Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's in a name?

I was thinking about blog names today. Names, that for some reason, stay in my head. I love lurking around other people's blogs (even the ones that I don't agree with) and reading all the fascinating things that they have to say.

Another thing that fascinates me about blogs is all the wild names that people come up with. I have to say that 90% of them are pretty damn good, because for the most part, bloggers can be some pretty creative people.

Anyway, here is a list of some of my favorite blog titles. (Not in any order of importance) Some of them might not still be around, and some of them are far apart from me ideologically, but the field is still feeling their handles.

And on a final note, I want to say thanks to the folks over at Drexel University and the REACH project for sponsoring one hell of a conference today. There were kids there from schools like Swarthmore, Haverford College, Penn, Temple, and Bryn Mawr. Seeing all those smart young people of color holding it down in elite schools and ready to get their activism on was refreshing.

Understanding the true meaning of community activism is field Negro behavior.


Sharon from WI said...

Hey Field, is there any way posters here can see this conference?

Anonymous said...

Weak. fuckyoupenguin blows them all away.


Sammy said...

Hope none of these smart young people of color holding it down in elite schools become the next Tavis Smiley or Juan Williams or Shelby Steele or Michael Steele.

SickupandFed said...

InkogNegro has quite a ring to it.

Sammy you forgot to mention Wingnut of the Week...Alan Keyes.

Anonymous said...

Hope we can see the conference.

BTW the Iggles had a great draft. My Raiders? Not so much.

field negro said...

I think that conference was on Drexel T.V. and one of the public accesss stations. I will post the link when it becomes available.The coordinator promised to send it to me.

"Hope none of these smart young people of color holding it down in elite schools become the next Tavis Smiley or Juan Williams or Shelby Steele or Michael Steele."

LOL! Come on Sammy, you know we are going to lose at least one. :)

Yes Robbie, I like the kid from Mizou. Finally the Iggles draft a skill position in the first round.

SickUpandFed, why did you have to remind me of Alan? I am down enough as it is. My Fly guys were booted from the playoffs by Sir Sidney and the Pens today. :(

Dr. Nuwang said...

Sammy said...
Hope none of these smart young people of color holding it down in elite schools become the next Tavis Smiley or Juan Williams or Shelby Steele or Michael Steele.

And I wouoldn't care if they did as long as they are strong brothers AND sisters.

Just wondering, isn't there an HBCU in Philly, and were reps from that school there as well?

SouthernGirl2 said...


Love Reggae! Just love listening to Dennis Brown! The voice, The music....

Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob said...

From now on, any wingnuts complain to me, I'll say take it up with the Secret Council of American Negroes. If they ask me how to contact the Council, I'll reply, How the hell do I know? They're secret.

field negro said...

Fly,I think there are two HBCU's in the area:Lincoln Univ.and Cheney Univ.I am not sure if there was anyone there from one of those schools.

Bob,I bet a lot of Negroes don't know how to contact the Council

Justice58, I knew I loved you for a good reason.You listen to D Brown? Girl we are sould mates fo real now :)

Tafaraji said...

Off topic: Field, there is a follow-up on the story you wrote about that was reported by the Temple U Journalism student's experience during a ride-a-long with Philly's finest. The results are encouraging and worth a revisit.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"You listen to D Brown?"


It doesn't get any better than these. The music is intoxicating. God, I love'em!

If this world were mine, I'd play Rub A Dub all the time...

Got to Let Love In...:)

Rest In Peace, Dennis Brown!

field negro said...

Tafaraji, yes, they fired that police officer and two others who
were yelling racial slurs at some high school kids while breaking up a fight. It's encouraging, but more needs to be done.Besides, I hear the FOP is going to fight to keep these officers their jobs, so we will see. To be continued.

Justice, check out a D. Brown ballad called "Love Has Found It's Way".

Christopher Chambers said...

Well, that douchebag wingnut on Fox, "expert" Judge Andy Napolitano stole "Dred's Scott's Revenge." That would've been a nice blog title.

Prof. T. Salisbury in Indiana has "Aunt Jemima's Revenge."

Given the surge of right wing delirium I have a nice counter title: "John Brown's Revenge."

NaturalSmile said...

Please Please Please comment on the Black sphere? tell me what you think of that blog. If you ask me, he should get house negro of the year award! His jigging is out of control! one thing is for sure, he's mastered his photoshop skills of obama.

Sharon from WI said...

Natural Smile,

I see why you say this. This Black Sphere blogger is off the chain.

Anonymous said...

SAGACIOUSHILLBILLY has quite a nice ring to it.

Maryscott OConnor said...

Thanks for the hat tip, field.

I miss your posts over at MLW; we all do. The front page could use your flavour.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Field Negro

My daughter just got accepted at Temple - what are your thoughts of the school and surrounding areas.

Can't make the day, if I do not read your blog.

field negro said...

I have to check out this "Black Sphere, I never heard of it until I read the comments.

Hi Maryscott, how is my MLW family?I will be over soon, promise. It's just been crazy enough keeping up with my own blog. Between blogging,work,and all the other stuff I am involved with, I think I might sleep two hours per night.:)

Anon.6:42PM. Temple is a fine school. The sorounding area gets a bad rap because it's not the greatest part of town,but it's improving, and Temple does a lot of good things in the community.

If and when your daughter decides to go to grad school, Temple has some first class graduate programs and professional schools as well.

Congrats! And good luck to your daughter. said...

Thanks for the shout. The name "Field Negro" is what got me to check out your site in the first place, so you need to add yourself to that list!

Lola Gets said...

You know Im salty that Im not on this list, right??


field negro said...

Lola, I seriously considered you. Honest! "Whatever Lola Wants" is all that for a blog name.

Tell you what: that name gets an Honorary Mention. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Field. More thanks for the writing that keeps me and others coming back for further helpings.
ps. Link update, I've moved Ear Conditioning over to

Lainad said...

Thanks for the shout-out Field! It's nice to be hits are rapidly declining and it's a nice feeling to be recognized.

Laina (Writing is Fighting)

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Understanding the true meaning of community activism is field Negro behavior.[/quote]

Southwest Philly:

In the 1960's the "Community Activism" was executed to allow Blacks to move in.

In the 1980's the "Community Activism" was executed to get more Blacks represented on City Council, the School Board and the Mayor's office.

In the 1990's the "Community Activism" was executed to demand that the city DO SOMETHING about crime and to build a recreation center.

In 2009 with the Progressive leadership firmly in place in Philadelphia after "winning" all of your past battles against your STILL have the milieu of "community activist" despite the fact that the people who used to "Speak Truth To Power"......are now IN POWER.

Is it possible that it is time for a new strategy?

Anonymous said...

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