Monday, April 27, 2009


I should have known something was up when Mrs. Field asked me to go to the movies, Sunday.

I was totally played so that she could go and see, as she calls him, her "chocolate bunny", Idris Elba, get all jammed up with Missy. My man had some serious Michael Douglas moments, and I felt his pain.

Now for all of you brothers reading this (and I am sorry my white male friends, but I can only speak to the brothers, because sisters are my only frame of reference) this is a public service announcement from the field: Do not take your wife, girlfriend, or significant other to see Obsessed. Just don't. The shit is not worth it. (Do you remember what we all had to go thorough after "Fatal Attraction"? Same here, but worse for you brothers, because of the added element of, well, Missy. It's kind of like "Jungle Fever" meets "Fatal Attraction" if you get my drift. Cherry Hill's own Ali Larder* does her best Glenn Close imitation and girlfriend is kind of scary.) If your significant other insists on going like Mrs. Field because of her Elba jones or whatever, tell her to go with her girls.

Mrs. Field, of course, was mad throughout the entire flick. I tried to snuggle and make nice, only to be pushed away. I couldn't figure out if it was because of her "chocolate bunny" taking up the screen or if she was pissed with how the movie was going down. I got the impression it was the latter.

Anyway, here is a question for you brothers: and I want to ask it without giving away the movie for any of you who might be dumb enough to go and see it. The question is this: If something (anything) happened to you that involved another woman, but you didn't cheat on your significant other, and your significant other asks you an innocent question about what happened; what would you tell her? I know what I would tell her, but I want to see if I am in the majority or in the minority on this one. So please help a brotha out and tell me what you would say.

On our way home Mrs. Field was still in her Idris Elba trance. She was talking to herself as if she was the only one in the car: "Yeah that white girl needed to stay out of black folks business. But you know what? I can't blame girlfriend. No I can't. Girrrrrrl that bunny was too fine. All I need is just a little time with that brotha. "


*Thanks for the correction, Maryscott.


Anonymous said...

"Elba jones"


He is fine; Mrs. Fields is right about that.


Anonymous said...

oops. . .Mrs. Field, not Fields

my bad


Anonymous said...

It's best to be honest when you can get away with it.


friends of ron mexico said...

This movie has the look and feel of a made for cable movie.

Beyonce in high heels and Ali Larter in her underwear is worth wasting your money,but i think i will wait til it comes on LifeTime Tv for women.

Anonymous said...

Right on Mrs. Field!!!! Idris Elba is FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kellybelle said...


ArtMaggot Hysteria said...

I always tell the truth, if she cannot handle it then the relationship isn’t worth it.

field negro said...

"Right on Mrs. Field!!!! Idris Elba is FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"He is fine; Mrs. Fields is right about that."

See fellows, I am not the only one living with one of these women.

"I always tell the truth, if she cannot handle it then the relationship isn’t worth it."

ArtMaggot, is your significant other a sister? Just curios.
BTW, you are one crazy dude. But I love your pics. :)

"It's best to be honest when you can get away with it"

szpork, if you are being honest only "when you can get away with it", well then you are not being totally honest now are you?

Christopher Chambers said...

Idris Elba is an amazing actor, but getting paid doesn't hide all sins. I feel bad for him for being in this mess. Beyonce, Mrs SellOut to L'oreal, doesn more harm then good, and Jay-Z ain't much better. Just another snarky music mogul, making money for white people and stuck giving low-rent high-stupid hip hop to the least common denominator... Field GO SEE "AMERICAN VIOLET."

momo said...

Even the fine Mr. Elba could not get me to see this movie. I own the complete set of The Wire.

field negro said...

Chris, I heard about that flick,("American Violet") and I plan to check it out.

momo, "The Wire" might have been one of the best shows ever on television.

And you all are right; at the end of the day this flick had "Lifetime" written all over it. Still, it had some life lessons that we (men) need to pay attention to.

Mr. Noface said...

It's always best to tell the truth, but it's better to tell the truth in a way that won't get you cut.

ArtMaggot Hysteria said...


Dr. Nuwang said...

Mr. Elba is real fine!! So dam fine that you NEVER see him with his wife.

Thanks but no thanks, I'll take a pass on the "fine" Mr. Elba.

Daktari said...

Speaking from the white girl corner, Idris Elba is F.I.N.E. fine.

I won't go see this movie. I've watched enough of Denzel's dog movies to learn that lesson well. I'll just pacify myself with some publicity stills and wait for someone in Hollywood to give him a real role.

Chocolate bunny. Doubt I can get away with using such language, but that's cute. LOL

Maryscott OConnor said...

Ali Larter, dear. Not Larten.


Blinders Off said...

Idris Elba (Very handsome actor) enjoyed watching him in the Wire.

Ali Larter (Attractive actress) enjoy watching her in Hero.

Beyonce (Attractive singer trying to act)…reason I decided not to pay my money to see the movie.

La♥audiobooks said...

wow Field, I just finished watching this through online means I can't say in public. Why? I refuse to give these people my money, especially Elba, he doesn't even have a F-ing black wife, why should he get my money?

It also reminds me of that movie "not easily broken".. "the po old black man can't help himself, it's the ebil white woman's fault" "black woman betta hold on to yo black man". Yawn.

I'm now watching "The Soloist". I'm getting "The Champ" flashbacks. Here we go with that white savior shit. Bigger Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Message to "Field:"
Chick Flicks" are for chicks.
So next time, YOU stay home and send her with her friends for "Girls Day Out" and save yourself some GRIEF!

Doogman said...

Say nothing. Ever. Think pure thoughts, take cold showers.

Anonymous said...


I'm a black man and I really have to appreciate alot of the stuff you put on this blog. Your one sista that don't beat around the bush (lol) I like that.

Robert M said...

Just tell her this is going to be like Lloyd Bridges whipping LaVar Burton in Roots. We are going to do it one time so I'm going to start talking and you're going to let me finish. Then start talking and don;t stop till you're finishd

biwtican said...


SickupandFed said...

To answer your question, not a damn thing.

Never tell them anything, about anything or anyone.

Anonymous said...

I like Idris Elba because he is a very talented actor. I suggest the movie, Sometime in April in which he played the lead actor. HBO produced the film five/six years ago. He was also good in the first episode of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency on HBO and think that Jill Scott and Ankia Noni Rose are wonderful in their roles. I have no desire to see Obessed, and prefer to see the movie American Violet, inspired by a true story of a working single falsely accused of dealing drugs as results of the tactics by town's police and DA. She becomes embroiled a fight for her freedom and custody of her children. I do not about anyone else, but I find this story more compelling because I admire this woman's courage not only to fight for herself, but for others who may find him/herself in the situation. The lead actress is up and coming and does a great job, Alfre Woodard plays her mother, and Charles S. Dutton plays a role in the mother. I am being a snob, but that movie is so beneath Elba's talent. However, I still believe that Don Cheadle should have that oscar for Hotel Rwanda, but what do I know.

lincolnperry said...

You disappoint me...Go see American Violet and the Soloist, this one of the few times that I agree with J Anthony Brown, that Beyonces performance was worthy of the Color Purple School of Acting, I wish that girl would stop dropping syllables!

Secondly, do you guys really believe a brother on the corporate fast track working for a GE, Proctor and Gamble or IBM, would marrying his big booty assistant?

BNasty said...

I would say, "What you talking about Willis."

Of course, you nut up. Then throw it back on her. If all else fails, just start hollering and walk out.

Never, ever, never ever, admit to anything. Always have that reasonable doubt. The "did you see me do anything" line always works.

Afterward, wax that butt real good and go to sleep.

lincolnperry said...


Anonymous said...

Edris Elba is a good-looking black man. He's fine in NBC's sitcom "The Office," and he was fine in HBO's "The Wire." Now, why is it that he couldn't find a smart, talented, sister to share all that fine-ness and talent with?
Surely, there is/was someone out there to parallel those good looks and talent.

All I can say is this: He just had to go and get a white woman to feel complete. Now, why he felt incomplete w/o one, only he knows for sure. But I bet he ain' telling.

Anonymous said...

It depends on the kind of significant other that you have. If she is Black don't tell her. If she is Latino, don't tell her. If she is Asian, don't tell her. If she is White, go to couples therapy.

Unknown said...

to all those commenting about idris' choice of partner..
idris comes from a place where black men and women happily enter relationships with whites..
mixed couples are increasingly the norm in the uk and now perfectly acceptable among our generation onward (am 43..)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

As a black woman I don't care who his wife is in real life. Unlike some other black men who NEVER date/marry sisters I've never heard that about him. He's very talented (and fine) and until I hear that he has a color complex or something foul I will keep on loving Idris. Now can we find some roles for him worthy of his talent?

He is from the UK of African/Caribbean decent. Interracial relationships are more common there.

I think it's funny that some of my black female friends date white men but STILL have attitude when they see a black man they don't know with a white/latino/asian woman. When I point out the hypocrisy they say "It's different!" ha

field negro said...

Thanks Maryscott,(I am bad with names) it is Ali LarTER not LarTEN. All my boyz in Philly are going to be mad at me for forgetting that. BTW, I thought she made her bones in Varsity Blues?

You all are right about Beyonce:girlfriend can sing and dance. But a triple threat? Not so much.

I bet BNasty and SickupandFed are single.:) LOL! I remember those days. Doogman, you too.

Lincoln Perry, I am going to see American Violet. The Soloist? I think I will wait for the DVD for that one. Nothing against my man Jamie Foxx, but I had a run in with the journalist (Steve Lopez) who wrote the story a few years back, and I am not trying to support him. In fact, I might go out and get hood version of that bad boy. ;)

BTW,La~Incog....I know you live in the Islands so I don't want to make a pirate reference, but..... ;)

Anonymous said...

Field, do tell about the run in with Steve Lopez. Inquiring minds want to know.

Whitney B. said...

Way back in the mid-70's, I was engaged to a black man. He was a lawyer, drove a Jag and lived in a condo on the Magnificent Mile (Chicago's Michigan Ave). The reason we didn't marry? His family didn't approve....we were still in the dark ages at that time. My man and I had a lot in common; went to the same university, read the same books, had the same friends (a mixed racial group of Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, blacks and whites). In other words, we traveled in the same social circles.

Do I regret what happened and have some anger about it? You bet. I was not a trophy wife type. Just a regular working girl, making a good living in advertising.

Sometimes folks have chemistry that goes beyond race. In this day and age, it most certainly should be accepted.

I watched Fatal Attraction with my first husband and knew that could never happen to me. He looked at pretty women, just as I looked at hunky men, but we knew that because we were best friends, our love and marriage was solid.

My current husband and I enjoy watching chick flicks (not all, but most) together, just as I enjoy dude movies with him.

BTW Field, yes, blood boudin is illegal, but so is moonshine. You can get both if you know where to look.

Anonymous said...

Brotha Field,
If a black man told his woman about every incident that happened at work with a woman ..etc, he would be talking for an hour. Some things do not need to be brought home, while other bigger things might need to be mentioned, depending on if its getting outta control. I have worked with all types of women and have always kept some distance because if you get too close and something goes down, its 1-800-BLAME THE BROTHA!!

Yes, I'm married


Dailyfare said...

"I always tell the truth, if she cannot handle it then the relationship isn’t worth it."

You sound like a very sensitive guy, ArtMaggot.

Are you the kind of person who confuses honesty with dismissiveness?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Beyonce is over-rated and there is more glitz than depth. Now I would not tell my niece that because she is a fan, but I am not one and do not own a single piece of Beyonce's music. Now ask me if own I music by Jill Scott and India Arie, and I will tell you I have every single one. These women are not glamorus, but they are talented. I really do not like commercial music because much of it sounds the same, and when will see ever a black band again. I think the Roots is one of few, but there not exactly popular and lean toward the alternative/hip hop side. Anthony Hamilton has a great voice, but he is not Usher. Recording and movie companies will continue to make products even if it is sub-standard as long as consumers are willing to buy it, but we complain about. I live in black neighorhood and the movie theater has Obessed playing, but American Violet is not playing at the same theater. I have to see American Violet that is playing at a movie theater that caters to indie films in a more affluent neighorhood (majority white). No pun intended, but there is something wrong with that picture, and it is partly our fault because we complain about not having good films about the African American experience, but we do not support them, but we will flock to see Madea Goes to Jail than see a movie about who is fighting for freedom. This I do not fathom, but again what do I know.

ArtMaggot Hysteria said...

I never dismiss the feelings of others.
I remember how it feels when mine are.

lincolnperry said...

Black Intellectuals and educated black folks complain about quality of black cinema, but support films like obessesed that happens to be made by another African American filmmaker Rob Hardy.

But don't support the films that you are refering to. Film critic Armond White made this argument 15 years ago on a panel and was shot down by the other panelist. This last fall, I went to see the Express, twice and the theater was empty, and the studio had a agressive marketing campaign in a major black market!

Anonymous said...

WAIT hold the F@#CKK! up?
His wife is white????

r u sure ...up there? His parents are Africans immigrants (yeah they live in West London now)

You are not telling me that he married a white woman?

I am going to tell ALLLLLL of my friends

something aint right in the milk

Adam said...


Full-blown razor sharp honesty.

...and I am white man married to a "sister".

Blessings upon you and yours,


EzMun said...

To answer your question, (now) I'd tell the truth to my partner about what happened. Honesty, especially if I didn't do anything, is probably the best policy--one way or the other.

I'm not sure I would have said this a year ago. I would have probably said that I'd tell a lie to cover it up and disinvite further questions. Cause you know with women (particularly the Sisters), if you answered honestly, there ARE going to more questions to answer.

Anonymous said...

Idris Elba's ex wife is Liberian. I don't think he is currently married.

Unknown said...

Been there except the colors were reversed; yeah white women get that way too. No matter if you tell the truth or not, women are going to get crazy just because they really don't like each other. Yeah, I said it and its true! Hell, if I were dude in the movie, I may have went on and did it if it weren't for the baby and the fact the girl was crazy: you're going to get the same response anyway...

Anonymous said...

FN if your motives for whatever behavior are selfish then no, fix it yourself. If your in a situation that is iffy but your motives are honest then honesty is the best policy. It all comes down to the males motives for his behavior. If your stupid enough to admit your selfish behavior that put you into compromising situation then you should be man enough to take the beating your sure to receive.


DuchessDee said...

Please I will not pay my money to see it. I will wait until it comes to my beauty salon on saturday morning where we all can watch it together and comment.

BTW, i dont want to know if my husband step out. Just like i would never tell him if i did.


Anonymous said...

It depends on how far you're going...

Am I going to be mad that my husband gets us a better room in Vegas for smiling nice at the person on desk duty? Nahh...

Then again, my husband always tells me (sometimes before, mostly after) when he's doin' the ol' charm offensive.

Of course, I also have to listen to the tales of the gaggle of 14-year-olds who thought pinching my boyfriend on the ass was a good idea (he was seriously nonplussed by the attention) -- I think this is what you get for having concerts in an amusement park [ahem. he was working the kiddie rides]

cinco said...

We have a long way to go...

The only person that we should concern ourselves with is ourself. If Elba or anyone else finds love and/or intimacy among someone outside their race...what's the big fucking deal? There's certainly no extra credance/validity/commitment to who you may be just because you married the same race. People who feel that way are full of ignorant shit!
The problem arises when a person denies who they are and are embarrassed to or hateful towards their race because of who they have become.

Relationships not built on honesty and kindness are doomed to fail.

Sharon from WI said...

February's Vogue (w Beyonce on the cover) mentions in the story on BK that BK's mom makes career management decisions for BK. The author wondered what BK's mom must have been thinking when the script to Obsessed came across her desk. Think I am going to save my $8and spend it on The Soloist.

La♥audiobooks said...

"The only person that we should concern ourselves with is ourself."

I know there were several of us that stated the same, but here’s your big deal here. Just like it’s his right, It’s also MY right to NOT support, uplift, or feel any way obligated to promote a black male who exercises his "right" to show the world he has no obligation or personal interest in black women. (btw, to those above the UK has a colossal of black women, that's a cop-out excuse.)

I mean really... Why should I feel so comfortable lining the pockets or to boost popularity for someone in the name of Melanin who clearly has NO personal or vested interest in black womanhood? I too am not obligated thereafter.

Tell me, do you still hear the same amount of black men oozing themselves over Halle Berry? NO! What about Venus Williams, Eve, Garcelle Beauvais, Kerry Washington to name a few? That’s because black males clearly know how to support or NOT support anyone for their own self interest. Play fair, save your righteous noble lectures, or get a grip.

allheavens said...

lincolnperry said...
Black Intellectuals and educated black folks complain about quality of black cinema, but support films like obessesed that happens to be made by another African American filmmaker Rob Hardy.
I have to co-sign on that. The Express although not a cinematic masterpiece was a true story of a great athlete and a courageous young Black man who overcame adversity to become the first Black Heisman Trophy winner.

I saw American Violet this weekend, a very good film. The race issues and police corruption in Tulia, Texas is a story that needed to be told.

I adore Idris Elba and Stringer Bell is one of the all-time great television characters. I have all five season on DVD. But even my Idris love will not get me in a seat showing this Fatal Attraction retread.

Beyoncé Knowles, where do I begin? I am from Texas, I am older and I do not speak in any way resembling Beyoncé. Her speech is so flat you could serve drinks on it.

Beyoncé is putting in some heavy overtime to obtain an Oscar and it is not going to work.

In Hollywoodland they love a comeback; they love the young relative unknown seemingly coming out of nowhere to win but they hate, let me say that again, hate, any open and unbridled lusting after the golden statuette. Miss Ross can probably tell you a thing or two about that.

The studio can campaign for the Oscar on your behalf because Oscar equals more box office, you can even campaign on your own behalf but it had better be tasteful and almost imperceptible, especially if you are Black.

But as for this generation of entertainers I think Ernest Hardy said it best in his 2007 LA Weekly article, How Shit Be:

"In January 2007 we have a situation where getting paid has become the first and dominant impulse, and all else is shaped around it. And it’s no longer a matter of selling out or compromising one’s “true” self. We’re dealing with natural-born whores, shaped from first consciousness with the plantation belief that the value of blackness is determined by the marketplace. From the “hardest” thug rapper to Beyoncé, they can genuinely claim to “keep it real,” because the terms of that have become synonymous with being pure product. Black Americans’ imaginations have become infected by the dictates of folk — and let’s not be simple, it ain’t just white folk — who see blackness merely as a landscape to be exploited and ravaged. They’re so owned they don’t even see the chains, and call the auction block home."

Visibility said...

Co-sign all heavens.

DuchessDee said...

allheaven. damn. very good.

cinco said...

I don't fucking care about who dates/marries whom; about their sexual orientation; about the 'color' of their s/o; about the kind of car they drive or where they may shop. I'm not making a dime off these people whether they marry b;ack women or not. Where I draw the line is if they're a criminal, if they are abusive or if they molest children. Even then my disdain has nothing to do with their color.

Lady-Cracker said...

Cinco, you absolutely cut with the razors edge....

Anonymous said...

damn, La, if you're not going to support a brother based on his marrying a white woman, please at least get it right. Idris Elba's wife or ex-wife was assuredly black, I've seen her photo. I don't know who he's seeing/dating/fucking now, but I can appreciate his work regardless. There are plenty of black men who are dating and married to black women celebrities or not. So why do we get hung up on the ones who do?

As for Beyonce, I support her wholeheartedly and don't understand the constant negativity directed at her. Let me tell you something there are some people who seem "positive and conscious" in their music, but they are not always that way in real life. Don't believe the hype.

The A said...

@ Whitney B -
"I watched Fatal Attraction with my FIRST husband and knew that could never happen to me. He looked at pretty women, just as I looked at hunky men, but we knew that because we were best friends, our love and marriage was SOLID.

My CURRENT husband and I..."

What?! How do you jump from a solid love & marriage to the current guy? Where is #1?

Anonymous said...

Brother: If something like that happens, you keep all that drama to yourself! Compartmentalize.
Women never forget, nor do they forgive.

La♥audiobooks said...

Anony 5:35 pm, no where in my statements did I say he was married to a white woman. And no, she was not black, try again.

"I don't fucking care .... about their sexual orientation; about the 'color' of their s/o; about the kind of car they drive or where they may shop."

Now what does all of those added superfluities have to do with the price of piss. I stated my true feelings already, I even went as far as to elaborate on the thought process behind my stance. Yet you can't even give me anything of substance to counter my perspective except for that pathetic tolerance verbatim rhetoric. This is the real world, get deep.

Yes Cracker, she must be cutting you, because she sure ain't cutting me. What a show for you. I bet you agree with the first part of her Kum-ba-ya motto, especially since you're usually on the benefitting side of that equation. Gee, will you be going to watch this movie? What about American Violet as others suggested?

Anonymous said...

Idris Elba's ex-wife is very much black and is a make-up artist based in Atl. She is also the mother of his daughter. Elba's current girlfriend is black as well. Everyone in hollywood knows Idris loves the sistas. That's no secret.

field negro said...

"Field, do tell about the run in with Steve Lopez. Inquiring minds want to know."

Hennasplace,Lopez was a reporter here for years with our local paper. I had a run in with him about some issues which I won't get into. But let's just say that Lopez (a great writer)had a diffeent opinion of himself than I had of him. He wrote a book about the "Badlands" and it did nothing for the people there, but it did a lot for Mr. Lopez. I will leave it at that.

"Brother: If something like that happens, you keep all that drama to yourself! Compartmentalize.
Women never forget, nor do they forgive."

Anon. *whispering* I hear ya.

And allheavens is right about the sound of B's voice. I swear when I hear her talking I always have to do a double take.

La♥audiobooks said...

'Idris Elba's ex-wife is very much black and is a make-up artist based in Atl. "

Anony, you agian. Kim Elba looks "very" black to you? You keep trying.

Is this what we have come to? Anyway, I'm done with this.

rikyrah said...


You are hilarious. I understand why a man wouldn't want to go. I haven't seen it, but it makes me think that a Black woman would be mad from beginning to end watching this flick. Brothas - get out of will never win. Any question asked of you during this movie is a TRICK QUESTION.

rikyrah said...

I know I'm committing a sin here, but Elba does nothing for me. Nothing at all. I dunno why, but he's not my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Anony, you agian. Kim Elba looks "very" black to you? You keep trying.

First, that was my first post. So the whole "you again" thing doen't apply to me.

Second, you do realize that black people come in all kinds of different shades, right?

field negro said...

rikyrah,Mrs. Field would like a word with you.:(

La....and co. do any of you have a link to Elba's ex? Because I swear this woman is a bigger mystery than Big foot.

Anonymous said...

The following are links of Kim Elba. She is of african american and korean heritage.

Anonymous said...

As an added bonus, here's a pic of Idris' daughter with Kim:

Eastside Joe said...

Brother Field, somethings are best left unsaid keep the peace man.

cinco said...

Let me try to break it down again- I in know way think that all people can get along in some Utopia world. However it's not my damn business (or yours), what race the woman/man is that they date.
My point that apparently wasn't clear to some, was that the race of the s/o is just as significant to me as to what they eat, where they live etc. None! I don't give a fuck about any of that shit! They're grown ass people making adult decisions that are not my fucking business!

La♥audiobooks said...

"Second, you do realize that black people come in all kinds of different shades, right?'

I couldn't let this one slide. Kim is half Asian and very ambiguous in appearance. Why is it black "biracial" people are only black to some people's convenience? Does she even consider herself black? Never mind that, when Idris first laid eyes on her, did he see a black female?

Cinco, you're not even being a challenge. Do yourself a favor and get soap.

Anonymous said...

So Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, and Barack Obama are the only biracials who can be viewed as black? I guess Amerie and Lisa Wu (both half asian)are not considered black either. I guess when Ebony magazine put Kimora Lee Simmons (another asian/black mix) on its cover under the heading "Black is Back" they were incorrect in labeling her black too. Hell, everyone was calling Tiger black until he expressly denied and rejected the claim. Kim Elba has some obvious black features in addition to being half-black. Thus, one actually calling her black isn't a stretch.

gordon gartrelle said...

I'm not gonna see it because it looks terrible. How did I do on the odds?

Julia said...

"Yeah that white girl needed to stay out of black folks business."

That's exactly the kind of sentiment I feared would come from this movie. The racial element just seems unnecessarily divisive. Sigh.

gracefully discovering: said...

Well...I guess i'm the only person here who actually liked the movie.
Of course I coerced my husband to go see it with me bc I too think Idris Elba is FINE...but overall I thought it was a pretty good movie...entertaining to say the least. I do agree that my girl Bey can't really act...but the other characters made up for it!
I actually told my husband that he can't have any young sexy female assistants....bc women can be trifling at times!! Black, White, Brown or other. I suggested that he can only have old ladies...preferably old Black grandma's that will make sure nothing goes down!! But he definitely agrees with you Field...that he should have told his wife what was up...he wasnt in the wrong..but he looked guilty as hell!

cinco said...


You're not worth a challange.

You clearly have issues with race and/or men. Not a loss to the population though, perhaps more of a blessing.

No surprise that you're not only ignorant, you're one of those weirdos that believes 'swearing' is a deadly sin. Grow up douche.

Tafari said...

There is no way that I would spend time, money or energy to see this movie, unless it was on a bootleg at the salon Saturday when I go get my lock tightened. Just no way! My wife asked me to go with her & I told her that I had a headache. She then asked to go at another time, & i told her I had a headache then. She got the hint.

And Im not going to plead the 5th on your inquiry.

Whitney B. said...

The A:

First husband died.

Chris said...

Ali Larter is fine as hell. I will see this at some point.

Chris said...

"It’s also MY right to NOT support, uplift, or feel any way obligated to promote a black male who exercises his "right" to show the world he has no obligation or personal interest in black women."

Quite a bigoted view of things.

Anonymous said...

"Quite a bigoted view of things."

Actually, those bm are being the bigots towards bw.

Chris said...

Not really. Just because a 'bm' loves someone who is not black does not make them a bigot. Espousing a view that one can't like someone BECAUSE they're black(or not) is the bigoted view.

There are plenty of black men who may be going out with non-black women who don't fit in your narrow-minded view of why they're in that relationship.

La♥audiobooks said...

Yes Anony 7:05, internal racism through gender isn't an easy topic for some black people to talk about, as for some outsiders... they know nothing obviously.

"Quite a bigoted view of things."

Chris, you are full of shit. What could you possibly know about the black male/black female psyche, much less the relationship manifestations due to historical baggage etc?

It's obvious you don't have an open mind about the cultural complexities of other racial groups, so why bring your simplicity to the mix? You only see us and some of our ways of life as face value. You are way too irrelevant for this conversation, period.

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me just how very "p" whipped some white males are. They continually support and uplift the behaviour of white women who don't for the most part return the favor and will waste no time demonizing them if they can get something out of it. I have got to learn their secret.

Chris said...

la - LOL, you're racist ass ain't worth it.

Chris said...


Comrade PhysioProf said...

Dude, you're a great movie reviewer! How about some book reviews, too?

BTW, I hope you've noticed that I've stopped bugging you about the fact that YOU LIED ABOUT NUDE RUNNING DOWN BROAD STREET IF O-MAN WINS THE ELECTION!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

everyone in that movie were butt ass ugly. Beyonce fat ass and dizzy looking. Ali has a big flat face shes fug. Idris Elba's nice body on a kinda fug face they could have got a better looking black guy.

Anonymous said...

does anybody care when you see a Asian chick with a white dude I see that shit more than I do black on white couples. People should love and fuck who they want WHO CARES WE ALL HAVE TO DIE AND HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

besides, most whitewomen marry their own kind anyways.

It's easier to marry your own kind,less drama.

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