama did today for the poor:

obama just left you a new trick:


alicia banks said...


funny how you are selectively critical once again

i am not 40

i am 45

Dr. Nuwang said...

jafrique said
Co-sign with Miranda. Name-calling and childish posing by people supposed to be in their 40s and beyond is getting in the way of constructive feedback :-)

And I say "if you don't start somethin', won't be nothin".
Some of you younger (and obvioulsy a LOT less Fly) need to think about who you jump and pick on in a post before running chicken $hit when the person you thought was a wimp, decides to strike back.

I'd venture a guess that if AB was pro everything Obama did and hetero, she'd be just another beautiful, intellectual, black woman expressing her opinion.

Some of you guys are so hypocritical it's pathetic, but no one is calling for you to be banned. At least AB keeps it real to HER truth.

Monolithic thinking is the root cause of lack of substantial progression in the black comunity.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what they say, Alicia, I like you.


alicia banks said...


you made me shout this morning my sista...thank you!!!

i have praised obama when has deserved it...and i have slain him when he deserved i will always do...

these kids herein represent a generation of pimps and hos that have hip hopped the black race into the grave...they adore only bimbo strippers not intellectual women

krs1 and prof grif are regal warriors and real men who are exceptions to the rule

k and j initiated the name calling herein...and i responded in kind
as i will always do

as a comm is customary to be fluent with all who speak to i returned the name calling and i will always speak to all in their native matter how ignorant and illiterate they clearly are...

the sexist disrespect that boys like j and k show to women in general is even more ruthless when dissing lesbians...because their tiny fragile little "manhoods" are deeply threatened by my sexuality...their problem...not mine:

I have elaborated ad infinitum about precisely how racism and sexism combine and degenerate too many black men who regard themselves exclusively as life support systems for penises, and too many black women who regard themselves exclusively as concubines/breeders for these aforementioned black macho men.

This toxic combination of psychoses fashions turbo gaybashers in blackface, who passionately regard homosexuals as literal nullifiers of their very existences. Their twisted insecurities are expressed as fatal gaybashing/self-defense mechanisms in the paranoid and insane wars that their hatred fuels against sexual truths in general and homosexual persons in particular.


did u see how kid actually called on his daddy? and then j tagged teamed his weak childish action by calling on FN like he was his daddy?

trifling boys do not step to any real women without getting squashed like the human roaches that they are...and these are the perps always whining about "submit to me..i am an african not be destructive/annoying/agressive/doninating etc..."

these are just rabid court jesters pretending to be african kings...FN never has to beg me to respect him because he is a king and that automatically inspires all to treat him like one!

i loathe sexist drones who dare to call me names and lie on me and expect me to be silent as they do so...NEVER...NEVA!!!!

i hate them as much as i hate fools for worshipping obama for breathing...OBAMA HAS DONE NOTHING FOR POOR PEOPLE IN 100 DAYS...NOW HE IS ROBBING US OF TAX CREDITS AND ALLOWING CREDIT CARD COMPANIES TO FLEECE US...

and these 2 fools j and kid have still failed to answer my question YET!!!

My most favorite quote by Maya Angelou is:

“If someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

Obama has shown us precisely who he is in countless ways!!!

j and k have shown me that they are tag teaming misogynist bullies herein...and i have shown them that they picked the wrong target with me!!!

they are wankstas who made the fatal error of running up on an OG female gangsta and got backed up and beat down!!!

thank you for the kindred back up my fellow female warrior!

peace my dear sista

alicia banks said...

thank u frank!
i love all real men like you too

see more:


Anonymous said...

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